FADE IN:EXT. Looking up at the starry sky - NIghtWe see a star that is slowly moving across a background of unmoving stars,perhaps like a satellite. Then it starts heading toward us and appears tobrighten.

ROLL CREDITSCUT TO:EXT. outer space - cONTINUOUSWe are behind the bright light now and see that it is heading toward Earth. Wewatch as it slowly descends into Earth's atmosphere.

CUT TO:EXT. a two-lane desert highway - dAYA charter bus is moving down the highway. It slows and turns onto a lesser-pavedroad. The bus continues and finally arrives at it destination, a dead end at amodern-looking visitors' center. The bus door opens and the PASSENGERS (mostlyyoung women) exit and approach a FEMALE PARK RANGER who is waiting for them. Sheis wearing a name badge that says "Donna." Behind her we see the entrance to thecenter and parked out in front, behind a roped-off area, is Nancy Archer'sconvertible.

END CREDITSDonna(in amechanical and wooden way like she has done this a thousand times)Hello! And welcome to the NancyCobb Archer Visitors Center and Historic Landmark. I'm Donna. Since it opened,this center has entertained and enlightened over 200,000 people such asyourselves,(pointing to everyone)who have come here to betterunderstand the life of one special woman. Step this way, won't you?Donna turns and heads into the center, beckoning the others to join her. Theyall follow her into the center.

CUT TO:INT. a darkened theater with movie screen - cONTINUOUSEveryone takes a seat and Donna stands in front of the room. On the wall is anight photograph from low-angle of a gigantic Nancy Archer standing near somehigh-tension wires. A spotlight shines on Donna.

DonnaEverybody comfy? Good. Pleaseremain seated at all times during the presentation. Keep your hands on thearmrests and your feet flat on the floor in front of you.

We see the audience getting ready by following her instructions.

DONNAIf you experience dizziness at anytime during the presentation, simply look away from the screen. And please, noflash photography during the presentation. It's annoying and a complete waist offilm, okay? Everybody set?Donna gives a big smiling wave to the projectionist. The spotlight goes out andthe film begins. We see the leader of the film count down, BEEP, and begin.

On film we see DR. LOEB, a very nerdish professor in a tweed jacket with elbowpatches, a matching vest, bow tie, and a pipe. He is seated at a desk and thereare science books and a microscope in a bookcase behind him. In the room arevarious medical and scientific instruments.

Dr. LoebHow do you do. My name is DoctorVictor Loeb. In this modern supersonic age, it sometimes seems that we have lostout capacity to be amazed.

He stands and comes around to the front of his desk.

DR. LOEB (CONT'D)Science has made the miraculouscommonplace and we have become smug in our dominion over nature herself.

He walks over to stand next to a medical supply case.

DR. LOEB (CONT'D)But I am well aware that there arealso among you the morbidly curious, who have been attracted by the moreprovocative and, let's not mince words, lurid aspects of this case. Well, youwill not be disappointed. For this is, I must warn you, a shocking story. But itis a story that must be told. So now prepare your minds for a new scale ofexperience. And remember, everything you are about to see is absolutely true.

DISSOLVE TO:EXT. a TWO-LANE DESERT HIGHWAY - dAYWe see NANCY ARCHER driving the convertible that was in the background at thevisitor's center. She is a tall blonde, busty and leggy; not too bright. Shecompletely conforms to the stereotype of a "trophy wife." She is wearing apendant that displays a monstrously huge 30-caret diamond. On her finger we seea simple gold band wedding ring. Her blonde hair blows freely in the wind as shedrives.

Nancy archer (V.O.)My story begins on a day not sodifferent from any other. I suppose it could have happened anytime to any woman.

Looking back now, I realize most my days were smothered in routine; safe,predictable routine that felt so much like a life. Well, all that was about tochange.

Nancy picks up a car radiophone and presses out a number while she drives. Itrings.

Sylvia (O.S.)Cobb enterprises.


NANCY ARCHERIt's Mrs. Archer.

SYLVIA (O.S.)Oh, hi!NANCY ARCHERI'm just calling to confirm dinnerwith my father.

SYLVIA (O.S.)Yes, he has it on his calendar,Mrs. Archer, and I reminded him when he left to meet with the mayor.

NANCY ARCHERGood. Can I speak with my husband,please?SYLVIA (O.S.)(hesitantly)Ah...he's...ah..I'm afraid he'snot in the office.

NANCY ARCHER(confused)Oh?sYLVIA (O.S.)I believe he mentioned ameeting...ah...a meeting out of the office.

NANCY ARCHERDo you know when he'll be back?SYLVIA (O.S.)(withsome compassion)I don't know Mrs. Archer, he justsaid that he had a meeting....somewhere.


SYLVIA (O.S.)You're welcome, Mrs. Archer.



Nancy hangs up the phone and drives on, a bit confused.

CUT TO:EXT. Main road through town - cONTINUOUSIt is a sleepy little desert town with about a mile-long main drag. Hardlyanyone is on the streets. One who is, is MR. INGERSOL, a paunchy, middle-agedshop-keeper who is putting up a small banner on the side of his store that says,RELOCATING SOON TO `COBB ANTRIUM,' ANOTHER `COBB ENTERPRISES' DEVELOPMENT. Nancydrives up to his shop, parks, exits her car and approaches him. He sees her andsmiles.

Mr. ingersolOh, hello Nancy.

NANCY ARCHER(smiling)Good morning, Mr. Ingersol. Howare you?MR. INGERSOLFine. Yourself?NANCY ARCHERFine thanks.


Nancy stops in front of the banner and looks it over.

MR. INGERSOL (CONT'D)(gesturing to the banner)Well, what do you think?NANCY ARCHERIt's not going to feel the samecoming into town and not seeing your shop.

MR. INGERSOLProgress, Nancy. Not much one mancan do to stop it. Well, I figure it's best for business. At least that's theway your father explains it.

NANCY ARCHER(withresignation)Yes, well, my father's good atexplaining things.

MR. INGERSOL(noticing her huge diamond)I don't know what shines brighter,you or that pendant. I remember making it for your mother. I'm glad to see youwearing it, she'd be so pleased to see it around your neck.

NANCY ARCHER(a bitself-consciously)Thank you.

MR. INGERSOLWell, I'd better get back to thetill.

NANCY ARCHERBye, Mr. Ingersol.


Nancy smiles to him as he leaves, but her smile turns to concern as she onceagain looks at the banner. Nancy turns away and walks slowly, crossing the mainstreet to the other side.

NANCY ARCHER (V.O.)I think I've got a pretty goodhandle on most of the things in my life. I know that there are certain areaswhere I'm having problems, I admit that, but I'm working on them and things canchange.

Nancy walks up to a door. On the door is a sign that says, THEODORA CUSHING,Ph.D.

CUT TO:INT. Dr. Cushing's office - mOMENTS LATERIt is a psychologist's office, wood paneled and nicely furnished in a homey,non-threatening way. Nancy and Dr. Cushing sit in chairs facing each other.

There is a slowly turning ceiling fan and wooden blinds mute the light. DR.

CUSHING, the psychologist, is an attractive middle-aged woman who wears glassesand dresses professionally.

NANCY ARCHERWhen I confronted Harry, he saidhe would stop; that he'd end the affair.

Dr. cushingHave there been other affairs?NANCY ARCHERThis is different. He loves me. Hereally does. It's not easy being married to the boss' daughter. That's why Ihave to be patient...Why it is important that I make life easier.

DR. CUSHINGEasier for whom?NANCY ARCHERHarry....My father....

DR. CUSHINGWhat about you?NANCY ARCHERWhat about me?DR. CUSHINGWhat about making life easier foryourself?NANCY ARCHER(appearing anxious)I have to go.

DR. CUSHINGThe hour isn't up.

NANCY ARCHERI'm having dinner with my father.

He's on a tight schedule and he's expecting me.

Nancy stands up to go and we appreciate how tall she is. She opens her purse tocheck inside and then clasps it shut pinching her finger. Suddenly her facechanges as she cries out and becomes enraged. She turns to hurl her purse, butquickly regains control of herself.

DR. CUSHINGNancy? Do you ever get angry?NANCY ARCHER(cautiously)Everybody gets angry.

DR. CUSHINGWhat do you do when you get angry?Nancy can't bring herself to answer.

CUT TO:EXT. mAIN ROAD THROUGH TOWN - eVENINGNancy drives out of town and onto a two-lane desert road. She is thinking aboutwhat Dr. Cushing asked.

DR. CUSHING (V.O.)(inNancy's thoughts)Nancy, what do you do when you getangry?The further Nancy drives, the sadder she becomes. Suddenly, we see a BRIGHTCOLORED LIGHT reflecting off of her windshield...but it is only the neon sign toTONY'S SHANGRA-LA, a local motel. Nancy pulls in and parks. She steps from hercar and looks at a black Porsche parked next to her. She walks over to it.

Realizing whose it is she becomes even more depressed. DR. CUSHING (V.O.)(inNancy's thoughts)Nancy, what do you do when you getangry?Nancy looks down and sees some large rocks by the plants that line the motelwalks. Impulsively she picks up a large rock requiring two hands to lift. Shecarries it over to the Porsche and, in a sudden fury, raises the rock over herhead ready to smash the car. But just as suddenly, she regains control ofherself and takes no action but to set the rock down. Beside herself, she walksover to her own car and becomes desperate.

NANCY ARCHERHarry! Harry, you promised!In her desperation she begins to HONK the horn of her car. The MOTEL OPERATORcomes running out of his office and approaches her.

Motel operatorHe ain't here, Mrs. Archer.

NANCY ARCHER(motioning toward the Porsche)That's his car.

MOTEL OPERATOR(trying to cover, but knowing she's wise to it)Maybe he ran out of gas and heleft it.

NANCY ARCHEr(toherself in depressed realization)He doesn't care who knows.

MOTEL OPERATOR(annoyed)Let's call it a night. Go home.

Have some coffee, maybe.

NANCY ARCHER(insulted)I'm not drunk.

MOTEL OPERATOR(defensive)You don't have to be drunk todrink coffee. It's a free country.

NANCY ARCHERTell him that!MOTEL OPERATORThere is nobody here to tell,honest!NANCY ARCHER(getting back into her car)Please. Tell him.

Nancy drives away.

CUT TO:INT. motel room - cONTINUOUS - nIGHTHARRY ARCHER watches out the window as Nancy drives away. He turns to hiscompanion, HONEY PARKER, a busty red-head who is struggling to get her clothesback on and has to clamber about the room to find them all.

HARRY ARCHERYou're not going to let somethinglike this ruin the whole night, are you?HONEY PARKERThere comes a point in arelationship when you start to realize what your prospects are. Well, we haveplateaued at motel room flings, Harry, and that is nowhere good enough for Mrs.

Parker's little girl, Honey.

HARRY ARCHER(casual; munching on some nuts)You're taking this sort of thingway too personal.

HONEY PARKER(stilldressing)You bet I do. I have had a longtime to figure out women like've been painting theirfingernails and washing their hair since I was twelve years old.

As honey struggles to put on her stockings she gets a run in one of them.


HONEY PARKERWhy do you put up with it, Harry?Why do you make me put up with it? Just leave. Walk out. She don't deserve you,anyway.

HARRY ARCHERI'm not leaving until I can take abig slice of old man Cobb's pie with me.

HONEY PARKERSo? Community property, dump her!HARRY ARCHERThe old man made me sign aprenuptial.

HONEY PARKER(exasperated)Jesus!Harry Comes over and puts his arms around Honey.

HARRY ARCHERLook, all we have to do is findthe right angle and we're set. Every day I go into that office, I find out wherea couple of more bodies are buried. Just leave it up to Harry. Harry's got ahandle on everything.

Honey softens and kisses Harry.

HONEY PARKERYou know what her problem reallyis?HARRY ARCHERNancy? Yeah, like you said, she'sspoiled and rich.

HONEY PARKERHer real problem is she actuallyloves you.

Harry and Honey kiss again and begin to undress each other.

CUT TO:EXT. The El Monte drive-in theater - nIGHTA police cruiser is in the parking lot, hiding alongside the main highway to getspeeders. DEPUTY CHARLIE SPOONER is returning to the cruiser from the drive-in'sfood bar carrying food. He gets into the car and joins SHERIFF DENBY who iswaiting for him in the driver's seat. The deputy gets in and passes the sheriffsome food. Deputy Spooner is a lean and mean looking man in contrast to thesheriff, who is fat and easy-going.

Sheriff denby(looking at his hot dog)Is there cheese on this dog?Deputy spoonerYou didn't ask for cheese.

SHERIFF DENBYI don't ask for cheese, because Ialways get cheese on my dog.

Suddenly the policemen see Mrs. Archer drive by in her convertible at normalspeed.

DEPUTY SPOONERThat's Mrs. Archer.


DEPUTY SPOONER(suspiciously)I don't see Mr. Archer with her.

SHERIFF DENBYNope, not unless she had him inthe trunk....Cheese, Charlie.

With a long-suffering look, Charlie exits the car to go get the sheriff somecheese for his hot dog.

CUT TO:EXT. dirt road cutting through the desert - nIGHTNancy Archer drives through the night crying. As she drives she wipes tears fromher face. Suddenly, up ahead is a very BRIGHT LIGHT; it looks like the worsthigh beams imaginable. Nancy squints and tries to see. The light becomes sobright that she can't see. She slams on the breaks and pulls off the road,coming to a stop. Then, mysteriously, the light is gone. She looks ahead of herand behind her. But there is nothing but quiet, dark road. Then a light shinesdown on her. She looks up and sees that it is clearly a huge flying saucer,hovering. It bathes her in a deep blue light and begins to move into positionover her car. Desperately she tries to start the car, but it is dead. Alaser-like beam shoots from the underside of the flying saucer and focuses onher diamond pendent. The car vibrates wildly. The RADIO TURNS ON and changesstations haphazardly. Suddenly the laser beam goes off and, in terror, Nancyrestarts the car, turns around and drives away. As she races away, she can seethe saucer in her rear-view mirror following her. It passes over her car as itflies upward and away.

CUT TO:EXT. The El Monte drive-in theater - nIGHTNancy Archer races past the sheriff and deputy.

DEPUTY SPOONERIt's Mrs. Archer!SHERIFF DENBY(handing the deputy his drink)Hold the malted, Charlie.

The sheriff turns on the cruiser and throws it in gear, hitting the SIREN andracing after her.

CUT TO:EXT. TONY's SHANGRA-LA Motel - nIGHTNancy pulls into the motel fast, and parks.

NANCY ARCHERHarry! Harry!She exits her car so fast that she falls onto the parking lot pavement.

CUT TO:INT. motel room - cONTINUOUS - nIGHTHarry is in bead humping Honey. They hear Nancy calling Harry's name.

HONEY PARKERJesus, this is just so fuckingromantic!She pushes Harry off of her and walks naked into the bathroom, where she slamsthe door to be alone.

CUT TO:EXT. TONY's SHANGRA-LA Motel - nIGHT - cONTINUOUSThe police cruiser with SIREN WAILING pulls into the motel parking area. Themotel operator runs over to help Nancy to her feet. She is in a panic.

MOTEL OPERATORMrs. Archer! Are you okay?Nancy is looking up at Harry's room when the light from the cruiser illuminatesher. The sheriff and deputy exit the car and approach her and the moteloperator.

SHERIFF DENBYWhat's the trouble Mrs. Archer?NANCY ARCHERIt was out there! It touched me!It forced me off the road and then it touched me with a light!The three men are looking at her as though they are sure that she has beendrinking. Deputy Spooner, chewing on a toothpick, grins and evil grin and eyesher up and down. Nancy sees him ogling her but is too upset to get angry.

SHERIFF DENBYWhat touched you?Nancy sees that they think she is drunk or crazy and that there is no point intalking to any of them.

NANCY ARCHERI want Harry! I want my husband!DEPUTY SPOONER(slyly, while leering)Did somebody out there in thedesert try to put his hands on you, Mrs. Archer?NANCY ARCHER(stillwanting to tell someone)It was big! And it lit up the skylike've got to believe me. It was was over thehighway.

SHERIFF DENBYSure, we believe you Mrs. Archer,it's just that.....

(slowly leading Nancy to his car)Why don't you come on and sit inthe squad car and tell us all about it and we'll get you a nice big cup ofcoffee.

CUT TO:EXT. mOTEL ROOM - CONTINUOUSHarry is watching from his motel window as the police lead Nancy away. He hearsa GLASS SHATTER in the bathroom and the TOILET FLUSH. Honey comes storming outdressed and ready to leave.

HONEY PARKER(stopping to put on lip-stick)A woman has to have a limit. Ifshe don't have a limit, she's screwed from the get-go.

HARRY ARCHER(smiling and soothing)You shouldn't let a thing likethis get to you. It causes wrinkles.



HARRY ARCHERIt's not her.

HONEY PARKERIt is. It's her. It's her with agun, and an ax, and a bottle of acid.

HARRY ARCHER(annoyed)Straighten up the bed, will ya!HONEY PARKEROh, just exactly how stupid do youthink people are?There is another KNOCK AT THE DOOR. Harry quickly buttons up his shirt and triesto make himself look presentable.

DEPUTY SPOONER (O.S.)Mr. Archer, it's Deputy Spooner.

Harry opens the door to see Deputy Spooner standing there alone. Spooner ischewing his toothpick and looking like the cat that swallowed the canary.

DEPUTY SPOONER (CONT'D)Evening, Mr. Archer.


DEPUTY SPOONER(smirking and looking past Harry)Hi, Honey.

HONEY PARKER(disgusted)Charlie.

HARRY ARCHER(getting impatient)Is there something I can do foryou, deputy?DEPUTY SPOONER(stillsmirking)Oh yeah. Well, um...I don't knowwhat you heard, but we had some commotion out there.

(motions to the parking area)Your wife had some trouble on theroad.

HARRY ARCHERWhat kind of trouble?DEPUTY SPOONER(smirkgrowing bigger)Spaceship.

HARRY ARCHERSpaceship?DEPUTY SPOONERRan her right off the road....atleast that's what she said ....Sheriff's taking her back out there to lookaround. You might want to think about getting home, Mr. Archer, under thecircumstances.

HARRY ARCHERThanks for the advice.

DEPUTY SPOONER(smirking)No charge.

(again, looking past Harry)Night, Honey.

HONEY PARKER(veryannoyed)Night, Charlie.

HARRY ARCHER(emphatically)Good-night.


Harry closes the door and turns toward Honey. He looks deep in thought.

HARRY ARCHERNancy saw a spaceship....It ranher off the road.

HONEY PARKERShe crazy or somethin'?HARRY ARCHERPeople who see spaceships....Theseare not the people who you want making important They need help.

HONEY PARKER(smiling)You're thinkin' somethin' aren'tya?HARRY ARCHER(begins removing his clothes)I'm thinking that maybe I ought toget home to my poor, unstable wife in her time of need.

Honey jumps into his arms.

HARRY ARCHER (CONT'D)That's my girl.

Harry carries her over to the bed and tosses her onto it. They laugh and beginto roll around with each other.

CUT TO:EXT. dIRT ROAD THROUGH THE DESERT - nIGHTThe cruiser has stopped at the place Nancy has shown the sheriff. In the glareof the headlights Nancy inspects the tire tracks in the dirt.

NANCY ARCHERHere. See? This is where it forcedme off the road.

SHERIFF DENBYI can see the tire marks, Mrs.


NANCY ARCHERBut you don't believe me?SHERIFF DENBYLook at it from my point of view.

All I see are your tracks and nothing else.

NANCY ARCHERWell, never touched theground. Look, you've got to believe me.

Suddenly a very bright light bathes both of them. Nancy points to the light onthe road.

NANCY ARCHERThere!SHERIFF DENBYWhat, Mrs. Archer?NANCY ARCHERThere! Can't you see!?SHERIFF DENBYYeah, I can see it.

The light turns into the headlights of a car that pulls up and stops behind thecruiser.

NANCY ARCHER(dejected when she sees whose car it is)Why did you call him?SHERIFF DENBYPart of the job, Mrs. Archer.

Nancy's father (HAMILTON COBB) steps from the car. He is in his 50s and lookslike a rock-hard, no nonsense, army general in a business suit.

Hamilton CobbSheriff.


HAMILTON COBB(giving an order)Get in the car, Nancy. I'll driveyou home.

NANCY ARCHERI was just trying to explain tothe sheriff....

HAMILTON COBBGet into the car.

Nancy meekly goes to the car and gets in.

HAMILTON COBB (CONT'D)Thanks for the call, Danby.

SHERIFF DENBYYes, sir. Yes, sir.

HAMILTON COBBNow, there won't be any tiresomepaperwork about this little incident, will there sheriff?SHERIFF DENBY(cowed)I think the young lady is upsetenough as it is.

HAMILTON COBBGood-night, sheriff.

Cobb turns on his heel and leaves.

SHERIFF DENBYGood-night, sir.

CUT TO:EXT. dIRT ROAD THROUGH THE DESERT - mOMENTS LATERCobb is driving Nancy home. He is very angry and she is moping.

HAMILTON COBBA spaceship? My god, Nancy, whyare you trying to destroy me?NANCY ARCHERI saw it.

HAMILTON COBB(withanger)I cut short a meeting with themayor this afternoon for you, the mayor, Nancy! And then I get a call from thatscumbag deputy, "Come get your daughter, your hallucinating daughter."NANCY ARCHERWhy can't you admit for one secondthat there's a chance I might be telling the truth?HAMILTON COBBIt's your mother all over again!NANCY ARCHERI saw something.

HAMILTON COBBYou saw nothing! I will notbe made the laughing stock of in this town!The car passes through the entrance to the long driveway that leads to the Cobbmansion. After a bit of a drive, the car pulls up the massive and well-lightedfour-story mansion.

CUT TO:INT. a study in The cobb mansion - mOMENTS LATERHamilton Cobb slams down a number of papers before Nancy, who is seated at anornate desk.

NANCY ARCHERWhat happened to all the papers Isigned yesterday?HAMILTON COBBToday there are more.

Nancy signs compliantly as her father removes each paper as soon she finishessigning and indicates where she should sign the next one.

HARRY ARCHER (O.C.)Give the girl a break, Hamilton.

Nancy looks up to see Harry standing in the entrance to the study. She ispleased and relieved to see him.


Nancy starts to stand, but her father presses her back down with a hand to hershoulder and has her sign one more paper. He then places the papers in abriefcase and locks it.

HAMILTON COBBAll right, Nancy, you look tired,why don't you toddle off to bed.

NANCY ARCHER(stands to leave)Yes, father.

(approaches Harry)Harry?HARRY ARCHERGo on upstairs, baby, your dad andI have some business to discuss.


HARRY ARCHERI'll be right up.

Nancy, somewhat dejected, leaves the room.

HARRY ARCHER (CONT'D)So how'd your meeting go with themayor?Nancy leaves the room, but stays outside of the closed door and listens. We seeher reaction as she hears to what the men say.

HAMILTON COBB (O.S.)I'll worry about the mayor, andyou worry about keeping her in line. And for God's sake, can't you come up withanything more discrete than Tony's Shangra-La?HARRY ARCHER (O.S.)I don't see that what I do is anyof your business!HAMILTON COBB (O.S.)I don't care if you cheat on yourwife, but I will not permit you to embarrass me! Especially not now, when we'rethis close to getting the zoning switched!Nancy walks away deeply hurt and heads upstairs.

DISSOLVE TO:INT. the attic of the cobb mansion - LATER that nightWe see a lovely room with an old style Victorian bed. Everything in the roomseems perfect with every chair and curtain in place. There is a window on thefar wall. Suddenly Nancy's face appears outside the window, enormous in size.

But quickly we see that it is a trick of the camera, as the room we have beenviewing turns out to be a room in a dollhouse she is looking over up in theattic. Nancy walks about the dollhouse, which seems to be a replica of theactual Cobb mansion. She is comforted by her memories and we sense that she musthave played with this house for many hours when she was a girl.

In the dollhouse is a small doll of a man. Nancy picks it up fondly and holdshim in her hand. She looks gigantic compared with the doll. She smiles at thedoll and lovingly sits him on the roof.

Next she finds a large stuffed teddy bear in a crib that was hers as a baby. Shepicks up the bear and hugs it to her chest and then kisses it. She looks at itfondly. Then, suddenly she sees something in a box nearby. She picks it up. Itis an old photo album. She sits down and turns on a light so she can see itbetter and begins to leaf through the pages looking at the photos. The picturesbring back fond memories. But one photo upsets her. It is a picture of her as ayoung girl with her mother. Now she becomes sad and closes the album.

HARRY ARCHER (O.C.)Make a wish.


Nancy stands to greet Harry, who has entered the attic. He gently touches herface.


He kisses her warmly and she responds.

HARRY ARCHERNot that cold.

NANCY ARCHERWhy did you lie to me?HARRY ARCHER(acting hurt by her insinuation)Nancy.

NANCY ARCHERYou said you weren't going to seeher anymore.

He sits Nancy back down and kneels before her.

HARRY ARCHER(withdeep sincerity)And that's what I was up theretelling her. I had to tell her, didn't I? I had to tell her face to face, didn'tI?Nancy believes him and softens. She kisses him.

NANCY ARCHERI don't know what I'd do if Ididn't have you.

HARRY ARCHERWhat happened?NANCY ARCHERWell, you got so involved inDaddy's business.....

HARRY ARCHERNo, baby...I mean tonight. Whathappened out there in the desert?NANCY ARCHERI don't want to talk aboutit...I...I...

Harry kisses her to get her relaxed. Nancy smiles and tries to answer him.

NANCY ARCHER (CONT'D)You'll think I'm crazy.

HARRY ARCHERNow why would I think somethinglike that?NANCY ARCHERI saw the sky.

Harry hugs her to him and holds her.

CUT TO:EXT. the desert - nIGHTA flashlight beam illuminates the skull of a dead cow as Deputy Spooner searchesabout. We hear owls HOOT and coyotes HOWL. Spooner is startled by Sheriff Denbywho comes up behind him and touches his shoulder. Spooner whirls his flashlightabout and shines it on the sheriff.


SHERIFF DENBYYou see anything?DEPUTY SPOONERNo, no, nothing to report.

We hear a donkey HEE-HAW. Spooner shines his light at the sound. We seePROSPECTOR EDDIE, and old man leading his jackass as he wanders the desertlooking for gold.

DEPUTY SPOONER (CONT'D)Oh, hell, it's just Hard-LuckEddie.

SHERIFF DENBYEvening, Eddie.

Prospector eddieWhat are you doing out here, Denby?SHERIFF DENBYJust doing my job.

PROSPECTOR EDDIEYeah, well, you ain't got no claimout here. This here is my mountain!SHERIFF DENBYYou seen anything out heretonight, Eddie?PROSPECTOR EDDIELike what?DEPUTY SPOONERSomething unusual.

PROSPECTOR EDDIEThis here's the desert, Mr.

Deputy, what you call unusual don't mean much around here.

DEPUTY SPOONERDid you see something, or not?PROSPECTOR EDDIEI seen plenty. I seen hailstonesas big as your head. I seen lightning shoot up out the ground, up into theclouds. And I heard stuff too. When the wind gets tangled up in them power linesmakes the wire sing like a crazy woman in love. Ha, thirty years out here, thereain't nothing unusual to me.

SHERIFF DENBYThanks a lot, Eddie.

PROSPECTOR EDDIEDon't mention it, sheriff.

DEPUTY SPOONER(putting another toothpick in his mouth)What do you figure she saw?SHERIFF DENBYWell, it could have been some kidin a hot rod...a jet or a helicopter from over to the air base.

(looking up at the sky)I suppose it could have beensomething.

DEPUTY SPOONER(grinning)Say, maybe it was a spaceship.

Maybe she ain't crazy, what do you think?SHERIFF DENBYI think I've done my job fortonight and I'm going home to bed. And if you're smart, you'll do the same.

CUT TO:INT. honey's apartment in town - dAYHoney is eating some snacks and reading a book while wearing her glasses, whenthere is a KNOCK AT HER DOOR. She stands and goes over to the door.

HONEY PARKERWho is it?The person knocking raps out "Shave and a hair-cut, two bits." With her guardchain still on the door, Honey opens it. She sees who it is and opens the chain,stepping back from the door. Mr. Cobb enters.

HAMILTON COBBWell, those glasses are new! Ilike them.

Mr. Cobb takes the book from Honey's hands and inspects it.

HAMILTON COBB (CONT'D)`Principles of Accounting andManagement'!(laughing)That's new, too!HONEY PARKER(removing her glasses)A girl's gotta plan for thefuture.

HAMILTON COBBYou don't have any future! You cantake night courses from now until you stop being pretty, and you still won'thave any future, not with Harry Archer.

HONEY PARKERWell, maybe that's not the way Isee it.

HAMILTON COBBYou don't see anything beyond theend of that pretty little nose I paid for.

Mr. Cobb tries to touch her nose, but she defiantly pushes his hand away.

HAMILTON COBB (CONT'D)Harry only wants what I want. Hedoesn't have the imagination to want anything else. He doesn't love you; hehates me!HONEY PARKERYou talked to her like this,didn't you? Chip, chip, chipping away; making her feel smaller and smaller. Thisis how you talked to your wife, and this is how you talk to your daughter, isn'tit?HAMILTON COBBIt's one thing to be smart, andit's another thing to stay smart all the way around the block. You've still gota way to go.

HONEY PARKERAnything in particular you want?HAMILTON COBB(lights up a cigar)Yes, I've ah...well, I'manticipating some changes. Once I take care of the mayor and the boys on thecouncil, things are going to come through quickly.

HONEY PARKER(sitting before her make-up mirror)So?HAMILTON COBBSo? A word to the wise. Don't getin the way.

HONEY PARKERWhat could I do?HAMILTON COBBYou? Nothing. But Harry might trysomething. He can't stop me, but he can interfere with me. You tell him to keephis head down and his uninspired thoughts to himself.

HONEY PARKERWhy don't you tell him yourself?HAMILTON COBBI already have, but you get moreof his attention than I do.

HONEY PARKER(standing to leave)Anything else? I have an emergencyset of tips to do.

HAMILTON COBBYou take care of him and theremight be a couple of bucks in it down the line. Who knows, a word in the owner'sear--you could be promoted to first chair.

HONEY PARKERMaybe I want more than first chairand a couple of lousy bucks.

HAMILTON COBB(as heleaves the apartment)Don't want more than you've gotcoming to you. You'll end up with nothing at all.

CUT TO:EXT. a garden on the cobb estate  - dAYNancy and Dr. Cushing are walking in the garden. Nancy stops to admire theflowers.

NANCY ARCHERI suppose it's all over town.

DR. CUSHINGWhat is?NANCY ARCHERLast night's fiasco.

DR. CUSHINGWhat exactly happened last night?NANCY ARCHERYou like the garden? I try to keepit as nice as my mother did, but it's hard. I don't know how she managed. It's agift, I suppose.

DR. CUSHINGHarry told me you had anexperience last night.

NANCY ARCHERAn experience is a nice genericterm, and accurate without any messy details.

DR. CUSHINGI like details.

NANCY ARCHERAsk Harry; my father; the sheriff.

DR. CUSHINGI'm asking you.

NANCY ARCHERIf I tell you, you'll just get theface.

DR. CUSHINGThe face?NANCY ARCHERThe poor Nancy face.


Cushing chuckles)I've had just about as much ofthat as I can take.

DR. CUSHINGWell, I'm a pretty good pokerplayer. Why don't you give it a try?NANCY ARCHERI saw the sky...aspaceship.


Nancy turns and walks to a bench where they both sit together.

NANCY ARCHERIs this how it started with mymother?DR. CUSHINGNancy, you're not your mother.

NANCY ARCHERBut is this how it started...Imean, seeing things...acting crazy?DR. CUSHINGThere's a big difference betweenacting crazy and being crazy.

NANCY ARCHERDo you believe I saw something?Don't say that you believe I believe I saw something. You always call me on itwhen I try to squirm out of one of your questions. Now it's your turn. Do youbelieve me?DR. CUSHINGYes.

CUT TO:EXT. the entrance to the mansion - dAYDr. Cushing is leaving. Harry is outside the door waiting for her. He has alounge lizard look about him. He has his suit jacket slung over his shoulder andthere is a cigarette dangling from his lips.

HARRY ARCHERThought you'd get away withoutseeing me?(walksover to Dr. Cushing)Nancy told you about her little"close encounter?"DR. CUSHINGJust what do you want me to say,Mr. Archer? That she's insane because she saw a UFO, that she's incompetent?HARRY ARCHERMaybe it runs in the family. Likemother; like daughter.

DR. CUSHINGI'm late for a meeting.

Dr. Cushing starts to walk away, but Harry follows after her.

HARRY ARCHERI can't help but think under thecircumstances it would be better if Nancy were to spend a little time, you know,inside someplace.

DR. CUSHINGI always thought men like youvanished with the dinosaur and the woolly mammoth, but here you are big as life,amazing.

HARRY ARCHER(sarcastically)Is that a scientific opinion?DR. CUSHINGIt's a very unscientific, veryfemale opinion. Excuse me.

Dr. Cushing walks away.

CUT TO:EXT. the cobb mansion swimming pool - dAYNancy is swimming the length of the pool underwater. As she surfaces at theshallow end Harry is waiting for her. Nancy looks up at him.

NANCY ARCHERWhy did you call Dr. Cushing?HARRY ARCHERI thought you might want to talkthings out.

(kneeling down and touching her)I was worried about you.

NANCY ARCHERYou think I'm crazy.

Nancy exits the pool and walks over to her towel. Harry follows her.

HARRY ARCHERWell, you have to admit, that'squite a story you've got there.


(seeing Harry's doubtful expression)Great.

HARRY ARCHERYou might want to think aboutgetting away. Get some rest.

NANCY ARCHERThe sanitarium, like my mother?HARRY ARCHERIt might be just what you need.

NANCY ARCHERWhat I need is a little proof ofwhat I saw. I just wish I could make you go out there so you could see foryourself.

HARRY ARCHERAnd if I don't see anything?NANCY ARCHERWhat do you mean?HARRY ARCHERI'll go out there with you to tryto find this thing. And if we find it, or any part of it, you get a publicapology from me, your father, the sheriff, everyone. But...

NANCY ARCHERBut?HARRY ARCHERBut if we don't find anything, youpromise to sign yourself up for a little supervised relaxation.

NANCY ARCHERI saw something...I'll drive.

Harry is delighted and smiles to himself.

CUT TO:EXT. mAIN ROAD THROUGH TOWN - dAYNancy and Harry are driving through town on their way out to the desert. Theyare in Nancy's convertible and the top is down.

HARRY ARCHERAny particular search pattern inmind, or you just want to poke around between here and the Pacific Ocean?NANCY ARCHEROnce we're through town we'll gointo the hills. Then we'll take the long way back to the house on the OldCountry Road.

HARRY ARCHERAnd if we don't see anything?NANCY ARCHERThen we'll do it all over again.

Harry looks exasperated. Then he notices that they are passing the beauty shopwhere Honey works. Honey sees them go by and Harry looks at her and raises hishands as if to say, Who the hell knows how long this is going to take. Honeyjust shakes her head at this new turn of events. As they pass the drive-in, thesheriff and deputy see them pass.

DEPUTY SPOONER(slyly)Well, well, it's Mr. And Mrs.

Archer. Ya figure they patched things up?CUT TO:EXT. a TWO-LANE DESERT HIGHWAY - dAYThe Archers are driving along the highway in the bright sunlight. Nothingunusual has happened. Harry is bored. Without asking what Nancy might want heturns on the car radio and selects some BIG BAND MUSIC, then closes his eyes andrests.

CUT TO:EXT. dIRT ROAD THROUGH THE DESERT - eVENINGThey continue to drive, BIG BAND MUSIC still playing, past some hugehigh-tension lines that run alongside the road. As night falls, Nancy pulls thecar off the road and stops in the desert. She turns off the ignition, radio, andlights. She exits the car and looks toward the night sky. She walks off adistance and looks about. Harry watches her. Finally, he shakes his head andexits the car.

HARRY ARCHERGetting late!Harry walks over to join Nancy.

NANCY ARCHERAm I supposed to just go quietly?HARRY ARCHERCome on, I'll take you to dinner.

You want to stay out here with the scorpions all night.

Nancy continues to watch the starry sky.

HARRY ARCHER (CONT'D)Look Nancy, I don't know what wentwrong but...

Suddenly we hear an energy surge ZAP and the car RADIO and lights come on.

HARRY ARCHER (CONT'D)(looking at the car)What's wrong with that thing?Suddenly Nancy points up to a light in the sky.

NANCY ARCHERSee! There! I told you! Look atit!It is the flying saucer. It comes down low to hover near the surface of thedesert.

HARRY ARCHERI see it!!NANCY ARCHER(leaping for joy)It's real!! You didn't believe me,no one believed me, but it's real!!HARRY ARCHERShhhh! Jesus Christ, shut up. Youwant it to see you?NANCY ARCHERWho cares, as long as you see it!Nancy goes happily running, almost skipping, toward the huge saucer.

NANCY ARCHER (CONT'D)Wait until my father hears aboutthis!Suddenly a blue beam shoots out from under the saucer and bathes Nancy in light.

NANCY ARCHER (CONT'D)Harry!HARRY ARCHERShit!NANCY ARCHERHarry! Harry!Harry runs to help her, but the light acts like a force field and he collideswith it and falls backwards. He tries to push his way through the light to getto Nancy, but it is no use.

NANCY ARCHERHarry! Harry, don't leave me!As Harry tries to get through the force field Nancy is beamed up into thesaucer. Harry watches in amazement as the saucer departs with Nancy. Harry looksdown and finds nothing left but one of Nancy's sandals. In a panic he races backto the car.

CUT TO:INT. the beauty salon where honey works - nIGHTHoney is wearing her glasses and studying her books alone in the empty salonhaving just closed up for the night. The lights flicker and she thinks she feelsan odd vibration. Honey gets up and walks along the floor of the shop. As shedoes so she notices that the light fixtures, which hang by long chains from theceiling, are swaying. Frightened, Honey approaches the door that leads to theroof. But before going through that door, she takes a fire ax from the wall.

Then she enters the door and slowly climbs the stairs to the roof.

CUT TO:EXT. the beauty salon roof - nIGHTHoney exits onto the roof carrying her ax. She carefully walks about looking forsomeone she thinks might be up there. Looking down she sees Nancy's othersandal. Suddenly, Nancy steps out of the shadows. She is barefoot and looking abit strange.

NANCY ARCHERHoney. Did your mother call youthat, or was it somebody else?HONEY PARKERMrs. Archer?NANCY ARCHER(in adaze)Such a sweet name...suitsyou...the way you attract men and all. Why are you trying to take my husbandaway from me?HONEY PARKERHow'd you get up here?Nancy points to the sky.

NANCY ARCHERShhhh, it's our secret.

Suddenly Nancy faints and collapses.

HONEY PARKERBaggage. Why do I always fall forguys with so much baggage?CUT TO:INT. a STUDY IN THE COBB MANSION - nIGHTWe see a photograph of Mr. Cobb shaking hands with President Nixon. Dr. Cushinglooks at it and then heads for the study.

HARRY ARCHER (O.C.)You're paranoid, old man, I thinkthe stress is getting to you.

HAMILTON COBB (O.C.)Is that the sort of line you'vebeen feeding her? You're an amateur.

As Dr. Cushing enters the study we see Mr. Cobb and Harry talking.

HARRY ARCHERI don't know; I've had a prettygood teacher.

Looking shocked at what she is hearing, Dr. Cushing knocks on the wall toannounce her presence even though she has already entered the room.

HAMILTON COBB(responding to the knocking sound without looking)Get out!Mr. Cobb turns to unexpectedly see Dr. Cushing.

HAMILTON COBB (CONT'D)I'm sorry, doctor.

DR. CUSHINGShe's resting.

HAMILTON COBBOh? That's....good....resting.

HARRY ARCHERShe still doesn't remember whathappened to her, does she?DR. CUSHINGNo, but it'll come back to her.

HARRY ARCHERIt will?DR. CUSHINGThat's how hysterical amnesiaworks. It burns off, a little at a time, like a fog.

Harry pours himself a drink.

HAMILTON COBBAnd then she'll be able to tell useverything?DR. CUSHINGI do think she's all right. But Ido want to talk to the emergency room doctor about her blood tests.

HARRY ARCHERIs something wrong?DR. CUSHINGI don't think so, but the hormonelevels indicate that the tests were run improperly.

HAMILTON COBBBut she's all right? I mean, yousaid that. She's not talking about seeing things(Dr.

Cushing shakes her head, "no")or anything that would indicateany kind of, you know, problems?HARRY ARCHERMental breakdown.

HAMILTON COBBCan you conceive of keepingyour mouth shut for five minutes?!HARRY ARCHERYou don't care about hercondition, as long as she can still sign your papers so you can keep the moneymoving around.

DR. CUSHING(responding to someone entering)Nancy?Nancy walks slowly into the room.

NANCY ARCHERDr. Cushing, can you please giveme a ride back into town?HAMILTON COBBGo on back upstairs, Nancy, youneed your rest.

NANCY ARCHERI need to get away from here.

Everybody here thinks I'm crazy. Well, I'm not crazy.

HARRY ARCHEROf course you're not, baby. If youwant to get out of here, that's fine. I'll take you wherever you want to go.

HAMILTON COBBI'm not going to let you spirither away before she can tell us what you tried to do to her in the desert.

The two men stand arguing face to face with Nancy standing between them.


HAMILTON COBBShe's going to tell me everythingthat happened. Aren't you, Nancy?NANCY ARCHERI don't remember anything.

HARRY ARCHERYou see?HAMILTON COBBDon't try to force her to lie foryou, Harry!NANCY ARCHERPlease, don't fight!HAMILTON COBBDon't worry, Nancy. I can handlehim.

HARRY ARCHERLike you handled her mother?HAMILTON COBBYou really don't know when toshut up, do you?HARRY ARCHERYou went through her money like itwas yours and ended up making her life so miserable that there wasn't anythingleft for her to do except kill herself!Hearing these words, Nancy becomes extremely emotional.

NANCY ARCHERNo! Stop it!HARRY ARCHERStay out of this!HAMILTON COBBNot now, Nancy!Nancy begins to yell at everyone in the room, enough so as to get theirattention and surprise them.

NANCY ARCHERShut up! Shut up! Shut up!Don't you talk about my mother that way! And don't talk about me that way! I amhere! I am in this room! I am a person! I am not a chair, or a.....

Suddenly, Nancy stops yelling. She feels strange. She feels a pain in her ringfinger and looks at it. Her hand is growing! The wedding ring on her hand burstsoff of her finger. The others see this and are shocked. Nancy sits down in anearby chair, unsure of the strange feelings gripping her.

NANCY ARCHERHarry?!HARRY ARCHER(begins moving toward her)What is it, baby?Mr. Cobb grabs Harry's arm and pulls him back.

HAMILTON COBBGet away from her!HARRY ARCHERYou get away from her!As the men resume their fight Nancy begins to grow noticeably. Dr. Cushing isalarmed and gets the men's attention as to what is happening.

DR. CUSHINGGentlemen!As Nancy starts to grow, her diamond pendant snaps and falls off. Then there areRIPPING sounds as her clothing begins to burst apart at the seams. Nancy looksdown and sees her feet burst from her shoes.

NANCY ARCHER(interror)Dr. Cushing, what's happening tome!Dr. Cushing is too shocked to answer. Nancy stands up and her bra explodes offof her. Her breasts, which were large under normal circumstances, burst forth inbouncy view causing Harry's eyes to go wide and Mr. Cobb to cover his. Nancycries out and covers her giant breasts with her hands. As she grows, hershredded dress and panties begin to fall away and she desperately clutches themto her crotch with one hand while somewhat failing to cover her massive breastswith her other. The three watch her in such shock that they are practicallyparalyzed. Nancy continues to grow! Even though stooped over her head andshoulders break through the ceiling to the floor above. Still she is growing!NANCY ARCHERHarry!CUT TO:EXT. The cobb mansion - cONTINUOUSWe see the Cobb mansion all lighted up from a distance. We hear Nancy's voicecoming from the house with enormous volume.

NANCY ARCHERHarry!DISSOLVE TO:EXT. a large horse stable on the cobb property - dayThe horse stable is three-stories high and contains a huge central space 35'high and many lofts above the horse stalls for storage. The horses have beenremoved to make room for Nancy. The floor is hard-packed dirt. There are twovery large doors at the entrance that swing open.

Dr. Cushing exits the stable through the large doors to meet Harry and Dr. Loebwho are just arriving. Dr. Loeb is wearing a three-piece suit and bow tie.

HARRY ARCHERDr. Cushing, I'd like you to meeta colleague of yours, Dr. Victor Loeb.

DR. LOEB(greeting Dr. Cushing)Doctor.

DR. CUSHINGI warned you about bringing anyonein from the outside. Nancy's condition...

HARRY ARCHER(interrupting)Dr. Cushing, you may be able tosee into her mental condition, but you're not qualified to look after herphysical well-being. Dr. Loeb is.

Dr. Loeb nods that he agrees.

Dr. Cushing decides that Dr. Loeb had ought to see just what he is getting intoand motions Dr. Loeb to follow her into the stable.

DR. CUSHINGCome with me, doctor.

HARRY ARCHERI'll just wait out here.

DR. LOEBI'm afraid Harry wasn't veryspecific when he phoned. Just what is Mrs. Archer's condition?DR. CUSHINGUnique. Once you're inside, pleasedon't make any sudden moves.

CUT TO:INT. the horse stable - cONTINUOUSDr. Cushing enters.

DR. CUSHING(raising her voice so as to be heard)Nancy! I'd like you to meet Dr.

Loeb. He's here to help you.

Dr. Loeb enters the stable door.

DR. CUSHING (CONT'D)Dr. Loeb, I'd like you to meetNancy Archer.

Dr. Loeb sees Nancy. She is gigantic. Her head reaches to the top of the stableeven though she is sitting. She is wearing a homemade, two-piece, bikini stylegarment, made from whole bolts of cloth of different colors and patterns. Hergigantic breasts are barely contained. She is sitting barefoot and legs crossed,obviously distressed to be confined by the "small" enclosure.

DR. LOEB(entering the stable and looking up)My God!!Nancy sees him enter and greets him.


DR. LOEBThis is impossible!!Something about Nancy is different. She seems more powerful in her demeanor. Herimmense size has made her angry and given her a sense of strength.

NANCY ARCHER(bitter and sarcastic)Well...that certainly takes a loadoff my mind. I thought I had a problem.

DR. CUSHINGTwenty-four hours ago she was anormal sized woman.

(showing Dr. Loeb Nancy's medical chart)Note the hormone levels.

DR. LOEBThe levels are anomalous, but theycouldn't account for that!(hepoints at Nancy)NANCY ARCHER(angry, almost threatening)I am not a "that!"DR. LOEB(soothingly; afraid)Of course your not.

(toDr. Cushing)We must get her to a controlled,therapeutic environment. I have a private clinic that's very secluded. That'swhy Harry....

NANCY ARCHERA sanitarium? No!DR. LOEBMrs. Archer...Nancy. Don't youwant the security?NANCY ARCHERI'm staying here! Nancy leans forward and slams her fist down on the ground in front of Dr. Loeb.

As she leans forward her huge breasts strain at the cloth holding them. Herbreasts giggle heavily as her fist strikes the ground. Dirt is kicked up overthe two doctors. They retreat, Dr. Loeb's eyes go wide and he stares at Nancy'shuge chest. As Nancy withdraws her fist we can see a mighty imprint in theground. Dr. Loeb looks at it in fear.

DR. LOEB(trembling)Yes, I think home treatment wouldbe less stressful...for everyone.

NANCY ARCHERAnd you don't have to worry aboutthe money. Anything you want you can have, just ask my father.

Dr. Loeb looses his nerve and runs from the stable, leaving Dr. Cushing smilingat Nancy and her newfound power.

CUT TO:INT. the beauty salon - dAYHoney Parker is doing the nails of a CUSTOMER when she notices her table beginto shake owing to some mysterious vibration. She looks up and we see a caravanof large trucks going by. As they pass we can see the signs on them. One saysMEAT, another REVLON, a third says SUMMER'S EVE and the last, a tanker, saysMILK.

CUT TO:INT. tHE HORSE STABLE - mOMENTS LATERNancy is bored and sitting in the cramped stable. She passes the time twirling aspare truck tire on her finger.

CUT TO:EXT. outside tHE HORSE STABLE - dAYMEN from the trucks are unloading boxes and stacking them alongside the stable.

CUT TO:EXT. tHE COBB MANSION SWIMMING POOL - dAYHarry is pouring himself a drink at the poolside bar while speaking with Dr.


HARRY ARCHERYou were supposed to get her intothat sanitarium of yours. That's why I called you.

DR. LOEBShe didn't want to go.

HARRY ARCHERYou should have talked her intoit.

DR. LOEBUnder the circumstances, Harry,any argument would be very one-sided. She has to be at least 50 feet tall!Harry hands the trembling Dr. Loeb a drink, which he greedily grabs and gulpsdown. Harry offers him a seat under a pool umbrella and both men sit down totalk.

HARRY ARCHERWhat made her grow that tall?DR. LOEBYou said she began to grow afterbecoming agitated. Clearly it's stress related. The blood levels indicate somekind of hormonal imbalance.

HARRY ARCHERTerrific, you've discovered a newkind of PMS.

DR. LOEBThe situation is serious, Harry.

HARRY ARCHERYou're telling me?DR. LOEBThe human body wasn't designed togrow that large, Harry. I calculate that she must weigh nearly 60 tons. That'sas much as a dozen large elephants. Even though her heart has grown, I'mconcerned about the strain such immense weight will have on it.

HARRY ARCHER(perking up)You mean that she could have aheart attack?DR. LOEBHarry, try to understand thatright now your wife has a blood pressure ten times higher than an adult giraffe.

Harry looks excited by what he deems to be great news.

CUT TO:EXT. outside tHE sTABLE by the large front doors - nIGHTNancy is kneeling down and trying to read little papers she is holding in herhuge hands by the stable light that is mounted just off the front of thethirty-foot high eves. Her father is looking up at her.

HAMILTON COBB(shouting to her)It's all boiler-plate, Nancy. Youdon't have to look at them.

NANCY ARCHERHow am I supposed to sign these?Mr. Cobb has brought some supplies. A long stick with attached paintbrush, abucket of paint, and a large sheet of cardboard.

HAMILTON COBBYou don't have to. You use thepaint to sign the cardboard. Then I take your signature and I reduce it and putit on the documents. Now, I've spoken to the lawyers about it and they tell methat under the circumstances it is...

Nancy looks down at her father. Feeling her new power she tosses the papers athim. They flutter down all about.

NANCY ARCHERBlow them up.

HAMILTON COBBWhat!?NANCY ARCHERIf they can reduce my signature,they can enlarge those contracts. Get a billboard or something. I want that fineprint six feet tall!Mr. Cobb goes about picking up the papers.

HAMILTON COBBWell, I simply will not have thedetails of my business pasted on the side of a barn for the world to see.

NANCY ARCHERThen you better find a newbusiness, because I'm not signing them until I can read them.

HAMILTON COBBYou've had a long day. I'm sure ithas been very stressful. Perhaps you ought to go back in the...I mean go backin, and rest.

NANCY ARCHER(looking up at the night sky)I like being out here looking atthe stars.

HAMILTON COBBOf course you do. We all like thestars; they're very pretty. But you have to take care of yourself. You haveto...

NANCY ARCHER(becoming angry and interrupting)Father, I'm not a little girl!As she says this she leans down toward her father, looming over him. Frightenedand wide-eyed, Mr. Cobb takes a few steps back.

HAMILTON COBBAh, no, no, you're not. But youneed your rest; you have to protect your strength, so that the doctors can makeyou better!NANCY ARCHERYou mean make me like I wasbefore.

HAMILTON COBBYes, just as you were before. Nowisn't that what we all want?NANCY ARCHER(sighing)I'll go back in the stable.

HAMILTON COBB(smiling)Good!NANCY ARCHER(glaring at him)In a little while.

HAMILTON COBB(swallowing hard)Ah...well...ah...that'll be fine.

NANCY ARCHERGood-night, father.

HAMILTON COBB(looking discomposed)Good-night, Nancy.

Nancy leans back against the stable and looks up at the stars.

HONEY PARKER (O.S.)Jesus, she's big!CUT TO:EXT. a parking area overlooking the Cobb estate - cONTINUOUSHoney Parker is looking at Nancy through binoculars while standing with Harry.

As they talk, Harry smokes a cigarette and that take turns looking at Nancy inthe distance.

HONEY PARKER (CONT'D)I mean big! How'd she getso big!HARRY ARCHERSomething in that UFO bollixed upher hormones.

HONEY PARKEROh. I can't get over how big sheis.

HARRY ARCHERThe doctor said that being thatsize puts a strain on her heart. She gets dizzy.

HONEY PARKERProbably the altitude.

HARRY ARCHERThey think she might have a heartattack. I doubt they'd be surprised if she keeled over like a mighty redwood. Alittle stress, some anger, some aggravation...and timber!(laughs)HONEY PARKERI don't know. She looks prettyhealthy to me. Better than she did on t