Honey, I blew my secretary upSharon looked down at the tiny crowd gathered around her folded legs. She feltthe growing sensation starting again.

"Dr. Ferris, it feels like it is starting again...." She whispered because hervoice carried.

Sharon was once a 5'11" blonde bombshell that every guy in the office hit ondaily, hourly and sometimes up to the minute. No one cared that she was agenius, no one cared that she knew Dr. Ferris' work like the back of her handincluding Dr. Andrew Ferris, no one cared that she had planned all of this andnow, someone cared....

"We are getting something for you to cover up with, Sharon! We will return youto normal!" Dr. Ferris yelled at his increasingly growing giant secretary.

Sharon could not take anymore. Her charade as a dumb blonde had succeeded andthe creator of the Magno Growth Ray would soon be in the palm of her hand. Shereached down with a gigantic hand into the crowd of little people, parting themlike the Red Sea, picked out Dr. Ferris, and lifted him to her billboard sizedface. She laughed at him, "You little fool, my plan worked like a charm! I havethe only Magno Growth Ray and now I have its tiny creator. I wanted you to thinkthat I was stupid so you would test your ray on me. Now I am almost 80 feet talland nothing can stop me!" She stood up to her full 80ft. height while holdingDr. Ferris in her palm like a tiny toy. She was a fantastic sight standing amongthe office buildings. A nude, blonde, 80ft. giant among twenty story buildings.

She looked inside one of the buildings and saw tiny people peering out at her.

"Hello, ant people, your mistress awaits you...come out of your buildings withinthe next fifty minutes because I plan on destroying them." She watched aspanicked little people rushed the exits. She proceeded to the fashion districtin almost ten steps. She shocked Dr. Ferris by showing him a large version ofthe Magno Growth Ray. "I bet you wondered where I got this. Lady's secret,shorty." She stamped on the ground at one boutique as little people ran out sheblocked their passage with her monstrous foot. "I need a dress, a bikini andsomething in a leather mini skirt....get them now!" She stamped on the groundthunderously to make her point as the little people ran back to the store. "Oh,and a purse,and matching shoes." Fearing the little doctor might try to escape,the giantess picked up a parked car, stuck an enormous finger in the window,opened the door, and placed the little man inside. Then, she crushed the sidestogether and put the car on the roof of a nearby building. She picked the ray upand the clothes and walked away.

The officer tried to get the door free but couldn't. "Don't even try to open thedoor...get me a cell phone and I'll call my wife." Ferris told the officer,"Hurry, before Sharon gets back!" The officer got him the phone and Ferriscalled Lisa Ferris.

"Lisa!""Andy!""Have you heard?""Are you kidding? It's on all the channels! Attack of the 80 ft. Woman Live!What are you going to do?""Create another giant to fight this giant!""Who?""You.""What...oh, you mean, me?""Yes, you! You must hurry! She will figure it out and if she gets to you beforeyou can grow, she will kill you and the city will be at her mercy forever!""Where...what is that sound?""Ohmigod! She must have figured it out! Get my shaving kit and get out of thehouse before she destroys it.""But...""NOW!"Meanwhile, Sharon preceded to destroy the Ferris home. Ferris was no fool. Heprobably kept an extra Magno Growth Ray at his home lab. She was having a ball.

Demolishing the home was only the beginning, soon everyone would be at her beckand call. She had enlarged the bikini, the miniskirt, the shoes and the purse.

She was wearing the yellow bikini top, which strained against what had been48DDD's. The miniskirt fit her tight butt perfectly. The shoes fit perfectly aswell. The well dressed giantess was dressed for destruction. She noticed a tinyform running from the demolished home as that of Mrs. Andrew Ferris. "Oh, Lisa!Don't run! I won't hurt you...I only want to tell you how good your husband wasin bed before I crush you to death." She yelled at the tiny woman. She noticedthe form stopped for a moment before it started running again.

Sharon continued her destruction of the Ferris home as she made colossal stridesin the direction of lil ole Lisa Ferris. She couldn't stand Lisa. She almostalways belittled Sharon when she came to see Andrew. Now Lisa was little andabout to face a prompt crushing, but not before some healthy taunting. As shewalked through the neighborhood, she had lost track of the little woman. Treesand lampposts barely came up to her shin. For the first time, she was a littlenervous. Where was that little bitch?Lisa opened the shaving kit nervously and at the same time, looking up past thehouse at the colossal woman who was peering over trees and houses. She foundwhat she was looking for in the kit. It was the Magno Growth Ray prototype.

Considered unstable when it was first constructed, Andrew kept it as a memento,as a keepsake, and as a emergency safeguard. One of the reasons it wasconsidered unstable was that not only would it explode, but the growth waspermanent because it caused a complete DNA change. She knew all of this as shedropped the remainder of the kit on the ground. She turned the ray towardsherself and activated the ray. True to form, the ray gun exploded in Lisa'shands, which of course, alerted Sharon.

Sharon swore profusely as she punched holes in houses and stepped on littlepeople trying to escape her colossal wrath. "Where are you, Lisa? I won't hurtyou! I just want to help you!" She knew she was lying and she knew Lisa knew shewas, but she didn't care. When suddenly over to her left, there was anexplosion. She looked over in the direction of the explosion and saw a growingwoman. It was Lisa and she was angrily heading for Sharon. Something wasn'tright. Sharon pulled her Magno Ray gun out of her purse, switched the indicatorto shrink, and fired at Lisa. Lisa and Andrew knew something else about theprototype's instability. As the ray coated her body with its pinkish blue glow,Lisa grew even bigger and bigger and bigger. Sharon finally realized that Lisa'sclothes were the only thing shrinking. She turned off the ray but it was toolate. Lisa was almost 200 feet tall, nude and laughing at the tiny giantess ather knee. She promptly plucked the Magno Ray away from Sharon and held her withone hand and fired the ray at Sharon, who shrunk back to her normal size. Fromher new height, she could see the city easily. Sharon was writhing andstruggling in her hand. Lisa walked towards the city trying to avoid stepping onthe little people. She could hear Sharon's screams and finally lifted her to herface.

"What, Sharon?""How?""The prototype of the Magno Ray was unstable, but workable. It makes a DNAchange in humans, so Andrew dumped it but kept it. The new version would have anunstable effect on the user of the old version. So in effect, I am a 200ft.

woman for good.""Wow. You'd do all that just to stop me.""You got it.""What are you going to do now?'"Turn you over to the authorities and try to figure out the next step.""Humph.""What do you mean by that?""You're a 200ft. woman in a city of little people, toysized buildings and allyou're going to do is trust Andrew!""I...I don't want to hurt them or Andrew. I am the strongest being on theplanet, with no hope of ever being normal. You, I want to hurt. I want to crushyou like a bug for all the people you stepped on, intentional or unintentional.

You could have showed some mercy.""How? I mean, as big as I was, it was difficult to try not to step on littlepeople. Look at you, how careful you're trying to be. Look down closely at thelittle people as they curse you for crushing their homes, cars, and buildings.

And you're trying not to! You can rule, you can be in charge, you can be queenof the city! Think about it. What will they do when they find out that you cannever be normal sized again? Think about the scientists that will want toexperiment on you. Think about it, Lisa! Do you really want to the giant-sizedslave to a bunch of little men?""SHUT UP!" She closed up her palm on the little, screaming woman. She waslooking down on the building that Andrew was trapped on. It barely came up toher calf. She was really, really big. She scrunched down and heard the sound ofbuildings collapsing under the weight of her tremendous butt.

"Ooops, sorry!" She thought about what Sharon had said. She was right. She wouldeither rule over the little people or they would rule her. She had an idea asshe droppedSharon in the hands of the police. She then picked up the tiny car containingher husband. She had to be very cautious in releasing her ant-sized husband. Asshe did, she noticed little helicopters and jets roaring above her. She wasalmost angry and at this size, she could destroy the entire city in minutes. Thehelicopters, especially one, was hovering around her colossal breasts. She wasnot as built as Sharon, but 40DD's in 200ft. scale were nothing to sneeze at.

Hmmmm? Sneeze? Suddenly, Lisa drew in large breaths, pretending to sneeze andreleasing what was once a small achoo into a monstrous tail wind that blew thejets and copters into the next county!"Lisa!""What!""That wasn't nice!""I know, maybe I'm not nice anymore!"Andrew got quiet at that remark. "No need for you worry, little man." He noticedthere was a distinctive change in his wife at that remark. She definitelydifferent. She looked down at the tiny city at her feet.

"Little people, I have decided to go somewhere where we won't clash. Thesituation as it is, I couldn't tolerate your attacking me. I would probablydestroy you all with no remorse. Why, you say? You are so small to me that Icould have a crowd in my hand! I will help with the rebuilding process but theland I choose will be mine and the owner will have my services for exactly twoyears, not as a slave but employee, until my debt for the land is paid. As forthe city, I think saving your little butts from an 80ft. dominatrix and nottaking over is payment in full. Food will come from the city seeing that I willprovide various services as barter for food. Reconstruction, demolition, etc.

Think of the costs saved as I do the jobs of little people in less time.

Unemployment? No. Someone has to cook food, service a 200ft. woman. Cha-ching!!Think about it. It is that or I take over the entire city. And believe me, youwill serve with no compensation."She jiggled her colossal jugs. "No compensation for women, but plenty of fringebenefits for little men!" She laughed and looked down at little Andrew, staringup at her. "Don't worry, darling, my cunt is for you and you alone unless...""Unless, what""Unless you don't survive my lovemaking...." She peered down past Andrew at acrowd of little people.

"Just kidding, honey," She laughed to reassure him, but was quietly thinkingjust that. She began walking out of the city without a care. They knew the deal.

They had to get out of her way now. She did walk softly but definitely withoutconcern for the little people.

J.J. Van Autry owned the land that Lisa took. He was definitely creative abouther services. Lisa was involved in movies, television, advertising,construction, everything in those two years. Van Autry made so much money withLisa that the land was paid for inside of a month. At the end of the two years,he continued his working relationship with Lisa as her business manager/agent.

He is quoted in People magazine's The Sexiest Woman Alive (with Lisa winning thetitle for the second year in a row) as saying that his favorite moment with Lisawas the Geraldo interview. First, Rivera paid over a million dollars for a oneshow, two hour interview with the sexiest giantess alive. Second, he wanted sexincluded (a fact not mentioned on the show until Lisa picked Geraldo up andkissed him and said, "Not bad for a two inch man!"). Lisa's movies besides theones where she had to wear a monster suit were: "Attack of the 200ft.

Woman"(costarring Brad Pitt), "The Return of the 200ft. Woman"(costarringAntonio Banderas), "Affairs of a 200ft. Woman"( featuring an all star cast ofKevin Costner, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Sly Stallone, etc.), "Gulliver'sTravels"( Ted Danson again), "Big Girl Having Fun"(Pitt again), "The AmazingColossal Woman", "Big"(Tom Hanks with Lisa), "2Big"(Michael J. Fox in thesequel) and "Big Love"! The last movie was a X-rated movie featuring Lisa andabout 50 men! It is said to be the first adult movie to gross a hundred millionworld wide in video and full screen sales. Lisa also appeared in "Martin", "ER","America's Most Wanted"(She caught criminals on the side!), "Married WithChildren", "Friends", "Star Trek: Voyager", and a host of other shows andcommercials. The Coors beer company wanted Lisa in a new series of "Tap theRockies" ads and she agreed for a three million dollar fee. Lisa was so rich shebought Cuba! She was quoted as saying, "It's perfect. Just a swim away from theStates!"Unfortunately, her fame took its toll on her marriage. Andrew was a broken man.

The fame he should have got with the Magno Growth Ray went to his wife instead.

He could never duplicate the Growth Ray, every time he tried something wentwrong. Lisa had destroyed Sharon's copy of the ray. Andrew divorced Lisa sixyears after Lisa had changed.

One night as Andrew was walking home from the store, he heard the sound of giantfootsteps behind him. He turned and looked but saw nothing. As he turned back, ahand surrounded him. "What does she want now?" Andrew muttered as he felt thesensation of rising quickly. When the hand opened, a beautiful 80ft., blackwoman looked down at him.

"Hello, Andy! Someone wants to see you....and she won't take "no" for ananswer."Suddenly, Andy was in Cuba on the top of a building turned into a desk. Lisastrolled into view with several 80 ft. women in attendance to her.

"Darling, so good to see you!""YOU NEVER DESTROYED SHARON'S COPY!!!""No, I didn't. Soon, a race of giant women with Magno Growth Rays will increasethe size of women, buildings and food in America. Whatever else we may need. Alllittle people will either be servants or pushed on farther east. West of theMississippi will be Giantess Land and East of the Mississippi will be Lilliput.""No....Impossible!""Not really. You see, soon west of the Mississippi won't be enough. Then,America won't be enough. Then, North America, South America, Europe, Asia,Australia will be controlled by giantesses. Why, Lilliputians will be extinct!""Lisa, no!""It must be this way...you, Lilliputians, can't stand the thought of giant womentaking over but don't worry, soon you will be an endangered species." Lisalaughed as she put her ex-husband in the giant birdcage. "You can't divorce me,little man! You're mine until death do us part...and believe me, when I am donemaking love to you, it will!"So, as the eighty foot women moved the little people out of the west, Americanarmies were crushed under Lisa and the giant women literally! Soldiers withtheir guns, grenades and bombs tried everything possible to try to stop thecolossal women...many were crushed, some taken captive and turned into 30 footgiant sex slaves for the women...some soldiers gave up and Lisa allowed them tobe food gatherers, sex slaves or whatever the Giantess Queen desired...of thosethat surrendered, some were killed (stepped on by giant black girls, sometimesby accident, sometimes on purpose)...other nations including Canada sent attackplanes with atomic weapons but the giant women usually caught them with Magnoenhanced net (in other words, a giant net).

The one plane that succeeded in getting through managed to get to Lisa's base inCuba. "Oh, God! Don't..." Andrew yelled in vain as the bomb fell. The explosionand resulting force winds lasted several minutes. Off the coast of Florida, afishing boat saw them first...a beautiful impossibly big woman who was miles andmiles high and they hadn't even seen Lisa yet...Lisa tried to save Andrew but hewas really, really small and she was massive. Her head was far above the clouds,in fact she had trouble breathing. She noticed her giant female servants barelycame up to her waist. She bent down and planned the conquering of the NorthAmerican continent. She thought about being small again...and within seconds,she was floating in the ocean. "Wow!" She thought as she looked up at thesupersize giant girls who were startled by the disappearance of their leader.

She concentrated and just as fast was back to her supersize.

She commanded the others to do the same. All were able to change their size butthey still were unable to surpass Lisa's size. "Excellent, the bomb gave us anew power!"The president surrendered the United States west of Mississippi under duress asa giant blonde began to crush him. The people knew the handwriting was on thewall. After all, it was only a matter of time....

the end