In Praise of older womenBy TalismanWes inherited his recent paper route from a older friend, last summer. Heinitially wanted to save the money for a sterio, but as he became attached tothe route and it's customers, he opt to continue it until college, at which hewas now 16 and entering the 11th grade.

What was attractive about this route was mainly the people he serviced. Inparticularly, the women, Wes had always been sexually conscious since he wasreally young. At the age six approximately. He was aware of the opposite sex andmade his feelings felt at the nearest runaway pair of legs that would traverseby him. Back then, he was in a swoon with his smaller stature compared to themany giantesses around him constantly. They would smile and laugh at his antics,while all the while he was getting off in some way on the sensations he wouldfeel with his hands and face, as he swept them across the yards of legs and feetbefore him.

In the years that passed, he had always kept this sexual preference, and ifanything, his maturity brought him a more appreciation of the other bevy ofattractions that women held before him.

One woman in particular was on his route, near the end of it. Her name was MrsUrma Kemp. Her European roots and dark features kept him attentive. There wasn'tanything he wouldn't do for her, as he was constantly doing chores and extraservices for her. In the beginning it was so he could be near her, but now heached to be in her.

Mrs. Urma Kemp was in her fifites and except for a tinge of silver slash in herhair, she kept her figure and complexion in tune to the late thirties. Standingat six foot one inch she was a big boned and voluptuous. All the way up from herexquisite feet, up her long formed legs, to her enlarged planetoid breasts. Weswas totally turned on by the total package along with her strong accent. Hespent many nights hammering away as he quietly thought of getting inside hisdream woman.

It was a Saturday like others for Wes, as he toiled his last stock of papers, hewas counting the last stop until he would reach 989 Lindholm way, Urma's house.

He always delivered the last few houses first, and left Urma's paper till last,since he was always laid up at her house after his route, she always hadsomething for him to do for her.

Wes walked into the house without knocking, as he was told to do since firstdoing favors for her some months ago.

“Hi Mrs. Kemp, got your paper and the stuff from the pharmacy you wanted. Wesgreeted her as he saw her lying on her couch.

“Thankyou sweet boy, put in into the kithchen if you could.” Urma answered backstill stretched out on the couch.

“I'm leavning your change next to the bag, okay?” Wes called back.

“It's okay darling, you keep it for yourself.” Urma said letting out a slightmoan.

Wes walked back into the living room, and presided over the laid out woman. “Rough day or what?”“Just overdid it, in the yard today, those damn tree limbs and bushes, should'vecalled it a day sooner.” Urma said trying to look tired and sore.

“Is there anything I could get you? I could go back to the pharmacy!” Wesinquired.

“No, no need for that. I'll just lay here a while.” Urma replied.

“No really, I can't leave you like this, anything you want I'll do it. Wes saidadamantly.

Urma smiled as she felt her plan coming in to shape. She knew if she kept onthis young boy enough, he would soon allow her the pleasure of living yetanother fantasy. Her story goes back a lot further, as she was the second oldestof 5 children back in Austria. After graduating school, and a brief stint in thecapacity of Office administrator, she found a husband and moved to the statesback in the sixties. She was what some would call a “Pro-aggressive” Meaning inplain terms she wanted to be on top of everything. In her youth she made it alot more apparent with her inexperience of dealing with people, but as shematured she worked on her personality and worked out ways to manipulate others.

She had a keen fetish for smaller men in her life. Her husband from back inAustria was a mere Five foot four, and was said to be always at her beck andcall. Even when they moved to the states, her neighbors would constantly commentat how obedient she had him. He later disappeared from her life, and the storywent that he was met with a accident overseas on a trip. No one knows to thisday exactly what happened. Either way she was awarded complete benefits to hisinsurance and pension, which left her living in comfort. Her neighbors found hera kind and generous woman of class, but wouldn't want to fuck her in anyway,lest they want to meet with her fiery, as they had seen when she unleashed it.

Wes was to become her recent acquisition of sorts as soon as her plan wouldswing into action. She may have loved her men small, but she relished thethought of trying to acquire a tiny boy, her passion demanded it. She merelylaid her trap and waited for the prey to tumble into it.

“Well I could use a rub down of sorts, but really, I can just lay here a while.”Urma suggested slyly.

“A massage! No problem, I know just how to do it.” Wes couldn't believe hisluck.

He went to work quickly, as he laid his anxious hands on her massive thighs, heworked his fingers around the flesh, sliding them in and out of the inner andouter thigh. He then moved his fingers down her built calves, circling theirforms around and around.

Wes was in a sweat when he finally reached her feet. As he rubbed them down withstrong and caressing motions, he could make out the slight aroma of her tiredfeet. He wanted so much to take them into his mouth and slurp away the daysravages. But he didn't dare blow this for himself, he felt lucky just to be inthis position.

“Oh sweaty, I hope this isn't too much, but my back and buttocks feel just assore, could you?” Urma hoped.

Wes thought he was dreaming. “No problem really."Urma rolled herself over revealing a sweat rump that had Wes salivating. Urma'sass looked like two enormously tight breasts jetting out form her shorts. Suchsweat succulent fruit lay waiting from within those safari shorts.

As Wes played on the rear of Urma, his dreams came to him in delight, by now hisalready wet shorts were hot in the throbbing of his erect cock. He didn't wantto ejaculate just yet, not now when things were getting interesting. He plowedhis hands and fingers into the firm flesh, but felt a bit constricted by thefabric.

“I hope my hands aren't too rough, this fabric a bit tight knit.” Wes said notknowing where he would be going with that statement.

“Would it feel better if I took them off?” Urma asked suddenly.

“Ah I guess it would be better for your rub down, but I don't know if yourcomfortable with that.” Wes said turning extremely red now“Really I don't mind.” Irma said as she rolled over and got up slowly. As sheinched up she watched the Wes slowly receding in size to her mounting frame.

Before long, she was at her full height and was slowly removing her Shorts.

Wes liked nothing better than craning his neck up to her 6”1 frame, as Urmarelished the site of the tiny boy even more. Urma had her shorts of and dangledthem of her long legs, before settling back down onto the couch. As she rolledback onto her belly, she looked back up to Wes for his continuance. Wes couldonly stare at the magnificent site of her tanned bare ass. He wanted so much tobe a snake with arms to slither in and out of her crack. Nothing prepared himfor the adventure that awaited him.

After a long session of rubbing Urma's rear and back, he went back to massagingher legs and feet. Urma then invited Wes to stay for dinner. He accepted andwanted to wash up before helping her prepare it. After he went to the bathroom,and washed himself thoroughly, he went back to the kitchen to find a glass oficed pop waiting for him. “Thanks I could use one.” Wes said before gulping therefreshment entirely.

Dinner was prepared and eaten by Urma and Wes, and upon some small talk, Urmabegan her last phase of her plan.

“Have you ever thought of a complete adventure in huge epic proportions?” Urmaurged Wes.

“What kind of adventure?” Wes asked sipping a drink.

“A kind of experience that would take you to your deepest fantasy. At your ageyou must think of sex, what would you consider the ultimate experience with awoman.?” Urma asked.

“I don't know, having sex with any woman would be a fantasy right now.”“You mean you haven't been with any one just yet?” Urma inquired.

“I had a girl friend, but it was only necking and that stuff.” Wes said shyly.

“I want to tell you of a experience like you never thought of before, just thinksexual encounter of the gigantic level, I mean the chance to have sex with atrue goddess.” Urma was animated now.

“What with who in this world?” asked Wes interested thoroughly.

“It is possible in this world and I can make it happen, just imagine you wouldbe in the presence of a real and powerful giant, would this kind of experienceinterest you?” Urma asked Wes holding his arm.

“Yes, it would but really are you talking some kind of computer thing?” Wesasked.

“No not computers, real life.” Urma urged Wes on.

Wes didn't know what happened from that point on as he suddenly fell into adreamlike state. He was falling down a vast passage into some unknown realm. Ashe reached the other side, he was suddenly back in grade school. He was lying onhis stomach painting on a sheet of art paper, when suddenly he noticed thefamiliar aroma of Miss Parr. She was his grade 4 teacher. She was her huge selfas usual, and like clockwork she was here to harass Wes again like his other twofriends Mike and Lenny. The three of them laid there still looking up at thelooming image of Miss Parr looking down on them.

“Well are you finished messing up paper, I see that you three have some thingsto learn on how to clean up after your mess” She echoed with her huge boomingvoice.

Wes looked around for the other students around the room, when suddenlyeverything started to shift swiftly around. Wes watched as he and his twofriends started to descend to the floor, they watched themselves in shock asfoot by foot they were melting into the ground as it seemed. Before they knewwhat happened they were quickly surrounded by the gigantic feet of theirteacher. All three boys yelled out for help in unison, but were completelyobliterated by the even larger boom of her great voice.

“Well look at the tiny insects, finally I can rid my room of your insolence.”Wes watched as Lenny tried to run left, but was completely floored by MissParr's stomping foot. Wes only stood frozen and stared on as Micheal held hisarms up in vain as the gigantic hand of the teacher reached down and snatchedhim up. Wes was then snatched soon after with her other free hand.

The giant Miss Parr held both quivering tiny boys in both clinched fists andpractically spat out. “I have a itch and only you boys can scratch it.” Withthat she kicked off her pump, and dropped each boy one at a time into the deepinner soles. As Wes and Micheal braced for the slide to the toe section, thelight was quickly distinguished, by the impending foot chasing after them. Weslet out a cry for help before being completely smothered.

He then awoke suddenly as if in a deep month long sleep. He was wet all over andfelt himself for any trace of clothing. He couldn't figure out what had happenedto his clothes, and most importantly where was he and what happened. He sat upand rubbed his eyes remembering the dream vividly. He also looked at his stillerect cock standing before him. The other things started to come forward to himas he started to come to. His body seemed not only wet but coated with somethingthick and sticky. He also had a unusual smell about him. He also noticed thestrong aroma of powder and perfume and sweat.

Wes looked around and didn't recognize the environment around him, everythinglooked foreign to him.

He tried to remember what developments occurred until he must of blacked out.

And then it came to him, after work, he went to Miss Kemps house, the massage,and then dinner, of course that was where he was, apparently she put him intoone of the bedrooms that he hadn't seen yet for a lie down after his passingout. But what made him pass out. “Oh well, might as well as get up and find her,she must be concerned, maybe I'll tell her that crazy dream” Wes thought outloud. Then it hit him, that crazy story she told him about having some fantasticfantasy experience of gigantic proportions. “Could she have influenced my dreamwith some type of mind suggestion.” Wes laughed as he thought that she'd get akick out of his dream.

Wes got up to his feet and walked around the dark room. He went to the windowand opened the drape. To his surprise it was closed up from the outside. “Whatthe hell, why would you board up a window?” Wes thought. He then went to thedoor and tried in vain to open it up. “Hey I can't get out, unlock the door,please can you hear me Mrs Kemp?” He shouted through the door. He stepped backas he heard laughter. It seemed to be coming from all over the room and above.

Wes stepped back and shouted his pleas again. And again he heard the laughter,this time even louder. Wes couldn't figure out what was happening. “What am Idreaming again, a fantasy followed by a nightmare. No way.” Wes shouted againand started to pinch himself as if to startle himself awake.

Just then with a loud shuffling and cracking noise, the roof started to comeapart. Wes ran to the bedside and leaned against the wall awaiting some kind ofcollapse.

As the roof seemed to move up and away from the connecting walls, Wes noticedthe resemblance of a outer room from outside this room he was in. The outer roomseemed expansive in height as well as in width.

The mystery continued on as Wes saw what looked like a hand, larger than theroom he was in. It strained to enter the hole left by the departing ceiling. Itwas converging on his body as he stood limp with no escape.

Urma couldn't wait to take out her toy once more, the last session with the limpboy was tantalizing but now it would be another experience with him consciousnow. She had felt that she may have been a little rough with his tiny body, buthe seemed no worse the wear because of it.

She opened her fist revealing the tiny boy squinting in the immense light. Urmasmiled a wide gap revealing her perfect white teeth. She let out her huge tongueout and licked the corners of her expansive mouth. Wes only watched in shock anddismay, he couldn't believe this was happening, things were happening to fastand too much for him to even garner the exquisite gravity of this situation, hisdreams, his wishes, have all come to this. And now he was too freaked to do orthink about it in any way except, how?“Well my little one, how do you like my idea now, is it like I said, do I notportray pure power and sexuality. Please you must find me somewhat intriguingcompared to those little piss ant girls your use to dating.” Urma declared likesome revelation. “I am offering you acreage.” As she slithered her hand down herfigure. “Vast expansion and valleys.” As she dropped her hands down her bellyand in between her legs. “And awesome elevation.” As she dropped the tiny boy onher lap and heaved her global breasts. “This is all for your pleasure, and youmy tiny slave are for mine.” With that she lunged her hand down and snatched theboy in mid breath and started to bath him all over the massive flesh of her leftbreast. She covered the surface area in mere moments and moved on to the otherbreast, before circulating him around the huge nipples protruding outward. Weswas smashed against the erect nipple, and tried desperately to push it away, butthat was like moving a stationary wall.

Urma then started to drag the tiny body down her chest toward her wide belly.

She circled her belly button before changing direction and dropping her handeven lower toward her waiting bush. She momentarily lost the tiny boy in thevast amounts of pubic hair, having to poke with her enormous fingers to fish himout. She then pointed him toward her awaiting moist vulva. The tiny body simplyfell into the open lips, and with little application, she was able to throttlethe tiny boy in and out of her g-spot.

Urma went into a demented rhythm of groans and sighs. At times the whole housewas a blaze with her sounds. She pulsated the rhythms with each stroke.

Wes was in tune with the monstrous sounds from up above, even with the sloshingabout inside the wet and juicy lips. He would have to hold his breath every timehe was submerged into the clitoris. He learned this technique fast as at timeshe was almost drowned. Urma's stamina was painstakingly long for the tiny boy,as she went from orgasm to orgasm, even multi-orgasms. She was not in the moodto quit just yet. And it started to seem to Wes that she hadn't cared to whatextent that he was doing, was he still even breathing.

Finally the giant woman did come for the last time, and rolled over onto herback in a final triumph. After some time of catching her breath, she fumbled herfingers into her still hot vulva and plucked out the limp and slimy body of thetiny boy. “Are you still with me?” Urma asked as she shook the tiny body everyso lightly. “Hey are you alive?” she was asking louder now. “ I guess the boysdon't last as long as the men do. Oh well” Urma was about to put him down whenthe tiny boy started to sqirm in her fingers. “Well hello little one, I thoughtfor sure you were done, you impress me much. The fasted one went on me was myhusband, but he was older and the initial shock of seeing me gigantic must ofweakened him some.”Wes tried finally to say something in his defense. “What am I, what are yougoing to do with me?”“Well little one, you are no longer a young boy delivering my papers and doingerrands, You are now a tiny sex toy, and I am going to play with you. but don'tworry. you will still do things for me, like massaging me, and doing my nails,and cleaning parts of my body I wish not to stretch to do, oh all sorts ofthings I haven't thought of yet.” Urma said as a matter of factly.

Wes only looked at her in freight. “But what about my life back in the realworld, when can I go back?”“You demand to go back when you have this to occupy your life, for that type ofinsult I should just squish you and find another toy.” Urma said angrily as sheheld the tiny boy tighter in her grasp.

“No please no, I can learn to live like this, I just got really upset with allthis stuff happening so fast, I need time to get used to it.” Wes pleaded.

“You will get used to it real fast, or I mean it you will be a spot under myheel in no time. Got it?” Urma held the tiny boy to her face. Wes simply noddedand managed a tiny response. “Good, I will require a foot massage while I rest,and if you have any ideas of escaping, there is no way out of this house, and ifyou try, and I will find you, there will be no other chances, I will squashyou.”With that Urma placed the tiny boy into her clenched toes, and laid her leg downat the foot of the bed. While the boy started to work on her soles, she flickedon the remote of her television set, and watched it while the tiny boy workedthrough each square footage.

It had taken him the better part of the night to reach every part of Urma'smassive feet. He didn't dare take notice of her snoring, and use it as a chanceto try to escape. Wes figured it best to keep the giantess happy and satisfied,lest he want to become a victim to her huge temper. He wasn't sure if he wouldsurvive anyway, but somehow the chances seemed better if he kept his head downand serviced his new mistress.

By morning he found himself back in his small scaled room. The window previouslyboarded up before was completely see through again. As he stood up from his bedhe looked out at the vast expansion of Urma's bedroom. The tiny house had beensituated in front of Urma's bed and from his vantage point he could see herentrance door as well as the powder room door.

Wes fell back into the bed and wandered off to his thoughts, as he contemplatedhis new life as a tiny toy, he wondered at what lengths her desires strayed to,did she belong to a even bigger group of women who shared in the same activity.

He also thought of what Urma told him the other night, that there had been more,and what she must of done to her husband.

Wes got up and walked out the entrance door to his house. He wandered the floortoward her closet, as he entered through the crack in the doors, he was suddenlybrought down to his reality as he glanced at the various shoes and hangingclothes which further showed his miniature status even more. As he walked to therows of large shoes and pumps and boots, he wondered if any of the remnants ofvictims were perhaps still captive in those grand footwear.

Maybe he would find their remains. After climbing onto a couple of shoes, hebecame disinterested in his quest, and sat on a shoe horn thinking more of hissituation. “Maybe it wont be so bad, I mean this is quite the fantasy come true,even though, he didn't think it could ever happen.” He thought little of who hewould miss in the world up there, not his mom, whom he never forgave fordivorcing his father, and who really never gave him any credit for anything.

Really all he could think of was the sorted friendships he made through hisyoung years, and really they didn't mean that much to him anyway. For the firsttime he started to come to grips with the new role in his life. He thought thathe would make the commitment to ensure that he would make the best of thissituation and.

Shortly afterwards he heard some rumbling and mumbling from out side the bedroomsomewhere in the house. Wes walked out of the closet and scaled the floor towardthe entrance door to the hallway. Once in the hallway he made his way toward thevoices. Wes walked along the huge long walls till he came to the entrance of thekitchen doorway. He sneaked around the corner and peered in to see that Urma wastalking with another woman. To his surprise the other woman was his own mother.

Wes was stymied to see his mother enormously standing next to the even moreenormous Urma. They talked quite loud and the booming sounds were hard for Westo make out exactly what they were talking about. He then walked along the walltoward them to get a little closer.

Wes stood under a chair a few feet away from the standing women. “Well all Iknow is he came by yesterday like clockwork and brought my paper and somemedicine from the pharmacy I had asked for the other day. Once he dropped offthem, I paid him for his time and saw him leave, and that was it. I really dohope he winds up soon, I am so worried for him.” Urma said with great actingability.

“Well you know boys at that age they are always into something, with girls, andtheir friends, I am so furious for him to worry me like this.” Wes's mothercommented.

Urma went to the cupboard to get a glass for the upset woman, as she reachedinto the fridge for some juice she noticed from the corner of her eye the tinyfigure traversing across the floor from under a chair. She quickly went intoaction. “Here honey have a drink and settle yourself, I'm sure he will come homereal soon, right after he's had his fun” Urma assured Wes's Mother. She thenwalked toward the scampering tiny figure and with one step had covered himcompletely under her massive foot.

Wes struggled to move faster but Urma's foot covered too much space for him tododge. Before he knew it he was beneath her stocking foot.

Urma continued to talk and bring some hope to the wrought woman, all the whileshe garnered some excitement with the feeling of the tiny boy beneath her footwhile his mother was here with her some mere inches away, and in the total darkabout it. She played with the notion of squishing him flat now and eventriumphally displaying his crushed body by crossing her legs. She even imaged itin her thoughts, as she daydreamed while the woman kept up her concerns.

Urma imagined as she brought down some pressure, and slowly increased her stanceuntil she felt the tiny body squish beneath her, she would then grind itdeliberately under her sole, until she felt it sticking to her hosiery. Urmathen shuffled her body and crossed her leg, revealing the bottom of theoffending foot. As Wes's mother continued her concerns about her missing son.

After a while the woman ended the visit. Urma reminded the distraught woman ofher support, and would keep her eye out for him. As Urma waved to her leavingthe yard, she couldn't help but let out a short yelp. She had holden back herexcitement of the events passing. Just being within mere inches of the tiny boysmother, with him enclosed inside her foot brought shivers down her spine. Shewould have to celebrate this feeling with a session. Once to her bedroom, shesat on the bed and released the prisoner from her toes. Wes lay still on thecarpet getting his wind back as the space was tight, at which he was in for thelast hour or so. He couldn't get the smell out of his nostrils. As he slowly gothis thoughts back, he looked up at the towering Urma now standing high abovehim, with her legs spread. Revealing her open snatch, he could see already thelips juicy with anticipation for his company. Wes slowly got up and gave thegiantess what she wanted.

Urma watched the tiny boy rise up and stand at attention between her huge feet.

She stood a moment, cherishing the moment and keeping the visual effect in mind.

She then picked him up and descended to her bed behind her with Wes inserted inher vulva.

Wes had calculated his time this time approaching two hours, and still Urmawanted more and wouldn't release him. He endured another half-hour of relentlesspressure and jostling around by the wet and hot walls of her interior. Wes wasaloud the odd repreave, get some air. But was quickly submerged with the help ofher oppressing finger. As the time came for her final orgasm, Wes was aloud toflush out with her ejected juices. He lay there in a massive puddle. Slimy andhot, Wes layed there still, taking in the somewhat fresh air into his thirstylungs.

Urma looked down between her legs, and studied the tiny figure laying stillwithin her drippings and sweat. As she sat still drinking from a glass, shecouldn't help but think of her visiting friend Frieda. Frieda was a friend fromher earlier times living in Germany, where together as lab technicians, theyfirst came up with the serum. They had never uttered a word to any of theirsuperiors or friends. After coming up with the solution, they left theirrespected positions and went out on other endeavors, all the while partaking intheir new passion, shrinking people for their enjoyment.

Frieda had been a bit more aggressive in her nature with the poor unfortunatesthey shrunk. She had showed time and again, at how cruel her intentions were.

Urma saw her totally destroy the shrunken people after her desires were met. Asshe grew older, she seemed to gain a higher level of pure torment on hersubjects. It was odd to Urma that she would some end up this way, if anyonewould look at her in her youth as in now, you would see a kind bespeckled woman.

Urma figured she was taking some of the past wrongs done to her on this fantasy.

Urma herself was a somewhat selfish giant, she seemed to like to enjoy herfantasy at whatever cost, and was somewhat unthinking of her subjects at times.

Like with Wes, she was always in a complete zone with her sessions, and manytimes found herself using expired subjects in the end. Both women for intentsand purposes were a awesome combination on any number of subjects. They wouldplay on each other's passions, and bring out the best, or worst in the case ofthe subjects, the sessions with the both of them seemed thunderous andmonstrously violent to any subject lucky enough to have survived. And there wereso few that did. But as time went by, the thing that stayed the same was thatthe few who did survive lasted so short a time after, especially with Frieda.

Her favorite pastime was wearing her slaves inside her shoes when she went outfor whatever reason. She often said that she enjoyed massaging her peds with theslaves underfoot. Another pastime was engulfing them into her ample cheeks andbreasts, and wear them around the house, naked of course to admire herself inthe many mirrors throughout her house. Chases for her were also fun, as sheloved to give some of her feistier slaves a glimmer of hope as she wouldpurposely drop them, and give them some head start before proceeding to chaseand run them over.

Urma again would rather have sexual sessions. She too partook in the moredemeaning treatments, her favorite seemed to be masturbating with more than oneat a time, cramming them inside her huge vagina, until she felt them squirmingin unison inside her.

Urma started to play with the still boy with her left foot, rubbing him aroundunder her balls. All the while thinking, “We will have some fun with you littleone, yes we will.”The next morning Wes watched as Urma dressed up. He found himself enjoying thesight of her putting on her hosiery and panties, not an odd pastime he thought,since he fantasized on many occasions before when he was at his normal size. Shewas a very beautiful woman he thought, her immense size gave her even more aglimmer of beauty, and power. He longed to be within her now.

Wes stayed in his house for most of the day as Urma was gone. He busied himselfwith eating some of the food Urma left him, and looking over some of the thingsleft behind from the other subjects.

Among the things found were clothes that seemed better made for dolls. He alsofound some paper with writing on it. As Wes settled in his seat he read thediary of a past prisoner of Urma named Mel.

“We came here on false pretenses. This evil woman gave us a ride and then spikedsome drinks she had bought us at a rest stop. I awoke to find myself at the endof some morbid sexcapade with this now gigantic woman. I quickly looked forBrenda, only to find her legs sticking out of the vagina of this giant woman.

Now in this tiny house she has put out for us, we spend every day not knowingwhat the next will bring.” Transaction May 5th“It's two days now, and last night I lost Brenda to the giantess, we were makinglove, and all of a sudden the roof drifted up and away. She had been standingthere watching us and wanted to get into it with us. We were ordered to makelove on different parts of her body, the final spot inside her anus. That wasthe hardest spot, it was so tight and the giant cheeks were always squishing usto no end. Finally Brenda was told to give me head. We were place on the floor,and as I stood, Brenda was forced to her knees. As she continued to eat away atme, all the time I would look up at the woman hovering over us. She wasmasturbating as she watched. As I finally climaxed, I heard a roar from above,and then this huge foot came down. Brenda never saw it coming. She was crushedinstantly, underneath the massive foot. I didn't even see any remains of herbody on the floor. But as the huge foot rose up, I saw her flattened bodyencased on the sole of the foot. She looked like she was tattoed on it. thegiant wasn't apologetic about it and simply didn't care as she walked off withBrenda still stuck to her.” transaction May 7“Another day another workout pleasing miss high and mighty.” Transcation May 8Wes skimmed on till he found the last entry. “I can't take it any longer thisfriend of her is mad or something. If I spend another night being pissed on, Iwill scream and end it. I still can't get the smell of crap of me. tonight theirsaid something of a session with me, the both of them, I don't think I willsurvive this one” Transaction July 10th. Last transaction.

Wes sat back and breathed hard. He wondered if his fate will end this way.

It was later in the evening that Wes heard the noise. The footsteps were louderthan usual, and he heard two voices now, both female. His heart stopped as hethought of this could be the friend spoken of in those journals. Wes went to hiswindow and waited for the women to enter.

Urma talked excitedly to Frieda as the two friends reminisced about old times.

Urma noticed how Frieda had packed on the pounds. Still tall at her 5” 11height, but now it seems she had added some 50 lbs to her already big frame. Shestill wore glasses, and her hair was still in that Doris Day style she liked somuch, only now graying a bit.

To Frieda Urma seemed ageless, except for a bit of wrinkles, she was still alooker.

Urma began pouring the tall brandies, while Frieda got comfortable on the couch.

She began fumbling around inside her purse. As Urma brought her a drink, Friedahad uncovered almost all her contents, until she found what she was searchingfor. Urma looked on as Frieda pulled out a tiny man. He was quite young, lookedto be in his twenties, good build and bearded. “Saw him in a eatery, couldn'tresist, I had to have him.” Remarked Frieda as she held the tiny nervous man inher fist.

“I have one too, a lot younger than that one though” said Urma.

“Oh how young?” Frieda asked interested.

“About 17” answered Urma smiling.

“My god! Snagged one that young?” Frieda fascinated. Urma stood next to Friedaadmiring her tiny acquisition. She then extended her hand and took the tiny manfrom Frieda's palm. Urma held the man to her face closely.

“Are you ready for the big party later, we will be serving you.” Urma spokesoftly. Frieda giggled and took the tiny screaming man back toward her bosom.

“He always seems to calm down when I hold him like this.”The women continued to play with the tiny man, while throwing back a few moretall brandies, as the afternoon wore into night.

Wes in the meantime figured it would be still a while longer till they came forhim, he then found more journals and kept himself occupied reading moreadventures.

“I miss my life, this I have now is not so much a life but a permanent lifesentence. I have been subjected to catering to the whims of a giant woman withthe temperament of a little girl. No longer is she using me for her sexualescapades, now she has relegated me to servicing her body. I spent the betterpart of last night cleaning in-between her toes and navel. I haven't washed yet,and the smell lingers on me. the other men here are afraid this will happen tothem as well. There are three others. When I got here there were six of us.

Three met a untimely death in the footfalls of her. you have to be quick aroundhere, they found that the hard way.

I only wait till my time comes, I can only hope it will be as fast as the otherthree. I have often thought of throwing myself in front of her as she walks, butstill don't have the nerve, I guess I still want to live, but what a life.”Excerpt Oct. 10Wes scanned along for anything different with the other entries seeming routine,until he found one. “As I write this I have found my calling in this life, Idon't know when it happened exactly but she has taken to me and I am back intothe fold of her sexual exploits. I know now I want to love her all over, andwill do so until she grows weary, I have to see to it she never does. I am herenow with another challenger for her love, he and I only remain. As the other onetried in vain to escape. He only got as far as the main entrance, until shefound him. Apparently he only lasted a few seconds beyond that. She does nottake to kindly to escapees. I actually found him still sticking in-between hertoes, he was quite squashed and quite dead. I merely worked around him. Tonghtshe will have the other and me work for her love, I will use all my strengths towin her over, even if I have to resort to drastic actions.” Excerpt Feb 19.

“I did it, I won. It wasn't easy but as I watched as the other was trying hisfutile attempts to win some points by servicing her toes, I merely rung hisrotten neck and tossed him down toward the sheets, where by chance she wasmoving her great mass towards. I merely held on with all my strength as Iwatched his death thrall. He could only try to hold off the impending doom asshe smothered and crushed him beneath her ass. as I did my victory mile aroundher body, I paid a short visit to his resting place. He was all but a smear onher inner cheeks. I wondered if she would even notice him there.

I hear her coming I guess she” excerpt was missing as well as the rest of thewriting, only a swiggley line remained.

That was the last excerpt from that man, Wes could only imagine what happened.

He still found another journal and read on.

“Charlene got us into this with her response to the add, I knew something wasnot right when the add seemed to nice and too perfect. But as it is now we arethe sex toys of a giant woman, Charlene and I were lovers for a year now, andonly now would I indulge her in some third party sex orgy with another woman.

She told me many times Sarah, you don't know how it is until you try it. well Ihope she's happy now, because I don't think this giant is in any mood to let usgo or bring us back to normal size any time.

I guessed from the first hop, that she was new to the lesbian love game, buteven I found her attractive and was anxious to get into her big bod. Charlenewanted some one older and this woman fit the bill. I guessed her to be in herearly forties, but she told us she was fifty something. To make a long storyshort she spiked our drinks, and after I came too, she already was usingCharlene like a dildo. At first I freaked, with the sight of this gigantic womanwho only moments ago was normal size with us. The more I looked upon her, Icouldn't get over how small she had made us. She was purely huge and monstrous.

As she plowed little Charlene repeatedly into her wet vagina, I could hear theslight moans and groans coming from Charlene. The floor trembled with thestomping and sexual moans coming from the giant woman as she enjoyed Charleneimmensely.

My turn came next as she finally noticed me sitting up and watching them likesome giant screen movie. She snatched me up in one move, I was lost in her grip,and when light came on me once more, I saw her in her even bigger form as sheheld me mere inches from her ample breasts.

I spent the rest of the time being smothered into and against those mountainsfor breasts she had. At times she almost suffocated me, or mangled my fragilebody with her fingers and nipples. I survived that to then be submerged into herbush. I was deep into it when I stood up and got a better appreciation for howtiny I was. Her body seemed to stretch up for ever, and there was still herbottom half from which I could not see beyond her thick bush. After letting mecrawl around her crotch awhile, she then lead me into her gapping slit with herfinger. As I reached it I was nervous as well as excited by the aroma and meresize of it. it lay in front of me like some exotic flesh bath of rising steamand juices. After looking up for any signs of Charlene, all I saw was the biggerthan bill board face of the giant woman urging me on to enter inside her. Iobliged willing, and took a leap of faith feet first. I was deep inside her, upto my neck and I could feel me feet dangling it seemed within her inner sanctum.

I was slowly sinking in like I was in quicksand or something. All the while shegrowled her pleasure so loudly I could feel it within her as well as all aroundme.

I suddenly felt something brush up against me rising up from the depths.

Charlene erupted upwards next to me. she was screaming for air as she grabbedhold of the thick fleshy lip surrounding us. After she seemed to get her windand wits back, she quirked at how fantastic this was, and submerged into thevast deepness below. Again a rush of trembling vibrations arose from within asthe giant woman was obviously feeling Charlene's dive.

I held on until he huge finger tip quickly made fast work of me and dunked medeep into her clitoris.

We spent the better part of the rest of the day being used as human tampons.”Except August 4Wes was at a conscious state of erection as he looked on for more entries.

“It's the next day and again more sexual sessions with the giant woman. Lastnight Charlene made love to me in our tiny house, she was still on a sexual peakfrom her experience last night. I had to admit I was enjoying this, but I wasalso dealing with reality, that this was to be until she grew tired of us.

Charlene would hear nothing of this talk and continued to talk about her likeshe was a true goddess. I never knew she was into this type of fantasy game.”Excerpt Aug 5.

Wes skimmed through the various sessions, until he got to a last entry. “ Todayeverything came to a crescendo. Charlene was her regular self getting into thesex games, when the giant woman did something strange. She placed Charlene onthe floor and started to play a vicious game of chicken. She would take a steptoward Charlene and narrowly missing her. Charlene persisted staying her ground,I guess thinking the giant woman was only playing. But it started to occur toboth of us that she wasn't playing any longer, as she started getting a lotcloser with her feet. I started to panic as Charlene had started to dodge thebarrage of giant steps. Charlene kept in range though, in hopes of possiblywinning the giants admiration in playing it tough. But the woman didn't quit, asshe rather stepped up her efforts it seemed to me in crushing Charlene.

Finally Charlene tired of running and dodging started to plead to the giant'sgood nature. She talked of her love for her and her total commitment to pleasingher. the giant simply stated that she simply thought of us as toys, tiny dolls.

So used up in fact that she is ready to discard us. Charlene in shock it seemedonly stood dumbfounded. The giant woman reached down quickly and started toslowly crush Charlene within her grasp. Charlene fought hard and tired quickly.

Upon my screams to stop, Charlene hung her head back in retreat. I could onlylook on in horror as the giant woman started to flick and manipulate the tinylimp frail body of Charlene around her broad fingers. After playing with her awhile longer, she took her to her walk in closet and found a pair of pumps. Frommy angle on the giant's shoulder I saw as the giant placed the limp body ofCharlene into the pump before placing her foot inside. after placing her foot inthe other shoe, she pranced around the bedroom, visibly enjoying the feeling ofcrushing the tiny Charlene to nothing. I almost fainted as she turned her headto look at me still hanging on her shoulder. She simply watched my emotionsbefore saying. “keep me happy, and you will live longer.” But the look of herface was evident that what so ever I do, it was obvious that she had indeedgrown tired." Excerpt Aug.20“This is another long day along with the rest, I have been put through theringer, now that I am alone I have no human contact, and seem to live only to beused as a sexual thing or piece. I am always aware these are my last days.

Perhaps today, when she is planning to shower with me." Last excerpt Sept 14.

A succession of pounding noises and loud chatter shook Wes out of hisconcentration as he read more transcripts. He ran to his window to see the twowomen approaching his house.

“I see you still have that cute little house, how is it keeping?” Frieda askedas they approached it.

“Pretty good, my pets never mess it up, they're not here long enough to do anydamage.” Urma replied.

From his vantage point, Wes could see Urma already dismantling the roof of hishouse. He moved against the wall and waited.

Both women peered inside and looked in amusement at their little prize. “He socute, I just want to eat him up.” Frieda commented.

“With a little hot fudge and cream, right?” Urma added.

Wes started to get nervous at the sight of the new giant. She looked like akindly older woman, he wondered if this was the fabled Frieda.

Urma reached down and picked Wes up with her fingers. She rose up and displayedher tiny toy to Frieda. The two women must of looked like two young girlsprodding over some new doll or toy.

Wes was a bit anxious at the attention he was getting, not only was he theobject of one giant's desire, he now had two giants to contend with.

Urma had decided already to begin a session, since Frieda had no objections, shetold her to retrieve the other toy she had brought. And went to her powder roomto change into something less.

Once in the bathroom Wes watched from the sink top as the giant woman undressedand slipt into a lounging gown, made from sheer fabric. She had also kept on herpantyhose.

Urma then went to the bedroom and placed Wes on the mantle, she then bumped intoFrieda on her way out. “Get comfortable I get some more drinks.” Urma told her.

Frieda placed her tiny man on the night table next to her while she slowlyslipped out of her skirt and blouse. She undressed down to her panties and bra.

Wes noticed she had also opted to keep her pantyhose on too. Wes transferred hisattention to the sitting man across the room on the night stand. He tried tomake some kind of communication, but it was obvious the man wasn't in anycondition or mood to make small talk. He merely was sitting and swaying too andfro. He only paused to look up at the hand of Frieda as she reached down to pickhim up. Wes watched as Frieda seemed to be manipulating the tiny man within herhands with her fingers. She began juggling him about, before finally caressinghim in her arms like some wounded mouse. Frieda then noticed the tiny boysitting on the mantle. She inserted the tiny man into her deep bossom within herbra, leaving her hands free to inspect the boy closer.

Wes braced himself as she came and picked him up. He could only lay I her palmand look on as if a spectator, as Frieda spoke openly about using him until hewas no use to her or Urma anymore. “I look forward to feeling you inside me aswell as under me.” Frieda laughed out loud.

Wes got the proof he needed that this was the woman in the journals. He hopedUrma would want to keep him around enough to keep Frieda at bay, besides she hadthe other man to play with.

To Wes's relief Urma came back into the room with drinks in hand. “I see youhave been playing with my toy already. How does he look to you? Does he looklike he can keep up with us girls?” Urma asked, while placing a drink inFrieda's open hand.

“No man or boy can keep up with us, as you know from past experiences. It willbe fun watching anyway.” Frieda said while smiling at the terrified boy still inher hand.

Both Woman laid themselves on the bed, Frieda still with Wes in hand, adjustedherself and started to message her thighs with Wes's body. Urma watched for abit, before reaching into Frieda's bra for the tiny man, she saw sticking outslightly. Urma then proceeded to circle her nipple with his head.

Frieda moved Wes on to her calves and eventually her feet. She used long widebrush strokes to elevate her pleasure, the tiny boy's features felt very niceagainst her nylon covered skin.

Wes was in familiar territory, only now on a different woman. Urma was alreadyusing the other man as a dildo, as plunged him in and out of her slit. Each timehe came out he would let out a groan and wail. Of course which to no avail toneither woman.

Wes had now been promoted upstairs to Frieda's vagina. With no ceremonialforeplay, he was made fast work into her open wide slit.

Submerged and totally in the dark, Wes tried desperately to remember all thethings he remembered with all those sessions with Urma. He made sure he wouldpop out as many times as possible for air. This in effect did not effectFrieda's concentration, as she kept up her enormous appetite for orgasms.

Wes had now lived through many tens of orgasms, he felt he was a true survivor,and was now showing even this giant woman his technique. Frieda must of read hismind, because she suddenly hastened her assault and was now using him topenetrate her anus. With slow jabs, she was able to insert Wes inside halfwaybefore felling any discomfort. Wes was lucky enough to go in feet first, as heflipped himself within her grasp. Halfway in to his waist, he felt the warmconfines of her inner sphincter. He only hoped she would not roll over on him.

Urma was now playing with her toy on the floor. As she sat on the bed she playedwith her balls of her foot on top of the fallen man. Urma then picked the tinyman up with her toes and rose her legs up to the bed again. Together with Friedafeet, they intertwined their toes and feet together, pressing the tiny manwithin.

Wes started to feel the pressure when he was mercilessly pulled out. Once backinto Frieda's hand, he saw Urma positioning herself infront of Frieda. Bothwomen were spread leg, Wes didn't know what they were up to until he saw Friedawith the young man in hand ready to insert him head first into Urma's invitingvagina. After which Frieda then moved in closer and inserted the man's feet andlegs into her's.

Wes watched in interest as well as concern, as he knew no one could survive thiskind of treatment, especially with these two gargantuans.

The women kept it up for what seemed eternity, complete with wails of ecstasy.

At times both women held each other in a lover's brace and seemed to be makingout of sorts. Wes didn't even think they were intimate.

The love making ended with both women holding tight as they were enjoying amultiple orgasm each. Suffice to say as they spread apart, the limp body of thetiny man hung lifeless from Urma's drenched vaginal lips.

Frieda collapsed to sleep, while Urma did the same without even removing thecarcass from inside her. Wes counted his lucky stars and fell asleep within thewall to wall giants.

Morning arrived and Wes had decided, as much as he grew enamored with Urma. Hewas now sure if he stayed put, he would end up dead like that last guy. Hedidn't have a plan, but decided to hide himself with Frieda's person and havehimself exposed, to maybe arrange a altercation with the two friends, perhaps inhis reasoning, Urma would at least protect her property from being stolen.

Wes went into action as he watched Frieda get dressed, as she was putting on herlast piece of apparel He saw his chance and sped right into her shoe as she wasplacing her feet inside. He quickly made his way to the toe area and insertedhimself tight into a corner, after many times being shoved inside Urma's shoes,he found a way to avoid being crushed.

As he watched with concern as Frieda's toes approached his body quickly, heflinched his eyes and prayed.

Frieda left the room and went to the living room to say her good-byes. Urma waswaiting for her on the couch and hugged her as she approached.

“It was good to see you again, until later again?” Urma said as she kissedFrieda's cheek.

“Definitely we always have a good time” Frieda answered her back with a kiss.

There was a knock on the door suddenly. Urma turned to see who was outside. Urmalooked out the window and noticed her to be a neighbor of hers. She opened thedoor, while Frieda went to the wet bar and fixed herself a drink.

“Well hello Urma, I'm here to see if you want to be involved in the auction ourclub will be holding next week.” Asked the neighbor Patricia Kendall.

“Next week, sure I'll be there with my wallet.” Answered Urma.

"Oh I see you have a guest, well I wont take up your time. The auction starts at1:oo pm next Saturday.”Wes knew now was the time as Frieda had her shoe off slightly, playfully swayingit as she took sips from her glass. He quickly got to his feet and ran andleaped out of the shoe.

Wes came crashing down right in front of all three women. As he fell and rolledto a stop, Patricia noticing something fall from Frieda's shoe looked in shockat the tiny boy getting up and swaying his arms up and down. “Oh god, pleaselook at me! I'm here, I'm down here!” Wes was screaming at the top of his lungs.

“What the hell is this, my god what is going on here Urma?” Patricia was askingbarely breathing.

Urma was too busy looking at Frieda in anger. “What were you trying to do makeyour self comfortable with taking my property?” Urma asked angirly.

“What the hell are you talking about, I didn't take anything, he must of gotinto there by accident.” Frieda protested.

Both women were now oblivious to Patricia standing still at the entrance lookingdown at the diminutive figure still signaling to her.

Patricia got a hold of herself and after failing to get the two warring women'sattention, she finally leaned down to take a closer look. Once down on allfours, she placed her hand around the tiny boy and took him toward her face.

“My god, I know you, your that missing Taylor boy. What have they done to you?”She said as she looked up at the still arguing women.

As Urma grabbed a bottle from the counter, she swung it swiftly at Frieda's headjust missing her. Frieda responded by laying a fast kick at her knee. As Urmadropped down to her other leg, Frieda ran toward the back room. Urma was up andon top of her in an instant. As both women tumbled down in a gnashing of teethand fists.

Patricia got up to her feet, and decided to leave before they came at her. withWes in tow, she ran out straight to her house down the street.

Patricia got into her house puffing from the excitement and the brisk run. Sheran to the kitchen and grabbed a glass and filled it with water from the faucet.

As she sat down, she placed the boy on the table before her. She stared at thetiny boy for a while studying his tiny features.

Patricia Kendall was a petite woman of some 41 years, she had never beenmarried, although she had dated regularly back some months ago. She tired of thedating game, and the attitude men had against her age. Even though she kept herblue eyed and tanned face in immaculate shape, to go along with her cute figure.

Her hair was a golden chestnut brown, and was always kept at the days styles. Itwas to no one of her friends why she couldn't find someone to commit to, exceptthat she was happy being alone.

She sat quiet for a few moments before finally asking about the situation thetiny boy went through to get to here on her table. Wes went into the long story,stopping once and awhile to catch his breath from screaming up to the giantwoman. Patricia listened intently, shaking her head at the unbelievable factsand incidents.

After making some small talk on how he was feeling and if he was hungry, shethen got up to gather some thing to feed the tiny boy. Patricia arrived backwith a small plate filled with cheese, crumbled crackers, and ripped up delimeat. Wes dug into the feast before him, as he was used to a starvation diet ofbread, soup broth, and milk.

Patricia sat and watched with her head leaning on her hand, she was still quitein shock at the site of him, but was now starting to accept his state. “What amI going to do with you? I mean your mother will have a heart attach if she seesyou like this.” Patricia spoke down.

“Oh you can't take me back to her, she wouldn't know how to handle thissituation, she's so air headed, she'd probably step on me or something, no youhave to hide me from anyone. Please will you help me?” Wes pleaded his case.

Patricia wasn't convinced as to his explanation of his mother, but for now shethought she would take him in until she could decide what to do.

Wes began his stay with Patricia for what turned out to be permanent.

In the days to follow, Patricia had informed him that Urma had packed her totalbelongings and had mysteriously moved away. She then decided that as long astheir wasn't any way to collaborate Wes's story or hers, she would play it safeand keep him with her. He had finally convinced Patricia to keep him as her own,for that he said he would make it worth her while with special favors only hecould provide for her. Patricia didn't understand what favors he was implying,but as time passed on, she started to piece together at what uses his size wouldprovide for her needs.

It didn't begin so quickly at first. Wes slowly introduced his methods ofproviding soothing massages to her toes, arches, and heels. Simple and innocentenough, his technique was helped along with all those sessions he had to providefor Urma.

Patricia went from accepting his services shyly, to coming to expect them ondemand, as Wes found her many times retrieving him from where ever he was togive her a foot massage.

As the months passed, Wes began understanding Patricia and her past, and thefact that she was quite content to stay single her whole life. She had her clubsand friends, and now she had him.

Some months later, Wes was sitting reading the enormous paper, when Patriciawalked into the room. She sat down directly behind Wes, and as she got herselfcomfortable on the couch, she nudged Wes with her big toe. Wes took the hint andwent to work on her foot. To his surprise, she lifted her foot up to the couchand stretched herself out lengthwise. Wes held on until her foot landed on thecushion. He then went back to work, when he heard Patricia say. “Wont you comeup here and work on my legs, and after my thighs, they are so ragged.”Wes complied and before he knew it, he was rubbing her inner thighs, and bein