The InternetbyJason Reed I am a computer freak!  I have no wife or kids however I live the life of arich man.  I hate my job but hey it pays the bills...I am a lawyer of course.  Adefense attorney and a good one at that.  I am currently working on a murdercase and of course I am defending someone who is guilty as hell.  I dont carethough its my job to win and funny I always do.  I am Dr. Peter Shultz.  I amdefending Mr. Ottis " Kane " Jenkins and yeah I love this trial.  He killed thiswoman, " Anita Wallace ", husband and damn did he do a number on him.  Two shotsfrom a 38 to the chest and 3 stab wounds to the face.  I can honestly say that Ihave seen worse however not quite like this one.   I mean, this case is tooeasy.  My whole law team was even shocked that even though all the evidence wasindeed linked to Mr. Jenkins however the time just did not match for him....nowitnesses.

         The Judge is just about to finish this case.  " The jury...aswell asmyself find the defendent, Ottis Jenkins, not guilty."  There was chaos in thecourt room.   I have never heard such noise and yet I was laughing about it. All of a sudden Anita walked up to me and as I expected she was pissed.  " Youson of a bitch.  I wont let you get away with this.  You or your client.  Yourasses belong to me and frankly I may even be somewhat playful with my revenge,"Anita said.  I did not really care for what she had to say but at the same timeI took it as a threat.  In court there was alot of talk about her character. She said that she was involved in some sort of internet service.  Something thathad to do with dating and I have also heard that she had gotten no complaintsabout her service.  Everyone that went on a date, blind date at that, ended uptogether but I never heard the outcome of any of the dates.  She was popular forthis I guess.  Somewhat of a millionaire but only in spirit or pretty much instyle but not so in life.

              The month of February was finally over.  As usual before a longday at the office is completely over with, I was just messing around with theinternet and just like that I was sent an email by an old friend.  It wasAnita.  This was real good:             Peter,         I am sorry for what I said to you in court a month ago.  I know thatits just your job to win court cases and frankly I took it to heart.  The lookyou gave me had me thinking of what you may have thought about me the wholetrial and I must say that you are a very intellingent man.  You are right.  Idid not really care for my husband that much to begin with but I am a woman offact and justice and I dont believe in killers walking off.  So, someone fromyour law team refered you to me about dating problems.  Well, I have a passwordhere for you..." KITVY "!  This well get you into my site and I believe that youwill find it very interesting.  Dont mind me though and I hope that you and Icould maybe move on professionally if not friends.  Again, take care and havefun on my site. Sincerly,Anita              That was a real thoughtful letter!  I accepted her apology.  Ihave been in that sort of situation numerous times before anyway and eventuallypeople usually understands.  I then left the office and headed home.   I wasdying to see what this web site was like.  I had finally gotten home!  I noticedthat my door was open.  I walked in very carefully and begin to look around. This would take almost 30 minutes do to the size of my house which was like amansion.  No one was there and everything was accounted for.  Damn.  There wasanother room that I did not check and frankly I could care less!  Its right nextto my living room anyway and thats where I am headed.  When I reached the livingroom I sat down there at the computer to check this web site Ms. Anita wastalking about.  Wow, this is great.  After I saw the front page, which wasfilled with drop dead gorgeous women big and small, I just went further into thesecond page which just had options and at the end it had two options, one saidtemporary and the other  said lifetime.  I was so interested in this that I justhit lifetime....the hell with the reading!  Some of the words were like jibirishand we all know how computers get at times.                 Well, I entered a chat line....wait a minute.  What the hellhappened to the chat line.  My screen just turned into this blue light.  I gotup and just as I was about to hit the keyboard I fell.  I then looked up andnoticed that I was laying flat on my back.  I got up and started to brush myselfoff a bit then I noticed something else....I was looking up and the underside ofmy desk.  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!  Suddenly, the room next to the livingroom, had a door which opened very slow like.  I was terrified.  I looked up andI saw a face that I had not seen in a was Anita!  She was lookingdown at me with an evil grin. She was tall.  A tall ebony goddess looking downat a small ebony antman!  I could not believe it.  I really could not believeit!  Just as I was about to take off she stomped her foot dead in my tracks. She was wearing bowling shoe like mary janes with a square toe!  I was inshock.  She then reached down with her bare hands and picked me up.  She thenbrought me to her eyes and begin to speak to me.  " You fool.  I told you thatyou would love my dating service. Lets see, you were looking for an AfricanAmerican women 5' 6"-6' 0" tall weighing in between 140-175Ibs.  Hey, I am notseeing anyone at all.  I am 5' 11", and I weigh 170!  Not bad!  Lets see and howlong did you want to be part of this program....LIFETIME!!!  Oh Peter we aregoing to have a together!"                  I should have read it more clearly but did it reallymatter.  I was now a toy.  I could be squashed in an instant with no regrets ofanything!  Anita then took me over to the couch in the living room.  She wassqueezing the piss and crap out of me I mean literally. " Ahh, am I squeezingyou to death....thats just too bad because I have fixed it  to where you cantdie from my torment until I decide to make you you die," she said.  She then saton the couch and took off her right shoe.  " You know something Peter.  Youreally dont know how helpful you and your old client is going to become.  Yousee Ottis checked on to my sight too.  I guess thats why you have not heard fromhim at all.  Well, I will tell you what.  If you can stop twitching I may letyou talk to him."  I then stopped all squirming in which I begin to cry.  "Thats better ", she said.  She then took off her left shoe but she brought thisone to my face.  I was in shocked to the horrible smell of the inside of thisbowling mary jane shoe but then I looked again and noticed something.  I saw apatch of dirt and then next to it I saw something that looked like a human eye. I then started moving my eyes down more towards the toe section in which I saw ahuman nose that looked grossly contort and flat.  I then heard something thatbasically made my eyes bigger than they have ever been.  " Peter...Help me ". Oh no it was Ottis.  He had become the Anita 's Human Insole.              " Ahh, does'nt he sound cute? ", Anita said.  I did not findthis amusing at all.  She then went on.  " Well, since you are now reacquanted,its time for you, Peter, to move into one of your new places".   My right shoe. She than placed me in the shoe and placed both her shoes on the floor.  I didnot know what to say.  The stench was the worse thing that I had ever smelled. I then heard Ottis speak again. " Please...I cant go on!  Somebody help. Somebody please. Sombodymmmmfff!" That was the last I heard from Ottis.  Anitahad put her left shoe on.  I then knew what was coming next.  I tried everythingin my power to try and stand up but I could'nt because the surfice, to me at mysize, was incredibly slippery.  I then saw Anita's foot descending and just likethat with an instant her toes entered the shoe and then the rest of herfoot.  All I heard was laughter from her and then a spoooff sound.  Due to airpressure my ears stopped up like I was in an air plane or something.  Ahh thepain was terrible.  She then began to walk like there was no problem and infact I just like Ottis was flat in an instant.  Ottis was grossly spread aroundlike he was some stretch doll and I begin to find my self contort aswell.  Themore she walked the more it felt like my left arm was at my feet and my nose wasgoing to my ass and my eyes was popping out and then I was twisted and flattenedand squashed.  The process would not let up.  Where was she going?  Is this mylifetime internet prize?  Will I live the rest of my life as an insole?  I couldonly smell nothing but foul odor.  Foot sweat went into my longs as though itwas ment to be there.  I felt as if though her shoes should have been calledNike " Airfrommales ".            I could not tell what was going on but all of a sudden the walkinghad stopped and then I heard a car start.  Now I realized that She must havebeen in the car.  I did not understand what would happen now or where I wasgoing but what difference would it make now.   The only thing Ottis and I coulddo now is just wait and worry.

              TO BE CONTINUED                               The Internet II: The Bitch                    I was crying.  I am no longer a man of earth but rather afirst of the dreaded Nike " Airfrommales ".  This is not fair.  The rumbling androlling of the car engine stopped and I just begin to accept reality and try todo my best with the pain.  My life was over or at least as I had known it.  NowI am nothing more than an insole.  I begin to noticed that through the ride Ihad begin to inflate which was like a relaxing period but yet I was still sore. With in an instant of the car stopping I begin to feel a great weight of masspress me into the very depths of the shoe.  Anita must have been standing.  Thenjust like that, I felt my body start to stretch again.  Then twist. Thenstomped.  Then crushed.  The more Anita walked the more I slid around aswell butto wear.  There were times when I saw Anita's toes.  Then I saw her arch.  Mostof the time I could'nt see anything and I then again I realized that Anita mayhave bought these shoes a little loose.  I guess thats why I could have anoccassional breath of fresh air.  What good did it do though since I was no logerknown to the rest of mankind.  This was horrible.  Why should I even care aboutanything?           Suddenly the walking stopped.  I could not take the pressure anylonger.  Anita must have been standing up.  I then felt some relief as theweight and pressure let up all of a sudden but I was still close friends withher foot.  I was flat on my back...well...if you can call it that.  My body I amquite sure no longer looked like a human being at all.  Suddenly, I begin to seesome light.  I thought that I must have been dead.  My new prespective in whichlooked strange I guess could match that of laying on your back looking up in theair with an all black building at your head.  I realized that I was looking atthe underside of a chair that obviously Anita was sitting in.  I then begin tohear but only out of one ear.  The other ear felt like it was super glued to theinside of Anita's shoe.  I was so twisted I could not tell you my right fromleft.  I heard other voices and it kind of sounded like they were alloperators.  Then I heard Anita's voice.  " Yes sir I will your new web site codewill be:                                           JGHYUKA "              All I could think was that I would hope that there would not beanother to suffer the punishment that Ottis and I have gone through.  Anita wenton but this time with an employee.  " Ms. Francis ", she said.  " I would liketo see you in my office."  Just like that Anita stood quickly and her smellyblack nyloned hells came crashing down back in the shoe.  Before her heelsentered the shoes both Ottis and myself screamed in unison, " Heeelpp ".  Itobviously got no one's attention in which both our voices were muffled then cutoff with a speroof sound.  Once again the weight and then walking.  My mindcould no longer take this.  It smelt like being in a hot scorching dog pound. Then just like before all stopped and my view ended up the same as when Anitasat down before, her toes in the shoe and heels directed upright.  I then hearda faint sound coming from the other shoe, " ple----a--seee, release me! Please Icant ta-ke i-t any-----m--ore" was Ottis.  He had been going through thislonger than I have.  He then went on.  " I just w--aanna- die!! ".  I understoodthe feeling.  Nothing could ever smell this bad or be this painful.  Anita is anattractive woman but a real bitch and probably the worst at that.               Anita beigin to speak to this Francis lady. " Francis!  Youreally expect me to believe that you lost in contact with this man.  You dorealize what all the women that work for my firm here are really suppose to do. On the male side of this which might I ad is co owned by Albert Redding, its aperfect administration but I only have one objective and thats is for this firmto be overtaken by women. This is our firm.  Mr. Redding is nothing and beliveme if I have to get involved to eliminate Mr. Redding then I will"--- Francisthen cut Anita off.  " Listen Anita, All this is is a stupid dating servicewhich you fail to realize is jointed for both men and women in this nation andall you care about is being rich and famous.  You fail to admit what happened toDr. Shultz and his client a couple of days ago its all over the media.  For allI care you can just take this job that I have as one of those call girls andshove it up your ass!  I dont need this you ungreatful bitch and I think you hadsomething to do with both of those gentlemen.  The hell with Ottis!  Why Dr.

Shultz? I know you have people, friends, connections.  I belive that you had Dr.

Shultz either kidnapped or murdered.  With that said bitch...I quit."                     Wow, Ms. Francis actually cares.  I then heard Anita'soffice door slam.  " That bitch ", Anita said.  Anita then for the first timespoke to both Ottis and I with no form of compassion or thanks for I guess howpleasent we have been to her feet. " You two will forever be mine and I couldcare less what the media will say when they contact me.  I believe that I willjust keep you two as humble insoles.  I do think that it would be a good ideafor Ms. Francis and Mr. Redding to come over my house  for dinner to discussbuisness.  I could really care less if they find what I have to say is full ofshit but then again if they do I dont care because I think that they that I think about it-" , she then stopped.  Anita spoke again.  "Well boys, I am sure you cant stand the smell of my feet but hey its been a longevening.  You just have to get use to the night shift.  Well, its time forlunch."   Just like that Anita lowered her heels in which this time nothing wassaid by either myself or Ottis.  I guess we begin to accept the reality and tryour best not to piss Anita off.  We did not know what she had in store for us. Suddenly the pressure came back, the smell, and then the walking.  Once again Ibegin to twist slide and cry.  I guess Anita was on her way to lunch but where?              Oh wow no more pressure Anita must be sitting down again.  Icant tail.  For some reason it feels like I am rocking on a boat.  I cant saythat its making me dizzy since I am now somewhat inbeded or what some may called" IMPRINTED ", to the made insole of Anita's shoe.  What am I saying? I mightaswell be considered the insole.  Suddenly I saw light again.  Oh she must haveher legs crossed.  By now I wanted to puke due to the constant rocking of herlegs and of coarse old flat me in the shoe.  It feels good to know that therepeople looking for Ottis and I but its not like they will ever find us!  Iwanted to scream but at the time I was pretty much like Ottis...short winded.  Ithen heard Anita's voice.  " Hi Ms. Francis.  I want to apologize for my actionstowards your employment here over recent weeks.  I first off want to make onething clear that I had nothing to do with the disappearences of Ottis Wallace orDr. Peter Shultz.  I would like to invite you to dinner tommorow night if youdont have any other plans to discuss possible promotion for you in the company. Perhaps an associate on my web site.  I would love to see you with a mansionsuch as mine.  Yes, yes..good.  Well, I hope to see you soon Ms. Francis. Takecare ".                     Anita obviously mended with Ms. Francis but for what. Whatta bitch.  She then phoned someone else.  " Mr. Redding I just wanted toleave you this message.  You asked me out to dinner a couple of weeks ago.  Idid not give you an answer but I am willing to invite you to my place for dinnertommorow night and if possible maybe we could be even closer friends and buildour industry...maybe even take over the web. Take care and I will see youtommorow....sweetie! "  This woman must be sick.  Again and real quick her feethit the floor putting pressure on me.  Once again Ottis and myself wasspeechless and under instense pressure and enduring rancid foot odor andscorching conditions.  She then obviously stood up and started walking.  Thistold me that lunch was obviously over with.  I was worn out. Yeah really. Twist, flattened, contorted, and filled with nothing but this sistas nylonicfoot sweat and odor.  This is getting serious and at the same time I am stilltrying to figure out what this dinner party is all about.  I dont even think Ms.

Francis even knows that Albert Redding will be there.  Most importantly...theonly thing I guess Ottis and myself could even think about or look forward to asinsoles is what type of shoes will we end up in next.

                                    To be Continued.......

 Hours had gone by.  I was not looking forward to the future from where Istood or should I say where I layed.  I felt no pressure at this time and dontremember any movements.  All I know is that I have just awaken from passing outto intense pain.  There  was no telling where I was because I did not feel thesame nor did I smell the same odor.  I did know that I was in a shoe withAnita's foot and at the time I also knew that Ottis was in the other....whereelse could he be?  In the mean time I all of a sudden begin to feel somemovement.  My comfort soon again became pain.  This was really painful and thenI knew that Anita must have been standing up.  Suddenly she slid her shoes offand now she was looking down at Ottis and myself.  " YOU TWO LOOK SO MUCH BETTERNOW, " she said.  " I THINK THAT SINCE I HAVE CHANGED YOUR SIZE A LITTLE BIT YOUBOTH SEEM TO COMFORT MY FEET ALOT BETTER.  YOU TWO PASSED OUT BUT HEY THATSOKAY.  THE MORE EASY IT WAS FOR ME TO CHANGE YOU.  I WILL BET YOU TWO FEEL VERYCOMPACT IN MY SMELLY OLD SLIPPERS.   YOU PROBABLY EVEN FEEL FLEMSY.  WELL, IFONLY YOU COULD SEE YOURSELVES. "  As I looked at her as she spoke to us, she wasdressed differently.  She was wearing pajamas and I guess that means that shewas sleep with her slippers on.  Why I dont know? Having said what she said tous she reached down and grabbed her slippers and began to walk.  I could onlyimagine what could happen next!               " OKAY BOYS YOU WANNA SEE YOURSELVES LOOK IN THE MIRROR ", shesaid.  I then begin to see what looked like a sink and then all of a sudden themirror.  " NOO! " why us.  I was looking at my reflection as she held theopening of her slippers towards the mirror in which the reflection I saw werejust two male insoles that looked, flipped and fitted to fit a size 8 womensshoe.  Most of all though, Ottis and I both looked like we were smashed up to awindow where if you are looking inside it would look like you could see up ournostrils.  We were severly flattened and you could even see our eyes!  " SEEIS'NT THAT BETTER ", she said.  " YOU TWO NO LONGER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BEINGTWISTED ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOW REAL INSOLES.  IS'NT THAT WONDERFUL.  NOWYOU TWO CAN REALLY MAKE MY WHOLE FEET FEEL LIKE I AM WALKING ON AIR.  WELL, JUSTTO LET YOU KNOW, WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIVES.  YOU WILL BE IN EVERY ONE OF MYSHOES THAT I WILL WEAR AND GUESS WHAT...YOU TWO ARE NO LONGER HUMAN LIKE BUTRATHER RUBBERY.  YOU ARE BOTH JUST LIVING RUBBER AND THAT MEANS THAT THE ONLYWAY YOU CAN DIE IS BY BEING....WORN OUT!!!!  This brought evil laughter.  Shethen dropped the slippers like ordinary shoes and then went on to say somethingvery cruel to the both of us.  " BY THE WAY!  YOU ARE RIGHT IF YOU HAVE NOTFIGURED IT OUT.  I HAVE SOOO MUCH POWER AND CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT.  SINCE IDONT TALK TO MY SHOES OR EVEN MY SHOES INSOLES.  I HAVE TAKEN THE LIBERTY TOELIMINATE THE USAGE OF YOUR VOICES.  I DONT LIKE BEGGING AND I WILL NOT HAVE MYSHOES TALKING BACK TO ME.  THE ONLY THING THAT REMAINS UNFORTUNATELY IS YOURCRAVING FOR FOOD AND LIQUIDS TO QUINCH YOUR THIRST.  WELL, DONT WORRY MY INSOLESYOU WILL HAVE PLENTY...MY FOOT DIRT AND SWEAT.  WELL, I AM DONE TALKING TOINSOLES.  RELAX BECAUSE I HAVE TO COOK DINNER KNOW.  SO I THINK MAYBE I WILL PUTMY SLIPPERS BACK ON.  LETS SEE IT IS 4 PM NOW, DAMN I NEED TO STOP WORKING THENIGHT SHIFT.  THIS MEANS THAT I WILL BE COOKING UNTIL 7 IN WHICH....DAMN I HAVETO FIND MY CLOGS BECAUSE I AM NOT GOING TO OVER DO IT TO NIGHT...OH WELL...GOODBYE. "           I could no longer take this.  She was right I could not talk atall.  I could not even scream.  I could still feel and smell though.  I wasincredibly hungry.  Without having any thoughts or feelings for mankind, Ottisand I were looked upon by Anita one last time as human insoles to nothing morethan just insoles.  Anita then slipped on her slippers and I guess went ofcooking due to imense walking.  I began to cry.  I am in darkness.   It stinkslike hell but the only thing I can do now is just get use to it and live it.  Atleast I will have a slow death.  I knew that if she intended to just wear us allthe time then sooner or later we would have been worn to nothing in whichnothing is left behind but what was an insole.  I have never heard of that. That means that when some peoples old shoes are that old with smell they trashthem, however Anita does not do that at all and apparently she has done thisnumerous times.  The stinch of the slippers grew worse and worse.  After I guesswhat was about 5 hours I felt no pain but rather felt like I was getting use toit.  I am not too sure of what Anita did to Ottis and I but whatever it was itdid have us at a position where in time we would probably be material that cantcomplain at all.  I felt no pain at this time but I did cry due to humiliationand at that the smell was horrific.  It smelled like shit.  Hot shit at that. Not that it mattered to Anita.  She just kept on walking not paying us anymind.  I hated it for the mear fact that my face was right at the ball ofAnita's foot much like Ottis's was at the other.                  It was finally 7.  Anita's foot slid out of the slippersquickly and she threw her slippers in her bedroom.  I did not even feel the shoeland.  I guess I really am that pathetic now.  I felt imbedded in the slipperand I guess Ottis felt the same way.  I then heard the water running and figuredmaybe Anita must be in the shower.  She was indeed. The water was turned off.  Ibegin to hear alot of shuffling around like someone was putting on clothes. Thenjust like that the slipper that I was in was picked up.  I looked straight itkind of looked like I was growing for an instant but I knew I was not.  I kindof knew what was coming and sure enough I was right.  Anita took me, and likeshe said she would say nothing to me at all and she did not say a word, shepeeled me out of the slipper and then I was lowered into something.  I rolled myeyes down as if I tried to see my toes but of course I could not because I wasfolded like I was a sheet of paper where my feet was touching the back of myhead..I guess.  I looked down and the only thing I saw was what I believe wasthe rim of the opening of the clogs.  I then saw her reaching for what I believewas the other slipper.  I was right from what I saw and it looked like Ottis wasflat as a pancake.  I could see him breathe a little but his stomach only wentup so far as if though he was some sort of prosessed object or creation.  I thenheard the phone ring.  " OH HI FRANCES ", Anita said.  " YOUR OUTSIDE NOW?  WHYDID'NT YOU JUST BLOW THE HORN?  HUH...OKAY WELL I WILL BE RIGHT OUT OKAY LET MEPUT MY CLOGS ON! "  Anita was all dressed up for dinner with some black pants onwith a red blouse and from what I now saw were black nylons as she slid her footdown into the shoe I was in and I believe then the one that Ottis was in.               She did not bother to look down at all.  Then she persued towalk out and greet Francis.  It was good that she had the slip on clogs on.  Icould at least breathe if nothing else.  I guess I can speak the same for Ottis. I was also able to hear and the great thing about it is that I smelled nothingand I felt no pain.  I also heard everything.  " Hey girl ", Francis said toAnita.  " Hey ", Anita said.  " I sure hope your hungry.  I cooked so much todayand I will tell you my whole body aches...well with the exception of my feet. They feel wonderful.  You know something Francis.  These shoes girl are indeedwonderful.  I would like you to try these on because they are so wonderful."  Iwas in shock that Anita even suggested that Francis tried Ottis and I on forsize but apparently it would happen.  She would have to look down and noticeit.  Anita's foot started sliding over my nose towards my head which basicallytold me that she was indeed going to allow Francis to put us on.  Both feet wereout of the shoes and Anita quickly slid us over to my right where finally as Ilooked up there was Francis.  I finally got a chance to see what she looked likehowever she did look down at us at all.  She just kept on talking away aboutbuisness that does not concern shoes or other clothing for that matter.  Typicallike an insole.  I wanted to scream help but what good did it do.  I was aliving mute " made to be " insole and there was nothing I could do about it. With that thought I looked up at Francis whom I believe was somewhere on the fatside.  Very shocking.  But apparently I guess she wore the same shoe size thatAnita wore.  Both of these sisters just kept rambling on.  I noticed thatFrancis was wearing this black dress and she even had a gold tooth.  She seemeda  little ghetto.  All of a sudden I looked up and I saw Francis with her feetin the air.  She did not look down at all and she was pretty much on a perfecttarget.  I then begin to smell this foul and awful stench which was worse thanbefore.  Francis won the smelly feet issue but what I could I say or do.  Justlike that Francis slid her feet which were somewhat wider into Anita's shoeswhich put Ottis and I's nostrils in horror of the odor and sweat from thiswomans feet.

                  Only minutes had gone and Francis feet odor was likebreaking news on every channel.  It was way too much to bear.  I was beginningto worry then about being worn away.  The door bell ring.  It was Mr. Redding. Icould tell by the conversations going on.  Suddenly Francis start walkingagain.  This was just getting on my nerves.  I am sick and tired of this.  Thethree was on their way to the dinner table.  Francis thought that it would bethoughtful not to wear the clogs in the house so she kicked us off by the frontdoor.  I was turned sideways where I could at least see what was going on by theentrance of the dinning room.  At the time she did this before she walked awayfrom us, she did not even look down.  As a matter of fact no one did.  I didhere something come out of Mr. Redding's mouth that pissed me off.  " Damn...somebodiesfeet smells horrible ", he said.  I was pissed at that statement because I feltthat Ottis and myself were the only two in here that could vouch for thatstatement.  We have had to deal with Francis feet aswell as Anita's feet longerthan he has.             Hours went by.  I dont know what was said at the table or what itwas all about but I did see something.  It was a flashing light.  All of asudden I saw Francis running out of the dinning room and at that she stopped inthe living room.  Ironically she stopped right in front of me where I couldsmell her horrible feet.  I heard a faint sound. " No please...NOO!  Not me please stop ".  It was Mr. Redding.  Anita had him in her hand.  Francis wasbreathing heavy.  All of a sudden, Anita too Mr. Redding and threw him in hermouth. She then begin to chew and and grind him.  I was shocked.  Thats whatthis is about.  I was petrified.  The end of Mr. Redding.  No the company reallyis her.  Once Anita swalload she looked at the shocked Francis.  I dont knowwhat Francis was thinking but she could only hear Anita out.  " I TOLD YOU THATI WAS ALL ABOUT BUISNESS AND THAT I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO MR.

REDDING.  THE COMPANY IS MINE AND LIKE I SAID BEFORE....YOU BOTH ARE NOTHING BUTSHIT.  HEY, MR. REDDING CANT ARGUE ABOUT THAT AT ALL.  IM SURE THAT ONCE HE ISDIGESTED HE WILL AGREE DONT YOU THINK SO FRANCIS ".  After Anita said this shestarted laughing as if though she stood victorious.  She then went on.  " I WILLTELL YOU WHAT FRANCIS!  I JUST MAY SPARE YOU.  IF YOU ARE WITH ME THEN YOU WILLNOT SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS THE SOON TO BE TURD MR. REDDING DID.  I WILL TELLYOU WHAT MY PURPOSAL IS.  I WILL TELL YOU OF THE " WEARABOUTS " OF DR. SHULTZAND OTTIS IF YOU WILL ACCOMPANY ME TO MY OFFICE.  ONCE YOU FIND OUT " WEAR "THEY ARE THEN I BELIEVE IT MAY " COMFORT " YOU.  IF YOU ARE NOT WITH IT THEN YOUMAY BE SUBJECT TO MY MAIN COURSE.  YOUR RIGHT...I AM SOME WHAT OF A WITCH.  IHATE MANKIND AND NOW YOU KNOW WHY SO MANY PEOPLE THAT USES MY WEB SITE FOR THEIRDATING PURPOSE NEVER ARE ABLE TO TELL THE STORY AS TO HOW IT WENT WHEN THEYACTED ON IT.  I WILL JUST SAY THIS...THERE ARE ALOT OF TURDS AND THERE ARE MANYSERVANTS THAT MY EMPLOYEES HAVE.  LETS JUST SAY THAT THEY ALL LIVE IN GOODCOMFORT AND MANY JUST EAT WELL ".           Francis did not have much of a choice.  She then slid Anita's clogson rather than her shoes.  Obviously Anita had no problem with this.  Francisbegan to walk and I believe that it was a walk of mere anger of someone wholooked for answers rather than for confusion.  I then heard the car rumble. Apparently, Francis must have been following Anita.  Thirty minutes went by Ibelieve in which felt like days.  Francis feet were sweaty and the more shedrove the more she played with the clogs.  She must have been enjoying thefeeling of these shoes that inprisoned Ottis and myself and it was no problem atour expense.  I then heard Francis speak to herself.  " Damn, these are not myshoes but they sure are comfortable.  What a bitch.  I want to know what is upwith you Anita."  That was it.  Why did she not look down at least to see whythese shoes felt so well. Oh I know I am just an insole like anyother.   Ibelieve we finally reached our destination.  I then saw a bright light.  We musthad been in Anita's office.  Anita started talking to Francis.      " OkayFrancis how do you like my shoes," she asked.  " They are lovely but thats notwhy I came here Anita."  She then went on.  " I am still in shock from whathappened to Mr. Redding earlier so give me one good reason why I should not goto the authorities bitch!! "  Anita laughed again.  This time Anita spoke veryaggressivly.  I heard nothing.  I then realized that the term worn away washappening.  When someone would wear me I guess I was placed in the shoe sort ofcrooked so that when someone wore me my right ear would be over my right eye. Well, know I have no right ear and Francis's hill was over my right eye.  Shethen kicked us off again and this time I was laying looking at Ottis face toface for the first time.  " Listen bitch you can take your shoes I just want toknow what the fuck did you want to show me because obviously you are trying tokill me," Francis told Anita.  My new view was unreal.  Ottis had a cold starenot straight at me but straight and then I saw the rest of the original insoleof the clog.  I could only then see a nose parts of a head and then lips thatwas all once Ottis.  I then realized that he had been worn away.  I could notbelieve it.  In other words,,,,Ottis is dead!  Francis I believe put most of herweight on her left foot and with the weight of her and being flat footed I guesswas just all she wrote for Ottis.  I dont even think for once that Ottis felt hewould die at these dreaded black nyloned " flattners " that Francis calledfeet!!!               " Francis !", Anita said.  " I think that you should take along hard look into my shoes and tell me what you see." Francis did just thatand the first shoe she picked up was the one that had what use to be a fullsized living insole worn and flattened and soaked away in an instant byFrancis.  "  What "!, she said.  " I dont know what this is but it looks likehalf a mans face...or pieces of it anyway.  For all I know Anita you could havecut this out of a book or something."   Anita then continued.  " Alright thenFrancis...look in the other ".  Francis then picked up the one that I was in andwe were looking eye to eye.  She looked closely then covered her nose and sortof smerked in embarrasment.  She then lowered her hand from her mouth lookingvery surprised.  " What the hell...Dr. Shultz. "  Anita then begin to laugh.  "Are'nt they adorable?....well, so much for Ottis but I am pretty sure that whatsleft of him will probably still feel comfortable. "  Francis was not pleased atall and with that the stranges thing happened.  Frances jumped on Anita.               I could not believe that these two were going at it.  I neverthought I would say this but I was happy for once.  All of a sudden the fightingstopped.                      " You bitch, " Anita said. " After all that Itought you ".  " Yeah but I never thought for once that you would actually dothis I thought that it was all just a superstition ", Francis said.  Then theyboth went diving for each other.  I heard some glass shatter and then I heardone last scream.  This time I could not see anything.  Anita had kicked the shoeover that I was in.  Then all of a sudden I saw a giantess face fall right befoeme.  It was Anita.  It looked as if though her throat had been slit.  Suddenly,I started to feel something.  Something I had not felt in hours.  My legs thenmy hands and arms and feet.  I was inflating.  Seconds later I was out of theshoe and at this time Francis started walking towards me.  I began to growthen...the spin....Then the strangest thing happened.  I was and a man!           " You Okay ", Francis asked.  " Yes ", I said.  " I dont knowhowever to thank you."  " Well, " Francis said.  " Maybe you can tell me onething....does my feet stink?"  I did not know what to say...I gave her a hug andsaid...." Yes they do but I am still thankful that you rescued me. "  She didnot take it as an insult.  I then started to walk with her holding her hand aswe left Anita's office.  I must admit I like her better dead.  I then turnedaround and looked at the shoe that possesed and unchangable Ottis due to beingworn.  Francis looked at me and apologized.  She stated that she had no ideathat we were down there and I accepted.  Francis and I then left the officetogether and went on about our buisness.

 TWO YEARS LATER        It has been two years since my strange encounter.  I ended upmarrying and damn I love it.  I still do not like female feet nor do I ever wantto think about them.  I fell hard for my wife you know her...FrancisShultz..well, anyway, she is doing fine but already we are having our problems. One day while sitting on  the living room couch, Francis came home one night. She was fine.  She had on a brown like skirt with brown jacket and whiteblouse.  She then had on these bronish suede like pumps that covered her feet toa degree where you problem had a hair and an inch of her foot showing.  She isso sexy for a fat girl and hey she makes me feel great.  Well, at my regularheight I cant say that she is all that fat but she is about 5' 9" 190 Ibs. Thats not all that bad.  " Damn it Peter, " she said.  " You did not take thegarbage out again.  I told you that you were no good.  Never mind.  I am sorry.

"  She then said mumbling...." I save the mans life and this is the thanks thatI get.  Great! "  I was sitting back in the living room when my wife had goneback to our room to relax a bit.  She sometimes would fiddle with this littleblack box of hers which contained nothing but a journal. She finally came fromher room and she of coarse was mad again.  " have been reading myjournal again...have'nt you ".  " No I have not ", I said.  With that thearguement just turned into me the liar and her  acting crazy.  I then lostcontrol and just started saying anything.  " You fat ass whore I am sick andtired of your stinking ass.  You need to write about things like dieting or eventhings about how to solve your damn swamp foot issues you bitch ".  OOOPS!  Icould not believe I said that.  She then stopped and looked at me very upsetlike.  She then said, " Well, if thats how you feel then maybe I will justleave."   I felt bad but I said nothing.  It was then where I realized that thiswas not for me.  I did not pay her any mind as she started packing her things. I then left the house and went for a walk.  I came back thirty minutes later andthere she was standing on my doorstep.  I did not ask how she was doing, I justasked her if she got everything.  That pissed her off even more.  She then toldme, " Peter you just dont understand.  I am only still here because I forgotsomething...thats all.", she said.  Having said that I had to be nosey!  " Whatthe hell did you forget?" She then paused and quickly pulled out something thatwas in some sort of gun shape. " I FORGOT YOU.....MY SLAVE!!!! "             What ever it was she pulled the trigger.   All I could see is abright light.  Then when the light had gone I found myself laying on my backonce again in some sort of position. I felt flexed like I could not move.  Itried to move my feet in an attempt to walk and I could not.  I felt that when Itried to walk I was pulling the back of my head.  Then...just like that I hearda voice coming like loud thunder.....           " OHH I SURE HOPE THIS IS ASCOMFORTABLE AS THE LAST TIME."  It was my wife Francis.  She shranked me.  I wasonce again a well fitted insole.  Ohh noo...I can feel everything. NOOOOOMMMMMFFFF!!!  " WELL, PETER WELCOME BACK TO THE LIFE AS AN INSOLE BUT HEYTHIS TIME YOUR MY INSOLE....TILL DEATH DUE US PART!  NOW I HAVE TO GO ANDFIND ANOTHER INSOLE TO SHARE YOUR MISERY WITH YOU.  WELL, GET COMFY.  I KNOW MYFEET SMELL WORSE THAN ANITA'S DID.  THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS YOU WILL FEEL MYEVERY STEP AND OHHH HOW I WILL LOVE TO HEAR MY INSOLE BEG!!!