IRC-URC-WEALLC-4IRCVERSION 2.0A #!!giantess AdventureScott Grildrig09-Feb-1997 Disclaimer: This is not an ideal story to share with the family around thefireplace. Children and small pets should steer clear of this thing, and focuson their Barney neurosis's. Enjoy…It is a dark and stormy night…. The author, pleased with his originality, looksabout for the next line, and finds it under the dresser playing tag with thedust bunnies. Realizing that his audience is wavering, the panicky wordsmithrefers to his carefully garnished crib-sheet, and howls in frustration. Who isthe miserable twit who decided to write wrong handed on a white piece of paperwith yellow highlighter? With much beating of head against the table the authorworks to recreate the mode of sensory shutdown responsible for his dictationaldebacle, and is pleased to report that with blurred vision he can now clearlymake out the word: XYZZY. This tale is the result of that unceasing physicalabuse…--- : --- : ---"* Goddess-Amy has enough little guy shims for her left foot while her nailsdry…""* Caylea is playing a very one sided game of tag with several little men…""* Viner is chatting with chops, when she should be studying… :-)""* ChantiliLace lures Ken and Brainiac with carefully tossed bits of darkchocolate…""* Silkylegs is luring Ken back her way with carefully shown bits of silkyleg…""* Theexotic lifts her locket to admire Erick2 and Bsteen…""* Lorilei is raiding #!!getsmall (third time today), you can hear the screamsin #!!giantess …"The IRC scintillated with conversation, happy little electrons hastened hitherand thither delivering their precious cargo of words with all the technicalprowess of the Internet. In other words, the channel sporadically lagged out,locked up and split twelve ways, and people soundly cursed DALnet whilst theyreestablished communication.

"Hi. Hi. HiHi. Hello. Hi'ya. Howdy. Aloha…" The hail of hellos heated up untilthe group mended its Internetal wounds with a plethora of greetings and wb's.

" Hi, greetings from the windy city. The company let me travelagain…"" Just trying out a new version of mIRC (v5.13). Hey, what's thisdo…?"GAAAAAA-ZAP!!!DALnet folded up like a cheap deck chair.

"Hi. Hi. HiHi. Hello. Hi'ya. Howdy. Aloha." The group reloaded itself, then(metaphorically) cast about in confusion, until Steven_p, in a tone that wouldhave done Spock proud, shouted in dismay: "THE WOMEN!"--- : --- : ---ChantiliLace was surrounded. Surrounded by buildings. Surrounded by cars.

Surrounded by people. This was not to her liking, not being able to move around.

She looked up at the starry sky, a lone airplane winked its way across theheavens, dragging its roar behind it; no escape there. Her eyes flipped fromside to side, her heartbeat quickened, she had to get out. She wanted herImtooshort. She drew breath, bent forward and shouted: "Move out of myway…NOW!!!" Her eyes crackled like azure lightning.

There was a moment of appalled silence. The people stared up at Lace. Lacestared down at the people. Suddenly the crowds started to surge away. You couldhear the people speaking as they hastened to clear the streets: "Yes, Ma'am.

Moving. Right away.""Faster!" she commanded.

"Faster. Yup. Moving faster." The crowds melted away like ice from a hot oven.

Lace composed herself, tugged down on her white miniskirt, shifted her blousewith it's black trim and golden buttons, and combed her fingers through herstrawberry blonde hair. She strode with dignity down the tiny streets, her fivehundred foot tall frame filling the avenues, her eyes searching for Imtooshort'sbuilding. She was upset and needed cuddling, but when she came to the building,there was no evidence of her little lover's presence. Unpleased by the turn ofevents, she grasped the skyscraper between her hands and yanked it up from itsfoundation. Concrete and steel rained down upon her feet as she lifted thebuilding and peered into Imtooshort's office window. Chaos greeted her regard,tiny people flailing in a storm of flying office furniture, but no sign of herbeau. Then a wild honking drew her attention, she looked down, and delightfullyslammed the building back down on its foundations, leaving it somewhat askew.

Bending down she grasped and lifted Imtooshort's blue Impala, and held it up soshe could peer in. Her tiny man waved uncertainly to her, then smiled and wavedmore vigorously as she blew him a little kiss. Her long giantess legs soon tookthem both far from the city…--- : --- : ---Viner stood in the lake, and mused upon the strange turn her life had taken.

She had been chatting on her PC. Someone named '' said something,there was a flash, and now; well, now she was standing in a lake. The water,which thankfully was not too cold, reached up to her thighs. But even now, here,being who knows where, was not the question uppermost on her mind. Instead, herattention was fully given to a miniature tugboat, it's lights winking in thenight, chugging in a wide turn that led away from her. For a toy, it was aremarkable piece of work, and wading forward she reached down and scooped thetiny thing out of the water, and lifted it so she could look it over.

She almost dropped it when she peered into the wheel-house and saw its tinycrew.

They were perfectly tiny little men. Perfectly tiny terrified little men to bemore accurate, and Viner carefully set the tug back into the water and watchedit weave away erratically. For the first time she really took a look around, andin growing amazement. Everything was lit by the full moon, adding an eerienessto the whole spectacle. She was standing on the verges of a harbor leading intowhat appeared to be her home city of Minneapolis, and she stood there for a longmoment just gazing at the tiny boats milling about upon the water.

The boat operators for their part were mesmerized by Viner.

She stood in water more than two hundred feet deep, and it only reached to herthighs. Her tan body soared into the sky. She wore a scanty pair of shorts, anda loose purple top. Her long hair stirred in the breeze coming off the lake. Sheseemed lost in thought, and the boats began to slow and stop in the water,watching to see what she would do next.

They didn't have to wait long.

Viner smiled at a sudden thought. Maybe if she went to her house, she could finda way to get to her PC, and figure out what happened. And with that in mind shewaded towards the docks, intent on getting home. Her sudden movement startledthe crud out of the countless little boats, which bumped into each other intheir hurry to escape. Not that they could have escaped, or even had need to,because Viner took a path that was clear of obstructions, leading to anabandoned section of the docks. Which was just as well, because when she steppedout of the water her bare feet crunched the wood planking and concrete pierswith the same effort as stepping on a stack of crackers. Looming over the docksand quays, her wet legs glistening in the moonlight, she headed towards thecity…--- : --- : ---Amy rolled over and into the in-ground pool. Water fountained out onto the deckand she whooped and reached out with both arms.. Her hands struck ground on bothsides, her feet were still dry, and her green eyes darkened as she wondered whatthe hell was going on. Grasping for better purchase her hand closed uponsomething small which bent and crumbled. Glancing to her right she frowned atthe tiny lawn chair she was holding in her hand. Her eyebrows raised slowly, andshe dropped the broken thing and lifted herself out of the pool, which wasn'tsmall; sixty feet long if she remembered right, yet it was big enough to holdonly a portion of her body. A quick measure by sight and she figured she wasabout one hundred feet tall. She looked down. She was still wearing her bodystocking, the black one, which did little more than obscure her lovely body. Ah,the risks of living comfortably. Her full, round breasts shifted heavily as shebent forward and tried to squeeze out some of the water. The damp material clungto her like a second skin, hiding even less than usual, but it would dry outquickly. Looking at her feet she noticed tiny dark lines radiating away from herheel and toes. Shifting her foot, she watched as cracks shot out in the concreteas it fractured under her weight. No doubt about it, she was a big lady. Shepoked idly at the patio furniture with her long toes, and wondered just what thehell was going on. One glance at the house made it clear that she wasn't goingin through the front door, but hunkering down on her knees she was able toglance in the window. Her computer equipment had looked better, blue smokecurled up from the PC, and the telephone line was a black sooty line across thefloor. She leaned forward and rested her head against the house. Chicago. Justbefore everything had gone weird, the last chat had come from someone namedChicago. Amy pursed her lips and stood up, towering over her former residence,the lights of Atlanta burned in the distance. It was time to go traveling…--- : --- : ---Lorilei towered eighty feet over the rows of suburban homes, her blonde hairstirring in the warm night air. She was staring down at her high heeled sandals,which were brightly illuminated by the street lights. Her head felt a bit muzzy,and she was only just beginning to appreciate that there had been a significantchange in her standing in the world. She felt rather like Alice: adrift withoutthe benefit of logic and proportion. The word 'Chicago' floated up into hermemory, that was it, she had to get there; but first she wanted a look around.

Reaching down, she smoothed out her short black dress against the tugging of thebreeze so she could get a better look at her feet. It took her a moment toresolve her bird's eye view into a line of parked vehicles. Her eyes widened asshe compared a miniature Chevy truck against the length of her foot. She tappedher foot, and the truck bounced, she tapped harder, and the truck heaved andlurched on its springs in time to her beat. A slow, evil grin spread joyouslyacross her lovely face, and she twisted her foot, placing the little truck underher sole.

As she stepped down slowly upon the vehicle she noticed a tiny man to her left,standing under a tree. He wasn't watching her, he was watching her shoe as itslowly pressed down upon the tiny truck. Lorilei smiled and took her time. Shefelt the tiny cab press against her sole, felt the truck settle onto itssprings, heard it groaning as she applied more pressure. There was a tinklingcrash, and shards of glass sprayed out from under her shoe as the windows blewout. Lorilei smiled, she wasn't even breaking a sweat as she wrecked her littleplay toy. She went on to flatten the tiny truck in earnest, and the sound ofgrinding and breaking metal was delightful to hear. The tires burst with sharprifle cracks, and Lorilei pressed the truck flat, and grinned as the tarmacshattered and sank under her weight. Lifting up her left foot she spun around onher toes, grinding the compacted truck into the road. She stopped herself withher left foot pointing straight at the little man who was watching her.

"You might as well come out," she told him. "You won't like it if I come to getyou."The tiny man hesitated, then stepped out, and Lorilei laughed when she saw him.

"Loki, you idiot, what are you doing?""Just watching," he answered, his hands folded in front of himself in a awkwardmanner.

"Liar," said Lorilei, and she poked him with the toe of her shoe, sending himtumbling ass over teakettle. Raising her shoe she stepped down, catching himunder the arch of her high heel. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't step onyou, just to feel how you crunch."Loki was too distracted by her shoe hovering over him to answer.

Lorilei laughed and pirouetted upon her toe, and was pleasantly surprised tofind herself growing, rising into the night. Growing from eighty feet tosomething around two hundred. Dropping her left foot with a shock that shook theearth, she moved her dress to peer down at Loki.

"Oh, icky, look at the little bug," she grinned, and tipped her shoe on its heeland held her sole above the tiny man. Loki was mesmerized, his eyes neverstraying from the tan bottom of her shoe. "Shouldn't you be running, littlebug?" asked Lorilei, and she began to lower her foot.

Loki moved backwards, but slowly, far too slowly.

"Too bad, little bug," grinned Lorilei, and she lowered her foot more, pinningLoki to the ground. She bet he half expected that she wouldn't do it. That washis mistake, and she cruelly pressed down until his body burst beneath her shoewith a noisome little crunch.

Lorilei grinned widely as she casually smeared Loki across the ground, crushinga little man was way better than bugs. She was going to Chicago, maybe just tostep on it…--- : --- : ---Caylea lay flat upon a grassy field, wondering what was wrong; besides the factthat a moment ago she had been typing away at her machine, and was now outside –somewhere. The grass felt strangely silken beneath her fingers, impossibly softand fine. She remembered nothing. There had been a flash, and now she was here.

Where? She lifted herself up, and suddenly wasn't alone. She was in a villagepark, surrounded by high trees; their canopy blocking the light of the fullmoon. In front of her a man stood with his back against the truck of a statelytree. She peered down at him, and blinked, then her jaw dropped.

"Oh, cool," she breathed. She was about thirty-five feet tall, and the littleman was so small and delicate. Hesitatingly, she reached out with her hand,wanting to touch him, to lend reality to the situation. The little man shrankfrom her and she stopped, not wanting to harm him.

"I'm sorry," she said gently. "It's just so unreal." And she placed her handupon the ground. Suddenly the little man let out a whoop!, darted forward andleapt upon her left hand. Caylea started and almost flung him off, then narrowedher eyes and peered closer at him. "Tinywulf?" He jauntily waved up at her, andshe rewarded him with a smile fit to melt cold stone. "Fancy meeting you here.""It wasn't my idea," he said.

"No?" Caylea asked, and she shifted to a more comfortable position, sittingback, smoothing her white dress down, her high heel shoes bracketing Tinywulf.

"Any idea who did?" But Tinywulf was distract by her shoes, glancing from sideto side; he started as he realized she was addressing him.

"Um, sorry?"Caylea smirked, and reaching down removed her shoes, setting them to her side.

Then she brought her bare feet together, catching Tinywulf between her longtoes. "Do I have your attention now?" she purred sweetly.

"Yes," squeaked Tinywulf, and he coughed and spoke in a deeper voice, "Yes,Caylea.""Oh, good. Now, do you have any idea what happened?" And she wriggled her toes.

Tinywulf tried, he really, really tried to focus on the question, while Cayleagripped and hugged him and massaged his little body. "Chicago!" He blurted out.

Caylea raised an eyebrow. "Chicago?" Then it came back to her, the channel, thenickname, that enigmatic message. "Who is Chicago?""I don't know, but he said he was there."Caylea nodded her head slowly, then reached over and picked up her shoes. "Thenthat is where I'm going.""Can I come too?" asked Tinywulf.

"Certainly, darling," and she released him and stood up.

She rose out of the shadows cast by the trees and emerged into the moonlight.

Without warning the world zoomed away. Caylea rocked on her heels, made dizzy byher sudden, unexpected growth. Trees that had towered above her now reached nohigher than her ankles. Looking down she saw that Tinywulf had fallen overbackwards trying to follow her explosive growth. She stared down at him atsomething of a loss, which was unusual for her. There was no reason not to go toChicago, more reason in fact; and no reason not to take Tinywulf with her. Andyet he was so preciously small, she didn't want to imperil him. She glancedaround for inspiration, and her eyes settled upon her shoes. Lifting the rightshoe, she looked inside and smiled. There was a small leather insert in the solewhich bore the trademark of the manufacturer. Dropping her left shoe, whichstartled the daylights out of Tinywulf, Caylea worked on her right shoe, andmanaged to pry the label out with her fingernail, leaving a small cavity in thebottom of the shoe. Caylea set the shoe down and offered Tinywulf her finger togive him a boost. Without saying a word she set him down in the heel of theshoe.

Tinywulf looked around. The sides of the shoe rose up like vast bulwarks leadingdown into the darkness of the sole and toes. The leather beneath his feet feltsoft and yielding. Before him the inside of the shoe sloped steeply, and hecautiously approached it. Caylea's intentions had eluded him, but when he sawthe space she had created for him he cried out "Yes!" and threw caution to thewinds and leapt down the arch to the midpoint, where he tumbled into thedepression. It was a great fit, and he laid himself out in it, head up, arms athis sides, and looked up. He saw Caylea's smiling face, then a shadow passedbetween then, casting him into darkness as her toes appeared and moved closer.

The shoe rocked slightly, and air rushed past him as her toes descended past himinto the front of the shoe. He sensed more than saw the ball of her foot slideover him, then her soft, wrinkled sole; and the shoe trembled and swayed, thensteadied as she finished slipping her foot into it. The air whooshed aside fromthe sudden rise in pressure, and suddenly Tinywulf's lair had a roof. Therecould be no escape, and he froze in a sudden claustrophobic panic. Just what thehell was he doing, this was no game, and Caylea could crush him like an ant. Buthis cubby was secure, filled with the scent of leather mingled with thesweetness of Caylea's sole. He reached out and touched her with his hands,feeling her warmth. He kissed her sole. Suddenly there was a movement, the shoeslammed up beneath him, pressing him back into it. The acceleration shiftedtowards his feet, and his guts lurched as he went into free-fall, then landedwith a jolt and Caylea's sole pressed down into his cubby, sandwiching himbetween the leather and her flesh. There was a respite, then it began again:Caylea was walking, and the ride was incredible. Tinywulf abandoned himself tothe sensation, hugged in the darkness again and again.

Caylea smiled down at him from high overhead.

Lifting her foot, she carefully slipped her foot into the shoe, and Tinywulfvanished from her sight. Standing very still she slowly shifted her weight ontoher shoe. A light tickle upon her sole made her smile, and she relaxed and hershoe sank into the ground as it received the rest of her weight. Looking up atthe stars she hunted down the two dippers, and started off north, taking carewhere she walked…--- : --- : ---Silkylegs stared up at the night sky, the stars burned and pulsed in theheavens, but she took scant notice of them. She had been at home chatting on hermachine, killing time between parties, when there came a flash and…and now shewas outside. Somewhere close by she heard the wind rustling in leaves, though itsounded strangely close. Sitting up she looked around and gasped. Ahead of herwas the ocean, breaking calmly against the coast, gently rocking the sailingvessels in a nearby harbor. Around her were palm trees, ordered to the tastes ofa suburban area, with cars in their driveways and houses with their lights on.

But it was wrong: everything was out of scale, small, tiny, insignificant. Thepalm trees were so delicate that she was able to pluck one up with no moremoment than a flower. Tossing it aside she reached for one of the closervehicles, a mini-van. The car felt slightly heavier than she expected it to be,but it was no effort at all for her to lift it, and she looked it over in themoonlight, mesmerized by exquisite detail; no mere model could be so perfect.

She was enjoying a pleasant buzz from her drinking at the first party, so thereality of her situation was slow in coming, but as she looked at the car shebegan to believe: "I am a giantess."That thought was too delicious for words, and she dropped the mini-van andlooked around behind her; off in the distance blazed the lights of Los Angeles.

Silk's face lit up, and she rose to her feet in one fluid motion. Looking downshe smoothed out her dress. She was dressed to party, no reason to waste thechance, and she started towards the beckoning city. People fled from their homesas the earth shook, and stared up in amazement as she strode into the distance…--- : --- : ---Theexotic stared down at the little car blaring its horn at her red shoes withthe spike heels. The guy was either drunk or unremittingly stupid, maybe both,and the two hundred fifty foot tall beauty had no reason to tolerate any of it.

When she left the little car a moment later it looked like a Swiss cheese, ithad so many huge holes in it. She wasn't sure exactly what had happened, but thelofty perspective was refreshing, and she was enjoying herself. For a long whileshe contented herself looking down at the world, at the tiny cars moving throughthe tiny streets, and the tiny homes and the tiny trees and the tiny tinypeople. It seemed strange that no one was paying attention to her, but it wasdark, and people have a unique way of overlooking the obvious.

She remembered seeing the nickname 'Chicago'. That didn't seem very helpful, butmaybe going there would help. Whatever came, she wanted to enjoy her new size,first. It was a happy chance that she was wearing her black spandex pants withthe matching grey silk top. Around her neck hung a locket. She felt sexy anddangerous, and she was on the hunt to fill her trinket with some tiny guys. Sheentered deeper into the city…--- : --- : ---Lorilei approached Miami from the south, five-hundred feet tall, slowly risingabove the horizon, shaking the earth beneath her. At first her eyes were only onthe city, bright with anticipation as she crossed through the miniature suburbs,oblivious to the crunching of homes and trees beneath her high-heeled sandals.

But as she came closer, it became apparent that there was more to the picture.

Her first clue was the hundreds of tracers arrowing towards her, her second wasthe interesting sensation of being under heavy fire. It didn't hurt, but it wasannoying, and her dress was being soiled. Lorilei had a very simple way oftreating with little annoyances. It started with a two miniature jeeps, advancescouts, barreling down the highway back towards the city. Her shoe, a blackstrap sandal with a solid four inch heel slammed down upon the weaving vehicles,instantly compressing them into the tarmac, which cracked loudly and sank intothe earth. Without hesitating Lorilei closed upon the countless tanks, rocketlaunchers and infantry, and gleefully began to crush them: sometimes tappingthem with her toes. Sometimes stomping hard on them. She spotted one tinysoldier fleeing from her left shoe. She stomped her foot, and the ground lurchedbeneath the man and he fell. As he looked up, he found himself making eyecontact with the beautiful giantess, and he turned pale with fear. Lorileismiled down at him, placed the toe of her shoe upon the ground far ahead of him.

He turned to look, and watched as the sole of her shoe came down far ahead ofhim. It wasn't until it was too late that he thought to look up, and screamed ingut clenching terror.

KER-runch! Lorilei grinned and pressed her heel deep into the ground, then wentin search of more prey. She was cruelty incarnate, sometimes just lightlytouching the fleeing men with her feet, and letting their broken little bodieswrithe in agony before squishing them like ants. And she laughed at them,sometimes mockingly, sometimes just with delight at her power and meanness.

Within a short period of time she reduced the army to dollops of crushed metaland grease stains. Then she entered the city.

Cars and people filled the streets, honking horns and screaming in the midst ofdozens of traffic jams. Lorilei came upon one of the larger vehicular melees andleaned up against a skyscraper to watch. Suddenly a strange, eerie silencedescended as the little people spotted her, and wondered what she was intendingto do. Lorilei smiled sweetly at them, and raising her right foot, placed itflat against the building behind her. People in the structure stared inwonderment at the bottom of her high heel, but Lorilei's attention was upon thetiny cars and people.

"Does anyone here want to show me around the city?" she asked.

The people didn't budge, frozen as deer under headlights.

Lorilei frowned prettily. "Too bad, I guess I'll have to look around formyself," and she pressed back with her right foot and thrust her heel into thebuilding, slaughtering those foolish enough not to have fled. With a single slowcontinuous motion she drove her heel down through the little skyscraper, gouginga massive furrow through it, gutting it. Then she started walking towards thetiny cars and people. Metallic crunches and gurgling shrieks greeted her everystep. Sometimes she toppled buildings. The smaller ones were a treat to kick,since they exploded like bombs. But all of this fun was a lot of work. Lorileigrinned and hoped the locals appreciated the effort she was putting intocrushing their pathetic little berg. Eventually, she had wrought enough mayhemthat she yearned for someplace a bit more intact.

Lorilei left the ruins of Miami behind her, and made her way north, striding upthe coast, wrecking havoc wherever she appeared, and as she had her fun shecontinued to grow, looming ever larger over the tiny world spread out before hercruel feet.

Fort Lauderdale: Crunch, crunch, crunch…hahaha.

Palm Beach: Stomp, stomp, stomp…bwahahahaha.

Stuart, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach: Kick, stomp, jump, crunch…muahahahaha.

The people around those parts learned three things about Lorilei: she wasgigantic, she was sadistic, and she enjoyed herself to an extent that was simplyterrifying.

Those little tidbits of knowledge weren't particularly useful to Orlando orDisney world. The Disney executives watched in horror as the thousand foot tallgiantess ate into their profits with every incredible step. Thousands ofvisitors, convinced Lorilei was some kind of special effect, ran towards herinstead of any from her (not that it probably mattered), she was only too happyto greet them with the bottom of her shoes. Two years later the Disney execsrecouped most of their losses with their sixtieth full length Disney animation:"Girl's Town". Lorilei was scarcely recognizable in the movie, which featured atalking Kuala, a brace of singing guppies, and a schmaltzy plot.

But that was in the far future. In the near future Lorilei continued north, andwas nearly two miles tall when she arrived on the outskirts of Atlanta. Theinhabitants of the city were not pleased: three disasters in one year were threetwo many. Though most were at least fleetingly happy when Lorilei smeared theOlympic Village under her shoes. Lorilei wasn't even aware that she had troddenon the thing. Her attention was focused on the delightfully tiny 'high-rises'before her. She'd always wanted to stomp flat several buildings at once, and nowit seemed she'd have her chance.

With one hand upon her hip, and one at her side, she set her high heel on theedge of the business section, and slowly lowered the sole of her shoe onto theroofs and spires of the tiny skyscrapers. Those people underneath witnessed aview without compare. The tan bottom of her shoe cast a black shadow that themakers of Independence Day could only dream of. The ground trembled even thoughall she sought was to maintain her balance.

When the sole of her sole touched the first skyscrapers, people could see (thosewho were watching, instead of screaming and running) the tops of the structurescrumbling, raining debris onto the streets far below. Some buildings shifted ontheir foundations and crashed down onto the city. Some buildings distorted,their infrastructures bursting out from within, twisted steel skeletons bendingand scrunching under her foot. Some buildings broke more easily than others,their facades avalanching onto the people below. Some were more resilient, andthe strongest ones didn't just break or topple – they exploded.

And while all this cruel mayhem was taking place, while Lorilei's shoe keptdescending, kept crushing the buildings down, demolishing the city with all theease of snapping a twig, she could be heard chuckling, enjoying this minor (toher) show of her power. Those people who escaped from the ruin of Atlanta werenot spared. Some few had the honor of feeling Lorilei's unimaginably huge footactually touch them, press down upon them, unstoppable, implacable, cold andcruel as it snuffed out their tiny lives, and compressed them deep into thebedrock that was beneath the city.

It only took a few steps to complete her sport. That and the pleasure ofstirring her heel in amongst the wreck and rubble. Soon, nothing remained of thecity but a smoking wasteland. Lorilei smirked at her mischief, and went insearch of fresh victims…--- : --- : ---ChantiliLace paused and looked around. In an hour of walking she had carriedImtooshort and his car far into the countryside. Forested hills rolled gentlyaway from her in all directions, save to her right, where a wide meadow floweddown to a still lake that sparkled in the moonlight. Smiling happily she crossedthe meadow and set the auto down near to the water's edge. Then she laid herselfdown and rested her chin upon her arms and waited. Imtooshort, no fool he,hunted the radio for some appropriate music. The flitting strains of a Spanishguitar filled the night air and wafted across the lake. Climbing out of the car,he walked towards his colossal love, and Lace smiled sweetly at him as heapproached. She dipped her head when he was close enough, and sighed as she felthis hands upon her lips. Then he kissed her.

There, on that strange night, the moonlight spoke its magic, and Lace's eyeswidened as she felt Imtooshort press against her lips with increasing strength.

It happened fast, but not too fast. The lovers kissed and Lace watched in wonderas Imtooshort began to outgrow his name. Reaching up he was able to hold herface in his tiny hands. Lace had to lift herself, slowly rising to her knees,while Imtooshort found he had to fall to his. Lace found herself looking intothe twinkling eyes of her lover, and hers fluttered to half-lid as she sighedhappily and threw herself into the kiss.

They sat by the side of the lake, holding hands. Imtooshort had moved his carfrom the waterline to a place by the trees "Could put the tow-trucks out ofbusiness," he chuckled. Lace laughed with him and snuggled closer. "Carefulthere," he warned, you'll heat me up.

Lace emphasized her snuggle with a wriggle. "Let's go for a swim," she saidsuddenly.

"Forgot my suit," he said.

"Good," she answered, and she began to unbutton his shirt.

Not one to fly in the face of good fortune, he returned the favor, unbuttoningLace's blouse. Slowly, deliberately, they striped each other naked, then with alaugh Lace dashed into the lake, sending up a vast plume of crashing spray andfoam.

"How's the water?" he asked her as she paddled about in the deeper parts.

"Oh, splendid," she said. "So warm and nice. Join me."Her beau stood up and all but leaped into the water, disappeared beneath thesurface. When he emerged a moment later, he let out a whoop! that echoed formiles. "It's so cooooold," he shivered. Lace laughed and splashed water at him,he growled and splashed back, and soon the air was full of water and giggles.

Suddenly Lace realized that her target was missing. She glanced around as thewater settled back down to their still repose.

Suddenly firm fingers danced their way up her thighs, across her belly and upher back. Lace shrieked as Imtooshort surfaced behind her and tickled herunmercifully. Not to be outdone she repaid him in measure and soon the forestwere echoing with cries of "Gotcha!" and "Nono, not that!"Playful as otters the giant and the giantess sported in the lake, and thetickles became caresses and the cries became soft words, and the pair resumedtheir kiss…--- : --- : ---Amy strode purposefully into Atlanta. Her lips spread in a smile of eageranticipation as she herded thousands of tiny people ahead of her stockingedfeet. The little people were so small, so delicate, so…well…crushable. She felta thrill of cruel power course through her body. She was a goddessAmy reached out with her stockinged foot and placed it in the midst of theshrieking, panicking little people. She paused when she felt their tiny handsbeating desperately against her sole, it felt delicious, but she didn't want anyof them to escape, and she gently pressed down with her foot, effortlesslypressing them all down against the pavement. Tiny people around the sides of herfoot tried to get away, but the crowd was too dense, and they couldn't escapefar enough.

Amy smiled, "Don't worry," she promised. "You will all get a turn," and shestepped down. Miniature bodies exploded beneath her heels and toes, and squishednicely against her sole. She grinned fiercely as her foot sank into the tarmac,and warm gore welled up. It felt good, standing there on her first victims, andshe wriggled and curled her toes. But there were so many more. With a laugh ofdelight she began to slowly dance a sexy bump and grind, her hands raised andswaying, her body undulating as she let her feet have their way with the tiny,helpless mobs of people. Amy was in rapture, and she playfully bumped thebuildings with her hips, giggling when they broke and caved in. Lurid flamesrose into the night, and the air was full of scream and sirens. Amy spotted somepeople diving into a car near her right foot. She waited expectantly until itbegan to move, then placed her foot atop it. She could feel the tiny thingvibrating against the ball of her foot, so small and helpless. She pressed downslowly, forcing the roof down on the little men, trapping them, terrifying themuntil she crushed them and their puny vehicle like a bug. That was nice, but shewanted to see their expressions for herself, so she could better experiancetheir terror. So instead of stepping on the next car, she bent down and roughlygrabbed it, lifting it and it's tiny occupants into the night sky. Holding itbefore her face, she peered in the little windshield at the people huddledwithin. "I want one of you to get out – now," she commanded. The men just staredback at her. Amy frowned. "I said now, and I mean now," she growled, and shelightly pressed down in the roof, dimpling it inwards. There was some franticmotion in the car, the rear driver's side door kicked open and a little man fellout. Someone grabbed the door and pulled it shut. Amy lifted the car with herleft hand, holding it lightly in her fist, while she intently regarded thelittle man in the palm of her hand. He cowered and tried to hide from herscrutiny, and she laughed down at him. Raising him to her lips she whisperedhuskily, "Worship me, and I may let you live." And she traced her tongue aroundhim, then on an impulse bent her head and took him into her mouth. He shriekedand flailed wildly within her mouth, and she played with him roughly with hertongue, then gently spat him back into her hand. She grinned down at him.

"You're cute," she said gently. He looked up, trembling with fear, but lookinghopeful. "I think I have a crush on you," she said, and she curled her fingersinto a fist. She felt him writhing within her grasp before she tightened hergrip and crunched him. "Oh, silly me," she giggled, "I meant I have a crush for,you." She tossed the broken little body away, and lifted the car.

"That wasn't very nice, pushing him out of the car," she scolded them. "He wascrushed," she added with a wry grin. "And now it's your turn." And she laughedwith pleasure at the squalling terror of the tiny men as she slowly compressedthe car with her fingers. She could see them pounding against the car roof as itinexorably closed down upon them, she could feel the tiny vibrations with herfingertips, but their strength was nothing besides hers. Amy licked her lips andpressed down, completing the crush, watching them die; then nonchalantly balledthe car up in her fist like tinfoil, and tossed it aside. With a whoop! shestomped her feet in the still churning crowds playing rough with her toys, untilshe noticed a bus, and with a feral gleam in her eyes she advanced upon it. Itbarely fit beneath her foot, but it flattened nicely. The smashed bus had thelast laugh though, her stocking snagged upon the little thing, and tore a widerip from which her toes emerged. Her eyes flashed with anger, and she found aclear spot and sat down to examine the damage. A long strip of material had beenhopelessly damaged. She pulled at the material and pushed her bare foot throughthe hole.

Glancing around she spotted a car and picked it up. Smashing it against thepavement she created an edge sharp enough to cut the material so it fit nicelyaround her ankle, then she did the same for the other side. She slipped once,and was surprised to notice that she was undamaged. Indeed, she had to bang thecar against the ground to recreate her makeshift knife. Feeling both big andinvulnerable, she leaned back against the building behind her, and glanced atthe tiny faces staring at her from the tiny buildings. With a mischievous grinshe placed her right foot flat against the face of the building, it felt cooland fragile against her sole. She imagined all those tiny people, staring in aweat the underside of her colossal bare foot, her long toes, her lovely sole, andshe grinned and slowly pressed her foot against the face of the building. Theglass and masonry resisted her at first, then with a booming crunch! greatcracks radiated outwards from all sides of her bare foot. Curling her toes, shecarefully tipped her ankle forwards and effortlessly forced her entire foot intothe building, then slowly straightened it up, demolishing the core of thestructure. She laughed at the sight of one of her toe nails through the tinywindows, and she wriggled her toes. She felt something when she did that, andclenching her toes lightly together she pulled her foot out of the building.

That was the final straw, and the whole structure slumped forward and noisilyavalanched into a pile of smoking rubble. But Amy's attention was centered onher catch: two tiny men struggling between her big and second toes. She bent herleft leg up and set her right across it, and began to bounce her foot, givingthe tiny men the ride of their lives as they; laughing with delight as theirstruggles escalated. She finally stopped and lifted her foot so that the twotiny men were looking down at her. "Do you want me to let you go?" she askedsweetly.

The two men nodded their heads, then started screaming "No!" as they thoughtbetter about it.

"I am your goddess," she told them. "Worship my toes."The men didn't hesitate, but began stroking and kissing the soft warm flesharound them.

Amy smiled up at them, "Very good. Will you two do anything for your goddess?"They nodded, never ceasing in their ministrations.

"Anything at all?" she drawled. Again they nodded. "Oh good," she breathed,"Then squish nicely for me," and she licked her lips and slowly began to curlher toes. The two tiny men shrieked and beat in vain against the her toes asthey closed in around them. Amy took her cruel time, slowly crushing the lifeout of her little play toys, tightening her grip until their puny bodies yieldedto her cruel power with delicious little crunches. Then with a giggle sheflipped her foot and flung the broken little bodies away. Rising gracefully toher bare feet she looked down at the hoards of tiny people that remained. "Okay,who's next?" and she wriggled her lovely toes in anticipation…--- : --- : ---It was audition time for Theexotic. She was herding several thousand tiny peopledown the streets of the city, and now had them bottled up in a cul-de-sac shehad improvised by toppling two buildings. She had grown some, and was on herknees, sitting on her heels, sometimes leaning forward to peer into the crowd.

"You -- yes you -- the blonde; come here," she commanded, then waitedimpatiently while the tiny man fought his way through the crowd and strodeforward. Theexotic liked his confidence. "Take off your shirt," she told him. Hedid so and she reached out for him, brought him to her lips and gently rubbedhim back and forth, smearing red lipstick over his chest. "There, you have mymark. Now you're mine," and she placed him in her locket, and forgot about himwhile she looked for more.

The next man she selected came forward in a daze, and when she picked him up hebegan shrieking and trying to burrow into the palm of her hand. "Calm down," sheordered him. The wailing only escalated. With a sneer of disgust she whipped himaway. His tiny body slammed against a nearby building and splattered there, butshe was already selecting her next slave.

The guy was terrific looking, but he seemed very reluctant to climb intoTheexotic's open palm, and shrank back when she bent her head to mark him withher lips. Lifting her head she raised her eyebrows. "Are you afraid of me?" sheasked. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't make you mine."The little guy didn't hesitate, he pulled out his wallet and let drop a plasticchain of pictures. Theexotic smiled sweetly at him, she didn't have to peer atthe microscopic photos. "Family man, hmmm?" she noted. He nodded. "Too bad,you're real cute," and she gently ruffled his hair with her finger tip. "Okay,take off. And say 'hi' to the family for me."After that she found a lot more 'family' men. But she also hit pay-dirt,including some surprises. "Bsteen?" she asked. The tiny man waved at her, andwas quickly transferred to her locket. The same went for Erick2, who pushed hisway to the front, and ran out, where others came forward only reluctantly.

Tinyboy was a bit of a holdout, and Thee caught him trying to sneak away. Shewalked her fingers towards him, and barred his path. "Going somewhere?" sheasked. Tinyboy was still smiling apologetically as she dropped him into herlocket.

Soon she had a full stable of tiny men, and standing up, she strode off down thestreets. She wanted out of this city. It didn't take long for her to reach thegreen flowing countryside, her footfalls causing the trees to shiver as shepassed. It's quiet peace was unbroken, until she heard the sound of an engine.

Pausing in mid-stride she looked around, unable to locate where it was comingfrom, until without warning a little blue Dodge raced around the bend ahead ofher, glimmering in the moonlight. The car came to a rolling halt, and a tiny manstepped out of the vehicle and waved. Theexotic narrowed her eyes, then began tomarch forward; she recognized the little man.

Steven_p had seen Theexotic on the news, and decided to try and intercept her.

Finding her proved surprisingly easy, unfortunately, her approach, apart frombeing magnificent and awesome, was also rather overwhelming. Steven staggered asthe ground shook, and the Dodge bounced upon it's shocks, and he hurriedlyopened the door and climbed back into the car.

Thee recognized him, and called out in a commanding voice, "Steven, stop!" ButSteven, rather intimidated by the high heel shoes bearing down on him, chosevalor over gallantry and put the Dodge's rear wheel drive to it's first, bestuse. Dust flew as the car roared into reverse, just eluding Thee's questingfingers as she snatched at the front of the vehicle. Weaving and sliding Stevendrove like a madman, with Thee in hot pursuit, until she gathered herself andleapt over the tiny vehicle, her high heeled shoes rocking the earth as shelanded. Then, whether by design or by accident the car arrowed off the road,narrowly missing her left foot. It crashed through the underbrush and bouncedout of sight under a stand of trees. Thee dropped to her knees, poking andprodding at the foliage, but the car had vanished into the darkness, and onlysilence answered her questions.

With some reluctance she continued on her way, walking down the country road,admiring the enchanting vista. A magnificent lake, set within a viridian valleylooked delightfully inviting, and she headed towards it. The last several dayshad been hot, and today was no exception Once arrived she knelt down and removedher locket, then opened it and let free her stable of slaves.

"I've decided to relax in the water for a little bit. I want you with me, sostrip – now." And standing up she began to remove her clothes, draping themacross the canopies of nearby trees. A flicker of motion caught her eye, and sheslammed her bare foot down in front of a fleeing little man. Her foot sank deepinto the earth, and the little guy fell down and just stared at it.

"Don't rile me, Tinyboy" she told him gently. "You won't like it. Now, you wantto join the others and strip?"Tinyboy couldn't obey fast enough.

She slipped into the water, and sighed happily. It wasn't deep enough to coverher near the shore, but she was just looking for relief from heat. Turning herhead she glanced at the line of tiny, naked men. "Join me," she told them. Andthey dashed into the water. Theexotic could hear them splashing and swimmingaround her, a few aborted attempts were made to climb her arms and hair, but theslopes were too steep or too slippery, and they failed over and over. After thatthe sounds of splashing diminished and faded. Then she felt some gentlequestioning tugs at her pussy hairs.

"Make it quick," she ordered, and the little guys clambered up and onto herbelly. Theexotic relaxed and enjoyed the touch of tiny bare feet roaming aroundher body. Some of the bolder ones dared to ascend her breasts, but even theywere too intimidated to do more than look around. She sighed contentedly, thenfroze. Someone was still on land, watching her.

Under her half-lidded eyes she followed the motion through the trees, the menwalking upon her forgotten. The intruder tried to move stealthily from tree totree, but even by moonlight was sufficiently visible for Thee to track him as hecame closer and closer. A thought ran through Thee's mind, and she tensed,waiting. The figure came closer, closer, and finally close enough.

Theexotic struck with a speed astonishing in one so gigantic. The tiny men uponher naked body were unceremoniously tossed into the water, but Thee nevernoticed as her hand crashed through a stand of bushes, and her long fingerswrapped themselves around the startled tiny man. She pulled him out slowly, hereyes dark and questioning, until she saw who she held.

"Steven!""Thee!""Why did you run?""I'm not sure," said Steven, in apologetic tones. "No, that's wrong; youterrified me. I'm sorry, I came to try to help you then panicked and ran away.

Can you forgive me?"Thee smiled with her eyes and purred softly, "I could never stay mad at you,little man, and you did return to me. Good thing too," she said sternly "becauseif I'd found you on my own I might not feel so generous; but whatever, you'remine now," and she caught his shirt between her fingernails and effortlesslyripped it from his body, then she lowered him to her warm lips and tagged himwith a kiss. But this time was different. An electric buzzing filled the air,and a bright blue spark leapt between Thee's lips and Steven's lipstick smearedchest. Far from being painful, it was delightful, and Thee's eyes bored intoSteven's as she extended the kiss, then set him down upon the ground slopingdown to the lake. "Strip," she commanded "and join the others."Steven started to obey, then paused.

"I have some blankets back in my car, may I get them?"Theexotic mused for a moment, then nodded. "Hurry back, or I'll come after you."Steven grinned and dashed back into the woods.

Thee smiled and lay back in the water, watching Bsteen, Erick, Tinyboy and theothers as they clambered back up onto her body and explored her. From time totime her lips tingled.

Steven was lost.

He blamed it on the moonlight, and this strange feeling crackling within him,but none of that helped him in his present plight. Sighing deeply he leanedagainst a tree and wondered if he could find his way back in the darkness, orperhaps if he yelled loudly enough Thee might hear him and come looking. He wasdrawing breath when the first electric shock coursed through him, doubling himover. It didn't hurt, but it felt too weird to express in words, and he fell tothe ground, twitching and gasping, and oblivious to the strange crashing andcrunching noises occurring all around him.

Thee ordered everyone out of the lake. Steven was late, and she'd had enough.

She dressed herself, but denied that luxury to her tiny slaves. Still, it hadbeen a rough day, and the little guys settled down quickly. Thee stared down atthem, a smirk upon her face as she stroked each one in turn with a gentlefinger. Yet all the while she wondered where Steven was, and whether he had losthis nerve and decided not to return. That thought was unbearable, and blowing asilent kiss to her tiny stable of slaves, she rose to her feet, towering overthem and the forest, and headed in the direction Steven had taken. She made afrightful noise as she picked her way through the tiny trees, and despite herbest efforts soon began to doubt that she'd be able to find Steven amidst thedense foliage, and thought if it might be safer for him if she returned to thelake, lest she inadvertently trod upon him.

At that moment a figure rose up from the woods before her; large as her, lit bythe full moonlight. Thee's lips tingled as she recognized Steven, but now grownenough to bear her passion, and her heart tripped lightly and she grinnedfiercely, and sprinted forwards.

Steven shook his head, and rose slowly, his eyes slowly focusing on the strangevista around him, from the tiny trees to the silver moonlight. Even as he beganto really believe that he too had grown, he heard a sound behind him and turned,just as Thee tackled him. Steven 'woofed' loudly, and the two of them tumbledupon the forest, driving through the tangled woods as if they were naught butmeadow flowers. When they stopped Thee was atop Steven, straddling him, andreaching out she lifted and cavalierly tossed aside an uprooted oak tree thatlay upon the bridge of his nose, then she bent to kiss him, and the air filledwith the sound of electric crackling; and summer lightning echoed silently inthe distance.

Things went from bad to worse for the trees, after that…--- : --- : ---Viner couldn't get over it.

Minneapolis was so darn small. Everything: the trees with their dainty branchesand dust-like leaves; the cars, perfect little models; the buildings large andsmall, lit up like Christmas trees, shivering upon their foundations as shepassed them; and the people, the countless fingertip-sized people, scurryingeverywhere. Wouldn't her boyfriend be surprised if he could see her now. Well,her ex-boyfriend. Viner growled to herself and put him out of her mind.

She was on the outermost edge of the city. Downtown lay about two miles ahead ofher. The sounds of the metropolis drifted up to her from all directions: carhorns, people noises. The city was reacting to her presence. She was having ahard time adjusting, herself. It was weird having this unencumbered perspective,looking down from the height of a skyscraper, yet being able to move in anydirection. Feeling the tarmac crunch under her bare feet added to the fantasticfeel of the whole thing. And it was even stranger realizing that she was thesource of all the consternation around her, of all the panic; but she wasn'there to terrorize anyone, she wanted to get to her house, and that was in thecity. So she moved between the buildings, taking her time, since she had onlythe street illumination to guide her, placing her feet with care, letting thecars and people clear out of her way. It took time, but from her five hundredfoot tall vantage she was able to mark the best routes, and weaving in and outamongst the tiny tree lined lanes she soon arrived at her home.

One problem just seemed to lead to another.

First, there wasn't really room enough for her to look her house over withoutstepping on something. Viner corrected that problem by moving the parked carsout of the way and uprooting some of the trees, but that action sent peoplefleeing all the faster, and she had need of a Good Samaritan to enter her houseand try to figure out the cause all this mischief. She tried to obtain theassistance of some of the tiny people, but their fear defeated her everyattempt, and she ceased to try, lest she harm anyone. Glowering darkly at herhouse, she considered her options. Any effort to obtain her PC was bound to benasty, she couldn't imagine how she could get into her house without smashingit. On the other hand, maybe she didn't need to get into it. At least not yet.

The house was about five inches tall, four wide and six deep. It was a duplex,and the absence of a car by the road was proof enough that her neighbors hadfled. Tracing the ground around the house with her finger Viner was pleased todiscover that she could easily move the earth around the home. First she pluckedthe phone and power lines free, then began to dig. It took some work, andunfortunately she bumped the adjoining homes hard enough to damage them.

Moreover, she ripped through the water-main, and sighed as it sprayed mud andwater across the front of her house. Still after about ten minutes of work shewas able to work her house free from the ground, lifting it up, foundation andall. It was so delicate, so toy-like, and such a rush to be holding her ownhouse in her hands. Fortunately, it was a sturdy old structure, and showed nosigns of falling apart. She stood up, being careful to support the bottom, sothat the basement and foundation wouldn't drop off. And yet she was unable tokeep the house as level as she wanted, and a nagging concern compelled her toglance inside.

Oh well.

She'd been meaning to rearrange the furniture anyway. The inside of the houselooked like the after math of an earthquake, or an especially memorable party:chairs, tables, books, papers were all strewn around each of the rooms intowhich she peered. With a sigh she shook her house a little; might as well as getany further damage over with, she would have a hard enough time keeping the restof the house from breaking apart.

The roar of a car engine broke into her reverie.

Viner glanced down, just in time to see a tiny white vehicle squealing itswheels as it turned at the end of the street, its brake lights winkingfrantically. From her lofty vantage she watched it as it headed towardsdowntown. Her eyes widened, she recognized the car; it belonged to a girl whoshe suspected as being the latest of her boyfriend's side catches, ex-boyfriendthat is. Now the little bitch was probably off to pick him up. Viner clenchedher teeth and followed after the speeding auto, and though she was still carefulwhere she stepped, she moved quickly, deeper into the city.

The lighted buildings mounted into the sky, some of them overtopping even hervast height, making her feel like she was in a glittering wonderland. The littlewhite car drove wildly through traffic that was itself striving to clear the wayfor Viner. The various side streets provided enough relief that Viner was ableto safely make her way along, stepping over street lights, and around those carsunable to escape. But she was moving in a business like fashion now, and theearth bounced heavily with every step she took. Buildings trembled upon theirfoundations, raining down dust and bits of brick and mortar. Lights flickered,and some died, and windows shattered from the impact tremors. Viner was clearlymaking her presence known. The tiny white car made a wide turn around the officebuilding where Chops worked; its horn blaring wildly, though it could scarcelybe discerned from the other noises sounding from Viner's approach. She reachedthe intersection where the vehicle had turned, and paused, peering around thecorner. The tiny car was stopped in the middle of the road, and seemed to bewaiting. Viner pursed her lips, and set her house down on the top of an adjacentbuilding, then doing a quick count of the windows, located Chops office. Lookinginside of the window she noticed that he was gone, and judging by the stillmoving door, not for long. Viner looked down. Tiny people were beginning to pourout of the main doors to the building. It would be impossible to locate Chops ifhe blended into the crowd. So Viner moved her barefoot, blocking the escaperoute of the tiny crowd.

"Listen very carefully," she spoke down to them. Scores of tiny faces looked upat her. "Nobody leaves, unless I say so. I want you all back into the building,"she commanded. "Now," and she stamped her barefoot for emphasis. It had thedesired effect. The crowd churned for a moment, then folded into itself, andmelted back into the building. Her little display of power accomplished evenmore though. The cars and the people in the street behind her were stunned, andin the sudden silence that followed she clearly heard a single car horn blastingaway.

Viner looked around the building and down, and her eyes darkened.

There, far below, she saw Chops, her ex-boyfriend, running across the streettowards the tiny white car. He had found a way past her, and was trying to getaway. A hollow chill filled her gut. If he had run towards her, she would havegreeted him, maybe even forgiven him, but now…no way. She saw Chops latestgirlfriend, Becky was her name, beckoning to him from the open car door, and thechill within her flared into anger, and she turned around the building andstepped forward.

Chops was dashing with complete abandon across the parking lot, when somethinghuge blew past him, sending him tumbling. He heard the most awful sound, andclutched the ground as it lurched beneath him. When he looked up Becky's car wasgone, replaced by a tan barefoot of epic proportions. Chops' wide eyes slowlyfollowed the impossibly long and shapely leg up, up into the sky, to a pair ofragged shorts, up higher past a purple top, to Viner's lovely, but sterncountenance.

"Lose something, Chops?" asked Viner, sweetly.

Chops shrank into himself, and began to back away, slowly at first, then faster.

Viner's eyes narrowed, his reaction to her was just making her more angry. Chopsspun about and ran, but there was no escape. Viner didn't even have to ta