Irresistible BlissChapter One: Four out of Fiveby D.X. MachinaJessica Parker was never popular.

This fact weighed on her heavily. All she had ever wanted was to be the centerof attention, the girl who was asked to prom by seven guys, the captain of thecheerleading squad.

But Jessica Parker had been cursed with a brilliant mind. And though she was farfrom uncomely, her perspicacity frightened off the popular boys, and engenderedthe wrath of the popular girls.

Perhaps in a different setting, Jessica could have thrived. In a big school inthe suburbs, she might have found her niche. With a wealthy family, she mighthave been able to afford college. With support from those around her, she mayhave found the requisite aid to go to school even without wealth.

But Jessica grew up in Jawbone, Oklahoma (pop. 371), daughter of an alcoholicex-journeyman laborer and a mother who was dead seventeen years now.

She never had a chance.

So now, at 19, she worked at the diner in the middle of town, and watched as thetown decayed. And her great mind ran of its own accord, writing plans for herrevenge against the gods and people who had forsaken her.

* * *Jeff Fletcher rose at noon. It was a habit with him, even though it brought somescorn upon him from right-thinking people in this small dust bowl community.

Of course, if Jeff had been worried about scorn, he would never have been herein the first place. Jawbone was one of dozens of small hamlets he'd been to inthe last three years. It was pleasant enough, he thought, though he wasbeginning to hear the call of the wild goose again. Well, he'd been here twomonths already; it was almost time to move on.

Jeff left the University of Wisconsin--Madison after his Junior year, and neverlooked back. What he was searching for wasn't taught in school. So he closed outhis bank account, took the $432.21 that was in there, and boarded a Greyhound toMinneapolis. He stayed in the Twin Cities three months, living in a boardinghouse in Dinkytown, working the door at the 400 bar, recording his thoughts on abeat-up 386 laptop, until he saved up enough to buy a rusted out '79 Corolla.

Then he set out to look for America.

He took odd jobs when the cash got low, slept wherever he could afford to. Hewas sure back home they thought he'd lost his mind; he didn't care. He was free.

Freedom today meant grabbing breakfast, then coming back to the General Store,where he'd work 'til closing. He was grateful that Mr. Whitherspoon had allowedhim to rent the old apartment upstairs--$85 per month, plus utilities. It wassmall, old, and dirty, but it beat sleeping in the car.

Jeff ordered the blue plate special, and smiled at the young waitress. Shereturned his smile. She was pretty. Not stunning, but pretty. A nice way tostart the day. He thought about asking her out (she was no more than three yearshis junior), but decided against it.

Somewhat reluctantly, he turned to the morning paper, and hummed. Things werequiet here in Jawbone. It was time to move on.

* * *Andrea Stevens was Jessica three years ago. Jessica had met her when Andrea wasa bright Freshman who was discovering that brightness wasn't all it was crackedup to be.

She wasn't saddled with all of Jessica's burdens, however. Her mom was stillalive. Her dad wasn't the complete jerk that Jessica's was. And she had afighting chance at going on to college--because Jessica pushed her. She wasJessica's protege, and she was grateful.

Still, though her future looked reasonably bright, her present was dim. She wasunpopular--too bright for a girl, everyone said. She was marking time until shegraduated from High School, and then she'd shake the dust from her boots andhead off to the bright lights of Lawrence, Kansas.

* * *Manuella de la Paz was an outcast for another reason. She was pretty, and smart,but not so smart that she scared people away. No, that was not Manuella'sproblem.

Manuella's problem was that her father was Jose de la Paz, and her mother wasElizabeth Anderson. And the good people of Jawbone, in all her twenty years onearth, had never reconciled that fact.

Not that this was all the set her apart, mind you--but the other thing wasburied so far inside that not even she was fully aware of it.

Now she worked nights at the diner, hoping to save up enough money to escape,and hopefully, to take Jessica with her. Perhaps soon. She prayed.

* * *The change came at one A.M. that evening, and all five principal characters wereaware of the moment, though not all five were aware of it at the time.

Jessica slumped on the couch, watching a rerun of an old Lou Costello movieshowing on the late late late show on the only channel anyone could pick upwithout a satellite, when the idea struck her. At first she laughed, thensighed. If only it could happen, she thought.

Marta had the show on as she made herself a glass of milk and pulled out a worncopy of Stranger in a Strange Land. She couldn't sleep, so she turned the setoff, and began to read the overwrought Heinlinian prose.

Andrea watched with half her mind, while the other half pondered whether or notshe should try out for cheerleading next fall. Maybe, just maybe, it'd help herbe popular.

Jeff watched in bemusement. He always had liked the premise of this movie, andthe effects weren't half bad. He took a slug of MGD, and wrote an ode to themovie, then erased it. Not saleable, he thought, as he turned instead tomaunderings on leaving a small town.

* * *Jessica's dreams were always of that moment. She saw his ugly face, smelled hisugly breath.

She tried to hit back, but he was enormous, and she was too small to doanything.

Come on Jessie, it's okay, your mommy would do it fer me, you can do it doJessie, come on honey, quiet down, dammit, don't make me hit you, your mommymade me hit her, remember? so just quiet down Jessie, come on, it's okay....

If only it could happen.

It was impossible though. He forced himself upon her. She had been bad, shewould have to be punished.

When you're naughty you make me do things Jessie, it's your fault, if you wouldjust be nicer, but you aren't, so I have to do this to you, don't make me makeit worse....

She tried to push him away, but he was too big.

If only it could happen.

It was impossible....

And then she heard it, in the background.

....with a few modifications to a broadcast signal, there could be amodification of matter, resulting in a change in size relationships....

And suddenly, she was knocking him off her, like he was a dust mite. She stareddown at him, and smiled. He would never do that to her again. She would be safeforever. She raised her foot, and stomped down....

Jessica sat bolt upright. It was 3:23 AM. She grabbed a pen and started to writeas fast as she could, sketching, doodling, coming up with a mathematical proof,and then, abruptly, falling back to sleep.

Her dreams were peaceful after that.

* * *The next morning, Jessica looked over her notes. She didn't know where theknowledge had come from. Perhaps it had always been in her head. Perhaps it washer mom come back to help her. Who knows? All Jessica knew was that it wouldwork--by God, it would!She had to get in touch with Marta and Andrea.

* * *Jessica told them of her theories, her tests, and her proofs. She made astunning proposal to her two friends; they accepted readily. Their revenge wouldbe sweet.

They began assembling the machines. They would be made out of junk, uncomely,unsightly things. But they would work.

They would place them at strategic points around the town, and wire themtogether. They spared the old Leamington place; it would be their home now.

They would show the trifling town of Jawbone a thing or two. Or three.

* * *Eleven days passed.

Jeff Fletcher was probably the only person in Jawbone awake at Journal, to whichhe had given a working title of "If I Run." Most was lousy, certainly, but therewas enough interesting stuff in it that he was considering sending it to apublisher.

He had given notice ten days ago; it wasn't requisite, he knew, but he believedin being honest in work. He had $600 saved, enough to last him a month or so inDallas; the big city sounded good for a change. Then, who knew? He had heardthat Prague was nice, and that bartending jobs were available to expats.

He kept at the journal. Maybe he could be a new bohemian writer.

He had just thrown in a gratuitous semicolon when he felt suddenly strange. Hecouldn't put his finger on it; it was like nothing he'd felt before.

As abruptly as it came on, the feeling stopped. He shook his head--he hadn'tbeen drinking, and it wasn't late. Maybe he was coming down with something.

It was then he heard it, distant and soft, but clear as a bell, women laughing.

Something strange, though--it sounded different somehow. Odd.

He walked down the back stairs. He needed to get out, and this little mysterymight be solved by a walk in the night air. Jeff stepped out, and gazed up atthe stars. They were beautiful, he thought, as he scanned for Orion.

There he was, obscured by clouds. They were moving fast, he thought, across. andback. . . .

And back?He squinted into the darkness at the edge of town--in the direction of thelaughter. And then he saw what was blocking the stars.

His jaw dropped.

He had now officially seen it all.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Irresistable BlissChapter Two: Blue Eyed Devilby D.X. MachinaManuella looked down on the town spread out before her, and smiled, a broad grinwhich would've lit up a room.

"We did it!" she half-shouted, half-whispered. "I don't believe it!""This is incredible, Jessica. Incredible." Andrea looked out over the town withglee in her deep blue eyes. "I always had faith in you, but....""You didn't know if it would work? Yeah," said Jessica. "I guess I wonderedabout that, too. But it did. My God, what have we done?"Manuella turned to Jessica and smiled radiantly. "We've done what we alwayswanted to. We've finally put ourselves first in this town. And I'm lookingforward to the reaction of the good people of Jawbone tomorrow morning when theyget a load of us."Jessica smiled back. "Yeah, it--hey, what was that?"* * *Jeff had been creeping closer and closer to the disant figures, trying to remainin shadow. He had always dreamed of exactly this sort of thing--but now that itwas actually happening, he was a little bit daunted.

Still, he had to take a look. To do otherwise was not an option.

So he moved ever closer to the disturbance, until he was a bare thirty feetaway. He thought he was safe, until he slipped, banging hard into a mailbox.

They had heard him.

He considered his options, and he decided that immediate surrender was the onlyoption. With luck, they'd be lenient, and let him live. With a lot of luck,they'd do more than that.

So he stepped into the light.

He stared up at the women, amazed at their beauty and stature.

He hoped he was doing the right thing.

* * *"I surrender," called the tiny figure of a man.

Andrea giggled. Jessica stepped forward, and the little man jumped backwards.

"Don't worry," she said, softly. "You've done the right thing."She knelt down to get a good look. He was six inches tall, if that, and he wastrembling. She reached for him, and lifted him up to her face.

"I know you," she said. "You're the writer, right?""Um...yes, milady," he answered, careful to show respect.

At that, Jessica brightened. "You know, Mister Writer, I've had a crush on yousince the day you hit town.""I didn't, um....""Oh, come now, you flirted with me all the time down at the coffee shop.""That was you? Wait...of course it was! But how....""Don't strain yourself trying to figure out the hows and whys. Hmm...let me tellyou what. I'll accept your surrender if you promise to be my personal servant,do do anything--and I do mean anything--I ask you to.""Wait a minute," said Andrea. "Why do you get a servant?""We all can have servants, Dre," replied Manuella, softly. "I think it's asensible policy. Start thinking of who you want.""So, Mister Writer, what is your answer?"Jeff didn't have to think. He wasn't sure, but he had always sort of figuredthat Heaven involved being the personal servant of a sixty-five foot tall woman;he wasn't about to question serendipity.

"I accept, um....""I am Jessica Parker. You may refer to me as Miss Parker or Mistress. This isManuella de la Paz, and this is Andrea Stevens. You should refer to them asMisses de la Paz and Stevens or Mistresses.""Yes, Mistresses. I am Jeffrey Karl Fletcher, at your service."Miss Parker beamed. "Very well, Jeffrey. Your first duty will be to accompany usto our dwelling, to assist us in selecting the outfits we should wear to addressour new subjects. Does that suit you, Jeffrey?""Very much so, Mistress.""I think we're going to get along swimmingly."* * *Jeff couldn't believe it. He was in a giant house at the edge of the city--theGiantesses' dwelling/palace, it dominated the skyline of the town.

He was still in shock. He was manservant to three beautiful women, who by hisbest estimate ranged from high school to college age, all of them sixty feettall if they were an inch.

Andrea was the first to emerge, wearing an old hand-me-down green dress. It wasperhaps a bit formal, but it set off her red hair and accentuated her greeneyes, hidden though they were behind glasses.

He reflected that she didn't look classically beautiful--but that didn't matter.

Imposing as she was, she was incredible.

Manuella emerged next, wearing a small black dress which showed off every curveof her body--and Manuella had curves. It was all he could do not to whistle.

Finally, Andrea entered, wearing a short little skirt and a green mini-t. Shelooked young, but pretty, and Jeff was amazed.

The women made up the most imposing show of femininity he had ever been privyto. If he could have excused himself, he would have--but they had a request.

"So, Jeffrey, you approve of our outfits?""Yes, Miss Parker.""Excellent. There is one more duty we need you to attend to before we make ourpresentation.""I am at your disposal, Mistress.""Very good. Step into my hand."Jeff advanced slowly towards the enormous palm outstretched in front of him. Hestepped in carefully, feeling the soft, yielding skin of his Mistress beneathhim.

Then, suddenly he was lifted, then dropped to the floor in a matter of seconds.

He was staring up at the three women, an awe-inspiring sight.

"Jeffrey, we need you to inspect our toenails, and ensure that they arepresentable. We wouldn't want our subjects to think us careless.""Yes Mistress. What shall I do if one of your toenails is not absolutelyperfect?"Andrea smiled. "Fix it, little man."Jeff sighed. Perhaps this was heaven after all.

He started with Jessica's nails. Each was already polished to a mirror sheen,save for her big toenail. He touched it gently where the fault line lay in thefinish, then requested a cotton ball with nail polish remover.

Manuella handed the basketball-sized wad of cotton to him, but he handled itdeftly. He then took the polish and brushed it on carefully--it was almost astall as he. When he was done, the nail shone brightly.

Exhausting work--but rewarding.

After repeating the treatment with Manuella and Andrea, he pronounced all theladies' feet in excellent condition.

"Well done, Jeffrey. I am very impressed," smiled Jessica.

"Thank you, Mistress.""Would you care to accompany me on the day of our coronation?""It would be an honor."* * *Five-thirty A.M. The town of Jawbone was waking up.

Clyde Parker stumbled out of the front door, and looked north--and cursed.

Mayor Bobby Earl Johnson wandered over to his hardware store, then saw themonstrosity--and shouted.

Soon, the whole town was looking northwards, towards the old Leamington place,now home to that half-Mexican girl. It was enormous.

At precisely 5:35, the door to the old Leamington place opened, and threefigures emerged.

And panic ensued.

* * *Jeff watched it all from the pleasant setting of the right shoulder of JessicaParker. He watched her smile, slightly, as she looked out over the mob ofpeople. They were pouring out into the streets, trying to go somewhere,anywhere.

Jeff laughed, and Jessica turned to him. "It is funny, isn't it, Jeff?""Yes, Miss Parker. It is.""Oh, knock it off. Around other people, I'm 'Miss Parker.' Call me Jessica."Jeff smiled. "Yes, Jessica.""You're still my manservant, Jeff. That hasn't changed.""Of course not, Mistress."They moved out into the town, traveling a block at a time, until they reachedthe football field. Then, in a voice as loud as God's, Jessica boomed, "PEOPLEOF JAWBONE. DO NOT BE AFRIAD. COME TO THE FOOTBALL FIELD, AND ALL WILL BEEXPLAINED. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE THE TOWN. ESCAPE WILL RESULT IN DEATH."It took the citizens of Jawbone all of two seconds to decide that they should,indeed, head down to the football stadium.

When the town had assembled, nervously, along the sideline, Jessica addressedthem.

"People of Jawbone, today is the beginning of a new existance for you. Foryears, you have ignored the three of us. We were never the type of people youlooked for as friends or equals. You denied us opportunities, and made us feelinferior. Well, we are inferior no more.

"Today, we announce that the three of us have taken over. We rule this town. Ifyou are good, then we will be good to you. If you are disobedient, well, we willnot be good to you. If you attempt to harm us in any way, or to escape, or tocontact the outside world, you will be punished.

"Let me demonstrate, with one who has been harmful to me. Clyde Parker, comeforward."The croud mumbled its shock. Nobody came forward.

"Let me rephrase that; If Clyde Parker does not come forward in the next tenseconds, I will demonstrate with someone else."The crowd let up a roar, and in eight seconds, Clyde Parker was shoved onto thefield.

"Well, well, Daddy," said Jessica with a steely glare. "You've been bad. Andwhen you're bad, you make me do things.""Now, now Jessie, I'm sorry, I....""You killed Mom--beat her to death, right? And you raped me, more than once. Youare sentenced to death. Right now.""But Jessie....."Clyde saw his daughter's foot raise, felt her high-heeled shoe come down uponhim and drive him into the turf. He struggled to push the foot away, but hecouldn't. She was crushing him. His ribs collapsed. He opened his mouth toscream. His head exploded.

Jessica stepped backwards, and looked down. Then she spat on the body of herfather.

"This fate awaits any who would cross us. Understood?"Jeff looked down, half-sickened, half-aroused. But he felt no pity for the manhis Mistress had killed. If he was guilty of rape and murder, he was not human.

"Very well. Andrea and Manuella each have announcements to make."Andrea stood forward. "Brad Stevens, come forward."Brad Stevens stepped forward. He was a senior, Captain of the football team, andthe most handsome boy in school. Andrea looked down at him, cowering by herright foot, and felt a wave of lust. She had wanted him for two years. Now washer chance.

"Brad, you are my possession, forfeit to me. You will do as I say, whatever Isay. Do you understand?""But Andrea, um...."She flashed an ugly smile. "You will address me as Mistress, Brad. You canaccept this, or you can meet the same fate as Clyde Parker. Understood?"With that, she reached down and lifted Brad to her face. "You're cute, Brad.

You'll make a good servant." She beamed. She had done better thatJessica--although she'd never tell Jess that. And Jeff was kind of cute.

Manuella stepped forward next, scanned the crowd, and saw her servant. Herrequest suprised even her. "Elizabeth Schuller, stand forth."Elizabeth Schuller came forward nervously. She had been teaching at the schoolfor only two years, and she was a pretty twenty-six. Manuella smiled to her.

"Elizabeth, you are going to be my servant, the same as Brad is to Jessica. Canyou live with that?"Elizabeth smiled and nodded dumbly. Manuella lifted her up and inspected thelittle blond-haired woman. Manuella felt something within her she had longdenied, but it seemed silly now.

She looked over at Andrea and Jessica. Andrea's mouth was hanging open, butJessica just looked at Manuella with an eyebrow cocked and a little half-grin.

Okay, a big half-grin. At least she understood. Manuella hoped she understood.

Jessica turned back to the assembled town. "Very well. Go about your business.

We will return with a set of rules for conduct at noon today. We will see youthen.""Wait a minute! You mean to tell me that you're just taking over?" The mayorburned with fury. This was his town, damn it!"Mayor, don't make us stomp on you too," said Manuella. "I have cause, youknow.""You fucking Spic Dyke, how dare...."Bobby Earl Johnson never spoke another word. He was smashed beneath Manuella'sleft sandal.

Nobody else argued.

The three women went back to their dwelling, each considering something.

But each happier than they'd ever been.