JawsbyRally ChampionbrJames and his two friends, Jake and Oliver had arrived in America for a 2 weekPGL holiday. There were going to stay at a campsite in California and take partin a range of water activities.

They took a taxi over to the car hire place which was a short ride away from theairport.

When they got to the car hire depot a man came towards them.

"Good morning can I help you?" in a strong American accent"Yes, we would like to hire a car please." replied James"Certainly. Can I see some identification please?" asked the car hire man"Yeah sure." said James producing his driving licenceThe man checked the licence and then checked some other details with James untilhe said"Yeah everything seems fine, follow me please. I have a range of cars that youcan use."The man took James, Jake & Oliver round to the back of the car hire place andpointed out 4 cars that James could choose from. There was a BMW Z3 Roadster, ACadillac, and 2 Buicks.

"Which one takes your fancy?" asked the car hire man"I quite like the BMW." said James"How long would you like to rent it for?" asked the man" 2 weeks please." said James"Right that will be US$91 a day. Which comes to US$1274 dollars." said the man"James took out the cash and handed it to the man. The man counted it and handedJames the keys to the BMW, then walked away.

"Thank you." said JamesJames climbed into the driving seat of the BMW and started the engine. He revvedthe engine and listen in glee as the V8 sound filled the area around him. Heengaged first and drove off. After about 40 minutes travelling James was lovingdriving the BMW. He had got used to it now as it was a big change from hisVauxhall Chevette back home. The car was a dark blue with black interior.

When they arrived at the campsite in California they were tired and hungry.

James walked into the reception and gave the campsite owner all the relevantdetails to allow them to camp there.

They took the car to their pitch and unloaded their tent.

Once their tent was up James, Jake & Oliver sat talking until it began to getdark. They all went and had a shower in the toilet block.

Oliver & Jake fell asleep almost instantly as they were so tired they could noteven take their clothes off. Soon James fell asleep too after reading a book fora while.

Next morning Oliver and Jake woke to find James's bed empty. They were puzzledbut a few minutes later James returned with his wash bag under his arm.

"Oh good you're up. I thought about waking you before I left but you were soundasleep."Oliver and Jake went to get washed and once they were back in the tent Jamesspoke"Right we have been asked to join the 3 girls next door at the beach. I spoke tothem while I was waiting for a shower." said James "Plus they are beautifulgirls aswell."Three girls appeared at the door of their tent. "Morning" said one of the girls"Hi ya, we're nearly ready." said JamesOliver & Jake came out the tent and their mouths dropped open in awe as they sawhow gorgeous the three girls were. They all had long blond hair and were wearingbikinis. One of the girls put her arm around Oliver. Oliver shied away.

"It's all right I won't bite." said the girl who's name was SarahSarah held hands with James. The second girl (Jenny) held hands with Jake, andthe final girl (Gemma) held hands with Oliver as they all walked down to thebeach.

They found an empty spot on the sand and put down their towels. Sarah, Gemma &Jenny lay face down on their towels and began to sunbathe while the three boyswent into the sea.

After about an hour the three boys came out of the sea feeling cold. They eachlay down next to their new girlfriends.

Jake decide he wanted to go rock pooling. He took his net and went towards therocks at the far side of the beach. James stayed sunbathing with Sarah besidehim.

Oliver, Gemma, Jake & Jenny were by the rock pools looking and finding all kindsof different creatures from crabs to shrimps. The girls began exploring a cavenot far from the rocks.

Then from the cliff came a girl with long dark hair and wearing a snorkel andgoggles. She walked up to Jake and Oliver. Something made the two boys go into atrance as the girl kissed them both. Jake & Oliver found them selves shrinking.

The girl now towered above them. A huge hand came down towards them and theyfelt themselves being lifted high into the air. The girl put them into a pocketinfront of her breasts and zipped it up. Gemma & Jenny came back to find Jake &Oliver gone. They went back to James and asked if he had seen them. "No Ihaven't seen them." said James"We'll search the rocks again, maybe they went exploring too." said JennyJenny & Gemma went back to the rocks where they had left Jake & Oliver. As theyneared the rocks the girl that Jake & Oliver had seen appeared. She walkedtowards them and smiled at them.

"Hello are your names Gemma & Jenny." asked the girl"Yes who are you?" asked Gemma"How do you know our names?" said Jenny"I know everyone's name." said the girl "I have special powers that I can use tofind out what anybody's name is." she replied"That's fantastic. What's my boyfriends name then?" asked GemmaThe girl thought for a moment"His name is Oliver and he is not far away from us at the moment" replied thegirl"That is really amazing. You are great. How about you join us this afternoon?"said Jenny"I can't I am afraid. If I leave this area of town my powers no longer work."said the girlGemma's smile faded.

The girl held out a small blue sweet to Gemma and Jenny.

"Take this and I will probably see you soon. I am always here, just drop in andyou will be made most welcome." said the girl as she disappeared back towardsthe cliff. A few seconds later she was gone.

Gemma & Jenny ate the sweets the girl had given them. They tasted like smartiesand were very nice.

The two girls still had not found Jake & Oliver and were beginning to getworried. They searched again until Gemma began to feel dizzy. She collapsed onthe beach. Jenny ran over to her and knelt down. Gemma's eyes were open and shewas breathing but for some unknown reason she had collapsed. Then Jenny feltdizzy to and collapsed also.

The girl that had caught Jake & Oliver was swimming on the far side of thecliff. She saw a group of 12 boys with surfboards. She smiled and swam over tothem. They saw her coming and there mouths dropped at her beauty. She went up toeach of them and snogged them all.

Just like Jake & Oliver they began to shrink and were put inside the compartmentjust infront of the girls breasts.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It was warm in the compartment. Jake & Oliver had know idea where they had endedup. They were being tossed from side to side. Then light appeared and the 12boys who had been snogged fell into on top of Jake & Oliver.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gemma & Jenny had almost recovered and were in the sea swimming. When they beganto shrink to. "Gemma we're shrinking. What the hells going on." exclaimed Jenny"I don't know but lets get out of the sea before a fish feeds on us." criedGemmaThen a huge shadow fell over Jenny & Gemma. A huge girl plucked them from thewater and they found themselves in a warm pocket. Then everything went dark asthe pocket was zipped up.

Gemma & Jenny were trying to work out where they were. A hand touched Jenny'sshoulder"Is that you Gemma?" said Oliver"Yes, oh thank goodness you are safe Oliver. Me Jenny & Sarah were worried aboutyou when we came back to find you gone. What happened?" said Gemma"I remember rock pooling and then a girl came from behind the cliff. As sheappeared we seemed to go into a trance. She came over to us and kissed each ofus. We shrunk and then she must have picked us up and put us where we are now."replied Oliver"What do you think she is going to do with us now she has caught us?" said SarahThen she heard a loud gurgle from below her and looked very scared. Oliver heardthe gurgle which had come from the girls stomach and began to feel scared.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Holly had now got 24 people in the pocket infront of her breasts. She was readyfor some lunch. She walked up to the stall on the beach that sold fish & chips.

"large chips open." she said to the man on the stall.

The man gave her a large packet of chips and a fork.

"Can I have two sachets of salad cream too?" asked Holly"Sure. £1.60 please?" said the man on the stallHolly handed the money over and began walking back to the cliffs. When she gotto the cliff she walked into a small cave and began punching a code into a smallcomputer on the wall.

A panel slid back and a lighted room was visible. Holly walked in and the doorslid back quietly behind her.

Holly sat down on a chair. She unzipped the pocket infront of her breast andscooped out the contents into a deep white bowl.

The 24 tiny people that had come out of the pocket looked around. They could seelights all around and saw that they were in a room built inside the cliffs asthe walls were shaped like cliff faces.

A shadow fell over them and they saw a huge teenage girls face above them. Theycould see a huge smile on her face.

"What beautiful little people you are. I do so like you small, it's so mucheasier for me when your small." said the huge girl smiling down at them.

She brought her huge hand down towards the bowl and plucked two tiny boys fromit. She brought them towards her face and smiled again.

"What are you going to do with us? Put us down!" screamed the boys"I am feeling hungry and I am going have some lunch. That's just where you areinvolved. But I need an appetiser first." said Holly with an lick of her lips.

The two boys and the people in the bowl screamed as they heard Holly speak.

Holly opened her mouth and the two tiny boys between her fingers saw two rows ofperfect white teeth with gleaming silver braces on. They shuddered.

"Please don't eat us. We don't want to die." they pleadedHolly stripped the two boys of their clothes with her nails and then broughtthem towards her lips. She parted her lips and stuck out her tongue. She ran hertongue over the boys and giggled with glee. "mmm you taste delicious. Both ofyou would make good slaves for me but I'd rather eat you for lunch. Down yougo." said Holly as she opened her mouth again. She dropped the two boys into hermouth and rolled them around with her tongue coating them with saliva. The twoboys were now terrified as they saw a black cave behind them which was Holly'sthroat. The mouth slowly began to close. The two boys screamed as the roof ofthe mouth came down, pinning them against the tongue. They waited for the tongueto move them beneath the huge molars where they would be chewed into tinypieces. But nothing happened for a few seconds. Then the tongue began to movethe two boys towards the throat. They were now completely drenched with saliva.

The two boys felt strong muscles squeezing them from every direction and couldonly scream as the uvula rose and they were swallowed down Holly's throat.

Holly felt the two boys travel down her throat and laughed.

"mmm lovely. Now for the rest of you. But I have some chips for you to go downwith." said Holly.

She took the packet of chips and poured the two sachets of salad cream over thechips, then went to the bowl. She took each of the tiny people out one by oneand dropped them into the packet of chips. When all the tiny people were amongthe chips she took a fork and began eating.

A tiny redheaded woman tried to climb from the packet of chips.

"Oh no you don't," came Holly's mocking voice from above. A giant hand scoopedup the redhead before she could get very far.

"Now you can't go running away." She lifted the little woman and took a chipwith some salad cream on. Holly lay the tiny redhead on the chip. She broughtthe chip up to her mouth and put one end between her lips. The redhead scrambledbackwards but realised that she was too high above the table to jump. She lookedtowards the huge open mouth infront of her. Then before she could react Hollysucked the chip into her mouth and chewed it and the tiny redhead up in seconds.

Holly swallowed and took up a forkful of chips with 10 humans on. The humanswere hanging on for dear life. If they let go then they would land with a thudon the table and die, but if they held on then they would be chewed up alive. Sothey hadn't much choice.

Holly put the forkful of chips between her lips and chewed them to pieces.

The rest of the people in the packet of chips were begging and pleading toHolly. She saw them pleading and laughed. She took the packet of chips and heldit to her lips.

"There's no point pleading little people. You are all going to end up in mybelly and get digested into my body. I am now going to demonstrate why mynickname is J.A.W.S." said Holly as she displayed her gleaming smile.

The tiny people watched as Holly leaned back and opened her mouth as wide as shecould.

They looked down and could see a huge black cave with sharp white teeth liningthe ceiling and floor. A huge pink tongue rolled between the teeth. At the backof the cave was a black opening. Jenny shuddered as she saw the huge tonguerolling below them.

Then Holly began slowly tipping the packet of chips up so that the people andthe chips would fall into her huge open mouth.

The people tried to hold on but the angle became to great and they lost theirgrip on the side of the packet.

Holly shut her mouth which was now full of chips and tiny people. She slowlybegan chewing the contents of her mouth into tiny fragments. She giggled as sheheard tiny screams from inside her mouth as her teeth ground the tiny people tofragments.

Holly ran her tongue around her mouth and then licked her lips several times.

She ran her tongue around the chip packet licking up some salad cream that wason the bottom. She rubbed her full belly and smiled.

"mmm it tastes so good" she said as she went over to the sink and made herself adrink. Holly gulped down the drink and burped.

She climbed the stairs that were built into the cliff up to her bedroom, laydown on her bed and went to sleep as her stomach digested the remains of thechips and people she had eaten for lunch.