My Daughters Birthday GiftbyCrushed2MushKim waited in front of the school where her daughter, Vanessa would becoming out any minute. As she waited for the bell to sound, Kimthought back on the recent events of her unhappy life. Four months ago, shehad married a man whom she thought was everything she needed and wanted.

But after just a few short weeks of 24/7 with him, he proved to be justthe opposite. He not only was an alcoholic, but also a wife beater. Kimhad suffered at his hands more than a few nights when he'd come homedrunk and mean. Her new husband also brought a step son into the lives of herand Vanessa. He was a 10 year old who had absolutely no respect and avery dirty mouth. He no doubt would grow up to be a repeat of his father.

Kim and Vanessa had talked about this many times on the way home fromschool and whenever they had a chance to be alone together. Today was theday to initiate the plans they had made together concerning theirunpleasant new family members. Kim had a sister livig in New York, who workedclosely with the developing of new secret products, one of which was an agentin the form of a clear liquid, that was capable of shrinking anythingthat it was ingested into. It had been experimented with on a number oflab animals and found to be very successful. Mitchelle, Kim's sister hadbeen talking with Kim and was aware of the problems she and Vanessa werehaving with their new family additions. She was the one who suggested usingsome of the shrink liquid on them, to not only rid them of theproblem, but also to give them complete and total satisfaction in doing so.

She had previously mailed two small vessels of the shrink liquid to Kimand one of the vessels had already been ingested by Kim's drunken husband,poured into his beer while he was using the rest room. Within only afew minutes, the guy went from 6'2" to 2" tall. Mitchellehad also sent with the liquid, two other smaller vessels of a green liquid that wasdesigned to give the victims a certain amount of elasticity, muchlike a silicone based substance. Kim had also added the contents of one ofthese vessels into her husband's beer. After Kim's husband hadshrunk, she delightfully tried him out, not caring if she squahed him toa greasy spot, or whether he survived because of the second ingredientthat gave him the elasticity component. After shrinking to a mere2"tall, she took him in her giants hands and laid him on the floor andeager to try it, placed the heel of her left sandal over his body andstood on him with all of her 145 pounds for 2 full minutes. Then sheraised her foot and to her surprise, he was squirming and kickingand in obvious excruciating pain, but quickly went from being flat,back to his regular shape. Kim laughed down at him and said,"take this!" She then raised her foot and stomped down on his smallbody as hard as she could, thinking surely he would splatter like a toadfrog under her heel. After stomping him, she look down at him andsaw that he was incredibly flat, but as she watched, he slowly tookon his shape again and started squirming and kicking again.

Satisfied, she unbuckled her right sandal and laid her tiny husband on theinsole so that his head would be directly under her heel. She thensecured him there with a piece of packaging tape across his waist andaround her sandal. She then put the sandal back on her foot andbuckled it tightly. When she stood up, she could feel his headflatten underneath her heel, much like a spongy ball. It was very comfortableto stand on. With her husband in place in her sandal, it was time togo to the school and pick up Vanessa and then on to the elementaryand pick up the brat step son. Vanessa hated the child and had toldher mom, if the shrinking liquid worked like her aunt Mitchelle saidit would, then she wanted the kid shrunk and given to her as a presentfor her upcoming birthday.

Finally the bell sounded and the school kids began pouring out of theschool. Kim pressed down on her heel and felt her husband's headflatten under the pressure. She smiled in satisfaction, as shespotted Vanessa walking toward the car. She got in and Kim said excitedly,"Honey, we're in business! The shrink liquid worked like acharm, and so did the other liquid that prevents them from being totallycrushed!" With that, Kim twisted around in the seat of the car and brought herfoot up so Vanessa could see. Vanessa stared in sheer amazement asshe saw her good for nothing step-father's small body totallyimprisoned in her mom's sandal. "Awesome!" Vanessa exclaimed.

"When did you do it?" She asked. "Oh, a couple of hours ago. I've been walking on himand standing on him and even stomping him, and it's absolutelysensational!" Kim answered her daughter. "I can't wait until my birthday!" Vanesssa then told her mom. "You'll love it!" Her mom said excitedly. "When we get home, you can try out your step-father if you'd like!" Shecontinued.

"Wow! Would I!" Vanessa replied quickly.

At home, Kim pulled off her sandals as Vanessa pulled off her boots.

It so happened that she and her mother wore the exact same sizefootwear. Vanessa quickly put on her mom's sandals, feeling her step-father'shead flatten out when she stood up on it. "Far out!" Vanessaexclaimed as began stomping on her step-father. She stomped him several times ashard as she could, secretely hoping the bastard's head explode underher heel. Kim laughed as her daughter continued to stomp the man'shead savagely. About then, her little step brother walked in andasked"what are you doing?" Vanessa looked at him and replied,"I'm just showing you how hard I'd love to stomp you, you little brat!"The child dismissed Vanessa threat, and asked, "where is mydad?" "Oh, he had to go away for a few days on some kind of business." Kimanswered.

Only two more days, and it wouldn't matter that he found out thetruth about his dad because he too would be in the same shape! Vanessasat down and pulled her mom's sandals off and offered them back toher.

Kim said, "Remember the night he was drunk and told you that heloved your ass?" Vanessa answered that she remembered the bastardsaying that.

"Well, why don't you take him to your room and put the pervertin your ass and let him spend the rest of the afternoon, admiring it'scontents!" Vanessa laughed and answered, "It would be my pleasure!""Come dark though, I want him back to put in my own ass, where he'll spend thenight." Vanessa then released him from the tape holding him onher mom's sandal and headed for her room with her step-father in her handkicking and struggling to get free. In her room, she quickly pulleddown her skin tight jeans, and then her white panties, and bent over.

With her index finger behind her step-father's head, she shoved himface first tightly against her wrinkled, smelly anus and then stoodstraight up allowing her butt cheeks to hold him in place. As shepulled her panties and jeans back up she could feel the man squirmingand struggling in her ass. It was a very sensational feeling andshe soon on the edge of a major climax! "Uh-uh, Mom's going tolove this!" Vanassa said to herself as her step-father continued tosquirm inside her butt. Only two more days and she would be able to enjoythat brat step-brother of her's in her butt as long as she wanted himthere!Vanessa kept her step father in her butt the entire afternoon,enjoying the sensational feeling as he squirmed around inside theconfinements of her round, firm ass.  Occasionally her step fatherwould feel Vanessa's anus pucker and a second later his head wouldnearly be blown off as she passed gas directly into his face.

After over 4 hours in her ass, Vanessa pulled down her jeans andpanties again and bent over, grasping her step-father with her righthand and pulled him out of her butt.  He was sweaty and had a brownishcoating all over his body.  Vanessa pulled up her panties and jeansagain, laughing at her step-father in such a gross condition.  Then shedropped him on the floor between her bare feet and stomped his tiny bodyseveral times, totally flattening it out.  She enjoyed watchinghim flatten out and then slowly re-gain his shape, only to be stompedflat again.  She did this 8 or 10 times before picking him up andtaking him back downstairs to her mom.  "Oh Mom, you're going to lovethe way he feels in your ass!  It's totally awesome!"  Vanessa toldher mom excitedly.  "I can't wait until my birthday!  Only a week away!"Kim accepted her tiny husband from her daughter's hand and noticedhow grossed out he was.  "Looks like he had a real nice time in yourass, honey!"  Kim said laughing. "Let's see if he likes mine as wellas he does yours."  She continued as she pulled up her skirt and droppedher panties.  "Press his face right into your ass, Mom!"  Vanessainstructed.  Kim did as her daughter suggested and then stood up, allowingher buttocks to hold her husband firmly in positon.  She then pulledup her panties and lowered her skirt and immediately began moaningwith incredible pleasure as her husband began to squirm furiously insideher ass.  "You're right honey, this is sensational!"  Kim said withmounting excitement in her voice.  "He'll spend the night right where heis and then tomorrow morning I take him out and insert him in the otherawaiting hole, and allow my sweet feminine juices to give him a muchneeded bath!"  Kim said laughing.  Vanessa laughed and said, "Yeah, that'sa great idea.  Wish I had thought of sticking him in mine while I hadhim, but I enjoyed him inside my ass so much, I wasn't thinking tooclearly."It was a very slow week for Vanessa, even though Kim shared her husbandwith her daily for a few hours.  Vanessa loved the way he squirmed aaround inside her ass, and it was equally as pleasurable in her young,tender cunt.  Finally, the night before her birthday, Kim said,"Well,honey, tomorrow is the big day!  I'll have your present waiting for youwhen you come down for breakfast.  And breakfast will be served a fewminutes earlier than normal so that after you finish eating, you cango back up stairs and put your birthday gift in his proper place."  Kimsaid, winking and smiling at her beautiful daughter.  Vanessa would be16 in just a few hours and Kim wanted it to be the very best birthdayshe had ever had, and it no doubt would be.

Early the next morning, Kim was preparing breakfast.  She had the twovessels of fluid that her sister in New York has sent her settingon the table.  She opened the small vessels and poured them bothinto Bobby's orange juice and then stirred it up.  One of the contentscaused immediate shrinkage to approximately 2 inches, and the contentsof the other vessel added an elasticity to the body, making it ableto withstand incredible pressure without permanent damage.  Kim thenwent up stairs and woke Bobby, her 10 year old step son up.  "Get upBobby! It's going to be a very fabulous day for you!"  Kim saidexcitedly.  Then she stepped across the hall and opened the door whereVanessa was already up and almost finished dressing.  She gave her moma huge warm smile full of excitement and anticipation.  Kim justgave her a reassuring smile and winked that all was well.  Shortly afterreturning to the kitchen, Kim watched as Bobby walked in groggily andstill half asleep.  "I'm sick and tired of this crap, having to get upand go to school everyday!"  Bobby said in a grumpy tone.  "Well, justhang in there, son."  Kim told him, with an evil smile on her face.  "Oneday you'll probably wish you could go back to school like all the kidsdo."  She told him, still smiling.  Bobby took his glass of orange juice.

"Drink it down in one gulp and see if it won't change your sour attitudethis morning, Bobby.  Sometimes orange juice does wonders for a body!"Kim said to him.  Bobby turned the glass up and began drinking the orangejuice, gulping it down with out taking the glass away from is face untilit was emptied.  About then, Vanessa entered into the kitchen and Kim said"Bobby just drank all his orange juice.  I told him a good glass oforange juice would often change his attitude and his entire way ofthinking."  Vanessa looked on smiling with eager anticipation as hermuch despised little step-brother began to get smaller and smaller.  Inonly two minutes after drinking the orange juice containing the shrinkingliquid, Bobby was 2 inches tall and running around on the huge seat of thechair trying to figure out what had happened to him.  Kim and Vanessaboth laughed as they heard a squeaking sound coming from the tiny boy.

"Mom, you're the greatest!  Thank you so much for my birthday gift!  Here,"Vanessa said as she took the tiny child in her huge, but soft tenderhand.  "I want you to do the initiation."  Vanessa placed Bobby on the floorand told her mom, "Go ahead Mom, stomp him just as hard and as flat asyou can!"  Bobby began running as fast and as hard as he could, trying to getunder the table.  Vanessa laughed and stuck her sandaled foot in frontof him, causing him to run square in to her big toe, knocking thebreath from his tiny, trembling body. "Why thank you dear," Kim said as shestepped over stood with Bobby between her feet.  Kim wore a pair ofgold slippers with 2 inch, hard blocked heels.  Bobby looked up, stilltrying to recover his breath, and saw his huge step-mother towering overhim.  Kim raised her right foot high and Bobby doubled up into a smallball, so fearful that he peed a tiny wet spot on the floor.  The bottomof Kim's slipper looked like a huge cloud cover as she moved it overher tiny step-son.  Suddenly Kim stomped as hard as she could.  It wasa perfectly aimed stomp as Bobby's tiny body was totally flattend underthe center of Kim's heel.  "Wow!" said Vanessa with much enthusiasm.  Isure hope the elastic stuff worked because if it didn't, that littlebrat is as flat as a piece of paper from now own!"  Kim lifter herslipper off of her flattened step-son.  They both watched as he slowlybegan taking his shape again and began wiggling and squirming.  "Alright!"Vanessa shouted in utter excitement.  Kim looked down at her foot andsaw that her husband was equally as flat because she had stomped Bobbywith the slipper where her husband was taped.  His head was as flat asa dime, lying there between Kim's heel and the heel of her slipper.

Vanessa grabbed Bobby up off the floor with excitement and headed up-stairs for her room.  She quickly raised her short skirt and pulleddown her red bikini panties and bent over.  "I've been waiting a longtime for this moment, you little brat. Now serve me well!"  Vanessatold the tiny trembling boy as she pushed him face first agains herawaiting anus. "Hope you enjoy your the first day of the rest of yourlife as my slave!"  Vanessa told the kid as she straightened back up,pulling her panties back up and lowering her skirt.  "I don't knowif you can hear me, but I just wanted to let you know, that cometomorrow, you'll be spending the day underneath my heel, just like yourworthless daddy spends his days under Mom's heel."  With that, shemarched out of her room, on her way to school, smiling and struttinglike a new queen.  She had been making plans for her new shrunken slavefor over two months, ever since Mom's sister in New York had writtenand told her she was sending the liquid to shrink them.  Today, itfinally come to be.  Bobby began squirming furiously inside Vanessa'sbutt as she told her mom good-bye and headed off to school.