LAB PARTNERBy JonthumbI had missed the last few weeks of work at the lab because of a case ofbronchitis. There was a lot of catching up to do. Christie, my lab partner, saidthat she would copy the notes for me and give me any assignments that needed myattention. I enjoyed her frequent visits. I hadn't shared with her the fact thatI was attracted to her. I thought this might interfere with our professionalrelationship. Christie was a true goddess! She stood a towering 6 feet in heightwith big blue eyes and long coal black hair that draped over her mountainousbosom. She almost always wore at least 5 inch heels which definitely made herstand out in a crowd! Her clothes were always somewhat on the conservative side,but when she would come over to visit, she would usually unbutton her top justenough to send my fantasies into high gear. Compared to my own 5 foot 6 stature,she was already a giant! Before I was stricken with the illness, we were workingon a project dealing with biochemistry. Our goal was to stimulate growth invegetation and possibly other food sources. Throughout the period of my illness,I spent much time surfing around the web researching subject matter inbiochemical alterations,(when I wasn't checking out GTS/shrinking stuff).

About the second week of my illness, Christie came by around 7:00pm.She wasdressed to kill! Donned in a black dress that could've easily been two sizes toosmall for her voluptuous body, a pair of 5" black platform heels, and her long,flowing hair completely let down. She brought the usual stack of paperwork, abottle of champagne, and a case of equipment from the lab. When I opened thedoor, she threw her arms around me and pulled me towards her, shouting in ajoyful tone, "We did it, Jack. We did it!!" I then knew that the project was asuccess. After releasing my head from her pillowy bosom, Christie strolled inand plopped down on my sofa. "Let's go out and get smashed!" she exclaimed. Itold her I needed to go take a shower first. As I was showering, Christiedecided to go online with my computer. When I was finished dressing, she wasback in the living room, stretched out on the sofa with two glasses of thebubbly and a great big smile on her face. It was one of those looks the catgives you after swallowing the canary. I didn't ask and proceeded to sit besideher and sip my champagne. "I hope you don't mind Jack, when I got on the web, Ithought I'd check out some of your favorite little places to visit". I quicklygulped down the rest of my glass in an embarrassed state and then proceeded tosay nothing. Noticing my discomfort, Christie cooed, "Hey, its okay. Everyoneloves different things. I bet you didn't know that I have a thing for aaaammmmm,how would you say, little men."I became immediately turned on. This was too good to be true! We poured somemore champagne and discussed our fantasies for what seemed like hours. Becauseof her height, Christie said she always wanted to see what it would be like tobe an actual giantess. The idea of having a pocket sized husband or boyfriendexcited her. "When I was younger, I fancied stories involving little men, yaknow, like Gulliver's travels and Jack (giggle) and the beanstalk". She stated.

We wrapped up the discussion with myself stating although it would be prettyneat to experience this, it could only be a dream. Just then, Christie beganlooking at her watch with sort of a mischievous grin on her face. "You knowJack, I have a little confession to make. While you were ill, I've been kindasorta monitoring your online how should I put this, uuuhhhhmmm, travels? And Idecided to do something that may very well bring both of our desires to life".

"In fact, the fun should be starting right about now!" As she said this, I beganfeeling quite dizzy, as if the whole room was spinning around me. Thecombination of the champagne and Christie's beauty and intense conversation hadintoxicated me to an intense degree of lightheadedness. Or so I thought. Imust've passed out, but when I awoke, I thought myself to still be in a dreamstate. For when I opened my eyes, I found the strangest thing had occurred. Iwas still on the couch in my livingroom, but everything around me, including thesofa I was lying on had grown! I mean really grown!! The sofa appeared to be atleast a hundred yards long! My coffee table, chairs, television, and the roomitself was of gigantic proportions! It seemed like I was at an Epcott centerexhibition or a Hollywood movie set of sorts! I rubbed my eyes intensely intotal disbelief. As I was doing so, I heard a large thud. Then, another, andanother. Suddenly, I heard a thunderous great bellowing voice coming towards mefrom what appeared to be the next room. "FE, FI, FO, FUM! WHERE'S THAT MANTHAT'S AS BIG AS MY THUMB?" I stood frozen in a swirling combination ofdisbelief, curiosity, and fear all rolled up in one. Suddenly, I looked up tosee the most amazing sight your narrator's eyes have ever looked upon, and I domean Upon! There staring down before me stood my friend and lab partnerChristie. She had to be at least a hundred feet tall! Once again I rubbed myeyes, thinking that the hallucination would disappear. But it did not. Then, Iimmediately realized that although everything around me was now of these massproportions, they hadn't grown. I had shrunk!I took a pratfall right on my ass almost passing out! I took several deepbreaths and looked back upward at the marvel of Christie. She was enormous! Shestood there with both hands on her hips and peering over her hill-like bosom,smiled down at my tiny body. "WHAT DO YA' THINK?" she cooed. I don't know. Ireplied. WELL, I JUST CAN'T HEAR YOUR TINY LIL' VOICE FROM WAY DOWN THERE. NOW,I'M JUST GONNA PICK YOU UP AND BRING YOU A BIT CLOSER SO I CAN HEAR YOU. OKAY?Before I could even respond, Christie reached down with her now wall-sized handand gently scooped me up, tumbling me over her long French manicured nails andinto her huge palm. She elevated me slowly upward. As she did, all I could do isstare in awe. Her dress was a courtyard of black. Her waist and chest lookedlike a steep hillside of quivering land! Finally up to her giant smiling face,it looked as if I was at a drive-in movie, just a few feet from the screen! Fora few moments, Christie held my tiny body directly in front of her eyes, oglingme almost like a child does a small pet mouse! Then she softly whispered, "IS ITALL YOU HOPED FOR, AND MORE Jack?" Finally coming to terms with the situation,"yes!" I shouted. "much, much, more!" "But how?" "Why?" I queried? " IT WASN'TEASY. I'VE BEEN WORKING LATE AT THE LAB MOST NIGHTS, AND I THOUGHT JUST FOR FUN,WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I REVERSED THE SEQUENCE IN THE VEGITATION PROJECT? IEXPERIMENTED ON A FEW OF THE LAB ANIMALS FIRST. THEN I SECRETLY TRIED IT OUT ONONE OF THE PAID VOLUNTEERS. AND EUREKA!! HE SHRUNK!! AND OF COURSE DISCOVERINGYOUR LITTLE ANTICS AT THESE GIANTESS AND SHRINKING SITES, WELL, I JUST THOUGHTSINCE YOU'VE BEEN A BIT UNDER THE WEATHER, I'D BRING A LITTLE, giggle,EXCITEMENT TO YOUR DAY." "SO, HOW YA LIKE ME NOW??" I HOPE YOUR NOT AFRAID OFTHIS GIANTESS. ARE YOU?"" Nnnnnnnnnoooo." I nervously mumbled. "Hey Christie!" "What happened to theother guy you uuumm shrank?" "WELL, THAT'S A BIT COMPLICATED. I'M TOTALLY LIKE,NOT SURE. AFTER THE PROCESS TOOK PLACE, HE ENDED UP ABOUT AN INCH TALL." (unlikeyour narrator, who stood a whopping two inches!) I HAD TO PUT HIM SOMEPLACE SAFEWHILE I PUT AWAY THE EQUIPMENT. SO, I PLACED HIM IN THE CANDY DISH ON MY DESK.

WHEN I CAME BACK JUST A COUPLE OF MINUTES LATER, I ENCOUNTERED BECKY ANDTAMARA.(two of the other lab workers). AND THERE THEY WERE, GOBBLING UP THE LASTPIECES OF CANDY IN THE DISH! SO, EITHER THERE'S A LILLIPUTIAN LOOSE IN THE LAB,OR HE WAS DEVOURED BY ONE OF THE GALS, I DUNNO." I was very stunned and afraidat her sudden carefree attitude about the ordeal and began to shiver at the merethought of actually being eaten by a woman. Sure, in fantasy, it seemed cool!But just looking at cavernous mouth of Christie's made me a bit nervous. "OHWELL, NOW LET ME SEE. WHAT SHALL WE DO? HMMMM, OH! I KNOW, HOW ABOUT WE UNDRESSFIRST, OKAY?" I tried to hide my fear, and my sudden erection at the same time!Nervously, I nodded yes. "I'M GONNA STRIP YOU JUST LIKE AN ITSY BITSY DOLLY.

With that, Christie slid her long index fingernail up my shirt, and with oneswoop, ripped it from my body! "MMMMM, LOOK AT THAT TINY MAN STANDING IN MY BIGOL' HAND." "NOW I SEE HOW YOU COULD EASILY BE MISTAKEN FOR CANDY, YUMMMM YUMMMM."She purred. She stuck her tongue out past her giant luscious red lips and beganlicking my chest, up and down. "DON'T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY Jack, BUT YOU AREAWFULLY TASTY!"I felt like I was about to explode! Her warm, wet slithering tongue at onepoint, almost enveloped my whole body! I resisted the dangerous urge to throwmyself into Christie's open mouth and just fell back into her palm like a tinyragdoll. Suddenly, I felt like I was descending downward. I was! Christielowered her hand and stopped right at her chest. My jaw dropped in amazement. Ihad seen her plunging neckline before, but this was incredible. I know she's atleast a 40DD to the average sized person. At my new size, they were like thirtyfeet DD. Her cleavage was more than three times my size! And that's with herdress on! I looked up again to see Christie's beautiful smiling face, once againpeering down at me as she moved me right up next to the opening of her dress.

She began shimmying her giant boobs just inches away from me. "WHY Jack! YOU'RENOT AFRAID OF MY BOOBIES, ARE YOU? C'MON. I'VE SEEN YOU PEEKING DOWN MY TOP WHENI'M NOT LOOKING, YOU NAUGHTY, TEENY WEENY, LITTLE MAN." I gasped inembarrassment. I stared at her mighty chest any chance I got. I even picturedher as a giantess coddling me between them. Who would've thought that my dreamwould come true? " MY OH MY. I THINK MY NIPPLES ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR WHOLEBODY." "HEY, I KNOW. WHY DON'T WE PLAY A LITTLE GAME OF HIDE AND SEEK?" "I'LLHIDE YOU INSIDE MY BRA, AND YOU GET TO SEEK YOUR WAY OUT." HE HE HE . Shelaughed. What the hell, I thought. This would probably be my only chance to liveout my fantasy, so I eagerly shouted YES! Christie then gently took me by myblue jeans between her thumb and forefinger nails and inserted me down deep intoher cavernous cleavage!I was quite scared at first. But then I felt myself surrounded and tucked innicely between her warm fleshy mountains of boob. ""THERE, THERE, NOW. HOW'STHAT MY LITTLE ONE?" WOULD YOU LIKE TO CLIMB MOUNT Christie? By this time Icould only hear her deep bellowing voice. All I could see was her humungousPurple satin bra and the black dress that lay over it. The bra could easilydouble as two tents now for a person of my stature! I began climbing over thetop of her left cup. She purposely began jiggling her giant tits in a teasingfashion, in order to make my climb all the more difficult! I clung to thebrassiere as the ground of boob quaked below me. If I fell between or beneaththem, I knew I would most certainly be squashed! I then saw Christie's huge handreach down towards me. Whew! I thought. Now maybe she'll get me out of here. Nosuch luck. In fact, she reached over to her bra cup and stretched open thefabric, causing me to quickly lose my grip! I tumbled down into the mighty cupand as she let go, I was pressed right up between the large satin canvas and herme-sized nipple! "SUCK HARD, MY LITTLE MAN, SUCK HARD!" She said in a pantingtone. I wrapped my thighs around the growing nipple and straddled my body aroundthe giantess' breast as much as I could. There was no way I could suckle onsomething that big! "WHATSA MATTER? CAN'T THE ITTY BITTY MAN SUCK THE GREAT BIGBOOBY?" "THAT'S ALRIGHT. WE CAN DO LOTS OF OTHER THINGS I'M SURE. She saidgiggling. Every time she spoke or even breathed, I felt like I was on some greatamusement park ride. She began to walk! I was being jounced up and down on themighty tit with every step she took! Suddenly, my position began to change.

Christie had walked into my bedroom and began to lay down on my bed. I was stillinside of her bra cup, but now I was lying horizontally on top of the big tit!She had removed her dress, and then her bra. As she unleashed the titanic moundsfrom the brassiere, I tumbled down into the valley that was between them.

Looking from side to side, I was surrounded by walls of warm, soft skin. Then,looking upward in front of me, I once again saw the jolly giantess smiling downupon me. "HMMM. SHOULD I SQUEEEEEZZZZZEE MY BOOBIES TOGETHER?" As she said this,I saw the walls of breast raise higher and closer around me. In a bit of apanic, I ran up through her cleavage and onto her adam's apple right as shepushed the massive mammaries together! "You could've crushed me, Christie!" Ishouted. "OH, YES I KNOW I COULD'VE, LITTLE Jack. BUT ALAS, I DIDN'T". "I LETYOU GET AWAY THAT TIME, HA HA HA!" "NEXT TIME YOU MIGHT NOT BE SO FORTUNATE."Christie then proceeded to pluck me from her neck by my tiny torso and thenlifting me up, she dangled me right above her open smiling mouth. "WHY DON'T WEGO BACK TO MY PLACE FOR AWHILE, KAY?" I just stared dumbfounded as I clung toher fingers, in fear of being dropped in her giant jaws. "Ummm, sure, I guess."On that note, She closed her fingers around my body. Christie rolled off of thebed and lifted me over to my nightstand and gently put me down. I sat andwatched as she put her bra back on and buttoned up her form-fitting dress.

"READY LITTLE MAN?"She laid out her palm in front of me. I automatically walked onto it. The mightygiantess reached for her handbag, snapped open the top and carefully placed meinside. "THERE, THERE. WE'LL BE AT MY PLACE IN NO TIME."I stayed in the purse for about a half an hour, but the total darkness made itseem like forever. I began contemplating all of the possibilities that couldoccur with this newly found size. The huge purse shook as she carried it to andfrom her car. Fortunately, I had made a comfortable resting place with a pack ofkleenex that I stumbled across. Towards the end of the journey, I was becomingimpatient. I knew we had arrived at her place, but for some reason, Christiedidn't let me out. Finally, I heard her speak in a booming, but still sultrytone. "OHHH JAAAAACK? I HAVE A GREAT BIIIIIIG SURPRISE FOR YOU." "JUST A FEWMORE MINUTES, AND I'LL MAKE IT WORTH YOUR WHILE." I thought to myself, "Whatcould be more surprising than the events that already transpired tonight?"Nevertheless, I waited, and waited, until finally, I felt the room sized pursetip over. I tumbled over as I saw the top being unsnapped. Light! Finally, Ithought. "OKAY Jack, COME ON OUT NOW." I walked out of the purse that was layingon it's side and stepped out onto this tall beige shag rug. I felt as if I waswading through tall grass. My head barely cleared the top of it! After a momentof adjusting my eyes from the darkness of Christie's handbag, I looked outwardand upward. "My God!" I exclaimed. There before me, stood Christie. I should sayChristie's platform high heeled sandals! They had to be at least four times myheight! I felt a bit intimidated. Looking up further, I ogled her towering legs,strong and mighty, like two oak trees. Above even further, all I could see weretwo twin mountains that overshadowed my tiny body. She had changed outfits! Shehad on a pair of tight cut-off jeans and a gargantuan black tube top! Christieplaced both hands on her hips and bent forward. Just enough to make eye contactwith me.

"YOU LIKE, TINY MAN? WELL, Christie WANNA PLAY! NOW!!!!" As she said that, shestomped her tall, massive foot right in front of me! This caused me to fallright on my ass! I was becoming scared. I thought this was gonna be fun. Shelooked at me as if I was a disobedient child who was about to be punished. "YOUDIDN'T THINK THIS WAS JUST FUN AND GAMES, DID YOU LITTLE Jack?" "WELL, LET MEJUST SAY THAT YOU ARE Christie'S NEW TOY!!!!!!" " I WILL DO WHATEVER, WHENEVER,AND HOWEVER I SO CHOOSE TO, GOT THAT?"No, I thought. This can't be happening! What happened to my gentle giantess? Wasthis the end of a dream? The beginning of a nightmare!? God, help me!! Christieknelt down, and pinching my body between her long thumb and fingernail, shehoisted me upward and placed me down on top of a small, yellow cushion. It wasabout the size of a bed to me! It was rather porous and smelled almost like,ummmmm, bread. Yeah, that's the smell. Oh my god! It was bread! A gianthamburger bun! She just stood and watched my response of fear as I came to thisrealization! "Nooooooooo! Pleeeaaaase!" I screamed. "LIKE, OMY GOD. IT'S LIKE ALITTLE MAN SANDWICH!" She said in a sarcastic, valley girl tone. "WHAT'S GOODWITH LITTLE MAN? HMMMM. MAYO? MUSTARD? PICKLES? YUMMM, MAYBE PLAIN. HMM?" Justas I was going to run, I looked up to see Christie's giant hand clutching thehuge bun top. Right as I took my first step, I suddenly found myself pressedbetween the two giant buns!My muffled screams were useless. She grasped the me-sandwich firmly in her handsand escalated my entrapped body towards the sky! "I BET YOU'RE GONNA TASTE SOOOOGOOOOOD, Jack!" Then, I heard a huge CHOMP! She just missed your narrator by ahair! I crawled over to the other side of the bun in hopes that she wouldcontinue to miss me again. Suddenly, I heard her say, "JUST MAKE IT EASY ONYOURSELF LITTLE ONE!" "DON'T TRY TO HIDE", IT'S USELESS!" After Christie's nextmassive bite, I saw an opening. Perhaps an escape route! The drop was long, butwhat other choice did I have? I squirmed out of my potential grave of bread, anddropped out of the bun. My life passed before my eyes! I knew I was going todie! Surprisingly, I landed right on top of Christie's giant jutting bosom!Christie felt me on her tit and immediately looked down and laughed. "AHA!!!WELL IT LOOKS LIKE A BUG HAS LANDED ON MY BOOBIE!!" "I MUST SAY, AS CUTE AS YOUARE, LITTLE BUGMAN, I JUST HAAAAAVE TO SQUASH YA!" With that, Christie reacheddown and pulled her titanic tube top open, sending me falling right into hercleavage!!! I grabbed onto a loose thread and hung for dear life betweenChristie's mountains. I felt her chest quake below me as she giggled. I suddenlywatched as the gargantuan walls of flesh began closing in on me! be continued