Lancelot Shrink, Secret ImpBy LittletoyLancelot Shrink, Secret Imp, agent for the Secret Security Squadron of the USDF,on behalf of the US of A, and a terrific BSer, had once again found himself in asituation in which he was entirely devoid of control; not a good situation for aspy, even if you are wearing depends under your black evening tux. He felt thesurface upon which he was sprawled out on give a gentle, ever-so-slight heaveunderneath him. He lifted his head up and his eyes followed the surface as itsloped upward at a slight angle until it met a large twin sort of outcropping,about two thirds as tall as he was, and colored the same as the smooth surfaceupon which he rested comfortably. It had been happening a lot lately, ever sincehe had volunteered for that agency program for an extra $50,000 per, knowingnothing about how it would alter his life forever. He remembered when they'dstrapped him in a gurney and a bunch of scientists stuck about a thousand littleelectrodes to his body, then they all scurried out of the room like members of ademolition team from a condemned warehouse, leaving Lance Bohem, as he was knownthen to wonder what he'd gotten himself into. Then his world filled with painand light and he'd blacked out, the first time he'd ever done that. He'd beenknown as a top field agent who could be depended on to never lose control of asituation, so it was weird when he came to and the uncontrollable effects of histreatment were revealed to him soon after, while in bed at....his memory wassnapped by the reality of the present.

A huge force encircled his body from the knees to just below his chin, squeezinghim firmly but not nearly enough to hurt him. He felt himself separate from thesmooth, soft surface upon which he been resting and rise several feet in theair. He kicked out with his legs in protest and struggled to free his arms fromtheir confinement but all his movement had no effect, and he remembered where hewas, namely in the grip of a beautiful young female who held his tiny bodysuspended over the surface of her flat stomach.

"I thought you were going to take your clothes off?" the beautiful young femalesaid. Lance saw the fingers of her free hand slowly glide toward him. He lookedout at her face and saw she was smiling. He couldn't believe this wild scene wasrepeating itself again. But it was; all because of his new found, er, power. thescientists were hoping for a secret agent who could control his strength andmass with his brain. He didn't understand it all, but he knew something had gonewrong when he suddenly one night, while in his recovery bed in the militaryhospital, he felt dizzy and when he pressed the nurse's call button he found hecould barely reach it. By the time Nurse McKay came to his rescue, scooping himup in her soft fingers and setting him gently on the bed, he had nearly fallento his death and clung desperately to the sheet that hung down the side of hisbed. He'd shrunk! That was the first time. The scientists were even more excitedabout this development then they'd been about what they'd originally planned.

Unfortunately as time went on it became clear that Lance's shrinking ability wasbecoming permanent. He'd shrink down to eight inches tall, be that way foralmost four hours, and then suddenly resume his normal 5' 9" height. Then 15minutes later he'd shrink again, or maybe he wouldn't shrink at all for almost aweek. It was completely unpredictable except that as time wore on he noticedthat the time he seemed to be staying shrunk to eight inches was increasing, andthe time in between at normal height was becoming less and less as the days wenton. It seemed that he was doomed to live out his life as a doll-sized man, andthe scientists were soon disappointed and faced with budget cuts, went back towork on a new and improved death gel.

His distaste for the scientists was interrupted by the gliding fingers again, asthe hand that encircled his body opened slightly to let the gliding fingersthrough. The beautiful young female gently pinched the back of Lance's littletuxedo jacket and lifted it up and over his head, then tossed it recklesslybehind her, lost from his sight.

"Hey, my new Tux!! he shouted. He watched her short blond hair gently bobagainst her shoulders and neck as she giggled at him.

"Well then", she said, "We'll just have to go to Toys 'R' Us for a new one then,doll!"She laughed gently at him again as her she pulled his white shirt off his tinybody with her thumb and forefinger, ripping it to shreds in the process. Hehated to ruin good clothes this way, even if she did have several more tinytuxedos in her drawer. But he was powerless to stop her, and she just loved todress and undress him herself, even though he was perfectly capable of doing ithimself. Those egghead scientists have fucked him up good, he thought to himselfas he drifted off again, but all the head spooks at the agency fell in love withthe idea of having a secret agent who could get into places where no one elsecould, the ultimate infiltrator. They ignored the fact that he had no controlover his power, instead teaming him with another agent who would assist him inhis assignments. Some wiseass nicknamed him Lancelot Shrink, and it stuck.

Instead of pairing him with an veteran agent they found him a rookie just out ofcollege, and a young woman to boot. Someone upstairs had it in for him, hethought as he shook hands with this partner for the first time. She was abeautiful young blond haired woman, with a sleek body and nice, very firmbreasts, he noticed as she extended her arm for a handshake.

"Lance, my name is Melanie Stewart, your new partner, I just couldn't wait tomeet you", she said, "I can't wait to see you when you're small!..." and shelaughed slightly. Lance thought he saw her nipples harden beneath her T-shirt,but he didn't want her to notice he was checking so he didn't look too closely.

It was less than 48 hours after that he'd shrunk in front of somebody outsidethe military hospital for the first time, only it wasn't Melanie....... Hefloated back into the here and now as he felt her fingernail flick off first hisleft shoe, then his right, then she plucked off his teeny socks, pretending toalmost faint at their undetectable odor, playfully holding her nose aftertossing them on the floor next to the big bed. After that the pants slid offeasily, even as he struggled to keep them on, but it was more of a show for herthan a real attempt to ward off Melanie's playful, amorous advances. He stillcouldn't believe that his immediate superior, Jack Sallow, had assigned the twoof them to live as a couple, in preparation for a lengthy assignment in Europe.

Besides being 5 years younger than he, she also was in terrific physical shape,not muscular-he hated that look, but rather athletic. In fact, he'd laterlearned that she lettered in both field hockey and swimming in college. But Jackhad never liked him, so why was he being teamed up with this rather hot youngfemale agent? In fact he'd been certain that Sallow wanted him out of the agencyaltogether so the whole thing didn't make sense.... Perhaps he was missing thebig picture here, but that didn't matter now as the huge tip of her fingerrested on his tiny crotch, still covered by his plaid boxer shorts.

"Tee hee, I can feel your tiny erection under there! Lance I just LOVE that!",she squealed. Then her probing index finger playfully fought his wildly swingingarms and gently stripped his boxers off with one motion. That done, she closedher open palm around his body again and brought him up to her jade colored eyes.

"You are just SO adorable, I could just eat you up!", she snickered. She thrusthim against her full, plush lips, her soft tongue darting out across his chestand stomach. Her hot breath, covered him in puffs as she breathed in and out.

She worked her way down further to his crotch, probing the tip of his cock withthose lips before pushing him away a bit.

"Hmmmmmm...let's see what we have here", she laughed, " little toyhas a little toy of his own! Cool!".

She gently reached her index finger of her free hand out to touch his erectpenis, giggling all the while as she casually flicked it back and forth, playingwith its insistent rigidity and testing the durability of his manhood. His tinybody responded and he had long since dropped the feint of resisting, and was nowabout to come.

"Oh no, not yet!", she whined softly. She lowered her lips back down to hiscrotch and began using her tongue to play with his cock again, but after only afew seconds he blew his load into her cavernous mouth and lay limply in herpalm, exhausted.

"Hmmph!", she said, "That was neat. But now you've already came and I'm justgetting started", she protested. "You probably feel like resting, don't you,little doll?"He watched her beaming face recede as she lowered him against one bare breast.

Although at his normal size her breasts were not huge in size, perhaps 36C atmost, at his tiny size now they were way more than he could handle. She rolledhim around on her breast with the flat of her hand before placing him in hernice cleavage. As she gently pressed her breasts together against him he wasintoxicated by the smooth softness her warm tan flesh offered and the smell oflilacs drifted into his senses from somewhere.

"Hee hee hee, little one, you're squeezably soft!", she laughed as her armsfolded over her chest, pinning him firmly in her cleavage. "I could play withyou all night again, Lance, I think I'm becoming addicted to your littleness.""Please Melanie, be gentle, one of these days you might hurt me in bed here.

This could be more dangerous than any field work I ever perform", he protested.

"But you know Mr. Sallow said we had to portray a couple as our cover when we goon assignment so you have to get used to this, besides you may need thisexperience at some time in the near future. Besides, I just can't keep my handsaway from you at this size, your so cute". And her whole body shook with herlaughter, jostling him about; but he wasn't going anywhere; he was held firmlyin place between her breasts. From his position he looked over at the top of herleft breast and stared at the erect nipple that was too big to fit in his mouth.

"See something you want?", she cooed, " poor little doll, can't youreach? Here, let me help you...". Her arms unwrapped themselves from around himand he saw her fingers dart down and quickly wrap around his body again,plucking him nonchalantly from her cleavage. Then she turned him around andsettled his crotch against her left breast's nipple, using his entire body tostimulate it. He felt her breast flesh slide and give gently about him as shemanipulated his entire body over first her left breast then her right,pleasuring herself with him, then stopping to let him suck her nipples on eachbreast, all the while moaning contentedly. Then she let him go and he wasleaning against her right breast before, laughing again, she pinched his leftankle between her thumb and index finger and began slowly dragging him down awayfrom her chest, across her ribcage, and to her stomach, holding him flat againsther, enjoying his tiny struggles, before continuing to drag him down to hercrotch. He felt her shift underneath him and he knew she was going to take himagain, and before he knew it he was slowly being guided head first into theblond gateway between her legs. He gulped a last breath of air and hoped hewouldn't pass out this time.

He remembered that first time he'd shrunk outside of the hospital, in the field.

It was not that long ago, only a couple months. Right after they discharged himfrom the hospital and cleared him to return to field operative status. Theagency had set them up in a safe house condo in Arlington, and they had alreadyinspected the place and moved their stuff in earlier. No one was supposed toknow about the place but Melanie couldn't resist and had invited her 19 year oldsister, Danielle, a sophomore at George Washington U., over to help get settled,an infraction of the rules to be sure but Lance saw no harm in it given thatthey had no field orders yet. It was right after dinner, and Melanie, who hadinvited Danielle to stay the night, had gone to the video store for a movie,despite his begging her not to leave, in fear of what might happen were he toshrink alone with her younger sister present.. "Take the beeper, just in case",he said as she walked out the door.

During dinner Danielle had indicated that Melanie had told her about hiscondition and expressed hope that she'd get to see his first shrinking outsidethe hospital. He wondered how Melanie could give out that information, even ifit was her sister. He'd asked Melanie to have her sister to leave at the firstsign that he might be having a shrinking attack. Not that Danielle wasn'tintriguing. She was 5' 4" , with the same sleek body but with flowing lightbrown hair that went to the middle of her back. She seemed even more innocentthan her older sister. She wore a white T-shirt and jeans that showed off hershapely legs and rear. He was drying the last of the dinner dishes, Melaniehaving just left 5 minutes before, when an awful tremor shook through his body.

He moaned softly, hoping Danielle wouldn't hear him. No such luck. He was backedagainst the fridge, and Danielle was soon at his side, her wide brown eyesfilled with concern, one hand gently resting on his shoulder.

"Hey Lance, what's the matter? Are you okay?", she asked softly. Then it dawnedon her, and her look of concern was wiped with curiosity.

"Hey! You're starting to shrink, aren't you? Cool! I'm gonna see it! And Melanieis missing it!". And she backed away slightly, hands at her hips, chest thrustoutward less than a foot from him as he shrank. He saw her sweet young face,smiling with amazement start to rise even with his as he slowly dwindled, aftera couple of minutes he was staring right into her pert, youthful breasts as heshrank under 5'. He saw her slim waist rise up to meet him as he passed 4'. At3' he looked up at the giant teen and saw her raise a huge arm to her mouth tounsuccessfully stifle a giggle, then bend over to continue to watch him shrink.

Her thighs, thick as tree trunks, then knees, passed him on his way down. Thenhe saw them move back and the huge mass that was the teenage giant's body swoopclose as Danielle got on all fours to check him out. He was now about eightinches tall, and quite frankly cowering at the giant girl peering down at him inamusement.

"Wow! Neat! Look at how tiny you are! I can't believe it! ". Her hands werecupped to the sides of her face as Danielle studied him carefully. "You're likea toy or something. Are you okay?".

"I'm fine", he trembled, "Just be careful where you walk. You might step on meor something".

Her face turned to concern. "Noooooo...I would never do that to such a cutething like you, I swear! Melanie said I could touch you if you shrank.""Absolutely not!", He shouted up at her. "I'm an agent for the Secret SecuritySquadron of the USDF, on behalf of the U. S. A, not some toy!"And before He had the chance to react further she reached out with a slender armand wrapped her soft fingers around his middle, seizing him gently butirresistibly off the floor in one smooth motion.

"Hey! Help! Put me down!" He cried, kicking his legs an flailing his arms as hewas treated to the same slow elevator view of her body, only in reverse as shelifted him up, her free hand coming up behind him to support his back as shebrought him against her supple, youthful chest, hugging him between her breastsin a gentle hug. She was trying to be gentle, treating the tiny man as she wouldtreat a baby kitten, but he was mortified. This 19 year old, very innocent, verypretty, and very young woman was in total control of his life at this minute.

She could easily squeeze him to death in her hands, or dash him to the groundand step on him, even eat him alive. He shuddered at what was in store for him.

The ringing of the phone interrupted his nightmares. Danielle slowly raisedherself up off her knees and walked over to the phone, still clutching him toher soft, pliant, youthful boobs.

"Hello?", he heard her ask. "Yes, it did. The beeper went off? Really? You meanit? Okay, thanks. Bye Mel...". She hung up the phone and lifted Lance from hisresting place between her boobs and up to her sweet face.

"Melanie says she's sorry she didn't see you shrink this time, but her beeperwent off and she had to go to the pentagon for an emergency meeting and now shesays she won't be back till morning. Guess who gets to take care of you? Me!",Danielle explained.

"Let me go!", Lance protested, "You can't do take care of me, I'm a man not atoy! I'm Lancelot Boehm of the Secret Security Squadron of the USDF, on behalfof the U. S. A". He was really kicking wildly now in protest, and it onlystrengthened the delicate young woman's resolve to have her way with her newprize.

"Now quit that.", she playfully scolded, holding him out at arms length awayfrom her to emphasize her strength and power over her little captive treat. "Ithink maybe I should turn in early, after all, its a weeknight, and I haveclasses tomorrow. I wish I could take you to my sorority and show you off. You'dbe the hit of the house." And before he knew what was happening he was swungagainst her soft chest again, pushed up against her as she made a beeline forthe guest bedroom, where she was staying.

"Looks like there's plenty of room for you on my bed. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!". She raninto the room and flopped on the bed, back first. Nestled safely in Danielle'sbosom, Lance was saved the shock of her titanic body bouncing on the bed, but hewas still shaken. Her hand closed around him again and she dragged him acrossher chest down to her stomach, then she slipped him under her shirt and draggedhim back up across her smooth tummy-flesh to her chest again, and Little Lancewas resting just under her left breast, staring at the huge lace bra thatcovered her nubile chest.

"How silly of me!", she said, "Let me get this top off! Here..." And he couldsee the white cotton fabric of her shirt peel back over his head as she removedit. He looked back down her body length and he saw that Danielle had somehowremoved her jeans while he was under the shirt and now was down to bra andpanties. he could not help notice her long shapely legs, but even as he did sowas upended by Danielle as she leaned forward to remove her bra. He tumbled downher stomach into her lap. She had the loose straps in her hands and was staringdown at him, about to remove the bra from her front.

"You know", she said, "I never thought my boobs were really that big, untilnow", she laughed softly. "But I have been told that my nipples are really nice.

My last boyfriend said so. What do you think, my Ken doll? Huh?". And sheremoved the bra from her front, exposing her firm, pert breasts and perfectround nipples, which were sticking out erect at the sight of her Little Lancedoll. Lance could only stare up at her and nod in awe. He'd lost the will toresist and was now studying her huge body intently.

"Here cutie, why don't you come up for a closer look?". Her hand shot out atLance again, seizing him up to her face. With a finger of her free hand shecarefully and gently got his shoes and socks off, then his pants and shirt,cooing and purring at him with satisfaction as she did so. Holding him in heropen palm in front of her face she gently stroked his tiny body with herfingertips, stopping only to insistently tug at his boxers until the came offtoo, exposing his rigid member, which was at attention.

"Wow! are you neat! Look at your tiny cock! Its the teeniest little thing I'veever seen! How adorable you are! I just can't believe you're a real littleperson! Its like a dream come true! I love you!". She was giggling as she saidthis, all the while gently touching Lance's little dick, flicking it back andforth and down and around, careful not to hurt him or put too much pressure.

"You like that don't you?" she asked gently, "I told you I wouldn't hurt ahelpless thing like you, didn't I? Hmmmmmmmm?" Lance could not answer, he wastoo enchanted by Danielle's musical voice and gentle touch to do anything butmoan in ecstasy.

"Hey!", she said, closing her fist on him once more, "I was going to show you mynice boobs, remember?". And she swung his little body down and cupped him to herbreast so that his entire body was draped over one tit, his crotch centered onthose prefect little nipples. He felt her breast give beneath him as she gentlyapplied pressure with her hand, squashing him into the breast, his body sinkinginto her softness. Then she started jiggling her breast all around, stillclasping her little mannikin to it, ignoring his tiny complaints of dizzinessuntil she got bored hearing them, and she moved him so that her nipple was athis mouth, forcing it gently in as she moaned softly.

"See? I knew you'd like that, my little boytoy, now lets explore a little lower,shall we?". Suddenly she arched her back, thrusting her chest forward, causingLance to tumble backward off her chest onto her smooth, taut, stomach, whichimmediately began rippling with her laughter. Her hand came down to hold himagainst her smooth tummy, flat on his back. After a few minutes she lifted himagain to her face and began kissing him, rubbing her plush lips and soft tongueall over his body, focusing on his cock, which was still erect.

"You are just SO adorable, the most precious thing I've ever seen in my life!This is so cool! Mmmmmmmmm...." she buried his crotch in her mouth, swirling andflicking his penis with her tongue until he came into her mouth.

"That's cute", she said, "Now you have to please me". Lance knew what was comingnext. Clutching him firmly she began easing him, head first into her.

"Stop wiggling around so much! I might hurt you or something. You do feel goodthough." She was thrusting him in and out now, moaning and starting to buck.

Lance felt like he was on a roller coaster. He was being thrust in and out ofher over and over again, all the while her muscles were contracting around himtighter and tighter as she moved him in and out. Thick juices covered himcompletely as she left him in now her hips lifting up off the bed and back down.

For a moment, as the walls of the pretty young woman squeezed him tighter andtighter as she neared orgasm, he feared he would die under the mountingpressure. He was being squeezed rythmically by the huge soft muscles of hervagina, harder and harder, her juices getting thicker and thicker. Lance wasabout to pass out from the lack of air and the choke of liquid, but after aneternity he felt her fingers pinch him around his ankles and draw him out. Shedangled him upside down in front of her flushed face, inspecting him. He seemednone the worse for wear to Danielle. A bit sticky, perhaps, so Danielle broughtthe tiny toy, still upside down, to her mouth and licked his entire body clean.

That done, she placed him next to her on the bed and began putting her clothesback on.

"That was neat Lance! I can't believe you're real! Your my little toy aren'tyou?'. She snatched him back up and showered him with kisses once more, thengave him another quick hug against her chest for emphasis.

"I've changed my mind. I'm taking you to my sorority house to meet my friendstonight. They'll freak out when they see how adorable you are, so precious andcute! Come with me. I promise to have you back here before morning and Melaniereturns. Get ready for the night of your life, my little treasure cutie". Andwith that she matter of factly popped him into her purse and took him to her carfor the ride into D.C......

"Lance...are you okay?" Melanie was staring into his tiny face, a look ofconcern on hers. She had just pulled him out from her after having her way withthe little man again. She settled him between her breasts as he finally spoke...

"Sorry Melanie, I was just thinking about what happened a couple of months agowhen your little sister saw me shrink and took me home to her sorority.""Still thinking about her sorority friends? Well, guess what, they want to seeyou again before we leave for Europe next week, and I'm going to let Daniellehave you for a weekend while I go off to that agency survival camp. Don't worry,though, I made Danielle promise no harm would come to you." her hands came up toclose tightly around him as Melanie drifted off to sleep, leaving LancelotShrink, Secret Imp, to wonder when the shrinking would wear off this time. Thenhe started replaying what had happened when Danielle had taken him to meet hersorority friends, to show him off to them. He was thinking about that incredibleepisode as he drifted off to sleep, between the breasts of his gorgeous youngpartner...