Litaby moldyI trembled when I knocked on the door. I couldn't believe I was doing this. Itried not to think. I hadn't seen Lita since she was fired from her job a yearago. I had driven past her house every now and then, hoping to catch a glimpseof her. Well tonight I actually saw her driving along the road, and I followedher. I hope she wouldn't think I was a freak. She answered the door and wassurprised.

"John. Hi, its good to see you, come in.""Hi Lita, I was driving along and I saw you. I hope you don't mind if I cameover here, but its been a while and I just wanted to see how you were.""No, I don't mind John, come on in."We chatted for a little while and caught up on our lives. Her new job, my newjob. She is now going to yoga classes and getting massages. "Thats where I camefrom." I noticed she was wearing sweats and a pair of Nikes. "Well John, what'snew with you?""Not much, work, fixing the house, etc."I gazed down at her sneakers, just thinking of her feet. I really missed them. Ihoped she would take off her sneakers and socks.

"John, you seem lost in thought. What are you thinking about?""Nothing." I answered, snapping out of a trance.

"Do you want some coffee?""Yea, sure.""OK, I'll be right back. Oh, and I've got something to show you.""Alright." I answered inquisitively.

As she milled about in the kitchen I thought about how strange this was. I'vealways had a thing for Lita, she was at least twelve years my senior, at aboutthe age of 45. But for some reason I found her very attractive. She did keepherself in good shape, but undeniably it was her hands and feet that really sether apart. She was also very pretty, and mostly wore her hair up. I was justhoping to get a rapport with her so we could keep in touch. She had a 17 yearold daughter and had been divorced twice.

On more than a few occassions I know she caught me staring at her sandal cladfeet. She had amazing feet, toes and long toenails. Her big toes were amazing.

She also had about a 1/4" space between her big and second toe when she stood inher high heeled sandals. I especially liked it when she wore silver or whitenail polish. Yea, you can tell right about now that I am a foot freak. Well, Ithink she gathered that too, because on two occassions when she was wearingsandals she kinda did a little shuffle, kinda like saying, Hey look what I'mwearing.

Another time she was wearing these flat sandals with no nail polish and out ofthe blue told me, in front of other employees, that she was wearing thesesandals because the instep of her foot hurt. I just kinda dismissed it and keptmoving along, trying to hide my embarrassment. Later that day she came into theoffice where I was fixing a PC and stood next to me, saying nothing. I couldthink of nothing to say, so I stupidly offered, "Gee, where does your foothurt?" She seemed pleased by this and urged me to look at her left foot andpointed to an area and massaged it. Well, I had to pry my eyes off her feet andtry to suppress my boner.

The company we worked at was just bought out and the new owners were making alotof changes. I felt awful when Lita was fired. She deserved better. Just beforeshe got fired, the company had a Christmas party. I know, what a lousy time tocan someone!! Anyway, at the party, she was wearing a long black dress with aslit up the side and also wore black high heeled slide sandals. They had verysmall straps and you could see her feet very well, gorgeous as they were, andshe knew it.

I was fiddling with the server's backup tape drive and she walked into the verysmall room. Actually, it as not much bigger than a closet. We kept the printersthere as well as the server. I was kneeling on the floor picking through thetapes when she walked in. She stood right next to me and took her sweet timechanging the paper in one of the printers, and then lingered over it for a fewseconds, knowing full well that I was looking sideways at her feet. Man, werethey awesome.

So many times I imagined myself the size of an ant or even a flea at her feet.

Oh yeah, now you know, I am a giantess foot freak. Some in the gts communitywould say I have a shrunken man or micro preference. Anyway, I would fantasizeabout her shrinking me and dominating me with her toes, especially her big toes.

In the end she would squash me or sometimes she would be playful and let melive, returning me to normal size.

"John? John!" I snapped out of my second trance in the last twenty minutes. "Youseem rather distracted," she remarked with a little smirk. "Well, here's yourcoffee.""Here, look at this," as she plopped a small strange cloudy-dark orb onto thecoffee table in front of me.

"I got this from my yoga instructor. She says if you focus on this orb you canimagine your deepest, darkest desires within it. Try it."I looked up at her and noticed she had changed clothes, a quick glance at herfeet made my heart jump, she was wearing sandal slippers and her toes lookedwonderful, long toenails painted white like her lovely long fingernails. Acurious smile crossed her face, and she looked down at her feet and wiggled hertoes. It almost seemed like she was subconciously willing me to wish for myfantasy to come true.

She broke the silence with "John, look, I think I see a tiny little speck hereon the floor in front of my right foot. Do you see it? Look, right here. Lookharder. Do you see it?"I looked in front of her foot but saw nothing. She was bending over at the wasteand pointing at a spot about an inch away from her big toe. I focused moreintently and began to see something, something very small, but just couldn'tmake it out.

"John, do you see it?" Lita's voice became very distant and the room became darkand hazy. I didn't know what kind of a trance I was in this time, but I saw thesmall speck at her foot become clearer and larger, clearer and larger. Butactually everything was getting larger.

I snapped out of this trance and was lost. I looked around the room and saw agiant pink wall a few hundred feet away from me. Hold on now, on top of the wallrested an incredibly gigantic foot and toes, and above an ankle, and above a legand, and, it was Lita, incredibly gigantic, bending over pointing down at me.

I saw her glance over at the couch where I had just been sitting and then lookback down at me. "Well, I thought this was your deepest, darkest desire. Now Iknow for sure."Holy shit. I couldn't believe this. Was this true? "Lita! Please help me. Don'thurt me please." It was pointless, she could never hear me. I was the size of aflea.

Lita straightened up and looked down at me hands on hips. "Well, what do I donow? This is your fantasy isn't it? I suppose I should have asked you before youshrank but how was I to be sure?""Well I suppose the only thing I could do for you now is to put you out of yourmisery."Lita slid her slippers off and positioned the big toe of her right foot directlyin front of me. Her long white painted toenails hanging over the ends of hertoes. I was shadowed by her big toe's toenail. I gazed up at the underside ofher toenails in disbelief. "So long John. Sorry we couldn't spend any more timetogether, but this is inevitable you being at this size and all."Lita raised her titantic big toe and moved it over me, then began lowering itslowly. I stood there looking up at the underside of Lita's toe slowly comingdown towards me. "Is this your fantasy John?" I heard booming from above, hertone mocking me for such a strange masochistic penchant. This snapped me out ofyet another trance. I began to run towards her second toe, it was the closestroute of escape I could see.

I wasn't going to make it. I was knocked down by her toe. I fell onto my backand saw and felt her tremendous wall of toe flesh crush the life out of me.

I snapped out of a very deep trance and saw Lita looking down at her barefeet,her attention focused on her right foot. "What happened?" I asked wonderously.

Lita looked up at me with a satisfied smile. "What do you think happened?""I'm not sure, I'm not sure. But I'm glad to be alive. I thought I was a goner.

You knew that, I mean you saw that, um, uh, how did you...""John, don't ask me to explain it, I just know it works. Now, your coffee isgetting cold. Let's sit and chat about yours and my fantasies."I couldn't believe this. This couldn't be true. This couldn't have happened. Ordid it happen?"Lita, OK, that was really weird, but can you do that again?""Sure. Actually you made it happen by opening up your mind. But can I tell youmy deep, dark fantasy?""Sure.""Or better yet, I will use the orb and you will experience it. Just keep yourmind open as you did before."She focused on a spot on my chest and slowly moved her gaze down to the floorbetween her feet. As she did so she and I both fell into a trance. As she lookeddown she grew taller and taller. The house around us melted away, we were in alarge field just outside of town. She grew taller and taller until she was about1000 feet tall. I was looking up at her in utter amazement.

"You have a giantess fantasy!" Of course she couldn't hear me again.

This time she did something a little different. She bent down and put her handdown palm up and invited me to get onto her upturned fingernail.

She raised me up to the top of her sole of her massage sandal on her right foot.

The knobs on the top of the sandal provided me with just enought space to avoidbeing crushed under her foot. I scurried around under her foot, looking up inawe as I made my way through the maze of massage knubs on her sandal. I foundone knub that had a small hole, in the side of it, but large enough for me toget into it. Once through the opening it expanded into a larger cavity, mostlikely an air bubble that was trapped during the molding of the sandal.

Lita decided to move through the field now, saying "Well, now that you are inyour favorite spot, let's get to work. I've got some cars to crush."John held on tight as his whole world pitched and rolled and slammed repeatedly.

He was about to get sick when he heard Lita call to him.

"John, come out of hiding, I want to show you something."John pulled himself through the hole of his small cave and scurried under Lita'sfoot out between her big and second toe.

"Oh there you are", giggled Lita. "You look so tiny.""Lita, you look spectacular from down here." John said this knowing she couldn'tpossibly hear him.

"OK, watch this" Lita said. As she said this she bent over and used the end ofher index fingernail to crush a tiny car on a suburban street. John became awareof their surroundings as he followed the motion of her finger as it came down onthe car. John ran to the edge of her sandal and saw the aftermath of her playfulpoke.

"Aww, you missed that didn't you. Well I'll just have to squish another one."With that she lowered her titanic fingernail onto another car down the streetand it collapsed instantly into a little scrap of metal.

"Cool, huh?"John then noticed that there were houses all around and cars also. It lookedlike a typical suburban street he was looking down onto from the top of hersandal sole. But there was something strange about this street, there were nopeople anywhere to be seen.

John turned around to see the collosal toes of his giantess collaboratortowering over him. He craned his neck up to see Lita bending down, scanning thestreet at her feet. Gads, she was gorgeous. John lost it right there. He felt sooverwhelmed with her size that he fell onto his back and lay there in pureecstasy. He drank in her beauty and sheer collosal size. Her toes rising abovehim like menacing cliffs of death, her long toenails overshadowing him.

Lita then decided to remove her sandals and walk on the hapless neighborhood.

John remained on the sandal, but was enjoying the view from his vantage point.

She crushed houses and cars under her tremendous toes and laughed when they gaveway to her slightest touch.

"Well, what do you think John? Time to get back?"Lita picked up the sandal and tipped it so John fell onto the ground. He musthave falled 50 feet, but amazingly he was unhurt. He got up and dusted himselfoff and noticed that a shadow enveloped him.

"It's SQUISSSH time John!!" She attenuated the word SQIUISH, dragging out the "SH"sound, like she was really going to enjoy this.

Lita's big toe once lowered onto John, this time with startling speed. John felthimself crushed under her limitless weight, and then...

John shook off his trance and was once again sitting on Lita's couch, looking atLita's big toe grinding something on the floor.

"Oh, you're back", exclaimed Lita. She slipped on her sandals and looked at Johnover her glasses. "How did you like my fantasy.""It was amazing." John, clearly reeling from his most recent near deathexperience sat perplexed on the sofa.

"John, are you hungry?""Yeah, I am. What do you have in mind?""I'm in the mood for a little shrimp," Lita cooed.

They made for the door and jumped in her car. John was eyeing her the wholetime.

"I am really blown away by this. This is incredible. It seems so real.""It is to a certain extent." answered Lita.

"I mean, you killed me twice, by crushing me under you big toe for Pete's sake!Not that I did'nt enjoy the view, but here I am unscathed and we are both normalsize again.""I know, it's amazing isn't it. Just accept it John, don't try to analyze it.

Just trust your dreams and desires and keep your mind open. Otherwise it won'twork for you.""So where do we go from here Lita?""We go where our dreams take us John."We talked at dinner in hushed tones, just amazed at each other's perspectivefrom our recent adventures of the evening.

"What makes you like being as small as a flea John? It seems strange to want tobe small and insignificant.""Well, I'm not sure, but" blushing as he said this, "Its not that I am justinsignificant, but I am under the total and complete control of a beautifulwoman."Lita blushed at this. I wasn't sure the last time she heard anyone call herbeautiful, but she was. "But the foot thing.""Yeah, I know..." John turned bright red at this and looked down at his plate. "I..I,don't know why, I just like them. Especially when, um, uh, oh...""Let's go back to my place John. We can talk more freely there.""OK, sounds good." Actually it sounded great. Maybe another adventure could behad.

Lita fell silent in the car. She seemed almost pensive. The mood suddenly turnedstrained and you could cut the tension with a knife.

Lita pulled into her driveway and turned to John.

"John, my daughter is home now and I think I need to think about what happened.

I mean...""I know Lita, we were just work acquaintances, and suddenly we are sharing ourdeepest, darkest fantasies. I was just thinking it was a bit much all at once.

I'll head home now. I'll give you a call or you can send me an email."John scribbled on the back of a scrap of paper from his glove box and handed itto her.

"I never thought I would say this but it was a pleasure getting squished like aflea by you tonight."Lita chuckled, "Well John it was my pleasure to squisssshhh you!" She draggedout the "sh" sound again, and when she did so she puckered her lips cutely. Awide grin washed over her face.

We got out of her car and I turned to say one last goodnight when she broke in,"Say goodnight to my tootsies little man."John looked down at Lita's beautiful sandal clad feet and watched as she did herlittle jig and wiggled her toes.

"Goodnight my giantess."She smiled broadly at this and turned and entered the front door.

John stood there for a few seconds just trying to believe what just happened. Hejogged over to his car and sped off.

He couldn't wait until tomorrow. He would call her and see if she would re-enactthe story of "A small matter underfoot" or maybe "another small matterunderfoot", or maybe "empire", or "70 mile Jenny". He wondered if she knew aboutthe internet giantess community.

John called her after getting home from work. Lita's daughter answered. "No, myMom isn't here. She's at yoga. She should be back in about a half hour or so.""OK, thanks.""Hey, are you the guy my Mom dated last night?""Well..., yeah", answered John.

"She was very happy this morning. She really wants me to meet you.""OK, that'd be cool. I look forward to meeting you Tina.""I'll tell my Mom to call you when she gets home. What's your number?"John gave her his number and talked a few more minutes with Lita's daughterTina, hung up and made himself a quick dinner.

The phone rang, it was Lita.

"I heard you called. Don't let Tina bother you. She is just a little anxious tomeet you.""Oh no, I'm not bothered at all, no trouble. How old is Tina? She just turned18, graduating from High School in a few months.""Wow, I remember when I graduated...""So how about dinner tonight over my place, Tina can meet you.""Well, sure. I'll be there in about 45 minutes.""See you then."John put his meager dinner in the fridge and changed out of his work duds. As hewas driving over to Lita's place he wondered why Tina was so anxious to meethim.

When he arrived he saw that Tina was every bit as beautiful as Lita but evenmore so. She was tall, brunette and leggy. She also seemed to have a penchantfor wearing sandals like her mother. Tina met John at the front door.

"Well Tina, it's nice to meet you," offered John.

"Hi John. It's nice to meet you too." Tina giggled and motioned her eyes to thefloor. I didn't bite the first time, but after she motioned a few more times Ilooked down.

"Can you see that speck next to my foot John?""What the..."WHUMP!!!!!John looked around him. Then saw the immense Tina standing before him. She waslooking down on him with a haughty heir. She regarded his flea sized predicamentfor a minute or two and called to her Mom.

"Mom, John is here and I shrank him for us.""Tina, you didn't!! Oh dear, you make him normal size right now.""But Mom...""No buts, make him normal size now young lady!!"Lita came into view and John was in a stupor, two beautiful ladies hovering overhim, miles tall, both with gorgeous feet in sandals.

WHUMP!!!!!John rubbed his eyes and looked around. Everything was normal now.

"OK, I'm outta here.""Wait John, don't leave. Tina, apologize to John right this minute.""I'm sorry John. It's just that I never met anyone that was open to what my Momand I are open to, and I got swept up in the moment I guess."John relented and decided to stay. Tina looked truly sorry for shrinking him.

"I'm sorry John, I couldn't resist. I hope you'll forgive me.""That's OK Tina, you caught me by surprise. I didn't know you had similarinterests as your mother.""Well, I have sorta the same interests, actually...""Tina, don't you have somewhere to go right about now?" interrupted Lita.

"Yeah, OK Mom. See you later John. It was very nice meeting you." She added thelast with a little smirk and sideways flirting look out of the corner of hereye.

Tina dashed out the door and met her friends walking up the driveway.

"Alone at last." Lita exclaimed. "I'm sorry John. She gets a little carried awaysometimes. That was the first time she shrank a man. She had been practicingwith inatimate objects, so when I told her about you...""You told her about us... about everything?" questioned an astonished John.

"Well John, Tina and I are very close, and yes, we have talked about eachother's fantasies. It did seem weird at first, but she caught me talking in mysleep one time, of course unbeknownst to me, and well, the cat was out of thebag so to speak. That was about two years ago.""Wow, so she dreams of being a giantess also?""Well, yes, but in a little different way than I. She really enjoys being amega-giantess. I mean really big. So big that people look like fleas and maybenot even visible to her.""Wow, that's amazing.""Actually John, I'm not too far from that, but I would rather be able to see youat my toes.""But wait a minute Lita. When I walked in Tina was able to shrink me right away.

Even without me being aware of it. How did she do it?""I'm not sure. All I can figure is that your mind is open to the idea, andseeing Tina you may have subconsciously thought that she might make a goodgiantess. Is that true John, hmmmm?"John's face flushed. "OK I'm busted. Your daughter is very attractive, but waytoo young. You have nothing to worry about.""That's OK, I know sometimes a guy can't control his hormones. You men, you'reall the same. No wonder I've been divorced twice."John and Lita talked for another hour. Then decided to have dinner out at asteakhouse.

"John, since you're eating a nice big steak you must want to do some exercisingto burn it off tonight right?""Well sure. What did you have in mind? A walk in the park? A stroll along thebeach?"Lita leaned forward towards him and whispered, "More like you climbing up my bigtoe. I'll be wearing nylons." A huge smile lit up her face when she whisperedthe last sentence.

"Cool, I could climb the ...""Shhhhh!"They shot knowing glances at each other. John flushed, Lita looked absolutelystunning and, well more like a cat looking at a mouse.

They went back to Lita's place and she went into her bedroom. She changed into anice lacy nightgown and sheer nude pantyhose. She slipper on her heeled slideslipper sandals and pranced out into the living room.

"John, why don't you come into the bedroom?"John got an instant boner, and at the same time shrank down to 1/16" of an inch.

"Wow, I was thinking of this, but it just happened automatically." Of courseLita couldn't hear this. He shrank right in front of her right foot, the usualspot. She looked down and smiled, totally pleased with herself and her presentlover.

She had him climb onto her upturned index fingernail and carried him off to thebedroom.

"Ready for a little climbing little guy?""You betcha!!" answered John as loud as he could, hoping that Lita could hear atleast a squeak.

She placed him on her shoe in front of her big toe of her right foot, andwatched him stare up at her titanic (at least at his size) big toe.

"Well just don't stand there. Start climbing. Or else I'll squishhh you under mybig toe!"John heard this booming warning from Lita above. "Man, everytime we do this Istill can't believe it. She is just amazing. Gads I love her toes."John made his way towards the base of her big toe. He found that he had to climbto the side of her big toe since her nylons clung to her toe flesh very tightly,which made getting hand and foot holds impossible for John. He started climbingat a fairly steep angle at first until he was about 30 feet off her shoe sole.

Her nylons acted as a perfect type of rope ladder or net that John could climbup.

At about half way up Lita's toe she wiggled her toes.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed John, as he hung on for his life.

"Just checking to see if you are awake down there."Lita reached for a small make-up mirror and used it to look at John withoutmoving her foot.

"So there you are. You know you're not small enough. Let's fix that.""Hey wait a min...."Just then he shrank to about half his size, 1/32" of an inch tall now. Thenylons grew in size as well as all his surroundings. It became harder to climbnow. The strands of nylon now were larger and harder to grip. Mostly he foundthat hooking his arms around them was the best way to climb. The distancebetween strands of nylon was just a few inches taller than he was now.

"What a bummer." John lamented.

At about three quarters of the way up her big toe, which took about two hoursTina returned from her friends house.

"Oh rats", whispered Lita. "John, don't worry, just stay put.""Mom, I'm home. Is John still here?""Yes dear, I'm in the bedroom. Come on in."Tina walked in and saw her mother sitting in a chair near her bedside with asmall mirror at her feet.

"Where is he Mom?""He's climbing my big toe on my right foot.""No way!"Tina got on her hands and knees and squinted down at her mothers toe.

"Oh my God, there he is. He's sooo tiny. Oh he's cute."John heard the conversation above him, booming and causing him to sway on thevast netting of Lita's nylons. He was climbing under her long toenail now. Infact he was climbing from inside the nylon netting on his hands and knees.

"Mom, can I just watch him?""OK honey, just until he gets on top of my toenail. Is that OK with you John? OhI forgot, you have no choice in the matter. Ha ha ha."Both ladies chuckled at John's powerlessness.

This turned John on. Why he did not know. But he liked it. Strange but true.

Tina watched John make his way up towards the tip of Lita's long toenail. Onceat the tip he swung outside the nylons and nearly lost his grip.

"Oh, John, don't fall." Tina exclaimed.

This didn't help John, her voice booming made him sway dangerously. He was justable to catch a new grip and hauled himself up the end of her toenail. Thethickness of Lita's big toenail was about twice John's height. Her silver nailpolish made it look like a giant steel wall. John carefully shimmied up a threadof nylon and swung himself up onto the top of Lita's toenail.

"Phew! That was amazing.""Mom, he made it.""Good going John", Lita added with a coo.

John looked around him and saw Tina's long fingernail appear out of nowhere.

"Hop on John.""Its OK John, go ahead", said Lita.

John obliged and he was catapulted skywards.

"Mom, can I keep him for a while?""Just for an hour honey. I hope you don't mind John. I have to take a showeranyway.""No Lita I don't mind. Not that you can hear me anyway."John actually didn't mind. Lita's daughter was a knockout.

"OK John. Its time to play Tina style. Lets go.""Careful Tina.""Don't worry Mom.""How much smaller can I get?" asked John.

Tina carried her hapless little captive in her fingernail, her nipples gettinghard, and her breathing becoming rapid. John could tell she was aroused.

Whatever he was in for it was definitely going to be interesting.

 Lita (conclusion) by Moldy  Lita sauntered over to John who was still blown away from his time with Tina. He was just recovering from the image of Tina's giant toe coming down on him when he was catapulted (mentally that is) into Lita's hand at the size of about 1/4" tall. He lay there in the palm of her hand with his head spinning. John shook it off and noticed Lita smiling down at him.

  "Sorry John, maybe I shrank you too quickly, but I saw that you were still in the zone, so to speak, so I dived right in. Hope you don't mind."  "No, that's OK Lita. No problem. Hey, what are the odds that mother and daughter are into the same fetish?"  "Very small I imagine. Kinda like you little man. But seriously, I imagine the odds are small for that to happen. Although I've often wondered if it wasn't hereditary."  John tried to stand up, but fell over. "Ooof, I kinda wondered that too. I mean there are some traits we inherit from our parents, grandparents, etc.

 There are people that look more like their grandparents or great grandparents than they do their parents."  "Yes I've noticed that in my family also", added Lita.

  "I wonder what it was like to have a giantess or shrinking fetish back say 100 years ago, or 1,000 years ago?" asked John.

  "All those feelings were probably repressed I imagine."  "Although you do see art and literature from the past with those themes in it. Gulliver's Travels for example. The author had to have some kinda gts or shrinking fetish."  "True", added Lita, "He may have had a giant fetish. There's lots of examples of giants in ancient literature."  "Giants, bah. Give me a giantess anyday." exclaimed John.

  "I agree little one."  With that Lita walked with John in hand to the bedroom, set him down inside one of her high heeled pumps in her closet and said, "Now no peeking little man. I'm getting in my nighty. You stay put until I get you."  "OK, who's to disagree with a giantess?"  "That's right. Just stay in my shoe where you belong."  "Not to worry, I couldn't get outta here even if I wanted to. Walls are too high."  John made the best of his situation and explored her shoe. He went down to the toe of the shoe and wandered in and out of the huge toe prints that Lita had made with her beautiful, huge, amazing toes. He climbed up the ramped innersole, must be a 3" heel he thought. He got to the back of the shoe, over the heel, and looked up at the towering leather walls around him. He took a running start and slid down the shiny, slippery "Nine West" label on the innersole. That is until he got to the end of the label, then the increased friction of the worn leather made him start to tumble. He tumbled all the way into the toe of the shoe.

  "Cool. I'm doing that again."  Just as he reached the top of the insole Lita opened the closet door. John looked up and said, "Hey Lita, watch this." Just as before he took a running start, slid over the label and tumbled the rest of the way to the toe of her shoe.

  "Oh, how cute. My little man playing in my shoe. Do you want to sleep in there little one or would you like to be in some other shoe?"  "No, this shoe is fine. You sleepy?"  "Yeah, I am. I'm hitting the sack if you don't mind. We have lots to talk about tomorrow morning little fella."  "OK, goodnight Lita."  "Now John, you've got to give me a goodnight kiss don't you?"  "Well, I may need a little help from you on that one."  "Coming right up. YOu that is."  John left his feet and floated up out of the shoe and floated up past Lita's legs, torso and he was guided right to her puckered lips.

  He got and gave a huge smootch and then floated down back into her shoe.

  "Wow, Tina did that too."  "That little devil. She's revealing my tricks before I have a chance to show you them."  "Don't worry. Its awesome. I enjoy it no matter which of you is levitating me."  "Night John."  "Night Lita."  John made his way to the toe of her shoe and curled up in the toe print of her big toe. He smelled leather and the lovely salty foot sweat of the giant woman. He wondered what she meant by "lots to discuss in the morning", he imagined she would show him a few more tricks she had up her sleeve and drifted off to sleep.

  John awoke to Tina's and Lita's voice talking in the distance.

  "Did you ask him yet Mom?"  "Not yet Tina, I thought it best to wait until morning."  "Lets go see if he's awake."  "Tina, wait, don't disturb him."  John heard Tina thump down the hallway and into the room. Followed closely by Lita.

  "Which shoe is he in Mom?"  "That one."  John felt the shoe he was in be lifted up in the air.

  "Come out little John. Its time to wake up." whispered Tina.

  Just then Tina tilted the shoe and John tumbled into view out of the toe section of the shoe.

  "Awww, there you are little fella." both ladies cooed.

  "Good morning Lita, Tina."  "Good morning John", the ladies said in stereo.

  "Lets get him some breakfast and we can discuss our question with him Tina.

 You take care of John while I whip up some eggs."  "Sure thing Mom."  "Now come with me John. I'll get you out of that old smelly shoe." Tina levitated John out of the shoe and into her hand. She carried him into the kitchen and played with him, spinning him in the air, diving him into and out of her cleavage, up her skirt, between her toes, around her legs, while Lita cooked.

  Lita made John about 3 feet tall for breakfast. It was much easier to eat that way, but it kept him the size if a small child compared to the two ladies, which they liked as well as John. They ate giggling at each other and especially when Lita and Tina watched John handle the large silverware and cup he was using.

  He helped clean up after breakfast and the awaited conversation started as they put away the dishes.

  "John, Tina and I have really enjoyed your company over the past few weeks.

 We've been talking about this for a few days and would like to make you a proposition."  "What's that?" asked John.

  "Well, we would like to keep you as our little buddy." We both like you so much that we would like to share you with each other, you know, take turns with you, playing around, with our shared fantasies. Seeing that there seem to be so few people around that share our exact fantasies as we have, we thought it to be the perfect solution."  "Wow, what do you mean little buddy? Would I live here?"  "Yes, we could give it a try." Lita said, "Having been through two failed marriages, I'm gun shy about just jumping into another right away. I think this feels so right, but I know Tina loves you so much also. So it is a bit confusing for us both right now. I know its kinda a stretch, but we thought, that if you agreed, we could spend more time together to see where the relationships lead us to."  Until now, Tina had been quietly looking on, but now spoke. "Mom and I both care for you deeply John. I know I'm really young, or so my Mom keeps pointing out, but I really have strong feelings for you. I've never met anyone who shared the same feelings as I do. But Mom insists its just puppy love. Please John, will you stay with us to see who you would like to pick?"  "Whoa! I don't know what to say. I'm totally awestruck. You're both beautiful ladies in your own right. I just don't believe you both feel for me the way I feel for you. I'm not sure I can stay here, I don't think it would be fair to either of you."  Lita chimed in, "No John, don't worry. Tina and I are very close. We share lots between ourselves. Don't worry about jealousy between us. We will neatly divide the week between her and I so we get equal time. When you're ready to make up your mind you can let us know."  "Well, OK, but you're not going to keep me here all day are you? I still have to go to my job and support myself. I mean I would like to contribute to the household also."  "Sure little one." added Lita. "You'll only be our little captive during the evening and the weekends."  They discussed more particulars and John went back to his place to get his necessities and brought it into their spare room. When he was finished packing, Lita walked into the room and instantly shrunk him to the size of a flea.

  "Wow, your very receptive John. All I or Tina have to do now is think of the size we want you at and poof, there you are."  "Cool, I've been looking forward to this." John was now gazing up at the immense beauty standing before him barefoot. He saw her move her foot over him, and saw the underside of her big toe coming toward him. At the last second, she levitated John out from under her descending toe... THUD! Her toe slammed into the floor. She brought him up to under her long toenail, then out to the end of her toenail. There she left him, standing at the end of her long toenail of her big toe. Her silver nail polish allowed her to see the tiny speck John was on her toenail.

  To John it looked like a vast plain or an ocean of silver.

  Lita spoke, "OK John, find a comfortable spot. I'll give you five minutes to get situated. Then I'm off with Tina to go shoe shopping."  John made his way to the cuticle of her nail and found a nice spot he could climb into. His vantage point for the day was fantastic. He loved looking up at lovely Lita from down there. Tina knew he was there too and loved to show off for him.

  So was the life of little John. Trapped as a possession of two lovely ladies. Both of them wanted him to be theirs.

  Things got settled as Tina went off to college and found someone over the net that shared her interests. John introduced both of them to the giantess sites on the net. Both made lots of friends and Tina, a love interest.

 Although she always kept a special place in her heart for John.

  Lita and John married and live together in happiness. Lita's favorite size for John is 1/32", John's is 1/128" (the size Tina first introduced him to).

 They share their fantasies with each other and with their friends on the net. And lived happily ever after.