A Little NudityStrutting briskly innearly three-foot paces, the sultry woman moved through the atrium of thedowntown office building. Her well-proportioned body, classically structuredface, and a rear that moved with piston precision caught the eye of every manpresent by the time she arrived at the elevators. Entering the first availablecar, she hit the pad for her intended destination – the 14th Floorand the McKern & Derrick Advertising Agency's Commercial Studio.

Flouncing up to thereceptionist, the woman, wearing a tailored coat, broad brimmed hat andsunglasses, told the receptionist, "I am here to see Vonda Lewinski." Thereceptionist asked if she had an appointment. "No, but she'll see me. I amGisele, the famous Parisian fashion model."Not waiting for areply, Gisele quickly moved past the receptionist into Vonda's office. There sheconfronted Vonda, a wearied woman in an Ann Taylor power suit, who was having atalk with Robers, a French cinematic director of short stature who hid his lackof hair beneath a red beret.

"I demand to knowwhy you did not respond to my offer to appear in your new commercial," Giselesaid as she slammed on Vonda's desk the casting call printed weeks before in thelocal trade paper. The ad read: "Wanted: The cutest girl in the world to star innew ad campaign…""You do not thinkGisele is cute? You dare to disagree with every man in the Western Hemisphere?"Gisele haughtily said as she threw back her shoulders and tousled her hair. "Iam trying to move from modeling into acting. A role in a major ad campaign wouldhelp me achieve that. As a result, I am willing to work for less than my normalfee," she added.

"We just didn'tthink you were right for this campaign. You see, it requires some nudity," Vondanoted.

"Gisele is notworried about a little nudity. I have modeled for Victoria's Secret, Donna Karenlingerie, underwear in the Bloomingdale's catalog and related advertising. Checkpage 3, lower right-hand corner in yesterday's New York Times," the fashionmodel irately responded.

"But I still don'tthink…" Vonda continued.

"You don't think?Then check this out," Gisele insisted as she tossed off her coat and hat,unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. She stood before the two ad people inonly her lilac-tinted 40D low-cut lace bra, lace-accented bikini panties,matching garter belt, light orchid silk stockings, and claret red high-heelshoes. "You think you can do better than this," Gisele insisted as she began totake modeling turns in the small office.

"What do you think?"Vonda asked Robers. "I agree with you. The girl in this ad would not be wearingsilk stockings or a garter belt," Robers exclaimed.

"I get it. This adis for that new Italian sports car. You want raw sexuality," Gisele said as sheundid the garters and slowly slid the stocking down her legs in a manner shehoped would titillate Robers. Not getting a rise from him, Gisele unhooked hergarter belt and snapped it in Robers' direction. He caught it and draped it overthe chair next to him. "And he claims to be a Frenchman?" Gisele grumbled inthought.

"Well, now what doyou think?" Vonda again asked Robers. "The girl in this ad also wouldn't bewearing a brassiere," he added.

"Then this ad is forthat expensive brand of cognac," Gisele cheered as she reached back and undidthe small hooks at the rear of her bra. Grinning slyly, she quickly slipped theLycra-sided contraption off and immediately covered her naked breasts with herarm so as not to let anyone get even a minute view her nipples. "Sexy enough foryou? I can help you sell an ocean of cognac.""We don't have thecognac account," Vonda began. But Robers interrupted her. "Why don't we give hera screen test before our new computerized camera?" he suggested. Gisele demandedit. And Vonda smiled.

Wearing only bikinipanties and high-heel shoes, Gisele, her arms clutched tightly across herbreasts, and her bra held tightly in one hand, trotted briskly through thestudio behind Robers, to the surprise and astonishment of all present. Thefashion model soon stood before the strangest piece of photographic equipmentshe ever saw. Resembling a large camcorder, the device had blinking lights, thinglass tubes full of a bubbling green liquid, and a top-mounted ball surroundedby visible static electricity. "Never saw a camera like this before," Giselepuzzled.

Robers carefullyprogrammed the camera from an attached computer screen. He then donnedlead-lined goggles and advised Gisele, "Now smile." He then flipped a switch,which sent a bolt of amber light at Gisele, which completely encased her.

From within theamber ball, Gisele visibly began to shrink. Looking down, Gisele noticed thather 40D breasts where losing mass quickly. Thinking it might help, she tried toput back on her bra, only to find it no longer fit. Worse, her panties and shoeswere becoming loose. She looked out at Vonda and Robers, and saw then grinningbroadly.

From their vantagepoint, Vonda and Robers could see Gisele losing both height and aging. Theywatched as Gisele, an increasingly shocked look on her face, valiantly grabbingher panties just as they began to slide off her rump. As Gisele's shoes becametoo roomy for her feet, they tipped inward, causing her to momentarily standknock-kneed. This acted to hold her panties up, but as Gisele let go, theyflopped downward and inside-out.

As her body passedthe early grade school years, she tried to reposition her bra on her completelydeflated upper torso, only to have the straps slide off her thinning shoulders.

At one point of this struggle, Gisele nearly had the bra on upside-down. Andthen her feet slipped from her oversize shoes, causing her to first tip forwardto her knees. Attempting to get up again, her descending panties tripped herbackward for a one-point landing on her greatly reduced bottom. Tears welled inGisele's eyes as she inspected what remained of her body, which was now that ofa 20-month-old baby.

"Wha' happen?" babyGisele said as she looked plaintively at the two advertising people.

"We used the latestin computerized morphing technology," Robers said. "At first, this technologyonly could be used to alter images after they were captured on film. But a yearago, this technology was improved so that the images could be improved beforethey went on film. Most people don't know that this technology was used to eraseDrew Barrymore's love handles during the filming of ‘Charlie's Angels.'"But Gisele was nothappy in her second childhood. As Vonda attempted to pick her up, Gisele slammedthe heel of one of her high-heel shoes into Vonda's ankles. "You bad wady," shewhined. "You arrogant, self-important bitch," Vonda grumbled as she whiskedGisele over her lap and began to administer a well-deserved spanking to themodel's diminished bare rump. Gisele reacted by crying as loud as she could.

But Robers stoppedthe punishment. "I know you hate when someone violates the sanctuary of youroffice and makes demands on you, but if you bruise her fanny, we won't be ableto shoot the commercial today. You know we're behind schedule since the otherbaby began teething," Robers told Vonda.

Taking naked babyGisele into his arms, Robers carried her to the set where the commercial was tobe shot.

"You just wouldn'ttake a hint," he told the baby. "If you read the full casting call notice, you'dknow the reason we said the commercial required a little nudity is because it isfor a manufacturer of disposable diapers. It involves a comparison of howcompeting brands hold wetness. You'll be photographed naked on a diaper, andhaving a blotter placed on your rear. But I assure you it will be photographedin the utmost taste and will look completely innocent. We'll pay you for yourwork, and as soon as the commercial is accepted by the client, we'll reverse theregression."Gisele thoughtthings over in her head. It was for only one commercial. Nobody will recognizeher in it. And well, she really did look cute – the cutest little girl in theworld! She'd do it without complaint.

That afternoon, ittook 12 takes for the comparison shots, and 10 more for the blotter tests.

Gisele was powdered and diapered 19 times by the adult lady actress in thecommercial until Robers got the shot he wanted. Another 26 takes were necessaryfor the bottle feeding scene that concluded the ad, which resulted in Giselerequiring several more diaper changes.

Gisele was pleasedwith her work, although more than a bit unnerved that as the day progressed, itbecame harder to converse with the adults present. By day's end, neither she northey could understand each other. "Thank goodness this will be over in a fewdays," Gisele thought.

Two days later, arough-cut of the commercial was presented to the president of the diapermanufacturer. "This is wonderful," he said. "That baby, with her haughty andsuperior attitude, really makes this ad. I'd like her in all future ads." Vondagrinned, "Don't worry. We'll keep that baby around for as long as you want!"