The Loading DockByAsukafan2001   April 4, 2004. That was the day Idied. It started out as bright beautiful day. I woke up and kissed my lovelywife good morning. I could smell lilacs in her long blonde hair, I ran myfingers through her silky smooth hair while I slid my opposite hand down hercheek while pressing my lips against hers.

 As I pushed away and rolled outof bed, I did not even look back at her. If I had known, if I would have justknown I would have maybe looked at her a little longer, hugged her goodbye, saidI was sorry for what was about to happen and that I was so glad it wasn't her.

 I threw on some clothes andheaded down the hallway. I could hear some Linkin Park playing from daughter'sroom. I knocked on the door and pushed it open. Her room was a mess like italways was. I looked at her pants hanging off her ass and her shirt barelycovering her breasts and I scolded her and told her to change as I can hear itplain as day now. I remember my dad saying it to my sister and I promised that Iwould never say that to any daughter of mine. But it's funny how time changesyou. I told her no daughter of mine is going to go out looking a slut. Youconstantly drain my wallet with your 60 dollar shirts and 100 dollar pants soyou better not tell me that you don't have anything fits.

 She told me it was all the rageand everyone was wearing there clothes like this but I told her well I expectmore out of my daughter then just settling for being like everyone else and thenI slammed the door behind me and went down the stairs.

 Shortly later, she scurrieddownstairs in a sweatshirt and some pre faded jeans and slammed the door behindher. I wish that I had hugged her once before I left. It was just over a stupidoutfit.

 I had my coffee and read thepaper then headed out myself. I prided myself on always being punctual. The tripto the office was uneventful, just the way I liked it. As I walked into myoffices, I spotted Marial my intern. She was wearing some jeans and some whatshe called buffalo shoes. I merely shook my head and told her that I expect someappropriate shoes for tomorrow.  They were not even that bad and now they aregoing to be death of me. It is just all so clear now.

 * * *            I could not believe that this is happening as Ispun around looking up at the enormous walls around me. I knew I was on theloading dock but nothing seemed to look like the loading dock that I had grownto recognize on my tenure here at Linasoft,            I started walking towards the heavy metal doorsthat lead from the loading dock into main building. I was not sure how I wasgoing to get in them because they looked simply colossal. They reminded me of amodern day colossus. The doors were tightly sealed, as was the entire building.

We had it vacuumed sealed so that when the doors did open all the garbage andother muck would be sucked outside, however now it seemed like a horrible idea.

That meant when the door opened there would be an incredible gust of windshooting out the building making it near if not impossible to get back in.

            I shivered slightly as I continued to headtowards the door. It was in the sixties today but without clothes and at thisdiminutive size, my body was unable to keep an optimum body temperature. I knewI had to get inside somehow or I would not be alive for long. I did not knowmuch about how the body works, as I was never a person who was extremely booksmart but I knew if you got below a certain body temperature that you die.

            The floor began to rumble, as I was jarred leftand right. I struggled to maintain my balance as the metal doors swung open. Mywas body assaulted by the strong winds and could barely remain upright. A groupof eight denim pillars pushed there way into my world. I could not believe thatthese are what humans looked like. I then caught myself. I had just said I couldnot believe that these are what humans look like. I was talking as if I was nothuman and they were human, however as I looked at them I could not fault mythinking. As I stared at them in comparison to me, I felt like an ant looking upat them. There rubber soles towered above me.

            I gulped as I looked up at them. I could noteven see there faces from my vantage point. I felt like I was at the base ofMount Everest and there heads were the peaks. I sighed heavily and looked backdown at my level. Just to the right of me was some black platform shoes, whileto the left of me were a pair of buffalo shoes. The laces on the buffalo shoeswere much longer but ridden in grime and other filth while the platformshoelaces were shorter but spotlessly clean along with the shoes. I kept lookingback and forth between the two and decided to head towards the dirtier lookingbuffalo shoes. Although I would have preferred the platform, shoes the buffaloshoes will be easier to climb onto.

            A short time passed as I now neared the shoes.

They looked big before but now they were simply huge. The closer I got the moreI realized that there is now no way they would recognize me.

            My head instinctively looked up. I started torun as a ball of water came speeding down. I felt the warm water explode againstmy back. My face was forced down against the concrete floor causing me to skid afew feet back.  The warm water spewed over me. As it slid down my face and intomy mouth, I spit it out immediately. I flailed my limbs in the pool of whatseems to be saliva. I kick trying to reach the cement floor in hopes of wadingto the edge of this disgusting lake. My limbs burn in pain from nearly beingcrushed by this thick water. My bones cry out in vein as I push my way to theedge.

 Thundering voices whirl around melike a tornado. Voices so loud that they are not even intelligent to me, I stareat the monolithic creations before me as burning ash rains down upon me likewater from the sky. I finally make out a single word in the swirling mass ofvoices. The name Marial rings in my head plain as day. The buffalo shoes, thedark blue denim jeans, Marial my intern, it must be her.

            I drag myself out of the river of saliva;burning ashes are all around me on the ground. I pull myself up to my feet. Istagger forward as my hands clamp onto the rubber sole of Marial's shoe. I lookup at the rubber sole, which extends up into the air like a several storybuilding. I beat my hands against the rubber trying to find a handhold but myhands merely slide down the smooth black rubber walls. I start to run around theshoe towards the laces when she moves her foot slightly to the right knocking meto the ground. I look back at her shoe in shock and awe as it slams back downonto the concrete. A simple jostle of her foot and I am winded. I look back ather foot pledging to keep my distance until I reach the laces however, I beganto notice that every so often she would shift her weight and fidget with theopposite foot of which all the weight was on. I look over at her opposite footseeing it completely still and then back at the nearest foot to me.

            I cringe from the loud thunderclaps of her shoesmacking against the ground. The wind knocks me down to a knee as I look forwardat her. Unable to believe the simple aimless fidgeting of ones feet could be sodeadly. A simple movement to her which is hardly noticeable to one of them, isso monumental to me.

            As Marial shifts her weight back to her oppositefoot which meant that it was time for me to move. I ran towards her shoelace, mylungs burning, my legs in agony, I stretched out my arms and clamped my handsaround her thick shoelaces. They seemed more like the rope you find on theanchor of an ocean liner then shoelaces. I just began to shimmy up the shoelacewhen I heard something smack into the ground behind me. It was gigantic. It wasa simple cigarette butt, only it was mountainous. I stared at it stunned untilMarial's foot began to rise up into the air. As she raised her foot up her long,shoelaces lifted off the ground and swung from side to side. I gulped as I swungbeneath her shoe. I looked up at the treading; gum, rocks, and other crud weremashed into the treading of the shoe. I then felt a swift decent I could barelynotice it. I felt completely free for a single moment in time. It was almostlike the movies where that one moment lasted forever. I had not ever felt sofree, or thought so clearly in that one moment of my life.

            My back slammed against the pavement, I felt thecruddy shoelace fall down on top of me. The bones in my back crush almostinstantly. I had never felt pain like this before. My body creaked like an olddoor as I felt an immense pressure bare down on me. I could no longer move mylegs but they hurt so badly. My ribs were pushing against my skin until theyshot through my chest shattered like dust. My skull cracking like peanut shell.

            I could my remains, my blood, my organs seepingout of me soaking into the Marial's cruddy shoe laces, the mixing in with thedirt on her shoe and pavement. I knew my consciousness would only last foranother second as she grated her foot left and right crushing the cigarettebutt. As soon as she lifted her foot I would be no more.

            “Hopefully Mr. Maxwell didn't notice my smokebreak. He will really drop the other foot on me Shell if he catches me outhere.”            I never even got to hear the response as Marialturned towards the heavy metal door pulling it open with ease scattering whatwas left me of me across the parking lot as the heavy gusts of wind from theopen door took away my remains.

 * * *            I never heard the tears my daughter shed, Inever felt the pain my wife must have felt. As I looked down upon them for thefirst time years later, my wife was about to die of cancer and my daughter didnot yet know. She was leaning against the wall of the waiting room and herfriend looked over at her and asked if she was going to be all right.

There was a long pause and she said yes my dad always toldme that he expected more out of me then simply settling for being like everyoneelse. So no matter what I will be strong, just like he was.

 The End.