The ManimalByAsukaFan              What's it like to live life looking for thatone defining moment and for it to never come? What's it like to grow up wantingto be something special, something important, to be not just something butsomeone. Why can't it be like that very first day when you walk into the schoolyard and everything is new and so much fun? When school doesn't seem like somuch work. Work doesn't seem quite so bad. Would I have worked so hard if Iwould have known? Would I have let myself be hurt so many times if I knew? WouldI go through the pain of relationships? Would I have tried so hard? Would I haveI cried when my best friend died in a wreck. Would I have laughed quite as hardwhen Dave ran naked across the field during the homecoming game? The realquestion is would you choose to live if there was nothing left to live for?             I opened my eyes looking around trying to seesomething or anything but all I can see is black. The kind of black you see whenyou close your eyes. The black you see that fuels your hatred, your pain, youranger what makes you so mad that you begin to despise a single person. That oneblackness that is so black you can feel it. You can taste it if you try. It wasa thick darkness that reminded me of pain. I reached out in every direction andfelt nothing. I sat up on something that had no give it was hard like concreteyet warm. Where was I? I remember going bed in my dorm room last night and now Iam here. But where is here?             The entire room began to shake from side toside but it wasn't shaking like and earthquake more like a swing just movingfrom front to back, back to front, then front to back followed a period of whatfelt like I was freefalling. I fell back onto whatever I was laying on before.

The entire area began to bounce up and down but each bounce was decreasinglyweaker and weaker until there was no movement at all. I just laid on the hardbed in fear and shock.

             Out of the silence breaks a very femininesounding voice. It was clear as crystal as the voice rang through the room. Thevoice sounded strong and confident. I kept trying to place the voice but nonewas coming to mind. I darted up and just started to run. I didn't get more then6 or 7 feet when I ran into a wall. I felt my way around the wall and soon foundmyself back at the bed.

 â€œYeah, I just got one today?” â€œMy sister got hers yesterday but now that I have mine Iguess it doesn't matter who got one when” â€œMine is kind of funny looking. I was hoping for a modelbut I just got some college guy” â€œWhat! Lisa's mom got Sean Connery?” â€œEWWW I don't want to hear this he's like 90 years old” â€œYeah well I am gong to put the collar on the you know whatso talk to you later”             I found myself even more puzzled then I wasbefore the conversation but I felt where ever I was start to shimmy from side toside then a grinding sound pierced through the room like thunder on a silentnight. A bright light shone into the room. The light was so bright it hurt tokeep my eyes open. The room I was in began to tilt. I turned and began to runtowards the back of the room. I knew it was only 6 or 7 feet long but I didn'twant to tumble to my death. The slope of the room grew steeper and steeper. Itwas only seconds long but it felt like I was running forever. Each step I took Iheard my feet clank on the metal floor but soon the clanking turned into that'sscreeching noise you get when you're wet and try to go down a slide the noisehurt my ears but it only lasted a moment as I was soon tumbling end over end ina somersault type fashion. Then I felt nothing I was falling for hundreds offeet. My eyes were still closed and I now held them tightly shut not wanting tosee impending doom.

             The splat I expected never happened. I smackedinto something soft and bounced up into the air then again a few more timesfinally settling on the ground I was astonished that I was still alive. It feltsoft almost like a bed but it was much too hard to be anything like that. Yousink into the mattress when you're on a bed and there was no sinking here. Itpained me to open my eyes but I finally did it. The ground was pink with whitstars on it. In the distance were two huge pink mounds with a big red heart inthe middle and then in the right corner theirs a giant bear that looks fake,almost like it's an over grown stuffed animal or something. I chuckled to myselfat the thought of a 40 foot stuffed animal.

           I stood up and turned aroundnot really knowing what to expect but I saw a two legs staring back at me.

 â€œWhat the fuck?” â€œWatch your mouth”             The voice made my ears curl and hurt much likestanding next to a jet engine. It was the same voice I had heard before only nowa million times louder or so it seemed. It was simply incredible in everyway. AsI looked at these two legs I began to walk towards them wanting to touch them. Ihad to know if they were real or not. I reached out towards the legs when atlightning quick speed the legs were gone and a face appeared.

 â€œBOO”             I stumbled back and began to run. As I ran awayfrom this massive beast a massive Enrique Iglesias poster was plastered to wall.

 â€œRun, run faster, I may not be able to catch you if you runfast enough.”             Almost instantly her hand was around me. Herhand was warm and firm. I kicked, punched, and bite her hand hoping to get awaybut all seemed to have no effect on this giant.

             As she was lifting me up I began to realizethat this was a person not just a thing. That is when she held me up to her faceand just looked at me. Her face was much bigger then I was.

 â€œYou are so totally mine. I love how you squirm and try toget away. How you fight and twist around in my hand.” â€œWhat are you?”             I wanted to say something clever or witty butthat was all I could find to spit out. Why are you so big? I mean look at you! â€œBig? I am only five four” â€œYeah five thousand feet four hundred inches' â€œNo silly we shrunk you.” â€œYou what me? What do you mean you shrunk me? What givesyou the right? Call my lawyer? Call my senator? Change me back! I demand to seeyour father” â€œShrunk as in small, because I can, no, no, never, okay”             She traveled across her room at what had to beabout mock 92. I had no clue how she could tell where she was going. I couldhardly see anything when she walked let alone well enough to maneuver aroundanything.

             I was pushed up against a pane of glass. It wascold and made me shiver but I found myself unable to break free of her grip. Onthe other side of the small glass jar looked to be an older man in his latethirties huddled up in the corner staring back at me. As I looked into his eyesit looks like he was not all there anymore. Almost like he had no will to domuch of anything at all but sit there. I wondered what happened to him but partof me didn't want to know the answer to that question â€œSay hi daddy” â€œOh my god, He's your father” â€œOh, don't look so shocked I feed him hmmm when did I feedhim last. Oh well I will do it later.” â€œWhat did you do to me?” â€œI didn't do anything at all. You're a man so you wereshrunk. Then I bought you on Ebay from this girl in hong kong who I guess justbought a whole bunch of you guys from President Chelsea and I guess it doesn'tmatter now your mine now. Here put this on”             A metal collar was shoved around my neck â€œLock Now”             An electronic sealing noise and I feel thecollar clamp around my neck. I tug and pull at it but this only makes mygiantess captor laugh.

 â€œNow your officially mine so lets play before I take you toschool K?” â€œNo K, we aren't kaying anything. I am not some pet of 10year old girl” â€œI am 16 thank you very much.”