Melissa my giant assistantI awoke with a slight headache and started to notice my new surroundings,everything was huge, my desk toward for what looked like miles above my head.

The last thing I remember was Melissa, the women from my past who I had hired tobe my personal assistant, telling why she was divorced.

Then it hit me I remembered her telling me that her ex left because he didn'tlike being shrunken by her and asked to massage and lick her feet, Melissa lovedit when his tongue would lick in between her toes, she even told me that she hadtold him that she wanted to keep him in her shoe for an afternoon of shoppingthat's when he ran out on her.

With me having a few drinks in me I told her that he was a fool and that I wouldkill just to spend a day at her sexy feet.

Melissa told me to be careful what I wish for or it just may happen, and here Iam for what I can tell, I'm no bigger than a tic tac and on the floor by my deskin my study.

All of the sudden the ground started to shake, at first I thought it was anearth quack and then I could hear the sound of a shoe being slapped against afoot but very loud and the click of heels on the wood floor.

Then I saw her, it was Melissa she was walking over to my desk and right towardsme.

With a sudden gust of wind and a load bang her foot slammed right down in frontof me knocking me onto my butt. As quack as it landed next to me it was gone asMelissa pulled out my chair and sat down at my desk to type some businessletters that I hade asked her to do today.

I made my way over to the leg of the desk looking at Melissa's giant feet andlong legs as they extended into my sky, I sat down next to the leg under thedesk and watched her feet for awhile as she typed and made herself comfortable.

I was amassed how lovely a women's foot looks as Melissa would move ever soslowly and when she would slide her foot up along her shoe and play with thestrap with her toes, I found myself playing with my raging hard on.

After about an half hour of watching her feet I had to do it, I had to smell andtouch her feet, so I made my way over to her right foot, I took in a deep breathand pulled myself up onto the toe section of Melissa's shoe. There wasn't muchroom on the front of her shoe; I had her toes to the front of me and the edge ofher shoe to the rear of me.

The smell was wonderful, the mixture of leather and Melissa's foot odor wasdriving me crazy, I needed more so when Melissa slid her foot back and raisedher giant toes I ran right under them and watched them slam right down on top ofme. Melissa adjusted her toes a couple of time squeezing me under her toes withmy head sticking out between her big and second toe.

I was trapped and didn't care I was in heaven. I remained under Melissa's toesfor about an hour before she started to move she had noticed that I had orderedsome items from the computer in the mall and they were to be in today so she wasgoing to the mall to pick them up and to have lunch, with me under toes.

Every step Melissa took I could feel it through my body, the pounding of herfoot hitting the ground as she walked and the pressure from her weight as shewalked to her car.

The discomfort subsided when she got in the limo for the ride to the mall, Itold her when I hired her that she could use anything or do anything to make herjob easier.

As the ride to the mall continued the heat from her toes was building up, Iwatched as sweet drops started to form along her toes, I had to do it, as soonas the first drop made its way down the inside of Melissa's big toe and onto herpantyhose I stuck out my tongue and drank her foot sweet. The first taste wasstrong but after a couple of swallows I found myself enjoying her sweet as Iwatched her pour herself a drink from the limo's mini bar.

We arrived at the mall and the discomfort began again as Melissa walked themall, she had picked up the computer items for me and then started to shop.

Melissa stopped at a shoe store and found some shoes she like about six pairs ofopen toed heels, she had told the clerk what size she wanted and were to deliverthe shoe's.

The clerk was an older women in her late forties, but from were I was she lookedgreat, the clerk turned to Melissa and told her that the card she had given herwas registered to a Mr. Francis Connor, that's me and that I was the onlyauthorized to use the card.

The clerk asked her were she had gotten the card because the credit card companytold the clerk I was single.

Melissa was getting a little angry with the clerk and told her that she has mypermission to use the card and if she didn't believe her she could ask meherself.

The clerk told her since the purchase for the shoes was over eight hundreddollars that she would have to see and talk to me in order for her to make thesale.

Melissa through her purse down and sat in the chair next to her and told theclerk to ask me herself as she slid her foot out of her shoe with me trappedunder her toes and dropped me too the ground at the clerks feet.

The hole time I was at her feet she knew it, Melissa looked down at me and thenat the clerk, go ahead and ask Mr. Connor.

The clerk just stared down at me as Melissa placed her foot next to me, go aheadand ask, Melissa ordered.

But all the clerk could mutter was what, how.

Mr. Connor has to have me do all his buying for him, do you think he would getfar in this world with every person being a giant to him, Melissa asked heclerk.

The clerk sat down across Melissa and stared down at me.

He was shrunken a few years back by a bad accident and I have been taken care ofhim ever since Melissa told the clerk, of course it was a lie.

But you keep him under your toes in your shoe, the clerk stuttered out.

He likes women's feet so what better way to transport him and keep him happy atthe same time, Melissa responded.

He likes your feet, how does he feel having him at your feet, the clerk asked.

Feel for yourself Melissa told the clerk as she pushed me towards the clerk withher toes.

The clerk wasn't sure at first but she had to try it she set her foot in frontof me and raised her toes, I looked back at Melissa and with a strong stair backat me I climbed up onto the clerks shoe and laid down under her toes.

He feels kind of weird the clerk said as she squeezed me under her toes.

Go ahead and walk around Melissa told the clerk. So she did, the clerk walkedaround the store with me under her toes.

The clerk sat back down next to Melissa and raised her toes for me to slide outunder.

Know Franny you know you should give the nice women's foot a kiss for giving anice ride, Melissa ordered me to do.

I watched as the clerk removed her foot from her shoe and placed it in front ofme, I walked up to her foot and started to kiss her foot.

Melissa leaned over to the clerk and whispered something into her ear, the twowomen knodded there heads the Melissa looked down at me and told me to lick theclerks feet for she had been on them since seven am and it was after two pm.

I was shocked at was said but still I didn't want to make Melissa mad she was incharge, so I licked the clerks feet they were soaked with her sweet, but I didit. The clerk also enjoyed to for when I was done she told Melissa that therewould be no charge for the shoes and to bring me back the next time she wantedmore shoe it was worth the loss on the shoes to have my tiny tongue on her feetagain.

Melissa thanked the clerk and ordered me back under her toes, I did what I wastold.

Part 2Melissa arrived at my home and placed her bags down and removed her feet fromher shoes, I had spent two hours trapped under her toes in her shoes.

When I saw Melissa looking down at me and smiling at me all I could do is askher what's so funny?Melissa just looked down at me and shook her head and said, you really must lovewomen's feet to spend such a long time at mine. I can't believe you licked thosesales ladies feet, Melissa said as she brushed her big toe along my body.

I had no choice you told me to lick her feet, I responded with a slight tone ofanger in my voice.

You could have returned to your normal height at any time, I told you that lastnight while we talked that's why my ex left he hated when I shrunk him. He onlywould stay small enough for me to rub my foot over his tiny body, but you on theother hand have stayed small through out the day. I told you when you hired methat I would bring something different to the job, Melissa said as she rolled meunder her foot.

When Melissa stopped rolling me under her foot I asked her that I could returnto my regular height at any time, so why haven't I?You must be enjoying yourself or you would have returned to your normal heightalong time ago.

Melissa stretched he feet out in front of me and asked me to lick her feet forher.

At first I was a little upset with her, but when I looked up and saw hernylon-covered foot towering over me I could not resist her. I ran right for herfeet and started to lick and from above I could her Melissa moaning louder andlouder with every lick.

After an hour of me licking her feet Melissa said she could not take no more,she reached down for me and placed her thumb and for finger around my waist andraised me up to her face.

I could smell a strong odor coming from her fingers and her fingers were sticky,Melissa had been master baiting herself while I was licking her feet.

Melissa smiled at me and said, I hope this doesn't get me fired and brought mymid section to her lips.

I was in shock as her giant tongue came out of her mouth and licked my midsection, she played with my dick for a few minutes before placing her giants onit, then it happened, I chummed like I had never chummed before, I was proud ofmyself at first until I watched Melissa huge tongue jet out and with one lickacross her lips my cum was gone.

Melissa placed me on the ground next to her feet, stepped back and then ithappened I started to grow, Melissa looked down at me as I grew and asked me ifI want to grow all the way back to my normal height or would I want her to giveme a new permanent height.

You can make me any height you want too, I asked?Yes, but when you stop me it will be your new height, you won't be able to growany taller, and so you decide.

As I grew past her ankles, then her knee's and when I was just under her midsection I asked her to stop, she asked me if I was sure, I knodded my head and Istopped growing.

Looks like your new height is three foot tall, Melissa said as she padded myhead.

Why did you stop me when you're so small, Melissa asked?I love looking up at you, I love it when you tower over me, I guess I just lovebeing small, I answered.

How are you going to take care of yourself know, everything is way to big foryou now, your not much bigger than a small child, Melissa asked.

I was hoping that you would move in here with me and be my assistant, Iresponded and asked.

Were would I sleep, what about my daughter and what about you were will youstay, Melissa asked.

You can make the house yours, sleep were you want too, give your daughter anyroom you want too and as for me I was kind of hoping you would let me sleep inyour shoes, I said as I looked down at Melissa's feet.

You really do love feet don't you, Melissa asked me as she sat down on the sofa.

I only have one request and that is any female that visits or stays in the housewears open toed shoes and nylons or pantyhose.

You little devil, you do love feet, it's a fair request and I agree to yourterms my daughter and me will move tomorrow, Melissa said to as she crossed herlegs and brought her foot to my face and rubbed my cheek.

I have I request of you, if my daughter and I move in here you have to clean ourshoes and maintain our feet, that means you paint our toe nails and clean ourfeet, any problems with that mister, Melissa asked.

I will do that with no problems I answered as I held Melissa foot to my lips andkissed the sole of her foot.