Mexican VacationThings just weren't going the way Roger had planned. In fact,things were going down right badly. It all started Friday morning whenhe snuck into a small ranch house. The woman who lived in the househad applied for a government job, a job that required a securityclearance. You see, Roger worked for the part of the government thatgave out the security clearances.

Roger's job was to sneak into the woman's house and hide. Hewas supposed to watch what she did at home, see who she invited over,listen to her phone conversations. He was to note what she ate anddrank, watch what she watched on TV, and find out about any drugs shetook, illegal or prescription. Roger was supposed to get all theinformation on her general living habits that he could. He had to doall this and not get spotted.

One would think living with a single woman for days and notgetting spotted would be next to impossible. It was easy for Roger. Hewas only three inches tall.

Roger was born with the ability to shrink. At age ten when helearned of his ability, he was captured by a gorgeous blonde namedSusan. Susan was Roger's first and only love, although it wasn'tmutual. She was twenty five at the time.

It was only one month after the death of Roger's parents in acar accident when Susan took him from the boarding school he was putinto. He was lonely and confused and needed someone to bond with.

Susan was there for him. She trained him to control his powers. Shetaught him discipline using techniques that otherwise would have hadher thrown in jail for corrupting the morals of a minor. She thentaught him to clear his mind so random thoughts didn't cause him toshrink at inopportune times and so he would be able to grow back atdifficult times. Susan worked with Roger for two years before shemoved on to another shrinker, who incidentally was unable to grow backat all.

Roger was heart broken when Susan left him. She moved on toanother department with her new tiny friend, and Roger was left in thecustody of another woman. She was older and attractive in her own way,but she wasn't Susan.

For the next six years Roger was schooled and trained. On hisnineteenth birthday, he was sent on his first mission. All his missionswere similar. He gained access to someone's house and spied on them.

This current mission was his twentieth, and up until now, they all wentas planned.

This one should have been just as easy as the others. But asit so happens it wasn't. Today Roger was spying on a single woman namedRose. He took a bus early Friday morning to the end of her street.

Roger always used public transportation. It was the safest way not tobe spotted. He walked down the street, past two driveways, until hefound number 9 on a mail box. He walked up the short driveway, shrankhimself down to three inches tall, and after stashing his clothes, hidinside the rolled up newspaper on the front porch. The first rays ofsunshine were just peeking over the eastern horizon as he entered hishiding place, so he was confident that he went unnoticed.

It was a cool summer morning, but Roger wasn't cold. He learnedin his training how to stay warm when he was small. It was all a matterof mind control and speeding up his heart rate. Of course, a largeamount of food was needed to accomplish this. Once he gained accessinto the house, Roger could eat all he wanted.

After an hour wait, the giant front door opened and Rogerbraced himself. His temporary shelter was transported into the houseand dropped on the sofa. He quickly ran out the end of the paper andhid between the cushions. That was where he stayed until the womanleft the house for work. She took the morning paper with her. He didnot get a good look at her.

Roger took the day to acquiant himself with the house and findgood hiding places. Since he found his way into the pantry with plentyto eat, he stayed small. Growing wasn't worth the risk of being spottedthrough a window. It was shortly after seven when the woman came home.

Roger immediately new something was wrong.

He had seen pictures of the woman he was supposed to be spyingon and this woman was not her. Rose was a forty year old blonde. Thiswoman couldn't have been a day over thirty. She had long jet blackhair and was far more attractive than the woman in the photos Rogerhad seen. This woman was obviously Hispanic, probably Mexican. Fromacross the room, she had a serious resemblance to Salma Hayek.

Roger watched from a bookshelf over the TV as the woman kickedoff her shoes and walked toward the TV. As she bent over to turn it on,Roger saw just how black her hair actually was. When she stood back up,he saw how beautiful she was. Her deep dark eyes set inside highcheekbones and framed by her flowing black hair, gave her the look ofa sorceress. Her thick full lips added a subtle sensuousness to thelook.

Roger watched her from behind a Steven King paperback. Itlooked to him that she was staring right back at him. He ducked backbehind the book and waited for it to move away from him. He was afraidhe might have been spotted already.

After thirty seconds, Roger peered around the corner of thebook. She was no longer in front of the book shelf. He snuck aroundthe book to get a better view of the room and saw the giant womanwalking into the kitchen. He saw her long black mane swaying as shewalked. It ended just above the most amazing rear end he ever sawinside a skirt. From what he was able to see, it was full and roundand moved drastically from side to side. Ten seconds after she was outof sight, Roger snapped out of the trance he was in.

Roger had to figure out if he was in the wrong house, and hehad to do it quickly. On a coffee table in front of the sofa was amagazine. He figured it might have her name and address on it. Heclimbed down and ran over to the table, but was unable to shimmy upthe polished wooden legs. He looked up at the sofa and knew he couldclimb it, so up he went. As he reached the top of the cushion he hearda noise and ran to the back of the sofa.

Roger was at the back of the cushion closest to the end table.

He wasn't able to read the magazine from that far away. He lookedaround the room and saw no signs of the woman so he crept forward.

Slowly he made his way to the center of the cushion. He was verynervous about being so far in the open. Normally he would stay wellhidden.

Still not able to see the address on the magazine, Roger wentfurther until he was at the edge of the cushion. He was finally ableto just barely make out the label. The label read Maria something orother at number 19. Roger realized he was definitely in the wrong housejust as he saw motion through his peripheral vision. He froze. He wasconcentrating so much on reading the magazine label that he didn'thear Maria coming.

She walked over to the sofa rubbing her temples with one hand,so she didn't see Roger standing there. In her free hand she had whatlooked to Roger like a vodka and orange juice. She stood directly infront of Roger facing away from him. Roger couldn't help but look upunder the woman's skirt to see her perfectly shaped full round bottomwrapped in panty hose. It was the size of a two story house and Rogerwas practically standing on the front porch.

As Maria bent over to grab the magazine, Roger began to stepbackwards. He was so much in awe of the magnificent rear end in frontof him that he just couldn't get his legs moving fast enough. Hewatched in growing horror as it moved towards him. He fell backwardsas it came over him and began its descent. He looked straight up andsaw the woman's crotch through her panty hose. Her pussy, smilingthrough her matted mound of pubic hair, was descending on him. Hecould do nothing but lie still and be smothered.

Maria gave a little wiggle as she settled onto her sofa. Shetook a long sip of her drink. It was her third one already. She hadstopped off at a happy hour with some friends. After two drinks, shegot fed up with the steady stream of men trying to pick her up, andwent home. She figured that she'd get drunk by herself and watch TV.

She had no idea she had company.

Roger wasn't just being sat on. Maria's little wiggle hadforced him into her opening. He was wrapped on three sides by nylonand surrounded by Maria's pussy. He knew he had to stay perfectlystill. Any movement on his part would cause Maria to feel him. He didnot want to be found. If he was caught by Maria and survived, he'd bepunished severely by the agency. Being found was just not a option. Heknew he could remain still for hours. He prayed that his rock hardmanhood wouldn't give him away.

It wasn't long before Roger was soaked with Maria's juices. Hetried to take a breath but the smell almost knocked him out. He triedbreathing through his mouth, but the wetness all around him went downhis throat. His eyes burned and the course pubic hairs were making himitch, but he remained still. Although it didn't seem possible, thingscould be worse. He could be stuck in a different orifice. To Roger,this was only a temporary dilemma. Maria had to stand up sooner orlater. It turned out to be later.

It was an hour before Maria got up off the sofa. In that hour,she read her magazine and watched TV. She didn't sit perfectly stilleither. She moved her bottom all over the seat cushion, but Roger wasso far wedged, that there was no way he was coming loose. Roger had ahard time believing that Maria didn't feel him. He came to theconclusion that she was already drunk. He could almost taste thealcohol in the juices that were permeating his eyes and mouth. He evenfelt like he was getting drunk himself.

Roger was just beginning to worry that Maria was going to fallasleep on the sofa when he felt his giant captress stand up. Once up,Maria pulled at her stockings and Roger was free. He was free-fallingto the floor. He landed hard on his back. It hurt, but he knew nothingwas broken. The carpeting was actually quite thick. He was layingbetween Maria's feet as she stood above him. He couldn't make a runfor it yet, not if he didn't want Maria to spot him.

Even though Roger wasn't wedged under Maria's vagina any more,her smell was still all he could smell. It was in his nose and mouth.

The fishy aroma even lined the inside walls of his lungs. Rogerthought to himself that he'd be smelling Maria for days. Little did heknow how right he was.

Roger waited patiently for Maria to walk away. From where helaid in proportion to her feet, Roger figured she would step over himand not on him when she walked away from the sofa. Roger didn't takeinto account the fact the she was drunk.

Roger watched as Maria's giant right foot rose up and movedover him. That's when she stumbled. That same right foot came crashingdown on Roger like a million tons of foot flesh. It wasn't a glancingblow either. Her arch landed square on top of him mashing him into thelong carpet fibers.

The air was instantly forced out of Roger's lungs. His wholebody felt like it was crushed. His mind was dazed, but he was alivefor the time being. He was winded and unable to refill his lungs withair because his face was pressed into the underside of Maria's foot.

Maria stood with her full weight on Roger while she regainedher balance. Although it was less than a minute, it felt like hours toRoger. The pressure on him was becoming unbearable and he desperatelyneeded oxygen. He knew he was not going to live much longer if Mariadidn't move. Roger was just reaching the point of passing out whenMaria's foot lifted off him and she walked into her bedroom.

Roger gasped as he tried to refill his lungs. His chest burnedwith each breath he took. The lingering smell of Maria's vagina mixedwith the day old stench of her feet added nausea to Roger's list ofailments. He laid in the thick carpeting for minutes with his chestheaving in and out before the cobwebs in his head cleared. Rogerrealized how lucky he really was. Had the ball or heel of Maria's footlanded on him instead of the arch, he surely would not have survived.

He decided he had better try to move before Maria came back.

First he moved his head. His neck wasn't broken. Then he movedboth arms. He sat up. So far so good. He wiggled both legs.

Miraculously, nothing was broken. "Thank God", Roger said. "Now let'sget the hell out of here." It was when he tried to stand up that herealized there was a problem. His legs were tied. The strands ofcarpeting were so wrapped around his legs that there was no way he wasgoing anywhere.

As Roger tried to free his legs, he heard Maria coming backinto the room. She had made herself yet another screwdriver and washeading back for the sofa. Not wanting to be seen moving, Roger laidback down on his back. He laid perfectly still praying that Mariawouldn't see him. Her eyes were fixed to the TV as she approached thesofa.

Roger watched one size 34 thousand land a foot to his right andthe other land much closer on his left, so close that he felt the aurathe giant foot was giving off. After ten seconds of laying on the floorpetrified with Maria's giant big toe nudging his shoulder, Rogerrealized that the aura he was feeling was actually the stench comingoff the foot and penetrating his skin. His nose told him that.

Roger spent another five minutes working up his nerve to situp and try to untie his legs. He finally found the necessary courageand sat up. That was when the foot to his left, Maria's right footmoved. It didn't actually just move. It lifted off the floor and movedover top of Roger. Roger knew there was no way he would be able to freehis legs in time, so he laid back again and closed his eyes.

His eyes didn't stay closed long. What man under the samecircumstances wouldn't open his eyes and watch his fate unwind firsthand. Roger watched, and smelled, the giant foot descend on him. Neverbefore had Roger been in the situation where he saw things unfold inslow motion until now. Maria's foot came down so slowly on him thatRoger was able to read every toeprint. Roger never thought that toeswould leave prints. In his grasping mind he saw giant police detectivesanalyzing the prints on his squashed body, looking for the killer bigtoe.

Roger watched as once again he was about to be squashed. Couldluck be on his side twice in less than ten minutes. He doubted it. Helaid still with his eyes fully open as the giant big toe landed justabove his head and to his right. The second toe landed just above hishead to the left. The deadly ball of the foot landed on top of Rogerfrom chest to ankles. His nose ended up pressed into the webbingbetween her first two toes with his mouth under that webbing.

Roger's first response was fear, but when he felt how soft andsmooth the ball of Maria's foot was, he calmed down some. Sure it wassweaty and cold, but as long as she didn't stand up, he should be ableto withstand it. After all, how long could a woman who had two drinkstoo many keep her feet still. Roger figured she put them up on thetable soon so he could resume his efforts to free his legs.

What Roger didn't plan on was she'd go to sleep sitting on thesofa, but she did. Roger's nose was so far imbedded in the fleshbetween her toes that his nose was no good at all to him for breathing.

In fact, Maria's foot had Tom's head pinned backward in an extremelyuncomfortable angle.

Roger had to do all of his breathing through his mouth, Eventhough it was also pressed into the bottom of Maria's foot. Unable touse his nose, Roger didn't have to smell the foot that held him captive.

Instead he had to taste it. Not just in his mouth, but also in histhroat and even in his stomach.

After the first fifteen minutes, Roger felt sick. Ten minuteslater he wanted to puke. Susan taught Roger, years ago, how to getthrough difficult situations using deep breathing. That obviouslywasn't going to work here. Clearing his mind and thinking about a calmlake on a sunny spring day only worked for a couple of minutes at atime, but he kept trying, only to be brought back to the reality of hisfoul tasting torture.

Somehow though, Roger was indeed surviving. He figured it wasover an hour before Maria abruptly stood up. With the sudden pressureon his torso and abdomen, Tom gave in to his gag reflex and threw up.

The worst part of it was, with the bottom of her toes covering hismouth and nose, the vomit had no place to go.

Roger was held in place, gagging on a mouthful of vomit. Histhroat and lungs were on fire, his throat from his own digestive juices,his lungs from lack of air. Roger had thought dry heaves were bad.

Gagging on throw up while being smothered by a giant foot was muchworse.

After thirty long seconds, Maria regained her balance. Shewas quite drunk now. Her feet then rocked forward as she began takinga step. As the pressure on Roger's body decreased, it increased onhis face and head. The vomit was forced back down his throat into hischurning stomach where it didn't stay long.

Roger was able to turn his head to the side as Maria's toescame off his face just fast enough so he didn't choke to death on theentire contents of his digestive tract. He did, however, make a messof the rug next to his head. He continued to cough and wease forminutes. When he stopped he no longer saw or heard Maria.

After Roger regained his composure, he sat up. Some burningin his chest still remained, but otherwise he was unhurt. He tried tostand but his legs were still tied down. He spent the next fewminutes frantically trying to free his legs. He assumed Maria went tobed. The TV was off and the only light that remained on was the onenext to the sofa. Roger figured she left it on for security. Manysingle women leave lights on when they go to bed. Roger figured wrong.

After finally freeing his legs, Roger stood up and turnedtoward the kitchen. He froze in his tracks when he saw the bare feetthat minutes ago held him hostage. They were directly in front ofhim. Roger took a deep breath and slowly looked up past the legs andthe skirt above him. He looked way up and saw a pair of naked breasts.

They were so big and firm, standing on their own over him, withbeautiful nipples the size of his head. Each nipple was centered inperfect pink circles. Somehow Roger looked past Maria's magnificentmammaries up to her face. Staring back at him were Maria's dark deep,but wide open, eyes. He was spotted.

"Dios mio", she exclaimed with an expression of utter shock.

"Que tenemos aqui?"Maria bent down so her head was directly between Roger andthe lamp. The light from the lamp glowed around her black hair givingher the look of not an angel, but of a witch. The grin that slowlyformed where her open mouth was, reaffirmed the image.

As Roger watched Maria's hand reaching for him, he rememberedhis training. Do not be seen. If you suspect that someone saw you,but you weren't sure, freeze. Chances are they might not have. If youare sure you've been spotted and that person is reaching for you,run. As bad as it is to be seen, it is ten times worse to be captured.

Roger was sure he was about to be captured so he took off.

But because Maria was right on top of him when he fled, he didn't getfar. Her first grab at him failed. Roger successfully evaded thedrunken woman's long nailed fingers. He didn't evade the rest of herbody when she stumbled forward.

Roger looked over his shoulder as he ran to see Maria's handsfly past him. He then saw her arms and face pass just over him. Thenhe saw the giant nippled mountain landing on him. The last thing hesaw was the night sky above those mountains, full of stars.

Once again Roger was pinned. He was pinned this time by thebreast of his drunken assailant. Somehow in the last milliseconds ofMaria's fall, Roger spun his body around and landed on his back.

Roger was left winded by the impact of him hitting the ground andMaria's nipple hitting him square in the chest. His face was leftburied under tons of tit which was under megatons of woman. In otherwords, once again Roger needed to breathe badly but couldn't.

Maria regained her senses while lying on the floor. It wasn'tuntil after she rose on to her hands and knees, that Roger was ableto begin regaining his senses, and his breath. By the time he wasable to breathe normally and open his eyes, it was too late.

The first thing he saw was a giant nipple so close to hisface that he had a hard time focusing on it. He could see nothingelse from side to side but soft tan flesh. He watched the pink nipplemove to his left then come back towards him and wollup him one onthe side of the head. He shook that one off and watched the nippleshake as its owner giggled. He watched the nipple move the other wayso Roger braced himself for another impact. He wasn't disappointed.

This one was harder than the first and was followed by a more earthshattering giggle.

After a couple more teasing assaults, the giant nipple moveddown his body and out of sight making contact with him the whole way.

That was the first time in hours that Roger felt his manhood comeback to life.

Roger looked over his head and saw a set of giant lips comeinto view. They settled over him, again inches from his face. Theyclosed and formed into a soft pucker. The bottom lip was twice hisdiameter. Roger wondered what was next. He figured he'd soon tastethe alcohol on the lips. He could sure smell it. He wondered what hetasted like at this point.

Roger watched as the set of lips made contact with his face.

They were warm and smooth, but tasted horribly of used vodka. Still,Roger was able to survive a long wet kiss. He lied motionlessenjoying the feel of Maria's tender inner lips on his face. Slowlyhe noticed the kiss turn into a suck. The suck drew his face deeperand deeper into Maria's vast lips. Although his hard-on wasn'tsubsiding, Roger was beginning to panic. He felt his head breakthrough the inside of Maria's lips and he began to struggle. Herlips were now around his chest and he felt the coarseness of Maria'stongue on his face. The sucking continued as he was pulled inward.

Roger screamed in utter terror as his face moved along the tongue.

Never in his training had they prepared him for this. The surface ofMaria's tongue grew smoother as he moved away from the tip. Hisraging manhood was now engulfed in smooth lower lip. Roger felt thelip quiver as he struggled against it. It was more than he couldtake. Despite his terror of being swallowed, he stiffened like aboard and felt his groin explode. He buried his face in the writhingmuscle, wrapped his arms around it and went with the flow. As Rogerfelt wave after wave of energy flow through him, his fear turned toa kind of love for his drunken captress. It had been long years sinceanyone did this to him.

Roger regained his senses to find himself in total darknesslying completely on Maria's tongue. He was no longer afraid. Heresigned himself to whatever Maria had in store for him. If sheswallowed him whole, so be it. His life sucked anyway. He was lonelyand unable to have a relationship with a woman. He could handle thefew minutes of burning pain as his body disintegrated in Maria'sstomach. She had so much alcohol in her stomach, he probably wouldn'tfeel anything anyway.

Maria had Roger face down on her tongue with his back pressedagainst the roof of her mouth. Her tiny prisoner laid still as shemoved her tongue front to back against him. She had to continuallyfight off the urge to swallow him. She imagined what it would feellike to have his struggling body slowly slide down her throat, hishands grasping with nothing but smooth esophagus to cling to. Shewanted the sensation of his life being absorbed into her body as heslowly dissolved. Maria in her drunken state, couldn't take itanymore. She closed her eyes, put her head back, and swallowed.

The feel of Roger going down was better than Maria imagined.

It seemed to her that Roger went down in slow motion. She felt histiny struggles all the way down, from her uvula to the bottom of heresophagus. It was when she felt his violent struggles inside herstomach, that she regained her senses and realized what she had done.

Maria instantly felt violently ill. She ran into her bedroom sure shewas going to throw up. She ran into the bathroom, threw open thetoilet seat, and vomited.

While Roger was on Maria's tongue, he was still in the calmafter-moments of an orgasm. As he approached her throat, his calmbegan to ebade. Fear took over. He no longer wanted to be taken outof his misery. He wanted to live. He fought for his life as he sliddown Maria's gullet. His fighting didn't help him, it only sloweddown the inevitable. He landed in a dark churning ocean thatimmediately set his body on liquid fire. He prayed his death wouldbe quick.

Roger only struggled for seconds before the sea he wasdissolving in shot upward like the insides of a volcano. Roger waspropelled upward with the torrent of liquid. He was unable to openhis eyes, but felt himself bounce off the roof of Maria's mouthbefore he was free falling again. He landed with a splash in coldwater. The force of the stream he was in sent him far under thesurface. The cold water felt good against his burning skin. Heslowly righted himself and swam for the surface.

Roger poked his head through the surface and took a breath.

The air smelled horrible but it was breathable. He tried to open hiseyes to see where he was, but they burned too much. He had a goodidea he was in the toilet bowl. He treaded water, or whatever elsehe was in, and waited for Maria to grab him. It wasn't a long wait.

Maria instantly felt better. She waited patiently for hernew little toy to break the surface. She had never seen anythinglike a tiny man before. She had to find out where he came from. Whenshe saw his head clear the surface, she reached in and grabbed it.

She immediately put him in the sink and turned on the faucet. Shegrabbed the soap and gave him a combination bath-shower. When shefinished, she set him aside next to the sink and cleaned herself up.

After his bath, Roger was able to see again. Although stillin the company of his giantess, Roger thought this might be a goodtime to try to grow back to size and get the hell out of there. Hetried to clear his mind, but it was just not happening. He knew hewould be at this beautiful Latino woman's mercy for a bit longer.

 Once in the open, Roger focussed in on his new surroundings.

Not only was he still on the plane, he was in the bathroom. It tookhim longer than it should have to realize where he was. He rememberedairplane bathrooms to be cramped little boxes. From his perspective,this was no cramped little box. Roger didn't look at the decor ofthe bathroom for long. Maria quickly held him before her face. Onceagain, Roger was reminded of his captress's beauty.

"Lo siento, pero te nessesito", she said to him. There was aline outside and Maria had to hurry. "You have made me so horny. Ineed to put you in mi chocha."Roger knew that word. He just couldn't remember what itmeant. As Maria lowered him to her crotch, Roger's memory wasrefreshed. Again he screamed and struggled. Again it did him nogood. With her left hand, Maria parted her pussy lips. With herother hand she deposited Roger feet first in her vagina. She pushedhim in until only his head stuck out. Roger felt the slippery sealclose around his neck. He couldn't see through Maria's dark thickmound of pubic hair.

Maria stood all the way up and adjusted her panties. Sheleft the bathroom and smiled to the older lady next in line. Sheshuddered as she found her seat. It was time for her to have someserious fun.

Upon reaching her seat, Maria closed her eyes and put herhead back. Roger's movements were making her feel wild. She wantedthis to last a while. She still had three hours in the air. She knewthat she could make it last the entire remainder of the trip. Rogerwouldn't enjoy it much, but that was his problem. He broke into herhome. She didn't invite him in.

Maria was getting too excited too fast. She nonchalantlyreached down and pushed Roger the rest of the way inside her vagina.

She then clamped down tightly and Roger's movements stopped. Aftershe regained herself, she loosened her hold on tiny Roger so he couldstimulate her some more. After a couple of minutes when she couldn'ttake it anymore, she once again squeezed her vaginal muscles pinningRoger in place. This continued to Maria's delight for hours.

Maria was sitting with her head back and her eyes closedenjoying herself immensely when she heard the captains voice. Sheslowly came back down to reality to find they were on their finaldescent. She couldn't believe it. She had made this trip numeroustimes. Never had the time gone by so fast, not even on the flightsshe was able to sleep. Maria inadvertently found the cure for boredomon airplane flights. Too bad she couldn't find more little men andmarket her idea.

Half an hour later, Maria stood outside the airport waitingfor her cab. Roger was still deep inside her struggling. The poorfellow had been at it for hours. She figured he must be having ahorrible time in there. Maria's long walk from the terminal to thebaggage claim was a tough one. She knew she was walking funny. Itseemed to her that people were staring. It had to be her imagination.

Maria didn't have to wait long for her cab. Cabs in MexicoCity are a dime a dozen. Once in the cab, she did have to wait.

Traffic around the airport was bad. Maria didn't mind. She didn'twant to put her head back on the dirty seat, but she did anyway.

She'd take a shower when she reached her mother's house. Maria closedher eyes and picked up where she left off on the plane. She wantedto enjoy every minute of her new found entertainment while she could.

She knew she had to take Roger out soon, for his own benefit. Shethought where else she could put him that would equal the pleasure.

She came to the conclusion that nowhere else on her body could sheput Roger to equal the joy she was experiencing now.

The cabby tried to make conversation with Maria, but sheignored him, so he shut up and drove the cab. Thirty minutes later,he pulled up to Maria's destination. She paid him and went towardthe house. Her mother met her at the door. "Felice cumpleanos, mama",Maria said to her as she gave her a hug and entered the house.

Tomorrow was her birthday.

"Gracias Maria", she responded as she gave her oldestdaughter a huge hug. They talked for a while before Maria wentupstairs to shower. She missed her mother but wanted to go see herold bedroom badly. She was so horny from having Roger inside her,she needed to relieve herself badly.

Poor Roger had been squeezed and twisted by Maria's vaginafor hours. He was exhausted. He wanted to get out and go to sleep.

When he finally felt Maria's fingers grab his face and pull, heregained some hope. Maria pulled him most of the way out by his head.

He was pretty slippery so there wasn't much resistance. She stoppedpulling when only Roger's feet were still inside her pussy lips.

The small amount of hope Roger was feeling made a u-turn.

Maria placed Roger's face against her clit and laid down onher childhood bed. She then proceeded to kneed Roger's face into herclit with her fingers. Harder and harder she rubbed. Roger feltmegatons of womanhood quivering against him. Maria was very roughwith Roger. She still showed no concern for his well being. By thetime Maria erupted, Roger was out cold. He had no idea that with hishelp, Maria had the most severe orgasm she ever gave herself. Mariathen laid on her side and, with Roger's dormant body once againtrapped against her nether region, went to sleep.

Maria slept for two hours before getting up and jumping intothe shower. Roger was still out cold. Since he also needed a shower,Maria decided to use him as her soap. She lathered up his tiny bodybetween her hands and rubbed Roger down her leg, around one foot,over to the next foot, and back up her other leg. She then latheredhim up again and cleaned her rear end. The feel of his tiny slipperyface cleaning her asshole gave Maria the shivers. After anotherlathering and a thorow cleansing of her crotch, Maria started on herupper body.

Maria was washing her left breast when Roger woke up. Shefelt him begin to struggle between her fingers. He was gasping forbreath. The soap was obviously burning his eyes, but as usual Mariadidn't care. She continued on with her shower. "So my little amigono does like soap", Maria giggled as she reached for the shampoo.

"Maybe he likes to wash my hair instead."The next ten minutes were not too enjoyable for Roger, notlike the last ten were much better, or the twenty or so hours beforethat. Roger thought his eyes burned earlier. That was nothingcompared to what Maria's liquid Prell was doing to them now, not tomention the taste. At least, Roger thought, the taste of Maria'svarious orifices would be out of his mouth. Just like every othersituation with Maria, Roger survived and the shower soon ended.

Maria dried herself and Roger off, dressed, and placed Roger in herample cleavage. This gave Roger a chance to collect his thoughts.

Roger knew that if he didn't grow back before the followingmorning, he might never grow back again. He began formulating plansof escape in his mind. He came up with a few possibilities, but eachone needed Maria to momentarily forget about him while he was in theopen. So far, that hadn't happened.

Roger felt Maria walk downstairs. He realized that for oncehe was actually enjoying himself. He knew not to enjoy too muchbecause it wouldn't be long before Maria was torturing him againwith her fantastic body. When they reached the first floor, Rogerheard Maria speak. Her voice from inside her cleavage was deeper andsexier and emanated from all around him. Roger felt the vibrationsof Maria's Spanish words inside his bones.

He didn't know what Maria was saying, but from the two hugshe was able to endure, Roger guessed Maria had two sisters. One wasnamed Aide. The other was Consuelo. Consuelo was the better endowedof the two sisters, but Maria seemed to have them both beaten.

Roger sat still deep in Maria's cleavage. His temporary homewas tight but very comfortable. Actually, he was afraid to move. Hedid not want Maria to remember him and pull him out. Maria's twosisters didn't sound any nicer than Maria.

The three women sat for over an hour catching up on theirlives. They obviously began drinking because their voices grewlouder and demeanor grew harsher. Maria's, as well as her sister's,laughter grew more frequent, much to Roger's pleasure. But the morefun the three sisters had, the more nervous Roger became.

Finally Senora Lopez called the girls in for supper. Rogercouldn't believe the day had gone so fast. He felt panic in the pitof his stomach again. He was slowly running out of time. If onlySusan hadn't deserted him when he was younger, and finished histraining, he'd know what to do. Roger taxed his memory trying toconjure up a vision of Susan who had taken him under her wing, butit had been too long. Although Roger hadn't seen Susan in over eightyears, she was still his only love, no matter where she was or whatshe was doing.

Maria's sudden movement brought Roger back to the present.

He remembered he hadn't eaten in hours. Luckily Maria also remembered.

As she ate, she dropped tiny fragments of food down her shirt toRoger. Roger thankfully gulped down what he was given and was soonfull. So was Maria. Supper was over. So was Roger's enjoyment.

After dinner, Maria felt it was time to share her wealth.

When the three sisters, along with their mother, were sitting on thesofa with drinks in hand, Maria decided it was time.

Aida and Consuelo watched the facial expression of the sisterthey hadn't seen in over a year change. They watched in amazement astheir older sister took on a sinister look. Even Roger felt thechange in atmosphere. His gulp was almost loud enough for Maria tohear. "I have something to share with you", Maria said in Spanish asher thumb and forefinger entered her blouse. "You may play with mynew toy, but I want him back unharmed."Roger rose from Maria's cleavage by his head. He had a giantthumb over his right ear with a giant forefinger over his left. Thefirst things he focused on once he cleared Maria's cotton blousewere two open mouths. Maria's two sisters looked dumbfounded.

Both mouths closed and Roger realized beauty ran in thefamily. Aida and Consuelo were almost as drop dead gorgeous as theirsister. Roger felt a moment of pride. The women in front of him werestrikingly beautiful, but his woman left them in the dust. AgainRoger was reminded how happy he could be with Maria if only she weremore gentle with him.

The fear Roger experienced most of the weekend was returningwhen he saw Maria's sisters with their hands out. They obviouslywanted a piece of him. For the first time, Roger wanted to stay withMaria. Although she was rough with him, he was still alive. Rogerfelt himself move away from Maria. The aura he was getting used towas moving away from him and a new, but strikingly similar one wasentering his world.

Consuelo had never felt power like this before. She workedat a bank in Mexico City and had men working for her, but never inher life had she felt so much in control. She squeezed tiny Rogerand felt an uncontrollable sensation in her groin. A little morepressure and his meaningless life was over. Maria read her thoughtsand had to talk Consuelo back to reality. "How much fun would he beto us if you squashed him right away", she said to her sister. "Let'splay with him first.""What should I do with him?", Consuelo asked.

"Just enjoy the feeling", Maria answered. "Then when thefeeling begins to wear off, put him between your tits or betweenyour legs. There is no limit to the enjoyment a tiny man can bringyou.""But where did you get him?", Aide asked not to be left out.

"That's my business", Maria answered. "Go upstairs and havesome fun with him", she said to Consuelo. "But don't kill him. Yoursister wants a chance, and I need him for the plane ride home."Consuelo ran upstairs with Roger. That gave Maria a chanceto talk to her baby sister. "So how's your visa coming?""It should be approved within the month.""That's great. What about your sister's""The same. Do I get a turn with your friend", Aide asked.

"If you're old enough", Maria answered. "How old are you now?""I'm nineteen.""Are you still a virgin?""Of course I am. You know me better than that.""Good", Maria finished. "My tiny friend can be your first.

Just make sure you wash him off after Consuelo finishes with him.

God knows what diseases she has picked up." Aide laughed as Mariaheaded towards the bathroom. She couldn't wait for her turn. Maria,although she loved her sisters, was second guessing the fact thatshe was sharing her personal treasure. She quickly got over thefeeling. Just thinking about Roger's suffering at the hands of herhorny sisters made it all worth while. The thought of returning backto the US with her new toy and having him for the rest of her lifeput her whole existence in perspective. She felt like the luckiestwoman on the face of the Earth. Little did Maria know that her lifewould soon take a turn for the worse.

For the rest of the week Maria shared Roger with hersisters. She even let her mother have a couple of turns. It was theleast Maria could do for her mother since it was her fifty fifthbirthday. Mrs. lopez tentavely enjoyed Roger although she wasnowhere as aggressive with him as her daughters were. No matter whoused Roger, Maria always saw to it that Roger ended up the nightwith her. She felt obligated to share him with her family as long asthey remembered who he belonged to. As for Roger, his vacation toMexico had a few ups and many many downs.

Finally it was time for Maria to return home. She said hergood-byes. She told her sisters that she'd see them soon in thestates. She tucked Roger away in her dark smelly dress boot andhopped in her cab headed for the airport. Like the flight home,Maria grew so exited feeling Roger under her foot that she onceagain went to the bathroom and switched him to her pussy. Uponreturning to her seat, she slept with a smile on her face for therest of the flight home. When the plane landed and Maria felt shecouldn't take Roger anymore where he was, she stopped off in theladies room and once again transferred poor Roger to his smellyunder foot service.

While Maria waited for her luggage, she thought she saw acouple men in dark suits watching her. When she looked again, theywere gone. She shrugged it off. It was late and Maria just wanted togo home and go to bed. She was tired but she figured she just mighthave enough energy left for a little sex with Roger. As she waitedimpatiently for her luggage, she empathized with poor Roger. Shealso was in an uncomfortable situation, being held against her willwith no control over the length of her wait. She chuckled as hersuitcase rolled down the rollers. Her wait was over. Too bad Roger'swasn't.

Although tired, Maria felt in control of her life. Thanks tosomeone's screw up at the CIA, she would never be bored again. Shewas on top of the world as she exited the airport, until two mengrabbed her from behind and escorted her into a car parked at thecurb. It all happened so fast that Maria didn't even have time tostruggle.

Once inside the car, Maria began to fight. She began a tiradein Spanish that wasn't legible in any language. One of the menphysically held her arms down while the other shot a sedative intoher arm. In seconds Maria was out.

Roger had no clue what was going on. Of course he knew hewas back inside Maria's right boot. He knew he was having a nastytime. He also knew the plane had landed and they were at the airport.

He felt the long walk from the terminal to the baggage claim. Heexperienced Maria's impatient wait for her luggage while she groundhis body into the sole of her shoe relentlessly. He survived theincreased pressure on his face by her toes as she reached for herbag. He even knew she was carrying her luggage with her right arm.

What he didn't know was what happened after that.

All of a sudden the foot Roger was under began to moveviolently. He felt his stomach move to his head then down to hisfeet and back again in a matter of milliseconds. The motion didn'tstop there. Roger felt Maria's foot stomp into something, shake fromside to side, and stomp again. Maria was obviously strugglingviolently. The fight, which actually was over in ten seconds leftRoger winded and feeling nauseous. When it finally ended and Rogerregained his senses, His shoe prison was motionless. The continuoustoe prodding he had put up with all week long was gone.

Roger realized he was in a moving car. He was slowly gettingsleepy. At first he thought it was from the car's gentle vibration,but he had a feeling there was more to it than that. He begantasting something different in Maria's toe sweat. The stronger thetaste got, the more tired Roger became. The hum from the car's motorstopped. Roger felt a rising and heard a car door slam. He wasalmost sure Maria was being carried. He felt his world swayinggently. If only he wasn't so tired, he'd know for sure what washappening.

Roger felt Maria's foot come to rest. Roger fought the sleepovertaking him. He wanted to sleep, but he also wanted to know whatwas going on. In the back of his mind he prayed he might be gettingrescued. Roger felt Maria's wet smelly foot begin to move out of theboot. He fought for everything he was worth to stay awake. As Maria'sfoot left the boot and light fell into the opening, Roger realizedwhat was happening. She had been drugged. The drugs made their wayto her sweat glands.

As Roger's eyelids grew too heavy to keep open, Roger felthimself fall out of the boot and land on his back on a resilientsurface. He instantly felt a pleasant aura that he recognized. Witha last stitch effort he opened his eyes and saw a giant face lookingdown on him that he hadn't seen in years. "Susan", he whispered assleep overtook him.

Roger awoke and instantly felt wonderful. He was still tiny,but for the first time in days he was fully clothed. He felt cleanand refreshed. In front of him was a tray of tiny food. It wasn't atray of mashed up big food either. It was a miniature steak andbaked potato with two ears of corn on the cob. It didn't take Rogerlong to wolf down his meal.

"Looks like you were starving", came a female voice thatstartled Roger so badly he ended up on his bottom. "So, Roger, howhave you been?""Susan", Roger yelled as he jumped up onto his feet. "Yourescued me."Susan walked over to the table Roger was on and picked himup. He reveled in the feel of her soft hands. He looked at her face.

Everything about her was even more beautiful than he remembered.

"Don't worry", she whispered to him. "You're safe now. I know youlost your ability to grow back. I'll be taking care of you again.""But what about that other guy you were taking care of?""He moved on. I'm all yours." Roger was ecstatic.

"Will I be punished?", he asked.

"Haven't you been punished enough already?"Roger nodded. "So what happened to Maria?", he asked. Nowthat the ordeal was over, he felt like it was just a dream with ahappy ending.

"She's getting a taste of her own medicine right now. Hervisa has been terminated and she'll be returning back to Mexico assoon as her punishment is over. You must tell me everywhere she hadyou."Roger looked away from Susan in embarrassment. Susan forcedhis head back in her direction with her thumb. "Did she put you inher vagina", she asked. Roger nodded. "I thought so. Where else?"Roger didn't have to answer this time. Susan read his face. "She putyou up her ass?" Susan was appalled.

Now that it was out of he bag, Roger decided to tell all.

"She swallowed me whole and threw me up into the toilet. She shovedme up her ass for a whole night and then shit me out into the toiletagain the next morning. She wore me in her dark smelly sweaty bootsfor hours and hours, and I spent more time in her pussy than I spentout in the open. I hope you shove her so far up you own rear endthat she dissolves."Susan laughed. "I won't go that far, but I assure you thatby the time she reaches her mother's house in Mexico City, she'll becrazier than she is now. That reminds me. Did her sisters use you?""They used me all right", Roger answered.

"Their visas have been cancelled for good", Susan said.

"Neither one will ever see this country." Susan planted a long softkiss on Roger and put him gently inside her cleavage. Roger was backwhere he belonged. He was happier than he'd been in years.

Susan walked out of the building and headed for her car. Shetoo looked forward to her upcoming time with Roger. Roger madehimself comfortable and closed his eyes. As he was lulled to sleepby Susan's steady heartbeat, he was sure he heard muffled Spanishand a scream each time Susan stepped down with her right foot.