THE MICRO-BREWERYI was walking home from work one day, when I spotted a new store opening, agrand opening. The sign above the door said, "THE MICRO-BREWERY" and below thatit said, "Manly beers made with a woman's touch." Great, I thought, now I don'thave to go out of my way for some beer on the way home. I stepped inside. Threeyoung women were unpacking boxes full of 6-packs and stacking them on amake-shift shelf. I couldn't help but notice that they were all very wellendowed in the breast department. I just knew I was going to like this place.

One of the young ladies noticed me staring at her chest, but only shyly smiledat me. There was something about the grin on her face that both excited andscared me at the same time. A voice from behind me startled me back to reality.

"Welcome to my store, what can I interest you in?" I turned around and my jawalmost hit the floor. At first glance all I could see were two huge tits, titsso big that the sum total of the three young women unpacking the boxes didn'tadd up to the size of this woman's bust-line. I went totally gah-gah and shequickly took advantage of my condition. Her chest jiggled as a bottle was placedon the counter between us, opened and handed to me.

"Sorry, but the glasses haven't arrived yet," she said in a hypnotic voice. Itried to say something, but no words came out. "This is our best seller," shesaid. For all I know, it could have been rat poison as I tipped back the bottle,unable to tear my eyes from her massive chest.

"Hey, that's not bad," I commented. Able to speak again, the conversation wentfrom beer to questions about me. By the time I finished the second beer, she hadmy address and promised to come by when the store closed for the day. I couldn'tbelieve my good fortune and purchased two 6-packs of the brew and headed home.

I put the beer in the fridge and headed to the bathroom for a shower and shave.

I dressed and ate dinner, then just waited for.... hell, I didn't even ask whather name was. Every time that I thought about her, I got a really powerfulerection. "Those tits," I thought, "Christ, they had to be three times the sizeof my head."The doorbell rang and I tried desparately to push my erection down my pants leg,the buldge not as obvious now. She flew into my arms, her huge tits squashingagainst my chest. They were so big that they not only spread across my chest,but seemed to expand around my rib cage, trying to engulf my whole upper body. Ihad to crane my neck forward just to kiss her. I thought my cock was going toburst. The kiss now broken, her first words were, "Where's the beer and how manydid you drink?" I retrieved two bottles and informed her of just the two I hadin her store. "Well then, we have some catching up to do," she countered.

Two beers later, I knew I wasn't drunk, but I felt strange and I thought my eyeswere playing tricks on me. Was it my imagination or did her breasts just swellup a few cup sizes? For some reason, she didn't want me to stand up, retrievingthe next two bottles herself. I watched her walk like I was in a trance and whenshe returned, I had to blink, then blink again. She stood directly in front ofme, bending slightly at the waist, giving me an eye-full of her never endingcleavage as she handed me the bottle. Not only did her chest appear to haveenlarged some more, but she looked bigger, taller as well. She noticed theconfused look on my face, suddenly challanging me to chug this beer and she'dremove her blouse.

I opened my throat and polished it off in all of four seconds. She smiledradiantly down at me as acres of cleavage exploded into full view. Her bralooked tight on her, way too much tit flesh for the tiny harness. Anotherchallange, another beer chugged and off came her skirt. A literal river ofpre-cum oozed from my bloated cock-head. I was going insane, sexually.

Back and forth she went, the empty bottles pileing up on the coffee table. Witha 6-pack gone, only her bra and panties remained. I had to pee like a racehorse,but she wouldn't let me go, straddling my hips, grinding her crotch againstmine, pulling my face between her gargantuan breasts. If I didn't have to pee sobadly, I probably would have cum right then and there. Her perfume wasintoxicating. Her weight on my lap felt unusually heavy, but I figured that eachbreast must weigh 50 pounds.

She controlled the situation, ignoring my protests, placing a bottle between hertits to feed me the next beer. I drank greedily, purposely spilling some on herbreasts as she played along, making me lick it off, while she gulped down a beerherself. Suddenly, her tits began swelling up again like ballons rapidly fillingwith air. They quickly engulfed my entire head and she seemed to gain aconsiderable amount of weight. I doubted if I could lift her off of me. Shepressed herself more firmly against me, her flesh seemingly expanding all overme. Her tits grew bigger, growing over my shoulders and down my back. I couldn'tbreathe and began to stuggle to free myself from this soft fleshy prison. Icouldn't budge her as blackness drifted over me.

I don't know how long I was out. My bladder was drained and I found myself lyingnaked on what I thought was my bed. Only this bed was huge. Hell, the whole roomwas huge and everything in it. A shadow fell over me and I turned to see whatwas causing it. I wasn't at all prepared for the sight that greeted me with thewords, " So, how do you like my beer?" I gasped. Towering over my head by atleast five feet were a pair of blimp sized titties. Peering down at me frombetween then was the now huge face of the brewery owner. I quickly rose to myfeet, only to find her face still two feet over mine.

"What the hell happened to me, to you and the room?" confusion reining mythoughts.

"Why, you drank my beer ," she answered.

"Huh? ""You mean you couldn't stop thinking about my breasts long enough to even botherlooking at the label?" she asked.

Again, all I could say was, "Huh?"An empty bottle of beer that stood at a third of my present height was placed infront of me by the now gigantic bimbo. It said, "LITTLE MAN BEER" and thepicture on the label showed a man standing next to a woman 5 times his size,with the caption under it that proclaimed, "Cut down his consumption by cuttinghim down to size." My jaw dropped as she added, shaking her mammoth mammories,"These titties work their magic everytime.""But you drank some too, why didn't you shrink as well?" I pointed out. Shepointed out that it effects men and women differently, womens' breasts getbigger and men shrink.

"Those girls working in my store were all flat-chested only a week ago. And wehad twelve male customers today that bought 6-packs of "LITTLE MAN." Thats allit takes, a 6-pack and presto, you're less than a quarter of your previousheight. I'll be going to those men's homes as soon as I'm finished with you ",she stated.

My eyes buldged, "What do you mean, 'finished with me?'""You're still too big for me to conseal," she said, popping open another beer,"but at your size, all we'll need is a half a beer to shrink you down to aquarter of your present height,.... just think, in about ten minutes you'll onlybe about five inches tall ", she said proudly.

I tried to run, to jump off the bed, whatever it took to get away from her, butit was no use. She easily pinned me to the mattress with titties much biggerthan my entire body, almost breaking my jaw as she forced the extra-large neckof the bottle nearly down my throat, keeping it there even after half the bottlewas empty. She waited till I started to shrink. She polished off the remaindureof the beer, then removed her bra. "Still want to suck on my tits?" she teasedas they balloned even bigger, the nipples nearly as lomg as I am tall.

I was uncerimoniously dropped into her purse, only to hear the voices of a fewother men trapped in the darkness with me.