Micro-ladNick looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror and he knew straight awayit had happened again this morning, he was definitely shrinking. For the pastweek every morning was identical he was loosing more or less a quarter of aninch everyday. But today he had lost half of an inch.

“Not again!”He cursed out loud to himself and slammed his fist down on the sink basin infrustration.

At the start of this week Nick was a happy go lucky teenager just turned 18 andworking hard studying for his University degree. He had a part time job he helddown at the local Café and a beautiful girlfriend he had just begun to date overthe past month. Life was going well untilthis strange phenomenon began. But just what was happening to him he didn'tknow. He used to be 5 foot 11 inches tall and was proud of his athletic body andrugged square jawed looks. But now he was just under 5ft 8 inches tall and theresulting reduction of his whole body mass made him feel that bit less of themuscular jock he had previously been. Apart from his immediate concern of whatstrange condition he may have it also worried him that the longer this went onthe more noticeable it would be to others and especially his girl Jennifer. Theysaw each other most evenings and Jennifer was bound to notice sooner or later.

That morning his father had heard his slight tantrum and shouted from hisbedroom“Nick are you ok son? Nick?”“Im fine just cut myself shaving that's all, im off to Uni Dad catch ya later”Nicks father was a lab technician at the local electronics company a prettyboring job but they had a nice house and his father always seemed happy with hislot in life. His mother was no longer with them, she had past away in anaccident when Nick was about two. He never really knew her and his Dad wasalways obsessive about Nick as he was an only child.

That day at the University as usual Nick waited to see Jennifer between lecturesand he sat on the bench at the edge of the communal grounds rifling through hisnotes from this morning.

“Hey Nick”He heard the sweet voice of Jennifer and looked up to see her prettybespectacled face smiling at him.

“Hi Jen, shall we walk?”“Sure”Nick stood up and placed an arm around Jennifer. She was a petite girl with aslim figure and shapely legs . She wasn't what you would call a stunner , sureshe was very pretty but she didn't really stand out in the crowd. She was alittle quite and reserved but very sweet in her manor. Nick had bonded with hermaking good friends since she joined one of his classes and he didn't feel thatintimidated in asking her out. Jennifer was also 18 and she had long dark hairwhich she wore up all the time despite Nicks hints for her to let it down onoccasions when they went out. She stood an even 5 foot 4 inches and that waslucky for Nick as he could use her to gauge his decrease in height very well.

Jennifer didn't wear high heels ever so that wasn't going to be an issue and herdress sense was rather conservative she didn't expose her midrift at the firstsign of summer like most of the girls in the University and mainly wore kneelength skirts and plain blouses when she was attending class. With her thinblack frame spectacles she looked every bit the studious stereotype but Nickcould see there was a beauty beneath this plainly packaged exterior. Nick wasmore than averagely good looking and could have had his pick of the girls but hedidn't want one of the easy bimbos who regularly tried to flirt with him eachday.

“Nick do you fancy a movie tonight?”She asked him as her hand circled behind his back , Nick looked at her besidehim she did seem to be taller than before it was the first time this week he hadactually begun to notice the change in his own perception.

“err no Jen do you mind if I pass, I have a few assignments to catch up ontonight can we rain check until tomorrow babe?”“No problem” she said a little disappointed.

That evening Nick had decided he would speak to his father and reveal histroubles, he didn't want the fuss and was admittedly scared he would be cartedoff to the nearest hospital. But he couldn't dare let this continue withouttelling someone.

When Nick got home his father had a meal prepared and they sat drinking a beereach and glancing at the game on the tv. He didn't have to think how to beginthe conversation with his father as he seemed to sense Nicks preoccupied manor.

“Hey son what's troubling you I know that look on your face and it means badnews”“Well Dad” Nick started “Geez this is so crazy , Dad I think , no Dad I know imshrinking”His father paused with a mouthful of food loaded on his fork halfway to hismouth and simply stared for a second.

“Shrinking? Are you sure son?” This seemed an odd and rather calm response tothis amazing piece of news he had just hit his father with, he expected him tolaugh at him or tell him not to be so stupid but no his father seemed to acceptand believe him.

“Im sure Dad Ive always been 5 foot 11 since I was sixteen years old but im only5 foot 8 now. Whats happening to me Dad am I going crazy?”His father put a hand on his sons shoulder in a comforting manor“Your not crazy son. Im afraid its normal and I was kind of expecting it eversince you turned into a man”“You what?” Nick was shocked. “Dad what are you talking about?”His father began to explain that for some time now he had wanted to revealsomething to his son but he wasn't sure if it would be passed into Nick's genesso he decided it was best not to alarm him. Then in an even more amazingdevelopment his father asked him to follow him to their basement. Nick walkeddown the rickety old wooden stairs into the sub basement trying to ask questionsbut his father blanked him repeating all would be made clear to him soon. Asthey stood in the large basement surrounded by old boxes and discarded householdjunk his father pressed his hand against one of the walls and the wall sunk downinto the ground!Behind this false panel was what looked like to Nick a set from the star-trekenterprise or a control centre from a James Bond movie, Computers systems anddisplays adorned the walls and set off to the left was a glass cylinder with acostume Nick recognised displayed within it.

“Son I know this is a lot to take in but you may have already guessed my littlesecret here , this is my crime control centre and yes your father is or should Isay was Micro-man”Nick was in total disbelief but he had to believe his eyes and senses. All theseyears in this house , all these years living with his Dad and he never knew! Hisfather was famous , well as famous as all the superheroes in the world ,Micro-man , his father was Micro-man!His father went on to explain to a bewildered Nick that he had become Micro-manever since he had a lab accident altering his bodies chemistry. This was when heworked as an assistant technician for Reid Richards of the Fantastic four. Atthat time he worked in the Baxter building and helped the well acclaimedsuperhero and scientist with his work. But due to an oversight in one particularexperiment he was exposed to some strange radiation that absorbed into his body.

From that very day his father began to shrink like Nick growing smaller weekafter week until Richards developed a wrist band that could actually keep him athis normal stature whilst it also allowed him to use his new found abilitieswhich were a side effect of the radiation exposure.

Micro-man was born that day and his father under the recommendation fromRichards joined the Super friends offering his talents and working with some ofthe all time great heroes, Superman, Batman , Wonderwoman to name but a few.

Nick had so many burning questions this was a revelation his father was a hero!He recalled all the cool comic books that depicted the Super friends adventuresand how many times his father and that team had saved the very planet.

His father explained that he didn't want to reveal things to Nick until he foundout if his condition would be passed on. From Richards studies they knew itwouldn't exhibit itself until he was 18 but now that the same powers had passedthrough to Nick he also needed to wear a similar power band as his fathers.

Prepared as most superheroes are he was presented the band that very evening.

Over the next few weeks Nick was back to his old self and stature and he washappier than he had been in ages , his father was teaching him every evening howto control his shrinking abilities and he was soon getting the hang of them. Hefelt like one of those martial arts students visiting his master every day ashis lessons with his father became more serious and intense. Nick could now beconfident in his new abilities he could concentrate and shrink down to any sizeas fast or as slow as he wished , retaining those sizes for as long as hewanted. When he was shrunk although he could sense pain and discomfort hecouldn't actually be physically hurt or damaged a kind of semi-invulnerabilitywhich increased its protective nature the smaller he got. His father was alsoquick to point out his weaknesses , if ever his power band was removed from nowon since he had been using his powers he would rapidly shrink to about an inchtall until it was active again. This didn't go down well with Nick he felt thathe would never be or feel normal again. The power band was like a watch and Nickclearly hated and resented wearing it. But he had to admit he never realised hisDad had never removed his in all these years. Both of the power bands hadmorphing technology and could be rendered invisible for occasions but Nick wasstill conscious of wearing it all day long.

At this time there was also a dilemma going on inside Nicks head as well. Hisfather had retired a year ago as the masked Micro-man and hadnt donned thecostume since, he was beginning to apply pressure that Nick should assume hisplace and join the new Super-teens a spin off from the old Super friendsorganisation and learn how to become a real crime fighter. However Nick had hisreservations and for now his Dad dropped the pressure. Nick still felt it theresomeday in things his father said every now and then.

Life had settled down a little for Nick over the next few weeks it was now 2months since he learned of his abilities and as yet he hadnt worn his fatherscostume or displayed his powers outside of the house. His father during thistime had developed a reduced powerband that didn't cloak itself but it could beworn as a ring on his finger. This was a vast improvement and something thattechnology advances had offered for Nick that his father never had the luxuryof. His father also showed him the power they both had to reduce small inanimateobjects with their very touch. This is how they shrunk their clothes around themand could also shrink small communications devices or tools etc.

More out of curiosity Nick tried the costume on one evening and it fittedperfectly. He felt daft dressed in this space age lycra once piece. The redmaterial hugged his great physique and wearing the knee high red boots completewith built in shock absorbing soles he looked in the mirror and smiled . Hischest held the emblem of Micro-man which his father had modified hoping Nick inhis teens would take the name Micro-lad.

His face was covered with a mask much in the same tight fit as that ofSpiderman's but this mask was cut away around his nostrils , mouth and eyes sohe could breathe easier. The costumes belt held a few gadgets like Bat-mansutility belt but it was pretty simple looking otherwise.

Nick laughed at his reflection and posed a few times. He certainly could carryoff looking the part but was his heart in it? He didn't have the commitment fornow. Shrinking the costume down to tiny proportions Nick could store it inside acompartment in his ring supposedly ready for that emergency. Again seeing hisson wearing the costume his father pressed him to consider his future but Nickshrugged this off for now, he had University to deal with exams and his parttime job wasn't that enough?A few days later Nick had the afternoon to himself , Jennifer had disappearedsomewhere as she did mysteriously sometimes and he valued these periods of timealone to have some fun. He decided he would go into the city and have a lookaround and that meant catching the subway in. As he checked his meagre moneyreserves in his pockets he was short on the ticket money which put pay to hisidea of strolling around the city. But suddenly he was inspired of how toachieve his goal. He decided if he untucked his shirt and put his baseball capon backwards he could shrink down to the size of a young boy and get away withpaying half the ticket price for his journey thus doubling his money. It was awild idea to one so normally honest but there had to be perks to havingsuperpowers surely?This was the first time he had used his powers outside and he walked off down analleyway beside the station and concentrated. In seconds he was about 4 foottall and he headed into the station. The world was a much different place everyone looked so tall it brought back memories of his childhood. He offered updubiously his money to the ticket booth and without questioning him he soon helda half price ticket in his hand. Nick was so pleased with himself and he walkedtowards the train looking down at the ticket in his clutches when heaccidentally collided with a woman his face impacting straight into a pair ofpillowy breasts. He looked up to say sorry to this amazon and saw it was a verygood looking girl his age perhaps , a red head with very long legs and aprominent chest as he could well see.

“Oops sorry, I didn't see you down there kid” she offered and Nick just staredup at her. He had never seen a girl so tall.

“Are you ok kid?” she asked concerned.

Nick broke out of his prolonged stare conscious he was eyeing up this girl.

“Oh yes , thanks sorry thanks” he muttered and walked off a little flustered andred faced. Nick sat on the train and he pondered at what just occurred he wasastounded by the girls height a little breath taken by it , he hadnt looked upto a girl that way for a long time but guessed he would have to get used to thatwith his powers.

When he jumped off the train he reverted to normal size and fixed his shirt andcap. Walking around the bustling streets he happened to come across that samegirl stood window shopping outside a famous department store. He recognised herdistinctive dress. Nick walked behind her and out of curiosity he saw how hemeasured up to her in reality , she was perhaps 5 foot 8 tall if that not anamazon and not outstandingly tall infact she looked nothing like the dramaticvision he had stared at an hour earlier.

As he laid back in bed that evening Nick came to realise he couldn't stopthinking about his earlier encounter with the tall woman as he bumped into her ,how short he felt and how imposing she looked he actually enjoyed the experiencebut why? He then found himself drifting to the thoughts of what it would be liketo be around Jennifer if she was taller than him and he imagined her for asecond towering over him and to his surprise this mere thought made him veryaroused. Nick restrained himself from keeping that mental image and satisfyinghimself there and then and he drifted off to sleep. But even in his state ofslumber he couldn't escape this new world his eyes had seen today a world wherewomen took on new proportions and he felt short compared to them. In his dreamhe had shrunk himself down to 4 feet tall and was lying on Jennifer's bedwaiting for her to enter the room his dream ended abruptly when Nick was wokenby his father.

“Nick your late son you've got classes this morning”Nick went to University that day but he was daydreaming for most of it. Part ofhim now more than ever wanted to reveal his powers to Jennifer and gauge herreaction to see if she would even contemplate the fantasy he was toying with inhis mind to actually be shorter than her.

part 2That evening Jennifer was out at a family party and Nick was with his father inthe basement. His father was showing him the Superfriends teleportation deviceand explained that Wonder woman who was retired as a super hero (infact marriedand settled down with Superman according to his fathers knowledge) had beencommunicating via email with him. Wonder woman was holding a meeting of the newSuper teens faction of the Superfriends organisation to eventually add newrecruits to replace the aging members and Micro-lad was now invited to join andlearn the ropes of becoming a real super hero. Nick wasn't sure. He knew savinglives and helping combat the forces of evil was the right thing to do but partof him wanted to still be a normal teenager , his father explained that he had aresponsibility to share his gift with the world like he had and to make adifference.

After his fathers grand speech to encourage him Nick hesitantly agreed to go andcheck out what this opportunity could offer. The timing was ideal it was theweekend coming up and Jennifer was going to visit her grand parents for theweekend and would be out of town.

Saturday came and Nick was wearing his heroic garb and stepped onto thetransporter pad. In seconds the orbiting Superfriends space station signalledthe all clear and Nick was teleported into space.

This was like some Buck rogers movie to Nick, he materialised in a domain thatwas straight out of a sci-fi flick. Being teleported was amazing in its self butcircling the planet in a space station was awesome. Nick decided he was startingto like this super hero lark. Greeting him off the platform was Aqua-man a guyin his late fifties who was the lord of the ocean , he introduced Nick to thestation and toured him around its various features. The station had anartificial gravity and that enabled the occupants to walk and move as normal butthis was only one of its fascinating features. There was a huge training roomwith holographic projection systems , an operations centre with more flat panelscreens than Nick had ever seen in his life. There was a ready room where thehero's convened to form strategies and much more wonders to see. He was usheredinto a conference room and met for the first time the young hero's who like himwould potentially pull together to form the Super-teens.

Sitting down around a huge conference table Nick saw Wonder woman enter theroom. He had seen her on televised reports over the years in action but toactually see her in the flesh was like meeting a film star. Wonder woman wasstill looking good even though she must have been in her mid fifties and furthermore she did have a remarkable set of legs for her age. Nick wasn't into olderwomen so he didn't find her as attractive as she might have been to him in herprime. Wonder woman introduced the Super friends organisation and explained howall of the teenagers present would be the next generation of hero's toeventually allow all the current hero's to retire. Her plan was to help trainand hone their skills and powers and shape them into a team. After her speechWonder woman gestured for all the hero's around the table to introducethemselves. At this stage they had been advised not to reveal their trueidentities but to inform everyone of their basic powers and abilities.

First up was Sonar Boy who possessed mental powers to move and manipulateobjects.

Then Thunder Boy who could command the power of lighting and channel it throughhis hands as a weapon , Nick listened to the two of them finding it completelyamazing that such powers existed.

Next up was Emulator a teenager who could literally see a person or an objectand he could become a physical replica of that object. Nicks interest picked upon another level when the next hero stood up to present herself ..Supergirl.

Supergirl was one of the daughters of Wonder woman and Superman and shepossessed her fathers abilities. She was a tall beautiful blonde with a verycurvy figure which cut a stunning shape in her tight blue and red lycra outfitand Nick thought he had died and gone to heaven when he laid eyes on her untilhe saw her sister who stood up next.

Wondergirl rose to her feet before her sister had finished and simply toweredover her tall sister making her look short. Taking on her mothers powers shedressed in the style of costume similar to that of her mothers wearing almost anindecent pair of star-spangled blue shorts and a red and gold bustier that wastrying to hold in place two very large breasts with an explosion of cleavage.

She had long dark hair and gorgeous green eyes and was in Nicks appreciationbreath-taking he had never seen such a attractive girl before with such a sexybody. Putting her super sister in the shade by almost a head in height thisamazon captivated every guy around the table but especially Nick who's mindraced with wonder at how much taller than himself she would be and how thatwould make him feel based on his recent experiences. As she sat down Nick fromthe other side of the table stood up and offered his outline and then finallythere was Miss Opposite who had the ability to absorb and reverse superpowers toact as a defence. It was important that all of them socialise and get to knoweach other initially and Wonderwoman offered that she would leave them whilstthey all walked to the standby room which was created to allow the super hero'snot on call to relax.

Nick walked down the corridor behind most of the others and chatted to ThunderBoy, several metres in front he could see the rear of Wondergirl naturallywiggling as she walked. From this distance he could tell she was a lot tallerthan his 5 ft 11 inches and he felt a compelling urge to walk closer to her andmeasure himself in comparison but he had to hold back this driving curiositywithin him. In the standby area which consisted of a few sofas a coffee tableand a massive window overlooking the earth below Nick stood chatting to ThunderBoy and Sonar Boy and found them very friendly and pretty sensible guys.

Emulator was already trying on his charm with Supergirl and she didn't seem toresponsive to his forward manor but Nick was dying to get to know Wondergirland he decided to brave conversation with her. Wondergirl was sat on one of thesofa's and she was speaking with Miss Opposite , Nick excused himself from thetwo hero's beside him and approached the sofa.

“Hi Micro-lad ,so what do you make of all this ?”“Hi” Nick answered Wondergirl trying not to look down into her more than amplecleavage as she rested on the sofa and he stood there before her ratherawkwardly.

“yeh its some organisation isn't it I only hope that I can live up to theirexpectations of me”“Me to” She replied “You don't know what its like to have such a famous mothershe has made such a difference to the world and I have to follow on from there”They ended up chatting and hit an instant rapport much to the pleasure of Nick.

He also noticed Miss Opposite who looked like a twelve year old or underdeveloped compared to the amazon who she shared the sofa with but she was alsovery pleasant to chat to , she was pretty and had long straight blonde hair andin her all in one black cat-suit showing of the fact she had a nice figure. Butany girl beside Wondergirl would have paled by comparison.

“I think Im going to stretch my legs and have a walk around the station do youguys fancy that?”Wondergirl began“I would like to take another look at the training room”“Sure I wouldn't mind seeing how that Hologram technology works” Nick saidgenuinely.

Miss Opposite didn't have a scientific curiosity about her and was prettydisinterested so she declined and then Nick watched in awe as Wondergirl stoodup. He watched her long tanned legs in her knee length red high heeled boots asshe stood straight and he almost flipped when he saw just how much she toweredover him!This gorgeous girl inches before him confronted his eye level with her bustierhe was as tall as her chest and Nick felt both embarrassed and a growingexcitement at this discovery. He guessed that Wondergirl was probably over 7fttall in her heels, Nicks brain went into overdrive asking himself why did shewear such high heels? it wasn't like she needed the extra inches? Perhaps sheenjoys intimidating men? He found himself again liking that notion.

“You can pick your chin up from the floor now”Wondergirl smiled casually seeing his expression at her towering form.

“Er yeh , sorry I was a bit taken aback by how tall you are”She grinned“Yes im pretty big for a girl arent I? Mums 6ft tall and sis is about the sameguess Im a bit of an exception but I don't mind there's plenty of girls whowould swap legs with me given half the chance”“ I can see why” Nick said and wished he hadnt it simply rolled off his tongue.

“I think we are going to get along just fine Micro”They walked around and into the holographics training room and could see somehero's training through the window fighting projected foes. One of the hero'swas Iron man and he was holding up a small car whilst a robot adversary firedlasers at him.

“Wow look how strong Iron man is he lifted that car clean off the ground” Nickwas impressed he had never really seen hero's perform such tasks first hand.

“That must weigh over two tons”“But he's using both arms Micro I could do that easily with just one of mine”Wondergirl boasted and Nick looked at her arms , she didn't have any pronouncedmuscle she had slim girlish arms albeit longer and thicker ones than normal dueto her size , he found that amazing to believe.

“Really? “Wondergirl smiled she liked to be doubted and asked Nick to move closer to her ,as he did with one arm she grasped the material on his chest in her fist and sheeasily and steadily lifted Nick clean off his feet about 2 foot in the air!“Oh boy”Nick gasped and looked down at this incredible girl who was so much strongerthan anyone he had every known.

“Now do you believe me?”“Yes, I wont argue”Nick smiled and he was set back down on his feet feeling a little turned on bywhat just happened, he concentrated to control his reactions because his costumewas a little snug to hide any excitement.

“So your stronger than your mother then?”“Yes a lot stronger, infact I have most of her powers but I guess im twice asstrong as she was in her prime and twice as fast”They both walked and talked enjoying each others company, Nick wasn't sure if itwas just her nature but Wondergirl seemed to be very forward and flirty, perhapsthis was the confidence her size gave her.

“I suppose being so tall is an advantage in this game for you?” Nick questionedstriking new conversation fascinated by her sheer imposing presence.

“I love being tall its nice to shock the bad guys when most of them find out howshort they are when they only reach up to my chest down here”She looked across at Nick and noticed that statement included him also“No offence shorty”“None taken Legs”Nick grinned and so did Wondergirl and they made their way around the stationand she confronted him about his powers.

“Well you know all about my powers but your powers are interesting”“They are? I don't think they are as cool as Thunder boys and the others”“I think they are, I mean you get to actually see a whole different world , Imean shrinking yourself down real tiny must be really neat. Everything must beso much bigger to you chairs , tables and even people”“Well yeh its certainly an eye opener but I haven't really used my powers infront of many people as yet , well not being really tiny that is”“Must be scary incase you get hurt I suppose?”“Kind of but Im sort of invulnerable when Im really small”“How small can you make yourself?”“I think one millimetre is my limit its difficult to say”Wondergirl paused as they walked and turned to him raising her hand and usingher thumb and finger to demonstrate a millimetre between them.

“Wow that's so small! You would be like this tiny to me. “ she began in a semienthusiastic manor“You know a cute guy like you had better watch it if you get that small , one ofus girls is likely to pick you up and take you home with us”She laughed and they walked on.

That evening Nick returned back to his home and downloaded the days events tohis father , he found himself still thinking about Wondergirl as he laid in bedand felt a little guilty at being attracted to her , Jennifer was so normal bycomparison he thought and so short.

The next day was Sunday and he was back in the space station and their traininghad begun. In the morning they had dilemmas and theory of what to do in varioussituations and he found all of them appreciated things in such different waysdepending on their individual powers.

He found Wondergirl was still as flirtatious towards him as they broke for somelunch in the conference room. She was standing with her sister Supergirl as theyboth ate some sandwiches andNick was stood chatting with Miss Opposite a few feet away.

“Hey Supersis , Did you know Micro-lad there can shrink down to almost any sizehe thinks of even smaller than an inch tall?”“No way” Supergirl grinned “We had better watch where we are walking round hereI wouldn't want to step on him. Can you imagine what you could do with a guythat size though?”The two girls spoke aloud knowing only to well Nick was able to overhear theirconversation.

“Could I?” Wondergirl smiled widely “I used to like playing with my toy dollsbut it would certainly be interesting to have a live one to play with”“Hey just think about where you could put a guy that small I mean he wouldalmost fit anywhereWondergirl and can you imagine what he would make of girls our size”“I think we are both too much woman for a tiny little man”They laughed and teased him with their conversation but Nick was aroused bytheir talk , what if he did shrink down to a tiny size and he was in the companyof women like them. This was something that was starting to appeal to him andthe more he thought about it the more he was curious. Nick removed himself fromthe room with a growing bulge in his tight costume which didn't go unnoticed bythe two sisters. In one of the toilets down the corridor he locked thedoor and took a deep breath , those two beautiful girls had got him going withtheir talk , he wasn't sure if it was all teasing of if they really liked theidea of seeing him small but being incredibly small wasn't something he hadnever done before a sexy woman and the images that flicked through his mind hehad a job to ignore. The thought of seeing giant legs as tall as buildings ,breasts larger than houses he almost had to take himself in hand but he splashedhis face in cold water from the sink.

“Get a grip of yourself Nick” he muttered and he sat trying to get his manhoodto waiver.

It was as he was sat that he thought of Jennifer and he reached inside a smallcompartment in his belt and retrieved a picture of her. Jennifer was lookinghappy in the picture it was a summer snap with her for once showing a littleflesh with her shorts and a t-shirt on. Nick paused as he looked at the photo inhis hand and a thought crossed his mind. Putting the photo down he propped it upagainst the door and then concentrated his shrinking powers. In seconds he wasas tall as the photo looking at the image of Jennifer and then he shrank furtherlooking at her image begin to blow up before him like a poster. He was thankfulit was a high resolution shot and it didn't degrade much as he reduced until hewas stood there knee high to this photo and receiving a flavor or almost virtualreality of what it would be like to be with his girlfriend using his powers. Hismanhood rose again as he looked up at this flat 2D impression of his girl and hewas officially hooked. Nick knew he had to explore this part of what his powerscould offer and he decided to test the water with Jennifer the very next day.

Nick returned to the main conference room and Wondergirl came up behind him herhuge breasts just nudging the back of his head and she pinched his rear.

“You didn't get a little hot under the collar did you Micro?”part 3“You didn't get a little hot under the collar did you Micro?”Nick turned looking at her firm orbs meeting his eyes and then up to her face.

”You know Wondergirl if you weren't so strong I might take you over my knee forbeing naughty”He joked which produce a wide smile and a flash of her brilliant white teeth.

“mmm that might be fun to see”That afternoon Wonderwoman instructed a set of real missions for them toaccomplish, she partnered them off and Supergirl was to go with Nick. As theyall waited at the teleporter to beam down Wondergirl turned to her sister“You better take care of my little man”“He'll be safe with me sis and try not to be jealous because Im gonna get to seehim action”In moments Nick and Supergirl dematerialised in the sahara desert. They both hadbeen briefed on the objective and this was an exercise in team work. Hidden inthe desert was a weapon of potential mass destruction , Superfriendsintelligence didn't know its exact location but they had been tipped of thatthis device was going to be remotely activated by Dr Octopus that very day totest its destructive power it was their job to make sure this test failed.

The strategy was down to the new Superteens to generate and prove themselves ,if things got out of hand a simple press of their new communicator devices wouldbring the likes of Superman or the other veteran heros. Nick stood withSupergirl looking across the vast expanse of the desert before them. She was avery sexy looking girl in her tight lycra blue top and her short red flaredskirt with her long blonde locks blowing in the desert breeze. Nick noticed hewas a few inches shorter than her 6ft frame as she wore perhaps 3 inch heels andhe was beginning to get used to feeling short around women it was going to berefreshing to see Jennifer the next day to once again tower over a woman.

“Well Micro its just you an me now”She smiled“Ill have a little look around and see if I can spot that weapon from the air”She flew up into the sky very gracefully and Nick was impressed but also feelinghe wasn't really going to be able to contribute to this mission much as he wasby definition a normal guy with normal vulnerabilities unless he made himselfsmaller and what use was a tiny man in the big desert?After ten minutes Supergirl descended from the sky before Nick.

“Ive found it, its buried in underground in a silo of sorts about 7 miles fromhere, I used my x-ray vision to scan the terrain”“Brilliant, hey X-ray vision I forgot you had that power does that mean you knowwhat I look like under my mask?”Nick was concerned for his identity although to be honest he didn't mind hisfellow Superhero's knowing.

“I checked you out first day Micro , my sister wanted the full report as well Itold her you are very good looking”She smiled“Oh and by the way we both prefer guys to wear tight briefs and not boxersshorts”Nick flushed up red this girl could see straight through his costume and hecould hide nothing from her!“Im gonna have to get lead pants” he joked being the only substance thatSuperman couldnt see through.

“To late “She sniggered and then they settled down to business, Nick took from his beltthe new communications device he had been given by Superfriends and he dialledinto the main computers database.

“Supergirl Im gonna see what info we have on this weapon and how we are best todisable it”“I guess I could just rip it out of the ground with my bare hands that might bea good start”Nick smiled knowing she could probably easily do that she was probably the mostpowerful teenager in the world.

“Well can I just check what we are dealing with first”He read some of the downloaded schematics and data retrieved by the intelligenceand discoveredThings might not be so simple.

“It sais here the weapon is designed to submerge into a silo underground toavoid detection but the weapon is heavily shielded from attack by a force field, oh and this could be an issue for you , the force field is based on kryptoniteenergy sources”“They obviously expected my father he couldn't get within ten feet of thatthing, I do share some of his weakness to Kryptonite based energy so my powersmight degrade when we get that close. Let me see that ”Supergirl studied the data.

“This is tougher than I thought we need to get inside that force field and shutit down so we can destroy that thing”Nick pondered he was bright and shared some of his fathers knowledge perhapshere was where he could add valuable input.

“Here Supergirl look this is a plasma venting port that could be just what weneed. And here is the force field generator it connects to the plasma conduit.”“Even that port is shielded though so I would begin to loose power by it andbesides look at the dimensions I couldn't crawl through it” She looked at Nick “But you could”“Exactly , if you can get me up to that vent I can pass through the shieldingbecause Im am semi-invulnerable at small sizes and I can make my way into thischamber here and damage the force field generator and hey presto the force fieldfails and you can trash the weapon”“Brilliant!” Supergirl beamed and in her excitement she kissed Nicks cheek.

“Ok Micro , we've got 7 miles to cover fancy a lift?”Nick nodded and Supergirl stepped behind him , he felt the soft touch of herbreasts on his back as she put her arms around him and suddenly she launchedthem into the air soaring over the baron desert.

“You ok handsome?”Supergirl asked as she increased their speed.

“Fine just a little nervous of heights that's all”“Sorry Ill fly lower”In a few minutes they set down by a flat section of sand.

“That's it”“Where” Nick looked around blankly.

“The vents above us its got some sort of stealth shielding perhaps this willhelp”Supergirl flicked some sand into the air and it settled as if floating as itlaid upon some invisible structure. Nick could make out a square shaft but theopening was ten feet high.

“Im losing my powers already here Micro I can feel the force fields proximity”“Then we need to move fast”“let me check the seal on the end of that vent” she offered and she flew up tothe semi visibleopening and reached out. Nick could see she was gripping something with bothhands and she was struggling to lift it up. “This vented flap is heavy Micro imgetting weak and its spring loaded”As she lifted it up fully the stealth shielding didn't obscure the inside andclearly there was a opening but it was a very small shaft within. Landing backdown Supergirl was clearly a little tired from her effort.

“That was heavy I guess my super strength is temporarily gone I need both handsto hold that thing open before it snaps back and somehow ive got to lift you upthere and hover at the same time although I may loose my ability to flyshortly?”Nick had to think fast “ can we prop it open?”“What with there's nothing for miles and I think it would crush most things, Ithink I have to hold it whilst you climb into the shaft but unless you canneutralise the force field I wont regain my full powers to help you out of thereor destroy that thing”Suddenly the ground trembled a little as sand began to swirl a few metres away ,the weapon was rising from the depths ready for its test.

“What ever we are gonna do we better do it soon according to the data it takestwenty minutes for that thing to prime itself once its in position”Nick said with urgency in his voice.

“Well I guess this is when I get to see you in action so you better startshrinking down”What pressure Nick thought and not quite the circumstances he wanted to becomesmall before a good looking girl like this.

“How small will I need to be for the shaft?”“About 4 inches max ““Here goes”Nick concentrated and he watched Supergirl become taller and taller as he shrunkhimself down before her. Past her firm breasts , level with her waist then herknees , then her ankles!He stood before her red high heeled boots and looked up at her magnificent giantbody , she was the first giantess he had ever really seen and despite theseriousness of their mission he was a little speechless at how wonderful shelooked at this scale. Way above her breasts took on new proportions he couldn'tsee her face they pushed out so far in her tight blue top stretching that famousS symbol so defiantly.

“Micro that was just awesome” her voice boomed and he held his ears for a second“oops sorry” she lowered her speech “Your so small “She picked Nick up in one hand, this was another new experience a hand that wasalmost covering his whole 4 inch tall body with huge fingers wrapped firmlyaround him. It felt so safe to be held by her this way and Nick was unable tospeak he so enthralled by her every grand action as she lifted him up to herface.

“Boy I wish we didn't have a mission right now shorty you are so adorable likethis”Nick was unable to respond and felt he was in sensory overload. Her pretty facewas only several feet away in Nicks perspective and he was mesmerised by thescale of her beauty.

“You ok tiny?”“Err yeh” Nick managed.

“Well we haven't much time to loose , Im going to fly up there again if I stillcan and lift up that flap to let you in. If you hold onto a few strands of mylong hair then you should be able to swing yourself in”Nick waited for Supergirl to sway her long blonde hair over to him which she didin seconds and it consumed him in a mass of silky smooth hairs that smelt simplyso feminine with a wonderful clean scent. The touch of her hair was stimulatingin its self but Nick had to concentrate peoples lives would be at stake if theyfailed. He grabbed a clump of the hair and Supergirl flew up with him danglingfrom her golden locks. Nick didn't dare look down as she hovered and lifted withall her dwindling might the vented flap. Swinging like a miniature tarzan Nickmanaged to hurl himself into the shaft that had been revealed. He landed alittle ungracefully but he was fine. The flap shut as Supergirls musclescouldn't take anymore strain and Nick was on his own. He walked down the shaftit was steep but had ridges so his descent was rapid.

“Are you in ok?”Supergirls voice came over his communicator built into his costume.

“No problem”“Great , I think my powers are pretty much drained you'll have to stop thatforce field so I can regain them and destroy this thing , at present Im no moreuse than a normal 19 year old girl”Nick made his way along inside and came to a junction where the plasma ventingshaft met the main plasma generator. It was lucky he had the protection of hisinvulnerable state when smaller or he would have fried in the heat the equipmentwas giving out below him. Recalling the schematics he had seen he found his wayto the circuitry that was most vulnerable to attack.

Meanwhile outside the ground began to rumble and tons of sand shifted as theweapon began to lift itself out of its underground silo and into view. Supergirlbacked away unable to stop its gradual assent.

“hey Micro , things are happening out here !”She alerted and Nick was all too aware as the machinery around him began tomove.

“Im on it!”He looked up at an array of circuits that he knew controlled the force fieldactivation , being so small there was no way he could exert enough strength tosmash them but perhaps his gadgets in his belt might help. He reached into acompartment in his belt and found the laser cutter his father informed him ofwhich had allowed his father to get himself out of many a trap. Energising thesmall knife he thrust its glowing tip into the circuits and a shower of sparksensued cascading all round him.

The force field was going down!Nick hauled himself back into the shaft and made his way up its length.

”Supergirl! Mission accomplished can you get me out of here ?”“Good job squirt Ill be waiting for you”When Nick scrambled up the shaft he was confronted by the vented exit flap whichinstantly opened as Supergirl lifted it up. From his precarious position on thelip of the shaft Nick could see a huge fall below into the sand and as he lookedacross he could see the hovering body of Supergirl.

Her face was partially in view obscured by the flap she held open, but her chestwas dominating the end of the shaft it was a sight Nick would never forget. Herample curves challenged her tight blue costume forming twin bulges taller thanNick was at his current size and wider than the shaft by far. The v neck line ofher top offered a visible cleavage line which defined the meeting of those firmorbs of jiggling female flesh and was a teasing display to any man of normalstature but to Nick it was a glorious sexy vision he could only have imagined.

For a few lingering seconds he was astounded by what met his eyes whenSupergirls booming voice snapped him out of it.

“Come on tiny what are you waiting for jump”Nick looked before him her long blonde hair fluttered in the desert breezebehind her as she was suspended in the air. There was no way he could reach forher hair.

“Supergirl there's nothing for me to grab hold of!”“Come on tiny , just jump on me”Nick could sense the urgency in her voice and he hurled himself out towards herand landed on the base of her neck face down into her skin. As he wassemi-invulnerable the impact didn't hurt him but he had nothing to hold onto. Hebegan to slip down her front and her smooth skin provided no grip to his fingers, suddenly he felt his boots begin to touch the two sides of her breasts as hewas straddling the gap of her cleavage.

In his dilemma and noting the fall below should he tumble off of her he made aquick decision to shrink himself more. Nick in an instant was barely 2 inchestall and his legs slipped down between the curves of the sides of her hugebreasts until he fell into the depths of her giant-sized cleavage and under hertop!Nick found himself caught and suspended at the base of Supergirls bra held bythe silky soft netting. Beside him and towering above were her two now enormousgiant breasts. He felt so incredibly turned on now it was impossible for him tocontain his arousal. For those brief few seconds asSupergirl descended to the ground Nick was in heaven. She landed and smiledbroadly at Nicks predicament and what he had been forced to do.

part 4“Hey squirt did you find a soft landing down there?” she teased “well you hadbetter stay safe in there for a while whilst I destroy this thing, my superboobs will shield you from harm”Supergirl found her power returning as the effects from the disabled force fieldbegan to fully subside and she flew up to the weapons column like structure thathad risen into view. Simply punching the metal with a super blow from her fistthe mighty teen shattered the outer casing and bent the column in half bucklingit and causing a explosion to erupt from within. Nick was jostled around betweenher breasts in the shockwave but wasn't harmed. The device was trashed and nowsmouldering in an electric fire. Taking a long hard look at her handy work theSuper teen landed on a nearby sand ridge and then looked down at Nick in hertop. Nick was still fully aroused he had never experienced such a stimulus aswhere he found himself now he looked up out of the opening of her top and mether big blue eyes peering down at him.

“Mission accomplished squirt”Supergirl smiled at the sight of Nick immersed in her woman flesh so helplessly.

“Hey squirt you look a lot smaller than before I mean your positively tinycompared to my well you know, compared to my….um…boobs.”“You're a very big girl” Nick said meeklySupergirl grinned.

“Well I think we make a good team Micro and you make a nice accessory for a biggirl like me”Nick felt two huge fingers come in to retrieve him , her fingers slightly pinnedhis arms at his sides as he was extracted from what to Nick was a paradise thathad his blood flowing to all the right places, but this was also a problem. Ashe was held before her huge face his hands unable to reach across so he couldconceal himself, his evident enjoyment was bulging in his tight costume.

Supergirl saw this almost instantly and it resulted in a very big smile flashingher white sparkling movie star teeth she wasn't embarrassed at all but Nickbeneath his mask was flushed bright red.

“I see your like working with me as well” She lowered Nick into her palm andNick just didn't know what to say.

Monday came and Nick was eager to see Jennifer. He hadn't slept well that nightand found himself constantly fantasizing about being tiny whilst being intimatewith a normal size girl. The episode with Supergirl had affected him more thanhe thought and it was now clear to him that he found a part of his powers hevery much enjoyed. Jennifer wasn't at University that day and she called hismobile to inform she had been delayed at her family visit with car troubles andshe was so sorry but she would see him Tuesday.

That evening Nick was called to the Superfriends HQ for some training and he waskeen. He felt conscious after his first mission and hoped he wouldn't run intoSupergirl until she might have forgotten the incident with his arousal.

As he materialised on the platform in full costume Miss Opposite was there togreet him.

“Hey Microlad your a little late”“Hi , yeh sorry im well just getting to grips with this whole Superhero thingthat's all”“Well, the others have been partnered off and you're my partner for thisexercise.”“Oh and what's in store for us then?”Nick walked down the corridor with the cat suited superhero and felt a littlestrange that she was shorter than him , in the past few days this in its selfseemed a bit of a novelty.

They walked into one of the training rooms and Nick and Miss Opposite sat downon chairs.

“Right well, the brief is that we are supposed to share our weaknesses ,Wonderwoman said that you can be stronger if you learn to accept yourlimitations and vulnerabilities”Miss Opposite began“So shall I start?”Nick nodded.

“My power is based on temporarily absorbing and reversing another's energy itshandy when im fighting supervillians as usually I can defend or attack them withan opposite force but I guess my weakness is controlling the power.””How so?”Nick looked at the attractive girl before him she wasn't as stunning asWondergirl or Supergirl but she was very pretty he hadn't met an unattractiveSuperhero yet.

“Well I once squared up to this guy who was like a freezer on legs Arctic man Ithink was what he called himself and he was a real supervillian. He terrorisedthe town I live in by freezing people and stealing their jewellery and thenbegan to break into the banks by freezing the safe doors so cold a simple touchwould shatter them. When he confronted me I opened out my hands and took onboardhis reverse power and like the human torch I suddenly had fire power, you knowthrowing flames out from my hands”“wow that's great so you could un-freeze everything he had frozen and…”Miss Opposite jumped in before Nick finished.

“Not quite , well I did stop him but not before I set light to the inside of thebank. I mean no one was harmed they all fled earlier but I just struggled toregulate how much power I generated”“Guess that is a little worrying your having to learn new powers all the timeand for temporary periods”“Yeh and sometimes if I use the new powers to their full potential then Iexhaust them and loose them very quickly so I don't get time to learn them inany great detail. So how do we address my weakness do you think? Wonderwomansaid to come up with ideas if we can?”Nick paused in thought and offered“Well why not use the database here of the supervillians you will most likelyface and research their powers so you know a little of what to expect when youmay encounter one at least you will be prepared for any unexpected abilities.”“I guess that may help” she smiled and then prompted Nick to open up to her.

“As for me my powers are I suppose very different im not vulnerable when imsmall to be damaged but I don't have a superstrength to match my size so I canbe caught or captured that's a definite weakness”“mmm I suppose even a little girl would pose a challenge to you when your reallytiny”“Well yes”Nick didn't like admitting this the thought of a hostile grabbing him whilstshrunk was unnerving but a little humiliating when Miss Opposite confirmed thathe was helpless even to small children.

“Then I guess your way to combat that is to build a defence”“Im sorry?”Nick was confused“ Well you obviously wear a utility belt like Batman there why don't you modifyyour costume to emit a jolt of electricity to force a villain to drop you fromthe shock?”“Yeh I guess that may help”Nick could see she had a good head on her and they jotted down on the computerin the room their notes following which Miss Opposite looked at Nick in acurious manor she stood up and held her hands out.

“what are you doing?” Nick looked a little concerned as Miss Opposite glowed redfrom head to toe for the briefest of seconds.

“I just wanted to try your opposite energy out” she smiled and instantlyconcentrated and made herself taller rising head and shoulders above Nick.

“this is such a rush, look at me I must be as tall as Wondergirl is “A few seconds later she rose again now standing about 12 feet tall and Nicksappreciation of Miss Opposite almost doubled with her increase in size, shelooked like a mighty amazon. Her modest curves in her black cat-suit now lookedvery generous indeed and she simply dominated his view“oh this is so incredible look at me I must grow more”“Hey Miss Opp don't you think you should stop now?”Nick reasoned seeing the situation may get out of control but Miss Oppositecontinued to grow. Her legs began to rise before Nick and he watched her headhit the tall ceiling as she must have become about 20 feet tall. But then shestarted to become concerned as her fun ceased.

“Micro! I can stop it I cant stop growing!”Looking up at her concerned Nick didn't know what to do.

“Concentrate think small, come on!”He shouted but now she was forced to kneel to stop her head pushing into theceiling , Nick backed off as this pretty blonde began to fill the room. Shestraightened her legs and a huge boot came towards Nick forcing him back , thetable was crushed by her other leg as it expanded across the room and now shewas starting to lay down on her side to accommodate her growing body in therooms dimensions!Nick ran through the sliding door of the room and down the corridor and foundWonderwoman in an instant who was checking in on all the super students.

Returning to the room the doors opened and the sole of a mighty boot blocked thedoorway entirely.

“Make it stop!”Miss Opposite pleaded“Help me Im huge! This rooms too small for me!”“Her new power she absorbed is out of control, we must act fast”Wonder woman dramatically ran down the corridor by which time most of the otherstudents began to gather at the doorway with Nick.

“Is that Opposites boot?” Supergirl looked shocked“She's gonna break the hull!”Shrieked Sonar boy as the whole station began to struggle to accommodate MissOpposite.

Suddenly Iron Man and Wonderwoman returned and she was now brandishing whatlooked like a gun.

“No Mother!”Wondergirl flashed into view and restrained her mothers arm from pointing thedevice.

“Its ok, it's a portable transporter beam”Iron Mans voice echoed in the corridor.

Seconds later Wonderwoman fired a beam and Miss Opposite disappeared from sight.

Nick raced into the room with the others the two side walls of the room hadmassive dents in the metal structure from Miss Opposites elbows and looking upthere was two dents where her knees had forced into the ceiling.

“wow she was huge look what her knees did” Supergirl gasped“That's not all look at these!” beckoned Thunderboy and all of them lookedacross the ceiling at two much larger dome shaped dents which could only havebeen created by her chest!“It's a good job she wasn't as well blessed as I am in that department she wouldhave totalled the ceiling!”Wondergirl laughed.

“Where is she now?”Iron Man looked across at Wonderwoman who was fiddling with the readouts on thedevice in her hand.

“I didn't have chance to check , wait a minute here it is the confirmation ofhe