Moms the wordbyMarkoDarren is 14yrs old and lives with his mother and crazy sister Sylviain a small village called Viscos. His mother works for a bank thathas a branch in Viscos.

Darren always liked his mother,Ann, she was always dressed in alady-like way as her job required,but like many women, she suffered from sweating feet. He knew hissister fancied him big time, dispite her being blood related. Hislife is always good, until the day he finds a strange tablet in themedicine cabinet.

Darren realised his sister was still in the house and may trysomething to day, he best keep a look out.

Sylvia came down the stairs dressed in nylons and her lovely leatherheels.

Sylvia: What ya doing?Darren: Nothing.

Sylvia moved towards the couch and sat down.

Sylvia: (Rubbing Darrens shoulders) You know I've always fancied you.

Darren: I sort of knew.

Sylvia: I know your almost cumming now.

Darren: Cut the small talk.

Sylvia: (Opening Darren's trousers)Ok, get it out.

Darren: Are you sure?Sylvia: Yes, I want you!Darren: Your not messing?Sylvia: No so hurry up before I bust you up.

Darren: Fuck off then, you the one that wants it.

Sylvia: (Takes off bra) Come on, touch them, feel them.

Intimedated by her huge boobs, he submitted to her desires, he hadsex at 14!After about 30 mins of some type of sexual pleasure they had hadtheir fill.

The phone rang, it was their mom she was coming home from work soon.

His sister let him lick her boobs until she decided it would bebetter to shower after the passionate session.

About 30 mins later Darren' mom was home, darren was force to moveoff the sofa and onto the floor as his mohter sat dowm tired. Hissister came down the stairs and left for her friends house to preparefor the next nights party.

His mother soon closed her eyes and feel asleep, he could smeel theheavenly smel of sweat from her feet as he sat there, he dared tomove closer to her lovely feet.

As he inhaled the fragrence, he failed to notice his mothers eyesopen rapidly.

Ann: Were you smeling my feet?Darren: Yes, I admit it.

Ann: Wait?! You like the smeel of my feet?Darren: They smell like a miracle fragence.

Ann: You must be unwell, I'll get you a anti-biotic, it must bebactria.

Darren: I don't know.

His mum got the pill and gave it to him.

Ann: Swallow this.

Darren: alright.

Everything went black.

To be continued at a later date, but will be continued.

You have my word on that.