My GabrielIt only takes time to realize how alone you can feel in this world. How you cango from a regular guy, all nonchalant about everything, to being paranoid aboutevery single movement. And then you realize that you're the only one. The onlyone of your kind. The only one that will ever feel what you feel. There's reallyno sense to even tell people, but maybe it can be conveyed in a fashion thatcould be understood.

Nonetheless, my life is different than the average human's. Okay, so maybe I'vestarted off on a tangent already. I can't say that you wouldn't blame me. Halfthe time I'm confused because I'm stuck in a different place all the time. Thenthere are those times when I don't realize who I am. There are times when Ifigure that I'm just a toy, and then there are those times that I'm nothing. Andthat's when I feel alone.

But anyway, back to my life not being like a regular person. I remember when Iactually was me. A person to be acknowledged. Homecoming king, football player,everyday guy, yes, all of that was me. But it all changed once I met thismagical person, also known to be my girlfriend at the time, Amy.

Amy had scared me ever since I asked her out. Maybe it was because of the factthat she would wear black sometimes just to freak me out. I don't even know whatmade me ask her out. It was just one of those things where I was just attracted.

Don't ask me how, but I was attracted to her in every way. She probably wasn'tthe most beautiful person in the world, but what she lacked in beauty, she madeup for in the way she loved me and the way she made me feel. Maybe it was justher blonde hair or the way she walked. Either way you look at it, it put mewhere I am today, so I really don't think I want to fall for that again.

One day after school Amy asked if I could come over to her house, she wanted toshow me something. “Well,” I thought, “it couldn't hurt too much, she is mygirlfriend.” As I walked to the house, something strange was near there.

Something that had never been there before. It wasn't glowing or anything, butI'm a man of detail. Normally in the front yard of that two story house there isonly two trees, one an apple and the other a pear. This time there were three,and it was a specific evergreen tree. To myself, I thought that had to be odd, atree growing overnight. But then again, so was Amy when she walked out. She hadon a very tight black miniskirt, almost so little you could see under it withouteven bending down. Her top was a black bathing suit, only noted because I thinkit was the only two-piece she owned even though she had a pool.

Seductively, she came over to me. “Honey, I think we need to go inside and makeup anything that we have ever done wrong. Maybe…. maybe with a little kissinvolved?”I really don't think there would be any man alive who wouldn't kiss that womanwith no questions involved. However, being my inquisitive self, I decided toask, “Well, sure, but why for everything?”She replied back with her hand behind my head, “Because I feel so right kissingyou and it would make everything go so much better later on.” I couldn't arguewith that. So I kissed her, and it was passionate enough to make us fall on thecouch together. She went off saying, “I think that tonight should be a night youshould never forget. Hold on, and I'll come back ready for action.”Most guys would stay right there and not move a muscle. Of course, I am likemost guys. And then I feel a tingle in my lips where she kissed me. I figured itwas just a regular makeup flaw, and something just itched. But then it passedthrough my cheeks, then my whole face, then to my chest, then arms. It was awhole burning sensation. And then I couldn't stand it any longer. I passed out.

I found out later on that I shouldn't have ever stepped foot in that house.


I woke up, only to find myself in a place with plenty of colors and lights. Itwas like I was in the seventies, only I never experienced that, being a seniorin high school these days and all. Then I saw a huge disco looking ball, readyand waiting for a dance to begin. After all this, I thought I was high. But thenI heard a voice. That distinct, sultry voice that could only come from Amy.

“Darling, darling, wake up. You only need to be here for a little while. Theparty's somewhere else.”I almost fainted in that multi-colored world. I floated in mid air, and thencame back down on that lit floor, and then as soon as I fell, I snapped out ofit. I saw what would now be my fate.

Being thrown out of a weird world like that and then thrown into another onedoesn't help too much. This world wasn't a small room. However, it was a hugedim place. And it looked kind of familiar. On this world was a black ground thatwas pretty dry. To the left of me, it went up at a sharp angle. In front andbehind me it went up a full ninety degrees. To the right, it went down verysharply. I went over towards that sharp decline and I looked down to see that Iwas on some sort of odd mountain. It looked to be about four hundred feet down.

I almost fainted, and I did gasp. I imagined me, falling down that far down andkilling myself. Of course, this plain was big enough to not worry about evergetting too close to that edge. Hopefully, I thought.

Then the brightest lights came from up above. The high skies, or so I thought,were opening up above into pure light. I figured that I was going to see God.

Instead, I saw a goddess.

Amy. That's all I saw. Her beautiful curves, her sexy face, her walk. Instead ofblack, which was normally hey style, she had on all white. Of course, whatlittle she had on, anyway. Basically, her garb right now was a white lacy bra tocover her nicely formed breasts, even for seventeen, and a regular white pair ofpanties. I swear, I should have told her that white looked way better than blackon her. She happened to strut it like a charm.

There was only one problem to this whole thing. Amy was not normal. She wasplain huge. To me, she could have been a good thousand and a half feet tall. Andthat's when it hit me. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her. It was allme. I mean, why else would I be on a black plain that fell down so far. It washer leather couch. And around her were all kinds of things that normally wouldbe in a living room in a normal house. Then I heard a sound unrivaled by mostairplanes flying right over your head.

“Honey? Where are you? Where did you get to? Hmmm, he must have went out to getsomething. Well, nobody should be home for the next hour or so. I'll just waitfor him to get back. Lemme sit down for a while.”It was Amy. Normally you would figure a voice wouldn't normally sound like that,especially a girl's, but hers carried. And then another epiphany hit. If she wasgoing to sit down a while, she would have to sit right down on this couch, andthat would mean near me, which means I might….

I ran away from anything as fast as I could. Notice I said anything, becausethere's no way I could go anywhere to avoid her. I just hoped she would just siton the couch, and not lay on it like she normally does. And if she did sit,hopefully it would not be anywhere by me.

So I did the best thing I could. I got to the far back of the couch cushion,hoping that if she did sit even near me, she wouldn't put her behind backtowards me and sit straight up.

Then in a rush of wind, all light was blocked as a gigantic shadow loomed overme. Amy was about to sit on the cushion I was on. I saw it all in slow motion.

She turned around at first, letting her back face me. Then her delicate lefthand held her up on the wall right next to the unstable ground I was on. Shestarted to ease down, bending her knees with slight imperfection, making sureshe touched the couch very slowly. Her huge towering back, both with the braclamp and her panties. Her tan shown through even though it was mostly shadow.

She delicately, even to my standard of size, sat down, with her perfect behindnot even wiggling.

However, when she sat down, the cushion went towards her because of her weight.

This caused me to shift towards her bottom. I rolled towards the other whitewall that covered the tightness of her flesh. I looked around me only to seethat I was trapped. Both ways were closed off to the small public like me, justas the light was hidden away. Walls of flesh caved in around me, and now Iwanted to decide what I was going to do. The only exit I saw was up. And maybe,just maybe, I could get Amy's attention somehow. Therefore, I tried going up tothe sky.

Things like this always seem harder than it really is. In reality, it wasn't toodifficult. I found that the stitches weren't too close together for my new size.

And I decided I would climb further and further up until I reached herwaistband. Then and only then could I stop. That's what I did, even though ithad to be done at an angle since her back closed off other directions I couldgo. As I climbed, I noticed every part of this girl's body had a better curve, abetter tan, and a better everything than what I ever dreamed. That might havebeen one reason I fell in love with her. She was beautiful, more beautiful evennow, even if she could kill me in a twitch of a muscle.

I finally ended up on Amy's right side, considering she was blocked by the couchon the other. I then stopped on her waistband of those pretty lacy dreams. Ilooked up to see my giantess, who happened to be my girlfriend. She just lookedout, possibly looking for me as she waited impatiently for her boyfriend toreturn. Needless to say, I never left her side. But unfortunately, she couldn'tfigure that out. I wouldn't blame her, she couldn't look to see a littleboyfriend on her side.

“Well, if he isn't coming back, I might as well go get dressed, eat something,and then go out to party. I can't stand it when he does things like thissometimes. Oh well, maybe something happened to him.”If only she knew. And I wished she knew, because I was starting to worry whatwas going to happen to me, especially as she got up to go get dressed.

She stayed there for a couple of minutes, with me admiring her every breath andheave, and then nothing could have prepared me for her getting up. The force wasalmost unbearable as the wind suddenly rushed by. To the normal eye, you don'thappen to see hurricane force winds move cloth like it was in one. The whitecloth rippled and the only thing stable was the waistband I was struggling tohold on to. As she moved, just like she normally does, she swayed her hips backand forth, making me hit her waist at a horrible force.

I only had to endure but so much of this, as she finally went upstairs to put onsome clothes. Before then, however, she laid down on the bed. Yet another cosmicforce went through me. As she straightened up on the bed, I saw something reallyfrightening: her hand. Normally, her delicate hand was everything to me, but nowit was a humongous danger that I had to avoid. As her hand came down, apparentlyto straighten her panties, I moved up towards the front of them. By this timeher outstanding hand went back to her side. A hand that could kill me. Thankgoodness it didn't. In this short amount of time, she went to sleep, which wasof course nothing in her plan.

As she laid there, I couldn't help but let myself be overcome with her beauty. Ifinally got off of her panties and decided to go towards her stomach. Amy mightnot have been the most muscular girl around, but she did keep a tight stomach.

Not only that, but unlike most girls, she never had a piercing in her navel,which intrigued me. It told me she was still pure somewhat. I walked over to hernavel and looked down. It was about as deep as I was tall, and I never wanted tofall in fear that I would stay there and not be able to get out. So after thatrevelation, I went around and looked forward.

Her breasts. Okay, so they weren't the biggest, but like everything else on Amy,they were tight. And now, and my height, they were enormous. As she wassleeping, they moved up and down with her breath. I walked over to the valley ofcleavage. Those breasts could easily have been seventy feet tall at their peak.

I just awed at them.

I awed at my girlfriend way too long I suppose. She woke up with a start. “MaybeI should just eat the way I am… a nice hot dog will do just fine,” she stated.

After I was so startled by her waking up, I got out of my confused state andheld on to the small piece of white cloth holding the two cups of the bratogether. I was being slapped like a pendant on this wild ride. Not to mentionalso the fact that I was so far up from the ground. I realized that this was awhole change of plans on her part. She was going to change, then eat, then goout. Now she slept (which wasn't even in her plans), and now she's eating. Iguess later on she was going to change, but with her changing her mind, shewasn't predictable. She normally wasn't like this when she was with me, so itcaught me off guard.

Up and down I went, along with her jiggling mounds. Then I went into shock asshe reached the stairs. I held on more tightly than I ever have before, becauseI knew a girl's anatomy at least a little bit. I knew that when she walked downthe stairs, she would shake me off somehow. So I climbed a little bit to saferareas. I went to my right and climbed up to her left bra cup which held thathuge mound of flesh up. I never sensed how much a bra worked until I climbed upit to latch myself in. The imperfections in the white lace caught me off guard,I would have thought that these things would be made in better quality than theywere. But then again, that was my size that noticed these things. The normalhuman eye couldn't even fathom these loose strings of thread. I looked up atthat thread, realizing how small I really was. Of course, I tuned my mind out tothe very thing I should have paid attention to. But it was too late.

I guess she shivered and it was the one thing that made me loose grip on where Iwas. It might even be the force of wind when she turned around. Either way, Ifell. And what a fall it was. Maybe time slows down when deadly things happen.

But I fell down. And then I landed on a red and orange surface.

I looked around and then I screamed as I realized my fate. I was on a hot dog,covered with mustard and ketchup. I think she would have put less of thosecondiments on here, but that's just my thoughts. However, she sat down, and thenI saw Amy againRe(1): NewStory: My GabrielPosted on August 7, 2003 at 08:13:25 PM byRRIf there was one other thing I liked about Amy more than anything, it was herface. Perfectly proportioned, all eyes and ears and mouth. It was likeeverything was the Greek proportion, the Golden Mean. Her sparkling blue eyesand her blonde hair, flowing like it never had a problem in its life. Hertantalizing lips, lips that I loved, that was, until now.

As she brought the immense food to her face, I wondered what it would be like todie in my girlfriend's stomach. There really wasn't much hope for me. I guessyou could say that I was a crazy man and that I had to be a little moreoptimistic. But what else would you do if you were stuck on a hot dog ready tobe eaten? I said my prayers, because I thought my life was done for.

She finally opened up her mouth. Her gleaming white teeth came showing up, eachtooth probably as big as I was. I saw her hand as she plunged the food towardsher mouth. At speeds unknown to most, she rammed the dog into her mouth. I wasjarred into the pile of mustard right next to me. Unwilling to not go without afight, I decided to run. It was a difficult journey, but I ran towards the otherend. Leg after leg, foot after foot, I got stuck. It made my trek that muchharder. It didn't help that her mouth shook the entire plain I was walking on.

I had finally made it to the middle and I looked back. Her mouth opened, and herteeth drove right through the surface, tearing up all the bits and pieces that Inever considered were part of anything. The minute things in life I was startingto learn are very important. Her tongue decided to swipe all the remains aroundher luscious lips and it almost looked like she would swallow me up. I decidedto keep going with my trek to the end, even though my trail was getting shorterand shorter. I finally reached the end of the hot dog, just about the time shedid.

I looked as my whole world started to rumble. She never looked down to her hotdog, just like any other human wouldn't. And yet, she had me, her boyfriend,waiting for her to kill me. However, something inside me told me I couldn't lether do that. I couldn't let her end my life that way. I finally decided that Ishould stand up for who I am. And that's when I waited for her to bite into herlast piece. I dodged several teeth, all doing their time-honored duty, and I goton her lip. I stuck there like those crumbs. And like those crumbs, her tonguecame by and swept me away into her mouth.

Inside that cavern, you almost felt yourself explode because of the heatdifference. It might be body temperature in there, but the humidity kills you.

And so does the surface of the floor. It's always on the move, always ready toswallow you at any given moment. I wished I would get out of this place. Eventhough it was a little safe, it was nothing better compared to where I could be.

And then I hear the most God awful sound. It also came with a rumble.

“Eileen, I need to borrow a shirt for tonight, can you please give me one?”After the initial shock to the eardrum, I recovered and shook myself. I noticedthen that I must have irritated something, because she coughed. Andunfortunately for me, she wasn't being polite about it, because she didn't coverher mouth. I flew out towards something. Something soft.

It was Eileen's bed. Unlike her sister Amy, Eileen was a regular preppy girl.

Only sixteen, she had beautiful features as well. However I don't think shewould be my type or anything. Her bed sprawled out in pink sheets and covers.

But then I realized that the covers weren't the most important part of thisroom. No, the most important part was the living, breathing Eileen sitting ather desk, or at least I supposed it was her desk. She was a smaller version ofAmy, only in a pink spaghetti strap shirt, which showed off her immense featuresall too well. That was only part of it, as the shirt showed off her tan and alsoher navel. Her toned stomach went into her tight jeans almost flawlessly, andthey all flowed down to her perfect toes, also painted pink.

I knew I had to get her attention somehow. It just bugged me that I couldn'tjust yell to her. I had to climb up her. Or maybe, just maybe, I would get somestroke of luck and not have to do that. But I was plenty sure that wouldn'thappen. I figured I might as well do it now, as she looked like she was readingsomething and wouldn't get out of that real easily.

So I walked over to the goddess. I figured she wasn't going to move any timesoon, so there really wasn't any need to waste my energy. As I walked, I awed ather chest heaving upward then downward from just her steady breathing. It wouldbe something a normal person would probably just disregard, but it was justmagnificent how anything, much less a huge goddess, could do something of thatmagnitude so gracefully.

I headed toward the bare foot. Even her feet were beautiful. Normally, Iwouldn't notice feet, but this was the only thing in my vision, so I decided totake advantage of it and actually think of them at the moment. Maybe I shouldhave done it more often. As I went closer to her five toes, all of them tallerthan me, I felt insignificant, as my size really hit me. I didn't even want tosmell the bittersweet aroma coming from her foot. It smelled of sweat andgirlish perfume. But I knew I had to if I wanted to survive any more in my life.

Her foot had little indentations, just good enough for me to use to climb on.

They weren't perfect, but they were good enough to get on the plain of her foot.

It was a very easy climb because it wasn't too far, but I knew I had to keepgoing and not rest.

And then I heard a rumbling. It was a noise that I never wanted to hear, a noisethat made me feel sick to my stomach. It was Eileen standing up. It knocked mebackward and made me look up to the goddess, but all I could see was her breastsblocking the view to her face. And even that was a blurry vision to me. She nowmoved her right leg forward, throwing me near her ankle. Then her leg went back,letting me fall back to her pretty pink toenail. I hung on for dear life to thattoe. Then it only got worse. Her feminine form decided to bend down and pick upa piece of cloth, which I figured would be the death of me. No, maybe itwouldn't be the death of me. But it would be torture from Hell.

Her right foot went with the grace of a figure skater in a downward angle to thesock. Since I was hanging on to her toe, I didn't fall in. However, I was nowstuck in total darkness as she stuck her foot totally inside the sock. The socknow was completely over her foot as I could tell. Her foot lowered down and itstuck me to the foot. Then it was quiet as I guess she was putting her othersock on. I stayed there in that seemingly infinite darkness and wondered how Iwas going to get out of this one. Even if I waited until she got out of socks, Ididn't know how I was going to get off without dying.

She lifted her foot again, this time to put on another layer of thickness, whichwere her shoes. This made it impossible to do anything, as it limited mymovement to absolutely nothing. It also meant another thing: she was going outsomewhere, and where to, I didn't know. Frankly, I didn't care to know. All Iknew I had to do was survive and get out of this horrid place.

But there was no use. Eileen's sock had put me in place, along with her shoe.

They made me stuck to the foot in a way I couldn't imagine being stuck to. Stuckto a toe, actually. And then she began to walk. Luckily there wasn't anypressure being put on me, but there was the action of going up and down wasmaking me dizzy. Not only that, but it was making Eileen's feet very sweaty. Iwas hating this whole thing, possibly because I had no other way of knowing howthis was going to end, how I would die at the mercy of a teenage goddess. Iguess the darkness added to it. I just figured that I would be stuck hereforever. And ever. Would I ever get away from this non-hearing world? Would Iget away from this goddess' right foots' big toe? These were all questions I wasasking myself. And I stayed there wondering. And wondering.

Then my world shifted upwards, and now I was stuck to the toe because of all thesweat. I figured this was a bad position, because it meant she was lying down.

Which means she's probably going to bed. And I would be stuck here all night.

And that's when I remembered the one thing that disgusted me about Eileen: shewould wear a pair of socks for about a full two days. That was great. I'm stuckfor a good long while. Well, I figured after that, that maybe I should try andfall asleep. I would need it later, I figured. And so I fell asleep. As Idreamed that night, I dreamed that I was somebody special, that I wouldn't haveto go through this pain for so long. I was thinking to myself, maybe I could dosomething. I could have a change in someone's life.

... to be continued ...