Mystifyby Magnus Mari, Denise and I had just Finnished working out at the local health cluband were looking forward to a day of shopping.

My husband Jeff had given Me his credit cards and told Me about a sale going ondown at Denbury's department store on rodeo.

I thought it was kind of strange for him to suggest a store for me to shop at,but didn't think much of it, I wanted to shop, and Denbury's was the best placeon rodeo to do that.

 The three of us always shopped on fridays, we had our own little “wives” cluband would go on adventures every week.

We were bored, maybe about as much as our husbands were bored with us, it's notthat I didn't think Jeff loved me, there was more that I could see in his eye's.

I think he's cheating...

Denise and Mari felt the same way about their husbands, they were alwaysworking and never had time for us, thier way of attention was to give us thiercredit cards and say “have a good time”, not unlike parents who leave thier kidsinfront of the television...

We were bored..

It's not like we had a problem or anything, we kept busy with workouts and clubsand shopping, there was just something missing.

Mari's husband was a successful plastic surgeon and Denises hubby is a somewhathigh profile attorney.

My husband Jeff, he's wealthy the old fashioned way, he inherited it..

He inherited his fathers business trading stocks and taking over smallcompany's, he's very devoted to his work (and maybe his secretary).

We all live in Beverley hills and enjoy the affluent lifestyle that comes withit..

Parties, social events , gossip...

In Beverley hills looking good has become a art form, but we don't have thatproblem.

Mari's a dynamite blonde like myself except she's a little shorter than me.

her eye's are a deep blue and she's got great boob's thanks to her husband..

Denise is a statuesque brunette, though she likes to put blonde highlights inher hair, she doesn't act like a blonde like Mari does.

She has green eye's and  the nicest...

Well I won't go there, well just say were close friends...

I told the girls I'd like to go to Denbury's today, as usual they didn't havea problem with it.

I think if I wanted to go to disneyland they would have went...

“I need to get some new lingerie and a gown for Saturday” said Mari, “maybe Isee what I want there”.

Saturday we were going to a big hollywood social gathering to promote some kindof awareness, awareness of what I can't remember..

These parties are all the same, some big wig throughs a bash to promotesomething and attract the people he or she can use for the next project..

I can see right through them, it makes me laugh..

“Janis, hope they have those shoes I've been looking for”, said Denise“I'm sure they do”.

“I remember last time we were there, they were out”.

“I can't believe Denbury's of all places”?“You know Denbury's is a high end store”, said Mari..

“I know, just figured they would have the shoes I wanted”.

The shoes Denise wanted where four hundred dollars and Italian made witha fourand a half inch heel. She already had two pair, she was just looking for a pairin tan.

  We arrived at Denbury's. Of all the places to shop this was one of the topstores on rodeo.

Everything in the store is name brand top of the line. I remember before I metJeff, I would only window shop at places like this, and do My real shopping atthe mall.

Don't get me wrong though, the mall's not bad, it's just that this place isbetter..

Denbury's caterd to the rich, and they treated thier costomers as if they allowned the store, thier fitting rooms are the nicest I've ever been in.

You'd swear you were at the Ritz carlton if you ever get the chance to comehere.

Upon entering We noticed how the store had changed since the last time we'd beenthere.

Denbury's was enormous, and always had a sence of style that emmited the veryessence the afluent savored..


From the cielings to the floors, every decoration was as if the Queen of Englandwould soon make an entrance.

Very astounding to those who come here for the first time..

Even thier Mannequins looked as if they would step off thier stands and walk outof the store.

They had kind of an eerie quality that I can't describe.

I remember the first time we came here, I saw them dressing one of them andbecame amazed at how real the Mannequin looked physically.

It was a very proportionate brunette, I watched as the Visual merchandiserdressed her, it looked as if she was real, save for her lack of pubic hair and aclearly smooth vaginal area, I would have sworn it..

“I see lots of things have changed here”, said Mari.

“Yeah”, said Denise, “Maybe their stock in shoes has changed too”.

“Ok Denise, let's go and get you some shoes..

The store on the Main floor was womens apparal and it was devided into foursections, shoes and accessories in one evening wear in another on the left sideof the store..

On the right side of the store was career  and casual wear and lingere.

In the center of the store was cosmetics and jewelry, this department overlapedall others.

We made our way towards the center of the store to head off toward shoes whenthe perfume girl at her counter got our attention.

“Excuse me ladies, I was wondering if I may interest you in some of our latestfragrances”?Before I could say no Mari said “Yeah, why not”.

I gave her a sharp jab in the ribs with My elbow and a sharp look.

These people were always trying to get you to try something new, and half thetime it was something you had to go home and scrape off with a spatula.

Denise gave Me an uneasy look and stepped up to the counter with Mari.

“Oh alright”. I said and joined them..

The name on the sales woman's tag was Alicia, she had brown hair and looked alittle too smart for a perfume girl, but that didn't bother me, what did wasthat they acted like they always knew what was best for the costomers.

 â€œWe have some new fragrances I'd  like you to try”.

She then held up this huge bottle of perfume that like a large gem stone.

“This is called “Mystique”, she said “ I think you'll like this scent, it justcame in from France last month”.

I watched as she popped off the top and held it up to Mari's nose.

“Hmm, that smells good, it's almost like exclamation..

“Yes it is”, said the sales lady, moving the stopper around for the rest of us..

“Wow, you're right Mari, it does smell like it”, Denice emoted.

I was suprised, I had never smelled a fragrance like this, I didn't think itsmelled like exclamation, I thought it smelt more like georgio..

“Would you like to try some”, the sales lady asked Mari..

“Yes, I'd also like to buy some”, she replied.

“So would I”, said Denice, But I would like to see what else you have as well..

“Sure” , said Alicia.

She picked up a bottle from under the counter, just as large as the first.

“This is called “Mystium”, it's a sister frangrance to Mystique.

 She then looked at me and asked, “would you like to sample some of this”?“Sure, but I'd like to try the Mystque”.

“Sure” she said.

The perfume smelt great as she applied it to me, I could feel it tingle a bit asit soaked into my neck.

She then sprayed some on My wrists, as I rubbed them together I felt thesensation again.

“It tingles”..

“Yes it does”, said Mari.

She then unstopped the bottle of Mystium for Denise to smell, I could see hereye's go wide when she smelt it..

“Hmmmm, even better than Mystique, I think I'll but some of this please”.

“Great”, she then looked at Mari and asked if she would like to smell the otherfragrance.

“Sure, why not”?“Oh man, I have to have some of this too”, she said, it wasn't too uncommon forMari to buy up anything she liked.

I always kidded her for getting a years supply of perfume, and I did so now..

“Janis, you know when I like something I always stock up on it, what if they runout”?I laughed, “yeah if the world came to an end at least you would smell good”..

“Stop it” she said.

Denice seemed to be pleased with the fragrance the sales girl Alicia sprayed onher..

“Hmmm, Ohhh”! “It does tingle”!We then made our purchases and thanked alicia for her help, I decided to buy a12 ounce bottle of Mystique, maybe it could rekindle the fire in My marriage.

We then decided to split up and shop, I told the girls I would go and see if afitting room was available.

The benefit was tomorrow, I really didn't need anything, I'm not like thetypical california woman who has to have a new outfit for every occasion,besides I don't really care what people think of what I wear as long as I likeit.

Denice and Mari on the other hand where a lot less conservitive , they alwayswould take hours to try on as many outfits as they could.

I went to the back and asked if thier was a room available, the attendant saidthat there was and I reserved one.

I decided I would browse the lingerie section, Jeff always liked My taste inunderwear, or maybe he didn't?I don't know how many times I've had to replace a garment that he ripped offme..

Browsing the section I noticed that there wasn't as many manneqiuns in this areaof the store as there were in the others..

Oh well, maybe thier waiting for new ones..

I soon found what I was looking for, a teal blue body suit with long sleeves anda thong back.

I also found a panty and corset ensemble in red, that caught my attention.

I figured I had what I wanted as I walked past the hosiery display..

“Hmm, I like this”, I said as I picked out a tan pair of them seamlesspantyhose..

I then headed for the fitting rooms to find Mari and Denise waiting for me..

“You don't have much”, said Mari, “I thought you'd buy something new fortomorrow”?“I did”, I said as I held up the lingerie..

“OOhhh”! said Denice, “I think Jeffs gonna like that”.

“I'm sure he will”, said Mari The attendant opened our fitting room door and we entered, the room wasspacious.

Denbury's spares no expence for their clients..

We entered the room and began undressing, Mari and Denise had quite few outfits,mainly evening wear, that they wanted to try for tomorrow.

I was already undressed and began slipping the pantyhose on.

They felt fantastic! I had taken my under wear off, so I could feel thesilkiness of them against my pussy.

Ohhh! I can see jeff just ripping these off me I thought as I pulled them up toMy crotch.

They looked and felt very shear as I examined them In the wall mirror of ourfitting room.

Mari and Denice also had pantyhose, theirs weren't as daring as mine with cottonpanels.

I picked up the body suit and stepped into it and nearly came as I slid it up mypantyhosed legs.

I slipped My arms into the sleeves and smoothed it out on me body, it feltgreat, and I looked great.

One thing I liked about these pantyhose aside from how they made my legs feelwas that I didn't need the tuck the cotton panel under My brief.

I reached down and smoothed over my pussy, I could feel my lips through thefabric.

Strange not to feel a seam or a cotton panel there, it almost felt sexless.

Mari and Denice had changed into thier first outfits.

Mari was wearing a black sequined evening gown  with silver halter strap.

she also had black shoes and shiny black pantyhose.

Denise looked stunning in a sand colored sequined cocktail mini.

She apparently had found the shoes she wanted and was wearing a pair of suntanpantyhose.

“Stunning Babe, stunning”!“You like” said Denice as she did a twirl.

“Your gonna drive Jack wild”, I said.

“Ohhh”!I looked over at Mari admiring herself in the mirror, as she was smoothing thelines of her dress.

“I need to sit down, I feel dizzy”.

“I'll get you some water” said Denice.

“Are you ok”, I asked her as moved over and took a seat next to her.

“I dunno, I just feel weird”.

“I'll get you some aspirin”.


I went over to get to get some aspirin from My purse..

AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!It was Denice screaming from the bathroom.

I jumped up and went to the bathroom tossing the bottle of aspirin to Mari.

“What's wrong”? I said entering the room..

“OH MY GOD! Denise what happened to your hair”?Denice was standing infront of the mirror with clumps of brown hair in her handsas well as the sink, with a dazed look on her face.

‘What's happening to me Janis”? she turned to me sobbing “My hairs falling out”!“I don't know, but we better go and get you some help”.

Her hair was rapidly falling out right infront of My eye's, soon Denise was baldeven her eyebrows fell off.

“Maybe we just better get you to a doctor”.

“Let's go, I don't want to look at Myself anymore”.

We turned to leave and saw Mari standing there, her movements seemed slow..

“I-I-I th-i-nk W-e  n-e-e-d t-t-o gg-e-t o-u-t of he--ar”, she said.

“What's wrong with your voice”? I asked.

“I-- duh--do-n't kk-now, I-I, fe-el ff-un-ny, cca-n't s-e-em tt-o m-ove gg-ood”.

“That's it , I'm going to call 911”.

I helped Mari back to the divan she was sitting on, Denice follow and satnext to her explaining her hair loss to Mari.

I quickly went to the door opening it to find the perfume girl Alicia standingthere.

“You've got the get help, call 911, My friends here, there's something wrongwith them”!“Really”?, she said as she pushed her way passed me into the room, and walkingover to get a good look at them.

As she did I could see a smile bend the lips on her mouth.

“Looks as if things are coming along nicely”, she said.

“What”? I got pissed and slammed the door, “My friends might be dying and yousay they are coming along nicely”?“Yes, as you soon will be too”.

“Huh”?“Yes, you should be feeling the effects of the plasticising agent soon”.

“What”, I said , “what the hell are you talking about”?“What, did you do something to us”?“In a way yes, your about to become about as perfect as a woman could be, aMannequin”...

“Mannequin”! “what the”?“The perfume you tried earlier this afternoon was laced with a plasticisingagent, an agent that will render your bodies as per it's design”.

“You  and Mari over there will be complete Mannequins, while your friend denicehere will become a pantyhose Mannequin”.

“NO, you can't do this”, said Denice horrified, “Wait till my husband finds outabout this, you'll n-veeer sss-ee th-th-e ll--ight of dd-ay”!“You'll never get away with this”, I said as I went to grab her arm.

“It's too late, besides it was your husbands idea to do this”..

“What” I tried to grab her arm, but she was too quick for me..

“See your already slowing down, atleats you could do is cooperate, you don'thave any idea how hard it is to pose people you can hardly move them...

“I can't believe this “. I said.

“Believe it, you and your friends are about to become fixtures in this store,and there's nothing you can do about it”.

“BB--u-t wh-a-a-t a-bo--ut wh-wh-at www-e waaan't”, said Mari, her movementswere becoming more and more slow.

“That no longer matters, what matters now is time,I need to get you ready to goon display for tomorrow, times running out for you, I'm sorry but that's the wayit is”.

“You can can either choose a pose you'd like to be in or I'll choose one foryou”.

I can't believe this, were being transformed into Mannequins and were powerlessto stop it.

I thought about running out of the room screaming my head off,  someone in thestore might be able to get us some help, thoughts fleeted in my mind, are wegoing to die?“M-M-yyy ff-a-ce, ww-wh-at's hhap-pp-eng to it”?“I'm sorry Denice but you like the pantyhose form formula better, so that's whtyour becomming”.

“N--NOOoo, ppp--llea--se  h--e-lp mmm--eeeee”!!!!“I will as soon as the rest of you agree to help me and pick you poses, timesrunning out”.

I was helpless to help My friend s and had no other choice but to comply, so Ipicked a pose.

I posed with My right leg out to the side and my hands on my ass.

Already my movements were slow and deliberate, it felt as if it took all mystrength to assume the pose.

“OO--kk, yyy-o-uu ww--iinnn”.

My voice!I can't talk right anymore!Already Alicia was helping Mari stand and assume a pose, she could barely moveon her own and could only moan sounds out of her mouth.

With Mari Posed with her head tilted back and her arms at her sides, I watchedhelpless ly as Alica worked the facial mucles on Mari's face into a seductivelook.

Soon she was done and had moved over the the back wall and touched one of thsconces on it.

the wall gave way to show some kind of workshop, with paints and what appearedto be stands to support us with.

I wondered how she was going to get us on those when she turned with what lookedlike a vibrator and began walking over to Denice.

“WW--h--at aa--re yyy-o-u gg-onn-a dd- ww--ith th--at”? I asked.

“This” she said holding the vibrator, “This is whats what's going to help mekeep you standing”.

“In Denice's case it's, it'll keep her satisfied in her new form”.

“HH--u-h”?“Oh I'm sorry, I didn't tell you”.

Tell us what I thought?“You probably think your going to die, well your sadly mistaken, every mannequinin this store was made froma living woman, and they continue to”.

 â€œLive that is”.

For someone who was about to become a Mannequin I felt relieved.

I watched as she bent down and began stripping Denice, or what used to be Deniceof her clothes.

Denices form was rapidly changing, I could hear her muffled moans as Aliciaundressed her.

“There there now Denice, soon you feel nothing but pleasure”.

Alicia had Denice stripped down to her pantyhose, her face was featureless andher arms were slowly shrinking back into her.

Oh My God! She can still move!  I watched as her legs flailed ever so slowly, Ihadn't noticed this before.

Alicia pulled down her pantyhose ,turned on the vibrator and slipped it into hernaked pussy.

You could already see a shiny gloss finnish to her tummy as Alicia pulled thepantyhose back up.

She then smoothed out the cotton panel a bit and went over to Mari and beganstripping her down to her bra and pantyhose.

Mari was visibly still, but I could still hear her moaning at her predicament.

Alicia then went over and got two more vibrators from the workbench in the walland retuned to Mari.

She then slipped down Mari's pantyhose and tucked the vibrator into her pussy. Inoticed Mari's sex was smooth and looked completely sexless with the vibratorinside as Denice's did, she then pulled the hose back up concealing hersmoothness beneath the cotton panel.

Mari began moaning loudly.

I wondered what she was feeling, soon I would find out.

Denice ‘s top half of her body was now slowly recessing into her legs as Alicia came over to me and popped the crotch of my body suit.

Her touch felt stimulating as she slid the pantyhose down my legs, they slidvery easy like they were gliding on , well plastic.

I saw and felt her move me towards the mirror and crouch behind me.

I was tence as I felt the vibrator pass my outer lips.

In a second it was over and she turned it on.

MMMMMPPPPHHHhhhhh!!!!!!I moaned loudly as she rubbed the area were my sex was, I could feel my hipsmoving!I could still move!I saw in the mirror that I was moving ever so slightly in time with the pulsesof the vibrator and she rubbing she was giving My sex.

“There, now isn't that better”?Uh huh! I tried to say, but speech was no longer available to me.

She then pulled the hose back up and snapped the crotch of my body suit backinto place.

I felt exhilarated! I never figured I could feel this way.

I could feel My self beginning to climax, probably the first of many.

“Every month we change the batteries”!“I love that part of the job”!Alicia seemed pleased with our poses, only stopping foe a moment to adjust myfacial features to give a more appealing look.

She then went over to Denice, who's upper body was entirely gone, she now was apantyhose form, I could only hope she was feeling what I was.

I saw she lift her legs up and place the flat surface where her upper body usedto be on a table.

Alicia then took off her shoes and pointed her feet and bent one of her legsslightly for that classic pantyhose pose.

Giving her smooth sex a gentle rub she went on to Mari who had stopped moaning.

“Now it's time for you to put on display stands, soon we'll be able to get youout on the floor”.

She walked over to the wall work shop and picked out two stands, I watched herremove mari's bra and fondle her breasts abit.

“You'll be happy to know that you'll all be together in the lingerie department,and since janis already has her outfit on, we'll have to dress you out on thefloor”!She then planted Mari on the stand adjusting  her pose a bit.

Next she came over to me and set the stand down behind me,I felt her pick me up,I was either really light or she was really strong, it was harm to keep focuswith the pulsing of the vibrator going on inside me.

She had moved the crotch piece of My body suit aside as I felt the pole insertinto a hole in the bottom of the vibrator..

MMMMPPPPPHHhhhhhh!!!!!!“Oh, I bet you enjoyed that”, she said as she came around and rubbed My pubicmound.

I just stood there and gazed at myself, I had a plastic shiny appearance, Istill looked the same, but now I was a Mannequin.

“I think you guy's are ready to go out on the floor now”, she said as she turnedthe sconce again and the wall sealed up.

“Uh oh, one more thing”, she said scurrying over to me, “You need shoes, can'thave a Mannequin with out shoes”!She picked a pair out of Denices collection.

Denice and I where the same size, I was amazed she had so many in here with her.

Alicia found a pair of four and a half inch pumps in same color as my outfit.

She bent down and put them on My feet, they were hard to move now and I couldsee her struggle with them.

She got them on and stood up saying she would be back later.

Time went by, I don't know how quickly. It felt as if she had just left when shereturned with a cart.

“It's show time”!Placing us on the cart, another girl came in with her to help.

“Keri, you can clean this place up, take thier beloning down to the incineratorand dispose of them will you”?“Sure thing boss”.

We were then wheeled out of the fitting room into a dark and empty store towardsthe lingerie department.

Denice was placed in an empty spot above a rack of pantyhose she was wearing.

Alicia found a nice spot for us over by the rack I got the body suit from.

I watched as Alicia dressed Mari's Mannequin form in a red two piece suit muchlike the one I picked out earlier.

Mari looked beautiful standing next to me.

Soon she was done and left us alone, time seamed unimportant to me any more as Iachieved orgasm after orgasm.

How quickly they came I don't know, I only knew that once a month Alicia wouldcome by and change the battery's. After awhile I think , Mari and I were takenback and fitted with pegs andsockets so we could be taken apart.

One day I saw My husband jeff come in with his secretary, she was a strikingly beautiful and fit blonde, he pretended the not notice me as he was helping herpick out some lingere.

I could only hope that his new girlfriend doesn't like perfume..

                                                          THE END