New Girl On The Track TeamBy B. TweenercheeksI was a senior. I had been recruited to run the mile for many of the bestcolleges in the country.

That all ended a few minutes ago.

Carmella was a transfer student from the east coast. She was a little Italianprincess. I loved that look. Big, sinister, dark eyes. Dark olive skin, roundbouncey tits that are exaggerated by a tiny stomach. Her butt was it though.

Round, high and firm. Her tight hiphuggers displayed her saucey strut. I firstspied her in the cafeteria. I jumped in line behind her and I tried to scopedown the back of her crack. I could just make out the top of her light blueflowered cotton panties. Damn they looked good. "Hey, I'm Carl. You're newaround here. I know everyone. Why don't i show you around. Everybody knows me.

I'm the state champ in the mile." I boasted. "No thanks" she quickly answeredwithout a glance. My friends all laughed. I'd get back at her when I had mychance.

I was happy when my chance came soon. I was warming up when I saw her. Whoshows up to try out for the girl's track team but the little stuck up Italiansnob. I imediately started in "so, did mommy and daddy buy little princess thoseexpensive nikes? Oh look, green, silky designer shorts. Nothing's too good forthe rich bitch. Aren't you worried that you'll break one of those blood rednails running? Maybe you ought to hang out in the mall instead of tire yourselfwith the athletes." Carmella was hurt. It was her first day. She looked down andwanted to hide. "Shut up Carl! shouted Tanya the captain of the girls trackteam. "What, did she turn you down too?" I became enraged. I had dated Tanya afew times. After we screwed a few times in my car. I had never gone down on agirl before so I refused when she had asked. I told her she stunk. She becameboring and wanted to get married or something so I dumped her. She always triedto cause a scene. "What's the matter Tanya? You still mad that I broke up withyou because of your feminine hygene problem." The entire boys team erupted inlaughter. The girls team scowled at me in disgust. Both teams started our warmup runs. Four miles for the girls, six for the boys.

As we ran we decided to follow the girls team. I started in at Tanya first"Whew, what is that deadfish smell. Oh, hi Tanya. Oh, look. You're running with bubble-ass Corleone. Heymaybe if her dad has one of the boys pick you up in the limo you'll finishfaster." Tanya and Carmella dropped back from the group, hoping I would pass. Nosuch luck for them. "So stinky, why are you running with bubbles here?" Iantagonized. "Leave us alone, Carl. I'm warning you." Tayna said. "Or what?" Ishot back "you'll pull down your panties? Peee-yoooo!" Tanya stared at Carmella.

She smiled. "Don't do it. He's just stupid." Carmella said. "Do what? Hey youknow what? I know why you're named Carmella. It's because your butt sticks outlike there's carmel in there. Isn't that right bubbles?" "You like my ass somuch why don't you kiss it." Carmella looked back at Taynya and smiled. "Fuckin'do it to him. He deserves it." Tanya stopped. She put her hand to my head andsaid "transition." I froze. I stood in the street like a statue. "We should justleave him here and let him get hit by a car" Tanya suggested. "No, don't,"Carmella objected. "He deserves worse. Turn him into the piece of shhit that heis." "I've got half a mind to - hey wait. I've got an idea. He thinks I stunk?Wait until he smells you after your first day of track. Stand still Carmella."Tanya pulled the waistband to Carmella's shorts and splipped her hand in totouch her panties. She rubbed gently and said "transition".

Suddenly, I was no longer tired from running. My body seemed to feel lightand whispy. I tried to move my arms and legs so I could see them. They felt likeI moved them but I still couldn't see them. Instead, I saw the horizon movingthrough a dark green haze. I could look all directions without turning my head.

It felt a little like I was running as my body still rythmically bounced andtwisted I heard Tanya and Carmella laughing. "He's right where he belongs"giggled Carmella. She continued "Thanks so much. He kept bugging me." Tanyaresponded "He did it to me too. He was so immature.""What are they talking about...where am I?" I saw light coming from below. Ilooked down. Two gargantuan, tan thighs extended away from me leading to whitegymsocks and expensive nike running shoes. The grey pavement blurred by.

I had become the blue flowered panties that i had strained to see.

I looked up. Carmella's black hairy bush was everywhere. Her sweat soakedpussy and ass warmed me. I could not help but inhale deeply. Apparently herhairy crack was difficult to wipe. The sweat make it worse. Her gorgeous assreaked like a barn.

The chatted as they continued thier run. "He kept trying to hit on me."Carmella offered. "I'm dating somebody. We're serious. why would I want anythingto do with Carl" Carmella asked. "Because he makes a nice pair of panties?"joked Tanya. They both laughed.

"When I think of how mean he was I want to get even." Pulling the waistbandopen on her shorts and looking down, Carmella said. "So you didn't like femininehygene odor, huh Carl?" She stopped running. "Watch this Tanya" Carmella grabbedthe waistband of her blue panties. She squated slightly and forcefully pulled upher panties into a sweaty wedgie. My entire body stretched. I heard tiny seamsrip. As I looked up I saw her face grimmace as she wedged me into hersweat soaked, dirty crack. Tainted and stained with her juices, she left me inthat position. Both girls laughed. In a mocking, sarcastically sweet voiceCarmella taunted "How's that smell, honey?"Carmella and Tanya ran for what seemed like miles. All the time the twolaughed at the ironic torture they imposed upon me, her new panties. "It's funnywhen you think about it. Carl wanted nothing to do with eating out pussy, butnow that's right where he is. Forever if we want." Tanya laughed.

Arriving back at school, the two teammates finished with wind sprints on thetrack. Breathing heavy, they headed into the hot gym to stretch and warm down.

The heat of the gym caused beads of sweat to roll down Carmella's tanned body. Isoaked up her sweat. I became glued to Carmella's smooth ass cheeks in sweat.

Heading into the locker room Carmella stopped to pee. She pulled me, herpanties, down around her ankles. Looking up at Carmella was a huge turn-on. As Istared up at her from her feet, Her dark evil eyes stared over the toilet rim atme. She Looked like a goddess seated on her throne/toilet. As she examined meCarmella began to laugh. "From the looks of you I would say we smell about thesame, Carl." she laughed. Her self imposed wedgie had rubbed a slightyellowish-brown skid mark on me. She uncerimoniously wiped herself and pulled meback up around her.

As she walked back towards her locker I heard a girl's voice say "Your ride'shere Carmella." "Oh shit, I can't shower now. Tell him I'll be out in a minute."Carmella ran to the mirror. She pulled her dark hair into a pony tail and washedher face. She pulled out a small bottle of perfume, sprayed her wrists andrubbed them on her neck. Then she pulled open her waistband and sprayed into hercrotch. The perfume permiated me. It was nauseatingly strong.

Carmella ran outside. The cold air imediately made the sweat that had soakedinto me feel cold.

"Hi Vic!" she yelled. "Hey baby." a deep voice graveled. I heard the slobberingsounds of a wet, prolonged kiss. I sort of felt embarassed, like i was watchingor something. It soon became apparent that Carmella's attention was no longer onme.

The kiss ended and Vic said "let's go somewhere."The two walked in the cold evening air. I heard a car door open and feltCarmella's ass stick out and stretch me a bit as she sat down. Her ass smearedme against the leather seat in her now cold sweat. The engine roared to life andheavy metal music blared. They drove a while without talking much. Then Vic said"this look O.K.?" Carmella said "Yeah it's dark."I didn't know Carmella had a boyfriend. If I had I wouldn't have wasted my time.

I felt pretty awkward. Here I was her panties while she made out with this Viccharacter. Up to this point it had been pretty erotic. Now this was the lastplace I wnted to be. The engine heat of the car began to kick in. Carmellaturned towards Vic. I heard the smacking of soft, short, wet kisses.

My field of view was limited. I could see down her thighs to the dashboardlights through the leg hole of her shorts. Carmella began to moan, and I heardsucking sounds. "Don't give me a hicky, Vic." she said. "You taste so salty. Didyou shower after practice?" Vic asked. "I'm sorry, you were early, Vic." laughedCarmella.

"That's O.K. I think it's sexy you dirty girl." whispered Vic.

Warm wetness began to ooze out of her pussy. Her lips slipped back and forthagainst me, her saturated blue flowered panties. "Lay down." Vic instructed.

Carmella layed on her back across the front seat. Vic climbed on top of her.

Knees kneeling on either side of her legs, Vic pulled up her t-shirt and draggedhis tungue over her small but pert nipples. Soon he softly chewed one whilestroking the other. Carmella lay open mouthed. Her breathing became quick andshallow. She arched her pelvis foreward and slowly spread her legs apart.

Instantly, Vic moved his legs between hers and pryed her legs further apart.

Suddenly I felt something. Vic massaged the crotch of Carmella's green shorts.

He sensuously rubbed her slippery lips back and forth. Carmella's juicesdrippled into her previously soiled crotch. She began to pant. Vic whispeder"Baby let's do it."This was torture and heaven at the same time. Tanya and Carmella purposelyhumiliated me by turning me into her panties. Yet somehow, up to this point, Ifelt so arroused. I clung tightly to her butt, legs and pussy. The smells weresensual. The tastes were luscious. The views of Carmella this sexy, giantItalian high school senior from a panties view were, well, intimidating and yetcaptivating.

Now, however, things were getting wierd. While the voyeur in me lovedwatching Carmella, I did not want to watch Vik do her. I wanted to do thatmyself. This was too intimate. The degradation was too much. I wanted to changeback. Unfortunately, I could say nothing.

"You know I want to, Vik, and I'm on the pill but what if somebody comes by?"Carmella asked? Vik responded "We'll lock the doors. Leave you shorts andpanties on one foot. That way we can dress in a hurry if we see headlights.""God yes, let's do it now!" Carmella demanded.

Her thumbs slid inside me on both sides of her hips. I felt her wet crotchpeel away. I stretched a bit as slid over her boney hips. Slowly she inched herhips side to side while sliding one of her silky, tanned legs out. She left medangling from just above her knee.

Vik began to burrow through her bird's nest of thick, black pubic hair withhis dick. He rubbed the head between her sloppy lips a few times. with a mutualgrunt he thrust his mannhood into Carmella. After an initial grimace, her mouthopened wiped and she threw her head back. Soon she lost all her inhibitionsabout fucking in a car. She outstretched her legs wide open and comanded"Harder...Harder, Vik!" The leg which I dangled was now on the dashboard. Vik'spiston now slammed it's full length into Carmella's hungry pussy. Stray pubichairs, slimed his dick in her juices, tugged in and out with each thrust. Sheclosed her eyes, leaned foreward slightly and rested her chin on his shoulder.

Carmella wrapped her olive skinned legs around Vik's waist. Her eyes slowly halfopened, seeing me, her blue flowered panties, dangling from her thigh. Sherythimically bounced as Vic continued to pound her pussy. She continued tostare. Her full lips melted into an evil smile. "Come in me Vic! Come in me!"Back arching, Vik did a push-up filling Carmella with stream after stream of hiscome.

After a minute or two of panting, Carmella announced "I gotta go. I've got aton of things to do tonight." The two got up. Carmella quickly grabbed me by thewaistband and slid me up her legs. My prison, her now matted, wet puusyapproached. She pulled me extra tightly into her crotch. Then she leaned andkissed Vik. As she leaned, their mixed juices began to ooze from her freshlystretched hole. Feeling the wetness, Carmella figeted in her seat knowingly.

Arriving at her home she pecked Vik on the cheek and chirped "See you laterSweetie" and bounced towards her house.

I felt myself twist side to side as Carmella slowly walked up to her house.

Her freshly fucked vagina continued to dribble onto me.

I heard the hiss of the screen door as she entered. "Hi mom. I'm home." shesaid. "Hurry up, we're ready for dinner" her mother responded.

"Can't I take a quick shower?" Carmella asked. "No. Were eating right now." hermother said.

Carmella sat down on me at the dining room table. She squashed the mixture ofhers and Vik's love juices into me. Her parents, brother and sister made smalltalk. "How was your first day of track? Did you tell them you were allconference in Jersey?" her dad asked. "No I figured I'd just show them at themeet this weekend." Carmella answered. "Did you meet any new friends yet?" hermother asked. "Yeah. I met some girls on the track team. Tanya is very nice.

She's not a bad runner too. Some guy wouldn't leave me alone. He kept hitting onme. When I tried to brush him off he was so mean." Carmella said. "What did youdo?" Her mother asked. "Oh, Tanya and I put him in his place." Carmella laughed.

"Very funny" I thought. "Don't tell Vik, he'll cream the guy." Her fatherinterjected. Carmella burst out laughing and said "You're right, he would!"After diner Carmella went to her bedroom. I figured that Carmella would startto feel guilty and get Tanya to change me back soon. I heard drawers opening andclosing. Looking down though the leg opening of her shorts I saw her kick offher shoes. Carmella sat and rubbed her feet. Then she stood up, slid her thumbsunder my waistband and yanked me down in one motion. A long string of gooey messstretched from me to her crotch. I fell farther and farther away from her hairybush. Carmella folded me and used my dry exterior to wipe the remaining wetnessfrom her crotch. She tossed me onto a dirty pile of laundry on the floor. Iwatched as she wrapped a towel around her beautiful naked body and walked tothe shower.

Carmella knew I was a person. She knew I'd been turned into her panties. Shehad to know the humiliating experience she put me through. Yet she didn't sayanything to me. It was as if she had forgotten that her blue flowered pantieswere a living, feeling human being.

After showering, she returned to her bedroom. She continued to towell herbody dry. The view was erotic. Even her ankles seemed high above me. Carmellaput on a clean pair of panties, an oversized t-shirt and tight, whitesweatpants.

I watched as she sat at her desk for hours of homework. Soon she turned off thelight and fell asleep.

Carmella had left me a sticky mess. I reaked of sweat, sex and shit. I lay inthe dark, waiting for morning.

The rays of the morning sun woke me. I tried to move, but I couldn't. Then Iremembered. Carmella still slept, curled in the fetal position in her bed. Thecum, sweat, discharge and skidmarks that Carmella had subjected me to driedduring the night. The crotch part of me was stiff and discolored. I lay on herbedroom floor, just a piece of dirty laundry.

I was left with little to do but watch Carmella.

She slept so quietly. Her room was decorated with leftovers from her teenageyears. A backstreet boys poster hung on the wall over a dresser with at least adozen running trophies.

That explained her great looking legs and ass.

Carmella rolled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom. I heard the toiletflush and then the shower start. Wrapped in a towell she opened her dresser andpicked out a pair of ratty levis, a cut off t-shirt, and a thong. While standingdirectly over me she took off her towell. I stared above at the toned calvesthat lead to her smooth, olive thighs. Still wet and matted from the shower,Carmella wiped her thick dark bush. I feared the feelings that came over me. Iwanted to be back up there. To wrap around her ass. To absorb her juices. To bewarmed by her crotch. It became all encompassing as Carmella towered above me.

The strange part was that she never looked at me. She never even acknowledgedme. It was as if she was ignoring me on purpose. Then why would she let me liehere and lust after her?Soon Carmella picked up her books and left for school.

Boredom marked my day. I stayed in the same spot along with the rest of herdirty laundry.

Finally Carmella returned home. I overheard her talk to her mother. "Guesswhat? I won the time trial! I beat out Tanya to race in the half. Boy is shepissed! She wouldn't even talk to me." "Oh Carm, don't make an enemy your firstweek." her mother replied. "She's wierd, mom. She did defend me against Carl,but then she and Carl tried to convince me that she is a witch. They tried toact like she turned Carl into my panties. Carl even took off when I wasn'tlooking. They must have planned it all along. I played along but today Tanyastill kept talking about it. She kept asking about what i did afterwards, "did Ipunished him" and things like that. She even talked Carl into ditching school.

It was pretty lame."Carmella entered her bedroom. She looked right at me. Then she bent overtowards me and scooped up all the dirty laundry. Holding me tight to her firmchest I could feel her warm, sweat soaked shirt. The phone rang. Carmellaanswered.

"Hello? Oh, hi Tanya. That's O.K. You don't need to apologize. I guess i shouldhave told you that I'd run before, but I didn't want to sound like I wasbragging. Look Tanya, I know you and Carl pulled your stupid little prank. Itwas funny yesterday. It's not anymore." Carmella dumped me into the washer withthe other dirty laundry. She continued talking. The washer filled up with water.

"Look, if you have to know I met my boyfriend Vik. We had sex. My blue floweredpanties or "Carl" as you call him, was soaked with cum and sweat and ... theyneeded to be washed." The wash cycle kicked in. Suddenly I was tugged undersoapy water. With her phone in one handand the other on her hip Carmella smiledand watched the wash cycle "It's too late he's in there now, O.K. Tanya? Yes,I'm serious. Stop it Tanya it's not funny anymore, O.K.? Oh well, then he'sstuck as my panties forever I guess, whatever. I have to say that if it weretrue it serves him right. They are old panties. I'll only wear them when I run."Carmella laughed. "Damn it, yes Tanya my blue flowered panties are REALLY in thewasher. Tanya?Tanya?" "Tanya's psycho mom. She started crying and hung up on me." Carmellasaid.

...And here I remain.