The New PrincipalbyWeirdmanRockford High School has always been like every other high school.

This high school however has much more rowdy students than otherschools. Kids are always getting into trouble here. There arehundreds of kids in detention every week. Sometimes there would betoo many and many of them would get off. The students and teachershad a ok relationship, but the students had no respect for theteachers and the teachers didn't necessarily like most of theirstudents. Now this wasn't a horrible school, but there were alwayssome kids that would stir up trouble influencing others to do thesame. The school was centered in a pretty good community and the kidsranged from poor to rich and of all races. Unfortunately, like everyschool there is always students who choose to disobey rather thanfollow directions, well this year things were going tochange........................

A couple days before the summer was over the new principle thateveryone was waiting for had finally showed herself. Usually thefaculty is able to meet new members in advance, but this woman hadchosen not to show up until the last moment. The entire faculty wasin the auditorium sitting down waiting for this woman to come onstage. Finally after a long wait they saw a Caucasian woman wholooked like she was in her late 40's walk up to the mic on the stage.

She was an average figured woman. She wasn't anything near thin, buta 'decent size', average height, dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes.

She had bright red lipstick on and a fancy purple dress along withtanned pantyhose and black high heels. She looked like a typicalprinciple. She wasn't considered an attractive woman at all, but shewasn't horrible looking either. She stood in front of the microphonethen began to speak.....

Mrs. Harrington: Hello everyone, as you have figured out I am yournew principle. My name is Patricia Harrington. I will get straight tothe point. I know that this school is known for having misbehavingstudents and I know that you are all tired of it. I just came herefrom Clington Middle School, while I was the principle there I tookthat HORRIBLE PLACE AND THOSE EVIL CHILDREN AND TURNED THEM INTOSAINTS. THAT IS WHY I AM HERE NOW! I PROMISE THAT IN THE NEXT YEAR IWILL TURN OUR KIDS INTO ELEGANT, RESPECTFUL, DISCIPLINED STUDENTSTHAT THEY SHOULD BE!! THIS HIGH SCHOOL WILL HAVE THE MOST OBEDIENTSTUDENTS IN THE DISTRICT!!!!Everyone stood up and began to cheer. After Mrs. Harrington pumped upher faculty she began to discuss part of her plan to all ofthem........

It was the first day of school and everything seemed normal. All thekids who had returned seemed very cocky and ready for another year offun. Unfortunately they had no idea what was in store for them.

During 1st period there was a announcement saying that their would bean assembly at the beginning of 2nd period. Once 2nd period came byall the students headed towards the auditorium. Once everyone satdown the new principal walked up on stage and began tospeak...........

Mrs. Harrington: Alright, I know you all think this year is going tobe like every other, but you're wrong. There are some new rules thatwill be enforced this year along with very new punishments that youall are not use to. Expect these punishments to be drastic andnothing that you would want to experience.

Once she finished her sentence someone yelled out'ROCK ON!!! Everyone laughed and began to yell.

Mrs. Harrington: WHO SAID THAT!?One of the teachers who was near the boy saw him and pointed him outto Mrs. Harrington.

Mrs. Harrington: Come down here young man.

The boy just sat there hoping she would let it go.

Mrs. Harrington: I SAID COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW OR YOU WILL BEEXPELLED!!!!!!!The boy got up and walked up on stage looking real full of himself.

Mrs. Harrington pointed her finger and told him to come stand next toher. He did as she said and waited there a little embarrassed butdid not want to show it in front of his peers. After a few secondshe began to shrink where he stood. A few seconds later he was alittle less than 4 inches tall. Everyone's jaw dropped as they allsat there motionless. Mrs. Harrington then took off her left highheel with her right foot.

Mrs. Harrington: Alright young man, get into the shoe.

The boy just stood there completely freaked out.

All of a sudden he started cussing at her.

WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME BITCH!? YOU BETTER CHANGE ME BACK ORI'LL HAVE YOU ARRESTED!!Mrs. Harrington: LISTEN YOUNG MAN!!!! I practically own this city,do you understand? And either way I have the right to do this toyou, it is a new law that the state has passed and The district hasapproved certain procedures that I ran by them so there is nothingyou can do about it. Unless you want to drop out of high school ofcourse. So either get in my shoe or I will expel you.

The boy did not believe a word the woman said, but nobody around wastrying to help him and she was a giant compared to him. He figured hemight as well do as she says until he has the chance to fight back.

He climbed into her high heel and grabbed on the edge of the heel sohe wouldn't fall all the way inside. There was extreme heat comingfrom the toe section along with a slight odor. He did not want to letgo or he would slide down there. As he held on he saw the woman'snylon covered toes fly across his view knocking his arms away fromthe edge causing him to slide to the toe section of the shoe. He hitthe end of the toe section and immediately tried to get up but hisprincipal's foot had already entered the shoe taking away all thelight that was coming from the lights on the ceiling along withmultiplying the heat and odor. She fitted her foot completely intothe shoe and wiggled her toes around and maneveured his body until hewas exactly where she wanted him. His he!ad was under her toes and his chest under her sole. His body endedbefore the arch of her foot began. She was a master at using herfeet, she's had more people under her feet than shoes. She was nowstanding her full wait on him , this was the worst experience he hadever felt. The pressure, heat, and smell was driving him crazy. Plushe was just humiliated in front of all his peers.

Mrs. Harrington: This is one of the most common things that willhappen to you if you misbehave. You will be shrunk and forced tolive under my feet or a faculty member's of my choosing. There is noway around it. The worse your misbehaving is, the longer and worsethe punishment.

Many students began to mumble to themselves. Some did not believewhat they just saw, some argued that this was against the law, andsome were purely scared. Many kids were to afraid to even speak. Thestudents sat there for another 15 minutes while Mrs. Harringtontalked about 'school stuff' and once she was finished she dismissedthem and told them she was looking forward to a great school year.

She walked pack to her office and shut the door. She went to her deskand sat down in her big black leather chair. She bent down towardsher feet and took off her left shoe. She reached inside it andgrabbed the little boy and pulled him out by the back off his shirt.

She hung him in front of her face while observing his little body.


YES MAM!............yes mamMrs. Harrington: Now I am going to let you go, but if I see you inhere again, you will meet my bare feet and you will stay with me formuch longer. DO YOU UNDERSTAND SIR?.........yes mam.

Mrs. Harrington: Good.

She then placed him on the ground and he immediately grew back to hisnormal size.

Mrs. Harrington: Now leave my office and remember what I told you.

The boy left and when school ended he went and complained to everyonehe could, but no one could help him. Not even his parents could doanything to help. In fact his mother encouraged the procedure. Thiswas something new that many people liked and many were fightingagainst, but at the moment it was there and 100%legal.....................

The next day everyone came to school worried. They all were scaredthat they might do something wrong and end up being 'punished'. Oncethe bell rang to begin the first class of the day almost everyone wason time and in their seats. In Spanish class every guy was staring atthe new teacher. She was gorgeous; a light skinned Hispanic womanwith long black hair and a thin body. She was wearing a tight redshirt and a tight black dress along with black stockings and blackhigh heels. Once she got to the front of the class everyone stoppedtalking. All the guys were impressed and wanted to hear their newgoddess speak........................

Miss. Perez: Welcome to Spanish class boys and girls, I hope you allwill make this year as nice as possible for everyone. Now thePrincipal has given me this school letter with a few things on itthat she wants me to read to all of you, so listen up. First of allI want to greet every single one of you and hope to meet you all.

Unfortunately, most of you who end up meeting me will hate meafterwards, because most likely if you are in my office then you areabout to be punished. These are the punishments as follows: I do nothave enough time to write out every punishment for every offense butI will say this, the worse you break the rules the harder and longerthe punishment will be. For example, if you cut class, you will besent to my office and then you will be shrunk and placed in my shoes.

I will then wear that shoe on my foot with you beneath it and youwill stay in there, under my foot for one whole day with only onebreak. However if you are on your second str!ike then the time will double. Every time you commit a seriousoffense your time under my foot will be twice as long as the lastpunishment. Also, I am only one person, so if am already punishingmore students than I can handle then you will be passed on to ateacher to do the punishing. Many of your parents do not want any ofthe males punishing you for different reasons and I strongly agree soonly certain female faculty members have been chosen to do thepunishing. I realize that many of you are worried because you mightend up being punished. Don't worry; as long as you follow the rulesthen you will be ok. Now let's make this the best year ever!!!!!Thank you, Principal Harrington.

Miss. Perez: Alright, well that was interesting, oh by the way; Ihave been one of the lucky ladies chosen to punish whoever steps outof line and Trust me; you don't want to ever be under my stinky feet.

"Followed by giggling."Some of the boys in the class were already thinking about getting introuble just so they can experience the whole thing with Miss Perez,but then they remembered that they could easily end up under Mrs.

Harrington's feet or some other teacher.

Later In the Day・・・・・・Mrs. Harrington was in her office doing paper work and thought sheshould go roam the halls and look for some kids that she couldpunish. She got out of her chair and walked out her office and beganroaming the halls. After only five minutes of walking she spotted aboy and girl making out by the lockers. She immediately power walkedtowards them, the students heard the loud steps of Mrs. Harrington'shigh heels and tried to walk away but she beganyelling・・・・.

Mrs. Harrington: Hold it right their!! I saw what you two were doingand you know that that is not permitted. Now let me see your hallpasses.

The boy: We don't have a hall pass.

Mrs. Harrington: You don't have a hall pass and you were kissing inmy halls, well that is a shame because this is the first week ofschool and you two must already be punished. Now follow me to myoffice................RIGHT NOW GUYS!!!!!Mrs. Harrington escorted the boy and girl into her office and toldthem to sit down in the two chairs in front of her desk. She went andsat down in her big leather chair across from the students.

Now as you know, there is a new system to the way that you studentswill be handled when breaking the rules. Did your first periodteacher read my letter to the class?The Girl: Yes mamMrs. Harrington: Good, that will save us some time. All I need to dois see your school Id's so that I can mark your names in my book andthen we can move on.

Once she got their Id's and marked their names down they immediatelybegan shrinking, the shrinking process was finished in a matter ofseconds and they were standing on the two chairs at only 5 inchestall. Both of them looked around and started panicking.

Mrs. Harrington: Don't worry kids, everyone freaks out a little thefirst time they are shrunk, but eventually you will get use to it.

But I hope that this is the last time I will have to shrink you two.

Now because it is only the first week of school and I am in a goodmood, I am going to punish you two for only one day. Travis you willspend time in my right high heel and Jennifer you will be in my lefthigh heel.

She took both of her shoes off and placed the right one on the chairTravis was standing on and the left one on the chair Jennifer wasstanding on.

Mrs. Harrington: Now get in, and lye on your backs. I want your headsin the toe section and your legs coming towards the heel.

Travis and Jennifer stared at each other for a moment just to makesure this was actually happening but they were interrupted by Mrs.

Harrington's loud voice・・.

Mrs. Harrington: Get in now and lay on your backs or I will doubleyour time in there.

Travis stepped into the red high heel and got into the toe section.

He got on his back and stretched his legs towards the heel. He couldfeel the heat that was still in there from his principal's foot andcould smell the stench. It wasn't that bad but of course he'd rathersmell fresh air than this odor any day. Jennifer did the same asTravis and got into the left heel. But before she got on her knees tocrawl into the toe section she turned around to saysomething・・・Jennifer: Won't you crush us when you step down?Mrs. Harrington: Of course not, you will be fine. It may hurt alittle at first but you will come out of their alive.

Jennifer: What about oxygen, won't we suffocate in there?Mrs. Harrington: NO, YOU WILL BE FINE! THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TOWORRY ABOUT IS THE HEAT! And maybe the smell・Jennifer finally got on her knees and moved into the toes section,she turned on her back and stretched out her legs towards the heel,but then began to worry again and got up and stuck her head out ofthe toe section to ask one more question・・・.

Jennifer: What about food? Will we beable・・・・.

Before Jennifer could finish her question Mrs. Harrington quicklypicked up the shoe Jennifer was in and brought it down to her leftfoot and placed her stocking covered foot into the shoe. Jennifer sawher principal's foot rush towards her and knock her into the toesection. Once her foot was all the way in her high heel shemaneuvered her foot and got Jennifer in the position she wanted herin. This whole transaction took merely a few seconds.

Travis was still lying in the right heel trying to look outside ofthe shoe. Finally he saw a tanned covered foot rush into the shoe andtake away any light in it. Her foot came over him and then began topress down on his whole body. He had no room to move and could barelybreathe. The stench had tripled once her foot landed on him. Her toeswere wiggling right on top of his face and he couldn't do anythingabout it. All of a sudden both of the students' worlds began to move.

Mrs. Harrington got up from one of the chairs that the students wereon earlier and walked around her desk and sat down in her big blackchair. Travis and Jennifer didn't know what hit them, those fewsteps made them dizzy and extremely hot. Plus the pressure of thewoman's weight landing on them was bad, but not as bad as theythought it would be.

Mrs. Harrington: Alright, time to get to work.

Mrs. Harrington just sat their and began working on her paper work asif everything was normal. As a habit she would tap her right footonto the ground as she sat at her desk working. This was makingTravis even more uncomfortable as he laid there enduring all thetorture in this woman's smelly hot shoe.

Once the Principal was finished with her paper work which was aboutthe trouble making students that she should keep an eye on, she gotup putting all her weight on the two poor students and began walkingout of her office and towards one of the teacher's classrooms who wasoff duty during this period. The whole walk there was a completelynew experience for the two students as it would be for most people.

The complete darkness, the constant fast movements, the extremelyloud sounds of her heels hitting the floor, the painful pressureevery time she stepped down, the pretty bad smell which was obviouslyfrom her feet, which were smelling worse every minute, and worst ofall the horrible heat that was becoming more intense throughout theirpunishment. Once she got to her destination she knocked on the doorand the teacher said "come in."Miss. Kneels: Oh hi Mrs. Harrington. How can I help you?Mrs. Harrington: Hello Trisha, Well, Im going to get straight to thepoint. I hear you are very nice to your students, in fact I hear youare too nice. Well I need you to change that.

Miss Kneels: Excuse me?Mrs. Harrington: I need you to be much stricter with your students.

Miss. Kneels: Well I think I am pretty darn strict when I need to be.

Mrs. Harrington: I have looked at your records and you have beenteaching at this school for two years and have only given out 3detentions the whole time. Now we are on much different standardsthis year. I realize you are young and want the students to likeyou, but I need you to send the kids who get out of line to me. Nosecond chances, I will decide what happens to them next.

Miss. Kneels: Alright, I guess I can do that.

Mrs. Harrington: Good! We understand each other then; I will leaveyou alone now. But before I do, to make sure that you are on myschedule, I am going to have to ask you to do something. In fact I amordering you to.

Miss. Kneels: What?Mrs. Harrington: You will send at least two students to my officebefore the end of the day.

Miss. Kneels: What?! What if nobody does anything wrong?Mrs. Harrington: Someone always does something wrong; you just haveto keep your eyes open. If I do not get two of your students by theend of the day then you are FIRED!! Good day Trisha.

Miss. Kneels just stood there feeling very uncomfortable. She was notuse to punishing her students, especially when she knew how awful thepunishments now were. She is very young and pretty, she likes to gether students to see her as a friend, but she knew what she had to doto keep her job.

Mrs. Harrington then left the room and started walking back to heroffice when she heard a lot of noise coming from a classroom near by.

She walked to the door and peaked in to see a lot of the studentstalking among one another. She noticed a few kids standing next tothe door waiting for the bell to ring. She was very upset andimmediately opened the door and stormed in. All the students ran totheir seats and sat down as fast as they could.

Mrs. Harrington: What kind of classroom is this!? There is still 10minutes until the bell rings to end class! Why are you kids runningaround and making so much noise?Foolishly one of the boys in the classroom answered her question.

Ben: Mr. Harris said we could get free time for the last 10 minutesor so since we'e such an awesome class! Some of his friends laughedat his comment.・Mrs. Harrington: Be quiet! In fact come up here rightnow・・・I said NOW!!!Ben walked up to the front of the class and stood next to theprincipal.

Mrs. Harrington: You children are very lucky. Unlike the two studentsin my shoes right now. They have to stay beneath my feet for thenext day, and if I could, I would keep every one of you under my feetfor an even longer period of time. Unfortunately I only have twofeet. Now I do not want any more "free time" given tothese children Mr. Harris. I want you all to be quiet and workinguntil the bell rings. Is that understood Mr. Harris?Mr. Harris: Yes Ma'am.

Mrs. Harrington: I hope this does not happen again, good day.

As she turned around to leave she noticed Ben walking towards hisdesk..............

Mrs. Harrington: Excuse me sir, where do you think you are going? Youare coming with me to my office.

Ben: But what did I・・・・・Mrs. Harrington: I said you are coming to my office, now follow me!!Mrs. Harrington escorted Ben to her office and once inside she toldhim to stand in front of her desk.

Mrs. Harrington: I do not like being talked back to, and you didexactly that.

Ben: No I didn't! You asked me a question and Ians・・・.

Mrs. Harrington: SHUTUP!! In fact I am not even going to explainanything to you. You will see for yourself what happens when youupset me.

Ben automatically began shrinking until he was just about 5 inches.

He stood on the ground looking around in shock. He heard what wouldhappen if someone broke the rules, he had even seen that boy getshrunk and placed in the Principal's shoe during the first day ofschool, but he did not expect it to be like this. He looked arounduntil he saw the Principal come around her desk towards him. Afterthat all he saw was her gigantic hand come towards him and then pickhim up. She held him to her big red lips and beganspeaking...................

Mrs. Harrington: You are much luckier than the two trouble makers inmy high heels. Since I don't have any room under my feet, and I donot feel like calling another teacher into my office at the moment, Iam simply going to keep you in one of my really dirty socks for therest of the day. I have a few that I keep in the office forincidents like this.

She walked towards her filing cabinet and pulled open the top drawer.

As soon as she pulled it open she cranked her head back from thehorrendous smell and made a face of disgust. There were about 10pairs of her oldest, dirtiest, nastiest socks and pantyhose in their.

She grabbed a black sock and sniffed it real fast just to get an ideaof how bad it smelt.

Mrs. Harrington: PEEYOO!! I guess you are not as lucky as I thoughtyou were.

As soon as she finished her sentence she dropped Ben into the sockand proceeded to tie it up. Ben's world became completely dark,extremely hot, and very smelly. She then placed him into the drawerwith the rest of her old footwear. The smell became twenty timesworse for Ben as he laid there helpless.

Mrs. Harrington: I will see you at the end of the day when all thestudents are off the school premises; That's just a couple hours fromnow, then I will let you out of your prison, but until then you needto lay there in my foot odor and think about what you have done andwhy you are being punished. I will randomly check up on you; if youtry to get out of that sock I will make your day much worse. Goodday young man.

She then shut the drawer and walked to her desk and sat down. Sheplaced her right leg over her left and removed her heel. Travis waslying on his back but immediately tried to get up to see what washappening. Mrs. Harrington quickly placed her index finger on hisstomach to keep him down.

Mrs. Harrington: You stay right there until I get your littlegirlfriend out of my other shoe.

She then placed the shoe Travis was in on her desk and switched legsso she could take off her left shoe. She removed her shoe andinstantly heard Jennifer's voice.

Jennifer: Please tell me it's over.

Mrs. Harrington: "In a Laughing manner" Of course it is notover; you have a whole day to go. I am just giving you guys a littlebreak since you did not move around too much under my feet.

She placed the shoe Jennifer was in next to the one Travis was lyingin and told them they could both get up but that they could not getout of the shoe. They both crawled to the heel of the shoe and beganbreathing real hard trying to inhale as much fresh air as they could.

Travis: Can you please let us go, we promise not to ever do anythingwrong again.

Mrs. Harrington ignored him and kept working on the papers in frontof her.

Travis: Please, I swear I will not do anything bad throughout therest of the school year.

Mrs. Harrington kept writing but was beginning to look upset.

Travis: If I do anything wrong you can do whatever you want to me,PLEASE!Mrs. Harrington gave him a quick angry glance then began writingagain.

Travis: This is TORTURE・・・・・.


Mrs. Harrington: Jennifer, you have a few minutes left until yourback under my foot, so if you'e thirsty you can get some water out ofmy cup.

After Jennifer drank some water she laid back in the shoe and Mrs.

Harrington placed it back on her foot and went back to her paperwork. She was still squeezing Travis's head between her toes andoccasionally stomping down on him. She did not take disobedience verywell..............