A new story by HTP, this will not be the way the story looks when i write it butit will serve as a preview for the story. If you folks are interested in it, orhave any ideas for me about the form youd like to see, please make comments andthey will be taken under consideration. YOU ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVECOMMENTS!!!!I MUST credit andrew nellis's Little Affection for the inspiration for thestory. He was so onto something in that story but this one wont be themasterpiece that one was. Neverthless, hope it fills a little niche in theshrinking men world and is my take on the shrunken by daughter scaenario....

My daughter Jennifer was the light of my life. Just turned 16, and already abeautiful young woman, jenny adored me but she was the only thing that was rightabout a marriage that had long since expired. My ex Allison had remaried fouryears back and was now living with her doctor husband Tim and his two daughters,Rebecca and Tara. Jennifer lived with them but I got to see her twice a week andone weekend every month she came to stay with me.

The day my life changed, I was planning on taking jenny out to a ballgame downat the stadium. Although she was very pretty, jenny loved hanging out with theold man, watching a game and just relaxing. She wasnt into boys much yet andprefered a sporting event to the typical girly things that most of herclassmates were into these days. I loved being with her and we got along likefriends even though I knew she respected me like a daughter should.

I was on my way to pick her up when something really strange happened. I washeading towards her house when a weird truck passed me by, spraying what Ithough at the time was an insectiside. I began coughing badly and in fact felldown from the poison entering my system. Seconds later, I was fine as if nothinghad happened in the least. But it had. And my existance as a man was never to bethe same again.

Knowing where Allison kept her spare key, I let myself in because it was abrutally hot may afternoom. I was early but I knew that Jennifer would be thefirst one home so I chose to enter her room to wait for her. I was a littletired from my little mishap with the truck, so I lay down on my daughter's bedawaiting her arrival. I must have dosed off because the next thing I realized, Iheard the sound of two young voices giggling downstairs in the hall. It soundedlike jenny had brought home a friend from school and I could hear them talkingfrom the vents in the old house. They were talking about some boy from schoolthat Jennys friend Nicole had a crush on.

"I know he likes me jen, but he's so shy. I dont think he will ever talk to me!"Jennys friend Nicole lamented.

"Dont be silly nicole, scott will ask you out. I know he will. Just give him alittle time to get up the nerve or ask him yourself. Come on, its the 21stcentury, we girls can take charge in this day and age!" That was my girl. Sosmart and strong just like her daddy had taught her to be.

"Im not as brave as you are jen. I could never do that!" Nicole was a still achild and wasnt ready to hear jennifer's wise advice.

"Well I would not back down from any guy. Why would I? Be strong Nikki, we cando anything we want to do. We are girls and the guys are going to do anything wesay. You know that!" She giggled amused at herself. "That's what my dad saysanyways. I dont know whether I could pull it off either!" Again she laughed.

"Nicole, as soon as I get you that homework assignment, you gotta go. My dad iscoming to pick me up and I gotta get ready to go to ..."The rest I did not hear as I got up and realized that while I rested, atransformation had occured to my body. The bed had become huge i thought butthen I realized quickly that it was i who had shrunk and my daughter's bed wasnow enormous to me. I didnt realize it at the time but I was now only 3" tall,smaller than the tiniest of my daughter's dolls and equally helpless. Ipanicked. What the hell was I gonna do? This was crazy, nobody just getssmaller! I had bigger worries though. Jenny and Nicole had finished up thereteen heartbreak conversation and I heard my duaghters voice calling, "wait in myroom nikki. I will get us a snack before my dad gets here."Just then, I saw the bedroom door open up and there looming before me was agiant teenager, the size of a skyscraper. Well to me anyways. Nicole was alovely young lady, pretty long blonde hair and dark brown eyes, dressed in ablue skirt and a aqua marine blouse. Her size was terrifying and I had nowhereto run. Sure enough, Nicole came running over to the bed and plooped herselfdown, almost crushing me with her incredible size and strength. I couldnt haveescaped the giant girl if she had seen me. I was trapped by her oversizedyouthful leg as she waited for my daughter to arrive in the room. I had no ideawhat I should do, as I felt puny and dwarved by this teenaged giantess.

The decision was removed from me as Nicole shifted and discovered she wascrushing me with her tremendous little body."Oh, I am so sorry little man," shesquealed, " I didnt see you there cutie. I had no idea that Jen still playedwith dolls. But arent you the cute little man," the pretty teen cooed.

As she lifted me in the air, I decided the best course of action was to go alongwith her and pray for the best. The alternative was to tell her that I wasjenny's father and I didnt think that was a good idea at all. Who knew what thisyoung woman would do to me at my height if I revealed my horrible situation. Ihad to wait it out and hope she would be gentle. And maybe jenny would get therequickly, to help me out of this mess.

Nicole was not all that gentle with her doll. She started bouncing me on herskirt, giggling and enjoying herself. " Aren't you the perfect little fella. Ifonly Scott could be your size, I'd have no trouble controlling the situation!too bad men cant be this little." She dropped me harshly on the bed a minutelater and noticed that I reacted very unlike a doll. "Hey, you arent a doll,your real!" Nicole squealed in delight. "Thats not possible though, is it?"I tried to pretend I was just a doll but the girl was smart. she had seen memove and now was holding me again, admiring my true to life like features thatindacted I might be more than a plastic action figure. Nicole was adorable and Iam sure she turned a few heads at school but the force with which she held me inher hands must have knocked me out cause the next thing I realized, I waslooking up at her from a prison, inside her blouse pocket. She must have put mein there when my daughter came upstairs to hide me until she figured out whatwas happening. I was trapped in by my daughter's powerful girlfriend who I wassure was no more than 5' 4" tall. She even looked up to my daughter who wasbarely 5'6". I had to find a way to get Jennys attention or I feared I would begoing home with this girl Nicole and to who knows what!!