The New TenantBy Number 10Mark and his girlfriend Teri drove to the entrance to the apartment complex.

They were here to see the place advertised in the paper, a two-bedroomapartment. Teri, who was a tall, attractive blond and worked for a bank, hadjust transferred to this part of the Gulf Coast of Florida. Mark, about 6 feettall with dark features, had quit his job to be with her. They were both intheir mid-thirties.

Mark parked his car next to a sign that read "Fernwood Gardens." He stopped theengine, looked at Teri, and said, "Fernwood tonight?"Teri rolled her eyes. "Very funny. Don't quit your day job.""Too late, already did," answered Mark. Teri smiled and opened her car door.

They both got out and walked towards an apartment marked "Office." They knockedand waited. An attractive middle aged woman came to the door.

"Hello," she said in precise accented English. "I am Inga. How may I help you?"She looked solidly built. Her short, reddish blond hair lay in curls. She hadpenetrating hazel eyes.

"Hi, I'm Mark and this is Teri. We called this morning about the apartment.""Oh yes. I will get the key."The three of them walked to the vacant apartment. It was spacious, very cleanand seemed very suitable. Mark and Teri decided on the spot to take it.

Inga led them back to her apartment to go over the terms of the lease. They satat Inga's kitchen table with Mark closest to Inga. As they went over the lease,point by point, a strange feeling came over Mark. Inga talked directly to him,not Teri, and she seemed to be flirting with him. Mark wondered if Teri noticed.

But Teri seemed distracted. In the next room, a beautiful old dollhouse sat on acheap, folding card table. She wanted to go over and look at it. Finally sheasked.

"Yes, by all means," said Inga. "One of my tenants left it behind when shemoved. I am not sure why."Teri explored the various rooms and features of the small house. She traced herfinger from the door to the windows to the roof. It was bizarre, but she couldimagine tiny people living in it!In the kitchen, Inga moved closer to Mark. While talking, she put her hand onMark's arm. Mark was surprised but excited. He felt the blood rushing to hislower regions. This could get embarrassing, he thought, and decided to putdistance between them before Teri got back.

Teri walked back into the kitchen and sat down. "Have you thought of sellingthat house?" she asked Inga. "I would make you a fair offer."Inga thought for a moment. "Thank you, but no. I may have a use for it someday."Teri thought that was a strange answer.

After the lease was signed and deposit made, Mark and Teri rose to leave. Theyfollowed Inga to the door. A large, heavy box partially blocked their path. Markoffered to move it. "Oh no, I will do it," said Inga. She easily lifted the boxand carried it to a spot six feet way. Mark noted her strength. What was itabout her that affected him this way? He thought about this as he and Teri droveto get their things.

The Business TripTeri started her new job the following Monday. Their plan was for Mark to take acouple of weeks off to set up the new place. He would take care of the detailslike the phone, cable and furniture. Then he would look for a job. In themeantime, he could also explore the area and relax a bit.

When Teri got home that first night, she had some startling news. "My first day,and they want to send me to New York on business! I leave tomorrow and I won'tbe back until Friday. Can you believe this?""It is kind of sudden. But they must have a lot of faith in you, honey," saidMark. Then he thought of the time he would be without her. It would be a longfour days.

That night, they made tender love and held each other close. In the morning, hewatched her leave for the airport.

With nothing better to do, Mark walked around the apartment complex. He sawanother tenant washing his car, and decided to say hello.

After exchanging small talk, Mark asked how he liked the living at the complex.

"Great place to live," the man said, "but the landlady's kind of strange.""In what way?" asked Mark.

"Well, since her husband left, she seems love-starved. She always after half themen in this complex Most of the guys avoid her though."Mark could see why. Probably her strength and manner intimidated them. As hewalked back to the apartment, he was still thinking about Inga, when he turned acorner and almost walked into her.

They both laughed about the near accident, and Mark was about to go when Ingacoughed, and said, "Oh Mark, by the way, I did not give you your parking permityet. Why don't you come by in an hour to pick it up?" Mark agreed to do this.

An hour later, Mark found himself at Inga's door. She let him in, and hefollowed her, just like the first time. Then she said, "Would you like a drink?"Surprised, Mark said, "It's a bit early yet. I don't know...." Inga went aheadanyway and prepared a gin and tonic for her visitor. It looked so good on thishot day he couldn't say no. But before she brought it over, Inga turned away.

She seems to be speaking strange words over the drink that Mark could notunderstand. Then she turned back with a smile.

Inga sat back and watched Mark enjoy the best gin and tonic he ever had. Shestarted talking in an animated fashion and moved ever closer to him. Then shereached for his leg.

Slightly flushed, Mark remembered something he had to do. He hurriedly got upand stumbled for the front door. Only when he was outside and halfway to hisapartment did he remember the parking permit.

Life under IngaMark was back at Inga's a couple of hours later. He felt weak and had a blindingheadache. He blamed the drink. Not knowing what to do, he sought Inga for help.

She led him into her bedroom, and helped him to lay down. She got him aspirinsand a glass of water. Then she drew the shades, making the room very dark, andleft.

Mark, feeling very grateful, fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, the shades were up, and sunshine filled the room. Mark slowlywoke up. He noticed his clothes were gone. Then he had the shock of his lifeHe was a tiny three inch man, a mere speck on Inga's huge bed. His pillow wasthe size of a house. Then it struck him: Where was Inga?As if on cue, her heard her footsteps. Inga's place had old hardwood floors, andas she walked closer, the vibration and noise grew more intense.

She pounded her way into the room, and over to the bed. Inga looked at Mark fora moment, smiled and picked him up. Her grip was incredibly tight. She broughthim closer and opened her hand so that he could sit in her palm. Then shetalked, firmly but soothingly.

"You have been shrunk. You will live here, under me. Forget about your old life.

If you obey me, we will be very happy. If not...." Inga did not finish, but Markgot the idea.

After a day or two, Mark had an inkling of life under Inga. He lived in herdollhouse during the day. She shared all of her meals with him. Then they spentthe nights together.

About the third night, Mark was introduced to Giantess Sex. Inga would allowMark to roam her still shapely body and face, but then, she would insist on herown pleasure. She inserted a small platform between her buttocks and legs forMark to stand on. She would set Mark there, and then part her lips with hugefingers. Mark would then spend up to a hour licking, caressing and massaging hergigantic clitoris. When she began to climax, the fingers would push Mark's smallbody into her moist cavity. His whole body became involved, as she franticallyslid, rubbed, and pushed Mark against her swollen clit. Inga screamed as shecame, all over Mark.

As the spent giantess caught her breath, Mark slowly made his way up thelandscape that was Inga. He would settle into the soft spot just under Inga'sthroat, and try to sleep. She would later set him on his side of the bed, so shewouldn't crush him.

Teri ReturnsMark lost track of the days as he adjusted to this new life. During the day,Inga would put him in the old dollhouse. He was instructed to hide fromvisitors, usually girls and women of all ages whose memories of childhood wereawakened. Inga would remain close by at all times, to keep tabs on her smalllover.

Mark amused himself watching and listening to Inga's visitors. Late one evening,however, he heard a familiar voice from Inga's kitchen. It was Teri! From thedollhouse window he strained to see and hear.

"...back for a few hours and no sign of Mark. I just don't know where he couldbe. I'm about to call the police. Have you seen him, Inga?"Mark could tell that Teri was very worried. Inga reassured Teri that he would befound, and not to worry. Mark wanted to scream out to Teri, but he rememberedInga's warnings. So he sat and looked helplessly at his beloved girlfriend.

When Teri left, Inga came over to take Mark to bed. She looked at him and said,"You were wise to stay quiet. You belong to me. We will make love now, and youwill devote yourself to me. You do enjoy our lovemaking, don't you?"Mark had to admit that he did. But he missed his girlfriend terribly. Hewondered how she would react to his new size, even if she did discover him.

Maybe she would reject him. Mark couldn't be sure.

In bed, Mark worked harder than ever to please his giantess. She rewarded himwith a bit more tenderness and affection. But he could not remove Teri from hismind.

AngelaThe next day, Mark was whiling away the time in his house, when he noticed a newvisitor in Inga's kitchen. She was a young, raven-haired woman, chatting withInga. Mark caught sight of her face and figure and was attracted to herimmediately. She had large, kind eyes and a pleasant smile.

There was a knock, and Inga suddenly got up to answer it. The raven-haired womanglanced about the room, her eyes finally resting on the dollhouse. She couldn'tresist. Mark watched her get up and walk towards him.

He knew what he would do. Mark had decided he would try to contact the nextperson to approach the dollhouse, as long as Inga wasn't nearby. This would behis best chance to get back to Teri. It was risky, but he had to try.

Mark came out of his house, and stood still in front of the door. He would letthe woman see him, but he would not speak right way. He did not want to frightenher.

She walked to the side of the house and slowly came to the front. When she saw asmall man, she thought it must be a doll. But it was incredibly lifelike. Wait,it was breathing!"Are you real?" she asked, in a hoarse whisper.

He paused before answering. "Yes," he said in a loud, clear voice.

She lowered her head, and her large brown eyes drank him in. "How did...""Inga did this. My girlfriend is looking for me. I need your help. Please takeme, now!"The woman, still in shock, looked around. They could both hear and feel Inga'sfootsteps returning to the kitchen.

"Quick, in your bra!" pleaded Mark. In a flash, she undid her blouse's topbutton, picked up Mark, slipped him in, and rebuttoned. Mark was impressed withher speed.

She then turned back to face Inga.

"Are you admiring my dollhouse, Angela? It's not for sale you know." Inga lookedat her with a bit of suspicion.

"Yes, it's lovely. I can see why you don't want to part with it. Well, I have tobe going now. Goodnight, Inga." Angela started for the door in measured strides.

Mark could tell she was holding her breath, and he tensed up as well.

In a moment, though, the air felt different. They were outside now, and the sunhad just gone down. Angela did not return to her apartment, but went to her carinstead. She started it , drove a few blocks away, and parked in a private spot.

Then she took out Mark.

Angela listened as Mark talked about his experience, about Inga, and about Teri,who must be sick with worry by now. Angela wanted to help, and said she wouldreturn Mark to his girlfriend. But she had a favor to ask. "Anything," Marksaid.

"Let me take you down to the beach. Just for a little while. We can lay downtogether and look at the stars. It's kind of a special place for me, and I'dlike to share it with you. I promise I'll take you to Teri afterwards."Mark agreed. She was very pleasant to be around, and he believed her. He alsowanted to repay her for her kind act.

ConclusionIt was very dark at the beach. Angela took a large blanket from her trunk. Shewalked to a secluded spot amidst the tall grass, and spread the blanket out.

They could both smell the sea and hear the ocean waves lapping the shore.

Angela lay down and set Mark on top of her. "Please make yourself comfortable,"she said. He decided to lay down on her generous chest. They both gazed up atthe sky.

They talked quietly about little things. She showed him where Polaris was. Hefound the Big Dipper. They imagined the strange worlds that revolved aroundthose millions of suns. Then they stopped talking altogether, and just enjoyedeach other.

They both sensed it was time. Angela packed up to go, and on the drive home, hesat right by her, feeling a new closeness with his rescuer. He did want toreturn to Teri, but hated to leave this lovely woman.

Mark was concerned about Teri, and how she would react to his new size. Heexpressed his concerns to Angela. "The last time she saw me I was normal-sized.

She won't understand what's happened. Hell, even I don't understand."Angela's voice was kind. "We'll make her understand. I'll stay with you as longas you want. I just want everything to work out between you."They arrived, and Angela pulled into her parking space. "But if you ever need afriend, remember, I'm just over in 102." She thought for a moment. "Hmmm. I'dbetter give you my phone number too." She found a pen and paper and wrote hernumber as small as she could. Then she folded it and handed it to MarkAngela got out, picked up Mark, and headed up the walk to his apartment. A lightwas on. Angela held him up to her face for a quick kiss, and then gave him onelast look with her huge eyes. Then she stood up straight, took a deep breath,and knocked.

The End