No doubt some folks may find thisa little concerning as two of my main female characters are 12 years old at thebeginning of this little tale. As such, I understand if Pete decides to removethis post from board.

But let me say this in my defence: There isn't going to be any kind of sexualreferences in this story whatsoever. I felt I would try to write a story thatdidn't have them since nearly all of those I have read DO have a sexualcomponent - eventually.

You may be wondering as you read this why part 001 is followed by 010 - there isa reason which will be explained later.

And, as always, let me know what you think.

######################################K²by TBLAGPart 001-----------One can never tell exactly how a day will turn out; or just how far-fetched thatday might seem to a listener, if told about it. But here is my tale...

* * * * *If I were to tell you that I was a teacher and that the two girls in questionwere both about 12 years old, then I would be likely to cause a lot of fuss.

Many people consider that any kind of fiction which may be 'borderline-adult',shouldn't contain references to those who are under a certain age.

Truth be told, I am one of them.

But this isn't fiction and in order for the beginning of this story to be told,I must go back to this time when the girls were that age or I shall seem to givemy story only a middle.

The ending will never be written, but the beginning will undoubtedly causeconcern.

I must confess that I never saw this coming, but the two of them turned out tohave a 'schoolgirl-crush' on me. That was a very long time ago. Now, I am alonemost of the time, left to my own devices, broken but not defeated, forgotten andnever remembered.

In my haste, I have forgotten to tell you my current situation, so let mecorrect that error before I go further.

I live in an old, abandoned house, in a town which has been destroyed by war. Ifear I am the only survivor as I have seen no other human being for aconsiderable time. In fact, that time may shock you a little - I have seen noother human being for over 150 years.

How am I so old?Well, I think it had something to do with what the girls did to me, but I neverfound out for certain.

Are you wondering how I can tell you all this? If I am over 150 years old (182to be precise), how am I able to send objects through time? How is it possiblesince I must be living in the year 2186?Well, to be honest, I don't really understand it myself. Let's just say thatbecause of what happened to me, what happened to the world around me and theamount of time I have had to myself, I have discovered and learned many amazingthings.

But I must return to the beginning.

Kelly and Kayleigh regularly visited me at the end of the school day. They wouldcome and share a joke with me as I gathered my things together before headingfor home. Truth be told, I grew rather fond of the girls and began to think ofthem more as neices or younger sisters than as two schoolgirls who attended myclasses.

It happened after Christmas, a little into the new year, that the two of themstarted to wear more make-up, painting their faces thickly into an evermoreincreasingly gothic look. It scared me a little as they slowly became morewithdrawn in class, but at the end of the day, they would open up and appear asfriendly and cheerful as they'd ever been.

Anyway, it was during the course of a week that while they talked to me and Ipacked away each evening, that they played their trick on me.

One of them held my half-given attention and whilst the other half of myattention was focussed on putting various object away in their proper places,the other other of my two 'girls' appeared to wander the room.

Little did I know I would soon be as little as the little I knew.

* * * * *I had dreamed I was in a hospital.

People told me that I had collapsed as I had left my classroom and caught my myhand in a door-frame as the door closed. It tore my littlest finger clean off asI fell and the door continued to close.

Kayleigh had found help and an ambulance had been called, but no one ever foundmy missing finger.

Little did I realise that what I had been dreaming was true.

* * * * *I never discovered what happened to my legs, but when I first awoke, I seemed tohave only one wide leg. I was mostly delirious from the pain that coursedthrough it and down to where my feet should have been. I do clearly rememberboth girls looking in on me as I was clearly very unwell. They were very excitedabout something and at that time I felt my 'leg' split and the pain suddenlystop.

I was so relieved the pain had stopped that my exhaustion overcame me and atlast I fell asleep.

* * * * *I was very comfortable for once. I didn't want to wake but I had to - I washungry.

I threw back the cover and crossed to the door.

It wasn't there.

Instead a blank wall led to more blank wall. It was made of the same material asthe floor and seemed to have a grain in much the same way as wood. Except thiswasn't wood. All four walls were made of the same greyish substance and in theroof there was a large window with holes in it.

Small holes that I would maybe fit my arm through, but that would be all.

If I could reach them - they were higher up than I could reach, even whenstanding on the bed.

I was trapped.

Resigned to my imprisonment, I sat down. Only now did I notice that the bedwasn't really a bed.

It was a large block of wood with a giant sponge on top of it. On top of thesponge, there was sheet of something soft & shiny which also served to cover me.

There was yet another layer of 'bedding' in the form of what could only bedescribed as a blanket.

Only now did I realise that I was clothed in a very odd garment. It was a veryloose piece of material which was held closed down one side by a length of rope.

There was a similar piece of rope hanging loose around my neck, obviously therefor me to tighten the neck of the garment if I was too cold. The holes for myarms were very roughly cut and large chunks of the sack-like material hung loosefrom the bottom daring me to trip over them.

A dark shadow descended through the roof-window and I stepped backward as Istruggled to make my eyes focus through the transparency.

Suddenly, the rook was taken away further up than I could have thought possibleand a new, terrifying sight caused me to stumble backward and fall.

Most things started to make some kind of sense: I had indeed been sleeping on asponge, the ropes holding my garment together were thread, the roof-windows wasa hole cut in the top of the shoe-box I now lived in and the transparency wassimply that- a piece of transparent plastic poked through with a pin to provideme with some air.

I was a prisoner, a pet belonging to the owner of the massive face which loomedabove me.

Kelly had discovered I was awake.

Part 010-----------In the weeks and months following, Kelly cared for me as I continued to adjustto my new size - I was two and a half inches tall - and surroundings. She wasextremely gentle with me and always took great care not to speak too loudly forher voice could easily have deafened me.

She gave me more and more freedom too. Initially, I was allowed to roam freelyonly inside my box. Now, three months later, I was able to roam freelythroughout her bedroom. I maintained a respectful distance at all times, huggingthe walls for safety. Only when Kelly had sat or kneeled down did I ever venturetoward her.

Often, she would build a small pedestal for me to sit on where I could look downat her hands as she lay on the floor doing her homework for school.

No-one ever came into her bedroom other than Kayleigh when she visited.

Both girls made extra effort to take special care of me and although I now livedmainly with Kelly, I had little knowledge as to how that would change very soon.

I took some considerable time to get used to the way my miniature bodyfunctioned. I could last several days without food, drink or sleep and when Idid need, I required only small quantities. It seemed I would never feel theneed to relieve myself as my body would no longer produce waste material.

Healing took place much more quickly too and often left me feeling hungry. Anyinjury sustained could be easily healed just by eating any foodstuff available.

The times when I slept however, produced some frighteningly realistic dreams. Iwould dream of my life before my transformation. I could feel the world aroundme and smell the things I had always thought nothing of. Little did I realisewhat was happening when I slept.

Finally, 14 months after my waking to discover Kelly looking down on me, shedecided that I should have a chance to see the real world again.

Secreted into a side pocket in her cardigan, Kelly left for school.