Not So Little Red Riding HoodBy ZZZInto the darkness, so it is changed...

Little Red riding hood slowly trotted down the muddy path to granny's house. Shewas carrying delicious treats in a basket which she had obtained from the townbread maker. She had also obtained an extra piece of bread at a discountedprice. A strange man in a black hood handed it to her. The bread had a "Z"formed by sugar sprinkles on it.

Little Red had lost track of time while traveling through the forest, and it wasnow growing dark. The sweet scent of fresh bread from the basket wouldinevitably call unwanted attention to herself, and now that it was dark thisattention was guaranteed. The moon was full and everything was showered by awhite aura. Including the tall hairy figure which jumped out in front of her.

"Where do you think you're going with those delicious goodies little girl???"A large powerful wolf now stood in little Red's way.

"Do you mind if I have a bite?" He asked with a coy smile.

"I'm going to granny's house, so if you don't mind..." She moved around the wolfand continued down the path.

"To granny's house.....hmmm is it far away? The treats will be probably be coldby the time you get there so maybe you should share one with me...""No, actually it's at near the pond at the end of this path. I think I'll makeit there before the treats get cold."The wolf smiled, "Yes, you probably will...sorry to have bothered you." Hesmiled with a look of mischief and slowly stepped off the path into the darkwoods once again.

Little Red thought about what the wolf had said and sped her pace to avoidhaving the treats get cold. She walked faster as she got closer to Granny'shouse, but soon found herself overwhelmed by the smell from the basket.

"Well, if they are going to get cold...someone should enjoy at least one of themwarm." Little Red opened her basket and looked at all the baked goods she wascarrying. The bread with the sprinkled "Z" drew most of her attention. It seemedto glow brighter than the rest under the tranquil moon light.

"Since I paid the least for this one, it really wouldn't be right to give it togranny..."Little Red lifted the delicious morsel to her mouth and bit into it. The tastytreat almost seemed to melt on her tongue. Before she realized she had finishedwith it. She felt a powerful shiver grab hold of her body, but soon theincredible sensation was gone.

She continued on to Granny's house and was glad to see the lights were still on.

She went up to the door and knocked, only to hear a strangely familiar voicethat wasn't granny's.

"Come in, come in....BURP!"Little Red walked in and instantly recognized the wolf in Granny's clothing.

"Are those treats for me?"Little Red felt both sad and angry knowing full well what the wolf had done. Shehad no idea what to do, but before she could think of something she realized herlittle tan shorts were hugging her butt as if the shorts were several sizes tosmall. Now her white blouse began to feel snug as well.

"Why don't you bring the treats to your granny little girl?"Little Red was no longer paying attention to the wolf and felt a great deal ofsensuous energy overcome her body. Her shorts began to tear at the sides as hercheeks overflowed them. Her thighs began to push the shorts' openings furtherout as the muscles on her small body developed larger and larger. Soon hershorts were completely shredded into mere strands. Her small red hood wasbecoming tighter on her head, and it was soon squeezing her neck. She began tothink she would suffocate, but her neck muscle was more than the fabric of thehood could handle. It tore to shreds and fell to the ground. Her blouse bustedopen as her breast destroyed the tiny buttons which once held them back. Thewolf gawked in awe of the growing amazon, and covered the lower portion of hisbody with the blanket. He reached down into the blanket and smiled as he watchedLittle Red transform into an amazing full figured goddess. Little Red seemed tobe growing a foot a minute. Soon enough her head pressed up to the roof of thesmall shack, and the remains of her clothing fell to the ground. Her head nowbegan pressing up against the ceiling, and she put her arms up to push up on theroof. Her arm muscles bulged to twice their size, and Little Red destroyed theupper portion of the small shack. She continued to expand through the opening,and now her waist was at the opening in the ceiling. She looked down at theremaining portion of the roof and decided to spy on the wolf. She reached downand pulled off the remains of the ceiling. The wolf was still gawking at herwith his left hand underneath the blanket.

He looked up at the now Giant Red Riding Hood, "My what big breasts you have!!!"Big Red lifted her hands to her ample mounds and pressed them together. "All thebetter to excite you with."The wolf smiled and looked down at her legs, "My what big legs you have!!!"Big Red flexed her legs and the muscles seemed to double in girth. "All thebetter to run to you with."The wolf gave a big smile and looked between her legs. "My what a big..."Before he could finish Big Red reached down and picked up the wolf. She feltgreat pleasure at the fact that his whole body fit in her hand. "You don't haveto say it, it's all the better to fuck you with!!!" She rammed the wolf deepinto her womanhood and slammed her powerful legs together. Several loud snapsand pops were heard.

Big Red smiled and played with the mess between her legs, "Now when is thatwoodsman going to get here?"~FIN