Penalties for Perversions I pulled up into the driveway that night with a strange feeling in my heat. Mylifestyle of sexual exploits was beginning to take its toll on my mind. I foundmyself fantasizing all the time now and it seemed to be getting harder to keepmy two lives separated. I spent many hours on the Internet surfing my variousfavorite sex sites, many of them giantess and transformation related. What I didnot know was that my wife had discovered this over a year ago and had installedsoftware on my computer that logged everywhere I went on the web and now kneweverything about my fantasies. My usual routine of deleting all my Internetfiles and clearing my history was only a deception to myself. To say the leastshe was upset and hurt but a streak of vengeance had formed in her mind and sheactually began to enjoy the fantasy from the woman's perspective. Armed withthis new malice for me she had begun searching for a way to make me pay for mybetrayal by using my own fantasies against me. She searched through the archivesof magic and sorcery and consulted with those who know of these things. It tookalmost a year but she finally found her answer deep in the underground of LosAngeles. Soon I would pay for my lust.

 As my wife sat on the couch waiting for my return that day, the thought of whatwas about to happen brought a warm feeling of power that flooded over her. Shehad thought about this long and hard and came to the conclusion that she wantedto do this and that I deserved it. She had lit some candles and put on a cuteoutfit. The lights were down low and a glass of wine, which contained the potionthat would change my very existence, was set out on the table. She sat quietlyas my car pulled up and waited for the door to open.

 When I walked in I could feel something strange in the air, in the mood of theroom.

“Hi sweetheart” I said apprehensively, “What's all this?”“Hello dear, this? It's just a little celebration.” She said casually.

“Celebration?” I said trying not to act anxious and sitting by her.

“Uh-huh” she said handing me the glass of wine.

I could see something in her eyes that I had never seen before but I could notmake it out.

I took the glass and she raised hers to mine.

“Here's to us baby, to forever.” She smiled at me and my heart trembled at thelook she gave but I tried to act cool and cover up my lies.

I clinked my glass with hers, “To us” and then quickly took a long drink.

My wife knew that one sip was all that I needed so it was already done. The onlything left was to speak the words and it was over.

 My wife's hand trembled as she reached for my cheek to caress it. “I trustedyou.” She said slowly. “You told me so many times that you were not looking atpornography on the Internet. You told me you were faithful.” A tear rolled downher cheek. Then she looked into my shocked eyes and her courage peaked.

 â€œI command you to be a dildo”Her words hit my body like a wave of hot air and I dropped my wineglass. My wifemoved back as I let out a scream. At first I thought she was just playing withme knowing what I had been viewing on the Internet. I was wrong. I never evengot a word out as my body changed so quickly that I found myself staring at herlegs on the couch and her hand was coming down to pick me up. My mind screamedin horror at the thought of what had just happened to me. I stared at my wife'sbeautiful face as she examined me with a satisfied smile on her face. I tried tocry out, to beg her to release me from this nightmare but I had no voice.

Then I heard her voice, “Now, you have you fantasy.” She said as she looked meover, “and I don't have a cheating husband any more.” She stroked my vinylflesh, “I just have a new dildo.” She snickered.  She stood up and walked intothe bedroom and held me up to the mirror. In my mind I screamed at what I saw. Iwas a dildo. A fake flesh colored featureless dildo and I was alive inside. Istared out through unblinking eyes that could not be seen from the outside.

 My wife sat me on the dresser and began to undress slowly while keeping her eyeson me. My mind raced at the thought of what was happening. My fantasy had becomereality and it was a nightmare. My wife now stood naked before me.  She pickedme up and examined me again. “You could have had me anytime you wanted but nowyou are just a dildo.” She paused and then opened her nightstand drawer. “Now Iwill just use you when I want.” She then dropped me in the drawer and smileddown at me. The drawer closed and my wife walked away to take a shower.

 The End