The photo ShootThis story contains adult content and should not be viewed by anyone under theage of 18 or the stated limit of whichever country you live in i.e. some placeshave a minimum age of 21 for adult explicit content. If you are under the ageset by the laws of your country, please stop reading. Also this story containsGTS and SW themes, so if you are not in to this or offended by it please stopreading. Also this is not to be printed anywhere without the express permissionof the authorPart 1David was a well respected, well known photographer. He specialized in glamourmodelling and had shot a wealth of high profile girls, from beginners to majormodels, even starting some of their huge careers for them. He was known fortaking photos of everything from very soft page three stuff, to major hard coreporn.

But he did it with taste everyone agreed. And style.

He was still relatively young, being in his early thirties, was fairly goodlooking most would say, enough so that a few of the models he had shot had madea few passes at him to his great surprise. He had never considered himselfsomeone they would want to date, with all the famous and good looking peoplethey would meet and socialize with such as the high paid footballers many of thegirls seemed to fall for. Still he had not said no at first, truly stunned theyhad wanted to date him. But he learnt his lesson quickly enough after beingdumped for those same richer or more famous people a few times, publicly once.

He wasn't the sort to take advantage of the girls, just for the sex, so after abit he simply didn't date any of them anymore. Some might call him mad for nottaking what was on offer, but he had after a bit realised that he wanted arelationship, not one night stands all the time. Although that did happenoccasionally, after a few drinks at this or that party, and the girl egging himon, but in general he tried not to mix business with pleasure.

His job was after all, one many guys would envy. He got to meet, work with andsee naked many of the best looking women you'll ever see. His assistant and makeup artist was an ex model who was just past her prime for glamour modelling, butstill a beautiful woman in her mid thirties. Ellen had in her day been a topmodel, earning more than many of the women he shot now. He had shot her himselffrom time to time. Although wealthy enough to not have to work again, she hadenjoyed many aspects of the job, and David had agreed to teach her his side ofthe trade, as she wanted to move into photography herself. It was a usefulrelationship for David, as she knew much already, and he enjoyed her company.

There was no chemistry between them as such, although he sometimes wondered ifthere could be. She was single, but had great trouble dating people because ofher looks, and her fussy disposition over what she wanted out of her man. Todemanding he had told her, with too high expectations. She agreed with him, butthat didn't change her attitudes much. After all, in her view, only the bestwould suit, and she was good looking enough and wealthy enough to have that ifshe wanted.

They were to meet at his studio today for a rather unusual shoot. He hadn't toldEllen what it was about beyond the fact that the shoot would include a verycurrent star and a male model called Jon, and that the shoot was for a number ofpublishers ranging from soft core to hard core, and they would have to shoot toaccommodate each of them. He knew this would be an awesome shoot, as nothinglike this had been done before to his knowledge. He drew up in his parking spotand made his way up to the studio. Ellen was there already, with coffee in thecup and a smile on her face.

“So what's this shoot about” she asked after he had sat down at his desk. Shesat on the edge looking at him. She was beautiful, 5ft 9, blond blue eye's,breasts that were nice and large, but shapely and curves in the right places.

Voluptuous was the word to use in describing her.

“It's going to be quite different from anything we've done before” David saidcarefully.

“Dave!” Ellen said pouting as she didn't get a direct answer from him.

Dave paused. He wasn't sure how she would take this assignment, or whether she'dbelieve him. Well believe could be solved by a demonstration he knew.

“Ok, but bare with me” he said leaning forward. “You know that small crate thatwas delivered the other day and is in the safe.” He asked getting a nod fromher.

“Well it contained on of the new microsys shrinking devices” Dave said“HUH!” she said starting at that. It was not something she had expected. “Ashrinking device? You're kidding” she said. He shook his head.

“No quite serious. I was approached by a number of large magazines to produce ashoot with a guy and a girl, with the guy shrunk, and playing all over thegirl's body.”She stared at him in amazement.

“I got thinking about it, and decided that it would be a very interestingchallenge and could produce some fantastic pictures. I mean no one's ever donethis before!”She stared down at him for a minute.

“So you're going to shrink the male model and photograph him climbing all overher body.” She paused thinking about it and then said suddenly. “That's so cool.

What a brilliant idea. I mean, I've seen doctored pictures before and all, butthese will be real. So what ideas have you for how to do this?”“Well…I was going to play it by ear and experiment” Dave admitted. “Butbasically, start out with him being shot on various parts of her body, and thenmaybe with her holding him, or standing over him looking down, that sort ofthing, and then see what comes up as we shoot.”Ellen stared at him. “How small will he be?”“Various sizes I imagine” Dave responded.

“And ummmmm….well……. we will also be shooting some harder stuff as well.” Davesaid getting her attention. “Hard core stuff, with her and him possibly playingsexually with each other.”“But how will she have sex with him?” Ellen asked confused, and then blushed asher mind began to think about it. “Oh…..” she said and then louder with a lookof amazement and surprise at the image that appeared in her head….”OH!!!!!”Dave shrugged, taking a sip of coffee. “We'll definitely play that one by ear.

But I've been doing some research on it, and I actually discovered a wholecommunity of people who fantasized about being shrunk or messing around withgiant people who have grown, of both sexes, and they love the idea of beingplayed with sexually by huge people. Believe me they have imaginative minds, andhave given me quite a few ideas.”Again she stared in amazement at him. “You are joking?” He nodded his headconfirming his seriousness.

“There's GTS or giantess fetish, and there's a giant fetish and a shrinkingwoman one as well. Look we have a few hours before they turn up, so come on I'llshow you what I found,” he said turning on the computer.

They spent a good two hours going through the sites he had discovered looking atit all. At the end, Ellen sat there in silence before admitting what she hadseen was amazing.

“I never thought anything like this existed” she admitted. “Although I supposeit makes sense given the technology exists. It's not the strangest I've everheard of by a long way. In fact it's kind of cool really.” Ellen admittedpondering what she had seen. “This is going to be an interesting experience, butI am concerned that the guy could get hurt.”“He should be Ok. I mean we will take precautions to make sure he isn't hurt,and believe it or not I have a long list of things that the magazines havecertified as safe.” He blushed slightly. “I think they experimented a fair bit,or somebody did before I even came on to the scene. They are the ones whodirected me to these sites so I could get some ideas” Dave said.”Ellen realising what he was saying laughed.

“But what if something goes wrong or the machine breaks down?” Ellen asked aftera moment. “I don't know about you, but the thought of being stuck like that ispretty freaky”.

Dave thought it through and nodded.

“Yeah it could be a bit freaky, but that's what he's being paid for.” He replied“And does he know what's going to happen?” Ellen asked pointedly.

Dave shook his head. “Neither of them does.” This caused Ellen to gasp insurprise.

“However”, David continued, “when they were looking for people, they screenedthem and did one of those psychometric tests. There fairly confident the guywon't freak out on us. They didn't tell them because of the security issue. Thefewer people who knew one of these devices would be here the better. That's whyI didn't tell you until today. Sorry” he said apologetically, “They insisted. Idid try to get the pen pusher involved in setting this up to tell both themodels, but he wouldn't budge from his position. I really do hope Jon doesn'tbottle out.

“Who's the female model?” Ellen asked.

“Veronica” Dave answered naming a very popular model that he knew and had shotmany times. He was a regular photographer for her, as she trusted him, and theyworked well together. “I think she's a good choice, and will probably find thisshoot good fun, and she knows Jon, which helps. And they are good friends”.

Ellen nodded and then chuckled.

“Oh, I think she'll enjoy literally being able to have him under her thumb ifshe wants.” She said laughing at the thought. “I mean he's always teasing herand fooling around with her, she's going to love being bigger than him andgiving him a taste of his own medicine” She paused for a second and her grinbroadened. “I wonder how he's going to take it though, being so much smallerthan her. I mean, having just seen some of that stuff on the giantess sites, Inow realise that she'll be able to do pretty much anything she wanted to him ifshe wanted to. I wonder if his male ego will handle that.” She paused for asecond. “That's if he decides to go through with this”“I'm sure he will handle it. And I think I know her well enough to know she'llbe gentle with him. Besides, I think he'll really enjoy seeing her huge. I meanshe is a really beautiful woman, so I imagine it'll be some sight for him,” Daveadded grinning at the thought. “Hell, I might even shrink to see that sight,” hefinished with a typical guys outlook on life.

“Oh” Ellen said amused at that.

“Well to be honest, I'll probably will have to shrink as for some shots” Daveadded thoughtfully and a little nervously as the thought occurred to him.

“WHAT?” Ellen said in surprise. “You are going to shrink?” He paused consideringthat and then with a shrug nodded. He hadn't actually contemplated it until justthen, but it would be a great way of getting spectacular shots. Oh he hadalready wondered what it might be like to shrink, and had even though abouttesting it out in private. But in front of others?“Possibly” he admitted nervously seeing the look of real amusement and humour inher eyes.

She laughed. “Oh this is going to be interesting.” She looked at himthoughtfully for a minute, making David a little nervous.

“And aren't you a little concerned about what could happen if you do shrink?”she asked.

David gulped a bit at that. Nodding his head he responded.

“Well yes. I mean I have a very good idea of how small I could be, andrelatively helpless I would be…..and” he said looking at her. “Just how easy itwould be for some normal sized people to take advantage of the situation,” hepointed a finger at her, getting a look of innocence from her.

“Me?” she replied.

“Yes you. I could see you thinking this through as we spoke. No funny businessplease.” He said.

“Awww but you might enjoy it” she replied teasingly.

Part 2Dave got up and went to make some more coffee after that. He was a littlenervous about the prospects of actually shrinking. Not, that he didn't trustEllen or Veronica. He did. But after researching the subject, he was aware ofhow small and helpless he might be. Ellen had just said it. Veronica could doanything to Jon, the model if she wanted, and he wouldn't be able to stop her.

She could also do that to him, as could Ellen, or anyone else for that matter. Ascary thought.

Still he mused, it would be something seeing those two girls huge like that.

Ellen had teased him for a few minutes after he had admitted he might need toshrink, as he made his way to get a coffee. He was surprised at the way she washandling the idea. She was like a little girl, all laughs and giggles, andteases. Still she seemed to find the idea intriguing. What would Jon andVeronica make of it he wondered?He didn't have too long to find out, as they both turned up shortly after as hewas sipping his hot coffee. Veronica arrived first and after saying hi, sat inhis little office chatting to Ellen. She was a stunning woman, with blackshoulder length hair, hazel melt in your mouth eyes, nice round firm lips, and abody to die for, large breasts, on a lovely fit frame, with a pert peach of arear finishing in a fine set of pins for legs. She was 5ft 6 or so tall. Any guywould admit she was perfect…..and then try to chat her up.

Jon arrived a short while later, shaking hands with Dave and kissing Ellen onthe cheek. He grinned down at Veronica and then scooped her up out of her chairgiving her a friendly hug and a peck on the cheek. He was a tall guy, 6ft tall,blond, blue eyes, a six pack, the perfect body for a male model.

“Oh, put me down you hairy ape” Veronica said with a laugh. Jon did, and thenpretended to look offended.

“I am not hairy!” he said in a mickey take of a posh English voice, causing thegirls to laugh. “Nor am I an ape! I am a sophisticated male of the species”.

“You're a nude model” Ellen said with a grin.

“Like I said sophisticated!” he said grinning back at her impudently and gettinga laugh from Veronica.

“Except when he's talking about football” Veronica said laughing.

Dave and Jon looked at each other and then at the girls.

“What's wrong with football?” Dave and Jon said in unison. “It's the nationalgame, and were proud of it”, Jon followed in his best cockney imitation, gettinganother laugh from the girls. Well actually, it was closer to a Harry Enfieldimitation really. (sorry everyone outside the UK, but you probably won'tunderstand that one. For those of you in the UK you'll know what I mean! ThinkLOADS OF MONEY!!!!!!!!)They sat and chatted for a short while after that. Veronica and Jon were oldfriends, although not romantically. He was more of a big brother to her really.

Ellen and Dave knew them fairly well, and spent a bit of time catching up onthings with them. However, after a bit, Veronica finally asked.

“So what's this shoot about then?”Dave looked at Ellen for a second. He had been wondering for sometime now how hewas going to tell them about the shoot.

“Well….” He started, “I was approached by a number of magazines to do a ratherunusual shoot, and to my knowledge one that's never been done before”.

He had there attention now, and rubbing his chin, he looked at them.

“Umm, this will be a little difficult for you two to believe, but bear with us.”He continued and paused again.

“Basically, they want to use the new device Microsys have developed recently ina shoot.”“What the shrinking thingy?” Jon said.

Dave nodded. “Basically they want to do a shoot, with a guy and a girl, wherethe guy is shrunk and playing around on her body, and various shots around thattheme”. Dave said.

Jon and Veronica stared at him in stunned silence for a moment.

“You want to do what?” Jon said nervously. “Shrink me and shoot me playingaround on her body?” He pointed at Veronica.

Dave nodded.

“We didn't tell you because of security. No one was to know the device was here.

The interviews you underwent were designed to choose people who would theythought be open to the idea and not freak out” Dave added.

Jon looked at him strangely for a moment.

“You want to shrink me?” he said.

“Oh that's so cool” Veronica suddenly piped in with a laugh.

“Are you Ok with this” Dave asked. This was an important moment, because if Jonsaid no, the shoot was off.

“Ummmm, I need to think about it”. Jon said.

“Oh go on” Veronica said enthusiastically.

Jon stared at her, his heart beat starting to race as he contemplated what wasbeing asked of him. He remembered the interviews and the questions. One or twohad hinted at this type of scenario in hind site he realised, and one had askedhim about his fantasies. GTS was a growing fantasy and he had not felt ashamedto admit he was interested in it when he heard it in amongst the fantasies onoffer. It had been a fantasy that had grown on him since he had heard about thedevices, and one he found very intriguing. One of the questions had actuallyasked if he was in a position to try shrinking, would he? He had said yes,partly because he had already answered to having a GTS fantasy, and also becauseit would be an amazing experience in its own rights. He now knew why they hadasked the questions. It had been odd to be interviewed for a shoot, but they hadrequired it, and the money for the shoot was very good.

“Ummm…OK” he said, his heart beating even faster as he realised he had justagreed to be shrunk.

“Oh cool!” Veronica cried out. “Oh, I can believe I'm going to be bigger thanyou.”“A lot bigger” Ellen chimed in, causing the girls to laugh, and Jon to look botha bit like the proverbial cat in the cream, not sure if he was on to a goodthing or not.

“The shoot will consist of some mild stuff Jon, you being shot on various partsof her body, maybe her standing over you. I've also got some climbing gear, sowe can do something like you trying to climb her. And I have a costume similarto the one in Attack of the 50ft woman for Veronica to wear. Also maybe withVeronica wearing a sexy secretary's outfit, and doing a work based shoot. Alsothere's a nurses outfit, that sort of thing. I really want to get as muchmaterial as possible to make up a number of different scenes.”Jon nodded. There were a few good ideas there, and since he had surfed the GTSsites, he knew some of the guys and girls would love the material produced.

“But” Dave added, “We, ummmm…will have to do some more hard core stuff as well.”Jon and Veronica looked at him curiously.

“Like?” Veronica asked looking intrigued.

“Well, basically shots of you using Jon here like a sex toy, or pretending tohave sex with him, or trying to please him at his shrunken size. To be honest,were going to really play that by ear, as I really have no firm idea how it willturn out. And I think I'll want your input as we do it.”They stared at him with surprise on their faces as he said that. Jon couldn'tbelieve his ears. A sex toy. Oh man, he really might enjoy this shoot. Veronicasexually playing with him! And with him shrunk. He felt his dick begin to hardenat the prospect.

Veronica giggled and blushed at that, and looking at Jon blushed even deeper.

However there was a thoughtful look in her eyes. She wasn't freaked out by theidea. Quite the opposite. The idea of seeing Jon so small, and being able tohave her way with him, strangely appealed to her. She too was thinking thiscould be good fun.

“Come on girl” Ellen said, “Let's get your make up done. What do you want her towear first Dave.”He thought about it, and then opted for the sexy lab assistant lookJon sat there as Dave went over to set the machine up in the studio and began toarrange the lighting and everything else.

Jon was to be honest, excited by what was to happen. But also understandablynervous. He was about to be shrunk to some small size. That was nerve racking inits own. But he was going to for fill a long term fantasy as well. He didn'thave a problem with being shrunk in front of Veronica. He knew her, and trustedher, and off all the people he knew, she was one he would have chosen for thisif he had a choice. He also felt relatively comfortable about being small infront of Ellen, as he also felt he could trust her. Besides she was also goodlooking, and seeing her huge would be another high point of the day. But, beingshrunk in front of Dave? He finally decided after a bit of thought, that he wasrelatively comfortable with that as well. He had been in many shoots and pornfilms where other guys were present, so was used to it, and could focus on thetask at hand. But with Dave so much bigger than him? He thought about it for abit, before he decided that Dave was alright as a guy, and he could trust him.

He had never in his fantasies included being shrunk around a guy or a couple. Ithad always been around beautiful women. Being small around another guy in asexual context was not appealing to him. Besides, he thought, it wasn't like hewas going to have sexual contact with Jon or anything, and he decided he wouldjust ask that Ellen or Veronica be the ones to handle him if it was needed, tominimise his contact with Dave. It could be as if Dave wasn't really there tohim, just like a porn shoot in some ways. The main concern he had however wasthat something could go wrong, and he could be stuck at a small size with no wayback. He knew enough about the device to know that a timer could be set toshrink him for a set time, or that he could be shrunk until the effects werereversed by someone. From the way Dave had talked he thought the latter wasgoing to be used to allow for flexibility in the shootThat decided, he waited his turn at the makeup. Veronica appeared in sexy skirt,tight top and a lab coat. Her feet were encased in 3 inch stilettos, and she waslooking sultry and stunning. Jon felt his breath catch at the sight of her. WOW.

Ellen indicated he should come over and get his makeup. He had to stripcompletely as he would do most of the shoot almost completely naked. However,Dave informed him that their first set of shots would be shot with him shrinkinggradually, and actually shrinking out of his clothes. The device would be set toshrink him slowly, and Dave would shoot it as it happened. Jon was to putclothes on after being hit with the shrink ray, and the shoot would start. Itdidn't take long for the make up to be applied to him, and he was a littlestartled but somewhat pleased when Ellen insisted on rubbing down his privateareas. He had a hard on within seconds as she effectively fondled and groped himunder the pretext of applying make up.

He didn't mind one bit!She gave him a cheeky grin as she finished, fully aware of what she was doing tohim, and fully aware he knew that she knew that he knew what she was doing tohim and that she knew that he knew she was enjoying it and that she knew that heknew that she knew he was also enjoying it (takes a deep breath after thatsentence), and gently but deliberately rubbed his dick and patted his hard on afew times sending shivers down his spine.

“You better stop” he breathed, “Or I'm likely to cum”. She smiled at that, andrubbed his cock and then stroked the length of his cock once more with herfinger nails, making him gasp, before letting him go. Jon was well endowed andcertainly good looking enough that Ellen would happily shag his brains outpurely for the sex, enjoying and using him for her pleasure. There would havebeen no love, just plain animalistic sex. His hard on still present, Jon steppedinto the studio naked and suddenly nervous. Ellen's little ministrations hadmade him forget for a few minutes what was about to happen. Maybe that had beenpart of her reason for deliberately fondling him like that he thought. Davestood over by the device, with some clothes that had been selected for Jonalready there. Seeing Jon's hard on and Ellens self satisfied face, he shook hishead with a grin. Veronica was standing there waiting, looking at his dick withinterest. She had a clip board and pen in hand, looking the part of the sexy labassistant.

“Shame that won't be so big in a bit” she teased him, causing him to blush.

Dave indicated where he should stand and punched a few buttons into the device.

“I was going to do a dry run to get us all used to you shrinking” Dave said ashe punched away, “But to be honest, I think that just doing it straight out willproduce more realistic results. I mean your emotions and responses won't beacted but real, at least the first time”.

“Ok, when I tell you to, put your clothes on as fast as possible, because you'llstart shrinking immediately. I won't tell you not to be nervous or scared, as itmight be. However, if you really are not comfortable at any point, just tell us,and well stop. Ok”. Dave said. Jon nodded, his mouth dry.

Dave then hit a button, and Jon felt a slight his vision blurs ever so slightlyfor a second.

“OK, get dressed” Dave said urgently, moving to his camera. “Veronica go standnext to him, and put on an interested scientist type look. Pretend to jot stuffdown as you look at him.”She did as Jon slipped the clothes on. It only took him a minute to get dressedand slip on his shoes. He immediately noticed that the shoes were alreadyslightly too big for him. Dave was taking shots as he stood there looking downnow at his sleeves which felt and looked to long. He stared in amazement as theends slowly lengthened, moving down his hands.

“I'm really shrinking” he said in amazement, his voice trembling a bit fromnervousness.

He looked at Veronica and did a double take. He was normally much taller thanher, but already his eyes were level with her hair line, and not looking overthe top of her head.

“Veronica try to look stunned and bemused, and continue to jot things down likeyour studying him.” Dave said.

Veronica complied, changing her stance slightly, putting the pen end to her lipsand looking bemused as he got smaller. She didn't have to fake the amazement inher expression as she watched her friend shrink. However, her eyes were shinningwith excitement as she watched him getting smaller.

Jon stared at her him amazement as her eyes slowly drew level with him, and thensuddenly he was looking up at them. He gulped a little at that.

“Very good Veronica” Dave said as she continued to look on. She had the look ofsomeone trying to do her job, but also of someone who just wanted to watch himshrink. It was almost perfect, as she came across as the sexy assistant playingwith the idea of what to do with him, but also that she should be working.

Dave continued to snap away as Jon dwindled. Jon felt his trousers loosening,and could feel and see the trousers becoming baggier to him, and they were nowcovering his shoes. He tried to move his foot, but found that the shoe was toobig, and his heel came out. He put his foot down. He didn't have to fake hisexpression of bewilderment and amazement as he shrunk, so Dave didn't prompthim. He continued to take shots.

By now Jon's eyes were level with Veronica's chin. Her lips spread into analmost dominant smile as he had to look up.

“Yes Veronica, good, keep it up. Just keep thinking, your going to be bigger,stronger than him, superior. Imagine he's not important, a lab experiment toyou….a play thing for you.” Dave said. Veronica nodded and continued to justwatch Jon. He in turn never removed his eyes from her as he shrunk to a levelwith her lovely breasts. He stared at them. The definitely looked much biggernow. Veronica wasn't just tall to him now, she was Amazon in size. He reallybegan to feel dwarfed by her, like a kid again next to an adult.

“Oh, you're tiny Jon,” she purred in a sultry tone. “I kind of like being thismuch bigger than you titch.” She reached out with a large hand and ruffled hishair like you do to kids.

“Hey!” he said brushing her hand away, chagrined as she laughed in a sultry toneat him.

“Get used to it short stuff. I'm bigger than you now, and can do what I want.

I'd like to see you stop me now” she said cheekily, bending over so she couldlook him in the eyes, and then ruffling his hair again. He looked nervously ather as she said that. She would soon be able to do just that he knew. She had tobend a fair way as he was now under her breasts in height. Jon felt his trousersbeginning to fall of and had to quickly grab them to hold them up. His shirt waslike a small tent now, reaching below his knees. His shoes and socks wereseveral sizes too big, and he realised he could step out of them easily now. Shegave him a peck on the cheek and smiled reassuringly to him seeing how nervoushe was and stood up again. Her lips even felt bigger he realised.

“You Ok” she asked, and he nodded silently.

“Very nice” Ellen said from the side lines. She was watching Jon shrink withinterest and amazement, as was Dave. None of them had ever seen a person shrinkbefore, so it was hard to really focus on their tasks. Dave simply kept takingshots as he watched in awe as Jon shrunk to Veronica's waist in height. Bothhands on hips, the one containing the clip board gently tapping it against herhips, her legs set firmly apart, she stared down at Jon. She was loving this,watching her friend get smaller and smaller. He was smaller than a child now, adelicate manikin to her. His clothes now hung from his frame, his shirt touchingthe ground and as she watched, he finally let go of the huge trousers andstepped out of them.

“Tower over him Veronica” Ellen said breathlessly, and with a grin, Veronicastepped up really close to Jon. Jon found his face, inches away from her hips,and looking up could see her eye's looking down at him through the valley of herbreasts. Man what a view he thought gulping a little as she gently bumped intohim. He tried to steady himself against her, as he stills stood on the trousersand shoes, causing him to stumbled a little. She chuckled a little at that, ashis hands came to rest on her legs. They felt so thick and big, he thought. Eachwas almost as wide as he was. H pushed back from her, and moved away, butVeronica stepped closer again, dwarfing him again. She wasn't just amazonic instature now, but huge. His gaze was now below her hips. She had almost gaspedfeeling his tiny hands on her leg. She couldn't believe they belonged to someonewho was normally much taller than her. He felt small, and weak, not strong likehe normally did. Looking at Dave she gave a cheeky vacant look and said “Opps!”raising the pen to her lips again.

“Drop the clip board and pen” Dave suggested. “Pretend that any pretence forstudying him is gone out the window. You're getting sexually turned on by thesight of him getting smaller”.

Veronica nodded and did just that. Again there was no real need to act as such,as she was actually enjoying this and getting slightly aroused by it. She beganto fondle her breasts, her eyes never leaving Jon as he shrunk. Her face wentthrough the routine of making sexy looks for the camera under Dave's and Ellen'sguidance, her hands pushed her skirt up and revealed her pants, as she began torub herself, her other hand caressing herself all over. Then she slowly croucheddown until she was level with his face again, and gently put her fingers on hischin, pushing his face to look slightly up at her.

“Awwww…am I too big and strong for my little man” she cooed at him. Jon staredart her in awe. Her hand was like a shovel now. She stayed like that for a bit,and then began to run her hand over his body, taking in the size and feel of hisbody. Feeling that huge hand over his body was unbelievable. He could feel thestrength it now possessed to him, as well as the feminine feel of the soft skin.

And feeling that hand brush and the gently rub his dwindling dick under hisshirt, almost staggered him.

“You're awesome” he stuttered causing them all to start as his voice wasslightly higher pitched. Veronica giggled hearing it, and stood back up. Jonstared in stunned silences as she did. He was no bigger than her knee now….nosmaller than that. She was a giantess to him now, at least 30ft tall he guessed.

“Back to the dominant but sexy look,” Dave prompted quietly.

She nodded and assumed the pose. Jon's clothes were all way to big for him now.

His underpants had fallen off and were in a heap along with the huge trousers,shoes and sock. Even his watch was dangling from his wrist, a heavy piece ofmetal, he dropped now. The watch was larger by far than his foot now. All hewore was the tent of a top. He let it fall, as holding it was becoming aproblem. Just how small was he going to get he wondered? He stared at the midpoint of Veronica's legs. Her shoe heels were up to his knees know, so heestimated he was perhaps 8-9 inches tall, and still shrinking. He stared aroundat the huge studio briefly. Everything now seemed like something out of a movieset to him, dwarfing him completely. Welcome to Land of the Giants he thought ashis eyes came back to Veronica. He had to crane his neck to look up at her shewas so big now. Nervous he might be, but also extremely turned on by her sheerpresence. He ignored the other two, as she completely dominated his view. Hestood and simply watched as he shrunk, and shrunk. He was just under ankle highhe guessed, no more than 3 inches tall when he and everyone else realised he hadstopped shrinking. Veronica had continued to play with herself as he shrunk, andtowards the end gently ripped open her shirt revealing her massive breasts tohim. His breath stopped at the sight of those mounds. He was now already smallerthan either of them.

“HELLO TINY” Veronica beamed down at him, waving. She was really enjoying seeinghim so tiny, but was also finding it hard to believe that she was seeing this.

Slowly she bent down onto he knees, causing Jon to step back a little.

“EASY TIGER, I JUST WANT TO GET A LOOK AT YOU” she said. Jon watched as thelargest moving object he had ever seen lowered itself down onto it's knees andfinally moved it's lovely head closer to him, so that her head rested on thefloor on her hands looking down at him. Even then he realised he had to look upat her. He was so small! No tiny!She stared at him for a minute or so, and Jon stared back at those huge lovelyeyes. She took in ever detail of his body, noting he also had a tiny hard one.

Her lips curled into a grin at the sight.

“AH, DO I TURN YOU ON TINY?” she asked causing Ellen to laugh. Jon stared at hera little red faced, but feeling bold enough shouted back.

“What do you bloody think!”She grinned,“OH I THINK I'D NEED SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOU TO SATISFY ME” she grinned andlooked at Dave's crotch suggestively before looking back at Jon. Jon felt alittle humiliated by that.

“PICK HIM UP” Dave suddenly said a little embarrassed by that look, gettingthere attention. Veronica stared over at Dave for a second as did Jon. God Davewas massive Jon thought, staring up at the huge giant some distance off, camerain hand. He felt a bit nervous looking up at this giant guy. Dave was 5ft 10 orso tall, and although of a thin build, was easily the largest person in theroom. Given the situation and the sexual tension in the air, Jon suddenlyrealised as he look at Dave, that he was now so small, that Dave cock if it wereon display would be bigger than him, possibly 2-4 times his size depending onhow large Dave was. That was a daunting thought he realised. Dave's dick wouldbe like a huge tree to him. Jon knew guys in the business with massive dicks,some of which would be as much as 5 or six times his size, maybe 30ft in size herealised shocked at that realisation.

Jon was suddenly aware of Veronica's hand approaching and nervously watched asshe lay it down in front of him.

“HOP ON” she said.


She nodded and slowly encircled Jon with her fist. Closing it, she felt his tinybody shaking a bit with nerves.

“IT'S OK JON” she said. She was amazed at the feel of his tiny body. She couldfeel his tiny legs and arms, his torso, everything. Jon on the other hand, feltthose massive tree trunk sized fingers rap around him, closing in on him, in awarm grip. Her skin was still soft even at his size, but he could also feel whatto him was unbelievable strength. She had the strength to crush him in that griphe knew instantly. The fingers tightened and he found it impossible to move.

“STAND UP” Dave said.

Slowly she did. Jon found himself suspended in her grip a good 100ft up, unableto move. Veronica stared at him.

“I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE YOU IN MY HAND” she whispered in awe.

“TRY TO STRUGGLE AGAINST HER GRIP JON” Dave said. Jon looked over at the giant.

He didn't think Dave realised he couldn't move at all. Dave moved closer, hiscamera clicking away as Jon tried to do what he was asked.

“AWWW, HE CAN'T MOVE” Veronica suddenly said. “I CAN FEEL HIM TRYING, BUT HEISN'T STRONG ENOUGH” she giggled.

Raising him to her face she gently gave him a peck on the face with her lips.

Jon's breath was taken away from him. Her lips were so soft, like large warmcushions, kissing him.


He stared up at the three giant people.

“Ummm, I can't really describe it to be honest. It's pretty amazing seeingeverything so big, but kind of scary as well. I kind of feel vulnerable now. Imean, look at me, I can't even get out of Veronica fist. That's scary, but it'salso kinda awesome seeing you all so big. Veronica you were simply stunning…Imean still are…Oh you know what I mean.” He said embarrassed.

“BUT YOU'RE OK WITH IT?” Ellen asked. He nodded.

”Yes….yes I am. This is some experience.” He admitted. “I think I could reallyenjoy this” He looked at Veronica and added. “But like I said, it's kind ofscary as well. I mean you have no idea of how helpless I felt initially when Iwas struggling to get out of your fist and couldn't move at all. But it was alsokind of cool to realise how much more powerful and stronger than me you all are.

Don't get the wrong idea” he added, “I'm not being submissive or anything, butit really is kind of sexy to know I am this helpless to you, and you guys couldreally do anything you wanted to me if you liked, and that your getting turnedon by it” he said to the girls. They started as he said that, but both of thegirls had to admit to themselves that they were a little turned on by it.

They stared down at him for a moment or two.

“Umm, and don't take that to mean I want you guys to really do whatever you wantwith me.” Jon added nervously seeing the look in Veronica's eyes.


Jon gulped a bit. He would he knew. He really was enjoying being so small andlike this in front of these giants, well the girls at least. His adrenaline wasin overdrive and he had almost blurted that he wanted them to do just that, thathe wanted to be there sex slave and wanted them to use him. However, he didn't,because there was still a serious element of fear in him. He had read about instories how helpless a shrunk guy would be, and was now finding out first handhow accurate some of those had been.

“So long as someone here's nice to me, and doesn't take advantage of thevertically challenged guy, this is going to be fun” he admitted. “And I'm evenlooking forward to playing with this massive giantess” he grinned“AWWW, AND YOU NEVER TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME, WHEN YOU WERE TALLER HUH”. Veronicasaid. “SORRY BUCKO, BUT THE TABLES ARE TURN, NOW IT'S MY TURN TODAY TO BE THEONE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU AND I'M THE ONE WHOS GOING TO PLAY WITH YOU!”Veronica said grinning. “ BESIDES, I REALLY THINK YOU'LL ENJOY IT. ACTUALLY, IKNOW YOU ARE IN FACT, BECAUSE I CAN FEEL THAT TINY PRICK OF YOURS”. They alllaughed at that including Jon, even though he was drowned out by the others.

They all stared at him for a few minutes, and Veronica opened her palm up,letting Jon lie there. He was a little nervous as the drop for him wasconsiderable. With care she gently ran a finger over his body. Jon lay theretaking it in as this huge finger ran the length of his body, focusing finally onhis groin. The huge finger pad rested there for several long seconds. Herfingers were way to big to actually fondle him, and she had to accept that justtouching it was all she could do.

“MAY I?” Ellen suddenly piped up. Veronica looked at her and then at Jon, andthen wordlessly dropped him into Ellen's hand.

Jon rolled over as he landed in Ellen's palm. The ease with which he had justbeen passed around registered on him. He was truly helpless against them. If hedecided he didn't like something they did to him, he would have to rely on thereintegrity to stop them, because he physically couldn't.

Ellen breathed in sharply as she felt his body hit her palm. Like Veronica shestudied him for a moment before gently touching him, and running her finger overhis body. Jon couldn't believe his luck. Both of them playing with him likethis. Amazing! Then she gave him back to Veronica.

Dave took a few more pictures of Jon in her palm in various positions beforedeciding to do a few other shots. He had Veronica put Jon down and photographedhim at her feet, resting against her foot, climbing it, that sort of thing,before she lay down and Jon spent a good 10 minutes climbing up various parts ofher body. They did a number of shots with him pretending to try and escape herand her capturing him.

Jon found the experience awe inspiring. He actually tried to escape her, to makeit as hard as possible for her to capture him, rather than play act at it. Buteach time he did so, she would still capture him easily. At first she wouldsimply reach down and capture him with her hand. But after a few shots, shebegan to experiment. First she simply blocked his way with her wall of a hand,and kept doing so as he changed direction. She was lying down at the time,showing him how easy she considered capturing him to be. Then she stood, givinghim a few moments to get away, before walking over and blocking his path withher foot. Each time however he ended up in her hand. The last one capture shotshowever did give him a fright. He was running way from her at full speed, whenhe heard her walking towards him, the dull thud of her massive feet easilyaudible to him, as were the vibrations she made with each step. He looked backas he ran, and saw her jump. His heart was in his mouth and he ground to a haltas she flew way above his head, over him, landing with a tremendous thud thatstaggered him not far from his position. Her feet were only 30-40ft away fromhim in his perspective. Turning she grinned down at him.

“RUN LITTLE MAN” she teased him.

He did that, running in the opposite direction, his heart still beating from thesurprise she had given him. Had she not timed it correctly, he would have beenpaste under her feet. Then her huge shadow covered him again as she jumped overhim again, landing on all fours facing him like a cat. Her hand shot outgrabbing him ending the game.

The feel of her skin was amazing to Jon. Through out the games and other shotsas he climbed over her body he had marvelled at the warm soft material. Ityielded slightly to his light weight, but was firm as well. The capture part ofthe shoot over, she held him up by the legs dangling him in the air as she layon the ground. Again Jon didn't need to fake the nervousness on his face as hehung like that, so high up to him. He hung there above her face as she smiled athim. Then on a whim, she brought him close to her mouth and kissed him. Her eyesfollowing his every move she then gently licked him with her massive tongue.

“OH EXCELLENT, KEEP IT UP” Ellen boomed.

Then Veronica did something he hadn't expected. She opened her mouth and gentlybegan to lower Jon towards it.

“Hey what you doing?” he called out.

“OH EATING YOU UP LITTLE MAN” she said in her sultry voice. With that she gentlylowered him face first into her gapping maw. He was shouting now, in shock andnerves as he watched his body slowly enter her mouth. It was moist and warm,humid inside her mouth. Her tongue was like a living animal below him, and hecould see saliva all around, feel it as some of it fell on him. Then with hislegs still captured between her fingers, she closed her lips around him. Daveand Ellen watched in absolute amazement as she began to suck on Jon, makingdelighted sounds as she did. Dave continued to snap shots. Jon couldn't believeit. He was inside her mouth. And she was sucking on him, her massive tongueplaying with his body. The power of that muscle was more than he could contendwith, and he gave up struggling against it early on. He could hardly see as itwas dark with her lips shut, and with the saliva that kept obscuring his vision.

Then he felt her gently slid him out and then back in to her mouth slowly andagain, and then again. She was giving him a mouth job. It wasn't an entirelyunpleasant experience he realised, as the feel of those massive lips as his dickrubbed against it was electrifying. His dick hardened again as she continued.

Then she pulled him out, dropping him back into the palm of her hand.


Dave and Ellen stood there in silence, as they watched her suck on Jon, and witha start Dave continued to take photos. He made Jon climb her body again, gettingpictures at various angles on each part, and with Veronica at different stagesof undress. For Jon the experience was unbelievable. When Veronica finally gotnaked and he was on her chest looking up at her huge breasts and down at herneatly shaven pussy he decided he was in heaven. At that point had Veronicaasked him to remain small for her he would have happily said yes.

Then Jon was dropped between her legs with the other two giants standing a shortdistance off, and the click of the camera going off the only sound to be heard.

Jon was confronted by the largest and to a degree scariest pussy he had everseen. It was huge, massive, easily large enough to swallow him up. At Veronica'surging and a gently nudge from her huge finger he moved towards it, and at herinsistence began to play with it. She was moist, her juices literally flowing ashe reached it, and ran his hand over the outer folds. Her body trembled slightlyat his touch, a huge earthquake to him, and then he pushed his arm inside. Mygod he thought as he did it, I've just pushed my entire arm inside a woman. Talkabout fisting gone wild. Veronica was staring at the tiny guy in amazement. Shecould feel him, his slight moves arousing her just from the sight of it. Then atDave's behest he stuck both arms in and began to search out her clit. It didn'ttake long for him to find the basketball sized clit and as his hand brushedagainst it, Veronica bucked, lifting him off the ground and then back downagain.

“OH MY” she breathed.

He massaged her for a few minutes as Dave took pictures.

Then Ellen suggested he climb in feet first. Veronica stared at her in completesurprise. Jon looked up at Ellen towering over him, and with a grin decided thatwas a very good idea, one he had dreamed about before this, and one he wanted totry. Lifting first one leg then the other, he slowly pushed himself inside.

Veronica was so moist he simply slipped in. His heart racing as he did it, hebegan to push himself in and out of her, just like in the stories. Veronica laythere, a stunned look on her face as she watched this tiny man do the thrustsinside her. It felt good, really good, especially when his legs moved aroundinside her. She lay there and began to pant, playing with her nipples and herbreasts as she watched Jon.

But reality set in as Dave informed them all he wanted to do another round ofshoots with other costumes. The look on Veronica's face made Ellen laugh.


YOU ARE A CRUEL MAN MAKING HER STOP LIKE THAT” she said with a grin. Veronicacould only nod, while Jon looked up at her from his position between her legs.

It had been hard work there, and not exactly pleasure for him. Still, he wasreally pleased to see that he had such a profound effect on her at his smallsize. He would happily make her cum, even if there was no immediategratification for him. But he would expect her to return the favour anyway shecould, and that he was seriously looking forward to. But Dave was adamant, andover Veronica's pleas Jon was enlarged to his normal size in a matter ofmoments. He stood there naked and covered in Veronica's juices. She gave him apeck on the cheeks. For Jon, after seeing everyone so big, it was kind of weirdto stare down at them all.

“Ug” Veronica said. “I think you need a shower.” Nodding, he headed off to theshower upstairs.

When he came down again, Ellen was dressed in the fifty foot woman outfit andafter having more make up applied and another grope from Ellen (Sigh), he againwent through the whole shrinking thing, repeating what had happened earlier.

They did this for several shoots, with Veronica dressing as a dominatrix, asecretary and the girl next door look, and so on. They spent a good couple ofhours with Jon shrinking, Veronica watching and playing with him, and himcrawling all over her body at various stages of undress.

“OK, that's the first part over” Dave finally said looking at his watch. It wasstill only 10am. They had been at it for what had seemed like ages. “Time for abreak and then well get back to doing some more shots.

 Part 3Ellen made coffee for everyone, and they helped themselves to it. The girls andJon sat and discussed what had just happened as Dave did his stuff in thestudio. Both the girls were excited to find out how Jon had felt throughout thewhole experience, and to get his reactions to the various things that hadhappened.

Jon stared hard at them at first. They were acting like a couple of kids with anew toy. However, he was glad to see that they both found the whole experienceexciting and Veronica was eager to repeat it.

“Well, it's kind of hard to describe the whole experience” Jon said looking atthem. “I mean besides saying everything looks so big, I just can't get over toyou the real experience of seeing everyday objects and you guys all the size ofbuildings. I honestly think that for you to really comprehend it, you'd have tobe shrunk”. He grinned at them “Either of you fancy trying it. I know a lovelypole you can look at and dance round”.

It took them a second to get what he meant.

”Oh you” Veronica said hitting him with the cushion lying next to her. Still Jonnoted, she did look at his crotch as she said it, which made him grin.

“I realise that it must be hard to describe what everything looked like to you”Ellen said after a bit, “but what I want to know is how you felt when you wereshrinking”.

“Well…”Jon said. “That's easy. I was nervous as hell”. They laughed at that.

“But” he continued, “I was also excited. Seeing you all grow was justunbelievable. It didn't feel like I was shrinking at first, but rather you wereall growing. Then my clothes were getting bigger and I really began to realiseit was me getting smaller. I could actually feel them getting larger, my sleevesgetting longer, and my shoes growing” he said, thinking back on it. “And youguys just continued to get bigger and bigger. That was initially a bitintimidating, and when I stopped shrinking and I was not even eye level withVeronica's ankles….well I….” he paused for a moment trying to put it into words.

“Truth is” he said, “I don't know if I can describe how I felt. It was, sort ofa mixture of emotions all blended together. A bit of fear at being so small andyou guys being so big, that something could go wrong, a bit of excitement athaving done it, nerves at what could happen next”. he said looking at them andgrinning almost sheepishly, “And lust at seeing such a beautiful woman at thehuge proportions I saw her” he was looking at Veronica when he said that.

Veronica to Ellen's and Dave surprise didn't reply with a witty comment at that.

Surprisingly she blushed and leaned over gave Jon a peck on the cheek.

He looked at her surprised as well. He had expected her to hit him with thecushion again. Early on in their professional careers they had become friends.

Even though Jon fancied her, after all she was stunningly good looking, and forVeronica, Jon was a good looking guy, there were plenty of other good lookingpeople in their circles for them to have relationships with. Veronica wasn'tinto the film side of the industry, so professionally Jon had not slept withher. In their private lives they had early on decided to remain friends first.

If anything were to happen, they would approach that as it happened. A rathermature decision some of their friends said. A crazy one, some of Jon's friendssaid as they would look at Veronica and drool. To date they had stayed just verygood friends.

Which didn't stop either of them teasing the other mercilessly, with varioussexual innuendos.

They knew each other well enough to know that it was just that, a tease and thatif it were to get serious, they would actually discuss it rather than flirt witheach other. Jon in saying what he had, hadn't been teasing her. He had beengenuinely awed, turned on and excited seeing Veronica so large. Beautiful womenhave a way of making men do stupid things, and that is exactly how he felt. Hehad wanted her. Strange as it may be, but him being shrunk had brought himcloser to having sex with her than ever before. Well actually they technicallyhad just had sex, but he was thinking more along the lines of proper sex, i.e.

at normal size! Veronica for her part saw the look of Jon's face as he said it,and realised that he had meant it, which was why she kissed him rather than hithim with the very hand cushion. It also made her heart flutter for a second andshe contemplated something she hadn't thought about for sometime. She liked him,even his funny cheeky nature, and the way he teased her. They were good friends,very good friends. But for a moment she wondered if they could be more thanthat. She was silent as Jon continued talking, running this through her head.

She would need some time to think about this she realised. She knew Jon foundher attractive. Hell, all guys found her attractive, she knew that, but Jon hadnever looked at her like that, at least not since they were first introduced. Hesaw her as a friend. That friend however, had look at her like he loved her.

Yes, she needed time to digest this, and maybe discuss it with him. After theshoot.

Jon was talking however as she mulled this over.

“It was also somewhat scary to be picked up. You guys have no idea, but to mewhen Veronica picked me up I was 100ft in the air, or more at a time. It may notlook high to you, but believe me it was!” He was saying. “Good thing I don'thave a serious fear of heights”.

“AWWW, you were scared” Ellen said mischievously.

Jon looked at her “Why don't you go stand on the edge of the roof of thisbuilding and tell me you wouldn't feel a little nervous looking down” hesuggested.

Ellen raised her coffee mug in acknowledgement that he had a point.

“But what was it like, besides that?” Ellen asked again.

“Well….I tell you it was a little scary the first time, when I was struggling inVeronica's fist, and I couldn't move a muscle. I think I realised just howhelpless I was at that point. But I knew I could trust her, so that feelingpassed quick enough. But it was still a bit daunting when she did capture me, ordid something to me, because it was so apparent how easily she could do that,and that I couldn't stop her. Take when she jumped over me. My heart was in mymouth from shock”. He said.

Veronica grinned slightly at that.

“But at the same time” Jon continued. “I was having a ball. It was also reallyexciting seeing everything so big, interacting with you guys like that.” Hepaused looking at them both. “I mean think about it, I literally pushed my wholebody inside Veronica there” he said gesturing towards her hips.

Ellen and Veronica both blushed at that. They may be or had been topless models,porn stars, etc, etc, etc, but they were both still women, and could be slightlyembarrassed.

“And you