The Plagueby Zotster  PrologueIn the year 1999, many hysterical people across the globe waited for the endof the world to come. For some it did.

Terrorist incidents increased around the world, including America. In theworst incident, on Feb. 24, 1999, a terrorist bomb destroyed the bottom fivefloors of the Empire State Building, leaving the remaining structure wobbling onits foundation. Evacuation efforts saved most of the people who survived theinitial explosion, but many were still trapped inside when the building finallycaved in upon itself.

The United States and foreign governments stepped up military activities inan effort to curb the terrorism, leading only to an increased sense of globalunease.

Then came strange reports from communist China of people ... shrinking. Thereports were largely discounted as the unreliable ravings of hysterical people —until humans in Japan and other Asian countries were discovered at 6 inches tallor less, some as tiny as 1/8 of an inch.

Caving under international pressure after months of denials, the Chinesegovernment finally admitted that a top-secret biological weapon had accidentallybeen released into the atmosphere.

The weapon was a virus that worked its way throughout all the cells of aperson's body — including dead cells such as hair, fingernail tips and drysurface skin — before causing its deadly shrinking effect. Victims suffered onlyfrom mild fevers and occasionally other flu-like symptoms before the virusingested 99.95 percent or more of their cells — all types of cells in equalproportions throughout the body. Once the person shrunk, the viruses with theingested cells evaporated into the atmosphere, leaving little hope that personswho suffered its effects could ever return to normal.

With information provided by the Chinese government, an international team ofscientists began work on a vaccine against the "shrinking plague," as it becameknown.

Meanwhile, the plague spread around the world, with no discernible pattern ormeans of transmission. By the time an effective vaccine was developed, more than50,000 confirmed cases had been reported in the United States alone, with anestimated 25,000-30,000 additional victims missing.

Among the peculiarities of the disease were that only post-adolescent men andwomen of childbearing age were affected, with males accounting for approximately95 percent of the victims.

The vaccine eliminated the disease for the most part, but scientistscontinued to search for a means to restore the affected people to normal size.

Many gave up the pursuit as hopeless until a type of "anti-virus" was createdthat, like the original disease, spread itself through the body beforeactivating a cloning effect that duplicated the victims' remaining cells inproportion.

For the 50,000 shrunken people discovered in America and others worldwide,the discovery meant a return to normal life. But thousands in the United Statesalone remained missing, most undoubtedly dead or lost forever. But manycontinued to fight for survival. These are just some of their stories.

   * * * Chapter 1: "I wish I may ..."PENAWAWA, Wash. — Charlie stretched out his arms and legs, enjoying the coolbreeze of the fan against his naked body as he lay on his girlfriend Valerie'sbed.

He looked at his watch: 7:30 p.m. Valerie wouldn't be home for at leastanother two hours — she was putting in a lot of overtime at the office lately,which gave Charlie a chance to surprise her. If he were right, by the time shegot home he'd be six inches tall or less.

Valerie didn't know it yet, but since he was just a kid Charlie had dreamedof being shrunk down and having girls, well, "play" with him. For the pastcouple of months he had read with excitement the accounts of people around theworld shrinking, and was thrilled when the strange plague reached the UnitedStates.

He anxiously took his own temperature each day, hoping to notice the telltalefever that came before the disease took effect. Then last night, he took thethermometer out of his mouth and literally jumped for joy when it read 99.6degrees. According to the accounts he had read, the shrinking effect should takeplace within 24 hours after the fever developed — provided (he knocked on wood)it wasn't just a summer cold or the flu.

Valerie had given him a key to her apartment a couple of weeks before, but hewasn't supposed to use it except in special cases. Well, he thought, shrinkingdown to doll size should certainly qualify as a special case!Charlie began absent-mindedly stroking himself as he daydreamed about Valeriestrolling into her bedroom, her long brown hair bouncing around her shoulders,just a hint of her beautiful cleavage showing above her blouse, her long slenderlegs gracefully moving beneath a short skirt. She'd find him on the bed, andhe'd have a chance to explore every sexy inch of her body — up close andpersonal!As he lay there with his eyes closed, Charlie began to feel as if the bedwere spinning beneath him. He felt a strange feeling — not really painful, butdefinitely uncomfortable. Could this be it? he thought, excitedly. Then hepassed out.

He awoke to a loud, thunderous "bang" that rattled his bones. It was followedby a series of intense "thuds" that shook the soft surface under him. Sitting upgroggily, he realized he was on a gigantic bed — he had indeed shrunk! But howtall?Looking up, he saw Valerie standing across the room, near her dresser. Shelooked enormous! Looking at the sheet under him, Charlie lay down on top of oneof the flower designs he had measured earlier. Putting the tips of his toes atone end of the flower, he saw that his body covered about two-thirds of thelength of the pattern. Knowing that each of those floral designs wasapproximately six inches long, Charlie realized he had shrunk to about fourinches! A little shorter than he had hoped, but good enough. He smiled with therealization that all his fondest, most impossible wishes were about to cometrue.

Valerie began pulling off her clothes as she stepped into the bathroom.

Apparently, she was going to take a shower after her long day at work. Perfect!Charlie could hear the water running as he practiced what he'd say to hisgirlfriend, who now appeared as a 100-foot giantess to him:"Hi, hon! I know you don't like small talk, but ..." nah!"Don't a big deal out of this, but ..." nope!"Val, let me size up the situation ..." no way!"Look hon, it's Tickle-Me-Charlie!" getting warmer ...

"You know Val, you always said you like to toy with men ..." hmmm, needswork.

Thankfully, Valerie took that moment to step out of the bathroom, putting anend to Charlie's musings. They were pointless anyway, since his heart leapt intohis throat and he could no longer speak.

Valerie came out of the bathroom still toweling herself, but she quicklytossed the towel to the side as she returned to her dresser and began toblow-dry her hair. From his distance, Charlie could see every lovely, curvaceousinch of her body from behind as the dryer blew her hair around her. His gazetraveled from the tips of her toes past her tight ass to the top of her head ashe imagined somehow scaling her length, feeling her warm skin beneath him.

She turned off the dryer and walked toward the bed. At first Charlie wasstunned, seeing his girlfriend's immense bobbing breasts for the first time,then looking down toward her crotch, imagining himself getting lost in there.

But then he remembered she still didn't know he was there, and began franticallywaving his arms, yelling to get her attention.

At first she didn't notice, but as she reached for her nightgown — whichCharlie had made sure to leave on the bed — she suddenly saw him, her eyespopped open wide, and she let out an ear-shattering scream.

"MY GOD! CHARLIE, WHAT HAPPENED? YOU'VE ... YOU'VE SHRUNK!" she said,answering her own question.

Still rubbing his ears, Charlie tried to calm her. "It's okay, hon! I like itthis size! We're going to have fun!"But she wasn't listening as she sat down on the bed next to him, sobbing.

Charlie walked over to her and began caressing her immense thigh. His hand wastingling and his heart racing as he felt her smooth, soft flesh. Life is good,he thought.

Then Valerie jumped to her feet, covering her breasts and crotch with herhands. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" she demanded. "YOU SHRINK DOWNTO FOUR INCHES TALL AND GET ALL HORNY OR SOMETHING? WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO YOU?""Val, please, it's okay!" Charlie shouted up at her. "I've always wanted tobe this tall. Just think of all the fun we can have, all the things you can dowith me ... the places I could go!""WHAT?" Valerie shouted, obviously thinking about what he'd just said. "AREYOU SICK OR SOMETHING? THAT'S DISGUSTING! JUST WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO WITHA LITTLE WORM LIKE YOU? LOOK HOW TINY YOU ARE! I NEED A MAN, NOT AN INSECT!""But ... but Val, just think, you could use me like a live dildo!" Charlieshouted, sensing things were not quite going as planned.


DO YOU THINK I WANT A LITTLE FOUR-INCH CORPSE INSIDE ME? YOU'RE NOTHING TO MENOW. I'M AFRAID YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, LITTLE MAN. YOU AIN'T STAYING WITH ME!"With that she strode quickly away from the bed and grabbed her purse from thedresser. She returned and snatched Charlie off the bed — for just a moment, thewarm skin of her hand surrounded him as she knocked the breath out of him in hergrip — then he was unceremoniously dropped into the purse. Valerie snapped thepouch shut overhead.

Things were most definitely NOT going as planned.

Alone in the darkness, Charlie felt various objects around him: an enormousmirror, a huge tube of lipstick, a gigantic piece of bubble gum, a tampon aboutthe same size he was.

For a while there was no motion, but then the purse was snatched into theair, and Charlie felt his stomach get left behind. He was bounced around alongwith everything else inside the purse as Valerie jogged down the stairs from herapartment, then Charlie heard a car door slam and its motor start.

The hum of that motor was his only companion for the next half-hour or so, asValerie drove to an unknown destination. What happened? Charlie wondered. Howcan she do this to me? Can't she understand how exciting their lives could bewith his new size? What is she going to do with me?That last question was soon to be answered as Valerie stopped the car,leaving the motor running, grabbed her purse and started walking. Charliecouldn't imagine where she could possibly be going with him, but it was not longbefore she opened the purse and reached for him. She handled him roughly,dropping him in front of her huge feet.

Quickly checking for broken ribs and luckily finding none, Charlie lookedaround at his surroundings. Next to him was the enormous trunk of a tree thatseemed to stretch to the heavens. All around were more trees just like it. Hewas on a dirt path, but to either side of it, huge underbrush lay on the ground,with assorted foliage rising high overhead. He could hear the sounds of a streamor river not far away, along with various animal noises.

He was in a forest, and his gigantic girlfriend was looking down at him nearher feet, a frown on her face.


Charlie raced after her, but couldn't keep up with her long strides. Herlong, tanned legs got further and further away until they were gone from sight.

Minutes later, he heard her car race away.

Charlie wrapped his arms around himself. He was tiny — and alone.

(Continued in Chapter 4)   * * * Chapter 2: "Picture This"PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. — Joseph loved his job.

It seemed like no more than a month had passed since he was a freelancephotographer, taking pictures at Canadian Football League games; and now here hewas, taking snapshots of one of the world's sexiest supermodels in a stringbikini.

The editors at Sports Illustrated had been impressed with his work, offeringhim a staff position two years ago. He continued to impress with his outstandingphoto features of the "X Games," beach volleyball, figure skating andgymnastics. Now came his big break — he was taking test shots for the upcomingswimsuit issue, with Manon von Gerkan serving as the model.

Joe knew he had to keep a professional detachment, but he couldn't help butbe turned on by the slender, yet curvaceous beauty strolling across the smoothwhite sand, the crystal blue Pacific waters of Monterey Bay spanning to thehorizon.

They had the sand and water to themselves, as the magazine rented out a smallprivate beach for the test shots. If he did a good job, Joe knew he would beasked to join in the final shoot, with all the models posing for the 2000swimsuit issue — the magazine's biggest ever.

As she walked away from him, Joe had a nice view of Manon's succulent ass,swaying back and forth with her long strides, not covered at all by the thongthat slipped between her cheeks.

Looking back casually over her shoulder, Manon smiled at him and asked, "Howwould you like me to pose?"Wow — sexy accent to go with a sexy body, Joe thought, catching a glance ather breast where it pushed forward the front of her skimpy suit.

"Okay, lift your arms up over your head, we'll start right here," Joesuggested.

Manon did as he asked, and he took a few shots of her in that pose, showingoff her ass quite nicely along with just a glimpse of the side of her firm rightbreast. Joe traced the curved indentation of her spine with his eyes down hersmooth, tanned back.

"Okay now, lie on your stomach, facing me, with your arms in front of you andyour head up," Joe said. "That's it. Perfect!"Looking through the shutter, Joe saw her lovely smiling face, her beautifuldeep eyes, her brown hair not quite dropping low enough to cover her breasts asthey hung in nearly full view just above the sand. Taking a few shots from theside, he also got the swell of her buttocks in the frame, along with her prettyfeet above them, legs bent at the knees.

"Like this?" Manon purred, and Joe felt himself growing faint from excitement... or was it something else?Suddenly he began to feel quite dizzy, and his camera fell from his hand,dropping to the sand. He soon followed it down as he passed out. ...

... He felt a warm breeze blowing over him as he lay on a soft, comfortablecouch — or was it a bed? And why were there so many wrinkles in it?Joe's eyes snapped open and he looked up at a giant billboard with Manon'sface on it. But wait ... the billboard seemed to be blowing warm air on him —and it was moving!Now fully awake, Joe discovered he was in Manon's soft hand, his headsupported by her fingertips, his feet only stretching as far as her palm. Shesmiled as she saw him stirring, and he saw giant bright, white teeth behind herenormous pouty lips.

"HELLO, JOE. ARE YOU OKAY?" she purred in that sexy accent.

Joe just stared back in astonishment. His mind raced. What had happened? Hethought of that so-called shrinking disease he'd read about, but that was justfodder for the tabloids, wasn't it?Manon lowered him to about chest level, and looking up, he had a fantasticview of her gigantic breasts, swelling in and above — mostly above — her tinyred bikini. Holding him in her left hand, Manon began stroking his naked bodywith her long fingers. Joe felt his body tingle where she touched him as herfingertip worked its way up his legs, down his chest, across his face, andprobed his crotch. Although he realized she could probably crush him with asingle finger, Joe was amazed at how softly she handled him.

"OOOH, YOU FEEL SO NICE!" Manon giggled.

Grabbing his torso between her thumb and forefinger, Manon began gentlyrubbing him all over her body. Joe fought to breathe in her grip as her fleshraced by underneath him — first across her chest, then over her breasts, downher tight stomach, on to her belly button, down the side of one soft thigh andup the other, behind her to slide up her ass, her soft back, along her other armto her neck, her face ... then finally he was engulfed for a moist embracebetween her lips.

When she kissed him, Joe could no longer hold back his own sexual excitement,and he exploded into her mouth. She didn't even seem to notice as she licked herlips afterwards.


Not even listening for a reply, she tucked him inside her bikini top. Therewasn't enough fabric to cover him completely, but it held his face firmlyagainst her nipple as his legs dangled free. Looking up, he could see Manonsoftly close her eyes, as her hand came up behind him and started kneading himinto her pillowy flesh.

Joe stretched out his arms in a futile attempt to hug the enormous breast,then he started licking and sucking on the nipple — which was about the samesize as his head!Humming contentedly to herself, Manon strode across the beach and lay on herback on a towel she had left on the sand. Trapped in her suit, her hand pushinghim hard against her breast, Joe was finding it hard to breathe. But he keptworking on her nipple anyway, and he could hear her moans become louder, couldfeel her breaths quicken.

Suddenly he was thrown backwards as she sat up, and he tumbled down herstomach as she took off her top. Catching a grip on her belly button, he held onas her weight shifted back the other way, and her long, luscious legs appearedoverhead. He watched as her hands came down and pulled her bottom up and off herlegs.

Laying flat on her back again, Manon spread her legs slightly and simplysaid, "I WANT YOU NOW, LITTLE MAN!"She nudged him toward her crotch and he tumbled further down her belly intoher pubic hairs. He tried to stand, but she pushed him off her mons and he fellbetween her thighs. She reached her fingers down to spread herself open alittle, and Joe was once again greeted by a pair of huge, pouty lips.

Despite a definite sense of apprehension and danger, Joe couldn't resist hisown desire, or hers. Using Manon's fingers for leverage, he pulled himself upbetween her labia and began searching for her clit. Her fingers guided him inthe right direction, and he soon began licking and sucking on it as he had hernipple.

This brought an even more intense reaction as her fingers started pushing himfrom behind. First one of his legs, then the other slipped into her pussy whileher fingers continued to slowly push him deeper.

For a moment Joe's lust was forgotten, and he realized the dire predicamenthe was in. Just minutes ago he was a full-grown man, and now here he was, aboutthree inches tall, being pushed into a woman's hungry vagina — a vagina whosewalls could easily crush him if he were caught inside during her obviouslyimpending orgasm.

He started to struggle, to fight off Manon's fingers, but that only made hermore excited. Now her juices were coating him and he had to fight to keep fromdrowning in them. Still in he went, until he looked back in horror as the lightfrom the outside world was closed off behind him.

Deep inside her Joe struggled in the wet darkness as the walls convulsedaround him. Soon the gentle squeezes became much more crushing and intense, andhe knew Manon was experiencing the first wave of her orgasm. He struggled to getout, but her vagina held him in a tight hug. He gasped for air and just as hewas about to pass out, he saw daylight and was washed out into the world again.

Hours later, Manon was lying on her stomach, her bikini bottom — what therewas of it — back on but her top open underneath her, as Joe used his whole bodyto massage tanning oil into the soft skin of her buttocks.

A shadow passed over him, and he turned to see a giant pair of sexy legsstriding their way. Looking further up, he saw the impressively smooth legs riseinto a skin-tight pair of white shorts, then another incredibly firm stomachunderneath an enormous pair of breasts, hanging just barely within the confinesof a white bikini top. Above them, a truly lovely face framed by golden blondehair turned his way, and a pair of piercing blue eyes met his.

Without missing a beat, Rebecca Romijn asked Manon, "WHERE'D YOU FIND YOURLITTLE FRIEND?"Manon turned her head and called up, "OH, HI REBECCA! HE'S THE GUY WHO WASTAKING THE TEST SHOTS TODAY. POOR GUY SEEMS TO HAVE SUFFERED A CASE OF THESHRINKING FLU. I'VE BEEN HAVING SOME FUN WITH HIM.""REALLY? WHAT KIND OF FUN?" Rebecca asked, a knowing grin on her face. "THEBEST KIND," Manon giggled. "CARE TO TAKE HIM FOR A WHILE? I DON'T MIND SHARING,BUT JUST REMEMBER — HE'S MINE!"A big grin crossed Rebecca's face then as she reached for Joe. He stumbledbackwards, but soon found himself in the giant blonde's grip. "OKAY IF I TAKEHIM BACK TO MY PLACE? I'LL BRING HIM TO THE PARTY TONIGHT SO ALL THE GIRLS CANMEET HIM!""SURE," Manon said. "THEY CAN LOOK AND PLAY WITH HIM SOME, BUT TONIGHT, HE'SALL MINE!""THANKS!" Rebecca said, pulling open her shorts and panties and dropping astruggling Joe inside. "HE FEELS SO GOOD ALREADY!"With that, Joe's career as a swimsuit photographer ended before it began. Butlittle did any of the other photographers realize that when the pictures for thenext swimsuit issue were taken, their missing comrade was snug inside some ofhis favorite suits as the models smiled for the camera ... and for him.

   * * * Chapter 3: "A Little Research"CULDESAC, Idaho — Bob felt the crush of bodies tumbling around him as he andthe others struggled in the darkness of the giant book bag. With a sudden thudthe bag landed hard. Bob heard some of the people moaning and one of the womencrying.

A light appeared overhead, and Bob looked up to see Amy's giant face. She wasa pleasant-looking girl, although far from stunning. Still, her 16-year-oldfeatures showed the promise of better days ahead.

Amy was the daughter of Dr. Terri Fick, a scientist seeking a vaccine andpossible cure for the strange shrinking disease he and the other nine people inthe bag all suffered from. Just last week, Amy had discovered the shrunkenpeople while visiting her mother in the lab. She had been immediatelyfascinated, but her mother warned her to leave the little people alone.

Not dissuaded, Amy had snuck into her mother's lab and kidnapped the ten ofthem. Looking up into her enormous face, her dirty blonde hair hanging looselydown and a mischievous glint in her eye, Bob wondered what Amy would do withthem.

The world turned upside down as Amy dumped the tiny people onto her giganticbed. Fighting off his own dizziness, Bob looked around and found his girlfriendRobin not far away. Stumbling over to her, he hugged her close, asking "Are youokay?""Um, yeah, for now, I think," Robin stammered.

Bob had met Robin at the clinic where they were both test subjects. She wasan extremely attractive blonde with a nicely curved body, and Bob could scarcelybelieve it when she agreed to go out with him. Of course, "go out" was arelative term. Dr. Fick was kind enough to give them a cage to themselves fromtime to time, but they really couldn't go anywhere at their present size. Once6'1" tall, Bob had shrunk down to about four and a half inches, while theonce-5'4" Robin was a comparatively tall five inches — just half an inch taller,but it seemed like more than eight inches to Bob.

Looking up, Bob saw that Amy wasn't the only giant girl in the room. On theother side of the bed was a big-chested blonde wearing a pair of tight jeanshorts and a white blouse tied in a knot below her breasts. To her right was apretty brunette wearing a blue T-shirt and regular jeans. Amy was wearing aone-piece red pullover dress that hugged her legs at about mid-thigh. All thegirls were giggling.

  As Staci looked down at the tiny people, a tingle of excitement ranthroughout her body, starting from between her legs. One of these tiny peoplewill be scratching that itch soon enough, she thought.

"Hello little people," Amy began from across the bed. "I'm sure you allremember me, but I'd like to introduce you to my friends. The blond girl whosechest you guys have all been staring at is Staci, and next to her is my friendJennifer. And now I'm sure they're both anxious to meet all of you.""Let's see," she continued, pointing to a pair of boys standing off to oneside. One was about four inches tall, the other about a half inch shorter. "Yougirls remember Jim and Matt, right?"Staci and Jennifer both nodded. Staci had known Matt since elementary school,and always thought of him as a geek. Jim, the taller of the two, had been arunning back on their high school's football team until he became the secondperson at the school, after Matt, who shrunk. The government set up a researchcenter in Culdesac largely because it was so unusual to have two people so closein age and location both succumb to the strange plague.

"Let me introduce you to the others," Amy said, pointing to them one at atime and reading from a chart she held. "That two-inch guy there must be Dave.

He's 34, is married and has two kids. Rod here is the tall guy at six inches.

He's 24, and used to be a car mechanic. Peter here is 46, and apparently afairly rich businessman, married to a former model, with no kids. He's justthree inches. Then there's Bob, four and a half inches, 28, unemployed; Robin,25 years old and five inches tall; Kate here is just 19 and a tiny one and ahalf inches; Dan is 42, a teacher, and two and a half inches; and somewhere ..."Amy paused, looking around the bed. "Here we go. This tiny speck here is Mark.

He's 31 and used to be one of the scientists researching the disease. Now he'sjust a quarter of an inch tall.""Say hello to your new owners, people!" Amy laughed. When they didn'trespond, she pounded the bed with her fist, sending them flying. "A littlelouder, if you don't mind," she suggested.

A varied chorus of hellos and "hi"s rose from the bed as Staci consideredwhat to do with the little people. "Can we start playing with them now?" sheasked.

"Sure, Staci. You first." Amy said.

"Cool. Let's save our two friends here for last," Staci said, grabbing Jimand Matt and stuffing each into one of her bra cups. She massaged her breastsand felt them wiggling against her nipples. "Bet you guys never thought you'dget this close to me, huh?" she laughed.

Reaching down, she flicked Dave off the bed. He landed on the soft rug dizzy,but in one piece. "Now we're gonna play a little game of tag," Staci said. "Usgirls are going to chase after you, and try to ‘tag' you with our feet. Ofcourse, with our size, we'll probably crush you, but that's your problem, rightlittle man?"Dave was petrified when he heard Staci's words from far above. Tag? They weregoing to step on him like a bug! He looked over at Staci's feet, which were in apair of open-toed heels. They were enormous, and above them rose the immenseweight of her body, deceptively supported by a pair of smooth, sexy legs. Legsand feet that would soon crush the life out of him, if Staci were serious. Asshe stepped toward him, he knew she was.

An immense object suddenly landed just inches away to his right, and theforce of the impact knocked him down again. Looking over, he saw a giant barefoot. Looking way, way up, he saw Amy's grinning face. Her foot was between himand the bed, blocking off one possible escape route.

Jumping back on his feet, Dave ran to his left, toward what appeared to be acloset. If he could get there, he just might find a hiding place. Staci's shoelanded right next to him, her immense toes brushing against him for a moment.

The near miss sent him to the floor again, but he stumbled forward toward thecloset. He wasn't going to make it.

Then Staci's toes hit him from behind and sent him literally flying towardthe closet. He landed in a daze, the breath knocked out of him. Looking up, hesaw Staci and Amy looming high overhead, looking down at him.

"WELL, THAT WAS A QUICK GAME, LITTLE MAN," Staci's voice boomed. "IT LOOKSLIKE YOU'RE IT," she said, raising her heel over him.

Dave got up quickly and made one final, mad dash toward a pair of high-heelshoes in front of the closet. One lay on its side, and he was able to dive injust as Staci's enormous foot came down in front of it.

Panting, Dave looked out at the two giantesses overhead. From hisperspective, they appeared about 200 feet tall.

"LOOKS LIKE HE GOT AWAY FROM YOU STACI," Amy said. "AND SINCE HE'S IN MYSHOE, I GUESS THAT MEANS HE'S WAITING FOR ME."With that, Dave was thrown backwards into the depths of the shoe as Amypicked it up. His head in the toe of the shoe, he looked past his own feet tosee Amy's gigantic toes coming toward him. Her strong scent filled the shoe asher toes moved over and past his head, the ball of her foot coming down over hischest. The underside of her toes filled his vision.

His mind raced, desperately seeking an escape. But there was none. He wastrapped, and he knew death would come soon. He thought of his wife and theirchildren. They would probably never know what happened to him, how he wasmercilessly crushed to death under a teenage girl's toes.

Then the pressure started to build, and he could no longer breathe. He feltthe blood being pushed to his head as he pounded on the underside of Amy's toes.

But she didn't let up. Instead, Dave could hear her and the other girls laughingas his ribs cracked.

For a moment, his world was filled with nothing but pain, the overpoweringscent of a girl's toes and her thunderous laughter. Then, nothing.

  Pulling off her shoe, Amy dumped what was left of Dave into her wastebasket,wiping the blood out with a Kleenex. "That was awesome! Who's next?" she asked.

"Hey, old man," Jennifer said, reaching down to pick up Peter. "What kind ofbusiness did you run that got you so rich?""W-we made garbage disposals," he stammered in her grasp. "P-please put medown!""Really?" Jennifer asked. "Amy, do you have a garbage disposal?""Sure," Amy said, smiling as she realized Jennifer's idea. "Come with me.

Staci, do you mind keeping an eye on the others? You can play with one if youlike.""No problem," Staci said, already reaching toward the bed for Dan. "You girlshave fun, I've got a present for Dan here."Jennifer followed Amy into the kitchen, and dropped Peter into the sink Amypointed to.

"So, little guy, is that one of yours?" she asked.

Peter anxiously glanced over at the giant hole in the smooth metal floor. "Idon't know!" he yelled. "How could I possibly tell from here?""Well then," Jennifer said, flipping the switch below the sink to activatethe garbage disposal. "I guess you need to take a closer look."Peter fell on his backside when the metal floor beneath him started vibratinglike an intense earthquake. Above, he saw Jennifer and Amy leaning over thesink. As Amy turned on the water, Jennifer reached for a sprayer.

"CAN YOU TELL YET?" Jennifer asked, and not waiting for an answer, sprayedhim with a powerful stream of water. Peter slid toward the hole, unable to get agrip on the smooth, wet metal.

"No! Stop it! Please, you'll kill me!" Peter yelled, much to the delight ofthe girls, who started giggling in earnest.

"POOR GUY," Jennifer said mockingly. "LOOKS LIKE YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS GOINGDOWN THE DRAIN!"As another burst of water hit him, Peter slid closer to the hole, until hisfeet were dangling over its edge. "CLOSE ENOUGH TO TELL YET?" Jennifer asked.

"No! Stop, please! No!!!" Peter yelled. "GUESS NOT. LET'S GET YOU JUST A BITCLOSER."With another burst of water, Peter tumbled into the hole, just managing toget a grip on the rim of the drain. The vibrations from the disposal were makingit difficult to hold on, however.

No! This can't be happening to me, he thought. Looking up, he saw the cruelgiantesses laughing, saw Jennifer wave goodbye, saw her press down once again onthe handle of the sprayer.

He lost his grip as the water struck him and knocked him into the dark drain.

He felt something hit him hard as he fell, and then his life was over as theblades ground his body into a mushy pulp.

  Meanwhile, Staci had put Dan on the nightstand next to the bed and begandoing a slow striptease for him. She untied her shirt and pulled it off, but sheleft on her bra with the two boys still trapped inside. They were stillstruggling and Staci was enjoying it far too much to let them out just yet.

She kicked off her heels and unbuttoned her shorts, letting them fall aroundher ankles. Then she slowly, slowly, slowly pulled her bright pink panties downpast her hips, allowing Dan to take in the sheer immensity of her vulva thathovered inches above him as he stood on the table.

Turning around, she ordered him, "Kiss my ass, teacher!"She felt Dan step forward and begin kissing and caressing her buttocks. "HeyJim and Matt. I know you guys can hear me," she said, putting her hands over herbreasts and giving them — and the tiny guys against them — a slight squeeze. "Iwant you guys to start sucking my nipples. And you'd better do a good job!"Actually, both Jim and Matt were far too small to actually suck on hernipples, but she could feel them trying, and that coupled with the feeling ofDan kissing and caressing her ass was driving her close to an orgasm. Shereached out and grabbed Rod off the bed, immediately pulling off the tiny gownthe clinic gave all its miniature people for clothing.

She heard Rod screaming, but didn't care as she immediately plunged himheadfirst between her labia. She pushed him in up to his ankles, and delightedin his squirmings deep inside her.

With Rod inside her, Jim and Matt working on her nipples and Dan on her ass,Staci could hold back no longer. Her breathing became quick and shallow as shebegan pumping Rod in and out of her body. Finally she pushed him deep inside andleft him there as the most intense orgasm she ever felt washed over her bodylike a tidal wave.

Her legs turned to rubber and she allowed herself to fall face down onto thebed. At that point, she wasn't sure where the little people on the bed were, andshe didn't care. She also ignored the frantic struggles from underneath herbreasts as they pressed against the bed, but she did feel the weakeningstruggles from deep inside her vagina as she enjoyed the afterglow of hertitanic climax.

Within the wet, dark channel of Staci's vagina, Rod's death was a painfulone. Surrounded by her flowing juices he had no air to breathe, but it probablydidn't matter since his ribs had been broken and crushed into his lungs by herpowerful climax. Even now he tried to claw his way out of the dark tomb, but heknew it was useless as his life slowly ebbed away.

Smothered by the enormous weight of Staci's breasts, Jim and Matt fared nobetter.

Matt couldn't help thinking how ironic it was that after all the time hespent daydreaming of feeling and kissing Staci's gorgeous breasts, he was nowgoing to die like a helpless bug beneath their soft weight.

Jim thought about all the times that he watched Staci with the othercheerleaders during football games. He always knew he could have her any time hewanted, but there were always other girls, friendlier girls who would doanything for him. Little could he have known that one day those breasts he sooften saw bouncing in her tight cheerleader's uniform would slowly smother him.

The irony was thick, but the air wasn't as both boys suffocated.

  Amy and Jennifer returned to the bedroom to find Staci snoozing contentedlyon the bed. Looking down, Amy saw three of the little people cowered near her onthe bed, but the others were missing.

"Staci, wake up!" Amy yelled.

Staci rolled over on the bed — as the little people avoided her — and sat up.

"You wouldn't believe what I just did!" she said excitedly. "I had four ofthe guys working on me all at once. I've never been so turned on in my life!""Where are they now?" Amy asked.

"Well, let's see," Staci said, removing her bra. The smothered bodies of Jimand Matt tumbled to the bed. "Well, looks like those two had a little too muchof me," she said, giggling. Reaching between her legs, she pulled out the brokencorpse of Rod, still coated in her cum. "Looks like he REALLY had too much ofme!""Well, I hope you saved some for us," Amy said. "Where are Dan and Mark? Idon't see them."The girls looked around and found Dan trying to hide under the bed. Theminuscule Mark was nowhere to be seen, and they finally gave up the search.

"Amy, do you mind if I use your shower?" Staci asked. "Go ahead," Amy said.

With that, Staci disappeared into the bathroom, and the other girls turnedtheir attention to the remaining four. Looking at Dan, Amy got an evil idea. Shereached into her closet and pulled out a glass jar full of pennies. She dumpedthe pennies onto the floor and dropped the naked Dan into the jar.

Dan looked through the glass and saw Amy begin to pull off her dress. UnlikeStaci, she did it quickly, not worrying about making a show of it. She tossedaside her bra and panties and reached for the jar again. As she lowered itbetween her legs so that her labia filled the entire opening, Dan began tosuspect what she had in mind.

But his suspicions couldn't prepare him for the tidal wave of piss thatstruck him in the face, knocking him down and flooding all around him. He gaggedas he tasted Amy's acidic urine in his mouth, and struggled to get his headabove the surface as it flooded the jar.

Finally the stream stopped and he was able to catch a few gasps of air. Helooked up and saw Amy screw a metal lid onto the top of the jar. He was trapped,treading urine, and his air supply had just been cut off. Even if he could keephis head above the urine, he suspected there wasn't enough air in the jar formore than an hour or so.


As Amy watched him struggle to stay afloat, Dan saw Jennifer in back of herbegin to undress.

Jennifer had ripped the gowns off the remaining shrunken people, and was idlyrunning her finger over their bodies. She was particularly intrigued by the twowomen, with their tiny, tiny breasts and nipples. Both were very attractive,with Robin's long blonde hair framing a perfect face and a shapely five-inchbody, and Kate's light brown hair flowing well past her shoulders to partiallyobscure her own perky breasts and firm body.

"So Bob," she asked, "what do you think of your two friends? Pretty hot, huh?But they can't compete with this." She pulled off her T-shirt and pants, kickingaway the sneakers and socks she wore. Then she unclasped her bra, casuallyletting it drop to the floor, and slowly pulled down her panties.

She sat on the bed, spreading her legs in front of Bob and the two women,giving them a grand view.

By then Kate was sobbing. Jennifer looked down at her and laughed. "PoorKate," she chided. "Such a pretty little woman, but your whole body can't evencompare to the size of a 15-year-old's tits!" She gently picked up Kate andbegan rubbing her body over her nipples, enjoying the feeling of dominance.

Then she smiled as an idea struck her.

"Tell you what, little woman. Let's see if I can make you feel better. How'dyou like to become a part of me? I think I'll swallow you, take you inside of meand digest you, and absorb you into my body. Would you like that?"Jennifer raised Kate over her mouth and dropped her inside.

Kate landed on her tongue and immediately reached for the opening of hermouth. But it closed in front of her hands, leaving her in the wet darkness.

She had been scared before, but now she was absolutely terrified. Jennifer'stongue rolled over her body, tasting it, covering it with her saliva. She triedto beat off the tongue with her fists, but it was no use.

Slowly, she felt herself being moved to the back of Jennifer's mouth. Katereached out and tried to grab a hold of Jennifer's teeth, but the huge tonguepushed her away.

Finally, as the saliva surrounded her, a sudden gulp pushed Kate downJennifer's esophagus. Kate tried to brace herself against the sides of thenarrow channel, but Jennifer's throat muscles kept pushing her down, until shelanded in Jennifer's stomach.

Kate felt a stinging in her hands and feet as she tried desperately to climbback out, but the motions of Jennifer's stomach forced her back until she wassurrounded by burning stomach acid. Kate screamed in agony, but there was no oneto hear. She was literally in hell for the next several minutes, until theintense pain of her flesh slowly dissolving finally caused her to pass out.

  Mark desperately clung to the giant strands of Staci's blonde hair as shestrode into the bathroom. He had been on the bed when Staci lay down in thethroes of her Bromdignagian climax, and her hair had surrounded him. He had heldon to it when she finally got up, thinking it may be a way to eventually escape,but as the floor sped by about 1,500 feet below, he began to question the wisdomof his decision.

He knew she was about to take a shower, but he could think of no way todisentangle himself from her hair and escape before that happened. He held onfor dear life as she turned on the water, adjusted it to the proper temperature,and stepped into the shower.

At first he was safe as she soaked her body, turning under the warm stream ofwater and massaging her breasts. But soon she dipped her head under the intenseflow and Mark could no longer hold his grip.

He slid slowly down the back of her head. Her hair slowed his descent, but itwas now far too slippery for him to get a firm grip as the water continued topush him. Then, like an intense water slide, he slid quickly down the soft skinof her back until he became trapped between her buttocks.

The firm skin pressed against him as she lathered up her ass cheeks. Hecouldn't find a grip as the soapy water again washed him down, out from betweenher cheeks. He landed on her hand as it lathered her upper thighs, and he wasdizzily swept over her body as she continued soaping up.

He finally slid off her hand as it reached up to her face, and for a momenthe hung on her chin, just below her huge pouty lips. But then he was washed downagain to land on her right breast. He slid over the smooth skin until he hit hernipple, which he clung to desperately. The nipple was at least three, possiblyfour times his own size!Although he held his grip as best as his little muscles were able, he couldnot hold on as she rinsed herself under the shower. He was rapidly washed downher stomach, in and out of the cave of her belly button, and into her crotch.

For just a few seconds her pubic hairs slowed him down again as he was washedpast her vulva, but then he quickly slid down her right leg to her toes.

He tried to grasp her toes anywhere he could, but after a few desperateseconds he was washed completely off her body and was caught in a river of waterheaded straight for the drain. He looked up at her immense, beautiful body anddesperately called out for help, but the giantess could not possibly hear histiny voice.

Still looking up at her beauty, he was swirled once, twice around the drain,and then plunged into darkness.

  Bob clung tightly to Robin as the two of them lay on the gigantic bed betweenJennifer's enormous legs. They were the last two people left, and by now theyboth knew the giant girls considered their lives inconsequential to their ownpleasures.

Amy sat on the bed next to Jennifer, leaving Dan to his struggles in theurine-filled jar. Bob looked up and saw her face between her gargantuan nakedbreasts, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH THESE LAST TWO LOVEBIRDS, JEN?" Amy asked herfriend. "THE OTHERS GOT ME SO HORNY," Jennifer began, "DO YOU MIND IF I PLAY AGAME WITH THESE TWO?""THEY'RE ALL YOURS," Amy boomed. "I STILL GOT MY GUY IN THE JAR, AND I CANGET MORE LITTLE PEOPLE ANY TIME I WANT.""COOL," Jennifer said, looking down at Bob and Robin hugging each other infear between her giant thighs. "YOU REALLY LIKE YOUR LITTLE GIRLFRIEND THERE,DON'T YOU BOB?" she asked. Bob nodded meekly, afraid of what might be comingnext. "WELL WHY DON'T YOU MAKE LOVE TO ME INSTEAD? JUST WALK RIGHT UP AND CLIMBINTO MY PUSSY, MASSAGE MY CLIT, WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE ME CUM."Bob tightened his grip around Robin's waist. He pulled her closer, and herbreast nudged against his cheek. "Fuck off, bitch!" he yelled.

"WELL IF YOU DON'T WANT TO, THEN I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO USE YOUR LITTLE WOMANTHERE," Jennifer said, reaching for Robin. Bob held her as tightly as he could,but Jennifer's giant fingers simply slapped him away. She began to slowly pushRobin into her enormous cunt feet-first.

"No! Don't do that! Please!" Bob yelled, running toward Jennifer's crotchwhere Robin was slowly disappearing. Suddenly a hand swept him away. He lookedup and saw Staci bending over the bed, her large breasts swinging freelyoverhead. She had just stepped out of the shower.

"YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE, LITTLE MAN, NOW IT'S YOUR LITTLE GIRLFRIEND'S TURN,"Staci's booming laughter ended the sentence.

Jennifer plunged Robin in up to her neck while the other girls watched,giggling. Bob watched too, in helpless horror.

"LET HIM GO, STACI," Jennifer said. "LET'S GIVE LITTLE LOVER BOY A CHANCE TOSAVE HIS GIRLFRIEND." Looking down at Bob, she added, "IF YOU CAN PULL HER OUTI'LL LET YOU BOTH LIVE. OTHERWISE SHE'LL DIE IN THERE, AND YOU'LL SPEND THE RESTOF YOUR LIFE AS MY PERSONAL SEX TOY. GOOD LUCK LITTLE MAN!"Bob raced toward Robin's screaming face, but Jennifer spread her legs alittle more and Robin disappeared between her enormous labia. Bob tried to climbup Jennifer's vulva, reaching inside of her to find Robin, but couldn't keep hisbalance. Meanwhile, his efforts were bringing Jennifer closer and closer to anorgasm.

Finally his hand found one of Robin's arms and he began pulling.

Inexplicably, Jennifer relaxed her muscles and allowed him to pull Robin out asfar as her stomach. But then Jennifer's vaginal muscles clamped down again, andBob looked up to see an evil grin on her face. "KISS YOUR LITTLE LOVER GIRLGOODBYE," she said.

Robin began screaming and Bob fought hard to keep her from being pulled backin, but Jennifer's muscles were much stronger than he was. She won the deadlytug-of-war and pulled Robin back inside. Bob continued to fight, climbingbetween Jennifer's labia himself in an effort to save Robin, but Jennifer beganto climax and her cum washed him away, leaving Robin trapped inside.

Bob got up and continued his efforts to save his girlfriend, even though heknew it was already too late. After a few minutes basking in the afterglow ofher orgasm, Jennifer reached in a couple of fingers and pulled Robin's shatteredbody out, dropping it in front of him.

Bob, too, felt shattered as he looked up at the evil giantess' face. "LOOKSLIKE YOU'RE ALL MINE NOW, BOBBY BOY," Jennifer said, and the other girls joinedin her laughter.

  Dan watched helplessly from inside the jar as the girls got dressed. Theothers agreed to let Jennifer keep Bob, and she dropped him down the front ofher panties just before she pulled her jeans back on. Once dressed, Amy placedDan's jar on the nightstand, and the three girls watched him struggle, laughingwhile reminiscing about the day's fun, and coming up with ideas for the nextbatch of little people Amy would kidnap.

The girls' fun was interrupted when Dr. Fick burst into the room shouting.

"AMY, DID YOU STEAL THOSE LITTLE PEOPLE? WHERE ARE THEY? WHAT DID YOU DO WITHTHEM?" she demanded. Noticing Dan in the piss-filled jar on the nightstand, shegasped. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" she yelled again.

"MOM, WE WERE JUST HAVING SOME FUN," Amy began to explain. "WHERE ARE THEREST OF THEM?" Dr. Fick repeated.

Amy pointed to the wastebasket where the girls had dumped the bodies of Jim,Matt, Dave, Rod and Robin, and Dr. Fick gasped again. "ARE THEY ALL DEAD? YOUKILLED THEM ALL?" she demanded.


"GET OUT OF HERE NOW," Dr. Fick yelled at all the girls. "YOU WAIT FOR MEDOWNSTAIRS, AMY. YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE."The girls left the room, and Dr. Fick began cleaning up any trace that thelittle people had been there, throwing their gowns and several bloody Kleenex inthe wastebasket with the bodies. Despite Dan's struggles, she seemed to beignoring him.

Finally she turned to face him, and Dan admired her features, the curve ofher body under her tight dress. He had always thought of Dr. Fick as anextremely attractive woman, and had been happy to be one of her test subjects.

But now she looked at him with a frown on her face.

"I'M AFRAID I'M GOING TO HAVE TO GET RID OF YOU TOO, DAN," she said. "I HAVETO MAKE SURE NO ONE EVER FINDS OUT WHAT MY DAUGHTER DID TODAY. WHEN MYCOLLEAGUES AT THE LAB TOLD ME YOU SHRUNKEN PEOPLE WERE MISSING, I KNEW AMY MUSTHAVE TAKEN YOU, BUT I DON'T THINK ANYONE ELSE WILL FIGURE IT OUT. I'M SORRY, BUTI HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND."With that, she picked up the jar and Dan was splashed around as she carriedit into the bathroom. She unscrewed the lid and he was finally able to catch abreath of semi-fresh air, but then his world was upended as Dr. Fick poured thecontents of the jar — including him — into the toilet.

Fear hit Dan like a hammer as he tried to get a grip on the smooth whiteporcelain. He looked up and saw Dr. Fick reaching for the handle.

"I'M REALLY SORRY ABOUT THIS," she said. "MAYBE SOMEDAY I'LL BE ABLE TO SAVELITTLE PEOPLE LIKE YOU."With that, she pressed down on the handle and Dan was spun around in thegrowing whirlpool. Reaching up helplessly toward the beautiful, giant woman,Dan's mouth and lungs filled with water and urine as he was pulled down into thepipes.

Dr. Fick heard the little man scream as she watched him get flushed awayforever. When he was gone, she wiped away a tear and turned out the lights asshe left the room.

   * * * Chapter 4: "... I wish I might ..."(The following is an excerpt from "Small Dreams" by Charles Taggert,coming in June 2002 from ZOT Publishing Inc.)Loneliness — true loneliness — is a concept few people understand.

There had been times in my life before when I felt alone, but never likethis. I remember when I first moved across the country from my home in NewEngland, I felt utterly alone in a strange place. Then there were all the timesin my teenage years when girls shunned me, and I wasn't sure if I'd ever find agirlfriend. I had even experienced the death of my parents in a drunken-drivingaccident when I was just 19.

But never anything like this.

I was in a new world, and at just four inches in height, I had no hope ofever returning to the old one. Everything, and everyone, seemed totally out ofreach.

What a fool I had been to assume Valerie would enjoy me at my new size. Justbecause this had been what I wanted, what made me think she'd want it too? Shewanted a man who could hold her close at night, kiss her passionately, andmassage her back after a long day at work. She wanted a man who would be therefor her, be a source of strength when she needed it. What she didn't need was aliving sex toy, a pet she'd have to take care of the rest of her life with nohope of the relationship ever becoming more than that. That was my dream, nothers.

I paid the price for my foolishness, and in the process learned whatloneliness is all about.

Loneliness is watching the person you love stroll casually away, her face ahundred feet above you, her long legs slowly disappearing into the distance witheach long stride.

Loneliness is watching cars speed by on a huge road while you cower in thebushes, praying that one of them gets a flat tire so it will stop and the hugepeople inside might find you and take you to safety. But at the same time, youknow those giants are part of another world now and don't even know of yourexistence, or your struggle for survival taking place so near.

Loneliness is watching birds and other animals with their companions, andfeeling envy because they're with their own kind; but you are the only one ofyour kind, left in a strange place to live out the rest of your days. At leastthe animals had a home.

I don't know how long I lived in those woods, wallowing in sorrow. I think itwas months. It seemed like forever.

I got lucky and found an empty plastic milk bottle by the side of the road onthat first day. Even at my diminutive size it wasn't spacious and the entrancemouth was a somewhat tight squeeze, but it was solid. It protected me fromnighttime predators, and it kept me dry when it rained.

I wish I could say I was as lucky with my menu. Water was no problem, sincethere was a fresh stream nearby, but food was scarce.

At first I didn't eat at all, letting anguish overtake me, hoping maybe I'dstarve to death and my miserable existence would end. But hunger has a way ofdriving a person on, almost forcing him to find the will to survive. At first Inibbled on leaves, but found them ultimately unsatisfying. I searched in vainfor any discarded food left by careless campers, or tossed from a passing car.

Then I came across an anthill. Even at my size, they were small enough topose no real threat. And I was just hungry enough that they were starting tolook tasty.

I tried to kill one by stepping on it, but my weight had been reduced so muchthat its protective shell provided enough protection to leave it merely stunned.

I picked up a nearby pebble and smashed its head in, then debated how to besteat its remaining body. Finally I used the pebble and my bare hands to rip itopen, then raised it to my mouth and began chewing on its innards.

The gag reflex overtook me, and I spat out the morsels of greasy meat I hadfound. But in the end hunger won, and I started killing more and more of thesmall black ants. I ate my fill, and gathered several of the remaining corpsesin a leaf wrapping to bring back to my milk bottle home. I had found the will tosurvive, but it would be several more months before I found the will to liveagain.

My new beginning came suddenly.

It had been a good day for me. I had found part of a discarded candy bar onmy daily roadside excursion. It had ants crawling all over it, and I killedseveral of them to eat later. Then I feasted on the remnants of the candy baruntil my head seemed to float on a sugar high. Content, I dragged the ants I hadkilled back to my milk bottle home on a leaf.

I lay back on my bed of leaves and feathers and snoozed the afternoon away.

Then I awoke to a sound I hadn't heard in months — people talking. Young girlsfrom the sound of it. I could feel the vibrations in the ground as they camecloser.

I poked my head out the entrance of the milk bottle and looked up. I couldsee them — two pretty young girls, maybe 13 or 14, strolling by the side of thestream. They were the first humans I had seen since my ex-girlfriend left methere alone. It seems strange, but after months of hoping someone would find me,the sight of those giant girls scared me. They were so huge, they could trampleme underfoot, maybe without even noticing. My fear got the better of me and Icrawled back inside the bottle to hide.

I curled into the fetal position as their giant feet came closer, closer. Forone panicky moment, I thought one of the girls was about to step on my hidingplace. Then with just a casual swipe of her foot, she kicked my milk carton homeinto the stream as she and her friend laughed over some shared joke.

I was knocked from one side of the bottle to the other, first from the impactof the giant foot and then when the carton hit the water. The bottle bobbed inthe water, its entrance pointed skyward. Recovering my senses in the bottom, Ilooked up helplessly. The exit seemed so close, but there was no way to scalethe sides of the bottle. And even if I could, I was still stuck floating down astream I didn't dare try to swim in.

A sudden shock hit the plastic bottle and I landed on my butt again. A splashof water hit me in the face. Looking through the semi-transparent sides of thebottle, I could see the next jolt coming. The bottle was about to hit a rock!For at least an hour my turbulent journey continued. The stream was filledwith large rocks, and each time the bottle hit one it would tip over, allowingwater to flow in the opening. The hole slowly came closer as I tread water in myrapidly-flooding home. The bottle was going to sink, and like it or not, I wasgoing to have to try to swim to safety.

Soon the bottle hit another rock and flooded completely. I started to go downwith it until I was able to pull myself out of the opening and swim to thesurface.