Playthings – ( Gentle / shrink )My usual recipe for those who enjoy itPart One“Yes ! Ive got it ! Finally we've been excepted!”Debbie exclaimed at the top of her voice like an excited child brandishing asingle piece of post that had literally just landed on our carpet.

“what have you got ?”I questioned and barely looked up for a second or two from the sports channel tosee what my wife was getting so worked up about. Debbie ripped open the letterand grinned as she read the first opening lines upon the paperwork within.

“Congratulations Mr & Mrs Miller you have been successful with your applicationto experience an amazing weekend break at the exclusive Play-things pleasuredome.”Suddenly Debbie had my attention Play-things was an unbelievable resort foradults that had hit the headlines about a 3 years ago when it first emerged duethe unique nature of what occurred there. No one we knew had ever been luckyenough to go there as the resort was limited to 20 couples staying at any giventime and mainly it had been booked for months in advance by celebrities thusyour average couple didn't get a look in. Play-things wasn't a chain of resortseither there was one of these domes total in the world due to the technology itfeatured which according to the papers was almost impossible to duplicate as thewhole dome was powered by the harnessed energy from some meteor that landed ingreater London 7 years ago and is now the sole property of the Play-thingsgroup.

“Isnt this fantastic Jason?”Debbie sat down beside me and immediately switched off the Tv to grab my fullattention.

“Let me see” I started as I took the letter to read further.

“Due to a recent cancellation your application form has been selected at random.

Play-things would like to advise you that you have 24 hours from receipt of thisletter to confirm that you would like to proceed with the booking and begin yourlong weekend break with a difference”I watched Debbie's enthusiasm as she grabbed the phone aside the sofa anddialled the number.

Whilst she was chatting on the phone I carried on reading this time not outloud.

“You will be requested to attend an initial briefing session with a Play-thingsrepresentative very shortly we advise for your own pleasure to answer all thequestions raised in this meeting as truthfully as possible. ”“Great , thank you so much , goodbye.”Debbie replaced the receiver and smiled in a satisfied manor.

“ In the morning you will go to the west end office and I need to attend in theafternoon session for our briefings.”I couldn't believe how fast these people worked my head was spinning.

“But Ive got work Debs I cant….”Debbie put a hand over my mouth and cut me dead.

“oh no you don't Mr no backing out now we've talked about this so many times andbesides its your fantasy come true as much as it is mine. Just think no moresurfing those sites with fake pictures on the net and those poor quality storiesyou always read. This is your chance to be with a giant woman for real”My mind had a job to take this in Debbie's was already there.

“Do you think they will grow me Jason or do you think they will shrink youdown?”I smiled at my beautiful wife.

“I don't know if you believe the papers they say both are possible in there”“I hope they shrink you down so I can still wear all of my sexy clothes for you,besides Ive seen the place from the outside and its only about 100 foot at themost in the centre of the dome so I cant see them making me a real giantessalong with the other women.

“Listen Deb's don't get too excited we don't know if its all hype , I mean noone we know has ever gone there and well as much as I would like to believe init do you really think shrinking and growing technology exists? Its probablysome trickery with mirrors like the fairground or something “I was putting on my rational head whilst my insides screamed with joy at thesheer inkling that this would be a fantasy vacation where my wife would betaller than me.

“In that case I had better take all of my big heels you wanted me to buy just incase”Debs beamed undeterred by my comments , she had at least 5 pairs of heels allranging from 4 inches up to an extreme 10 inches , I loved them all.

That night Debbie and I made love and she insisted on putting her 10 inch heelson and telling me that I had better start getting used to looking up at her.

The next day we reached the offices of Playthings in the West end of London ,Debbie kissed me and eagerly went off to shop for some new clothes for the trip.

I entered a very classy reception area full of expensive fixtures and fittingsand a shiny marble floor that held their logo which was a large pair of women'slips with the outline of a small man on them. I walked over to the receptionistshe was very pretty and sat filing her nails until she was disturbed by me.

“Good morning Mr Miller , Miss Parks has been expecting you “She sparked into life with full efficiency and gestured down the hall to a doorat the very end.

“Thanks”I wondered down the hallway and knocked on the door. A pleasant woman's voiceanswered beckoning me in to what looked like a small office with yet anotherbeautiful woman behind the desk. She looked about 25 with long dark hair and aface much like Denise Richards from the bond film “The world is not enough” ,and from what I could see her body was equally as enchanting to look at as theactress.

“Hi Jason , may I call you Jason?”I nodded and she continued.

“Sit down and relax I hope you found us ok?”We exchanged much small talk until she got down to business she was very good atputting me at my ease and I soon felt I could chat freely with her .

“Well Jason Im Julie Parks and its my responsibility to ensure our clients havethe time of their life by helping to set the stage for their expectations, likesand dislikes etc and answer any questions you may have. Ok so looking at mycomputer file here you are checking into Playthings this Friday evening comingand let me just bring up your file from the data your wife Debbie submitted. Soyour 23 years old and currently 6 foot 2 inches tall “ She smirked “ I like itwhen the guys are a lot taller it makes the experience even more surprising foryou. So you are? lets see now …..”She pulled up simultaneously Debbie's stats to cross reference with my own.

“Ah here we go, you are exactly 8 inches taller than Debbie in her bare feet soat 5 foot 6 she doesn't even equal your height in a pair of average women'sheels , I think she'll love this. Also I think you will both love the differentthemes we are running each night this weekend”“Themes ?”“Oh your not aware , let me explain all weekend accommodation and play areas areset to a different theme each night. For instance Arabian Nights where your wifeis dressed as a scantily clad belly dancer who seduces you from the harem etc ,etc. Its just a bit of fun to kick things off. Now I have to ask you a fewquestions on your preferences in women what do you prefer red heads , brunettes, blondes?”“err Julie where is this leading Im going on this trip with my wife ?”I reminded feeling like she was outlining a temptress for me , Debbie wouldn'tapprove.

“Oh don't worry Jason this part of the questionnaire is in confidence fromDebbie its very relevant just so we can select a staff member to be your shrinkchaperone when you arrive , we need someone who would be visually pleasant toyou so you feel at ease. All shrink chaperones are female of course and we havea lot of young ladies to pick from , listen if you feel uncomfortable then..””No not at all”I chirped up , what could it hurt to be in the company of a cute girl I thought.

“Blonde”“great Ill put natural blonde like your wife's hair so I see. And figure , curvy, slim or?”“Curvy definitely curvy I like a woman to look like a woman you know”“Curvaceous it is no problem so on to our next section”“Aren't you going to ask how tall I like them?”I was convinced she would come out with that next surely ? Julie giggled .

“Jason we know you must like tall women because of the essence of the vacationlet me show you something ,stand up”I stood up and watched Julie rise from her desk she was at least as tall as Iwas.

“All Play-things employees are mainly ex models or glamour girls the heightpolicy is a minimum of 5 foot 10 , im 5 foot 11 if your wondering so in ourregulation 5 inch heels im taller than most guys including you”She smiled assertively and then we both sat down , I started to get the feelingthis weekend was shaping up to be a real treat I was always a faithful partnerbut no man could say they didn't enjoy being surrounded by extreme eye candy.

“So Debbie has filled the application to state that she wants to decide yourfinal height im afraid again I am unable to reveal this”“so I don't get to choose?”I was disappointed with this but I had to rely on Debbie to make a good decision, besides it was best she chose a height that she found me attractive at.

“Actually we do advise her of your likes and dislikes just to help her make anyalterations etc so lets start by you telling me any limits you have?”“How do I know I mean half of me is still sceptical that this technology ofyours is for real and I don't know its boundaries if it really does work”“Oh I love doubters it always makes my day to prove the technology , lets say wecan shrink a man down to a millimetre tall if we are asked but that tends to bedifficult for the women to handle carefully”My mind raced with the concept of being the smallest notch on a ruler and Ishivered at the thought“I want to be measured in the feet and inches scale”I stated and smiled noticing Debbie was pressing a few buttons on her computeractivating a low humming noise from the door presumably to the interconnectingroom behind her desk.

“Now Jason since you question our science perhaps I can demonstrate , pleasestep into the room behind this door.”I felt a bit uneasy but genuinely excited at the same time was she going toshrink me right here?I walked into the room it was small and plain except for a subtle blue suspendedceiling. Julie closed the door and a warm sensation wrapped around me briefly asthe light level rose in the room for a split second.

“You can exit now Jason”Julie beckoned and I walked out feeling unchanged she was sat at her desk and asI stepped out she stood up before me purposely very slowly to make theexperience more dramatic. She now towered over me!“How does it feel to be 5 foot tall Jason?”“My god look at you! Im looking up at you”Julie smiled and leaned a little forward to my level.

“You'll find there arent many women you wouldn't be looking up to from yourcurrent size but I am wearing heels which will make you feel that bit shorter.

Please sit down”I felt a touch bewildered and out of my comfort zone confronted by this nowamazon woman. I was half turned on by the realisation the technology worked andseeing my first truly tall woman.

“I guess now you are short you don't have any doubts about our technology. Don'tworry the process you have just undergone is harmless and wont last for morethan 12 to 16 hours. As with all our shrinking its temporary but the dome hasemitters in every area to sustain the effects for your visit.”“wow I cant believe it but here I am down here and your so much taller than me”I sat down as Julie continued with the session.

“You'll have some fun I expect tonight with your wife because remember she's alot taller than you now as well”Her statement struck me, Debbie was taller than me now I felt aroused justimagining seeing her taller than me and what a rush it would be when we firstmet at home tonight.

“It takes a while to sink in Jason but its just a flavour of what to expect inthe Dome. Right, back to business, if Debbie decides to make you very small haveyou any dislikes of things she may do that would make you feel uncomfortable?”“such as?” I asked.

“well for example some guys love the thought of seeing their partners as agiantess but don't fancy lets say being used for her sexual pleasure ““you mean like a human dildo?”“exactly some men feel this is humiliating but most tend to enjoy the experienceIll be honest for us girls its very stimulating to take a whole man inside us”Julies eyes lit up and I knew she herself had tried this I couldn't resist toask.

“erm Miss Parks have you and your partner tried this?””Please call me Julie and yes many times he loves it”I flushed a little red as I offered“No I err wouldn't mind that at all”“Great and can I ask if you have any preferences like are you a leg man or intowomen's feet . We do get a lot of the foot worshipers many of the celebrityclients are into that”“really “ I responded but wasn't surprised the web sites seemed bursting withthis side of the giantess fantasy. “we'll I haven't an issue with feet but Iguess Im a breast man first and then a legs man”“We'll Jason I can guarantee you wont be disappointed in either category thisweekend we can make the shortest of women look super tall and leggy to theirpartners and even the smallest of busts are appreciated in a whole new way byour male clients. Which leads me to handling, again depending on how small orshort Debbie has in mind for you if she does make you tiny how would you like tobe carried. We ask this because some wives forget to ask their partners and theyshuttle them around the complex in their purses which hasn't gone down well witha few clients infact we had one movie star that got covered in his wifes makeupwhich accidentally came apart and he wasn't happy. She thought it washilarious.”I pondered on the topic “well isn't being picked up in her hand the norm whenyour that little?”I loved the thought of this being in a giant womans clutches.

“well yes Jason but its not safe for us girls to walk like that . You guys tendto be a bit fragile at those sort of dimensions. So what I meant was does Debbiecarry you in her pockets and clothes or do you want her to have a carrying box?”“no, no boxes if Im small enough for her pockets thats fine ““Oh I forgot you're a breast man Jason another popular choice is to ride in hercleavage if your small enough and of course if she's well endowed. Lets see, ohyour in luck I see your wife is a healthy cup size a double d you might likethat option my boyfriend certainly does”Julie seemed to lean forward as she said this almost as if she wanted me topicture a man stuck out of her cleavage which was just peeking out from hertight sweater.

“Oh yes I think I would like that” I enthused feeling pretty open in front ofJulie now.

“Good” she said typing in my responses.

“Now sleeping arrangements , if she does want you below 3 foot tall we don'trecommend bed sharing she would be far to big for you to sleep beside safely ,now its your decision but do you want a mini bed?”“No I don't think so I think we'll manage”“Well I have some health and safety to go through now but I think you're goingto have a great time Jason”I left Julie an hour later and headed home on the bus. It was so strange to walkthrough London with my new perspective all these strangers around me seemed sotall infact it was really only kids that I was looking down on. At one stage Istopped a very tall and pretty teenager by the bus stop to ask her the time justso I could compare my size. I was looking at her neck and it gave me such a buzzto be so short. At home I relaxed and killed time waiting for Debbie I knew shewould have eaten in the city soI had fixed myself an evening meal whilst I eagerly counted the minutes to herreturn.

Debbie was very relaxed and sat before Julie talking as if they were two longterm girl friends as Julie went through relaying most of the conversations withJason.

“So I think Jason is obviously into this whole giantess realm” Julie concludedher summary.

“Oh he loves it “ Debbie began “ he has always fantasized about me being tallerthan him its just a shame I am so short in real-life if I had your legs he wouldflip. ““Needless to say Debbie my legs wont hold a candle to yours when he's shrunkenand admiring themthat's the beauty of the Playthings experience you might not feel leggy now butwhen your man isminiaturised he will appreciate you on a much bigger scale. And Debbie for usgirls even if your short at play-things you will come out feeling your 5 foot 6was plenty big enough”“I cant wait” Debbie enthused “Jason introduced me to all this giantess stuff 2years ago and ive been pretty hooked ever since. I would love to see him lookingup to me in awe of my size , ive always fancied being a giantess and walkingthrough the city scantily clad in my underwear teasing all the tiny men below”“wouldn't that be wonderful?” Julie remarked “Im afraid our technology cantoffer you that but shrinking your man is almost as good. You can imagine you'rethe one who has grown into a giantess. Anyhow Debbie a few practical advice tips, make sure your legs are shaved and smooth my partner has told me giantessstubble isn't flattering. Also keep the make up subtle it more evident to theirsmaller eyes”“I don't wear much just a bit of lippy and blusher” commented Debbie“No, I can see you are a natural beauty Debbie which is ideal. I see yourthinking of shrinking him pretty small we don't get many below the 6 inch level”“Do you think 2 inches is too small Julie ? I have thought about this a lot andwell I know Jason is into the Doll sizes you know like 8 or 10 inches but Ireally want to dominate him in a gentle fashion butI want to command his attention. I figure with him being 2 inches tall I wouldlook like a real giantesssort of building size”“They are fun at 8 or 10 inches tall Debbie but your right if you want toimpress him and well scare himjust a little with your huge size the smaller the better. 2 inches is palmcarrying size”“And I could fit him almost anywhere like down my tops or in my underwear““Definitely and with a cleavage like yours he would drown in-between those”Debbie and Julie laughed in unison.

“Ive chosen the skimpiest of silk knickers and some of those new Ultimo bras theones that boost you a cup size or two and push them up and in . I really want tocaptivate him””He's a lucky man Debbie you must read the handling guide but keep it out of hissight as I haven't given him a clue how small you wanted him.”“Tell me are there many celebrities there this weekend? Or are we the only youknow normal couple?”“erm …yes we have quite a few infact many you may recognise but we also have afew as you put it normal couples who have been selected like yourselves. Don'tworry we treat you all the same.”Debbie and half a dozen shopping bags burst into the house and she shot upstairsshouting“don't come out I want to surprise you with the new outfit im going to wear toPlay-things”As always I assumed I was going to get the full fashion parade she always didthis when she shopped just to gauge my approval , I loved Debbie dress sense shewasn't shy of her figure it was fantastic and she knew how to demonstrate itwithout looking like a tart. I wondered if she knew I was 5ft tall if Julie hadtold her ? If she didn't it would be a great surprise so I left my half eatenmeal and sat on the sofa in the living room anticipating her return. I heard theclicking of heels down the wooden stair case and smiled to myself knowing shewas going to be in large heels. The door opened and she strolled in looking very, very tall which I put down to my new altered perspective. She then struck asexy pose against the door. She looked stunning in a skin tight black skirt thatwas a few inches above her knees but with two side slits that revealed her tonedand tanned thighs flashing into view as she walked.

She had also bought a very tight red sweater it was thin material and veryfitted clinging to her chest like it was sprayed on and making her slim waistmore emphasized in contrast to the grand swell of her bosoms. The v neck of thesweater allowed a nice glimpse of my wifes cleavage.

“You look stunning”“flatterer , but yes I do think its suits me I thought I could wear this to theDome on Friday when we arrive. Haven't you noticed my new heels?”I looked down to discover she was wearing some raised platform sandals , theywere open toed and shiny black leather with those thin straps that wrapped likea short vine encircling her lower calves.

“They look pretty hot darling”“don't you mean pretty big honey come here check me out”This was what I was waiting for I kicked off my shoes and walked over to Debbieas she stood proud and tall. Debbie seemed to rise as I drew closer. With eachstep I took she was getting taller. She was towering over me like I was a smallboy I couldn't believe it and she was as surprised with a look of wondermentthat broadened into a smile through her pearly white perfect teeth.

“Hello down there shorty. Wow you look much shorter than I imagined just look atyou you're barely as tall as my bust. These heels are huge!”I looked forward and she was right to my pleasant discovery her tight sweaterand those twin bulges of fun beneath it just brushed my forehead level. “ Babeyou look terrific , you look tall very tall!”I gave her a hug around her waist and she pulled me in so the top of my headpressed into her chest.

“now this is how tall I should normally be, can you imagine this, howembarrassed would you be dancing with me “ she teased to my delight.

“they are some mega heels babe “Debbie stepped back offering me a look at the side of her heels as she showedoff.

“12 inches can you believe it!”“Im loving it Debs ““wait a minute “ she gave me a hard stare and I could see she was realisingsomething wasn't right.

“you're a lot shorter than me I mean your really short? I should only be 4inches taller than you but…”“Julie shrunk me a little today just to prove it works and it does, boy it doeslook at you up there”“no way!” Debbie took her heels off rapidly and sunk to her normal stature andher expression of pleasure didn't waver.

“Jason look im still taller than you come here shorty stand next to your leggywife”I stepped to be close to her again and although I was nearer to her height myeyes lined up with her chin and beautiful neck this seemed even more of a thrillas I knew this was almost natural.

We kissed passionately and I found it so strange to rise on my tip toes to meether lips , Debbie didn't attempt to lean forward loving every minute of seeingmy effort.

“now you know how it feels to be short baby” Debbie giggled and we kissed againonly this time she pushed me back against the wall of the room and pressed mewith her taller body whilst she held my hands in hers above and up against thewall. I could even tell she was stronger than before which also excited meknowing that she might even be able to physically overpower me.

”now your mine my little husband” she said in a sultry breathy voice and I feltmy chin nestle on her chest and her long blonde hair fall on my face andshoulders as she pressed into me so firmly that my eager manhood rubbed her longupper thighs.

“I see not everything about you is short eh darling”She gyrated her body into mine and wrestled me to the floor climbing on top ofme , she shifted up her skirt and to my surprise she wore no panties , needlessto say we ended up making love but this time it felt so different. Debbie wascommanding and she loved every minute of dominating our intercourse and as forme I was hoping I wouldn't grow back to 6 foot 2 the next day.

In the morning I had to go to work as I had thrown the excuse of being sick foryesterday and I needed to finish up a proposal before we set off that night toPlay-things. When I climbed out of bed I went for a shower and realised I wasn'tback to normal yet as the shower head was a stretch for me to adjust normally Ihad to raise it up to accommodate my tall frame. After I dried off I wrapped thetowel around my waist and went in search of Debbie she was the best measuringdevice I had and the most exciting.

“Debs?”“Down in the kitchen babe , im fixing your breaky”I walked down to see Debbie dressed in one of my old shirts and little else itstails just covered her pert rear end but I pinched it anyway. Debbie spun aroundfrom the cooker and she was about 2 inches taller than me still.

“good morning shorty , fancy you still being shorter than me this is a pleasantsurprise”I slightly raised myself up and we kissed a simple peck on the lips and I satdown to eat the fried breakfast she had prepared for us both.

“12 hours Julie said but ive only grown back 4 inches ? ““that's ok darling I like having you my size” Debbie smirked“but Ive got to go to the office Debs what will people say ?”Debbie giggled and bit her lower lip to stop a full blown laugh“Oh Im glad you think its funny ive got to face Erika this will be embarrassing”“Oh don't fuss baby she'll find you even more irresistible”“That's what Im worried about” Playthings part 2 by BBL ( GENTLE / SHRINK )I finished my breakfast and contemplated the day as much as I enjoyed thefantasy of being around tall women that was great when I was comfortable withthe company but Erika was our new office junior about 17 and in her first joband she had a major crush on me. Whilst I was pretty flattered to start with asshe is a very pretty girl it has become a little awkward as she has recentlybegun flirting with me very obviously despite knowing I'm married and not intogirls her age. But this teen temptress wasn't deterred easy as she thinks of meas a challenge. Worse than this she has taken to wearing very high heels as shesaw me browsing a tall woman lovers web-site one lunch hour before I couldminimise the window on my pc and she guessed my attractions.

I left the table to go upstairs' to slip into my suit and Debbie followedpinching my bum as she followed in a play full manor.

“Hey didn't you say that Erika girl was pretty tall Jason ?”“Yeh she is , worse luck” I sighed and Debbie smiled amused“Oh come on shorty normally you would love it. You're just feeling vulnerable toher now because shell be taller than you”“a lot taller Debs she already told me she's 5 foot 11 and half which at thisshort size makes her , @#%$ she'll be nearly a foot taller than me in thoseheels she wears !”Again a laugh from my less than sympathetic wife she didn't feel threatened bythe pretty teen and loved to hear the stories of how she insists on cornering meand making me squirm with her forward manor.

“You'll have to avoid her baby don't get caught in the lift eh”I pulled on my socks as we idly chatted and realised how ridiculous my smallerfeet where in them.

“Debs my clothes , dam I bet everything will be to big they only shrunk mycasuals yesterday “I tried on a suit jacket and it drowned my narrower shoulders and the sleevesdraped over my hands.

“I cant wear this what the hell am I going to do?”Debbie was again amused but saw my patience was wearing so she tried to help.

“Ive got a trouser suit you can wear ““no don't be daft Debs Im a guy”“Its plain black Jason the jackets a long one so it doesn't look very feminine “I hadn't contemplated this and didn't fancy wearing my wifes clothes but I hadlittle choice , dress code in the office was strictly shirt and tie and my bossfrowned if he saw anyone one dressed down especially when clients attendedmeetings inhouse.

“I suppose I haven't got an alternative im so short”I frowned and Debbie happily de hangered her black suit brushing it off.

“hey mister some of us live at this height so think about that”She grabbed one of her off white shirts and handed it to me.

“no way Im not wearing a blouse that's going to far”“its not a blouse it's a shirt it will look alright if you cover the buttonswith one of your tiesbesides you would be lost in one of your shirts”I conceded and put it on with a tie and it fitted perfectly to my surprise.

“and you'll be needing these” Debbie laughed dangling a pair of red knickers atme.

She seemed to be enjoying seeing me dressing in her clothes and my discomfort.

I didn't use any underwear and put on the trousers . The waist was fraction totight but the legsBagged at the base of my feet.

“I think my legs are a bit longer than yours still shorty you'll have to rollthem up a little”Debbie was all legs for her height and commanded a 34 inch inside leg mine waslucky to me32 at present if that.

Luckily my black shoes that shrunk down with me yesterday still remained small.

My reflection looked comical to me but probably a touch weird to most althoughnothing struck you as women clothes from the distance.

“You look great baby Idd love to see you in one of my short skirts” teasedDebbie but I was not amused and gave a sarcastic grin and kissed her farewell.

Driving my car was different the seat needed adjustment and the mirrors and Ifelt so strange knowing I was dressed and fitting into my wife's clothes it mademe a little turned on reminding me she was equal to me now but again the thoughtof confronting the office staff was overriding any mild pleasure.

My plan was to get into my office finish the document and go early no one wouldmoan as long as I had the proposal sent to marketing on time.

I was early at the office , this was good and I hurried into the building . Likea flash I bolted across through reception and ignored raising attention tomyself with the receptionist Maxine who was reading a magazine so she didn'tnotice. Ensuring I didn't hit the coffee room where everyone congregated I mademy way into my office and it was mission accomplished with a good stealthyentrance.

I blasted away on my pc for the next hour and took a handful of calls. I had mydocument finished in no time and challenge two was ahead . .. the print room.

I hit the print button and realised I would have to collect the paperwork andthis was Erika's domain.

I looked out of the office window and couldn't see her at her desk “great thecoast is clear” I thought and I headed to the print room next door.

The room seemed empty except for the multiple copiers and printers and I went tothe laser printer to find no document present?“Looking for this handsome?” Came the all to familiar voice of Erika who hadgrabbed my papers hot of the press and was crouched behind one of the largercopiers picking some of the papers up as she had presumably dropped them in herhaste to beat me collecting them. I edged back feeling nervous and not knowingwhere to look or turn thinking “ don't stand up girl please don't stand up” Ithought fast and bent down to help pick the loose papers up but her hand slippedover mine purposely.

“I missed you yesterday Jason did you miss me?”I withdrew my hand and edged back“err sure, listen Erika im not feeling so hot today so could you…”I began but Erika wasn't about to drop her flirting.

“that's strange Jason because Im feeling very hot”She was wearing a short very thin blue summer dress and as she crouched with thepapers her free hand pulled the hem of her dress clear up her very shapelythighs so I could just get a glimpse of her lacy underwear.

“You make me hot Jason”I backed off a little more and went to reach for the proposal papers but Erikaclutched them tight.

“naughty Jason , you've got to tell me how incredibly hot you find me before Ilet you have these”She snatched them away from my finger tips and stood up I watched her long legsbeneath that short dress and noted she had her 4 inch heels on , I must admitshe was one hell of a looker and if I was a few years younger I would kill todate such tall beautiful girl but I was married and she was an immature teenagerwithin a mature hormone crazed body.

“You look very nice today” I offered half heartedly to pacify her demand.

“you can do better than that. I know how about a kiss if you kiss me Ill giveyour papers and I wont bother you for the rest of the day. You know you'd liketo kiss me Jason”I had no choice but to stand up as there was no excuse to crouch anymore andlooking up into this towering teens big green eyes I never felt so weak. Witheleven inches difference between us I felt every inch as her shocked reactiontransformed into fascination to see me so short.

“Either im still growing cutie or you're legs have been cut off at the knee” Shegrinned “this is impossible what's going on ?”She stepped close to me and I felt very intimidated by her presence I meeklyexplained”I was shrunk as a tester before my wife and I spend the weekend at Play-things, listen Erika im sure this fascinates you but can I have that proposal I reallyneed it”Erika confronted me with her chest almost in my face on purpose and smiled”this is great! And you have a thing for us tall women so you must be in yourelement seeing me now and that explains your clothes they look kinda odd on youbut I cant put my finger on it?”I changed the subject demanding she hand over the papers once more.

“sure here you go “She held them above her head and way beyond my reach I stretched upinstinctively and didn't come close to her hand.

“come on lets see you jump for them shorty “ she giggled but I wasn't about tohumiliate myself.

She saw my frustration and it made her even more happy.

“your not even trying Jason if you kiss me you can have them”“come on Erika please I need to get on” I begged.

“no ones here Jason I just want a little kiss”I had no choice I needed the papers and decided a quick peck on the lips wouldsuffice.

“Ok you win one kiss “ she saw me look up and didn't attempt to lean down to me“whats wrong Jason am I too tall for you. You should come prepared if your gonnabe around us long legged chicks and bring a chair. ““Look Erika there isn't a chair in here so”“allow me to do the honours then”She knelt down and I was surprised to see she was only just shorter than me . Imoved close and she pulled me in for a deep kiss with her probing tongue drivinginto my mouth I tried to pull away but she held the connection with her armsaround my waist just long enough to sustain the kiss for a few seconds.

“that's better short stuff how was it for you?”I wiped her lip stick from my lips and watched her stand again to her toweringfull height as she put the papers in my hands“You know I wish I was the one going with you this weekend we would have a greattime your short little wife wouldn't make half the giantess that I would withthese legs”I watched her stroll off with almost a skip in her step as she left the room.

She turned as she went through the door “catch you later handsome “Feeling defeated by a teenage girl I took the papers and popped them into themarketing departments in tray and I left the building by a fire exit to avoidbeing seen again. I felt taller now and saw Debbies trousers no fitted my leglength and had become tight in the thighs my shoulder started to hunch in hertop so I knew growth was kicking in. As I drove home early I reflected on theencounter with Erika and even found myself getting aroused thinking of howtowering she had been compared to me I knew if she was so obsessed to haveattempted to rape me I would have been manageable prey to her that made me alittle uneasy to come to terms with but Erika was pretty harmless just anunbearable flirty teen.

After reaching home I found Debbie in the garden sat out on the patio drinking.

She saw my current state of attire with the now half mast trousers and skintight shirt..

“Hello honey , come on take my clothes off before you do an incredible hulkimpression”I removed the clothes and found my clothes to be loose but starting to fit. By 6in the evening I was back to my normal 6 foot 2 inch self and Debbie was verydisappointed.

“I don't like this looking up to you anymore Mr the sooner we get to Playthingsand cut you down to size the better “She had put her new outfit on and had packed our bags for the weekend break. Allwe needed to do now was wait for the chauffeur driven vehicle to arrive which itdid right on cue.

I walked out to the stretched black limousine and as we approached a darkskinned tall beauty dressed in a revealing chauffeurs uniform specificallycustomised for a woman opened the door for us and took our bags. She was aroundmy height in her heels and I recalled Julie mentioned the 5 foot ten minimumemployment policy and the regulation 5 inch heels , so this was one of thesmaller ones I thought to myself.

As we entered the plush Limo we watched an introduction video showing theleisure facilities in theDome it was most impressive with no expense spared. Debbie held my hand and wasclearly very excited.

“In a few more hours your going to my little man for real honey isn't this goingto be great?”“I cant believe its happening Debs I mean I have loved this Giantess thing forso long but today I am actually going to see a real giantess”“And I will be the sexiest giantess you can imagine baby I cant wait to see yourface when you look up at me for the first time”“Debs how small are you going to ask them to make me Julie wouldn't let me know”“you'll have to wait and see baby Ive got it all figured out”“You will take care of my wont you Debs?”She turned to look me in the eyes and kissed me reassuringly“Ill be a gentle giantess don't you worry baby Ill take care of you as long asyou don't upset me you'll have to do as I say when im a giantess , remember Illbe in charge this weekend”We turned into the long tree lined main drive to the Dome and the impressivestructure looked even larger close up. Our bags went through to our room asanother girl escorted us to a waiting area. A beautiful brunette strolled in andgreeted us.

“Welcome Jason and Debbie everything has been prepared for you and Im sure youare both eager toenter the Play-things Universe. Debbie you will come with me and we will sortyou a “theme” outfit so when you get to meet Jason later on you can take him tothe theme bar. And Jason take a good long hard look at your wife whilst she isstill shorter than you because next time you see her you'll be looking up at her, way up at her!” Both Debbie and the Brunette laughed and I smiled as I watchedthem leave together.

“Debbie looked back as she exited and smiled”happy shrinking babe”A minute later I heard some heels approaching and turned to see a drop deadgorgeous young blonde enter the room. She was young about 20 with long curlyblonde hair surrounding her model looks and what a body! Dressed in theclingiest of little crop tops and a short skirt that hugged her distractingcurves this vision wiggled into the room and cast a full set of perfect gleamingwhite teeth at me as she introduced herself.

“Hi Jason , Im Anna and Im going to be your shrink chaperone”“Hi Anna” I responded breathing in this girls beauty , she was tall like theother employees but perhaps the tallest I had seen at around 6 foot and with herregulation high heels on as I stood up she had a couple of inches advantage onme.

“Hey Jason look im taller than you before we start” she giggled in a cutefashion and took hold of my hand as if we had known each other for some time ,she seemed very forward bet then I guess that was her job to make me feel atease.

“come on then lets get down to the shrinking chamber to the exciting stuff”I walked down the corridor with her and began to chat.

“how long have you been doing this Anna?”“oh about 3 years, im one of the original chaperones I was a budding glamourmodel but a Play-things recruiter saw me on an early shoot and well here I amhelping guys adjust to giant women and thoroughly enjoying myself ever since ”“You like , Im mean do you …errr”I began but couldn't follow through with my question she was so pretty my headwas a little scrambled around her.

“do I like little men is that what you want to know? “I nodded“Yes I absolutely love dating short men especially being as tall as I am. I findthey pay so much more attention to me and as for little men well nothing iscuter than a tiny man and at this place I get to see tons of them. I only wishwe could stretch this dome over the whole city “she laughed and I smiled.

“here we go Jason im afraid it isn't very big for us both but well that wont bea problem soon “she grinned and led me inside a room which was about 6 feet square with plainwhite walls and a dark black floor. The ceiling was the same as the bluesuspended ceiling that was in the Play-things office.

“Jason can you stand against the wall for a second”Anna stood before me and held a small remote which she must have tucked insideher cleavage. Pressing a button she then asked me to turn around to face thewall. As I did I saw that an illuminated height chart had appeared and a biggreen line represented my 6 foot 2 inches.

“6 foot 2 and your wifes 5 foot 6 inches tall , I think that would be so muchbetter if it was the other way around”I turned to face Anna once more“well it was pretty much yesterday I was short”“of course you went to see Julie , she loves using the reducers as much as I doso how did it feel being short for the first time?”“Strange I guess”“But you like it right. Most men like tall women some are just afraid to admitit or feel insecure around us when we tower over them?”Anna tapped a few keys on the remote and then placed it on the floor.

“and most short guys always like the two black eyes stage”I gave a dumb look to Anna“Sorry I don't follow”Anna sniggered in a girlish manor and walked up to me and placed her hands on myshoulders.

“simple guys love being as tall as our tits”I flushed red and my eyes briefly drifted down to see that the round neck ofAnna's crop top held some impressive swells , infact her white top whichcontrasted well to her sun kissed skin had the words“Play-things” written across the front and the letters had become stretched anddistorted because the top was probably a size small for her prominent bust.

“erm Anna”I started feeling a little uncomfortable with Anna's proximity not that I reallyminded her on the contrary she was stirring my loins just being so close but Iwas a married man.

“Listen Jason Im your chaperone and that means you have got to trust me and beat ease with me. Your wife is unaware chaperones exist it's a little secret toall the women here. Some would get a little jealous knowing their man wasspending time locked up in a little chamber like this with a pretty girl andall. My function is to make sure you adjust to the shrinking and its not acomplete shock when you first set eyes on your larger wife so the idea is youget to see yours truly as your first true giantess and we do this processgradually so you become accustomed to your new size. That's why its importantthat you find me attractive or at least pleasant to look at so you're firstflavour of a giant woman is a positive one. “I breathed in deeply and smiled“I see , that's great Anna , thanks”“don't be shy Jason and just enjoy yourself ok? Relax and think of this aswatching me grow before you. Now Ive programmed the shrink chamber to take youdown in the stages your wife has specified so were gonna begin very soon withthe first one”“Anna how tall are you?”I asked becoming more at ease.

“I knew you would be curious , shift around and see for yourself”Still keeping her hands on my shoulder tops she moved us around almost likedancing and I saw her head was about 4 inches clear of my mark.

“Ive been six foot one and a bit ever since my sixteenth birthday which is agreat start in life for a gal who digs short guys. So Im 6 ft 6 inches tall inthese big things do you like my size ?”“Its impressive you're probably one of the tallest girls Ive had the pleasure ofmeeting”Anna seemed to enjoy this comment from me”and Im soon to be the very tallest you've ever seen” Part three...

She gave me a knock out look and I had to distract myself from staring at her.

“ Are you single now?”I dared to ask not meaning for her to misinterpret my questioning.

“I am actually why are you interested?” she winked at me.

“I err well”“only kidding lighten up Jason I know your married and in my books that tellsAnna just to flirt with you and try and behave myself no matter how attractive Ifind you , besides in reality your too tall for my tastes”Anna smiled at me and I noticed I was starting to look up at her now seeing hercute nose rise over my eye line and her red and enchanting lips come into viewvery slowly.””looks like this blondes going up in the world”It was almost as Anna said as if I wasn't changing at all and she was growingbut glancing at the ceiling of the room the truth revealed itself as it rosehigher above me.

“You're well under 6ft now Jason am I becoming an amazon to you?”I looked across at her chest as it started to draw level with my eyes , when itdid that's precisely when the shrinking process paused. Stood before the nowtowering Anna I didn't know where to put my eyes and looked down seeing her muchlonger looking legs now surpassed my own in length by far.

“Jason its ok you can look forward if you want handsome.”I felt her left hand leave its resting point on my shoulder and then I felt hercup my chin in her palm and raise my head up so again her little crop top filledmy view.

“I know you must feel embarrassed being just as tall as my tits here but pleasedon't, as I said its important you relax , so enjoy the view shorty”Anna moved closer and I saw the white of her top close in and those lettersacross her chest started to go out of focus as she pressed my face into her firmbust. Her hands both gently cupped the back of my neck and held me in thiswonderful position for a few lingering seconds.

“that's better, see Jason this is the black eye stage” she sniggered and thenreleased me.

I looked up at her flushed and speechless.

“Did you like that shorty? We have a few minutes pause whilst we await stage 2so you can start by telling me your giantess fantasies”I was getting aroused Anna had got to me this gorgeous blonde was incrediblysexy and looked even better now she was a lot taller than me.

“Anna I not sure I can open up with my fantasies I mean they are you knowprivate and all..”“That a shame I like hearing what turns each guy on , so if you not going openup then Anna will have to guess”She seemed to look me up and down and smiled“You're a gentle giantess lover aren't you ?”I nodded but said no more.

“I bet you like it when the giantess is a big tease? Im very good at teasingJason. So how little does Jason like to be?”“Im not sure Anna , well in theory I have a idea but well reality might be verydifferent”“Reality is much better you'll soon see when you reach your ideal heightwhatever that may be.”“Actually Debbie my wife she's picked my height today im not even sure what itsgoing to be”“Oh yes I forgot they just started doing that keeping the guy in suspense we'llhave to see what Debbie has in store for you”“Whats the most common shrinking size here?”“It varies we get the odd few between 2 to 3 feet tall but most are between 6 to18 inches tall althoughwe did have a 4 inch guy last week infact I hear there is a few in here now thatsize. I enjoyed shrinking him I don't get many sessions with those real smallsizes”“wow did he enjoy himself?”“he did in this chamber”Anna gave a very sultry look and a wicked smile which said a lot.

“What did you do with him?”“I can see your feeling more relaxed Jason.” Anna tousled my hair “he was intofeet and well when he was stood down by mine at 4 inches tall he almost beggedme to let him make love to my foot. He pressed his little dick between my toesand it was almost comical I had to stop myself from laughing as he got himselfoff.” Anna looked concerned at her story examining my face for a reaction “ yournot a foot guy are you Jason?”“erm no I like womens feet don't get me wrong but “Anna cut in to finish my sentence.

“but you prefer a giant sized set of boobs anyday am I right?”“You got me”I confessed.

“mmm Jason you are in for a good time today”Anna seemed to shimmy her breasts in an alluring fashion then the second shrinkkicked in , I watched her top rise over my head and then I could see under hertop. From my new vantage point her white bra cups holding her pert assets teasedinto sight.

Then as I looked forward her belly button and taught stomach faced me.

“So Im starting to look less like a towering amazon and beginning to warrant theword giantess although not quite yet your still as tall as the top of my littleskirt”The shrink stopped again and my forehead aligned with Annas waist band of herskirt she now looked like she was 12 foot tall!“Take a good look up at me Jason you've passed the stage that I could simply bedescribed as super tall or extremely leggy and now when you look up at me youreally start to appreciate how simply towering I am to you. This is the stagethat guys start to realise that the woman is not just a lot taller than them buta lot stronger as well, and you begin to feel more intimidated by me and wary ofmy size. This is when guys start to respect us women and take note of everythingwe say.”I was taking note of her every word she looked magnificent.

“Anna your legs are as tall as I am”“They are sweetie and soon they'll be even taller than you”I was now pretty excited and finding it hard to hold this back. Anna didn't backoff at all infact the taller she got the more forward she seemed to become.

“Now Jason whilst we have this little pause perhaps I can show you something Iknow you will enjoy”Anna knelt down before me and at this level she was just equal to me.

“Come closer to me Jason don't be shy”I stepped cautiously closer to this flirtatious super tall babe and watched herflick her golden curls over her shoulders , her arms seemed long but still slimand feminine and her legs although thicker still retained their shapeliness Idon't know why that surprised me it just did. Her two hands which seemednoticeably larger cupped my butt gently from behind.

“Ooh you do have a nice firm little rear Jason I like that in a man. Now comecloser to big Anna much closer than this”I was right up to her my shoes touching her knees but her hands urged me forwardshe seemed to want me to step onto her knees, I did and she didn't seem toflinch at my weight. I now could see just over her blonde head of hair and whenI looked down I had a lovely view of her cleavage.

“That's better now take a hold of my top”I stopped a little nervous what did she say?“Come on Jason quickly before stage 3 kicks in, cup my boobs in your hands feelthe weight of my bust don't go shy on me now. Trust me you will enjoy this”My hands seemed to have a mind of their own and didn't question such an offertwice and soon they curved around and under her ample swells from the outside.

Anna had nice firm boobs I could feel them resting in my outspread palms and boythey felt good.

“Jason can you feel them growing…”In seconds Anna's face came into view and I was descending once again. I saw hergreat big grin as her lips passed my vision but it couldn't have competed withmy grin as the incomparable sensation of her top swelling out in my hands. Herboobs pushing out larger and rounder and escaping my hands which wouldn'tcontain them anymore. I looked down and my chin brushed the tip of her cleavageand my face sunk into the material of her top for a second before I pulled backand now again I was face to face with her top only this time the letters on itseemed to have doubled in size and my hands seemed so much smaller aside herwonderful breasts and the weight. Im sure her breasts had doubled in weight aswell as girth right now I could have used them for large dumbbells if my handscould have circled them but that was impossible now.

“Now isn't that better than silicon implants for doubling your fun eh?”“what a rush Anna that felt awesome they just seemed to keep growing”I felt Anna gently place her hands at my sides and lift me to the floor off ofher lap. She kept kneeling for a few seconds looming over me smiling , shelooked so tall now it was as if I was a mere child in size to her.

“Now Jason watch as I stand up , before I was super tall twice your heightnearly a giantess and now as I stand up you begin to realise your not just shortanymore now you have become small to me.”Anna straightened up to her feet and I watched that full head of blonde hairkeep ascending until two towering long legs rose above me suspending her almostperfect body. Now I did feel small to a woman for the first time in my life aquick sanity check of the ceiling height confirmed Anna hadn't altered one bitbut my perspective of her sure had and for the better.

“Geez you are a giantess” I remarked with my jaw agape.

“no not quite yet Jason whilst I totally dwarf you in size, Im not a realgiantess until I can lift you up effortlessly with one arm and your not therejust yet that's stage 4”I measured off shorter than her knees now I could see under her skirt and if shelooked forward the underside of her chin above her formidable bust.

“Stage 4 is that the final stage Anna?”“Actually no sweetie it looks like Debbie is keen to have her man a verymanageable size. She has asked for 6 stages which could mean you might end upone of the fun sizes like 6 or 8 inches”“no way “I was a little taken back with this revelation having secretly assumed Debbiewould have settled for say Ken doll size at 11 or 12 inches. I felt so small nowbut even smaller my mind had a job to run with that concept now this was allreal and not just fantasy anymore.

“Well you are a neat size now Jason just right to massage a big girl like me butbelieve me even smaller is more fun for both the man and the woman. You know itsfunny to think a lot of the girls have their guys purposely shrunk to the sizeof their manhood's so the question is did you used to be a big boy Jason?”Anna laughed and I got the first sense that her voice was getting louder andperhaps with a deeper tone to it. I looked down at my trousers and the bulgethat I had been sustaining ever since I came in such close contact to Anna'sbody. It was lucky that I was wearing some loose fit canvas trousers so I wasn'tembarrassed by my natural reactions.

“I can see your not going to answer that one little guy perhaps Anna will findout later eh?”I walked up towards her large shoes with their inch high platforms and 5 inchheels. Anna Beckoned me to step up onto her right shoe with my feet on theleather strap above her toes. I did just that and I grabbed hold of her leg , Ididn't argue her legs seemed so fantastic and tall like beautiful twin sculptedtowers of tanned flesh thoughts of Debbie already had temporarily faded from mymind as this beautiful seductress allowed me to remain so close to her body.

“that's it Jason hug my long leg down there and get ready to feel my legs soarup into the sky”Anna kept making out it was her that was growing and I loved this as it fired myfantasies and right no