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Prologue Jason stood looking through the window of the observationstand, looking down towards the fruit of all the teams devotion andwork. A single genetically engineered soldier, having roughly eighttimes the abilities of a normal human being. This would have beenincreased even more through the proper training had things went theway they had planned. As things stood now that wouldn't be happeningany time soon, the project had costed 2 billion dollars and had beena huge failure. The scientist couldn't help but clinch his fist inanger at the man that they had chosen to enhance. He wouldn't havebeen worth the cost even if he would take orders though that had beenexpected. The prototype is hardly ever able to justify the money putinto development all by itself.

What made everything a total failure is that he had tried toescape several times despite having agreed to the project even afterbeing informed what was going to be done to him. It seemed he hadplanned on trying to escape from the very start, despite all theirmental profiling and the careful selection process he had done one ofthe very things they had worried about most. Now he and the wrest ofthe team were going to have to go before their superior and explainexactly what had went wrong. Jason wasn't worried for his life, afterall you don't just kill a brilliant scientist for one mistake. He wasworried that he might actually lose his job or be put down to a lesswell paying possession.

Even though he was confined to base and couldn't really spendthe money as he would like, he was quite looking forward to saving itup for some years until the project was done and then getting tospend the money. Now thanks to this one person his plans for a hugenext egg had been ruined, all quite frustrating. Turning hisattention to the clock on the wall he let out a long sigh. “ Time togo face the reaper.” Comes from behind him, Jason turning around tosee Melvin standing behind him yet another person that had been onthe same project. “ Lead the way.” Comes from the down irritableJason the two of them leaving the area and making there way towardsthe conference room.

The two were considered the best speakers of the group, thusthey had been given the task of representing them in the followinginquisition about just what had went wrong. The two scientist makingthere way into the room and setting down in front of the basecommander. Sheila Steel for her part had been waiting on the two, thefemale general having been put in charge of the base thanks to herpast history of being trust worthy and good at keeping secrets aswell as keeping a lid on things that shouldn't get out. Greeting thebases commander the two scientist took their seats after which Sheiladid before speaking. “ So gentlemen can you tell me just went wrong?” Melvin was the first to speak up, “ The test subject seems tohave either developed or planned to escape after the project, whichone we are not sure.” Jason gave Melvin a cold stair the moment hesaid after the project, this tending to imply that it might have beenthe treatment that caused the man's actions. Sheila seemed to take amoment to think on this, “ So you are saying that the treatment mighthave caused Bird's current unstable condition?” Not wanting to letMelvin dig their whole any deeper Jason didn't give him a chance totalk. “ There is nothing to show that the treatment would cause suchaffects other then this one event.” “ Now Jason you know that isn't true we intentionally alteredthe subject mental functions to make him more of a fighter.” Oneremark proceeded to cross the room after the other at this point, asthe two colleagues each made their points to which Sheila despite notbeing a scientist was able to follow quite well until she finally gotfed up with the two's bickering. Jason trying to divert the blamewhile Melvin though trying to be honest seemed to be working ondigging the entire team's grave. The female commander finally havingenough and ending the two's bickering. “ So what you are telling meis that you are not sure that it was the treatment that caused thisreaction?” The two finally agreeing upon that point as even Jasoncouldn't say for sure that it wasn't the drugs fault.

“ Whose job was it to pick out the first test subject?” Thetwo scientist proceeded to turn green at this point. It had been thescientific team's job to pick the volunteer that would go threw theprocedure they had chosen the most physically fit one figuring thatthey would show the most favorable results. This had been wrong onseveral accounts as they later found out one of them being hisunfavorable mental condition. Sheila just let out a long sigh thelook on their faces was enough and she was holding a lab report inher hand detailing every step they had taken and every result. “There is still some money left in the budget for your project, andthe time on it hasn't expired just yet. So do you think you canconduct another test with the resources you have left to you and doyou think you can use the data gained from Bird so you have a greaterchance of success.

On this Mevlin and Jason were able to agree if another testsubject was found they could probably have improved results. Lookingat the lab report “ Now it seems what you need is someone whose bodycouldn't hold up to the virus very well and perhaps was still in thestage of growth.” Jason for his part had mostly had the task ofrunning the machines though he did know most of the project detailsMelvin still had an edge on him in this area thus he took thequestion. “ Yes Mam Bird's immune system had proven stronger then wehad expected, also after the virus had transmitted the dna and hiscells had been infected they weren't as quick to adapt to the changesas would someone who is still growing.” “All right this time we are going to take care of picking outa candidate just make sure you are ready when the time comes.”Shaking the commanders hand the scientist were all too happy to getout of the room though they had been quite shocked. Things could havegone a lot worse then what they had and the conference didn't takelong at all. The both of them found themselves wondering just whatkind of person would be brought in for the next project though. Asthe two left Sheila had picked up the phone and began placing a call.

Tomas had been setting at his desk looking threw a few files,he worked for Child Wellfare for some time now. He had been in itlong enough that he had given up on the system for the most part. Itwas hard to find good parents for the children when they did takeaway from their current condition and getting the child was prettyhard in the first place. The phone ringing had taken him out of thiscurrent line of thought as he wondered who might be calling to reportsomething this time. When the caller turned out to be his boss, hismood soured even more as now he wondered what kind of task he wasgoing to be given this time. “ Thomas' I want you to do somesearching for me, I need you to find me a child.” Mr. Wize had been shocked to get a call from Sheilarequesting that a child who had been abandoned preferably with alacking immune system be brought in. It was a rather odd request andit raised quite a few questions however she had the rank andclearance she needed to make such request. As he spoke to Thomas onthe phone relaying the information to him, he could tell his employwas becoming rather confused, as for the reason of such a oddrequest. Still he knew the man wouldn't ask any questions. Thomasmerely did his job these days it seemed never really asking anyquestions, that is why he had been chosen for this task.

Upon Mr. Wize hanging up Thomas brought up a data base, atleast his current task was going to be much easier then he hadthought. It only required him to search the records and find childrenthat fit the description. The very nature of the request meant thathe found a rather small list but they were about all available to betaken in. Narrowing down the field even more by the distance thatwould have to be traveled to acquire the kid he found one of the bestones. A little girl age 3 named Kate, she had been found in a trashbin having been lift there by her parents who for their part couldn'tbe found.

The child was born sickly with an incredibly weak immune thesystem even now the little girl seemed to be closer to death thenlife after being found. She wasn't a very desirable child thanks toall the medical bills just to keep her alive. Perhaps someone haddecided to take in a hard luck case he wasn't sure but he sent thefile to his boss any way. For his part Mr. Wize was very shocked toget the file only two hours after he requested it upon opening it uphe quickly saw that it did indeed fixed what had been asked forthough. Rubbing the back of his neck he really wondered if this wasthe best choice of the bunch, upon looking at where the child waslocated he knew it probably wasn't the lazy bastard had just chosenthe one that was closest, still it would do.

Sheila had been on the phone herself after getting in touchwith Wize, contacting her superior and setting up a showing forBird's near escape. She didn't want to tell the scientist this buteven with his unstable mental condition she doubted the higher upswould care too much after they saw how this untrained and previouslyphysically weak human changed after he had been experimented on. Shehad no doubt that it would buy the team and herself both extra timeand extra money. Especially since the next person would probably beeven more successful as they would probably be more receptive to thedrugs.

The meeting had been set up a week from that day, by then shefigured the security data would be ready for showing and they shouldhave their second test subject brought in. Sheila gave herself ahealthy slab only a moment later for what she had just thought. Itwas true the child whoever it was would be the next test subject. Thefact that a weak immune system would allow for the treatment to workeven better wasn't the only reason it was being brought in. As shewondered what kind of medical service, the project might be able toserve as well.

A phone call next day is quite surprising as Sheila sets ather desk feeling out some papers. Picking up the phone she issurprised to hear Mr. Wize on the other end of the line. “ Goodmorning Shei General Steel I was just calling you to let you knowthat we found your candidate.” Sheila just chuckled Mr. Wize and herhad worked together on things in the passed and knew each other on asome what personal bases, though it did surprise her that he wascalling only a day later. “ You people work pretty fast I wasexpecting to have to wait a little while. Would you mind sending methe file I am going to show it to the lab boys and look over itmyself.” She didn't get an answer over the phone rather a few momentslater her computer informed her that she has received a email.

Checking the computer and finding it to be the file she thanked herfriend as the file printed out and prepared to head down to the lab.

Jason Melvin as well as the wrest of the team had beenworking all day right after the meeting yesterday and had startedright away after waking up. Looking over the data trying to figureout how the treatment might affect the brain if it had at all, andlooking for ways to improve it. They had found quite a few waysduring the actual testing on Bird which they couldn't implementthanks to having already gone a little too far. At least theycouldn't implement them without rerighting his dna once again. Sothey were quire surprised when Sheila entered the rooms a few momentslater. “ Good morning General Steel and what brings you down here.”Came from her side as the head of the project as far as thescientific end of it entered into the room.

“ Well Michel I have the file on your new test subject.”Handing the file over to the seventy year old man. Michel only lookedat the file for a second, the treatment should work on anyone of anygender so he wasn't to worried that it was a female what shocked himwas her age. “ General are you sure this is alright, Jason and Melvinreported that at best we would have a short amount of time.” Sheilagrinned for a second, “ Well I figured telling them that would givethem some more encouragement to work faster. I actually think I canbuy you people some more time maybe all the time you want actuallyonce I make my report.” Michel didn't say how he only thanked to theGeneral as she left the lab.

Walking over to the wrest of the team a few of the scientistpicked up some of the paper. Melvin included as he went to make someof the basic changed that would have to be done. All of them did feela little odd when they noticed the age of the girl though theyrealized that she would be a prime subject, since not only was herimmune system weak thus very vulnerable to the vector virus but herbody wasn't nearly fully grown which meant her body would actually beable to adapt to the virus far more then what Bird's ever could have.

A few men dressed in uniforms showed up at the orphanage onlya short while later. Getting the volunteer worker who happened to bewaiting at the front desk's attention. “ Hi we are here to pick upKate Doe.” With this they handed the clerk some papers, looking atthe for a second. She smiled for a moment, “ It is nice to see thatsomeone is taking her in we don't know how much longer she has.” Thesoldiers didn't say anything as they followed her the reason thelittle girl was called Kate Doe was simply they didn't know her lastname. That was yet another reason her parents hadn't been found. Theonly reason they had taken to calling her Kate was that was one ofthe few words she happened to know.

As they were led into the room, they saw a rather smallfragile looking little girl had a blank stair as she looked up at thesoldiers. The worker coming around in front of them and speaking tothe little girl. “ Kate these men are here to take you to a nice newhome.” The little girl seemed to have some under standing as shereached up towards the soldiers. One of them stepping around andpicking her up, the two of them had been chosen for this job sincethey were both family men so they would know how to handle a littlegirl. The little girl noticing the glint of something shiny both ofthe men smiled as she began to play with one of there dog tags.

“ Has she eaten yet?” “ Only a little bit it is actuallypretty hard to get her to eat. The nurse says that whatever happenedto her she learned to starve herself.” There was a rather angry sighfrom the men. “ Well then we will have to take care of that when weget back, you are going to be with us for a while little lady.”Leaving the orphanage Kate seemed oddly aware for her age as shedidn't scream rather, she continued to play with the metal object infront of her until she fell asleep. Going to the airport the soldiersclimbed aborad the helicopter that was waiting for them. The pilothaving had nothing to do for the hour or so it took them to get intothe city but stand around and be bored. It was to bad that Kate hadfallen asleep on her way to the air port other wise she would havebeen able to look out over the ocean as they headed towards the base.

General Steel was waiting for the air craft to land, as thesoldiers disembarked she walked over to look at the little bundle inone of her arms. Kate's blue eyes seem to beg Sheila a question ifshe would be alright or not. Sheila's smile seemed to answer that yesit would be. It wasn't like the treatment was untested and evenbefore Bird there had been a great many hours invested in testing itthrew dna cultures and other methods. The soldiers were quick tosalute their general before handing over the child. “ Well thenlittle one, it looks like you have a whole new life in front of you.”Sheila knew that if the procedure worked or not the child had enteredinto a world that it wouldn't be able to leave.

Though that was one reason for taking her at such a earlyage. At least this way she wouldn't have been affected by the outsideworld or at least in a positive manner. Perhaps the events with herparents whatever they had been would make it so she wouldn't long forthe outside world so much.

Melvin was setting at his desk looking over some papers whenSheila entered the room. It had taken a while to get there as Sheilahad allowed little Kate to walk. Holding her hand Melvin took in adeep breath as they entered. There would be no legal action takenagainst them at least as far as he knew. Still working on such ayoung girl wasn't something he had thought he would ever be doing. Hecould think of a few moral reasons for doing it and he could havetold himself he would have a better life. He chose not to though ashe realized that the true reason for him and probably for the wrestof the team was the money they were paid and a desire to see thereproject succeed.

He could have used the benefits the girl would receive toease his mind but he didn't even know what they would all be, plus hedidn't like dodging responsibility they all knew what they weredoing.

Four days had passed since Kate was taken in and the childactually seemed to be doing better even after such a short time.

Though she didn't like the first day as she went through severalcheck ups the scientist and medics of the base checking her physicalcondition. Melvin had taken care of the child for the time being.

Though he hadn't a family of his own he had a great deal of patience.

It was a good thing that he had only spent these few days with her herealized as she was taken down to the lab were the actual treatmentwould begin. Jason and the others had spent the last few daysrefining both the virus and the altered dna to suit her. A virusloaded down with the dna would be injected into her system.

It would then proceed threw out her body attaching to hercells and injecting them with the altered dna. The altered dna wouldthen over ride her cells natural programing and they would begin toalter themselves as well as produce other altered cells. This iswhere the immune system if she had one would be dangerous. As herbody would at first try to reject the virus and then the mutatedcells. Even with her near lack of an immune system thanks to herfrailty the team had spent a good deal of her time setting up medicalstations. One of the greatest problems they had found was getting herto eat.

As her body would require a great deal of energy to make allthe changes she had needed to eat. Melvin had managed to get her toeat more then normal and kept her snacking threw out the days butthanks to her lack of nutrition from before her stomach was evensmaller then normal and not quite able to handle as much as theywould like. They had actually enriched the food more then normal tomake up for this. As Kate was carried to the table the little girlseemed not so much scared as interested in all the flashing lightsand things going on around her.

The actual treatment came in the form of a simple injection,the only reason Kate had even been brought down to the lab was sothey could monitor the child's vital signs more carefully. It was oddbut Kate didn't cry despite her young age when the needle wasinjected into her probably become of the conditions she had beenliving in before she has been abandoned and later found in the trash.

Jason was given the task of injecting her with the virus as well aswith another injection to put her to sleep before an iv was ran intoher. They couldn't have her moving around during this time as herbody was going to need all the strength that it could get in order tomake the adjustments.

The first four days were actually the monster dangerous andit was planned to keep her asleep during this time. A tube being randown her throat she would basically be on life support and keptasleep. The tube would kept her fed and it was decided that Jasonsince he specialized in maintaining the equipment would also be theone to keep her cleaned up. A task that the scientist didn't lookforward into the least but he had been out voted. The whole thing waswatched by Sheila from the observation stand as she let out a longsigh. Her superiors would be there in two days to see the data onBird and how well he had performed when he tried to escape. Onereason she had taken Kate in so quickly and moved things so swiftlyis just incase they didn't react the way she expected them to, theywould be very likely to shut down the project with Kate havingalready been through the procedure.

Sheila set behind a rather large desk surrounded by hersuperiors and subordinates alike as they watched the screen. It was arecording of how Bird nearly escaped only be captured when a sniperand shot him in both legs repeatedly. The generals seemed impressedto the point they held there tongues until the video was over beforespeaking, one of them a four star general speaking up after wards. “So General Steel you are telling us that the only problem with thissubject is that they are basically out of control and the next oneshould perform better.” “ Yes Sir, However the next one may takelonger to prepare then Bird did. While he was a prime candidate itseems that a younger one was needed to take full advantage of thetreatment.” A few of them seemed to huff for a moment before they spokeagain, “ Would it be possible to make all are soldiers like this?”Sheila looked at the commander for a moment, she hadn't expected thatquestion and he could see the concern on her face. “ Not any timesoon, I mean with more testing could we begin using this widelywithin the armed forced.” Sheila seemed to relax a bit, “ Yes that isquite likely though since they are already grown it wouldn't be asaffective.” A conversation proceeded to commence only a few momentslater which at length Sheila was bombarded with all sorts ofquestions which made her wish she had gotten one of the scientist tocome from the lab to answer.

The finale decision was reached a short while later, Bird andwhomever was to be the next test subject would been observed for alength of time as long as data was being gathered. Once all the datawas in a finale decision would be made and it would be decided howthe treatment would be used if at all. Some wanted to use it upon theentire army though it could hardly be a secret after this, whileothers wanted to create a special core. One of the things that wouldneed to be discovered of course was just what would happen to aperson if they happened to have a child after receiving the treatmentand the long term effects.

The Brass left not knowing that little Kate had already undergone the procedure and now lay sleeping several floors below theconference hall. Two days after the treatment she was still keptasleep as was planned to be done for at least four days. After thefour days if she was declared out of the danger zone she was to bewoken and her new life would begin.

Chapter: 1 Kate found herself once again setting upon the beach workingon a sand castle why the waves crashed near by. It had been fourteenyears since she had been brought here is a little girl, now at theage of seventeen the treatment she had went through so long ago wasstill affecting her. Unlike Bird's whose had stopped shortly afterthe treatment hers had continued to work. Thanks to the informationgained from Kate three variations on the drug had been developedwhile the first despite being far more powerful was never to be usedagain. Kate knew the reason it wasn't meant to be used all to well.

The sound of a jeep's horn going off got her attention as she lookedbehind herself. Watching the jeep pull up a warm smile appears uponher face as Sheila stands up within the vehicle. Reaching out towardsthe vehicle a hand roughly forty-nine feet long laying down next tothe vehicle.

Sheila only takes the time to remove her shoes beforestepping into her adoptive daughter's hand. Her stomach lurches a bitthough as Kate seemed too forgotten just how quickly she is supposeto move her hand. “ Careful now dear, this old woman isn't as spry asshe used to be.” “ Sorry granny.” Slowing down her movements a bitKate holds the woman she has come to consider her grand mother out infront of her. The old woman couldn't help but find herself in ah evenafter so many years at the young Titaness that now held her in herhand. Fingers many time her height and width all around her. AsKate's massive blue eyes focused upon the women she would alwaysrecall the first time she had seen those blue eyes, when little Katehad been brought to them for the first time.

Walking to the edge of the hand and looking over the side fora moment, at what Kate had been working on Sheila returned Kate'ssmile. “ Nice work Katy mind if I have a look?” The world movingrapidly by was the next time Sheila felt before feeling the sandbeneath her feet. Though it had been pressed together with such forcethat it was now more like concrete then anything else. The old womanfeeling a little dizzy and might have fallen over if it hadn't beenfor the massive fingers that now held her up right. Looking up atKate for a second the old one gets a some what stern look upon herface, while Kate were's a guilty one upon hers. “ Sorry Granny, Iguess I let just how quick my hand moves slip my mind.” The second trip having been even faster then the first onethe old one burst out into a fit of laughter a moment later at howodd the situation must have looked. Here Kate was apologizing whowasn't even a thousandth of her total size. Patting the massivefingers that now held her standing up right, Kate slowly with drewher hand so she could walk around freely. “ That is alright my dear,though I think you are going to need some more training to make sureyou don't crush someone if you become over excited. Now let me have alook at just what you have done.” With that the woman vanished withinthe castle that Kate had been working on.

Playing on the beach had become one of Kate's favorite pasttimes and she really hated it when amphibious landing practice wasgoing on. Luckily it was being staged some were else this year andshe could just have fun on the beach, one of her favorite thingsbeing sand castle construction. Sheila could see just how much Katehad learned over the years, she was thankful that her adoptivedaughter had taken up such a task as it not only let Kate expressherself but it gave the old woman a peak into Kate's mind. One of thethings she lamented over for the girl was what she desired most.

Every room about it seemed to speak of a relation ship greater thenfriend ship.

This included a baby's cradle that Kate had painstakinglycrafted, walking over to it the old woman was surprised to find shehad actually managed to make the image of a little baby. Truly Kate'scontrol over her size and power was quite remarkable the only dangerin being with her would be if she didn't notice you which wasn'tlikely unless you did something stupid or if she became over excitedwhich happened from time to time. The only thing the castle wasreally missing was doors since it wasn't like she could actuallycraft hinges for them. Making her way back outside, she found herselflooking strait into Kate's massive blue eyes as the girl had laiddown upon her stomach. “ So what do you think?” “ Very nice Kate, Iam sure any king or queen would have loved to have you around to helpwith construction.” Kate's hand returned to pick up the woman from the structurea second later as she beamed with pride over the complement. She hadto ask though, “ So just what brings you out here today granny.” Theold woman looked a little sick as if she had just thought ofsomething, looking up at Kate Sheila pointed over towards the jeepfor a second. Kate turning her gaze upon the vehicle. “ Put me downover there and then I want you to step back at least six paces.” Katehad a rather curious look upon her face as she set the woman downnext to the vehicle and stood up. Her shadow falling over quite a bitof the beach as she stood to her full five hundred and eight feetheight.

Walking backwards the entire area seemed to shake with everystep as she actually walked into the water though it didn't even comeup to her ankles. Looking into the jeep Sheila considered putting onthe ear muffs she had brought with her but chose to show Kate alittle more trust then that. “ Well Kate we managed to track downanother one of your online friends and we think that, it might besafe to bring them in to officially meet you. A few of the securityofficers are giving their profiles another once other and then ifthey decide it is okay we plan on going to fetch them.” Sheila was quite concerned if she should put on the ear muffsshe saw the excitement welling up inside of Kate. The young girldidn't have many friends since not many people were actually meant toknow about her. Though they had managed to set her up something of acomputer so that she could socialize, in order to keep her mentallyhealthy though they had realized this wasn't enough early on and hadbrought in people to meet her. If they thought the risk wasn't toohigh though this was a rare event. So far though only four of themhad gained permission to come back and visit Kate as the others hadproved to be unreliable, and were sent home drugged thinking that theevent had only been a very strange dream, at least as far as Kateknew.

The prospect of meeting someone knew always excited the girland Sheila knew this. Her trust was proven mostly true though as Kateheld in her excitement and kept herself from screaming. This didn'thowever stop her from dropping to her hands and knees to get closerto her granny. Sheila staring in shocked ah as the girl's kneesslammed into the ground, a massive shock wave running throughout theground that would have sent the woman air born had she not had thegirl step so far back and developed very good sea legs over theyears. Kate's hands slamming into the sand castle were the next thingas the structure gave way to her massive weight and strength.

Kate's fingers completely engulfed Sheila as Kate let out arather happy squeal. Hugging the woman to herself Sheila was quiteshocked to find that the young girl remembered her training now andmoved her hands at a nice slow pace before pressing her against thecurve of her neck. The act had shocked Sheila so many years ago andeven scared her, she had come to trust Kate a great deal since thenand she found herself hugging back as best she could. Sheila couldfeel the moment that Kate once again stood up. Pressed against Kate'sneck with, a hand many times her size pressed to her back, the valleyof Kate's cleavage below her and Kate's chin above her Sheilacouldn't exactly look around to see what happened next.

Still she could almost since it the moment the young girlbegan to run back towards the base. Kate's massive foot slamming downon top of her jeep, the weight that would compress the metal and sandinto one. The old woman quickly made a mental note the next time shecame to the beach with good news for Kate she was going to havesomeone drive her out there. The shock waves from Kate's rapid footfalls sent nearly anyone on ground level to their knees as she rantowards the submarine silo that had been refitted to at least serveas something of a sleeping bag. The only people that were truly ableto stay standing was those that remained within the base itself asthe entire thing was mounted on massive springs it was able to absorbthe shock of the Kate's running without shaking anyone up too badly.

Kate had to be careful as she made her way into the openingthat she didn't accidently brush any of the walls with too muchforce. The room was a silo for a missile sub before hand, though evenbefore Kate had been treated it was no longer used, so when she grewtoo large for anything else they dried it out and sealed off as wellas did some remodeling of the interior to suit her. Kate could nolonger stand even within this massive area but at the very least shecould set up right. Removing her hands from her neck, she placedSheila upon one of the walks ways before opening up several ratherlarge containers. Reaching into them and bringing out some of theclothing that had been made for her, at least the clothing that wouldstill fit her. It was about time for her to get a new wardrobe sinceshe was out growing the current one.

Finally Kate slowed down to stop and consider everythingSheila had just told her. Realizing that she had forgotten to askSheila an important question. The girl actually blushed when sherealized she hadn't even stopped to consider who might be going tomeet her. Sheila had already realized the reason the girl wasblushing before she even asked but decided to let Kate ask anyway. “Just who is coming to visit me?” There was a soft chuckle from Sheilabefore she answered her, “ Amy Williams is the one underconsideration, but remember she is just under consideration.” Katehard the last part of the sentence but she knew better, Sheila nevertold her something might happen unless she knew that it was going to.

Looking threw the selection of clothing she had, despite itbeing a rather small selection Kate found herself wanting to pick theproper outfit. After all it wasn't very often that she got to meetsomeone who might be a new friend, the soldiers and scientist on thebase that talked to her were nice enough that was true, but they weremore like family members in her eyes at least if they stayed aroundlong enough. What she wanted to do was make some more friends, withthis in mind she began to try to pick out which outfit would fit theoccasion the best.

Pulling out a massive solid white tube top, as well as a bluemini skirt. In both cases the clothing was rather sparse but that wasmostly to save material. Finding herself a pair of panties that fitsas well. Kate doesn't think twice before removing her bikini top,Sheila having been something of a grandmother to her as well ashaving helped in her medical exams Kate was far past the point wereshe cared if Sheila saw her nude. Actually she was nearly past thatpoint with most anything as she had been forced to adapt to hermassive body. She couldn't exactly hide herself away and it took somuch material to make her clothing there wasn't a whole lot that shecould do about it.

Slipping on the tube top didn't prove to be much of an issuefor her, however the skirt and panties were another problem. Sinceshe couldn't stand up in the room and she was at least trying to bemodest though at times she wondered why she wasn't willing to changeclothes outside. It was probably because Sheila had request shedidn't though that didn't always stop Kate especially when she feltlike being difficult. Sheila turned her back towards Kate, as theteenage giantess laid upon her back. Her legs held in the air, shehad to be careful she didn't move too much or she would end upkicking a whole in the roof or at least putting a healthy dint intoit.

Slipping the bikini bottom off, she places the white pantieson and skirt only a moment later. Tucking her bathing suit away shesets up on her knees, holding her arms out to her side having noticedthat Sheila had turned around. “ So what do you think?” Turningaround and looking at Kate Sheila walks over to the side of the walkway, looking down at the skirt Kate is wearing she looks up at thegirl as Kate beams hopefully. “ Going for the disarming look are we?”Kate's head nodded rather quickly at this question which resulted inSheila letting out a slight chuckle at the thought of a 508-foot tallgiantess wanting to look disarming. Smiling up to her and holding outher hand.

Kate moving to the side, a bit before lowering her head downto the same level as Sheila, her face lit up even more if at allpossible when she felt the woman's had patting her on the cheek. “You look as pretty as they come and as harmless as an ICBM.” A suddenrush of air, hit Sheila as Kate snorted a bit giving the woman anannoyed look before chuckling as well. “ Yeah I guess I couldn't lookharmless even if I tried. Think she will react like all the othersdid.” To answer this question Sheila tapped the front of her shirt,Kate hearing a few clanks as well as noticing the slight bulge in theclothing. The clanks coming from the four bottles of ammonia insideof her pocket.

One of the most frequent things to happen over the years isupon seeing Kate and realizing that yes she is real. People tend topass out, that or going into a screaming fit which is why it isalways good to have a few troops standing by to hold them down and afew bottles of ammonia to wake them up just incase. “ Oh Kate deararen't you forgetting something?” Looking at Sheila having been takenout of her recollection Kate looks down upon herself. Checking theskirt and tube top, she remembered panties as well it finally hitsher when she gets down to her feet. Extracting another article ofclothing, Kate slips on two massive shoes. Constructed to be strongand simple the shoes were a simple pair of slip ons actually. Thepolymer that they had been constructed from was similar to that ofher clothing though some what strong and thus more costly.

Holding her hand out this time Sheila is given the option ofclimbing into it as Kate crawls back outside. Placing Sheila upon theground once they are outside, Kate takes a few steps back from thewoman so that she can actually see her face from past her breast.

Doing a bit of a twirl the motion sending a rather strong rush ofwind over the area. Whistles coming from the various soldiers uponthe base signals their approval as Kate settles back down. Lookingaround for a second, there is a curious look upon Kate's face asecond later. “ Umm granny just were is your jeep.” Looking at Katefor a second, Sheila rubs the sides of her head a few times beforeanswering, “ You stepped on it.” “Ehhh.” Recalling where they had been last, Kate looks overher shoulder back towards the beach area. Noticing a group ofsoldiers winching something out of the ground, she finally noticesthe flat peace of metal that at one time had been a jeep. A ratherembarrassed look appears upon Kate's face as she realizes hermistake. “ Sorry Sheila, well then can I give you a lift back.”Nodding her head, the word stop comes from Sheila though beforeKate's finger can wrap around her. “ Leaning against her indexfinger, she sighs “ Now Kate you know I don't mind but I hope youremember not to pick up someone without asking their permissionespecially the first time that you meet them.” Near by a few soldiers that hadn't been around as long foundthemselves in a mixed state of ah and surprise. New to the base theywere still getting used to watch Kate walk around, though they didn'tever consider complaining about the view. It was quite a nice changeafter all, one of the things they found the most shocking though washow quickly she responded to orders as well as scoldings. Kate hadproven herself to be far better behaved then most teenagers her ageand devoted to those that she saw as her parents. The giantess hadalways been very loyal though, thanks to the amount of time they hadspent with her. It was a good thing she didn't grow to fast duringthe first years of her life though or they wouldn't have been able topunish her when it was needed.

Now several years later, Kate's had proven a very devoteddaughter to those who seemed to fill the roll of her parents. Katefor her part knew full well how easily she could kill them now, andthat there wasn't really anything that could be done to physicallyforce her to behave. The very idea seemed horrid to her though. Afterall these were the people that razed her as well as taught her nearlyall her moral values. So even now after such a long time she remaineda devoted daughter. Her hand being laid flat next to Sheila after shehad her mistake pointed out. The curtsey in behavior was returned bythose that had been around long enough as Sheila continued to holdher shoes in her hands before climbing into Kate's.

Forgetting to take off ones shoes had actually got a fewpeople in trouble as Kate had found it demeaning and there had been afew times when she forgot herself. None of these people had beenkilled but more then a few had switched projects or learned theirlesson after the first time. It seemed that having a giantess yell atyou despite her age, stuck with you for an extremely long time.

Sheila found herself enjoying the ride as Kate carried her over tothe main structure until Kate deposited her next to the mainentrance. Before going in though she turned to Kate, “ Now itprobably won't be a while until Amy is here so you might want to justgo and relax for a while.” Kate waited until Sheila had entered the building beforetaking a quick look around. There wasn't a whole lot to do today asshe noticed some of the soldiers walking around. A few of the troopswere giving the new comers are a hard time. It had developed intosomething of a rule that only after one had worked on the base for afew months could they peak up Kate's skirt. She didn't really mindshe has grown to actually like the approval of her body though shehad quickly learned while many of them might look, their interestwhere limited to just that. Still it was nice to think that if shewas normal sized they would have found her attractive, this thoughtbrought sadness at times as well.

She didn't want to get sand all over her clothes so buildinganything on the beach was out of the question for now, as wasswimming as she had no desire to change her out fit either. Lookingaround for a few more moments a group of soldiers getting ready toleave got her attention. Walking over to the vehicle and picking itup, quite a few shocked cries came from them though it more soundedlike a group of buddies that were worried about having there funruined then fear. “ Hey fellows were you going?” The driver leaned onthe wheel for a second, his finger pointing out towards the boat thatwas used by the soldiers who had some off time. Kate realized thereason they had cried out when she picked up the vehicle.

“ So I guess your yelps means you don't want to spend anytime with me?” Putting on a pout a few of the soldiers relented amoment later though they had been looking forward to their brake. “All-right Kate what do you have in mind?” “ Would some of you mindplaying tag with me?” A few of the soldiers instantly got a grin ontheir faces, while they couldn't play any normal game with her theydid have a way to make it more enjoyable. A few of them whispering toone another before they spoke up. “ All right we will play but youhave to agree to a few conditions.” “ Which are?” “ Well condition 1, the boat is considered safety and no youcan't carry around the boat, condition 2 any one of us that makes itto the boat gets to go on into town and finally if you don't reachyour training quota then you put on a strip tease to make up for thetime we could have spent in a nudy bar.” Kate blushed a brightcrimson the moment the last words were spoken. “ Alright but if thatis how you are going to play it then I have a few conditions of myown, 1 if I do catch the quota you have to put on a strip tease forme and 2 if I catch all of you, then you are going into town withoutyour clothing.” A few of the soldiers were all for it while a few ofthe more self conscious ones took a while to talk it over with oneanother.

Finally the group agreed, getting a free lift along withtheir vehicle over to the training ground. Setting the vehicle downand turning her back to the group she walked from the area. Takingthe time to recall just how many of them she would have to find andcatch if she was going to win the match. They were seven soldiers alltogether but that meant there would only be six hiding. The seventhhad the task of watching the others and calling out if she was aboutto step on one. What was tag for Kate was also a exercise, as it dissallowed her to use lethal force of any kind and yet she had to catchher targets. As they were six of them she would have to catch atleast 4 of them if she was going to remain within her currenttraining quota.

As Steve took off in a sprint he looked over his shoulder atthe massive figure standing behind him. He had played this game withKate before and had thus learned her pattern even if the giantessdidn't realize it herself. He had learned that the majority of thetime she would move in a circular pattern around the area as shesearched rather them making a simple sweep from side to side. Pastfoot prints and other things tended to show were she liked to walk,plus his past experience gave him some knowledge. Coming to one ofher previous foot prints he moves to the left side of it facing thedock before finding himself some cover.

It was a calculated risk on his part, as she might begin tostep down on the area at which the game would be called for a fewmoments and he would be considered caught. On the other hand if shestepped next to him or over the area he would have two benefits fromit. One the one hand he would be right under her so he would have agreat view, secondly it would mean she wasn't looking near him andwould let him make for the boat. Considering the benefits he haddecided it was worth the risk. Also the truth was that he was a legman and Kate had some of the nicest legs he had seen. They were manya times were he and a few of the other soldiers had wished she wasnormal sized especially when they had been stuck on the island for aextended time frame.

Hiding under the tall grass, he smiles upon looking up.

Andrew for his part was sticking out like a sore thumb. A big guy atseven feet tall and a good deal of muscle, his task of hiding wasmade even harder by the fact that he had chosen a bright orangeshirt. He was trying his best to make up for it by covering himselfin shrubbery but it didn't seem to be helping to much. Steve couldonly hope that Kate would notice him shortly after stepping over himas that would mean she would require the time to bind down and catchhim. This would give him even more time to make for the ship as helooked back towards the dock. A problem showed itself to him themoment he did though, he had planned his spot well enough but thedocks were still a good way away and they were outside of thetraining ground.

That means he had more then a little distance that wasoutside of the training area. As he considered this another questionarose in his mind, perhaps Kate wanted a bit of a challenge ordespite her blush might have a slight desire to show off her body abit. After all she could have chosen the one that was in the interiorof the island and that would have made the run all the greater. Hewould have to think on this later though, as he could tell Kate wasturning around. Everyone had managed to complete their hiding job andto his credit Andrew had done a pretty good job with what he had towork with.

Surveying the area around her Kate didn't notice anything atfirst as she began to search the various stones around her feet. Sheblew lightly on the brush area to see if anything stood out againstthe sway grass. The moment she did a solid form caught her eyes asthe coloration was wrong for a rock and it didn't move with thegrass. Jason heard a annoyed cry as he watched Kate bent down andsnatch someone from there hiding spot painfully close to Andrew whomlooked in his direction. Jason would have bolted then but Kate wasstill behind him, even though she probably wouldn't notice him rightaway the moment she looked around she would. Holding one of hertargets in her hand Kate didn't bother to put him down as she stoodup and checked behind her as well as around her feet. A few peoplehad snuck by her in the past by hiding right between her feet. Shehas since then developed the habit of always searching this area.

Continuing her search she begin to slowly walk around t!he area at last. Occasionally turning over a rock or stopping to stirup the grass to see if anyone might be hiding under them.

Two more of the others had been captured and Kate stillhadn't made her way to Jason. As he looked up at her every once in awhile he was glad that is clothing somewhat matched the coloration ofthe environment. He had no idea how Andrew was keeping himself hiddenthough. Andrew for his part and kept quiet not even looking up to seewere Kate, he could more or less feel were she happened to be at thetime, partly do to the wind her every motion would stir up and theshock waves that would run threw the ground when she walked. He hadbeen concerned that his cammo job wouldn't work but so far it hadworked fine. He hadn't worked on covering his side much at all sincehe knew Kate only had a bird eye view on most things which meant hisgreatest concern was his back.

Knowing that they were down to three guys but only one ofthem had to make it, he was hoping one of them would realize this andmake a run for it. That didn't seem like it would be happening anytime soon though. As shock waves began to move throughout the groundonce again he huddled into his spot. The three soldiers already inher hand had given up on struggle as Kate grinned, “ Just a few moreof you and you have to put on a show for me.” These words broughthome to Andrew just how close they were to losing. Half of them hadalready been caught without even making a brake for it. In order togive the others a chance he finally resolved. Standing up he took offin the opposite direction of Kate who noticed him strait away.

Stepping in his direction she stopped before she bent over thoughrealizing he was going in the wrong direction, she began to lookbehind her back.

Jason had been waiting for this moment as Kate stood abovehim, he glimpsed up her tone legs towering above him on either sidemeeting in her pretty panties, the fabric was made lacy in order tosave material officially though he wondered if this was an excusemade by the supply department to keep her in such clothing. Onlytaking a few moments to enjoy the view he broke out into a deadsprint away from her. He felt a way of sickness rush threw him thoughas he seemed to feel Kate's eyes on him, the shadow falling over himsignaled his defeat as she picked him up between her fingers. “ Thatmakes four, looks like I met my quota and now for you.” Turningaround to locate Andrew she was shocked to see that he had vanishedonce again, checking between her feet right away he wasn't thereeither.

Hiding once again Andrew took in a few large swallows of air,he was now extremely far from his target, Kate had already reachedher quota and now was painfully close to catching them all. He wouldhave to strangle Jason later on for spending so much time admiringthe view though he didn't think it really mattered. Kate had caughtonto his ploy quite a bit sooner then he had expected. Looking in thedirection he was going a thought came to mind, all the others so farhad tried to run strait to the beach. Perhaps he could take the longaway around and avoid Kate. It was worth a shot after all that seemedto be the area she was focusing on guarding anyway.

“ You're the only one left little Andrew.” Range threw outthe air, as he heard the protest of the fifth man. Only leavinghimself to try to get to the boat, still he didn't think putting on ashow for Kate really would be such a bad thing. It might shut up someof the braggers at the very least. As Kate continued her search forthe last little soldier, he felt a great deal of relief at having notonly reached her quota but beaten it as well. It meant she wouldn'thave to put on any show for them, but she has a very good chance ofgetting one for herself. Looking down at the group in her hand, shecouldn't help but chuckle as a few of them seemed to be praying forAndrew to make it.

While Kate had been looking at her prisoners, Andrew hadmanaged to sneak even further ahead of her. As far as he could tellhe was finally far enough away that she would at least have to taketwo steps to catch him. The next half hour was spent with him edginghis way forward, finally making it to the base. He looked back to seeif Kate had noticed him and was relieved to see that she was stillmoving slowly searching every inch of the field. Taking off into adash he continued into a wide circle until he was moving on the sidewalk towards the boat area. Kate had noticed Andrew sneaking awayfrom the area before hand, but she had decided to play a little bitwith him. It was true that she had agreed that she wouldn't pick upthe boat but there were other options.

Walking over the dock she simply laid down in front of thedock that lead to the boat effectively baring anyone from reachingit. This was the only dock with any boats the soldiers were permittedto use if they were given some free time and wanted to go to themainland for a little while. With it blocked she didn't see any waythat someone could get by her and all she had to do was wait forAndrew to show up or better yet a few other soldiers that happened tobe leaving. Kate's titanic form heading towards the dock had notescape Andrew as he made his way around the base. Figuring she haddecided to simply guard the boat he changed his plan and made a Bline strait for one of the storage areas.

Borrowing a snorkel and moving making his way back to thebeach he slipped on the equipment and dived into the water. Keeping aclose eye on the shore line as he made his way to the boat, he couldsee some of Kate's form even though she was laying inland. Reachingthe boat and throwing his hands up upon the side, the shocked look hesaw on the lazing Titaness's face brought a wide grin to his own. Forher part Kate was mentally kicking herself for forgetting such a easyrout of escape, standing up she walked a bit closer to the walk waythat lead to the boat though she didn't actually step on it. Lookingup as the shadow feel over him, Andrew proceeded to strip away hisgear, “ Well you might have got the better of most of us but youstill don't get your strip show.” “ Oh like you little shrimps have anything to show anyway.”Lowering her hand Kate deposited the wrest of the group next to theboat. “ Thanks for spending some time with me though.” “ Umm Katebefore you go could you give me a quick lift back to the barracks Ineed to get a change of clothing and rinse of really quick, I am sortof water logged.” Chuckling Kate reached down and lifted the tinyfigure into her hand. A short while later Kate found herself aloneand bored once again as she set looking over the beach. It made herregret that she had changed her clothing, she could have just spentsome more time playing around in the sand. Going online was actuallyan option for her but that didn't really appeal at the time as shestood up and began to pace around the beach area.

“ Hey little lady.” As she turned around to see Jason makinghis way over to her. “ You have an odd idea of little you know thatJason.” Walking over to meet him Jason stopped once Kate got withinone of her foot steps, bending at her knees she lower herself a bit.

She still towered over him by several stories but the action normallyseemed to relax people a little bit and seemed more polite thenmaking them crane their neck all the way back to look up at her. “ Sowhat brings you out here shorty.” “ Sheila says you might want toput yourself up for a little while, Amy is on her way here.” Kateseemed all too happy to do this as she headed back to her sleepingquarters.

Making her way into the structure she kept setting up thistime though, turning her back to the door. Picking up a rather heavylength of chain, she began to play with it much the same way mostpeople would play with some string as she prepared for the act thatshe had put on before. They had learned early on that having Katestanding up when she first meets someone is a really bad idea and itactually does some good to let people looked around the area for abit.

Shocked was the only way Amy could explain her reaction whenshe had gotten the phone call a few weeks back asking if she wasinterested in a job for the government. They had explained to herthat they couldn't tell her the nature of the work, just wanting toknow if she was interested in getting an interview later on. She hadagreed feeling that there would be no harm in it and the phone callhad ended. It was four months after that phone call when she gotcalled back, this time it was someone asking her to come in. As sheheaded to the court house for the meeting she was surprised when afew soldiers were there to great her. Talking with them for a while,she was explained that she couldn't talk about where she was going oranything.

It did unnerve her a bit but her curiosity got the best ofher and she signed the papers after carefully reading thr