RB GOLDbyBBL part 1“Justin , man Im telling you she is a real honey you will just cream yourselfwhen you set eyes on her “My best friend Dave had a tendency to over exaggerate especially when it came todescribing girls in this case a girl he had seen at the local mall and who hewas trying to convince me was my dream girl.

“Ok , so is she a blonde?” I played along and necked back my beer casually.

“Yup a natural , long blonde hair” he grinned.

“and her body?”“Oh sweet, she has killer curves from what I could see , looked like you couldpark you bike in-between them! Im not kidding it took me a few minutes to stopstaring at them! Tina was giving me an earful for the next hour”Dave knew my tastes in women and I was beginning to think this was a too good tobe true outline and a real wind up.

“Look Im telling you Justin mate, you wont be disappointed she is one hot babeand man face it you've not been out with a girl for nearly a year since youbroke with Tanya, come on give it a go”I smiled he was right I had been a bit of a social hermit since Tanya left thearea and we lost contact and since I hadn't met a girl that could rival Tanya Isadly took to crawling around the web to satisfy myself.

“Ok big question is she tall?”Dave smirked“ I knew you would ask that you amazon loving pervert “He gave me a cocky look as if to say that if she did conform to my love oftaller women he knew had me hooked.

“Justin lets just say she would put Tanya in the shade”“Dave are you for real man?”I had to admit he had me very intrigued now hitting all my buttons , I had ownedup to Dave a few months back about my love for very tall women when he wasborrowing my lap top for college and I forgot to erase some recent images off myhard disk of some tall busty babes and some giantess material. He found it kindof amusing as Im six foot tall and women taller than me are very hard to comeby. But he didn't quite get the giantess fascination and just found it fun torib me about it now and again. But as a good mate since child hood he wanted meto find a new girl genuinely and must have thought I was becoming a bit of a sadcase having been single so long.

“Just go down to the mall and see if you can ask her out that's all Im askingJustin then perhaps we can go out in a foursome sometime and you can stoppulling your chain over those weird giant woman web sites you've gotten into”I chose not to rise to him bringing up my fantasy , boy did I kick myself fornot thinking to check my pc that day.

“Look Dave if she is half the girl you describe she has probably got guysfalling all over her and she has probably got a man for sure”“She's single Ive checked but the longer you leave it buddy…”“What do you mean you've checked?”“I spotted her when I was shopping with Tina. Tina told me that this girl is newto this area she started the same all girls school with Tina last week and shehad to show her around and all. Oh and she said her family owns that shop in themall, you know the chain of Jewellers RB Gold, so daddy must be loaded as well”I had heard of RB Gold they produced some of the finest jewellery ever accordingto my step mother but at a hefty price.

“Whats her name?”“Lucy and she already knows a little about you my good man so Tina has kind ofbroken the ice for ya . What more could you want..”He grinned and gulped back his beer satisfied that he had backed me into acorner with an offer I couldn't refuse. Sometimes he knew me to well. I felt alittle uneasy now. I knew Tina and Dave wanted me to get back on the socialladder but I didn't like the thought of them speaking to some strange girl aboutme.

“broken the ice , jesus Dave what has Tina been saying about me that Im somesort of looser that hasn't had a date for months and needs fixing up..”I sounded a little off although I knew they both meant well.

“Its cool Justin “He put his hand on my shoulder as we downed the remainder of our cold beers“seems this Lucy is into the sci fi flicks in a big way , much like you. Shelikes to see the big block busters and Tina happened to tell her that you'vebeen on about seeing that Megazoid movie for the last few weeks and she said shewould tell you to drop by the shop and perhaps you could take her. So you see itcouldn't be easier.”I half smiled not sure if I liked this blind date business but a tall wellracked blonde into my kind of movies it did sound appealing.

“Look Im not foolin you she is a hotty and I know every dam girl in college hasthe hots for you , you handsome **** so Ive no doubts you can pull her”Our conversation continued for another beers duration and then Dave left havingtalked me into meeting this girl.

Later that afternoon with doubts fresh in my mind I walked down to the mallDave's descriptions still active in my thoughts. He was right that I did have alot of girls at the college I attended part time who hung around me constantly.

I was pretty fit and had a good physique but to be honest despite not having totry hard to get girls attentions I didn't find any of them that interesting.

Since going out with Tanya my ex who was a natural 5 foot 11 inches tall I hadbeen spoilt and shorter girls didn't seem to make the grade anymore. What Ireally desired was a girl who was taller than me that would be something butmost of the girls who were that tall seemed to be either exceedingly plain orbuilt like wrestlers which didn't turn me on. Don't get me wrong Im not justinto physical appearances but hell that's what revs your engine initially.

I decided that strutting in the shop and saying “hey you must be Lucy fancychecking out Megazoid at the multiplex with me?” was a non starter and could beawkward for us both. So I thought to ease introductions I would ask to look atsome of their products , in any case my step sister was 16 soon so I could dowith getting her something special. With my mind set I checked my appearance inan electrical shop window as I passed by. I was dressed pretty casual in Jeans at-shirt and trainers and I decided I would pass inspection , I laughed at myselfand how serious I was taking all this , knowing Dave this girl was probably veryplain it made me wonder sometimes how he ever ended up with a good looking girllike Tina.

I walked into RB Golds and it was a pretty large designer shop with very plushfixtures and fittings. There seemed to be a lot of staff around behind variouscounters all very much tied up with customers and so I browsed around a fewglass cabinet displays killing time whilst I tried to work out which one wasthis Lucy. I must admit the products were first rate beautiful rings andnecklaces with such intricate patterns and shapes upon the gold, infact one ofthe rings there looked like a plain wedding style band but the plaque beside itinformed it had a miniature inscription of the standard wedding vows engravedinto its surface, what workmanship I thought and attention to detail it was nowonder this place was expensive. I walked up to a cabinet full of dolls in thecorner which looked a little out of place until I saw that these Barbie dollshad been dressed in the most fantastic clothes I had ever seen on a mere doll,designer clothes perfect in every detail and with real jewellery upon them ,even gem stones in the tiny tiara's some of them wore sparkling away it wasincredible that so much detail could be put into jewellery this tiny.

“Wonderful arent they” a voice addressed me from behind I turned to see a middleaged woman with dark hair wearing a blue suit hovering aside me gauging myinterest on the display.

“Yes very intricate”“Are you looking to buy a gift? Maybe for a girl your mother..?”She probed presumably assessing me for sales potential or if I was timewaster. Iguess that my jeans seemed a little out of place here.

“Actually its my sisters sixteenth next week how much are these?”“Oh you will need to speak to the Managers daughter she actually creates theseyou know.. Lucy customer!”She yelled out behind the scenes of the shop beckoning the mysterious Lucy toappear. No one came for a minute or so and I continued to look at the dollstrying to select one for Abbie. It was then I smelt a lovely perfume fall aroundme and the sweetest of voices offered“Do you like what you see?”I turned to look at the chin of a very beautiful girl. I then found myselflooking up into some large gorgeous blue eyes framed by a mass of wavy longblonde hair.

“err , err yeh very much so”I stuttered and felt myself flush up red what was wrong with me it was only agirl. No actually it wasn't it was a very tall beautiful girl. I swallowed alittle and then stood up tall as I could , but boy she was tall I didn't seem tobring down the gap between us and I was definitely looking up at her! My eyesonly came level to her thick full lips , lips that would make you think they hadbeen crafted with that collagen stuff to make them so pouty but somehow youcould tell these were natural.

“Im looking for a present for my sisters sixteenth and thought these dolls ofyours look great Im Justin by the way and you must be”“Lucy”her heavenly voice broke again“pleased to meet you Tina's told me all about you”I tried not to frown.

“Really? She and Dave can exaggerate sometimes so don't believe everything shetold you”I smiled.

“Actually her description of you was pretty spot on im pleasantly surprised”She reflected my smile bringing a mouth full of perfect pearly whites into view.

Her smiled melted me she was so hot Dave wasn't kidding at all.

“Anything take your fancy?”She asked and sauntered past me to towards the display cabinet bending down tounlock its sliding glass front. Her body was unreal, from what I could see shewas wearing a smart blue trouser suit and I could easily tell she had very longlegs because she had practically no heel worth mentioning upon the court styleshoes she wore. I noticed looking at her from behind like this that she had anice firm looking rear as well and such a lovely shape cut in those trousers.

Her long blonde hair trailed down the back of the short suit jacket she wore,this was simply a stunning girl for once Dave had scored top marks. I peeredinto the cabinet I had to select one of the dolls I didn't care about theexpense it was worth it to be in the company of this beautiful creature beforeme.

“How about the one in the ball gown”“Ah Cinderella good choice you know they are real crystal shoes she is wearing Ifinished her outfit last week”I watched Lucy stand up and reach into the cupboard for the doll and she turnedto hand the figure to me. It was a moment I wont forget seeing this tallgorgeous blonde holding a 12 inch doll in her hand. Her lovely clear long andperfectly manicured nails delicately clasping this figure. I only wish it hadbeen a male doll and my vision would have been complete. I knew then this was animage I would conjure up in a moment of hand relief at home, god I was gettingsad I thought.

Again I was confronting her once more as she presented the doll and I noted herjacket was gapping a little and I could see that there definitely was some majoractivity that was defining her jackets shape, but alas no cleavage or realappreciation of what lay beneath could be gauged.

“Thanks”I studied the doll“its exquisite “I remarked bringing a big smile to Lucy's face again“Like its creator”I added and again found myself colouring up a little. Lucy batted her longeyelashes and produced an even wider smile to my additional compliment.

“You have good taste Justin, I can see we are going to get along”I couldn't believe this girl was still at school with Tina she seemed so maturefor a sixteen or seventeen year old. The way she spoke and acted she seemedquite sophisticated.

“How much is it?”“Normally it retails for 700 pounds they are real diamonds in her little tiarathere and that's a silk dress she's wearing”“wow” I gulped not wanting to appear a cheap skate but hell I only had a parttime job working for my father and that was a little steep for my current meansstep sisters 16th or not. Lucy had seen the tell tale signs in my eyes that Icouldn't afford the price and she began to address this to ease my discomfort.

“Listen I tell you what because you taking me to see Megazoid tomorrow night andbecause your cute….”she smiled and Im sure she coloured up a bit as she said it“ …..Ill let you have it for £ 500 interest free if you like or £450 cash”I smiled, she was so forward and did she just refer to me as cute ? My date wason and I didn't even have to go through the anxious will she go out with me orwont she phase I was elated. This girl could have sold me anything.

“Great then Ill take it interest free you've got yourself a sale Lucy”“And you've got yourself a date”She grinned and took the doll and began wrapping it up in an elaborate fashionand sorting out the paperwork. We chatted as she did so and I learnt that shelived in one of the big houses on Kirtland Street and arranged to meet her atseven o'clock the very next evening which was Friday night. She seemed prettyenthusiastic the vibes felt really warm between us and I stepped out of the shophardly touching the ground below me. As I turned before leaving the windowdisplay I had to take a reality check last glance at her through the glass intothe shop floor. I was glad I did because Lucy had gone straight into anothersale with a customer who happened to be pretty short. This middle aged guy wasstood before her at the same dolls cabinet and she made him look like a kid incomparison to her leggy frame. I took a mental snap shot of this scene andstrolled home wondering what his perspective would have been towered over bysuch a gorgeous girl like that , it also fired the question just how tall wasshe?Part 2That evening Dave and Tina popped in to see me as they were walking to the localpub their curiosity of how I faired was getting the better of them.

“Hey guys”I let them in the house and we sat in the kitchen as I fixed them a drink whilstmy parents were dominating the living room. God I wish I could afford a place ofmy own but on the money I earned with my fathers business that wasn't going tohappen for a long time.

“So did you go and check her out?”Dave questioned eager for my response as Tina elbowed him for the way he cameout and asked me so bluntly.

“sure did”I smiled like the Cheshire cat“I told you she was a babe didn't I?”he blurted out and then realised he was with Tina who gave him a quick checkingglance.

“She is extremely pretty “Tina added“and god her legs that girls got long legs up to her arm pits I'dd kill to havelegs like that”“I wouldn't know she was wearing trousers”I tried to act cool but even talking about Lucy had me energised“but yeh she is very attractive ““and…”Dave prompted“and we are going out tomorrow infact”“You smooth dude put it there!”Dave shook my hand but I felt his congratulations wasn't deserved I hadnt evenbegun to try and chat up Lucy she did all the leg work but Dave didn't need toknow this I could revel in the moment.

“Ill see if I can get the feedback from her on Monday at School”Tina winked and they soon left after we idly gossiped for ten or so minuteslonger.

Friday evening came pretty rapidly , I had showered , shaved and drowned myselfin my best designer aftershave and began the task of selecting what to wear. Idecided smart casual was in order it was only the multiplex, so a new shirt andmy smart black trousers and shoes finished off my outfit. A quick glance in thefull length mirror on the back of my wardrobe and I felt pretty confident as Ishoved a hand full of small mints into my mouth. A wolf whistle came from mybedroom door and my step sister Abbie put her pretty head around the door.

“not bad who's the lucky girl”I smirked back at her and fiddled with my cuffs as I responded“Oh just a girl no one you know”Abbie grinned“that's a shame Idd like to know what kind of girl grabs your attention”I felt uncomfortable with her comment Abbie and her mother moved in with us twoyears ago and I guess when she was in full puberty drive, she was always teasingme and well I know she definitely has the hot's for me which is very awkwardliving like we do and her mum being married to my Dad an all. She was a prettygirl no stunner but she had an innocent real girly look , she was about 5 foot 4and I had noticed her figure fill out in the last year or so , she wasn't mytype. Well in fairness she was short but she did catch my eye. To be honest shewas getting more and more forward and especially whilst I had been in my Tanyadepression stage she had taken to try and attract my attentions by hardlydressing around the house. You know the shortest of skirts and little tops andall , under her long natural red head of hair she actually had a real nicepersonality but I hadnt ever thought of her in any other way than a step sister.

“You know since that Tanya girl I don't think Ive seen you with another girl”Abbie mused“Guess Ive got competition eh?”I ignored her ramblings and headed out the door turning to her and saying“You're my little step sister Abbs”I heard her respond as I descended the stairs“Im also a babe and you know it “As I walked the half mile distance to Kirkland Street going from the ordinaryhouses to the upper class domains I wondered what Lucy would be wearing andhoped it would be something that showed off her figure. What was also excitingme was the knowledge that this girl who would be on my arm tonight was actuallytaller than me and it was the first time I had really experienced a truly tallgirl. Sure Tanya in a pair of heels was taller than me but there was always thefact that this wasn't her true stature and it was artificially achieved but withLucy she didn't need the heels from what I saw and I wondered again just howtall she really was. How would I feel around a girl who was actually taller thanme , turned on yes I was sure of that but would going out with a girl who wasreally tall actually have a down side like making me feel less of a man? No, Idecided and reasoned to myself its what Ive always dreamed of and anyhow Iwouldn't have long until I would find out.

Her parents house was in sight and it was pretty dam impressive. Long driveway ,large grounds and an imposing front door made of thick quality oak with two hugestone columns suspending the stepped and raised porch way. Her parents certainlyhad money and I hoped my potential date wasn't one of those spoilt daddieslittle girl types who needed to be kept interested with expensive gifts, Icertainly wouldn't fit her expectations if that was the case but then if she wasmaterialistic she would have known I wasn't flush by her sale to me in the shop.

I walked down the drive admiring the two expensive brand new Mercedes vehiclesparked there and was curious to see a taxi waiting with its engine idling. As Istepped up onto the porch the door opened and before I even knocked what musthave been Lucy's parents rushed out with suitcases in hand. Seeing me they bothpaused in their hurried departure for a brief few seconds. Her father offeredhis hand for me to shake and put a firm grip on it I was a little surprised andnoticed he was shorter than me perhaps only 5 foot 9 or so which was odd as hisdaughter was so exceptionally tall I thought this usually came from the fathersgenes but then what did I know.

“You must be Justin , pleased to meet you, im Roy Lucy's father and this is mywife Katharine”The R in RB Gold I thought to myself.

“Pleased to meet you”I said in my best formal manor and Lucy's mum who I noted was my height smiledat me and spoke very softly.

“Terribly sorry we cant stay to get to meet you properly , our flights in lessthan 2 hours and Ive been trying to get a certain someone to get off the damphone”Her eyes flicked across to Roy showing her slight annoyance“You'dd think his company was liable to fall apart he's so reluctant to step outof the driving seat for a month or so in the sun”I simply smiled and didn't comment.

“Lucy will be down in a second she's still fussing with her outfit I think she'sa little nervous “ Katharine paused and then almost whispered to me“ she really likes you and hasn't stopped talking about you since you came inthe shop yesterday but don't tell her I said that”She winked and then put her head around the door and shouted“Lucy , Justins here!”As a gentleman I helped with the luggage to the taxi and bid them both farewell.

They seemed a real nice couple and her comment set me at ease. I was glad Lucywas looking forward to our little date.

I also couldn't help but wonder if Lucy didn't mind me being shorter than her asher mother obviously married a shorter man. They had left the door ajar so Istepped in and walked down a grand hallway to the base of a sweeping staircasewith a thick polished banister it sure was a nice home.

“Justin Ill be down in a sec make you way to living room left at the end of thehallway”I heard Lucy's silky voice from upstairs she sounded like she was in a bit of afluster , was she going to a lot of effort just for me ?I entered a living room easily five times the size of the one we had at home.

Expensive rugs , open fire place and a plasma tv set and two leather sofasfurnished this large area. I sat down on the sofa nearest the fire place andnoticed the pictures of little Lucy on the mantelpiece, even as a kid she waspretty. I stood up to look at the later pictures on the other end of thefireplace and saw one that might have been her a few years ago.

“I was thirteen in that one, 5ft nothing acne , braces and flat chested ”I spun around to see Lucy entering the room , boy what a difference three orfour years has! She looked absolutely gorgeous my eyes nearly toppled off thestalks that they were suddenly extended upon! There she was a total vision ofbeauty I had to say she looked breathtaking to me. She was wearing a pair ofopen toed black high heels and a simple short figure hugging black dress withher hair fashioned up and how long were those legs!! My eyes couldn't help butdrift down those tanned legs on display under that short dress they were veryshapely, toned and very, very long as they walked towards me.

“Wwow”I stuttered in my appreciation which was met by an instant smile on her full redlips.

“Thanks”she said in an almost shy demeanour . As she came closer to me the taller sheseemed to become until I was facing her and realised in those heels she waswearing my eyes were looking at my dates slender neck and the thin gold necklacethat adorned it. This girl towered over me by almost a full head in height! Ihad never felt like this before in a girls presence I actually felt short a sixfoot guy and I felt short. It was a heady almost dizzy few seconds as I breathedin her wonderful height. But my appreciation of her kept increasing as shestopped inches before me and my eyes strayed uncontrollably to check out herchest. As I stood there if I had moved forward without bending I could haverested and sunk my chin well into the ample cleavage on show that her dresspresented. Her chest was defiant , proud and very large. I love long legs , Ilove accentuated curves on a woman's hips but most of all I had a thing for agreat big pair of breasts and Lucy excelled in all departments without anydisappointment. I think my intake of her bountiful bosom was a little longerthan was polite but as my eyes re-engaged with her big blue peepers she smiledback curling her lips up at the edges for a second as if to say “I saw that” butshe said nothing and continued to smile down at me. I wasn't sure who thatthirteen year old in the picture was but it was impossible to believe it used tobe this girl I was about to take out.

We left the house for the multiplex it was only a short walk into town and thewarm summer evening was pleasant and even better it didn't require Lucy to weara coat and cover her gently bouncing charms and wonderful wiggling chassis. Ialmost grinned all the way having her at my side and seeing the glances thistall sexy girl got from almost every guy we past but Lucy seemed almost unawareof the attention her body was generating. We chatted as we strolled and seemedto be getting along really well , Lucy was very bright and also had a good senseof humour as I attempted to make her laugh with a few funny stories aboutmyself. But I didn't want to talk about me and was far more interested to hearabout her. We reserved our tickets and had half an hour to kill before theywould let us in so Lucy suggested that we grab a drink in the bar beside themultiplex.

“Its an over 21 joint there Lucy …”I began as we approached but Lucy just smiled and teased“I don't tend to get questioned with my height but are you worried they mightnot let you in with me”I laughed and confidently walked in with her past the bouncers on the doorhoping that my eighteen years of age didn't show , I had found out that eveningthat Lucy was nearly seventeen and it would have most embarrassing if she hadbeen let through and not I. As luck would have it we entered the bar and Ibought her a drink, no problem and totally unchallenged. It seemed a good timeto follow up on her comment a few seconds ago outside the bar of her age and notgetting questioned with her height. I was dying to know how tall she really was.

Part 3“Hey Lucy, Im curious just how tall are you I mean without those heels yourwearing?”She gave me a strange sort of look and stepped back a little as we stood at thebar.

“Im 6ft 6 inches tall or there about in bare foot and Im still growing. Improbably 6 ft 9 inches in these heels , does my size make you feel uncomfortableJustin because im”she paused“ well I am a lot taller than you are and guys tend to feel very intimidatedand..”I stopped her right there my mind was jumping through hoops of joy a 6ft 6 inchgirl!! And still growing did she say!!!“Lucy”I briefly placed my hand on her bare arm gently as if to reassure her“believe me this guy thinks all 6ft 6 inches of you looks fantastic and 6ft9inches of you is even more incredible”Lucy blushed and was taken back by my genuine positive comments to her height.

It wasn't hard to guess that my reaction wasn't a common one in her experience.

“Justin you are full of surprises and you don't know how much you saying thatmeans to me”She sighed and we moved from the bar to take some seats in a casual area as shecontinued.

“Im very conscious of how tall I am especially when I like a guy. In myexperience I can usually attract a guys interest but when I stand up or we haveone date together they soon loose interest and begin with the excuses you knowthe I just want to be friends speeches and such like. ““We'll im being honest when I say you could never be too tall for me”Again I brought out her shy side as she looked away and her face went crimson,“How tall are you Justin?”“Me , Im 6ft ““that's a good size for a guy I was six foot two at the beginning of last yearand I was kind of happy with that but I kept on growing. You should have seen meearlier debating if I should wear these high heels or not I was in a total stateof panic not knowing what to do and if you would take exception to me being alot taller than you”My eyes looked down at her shoes and I smiled“3 inches isn't what I would call high heels”Lucy laughed“really , Ill know next time then”she grinned and my pulse raced at how easily we seemed to be chatting about hersize. The conversation drifted to me and back to her and the movie was upon usbefore we knew. The movie was excellent loaded with great special effects anddramatic sequences following the exploits of a bounty hunter in the future andthe aliens he had to capture. Lucy enjoyed it as much as myself which was agreat relief and cool to know we shared similar tastes in films. We chattedabout the film as I walked her home. My arm drifted around her slim waist (whichwas noticeably high up) and my hand rested on her hip allowing me to feel theway it moved to her pronounced wiggle. Lucy commented I looked like the leadingguy but with my physique although from what she could tell I was even more buffwhich I took as a compliment. I also discovered her parents would be away forthe best part of a month and a half on a cruise ship but I didn't want to pushto come back to hers today that was too soon. I didn't want to spoil how wellthis first date was panning out. When we got to her porch way Lucy turned to meand placed her arms around my neck I was again looking at her neck. She pausedfor a few seconds to see if I would make the first move , I had never been inthis situation before well not like this , she towered over me and my lips wereno where near the target zone of hers. I wondered if I should raise on my tiptoes but felt a touch strange as I looked up wondering what to do. Lucy smiled asweet smile and manoeuvred me around so she was stood off of the porch step andI remained on it then she slipped off her shoes and we seemed to level out itwas her way of putting me at my ease about the difference in our stature.

“Are you still sure you don't find me too tall?”She looked at me with her big blue eyes and I smiled back now looking her almostin those eyes.

I purposely stepped down off of the porch and even with my sliver of a heel Iwas looking at her nose.

“I want to remember the first time we kiss so I don't need the step”She lowered her lips to mine and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity butit was only a few seconds of pleasure and my head was spinning as I realisedjust how short I was to this beautiful creature.

“Can I see you again Justin”she asked very timidly as we broke for breathe.

“definitely , how about Monday evening?”“It's a date”she smiled and we kissed again before we reluctantly parted. Needless to say butI practically skipped all the way home , I was going out with a beautiful 6ft 6inch tall honey who seemed as besotted with me, life was looking up.

When I got home I more or less went to straight up to my room and I hit some ofthe tall women sites on the web, being in the company of Lucy had made me moreobsessed than before about tall women if that was possible. I smiled to myselfthinking none of these women measured up to the looks of Lucy and the majoritynot even her height. I dropped in on a forum and shared my experienceanonymously but I was hit with some jerk insisting I was making Lucy up from howI described her. I must admit that she did sound a bit too perfect.

That night I had to take myself in hand imagining Lucy as a giantess walkingacross town and reaching in to take me from my bedroom window, I conjured up theimage of her holding that doll the day previous and it helped to create myfantasy picture of me being the doll in her hand.

Saturday came and went and my thoughts dwelled on Lucy I was crazy about her andMonday seemed a long time away. Abbie nearly walked in on me thinking about Lucywith my hand assisting and I was glad I had my bed covers to shield myself, shealso questioned me on my date remarking that I seemed in such a good mood thatthis girl had to be something pretty special.

That she was.

Lucy called me on Sunday which surprised me, we chatted on the phone for hours,it seemed she too was missing me and couldn't wait to see me again. God howwonderful her voice sounded on the phone She asked would I be up for going outfor a drink tonight? My answer was of course keen and she left the phoneoffering.

“oh and you had better bring your step ladder tonight Ive decided to wear myblack boots what you would call real high heels”I heard her giggle as she put the receiver down. The erection her words hadencouraged hindered my efforts to get ready and I had a cold shower to shake itoff. It was hard to put Lucy out of my mind and not walk around permanently hardespecially now that she seemed to be pandering to my love of tall women and eventeasing me with the heels she had mentioned. Abbie had heard my father shoutthat it was Lucy on the phone for me and now she was intrigued to find out whoLucy was. I was actually glad they didn't share the same school.

I dressed in my new stone coloured trousers , a belt and a designer shirt andfigured I looked good. A bit of gel in my hair and a quick style and I wasstriding down to Lucy's house again. I rang the doorbell and waited and suddenlythere was Lucy looking tall as ever with just her face curling around the doornot allowing me to see her body on purpose.

“ta da!”she exclaimed and almost jumped into view and my jaw hit the marbled porch. Lucywas all legs , she was wearing some high heeled boots, black leather ones thatcame just below her knees and then a huge amount of thigh was on parade with thesmallest of white mini-skirts to cover the tops of those heavenly tanned thighs.

This skirt was short I mean really short or was it just her extraordinary legsmaking a it look that way ? Whatever, I was grinning inside from ear to ear. Istepped in as my eyes trailed up along her marvellous form until I saw more bareflesh as her belly button and very fit looking mid rift was showing beneath ashort red crop top.

That top was filled to capacity with her generous breasts making them look twicethe size that I had remembered them to be and what's more now I was facing thesesexy red covered jiggling teasers as I barely reached up to them! Once more myeyes had to be dragged off those upper curves and they met her downwards lookinggaze. Her face was lightly made up she needed little attention to her looks buther lips stood proud with the red of her lip gloss. Her long blonde hair divedinto swirls of gold around her shoulders and again I had to admit all I couldthink was “wow” but this time I failed to find my vocal chords.

“Hi Justin, like the outfit?”My eyes wondered down again to drink in her body once more and back up to herblue sparkling eyes this girl was absolutely the ultimate in hot! My lustfulgaze was helplessly drawn forward to her enchanting chest and I was havingdifficulty in resisting the urge to reach up and check if her breasts were realbecause their size excited me so much. I loved large breasts on a sexy frame andLucy was naturally engineered with a pair that looked as if she received morethan her fair share on the babe production line.

“You look amazing Lucy”I managed to answer her as I felt her long arms reach down to my shoulders andher fingers gently settled in the back of my hair as she breathed down herteasing next line.

“I really tower over you tonight don't I?”I couldn't help but grin and my eyes ripped away from her chest to catch hergently biting her lower lip as she continued“Im well over7ft tall in these heels if your wondering”My heart pounded I was short , shorter than ever and all I could do was smilewider than the cat that had eaten the canary.

“Im speechless Lucy you look gorgeous, I love how tall you are tonight”My words produced a smile to challenge my own and I felt that Lucy was thrilledto be proud of her size for once around a guy and not conscious of it which forher I knew was a new delight. But I did figure that a girl her already toweringsize who had bought 8 inch something heeled boots must get a kick out of hersize sometimes.

We walked out of the house and my arm was a little uncomfortable as I tried toplace it around her high waist as we strolled together. As we walked all thetime in my peripheral view was the side profile of those buoyant swells dancingunder that tight top that was stressing with the motion quite wonderfully. Inoticed that stood at my level I couldn't quite see if any of her cleavage wasvisible tonight and this was quite a teasing feeling knowing I was too short tosee over the top of her curves, it kept a sexy mystery in my mind and fuelled myimagination. Trying to walk was inconvenient as my member insisted that it grewa little to salute the aura that Lucy generated and I made an excuse to decreaseour pace a little to ease my discomfort.

“Hey long legs can you slow down a tad I cant stride like you can girl”She laughed and we took a gentle pace.

Part 4“Fishers cocktail bar is normally a happening place”I suggested“and we can chill out by the riverside”“Oh I just die for their Mambo surprises it's a killer mix have you tried it?”Lucy seemed enthusiastic and in ten minutes we each had a Mambo Surprise in handcomplete with countless sticks ,umbrellas and other such trimmings sprouting outof our long glasses. We sat on a rustic wooden bench looking at the boatspottering past and we began discussing our mutual appreciation of movies andLucy excitedly mentioned that her cousin working in Japan was bringing back avideo she had somehow managed to pirate of Megazoid Two which wasn't due forrelease in the Europe for atleast 12months.

“Cool! Is it good quality Lucy?”“Almost faultless Alison said only the tittles missing at the start but we'll bethe first to see it over here it should be with me by midweek.”Her hand slowly made its way onto my leg as she turned and invited“I thought you might like to come over and watch it at my house”Needless to say that I was more than up for a night in with Lucy and a chance tobe alone with her the movie made this all the more interesting a prospect. Asthe evening progressed Lucy and I had sunk at least three of these MamboSurprises each and I was light headed thinking what was in this concoction? Lucywas past the light headed stage and positively merry it seemed to unlock herinhibitions and as she sucked the straw of her fourth cocktail her conversationwas very open and very flirtatious which I liked. She propped herself up on thebench with her back to the arm and raised her long legs across my lap so theyhung over the other arm of the bench aside me with those seriously high heeledboots pointing out. My one hand rested on her knees and the other clutched mydrink.

“You know Justin I noticed tonight that the tops of my legs reach nearly to yourwaist shorty”she giggled.

“It must take you like a week to shave these”I laughed and my hand explored the smoothness of her skin and I tried to holdback my arousal.

“No that's just how long it would take your hands to check all of them out”My pulse quickened“remind me to check my diary Im sure I can find a free week”“mmm”,she smacked her lips on her drink or was that to my stroking of her lowerthighs?“I could do with some more of this”“Ill get you another one Lucy”“I didn't mean the drink”She gave me a very flirty look with her long eyelashes almost fluttering.

My hand ran a little longer along the side of her firm thigh to the edge of hershort skirt and she smiled.

“Boy this is pretty potent stuff in these Mambo's”I began and noticed Lucy was empty.

“Let me get the next round babe”she interrupted and slowly drew her long legs back and then onto the ground. Shestood up with her back to me and I noted again that fine rear outlined by hertight skirt. It was then she went to walk off . Unsteady on her heels due to theexcessive alcohol we had consumed she fell back and I caught her on my lap asshe was practically sitting on me. “wwwoah” her speech slightly slurred“I think the grounds moving Justin”“I think you've Mamboed out “Sat on my lap this way I was presented with a face full of her long blonde hairand a very firm backside resting on my appreciative manhood which I had to keepin check. I smiled and helped her to her feet realising the evening was going tocome to an end sooner than I expected.

“Come on girl Idd better call for a cab”“Mmm the back seat of a cab with my hunky Justin”she giggled“naughty Lucy might take advantage of you”I tried my best to ignore her drunken tease but she did have me going, I had tobe the gent and the serious one to make sure she got back safe especially as herparents wouldn't be there.

Ten long minutes later as I steadied Lucy outside the bar on the pavement wemanaged to get a cab ride to her house. Getting her in the cab was kind ofamusing as her legs with those boots didn't want to allow her to easily fit intothe cramped rear leg room of the small saloon that came to pick us up. All thewhile Lucy was giggling as I helped her.

In the back of the cab on the 3 minute journey she leaned right into me andcuddled my side which was very pleasant but short lived. I managed to set her onher feet and with her arm around my shoulder she was semi stable and walking toher porchway. As we got to the porch its security light illuminated and I askedher for her keys.

“Here you go Justin babe”she grinned and pulled a couple of keys on a ring out of her purse but shedidn't let me take them instead she held them aloft above me and sniggered. Ismiled and tried to reach for them but who was I kidding she was far too tall.

“Come on shorty jump for them”she laughed and quick thinking I tickled her sides and her arms went limp for asecond.

“No fair!”she protested and I nearly prised the keys from her long finger nails when sheturned to me and with a mischievous smile she looked down at me“If you want them so bad you can have them here you go…oops silly me”Her words came as she purposely and seductively let the keys fall from herfingers and from what I could see into her top. I didn't know what to do Iwanted to retrieve them but what a tease ! I was by now stood with my back tothe door with Lucy before me inches away her chest hovering in my face as shelooked over her bosom.

“I cant see them Justin can you?”Lucy placed her hands either side of my head on the door and closed in on meuntil my faced was rubbed by the edge of her top and all I could see was redmaterial in my face and feel the firm but soft impact of her busty framebeneath. Then slowly she tilted down her top rubbing those perfect full globesdown my face until I was looking at her cleavage.

“Can you see them Justin I think they got lost in here?”My arousal couldn't be kept in check any longer with this 6ft 6inch blondebombshell pressing her more than generous cleavage in my face. Her top had acurved neck which covered some of the tanned boob flesh on display but more than4 or so inches at least confronted me making a beautiful deep dark line.

“come on Justin don't be shy you've wanted to see these up close ever since wefirst met I know you have”I swallowed hard my hands came to rest on her hips as she swayed her figure inmy face.

“Lucy I err ““Ooh you are shy let me show you”Lucy took one of my hands in hers and then ran it up her taught stomach andunder her tight top I felt the smooth fabric of her bra as she guided my handaround a heavy wonderfully big breast outline and then my fingers entered hercleavage from below to discover the keys trapped in that firmness. I slowlywithdrew my hand from this paradise and Lucy stepped back leaning on one of theporch pillars for support.

“You are incredible”I smiled and turned to the door unlocking it. As it opened I felt Lucy behind meshe was giggling and she stumbled forward knocking me to the carpet in the hallas she collapsed on top of me. In full laughter Lucy didn't attempt to get upfast and I turned over on the floor to see her almost poised like a lionessfacing me with her long golden mane now falling around my face.

“Ooh , you're right where I want you”Her lips crashed down on mine and she almost sucked the air from my lungs. Herbody lowered and she could feel my throbbing soldier somewhere by her stomachregion through my trousers.

“Lucy we should…”“Is that for me Justin? I knew my body would finally get you”We kissed again but Lucy seemed like she was loosing her balance on her handsand I rolled her over and stood up looking down at the gorgeous blonde laid backon the carpet grinning with the alcohol that was working its way around hersystem. I wanted her bad but this wasn't the time she was far too drunk andwould probably pass out soon I had seen eyes like hers many times before and itwouldn't be too long.

“Justin come down here baby…”Her hand extended but I managed to heave her onto her knees and then her feetalthough now they didn't seem to hold her up any longer.

“Guess you will have to take me to bed”She grinned and I almost carried her into the living room and she slumpedungracefully on one of the sofas. As I released her she pulled my face to hersgrabbing at my arm.

“I really like you JJJustin your so sssexy”Her ability to communicate was failing and I slipped her grip and pulled herlong legs onto the sofa and unzipped and slipped her boots off. When I nextlooked down at her she was out for the count and I found a long coat in thehallway on a stand and covered her up. Here was sleeping beauty in the flesh Ikissed her lips and made my way home.

My head was swirling with the Mambo cocktails and I felt a little disappointedabout what could have been tonight but pleased I had the will power not to takeadvantage of the situation. As I crashed in bed I was dreaming before I knew it.

In my mixed up dream I was polishing one of the Mercedes in Lucy's driveway as ahired help and as I had finished I called for Mistress Lucy to inspect my work.

There was a rumbling sound all around and my feet hardly kept me still , thecars alarm went off with the vibration and a huge foot crashed down beside thecar making it seem small. Looking up there was the titanic form of Lucy thegiantess. Her huge hand came down and engulfed the small car before me and heldit to her face seemingly miles above. She was dressed in her tight white skirtand red top and she looked awesome.

“Very good little man now you have your other duties to perform”Her thunderous voice shattered windows all around and she tossed the carcarelessly behind her as her hand came down for me. I backed off but I wasscooped up with ease and held before two enormous blue eyes. Then she dropped meI fell fast past her huge lips , her chin and finally I grabbed a huge necklaceand hung dangling over her colossal chest, I looked below and the tannedhillside of her cleavage awaited bursting out of her tight top.

“Let go little Justin!”her voice boomed and I slid down her neck her huge cleavage came rushing towardsme when…..buzzzzzz!!!!!”My alarm clock shattered my dream and I came crashing back into the reality ofMonday morning and work beckoned.

A few hours later I was grafting harder than ever labouring on a house extensionwith my father who was a self employed builder by trade. I was a part timeassistant for him and it gave me some cash in hand to support my social lifewhen I wasn't at college studying. I reached into my tatty work trouser pocketand found my flip phone and dialled Dave who I guessed would be out and about ashe worked for a window sales company part time.

“Yo Justin, how's it going with legs eleven?”Dave dived into the important conversation from the word go.

“Dave I owe you one man she is everything a guy could dream of ““I told you Justin I knew you would fall for her the instant I saw her you luckymother, hey fancy a beer tonight at the Old Lion? Tina's meeting me there ateight but we could grab a couple of pints if your up for it?”“Sure”“speak later dude Ive got some patio doors to sell”“Later Dave”Work was boring and repetitive as normal and my father felt I was slacking todayand far to preoccupied so he took me home early. Later that evening I jumpedinto the shower. As I exited with the shower towel around my waist dripping wetacross the carpet making for my room my mother gave me the usual lecture ondrying off before I left the bathroom but as normal I made a cheeky remark andclosed my door into my domain. I was glad Abbie was at her dancing class Ididn't want to be bothered and harassed whilst I got ready.

Lucy had been on my mind all day especially how close we got last night andfollowing my dream and the glimpses I had yesterday her body was on my brainconstantly and the slightest thought of how huge her breasts felt made me saluteher from afar. I shrugged off the urge to satisfy myself and wondered if Ishould call her thinking that leaving her asleep on the sofa wasn't such a goodidea she could have been ill last night with no one at home. It was the onlyexcuse I needed to call her and in a few minutes I rang from my mobile. Hersweet voice responded announcing their number.

“Lucy its Justin””Justin, hi I was about to call you”Her voice seemed to perk up upon knowing it was me.

“Justin Im really sorry about last night I feel so embarrassed”“For teasing me like you did?”She paused for a few seconds“No I enjoyed that I think the drink showed you my wilder side, I wasembarrassed that I got drunk and well spoiled the end of the evening”“I enjoyed myself babe it was fun your some girl when you've had a few”“Im naughty but you seemed to like it I remember”“What can I say you're hot Lucy”“Why don't you tell me how hot I am on Wednesday night I should have the videoof Megazoid two by then””You're on”Lucy made a kissing sound and ended the call.

At the Old Lion Dave and I propped up the bar waiting for Tina to take him away.

I found myself talking incessantly about Lucy at every opportunity and Tinasurprised us from behind as I was letting Dave know about my next planned date.

“God your as bad as she is Justin , she didn't shut up about you today and keptasking me questions”“Hey Tina”Part5we both greeted and intrigued I asked“really , what did she say?”“Oh Justin is so hunky and such a great guy, the sun shines out of his…”“Funny”“No seriously Justin she is crazy about you Im not sure if I put my foot in itabout your annual camping trip though”“Oh geez I forgot about that , that's this Friday did you book time off Dave?”I was such an idiot Dave and I always chose the same week every year to mountainbike into the wilderness and rough it. Its was a purely macho thing girls notincluded. I had next week off starting Friday and I hadnt bothered to mentionthis to Lucy , guess I was out of practice with this girlfriend thing I hadntthought. Dave produced a browned off expression.

“I hate to do this to you Justin mate but my boss cant replace me because somany staff members are off sick”“Dam”I cussed as we always had a laugh together but I found I wasn't actually thatbothered and the thought of seeing more of Lucy appealed a great deal more.

“No worries Dave there's always later in the year”We chatted a little more and I let the two of them leave and I stayed for asolitary pint before going home to browse a few web sites. Tuesday came and wentand Lucy called me so we chatted for an hour or so she was very excited aboutseeing me as I was to see her, she wondered if I could come at 7 oclock as shehad to work in the shop from 4 until 6.30 as there was a stock take they neededto perform and she had to go in.

Finally Wednesday evening came and dressed casual in my jeans , trainers and at-shirt I walked over to Lucy's house. As I passed the two Mercedes again Ilaughed to myself recalling my dream when I was polishing them it was then I sawa very pretty woman fiddling with her bag on the door step. She looked up as myfeet crunched on the gravel.

“Hi you must be Justin”“Hi”I smiled wondering who this was on their way out.

“Oh Im Carla, I clean the house for Mr and Mrs Gold”“Nice to meet you Carla is Lucy home?”“Yes , she just got back from the shop I think, here let me open up for you”“Thanks”Carla walked off as I turned to watch her whilst closing the door.

“She's far too short for you”Lucy appeared behind me and kissed my cheek.

“Hi babe”I turned and there was my six foot six inch beauty towering over me although notas much when she wore her boots. Today she looked very sexy in a mature kind ofway. Her hair was up in a swept back pony tail which hung very long and freedown her back tomb raider style. Her make up was subtle but her lips seemed tobe very emphasised by the lipstick she had applied which I felt the impressionof as that very red colour was lingering on my face. Again in her work mode shehad worn a nice suit only this time it was a black jacket and skirt combinationwith a white blouse underneath. Her shoes were not so sensible as she had small3inch heels and open toed black fashionable sandals on. I noticed her name tagon her jacket. Dressed as she was she could have easily passed for a 21 yearold.

“Sorry I didn't have time to change”she apologised noting how I had looked at her clothes.

“Hey don't apologise you look great very sophisticated I like it”“In that case I wont change then”We sat down and she leaned in for a kiss which lasted for a couple of minutesbefore she eagerly put the video on and we settled down to watch the movie.

Although the movie was pretty good neither of us seemed to be able toconcentrate as she manoeuvred to cuddle up on the sofa with me.

Boy she smelt good. My interest returned to the movie when the leading characterRaven who was the space bounty hunter had tracked down this female alien to aforest on the planet. The surround sound of Lucy's huge plasma screen rumbled asto my delight the female alien who was a good looking actress came into shot tosurprise her pursuer and he discovers she is a giantess rising above the treecanopy. I looked for Lucy's reaction she was smiling as the alien womanconfronting the bounty hunter who was ankle high to her. As with all GTS contentin films I was disappointedthat the interaction was limited and over way to soon. After the film Lucy'sturned to me and asked me what I thought of it.

“It was pretty cool Lucy better than the first one more action scenes”“I liked it when Raven realised she was 90ft tall he looked a bit shockedespecially when she stomped on his space Jeep!”This was my favourite part of the film and I was surprised Lucy picked on thisvery scene.

“Yeh, not bad effects eh?”“Shame she didn't pick him up though”Lucy began“It would have been cool if she had grabbed him before he trapped her with thatforcefield gadget”“I guess”I wanted to keep the conversation going but found it so arousing.

“I bet you liked the fact she was so big in the film”I turned to her and smiled“Why's that?”I asked casually and Lucy grinned before she answered me.

“Tina told me you have a thing for err big women”Alarm bells ? What did Tina know?I felt more than a little uncomfortable what had Tina been saying? Act cool Ithought.

“You know I do Lucy I think your size is perfect , I love tall women what can Isay”Lucy leaned her face very close to mine and looked me in the eyes.

“But its not just tall women is it Justin?”I felt a little uneasy what did she mean?“Very tall then , like you Lucy”“You're not going to admit it are you? Its ok you don't have to be shy we aregoing out with each other and well I like to know what turns you on”“err admit what Lucy?”I tried to act innocently and felt a little exposed to where she was going withthis conversation.

“I know you find very tall women like me attractive but you've also got a thingfor giant women haven't you?”I was gob smacked, speechless, how on earth did she know this ? Did this meanTina knows? What had Dave told her ! Lucy is gonna think Im some weirdo! My mindrambled on.

“Hey don't look so concerned Tina told me at school today, she said Dave oncetold her he found all the stuff you were into on your computer and you have thissecret thing about giant women”“Tina?”I couldn't believe Dave told her he knew it was a private thing of mine he'dstumbled over I felt invaded and stupid. I trusted him to keep my confidenc