Reign of Terry    Story by KilerPart 1Terry was walking down the street of a big city one mostly sunny daywhen she realized that she had the power to grow as big as she wanted.

'Cool,' she thought. 'I can grow as big as I want.'She then realized that she could either grow right out of her clothes,or have her clothes or other objects grow right along with her. Sheclassified this fact as cool also.

Not wanting to waste any time, she decided to test her newly realizedpowers on the sprawling metropolis surrounding her.  Being that shewaspossibly antisocial, it's a good bet that she wasn't worried about theeffects this would have on the general populace.

Terry concentrated on growing (but not too hard; that can causeheadaches). She grew just a little bit, from her normal 5'4" toabout5'7". This didn't cause any passersby to even blink; they allseemed tobe studying the ground. Her 3"-heeled strappy sandals grippedher feet,and her skirt rode up a little on her thighs and got a little tighteraround her 36C bustline. Terry rarely wore a bra, she likes people tothink she's a slut (she probably is, too). This growth excited her, soshe decided to try a little more. To avoid attracting attention tooearly, though, she ducked into the nearest alley.

A homeless man who was sleeping in the alleyway opened an eyelid asshewalked past. 'What a looker. Wish she was a bit taller, though.'Terry reached the end of the alley, which widened out into a kind ofcourtyard. 'Here goes nothing,' she thought, and began to grow. Slowlyat first, maybe three inches a second. 5'10", 6'1",6'4" ... It was acurious sensation, like floating.  She felt full of helium gas. If sheclosed her eyes, she felt slightly dizzy... 6'7" ... Her clothesbeganto stretch, then tear. First under her arms, then down her sides andather neckline. Her sandals creaked loudly and broke where the strapsmetthe soles... 6'10", 7'1" ... The growth accelerated; herclothes rippedaway... 8 feet, 10 feet, 12, 14 ... Euphoria washed over her, acircularbreeze wrapped around her towering nude body... 20 feet, 30 feet, 40,50... Her head passed by windows several floors up in the surroundingbuildings. She leaned over to peer in a few, but the courtyard wasgetting cozy, fast... 80 feet, 100 feet, 120, 140 ... Her head washigher than the ring of buildings and her hips bumped either side assheturned to look around her... 200 feet, 240 feet, 260, 280 ... Clearlyvisible above the buildings from the street, still no one had noticedher; too absorbed in their own selfish worlds. Some residents of thesurrounding buildings heard strange scraping sounds and went to theirwindows to investigate, only to see a massive wall of flesh. Theirmindscouldn't interpret what they saw, so they decided to ignore itcompletely... 350 feet, 400 feet, 500, 550 ... Difficult to ignorenow,the inner walls of the buildings were pushed outward by her quickeninggrowth. The few people with apartments on that side were eithershockedor crushed by the falling rubble, the first (among many) of hervictims... 700 feet, 800 feet, 900, 1000 ... At 1200 feet tall, Terrystopped her growth and knelt to complete the collapse of the falteringstructures at her feet.

The cloud of dust and rain of debris finally captured the attention ofpedestrians and drivers alike. Hundreds looked up into a full solareclipse, this high-rise with legs who peered back at them with littleinterest.

Part 2Terry looked about at her surroundings, at the buildings she hadcrumbled under her immense thighs and posterior, at the dumbpedestriansstaring up at her, at the smart ones running away; at the chaos of thelocal motor traffic. The little people were only about 1/4" tallto her,like upright ants in tiny clothing.

The mid-day sun warmed her back and shoulders. She felt better thansheever had in her life, more free than she had ever thought possible.

Shetossed her thick, flaming red mane and stretched, arching her back andreaching upwards. Her breasts jutted proudly from her chest, and morethan half the local male population had to adjust their trousers,stimulated at the sight.

An eerie quiet had fallen over the area, the only audible sounds werethe breeze blowing through the valley of buildings, and thechop-chop-chop of a distant helicopter.

"Aaaah," rumbled Terry. "What a great day." Thenall hell broke loose.

Terry's hands screamed down into the crowd. The ground shook with theimpact, cars and people flew high into the air, and a red mist coveredTerry and most of the neighborhood. She rose from her knees and took astep forward into the street. It was difficult not to slip on thesuddenly slick pavement. Giggling at the pandemonium caused only byher,she slowly lowered herself onto her rear end, her legs extended beforeher. The buildings she used for support caved in floor by floor.

Terry'ships didn't fit between the buildings on the narrow street, but nomatter. Her weight pushed them over and outward. They seemed to fallinslow motion to the people below, their tops shifting off theirfoundations, then shattering into hundreds of deadly pieces,flatteninghumans and vehicles on adjacent streets. People trapped under her legsand buttocks by the trampling crowd looked up just in time to see thecause of their demise.

Terry reached into the crowd. Deftly plucking up a tiny woman by theback of her sweater, Terry brought the wriggling speck to her face.

Studying the woman closely, she could barely make out the glint of aminiature locket around her neck. Using her fingernail and a steadyhand, Terry picked the locket from the woman's neck, tearing hersweaterand bra and giving her a nasty gash in the process. Totally intriguedbythe locket, Terry tossed the injured woman away without a thought,flinging her more than a mile before the woman became paste againsttheroof of a pawn shop.

Using her power over matter, Terry grew the tiny locket to her scaleandplaced it around her neck.

"Pretty," she said, not one for much articulation. "Iwonder what'sinside. Oh, it's empty. Well we'll just have to fix that."Again she reached into the crowd, this time picking up several peopleand dropping them inside the locket. Snapping it closed, she let itfallbetween her breasts. It hit her chest with the force of a wreckingball,jostling her minute prisoners violently. They could hear the beat ofhermassive heart thrumming through the metal walls, and prayed for achanceto escape.

Meanwhile, Terry turned to see police and news helicopters approachingher fast. Bringing her knees to her chest, she spun around on herrump,demolishing several more buildings in the process. Reaching forwardwitha speed that belied her size, she pinched two blades of the policehelicopter between her right thumb and forefinger. Stopping thepropeller so suddenly caused the body of the copter to spin in theotherdirection and crash into her finger. It exploded in a brilliantfireball, and the heat shocked Terry into dropping her prize andshakingher hand in pain.

"Yeeouch! That stings!" she bellowed. "That's no wayto treat a lady,"she scolded at the dead pilot and his crew.

Suddenly bored, Terry looked around for something else to do with hersize. She spotted an adult bookstore, somehow untouched by her roughplay. Quickly shrinking herself down to about ten feet tall, sheduckedinto the abandoned shop and grabbed several toys to amuse herselfwith.

She even remembered to get some batteries...

Part 3As Terry came back out of the little shop, she was suddenly astoundedbythe extent of the damage she had caused. Water mains up and down thestreet were broken, twisted and/or flattened; the streets wereflooded.

Huge chunks of asphalt and concrete were strewn about. None of thebuildings still standing had any windows intact. Broken gas mains hadbeen ignited by severed power lines; several jets of flame lit up thearea.

"Wow," mused Terry. "If that's what I could do in afew minutes at 1200feet, imagine what I could do in a few seconds if I was over a miletall." Just the thought of being that huge gave her goosebumps.

Sirens in the distance told her that the police had decided toinvestigate the disappearance of the giantess. Quickly, Terry trottedacross to the recently vacated office building of Dewey, Cheatham, andHowe, three jerk attorneys with commercials running on all localnetworks. Silently, Terry applauded herself for what she was about todoto their business. She can't stand lawyers.

She hopped on the elevator in the lobby to the fifth floor of thetwenty-some story building. It was a bit cramped in there, being thatshe was ten feet tall, but she didn't want to ever shrink down to thelevel of the worthless, petty population that she loathed so much.

Getting off the elevator, she walked to a nearby conference room withaneasy, sauntering gait. She was in no hurry, she had all the time intheworld.

Walking to the large central table in the room, Terry dumped thecontents of her goodie bag out onto it. She had KY jelly, Ben-waballs,vibrating dildos, a leather whip, a cane, and a killer leathertwo-piecewith thong and bustier. Slowly she donned the two-piece outfit,growingit just enough to fit her frame, but not enough to cover much ofanything.

Placing the other items back into the bag, she climbed onto the tableand sat with her legs crossed in front of her, the bag in her lap asshebegan to concentrate. Her head presently bumped into the suspendedceiling, but she hardly noticed.  The table collapsed under herincreasing weight, and still she grew. Her head pushed through thefloorabove, bigger she got, wider. The floor beneath her began to creak andcrack. Her growth rate increased and it gave way. Walls were pushedoutward, furniture upended, the building began to shake.  Outside, thepolice had arrived. They approached the area on foot, as the roads didnot exist for several hundred yards.  Hearing a ruckus inside a nearbybuilding, several went in to investigate.

Terry couldn't hold back any longer. Her growth rate exploded, and thebuilding strained to hold together. She fell through to the groundfloor, crushing a group of police officers beneath her. She stood, andthe building came apart around her.  Her head burst through the frontwall, her butt through the rear, and she lifted the roof off on herbackas she stood to four hundred feet, five hundred, six, seven, and thenshe really poured it on. Looking down, she felt as though she had beenlaunched from a cannon pointed straight up as the ground fell awayfaster and faster. She passed her previous height of 1200 feet andkepton going. She passed 2000 feet and only grew faster. 3000 feet, 4000,5000, she gripped the bag in her hands and spun with glee. More than amile tall now, she wasn't done growing yet, two miles, three, threeanda half, and she stopped. She realized that she could get much, muchbigger if she wanted (and she would), but for now, she wanted toexperience this height.

She set her bag of toys down on a metropolitan hospital complex, whichhoused several victims of her first tirade. She'd get to them in aminute. First, she wanted to just feel the city. Being careful not tocause too much damage (relatively, you understand) too quickly, shegotdown on all fours. Her breasts hung heavily, heaving with the breathofher excitement, virtually pointing the way to where they wanted to go.

Giving in to them, Terry slid her arms out to either side and lay facefirst onto the riverfront. Her right breast covered the footballstadiumcompletely, filled with tiny fans who had been oblivious to herearlierrampage. Her left breast crushed a shopping mall and parking garage,filled with shoppers who thought they'd beaten the Christmas rush.

Her lean, flat stomach smashed a drug-infested neighborhood, several(in)convenience stores, liquor stores, banks, and a highway crowdedwithlate day traffic. Her thighs demolished churches and grocery stores, apark, and the local police and fire precincts. Relishing the feelingofthe little structures breaking beneath her, she rolled across theriver,sinking boats and barges under her legs, hip, and arm. Settling herrearend onto a major university, she wiggled it and dug into the softground.

Stretching out, she relaxed into the ruined cityscape. She exploredhernew massiveness. Her explorations gradually became more passionate.

Buildings shook and collapsed against her. An apartment highrisesituated between her legs fell toward her hands' eventual destination,and as it impacted, she gave a gasp. Too involved to remove herleathercovering, she simply shrank it until it broke away. Her breasts weresqueezed pleasurably, then burst free. Her hands found their nowunboundtarget, and as she penetrated herself, she released all tension andcamewith a roar.

The landscape for tens of miles trembled for minutes afterward.

Part 4Coming awake with a jerk, Terry realized that she must have blackedout.

She hadn't come that hard since she'd screwed her college historyprofessor. She held the record for most professors screwed (ironicallyat the college smothered under her backside) and made the Dean's Listtwelve times in a row. Hell, the dean was even on her list. But Idigress.

Shaking off the after effects of her, literally, earth-shatteringorgasm, Terry sat up with a resonating "CRUNCH!" Lookingaround, sheenjoyed the cool breezes, which struck her body at different levels.

Itwas really a unique experience. She pondered the flattened riverfront,and noticed the virtual dam she had created. Polluted river waterpouredout onto the flood plain. So much for the warehouse district, shethought idly. But then it wouldn't have lasted long anyway.

Reaching for her sack of naughty toys, Terry shrank herself down tothemore manageable height of 2400 feet. Turning toward downtown, sheheadedstraight for the city's bigger buildings. They began to sway from sideto side, and their rocking became more violent as she got closer. Toavoid them tipping over before she arrived, Terry slowed herfootsteps,timed to their swaying, and stepped as gently as a 5 megaton femalecan.

Terry reached the nearest building. It was a modest 30 stories, andcamejust above the top of her ankle. Kneeling in front of it, she waitedforit to stop swaying before she set down her sack. Gently then, she usedher right forefinger as a humongous bulldozer, and pushed smallerbuildings, broken pavement, and the dirt beneath up to each side ofthelittle skyscraper to stabilize it.

Terry suddenly realized that she didn't know if the building wasoccupied or not. She slid back away from the building, and spread hermassive form across dozens of city blocks. The unlucky occupants of anews helicopter, thinking they were out of harm's way behind her,quickly found themselves smashed between her legs. She felt theexplosion, but to her it felt more like a fly landing on her. As shesettled into the ground, her breasts pushing their way through the redlight district (no hooker ever had hooters like these!), she brushedthedestroyed remains of the copter absently away. Now she was at a leveltosee in the tiny structure.

Sure enough, the windows of the building were packed with minisculeonlookers. This pleased her greatly. Reaching into her sack, shepulledout the lubricating jelly, and squirted some out onto the roof of thebuilding and along its sides.  Working her hands up and down the wallsof the building, she made it nice and slick. Sliding up onto herknees,Terry used what was left on her hand to lubricate herself, though shedidn't need much help. Carefully, Terry walked forward on her kneesuntil she was just past her target. With two hands, she spread herselfwide, and slowly, gradually, sank downward.

It was a strange feeling having the tiny building pushing up insideher.

Its walls were so thin, they felt like parchment paper. It was kind ofnice, actually. As she took in more and more of the building, itsshapeconfined itself to that of her inner walls. The people inside wereterrified to see the walls in front of them bulge and flex, the floorsbeneath them bending to keep up. Darkness came upon them, and theydidn't expect ever to see the light of day again.

Terry settled herself all the way to the ground, compressing thematerial she had gathered about the building's base beneath herweight.

Then, reaching again into her bag, she pulled out the smallestvibrator.

It was nearly 150 feet long, only about four inches to her. Turning iton, she pressed the tip into the ground. Little people, vehicles, andbuildings exploded from the ultra-powerful vibrations. She lifted itinto the air, and pressed it between her breasts. Turning the knob toalower setting, she gently rubbed each breast with the device, causingher nipples to become hard enough to cut glass.

Now she was ready. She turned her little toy back to its maximumsetting, and slid it down her body. As she pressed it between herlegs,close to her love 'scraper, she breathed in hard. Leaning slightlyforward, her legs bent to either side, she supported herself with herunoccupied hand and began to bounce, not very high, but enough to sendincredible waves of pleasure to her brain. She became flushed, hot,butnot as much as the tiny occupants of the building boiling inside her.

She began to moan and writhe, being less and less careful, bouncingandbucking about. Suddenly, the foundations of the building ripped free,and before it was crushed within her, she pushed the vibrator insideher, inside the building, shattering it to molecules. Shaking withlust,she twisted and fell, growing unconsciously faster than ever before.

Bythe time she landed on her back she was already four miles tall, andstill growing, digging a deep crevasse in the earth. Five miles shereached, six, seven, ten ... she was still cumming and her rate ofgrowth increased... twenty miles, thirty, fifty ... she screamed andthewhole state trembled. At sixty miles tall her growth finally came to ahalt. The little city where her tirade had begun now lay entirelyunderher rear end.

But Terry was oblivious, for she had again lost consciousness.

Part 5Terry slept. It takes an incredible amount of energy just to existwhenyou're 60 miles tall. She put out enough heat to melt everythingwithina two mile radius of her body. The combination of heat and pressurefromher weight had formed a bed of smooth obsidian beneath her, conformedtoher shape, which flowed as she moved. The human population wasappalledat the destructive force which had appeared without warning, andthreatened all life on earth. Even worse was that this unstoppableforcewas a sentient being with an apparent lack of morality.

National authorities were at a loss as how to stop her. All they couldthink to do was dispatch the entire bulk of their militia, foreign anddomestic, as well as police officers from the tri-state area to carryout the largest evacuation in history, spreading the population outamongst a wide area, knowing full well that should she awaken, shecouldstill catch and then smash them all with ease. The evacuationcontinuedfor days. Terry slept throughout, hardly stirring. When she turnedoveronce, however, half a million evacuees and authority personnel wereflattened in an instant, beneath her immense breasts, tummy, arms,hips,thighs, and even her face. More than 1500 square miles of highway,towns, forests, lakes, rivers, hills, and valleys were rendereduninhabitable, and virtually impossible to cross by land.

Weather patterns for most of the nation were drastically changed. Highpressure systems built up on her west side, unable to climb six milestoclear her hips, let alone the eight miles necessary to pass over herchest. High humidity and high temperatures made the area from ahundredmiles to the west of her nearly unbearable. Low pressure systemsplaguedthe land to her east for a thousand miles, bringing brisk, cold windsinthe middle of a balmy summer.

Finally, after remaining comatose for four days, Terry began to waken.

Her first thought when she opened her eyes, was how she had never seensuch a deep blue sky. Sitting up and looking around, her eyes found norecognizable terrain. It appeared to her that she lay in a flat,featureless field. Her eyes narrowed to the horizon, tryingdesperatelyto find something to tell her where she was. Then it hit her. Thehorizon line, which should have been a straight line, was greatlycurved.  Standing up, she saw the curve increase. She knew what thatmeant. She must be huge. Beyond huge, immense. The thought of being solarge excited her. Why, she could walk all the way across the countryinjust minutes! All the way around the world in just over an hour! Whatpower she wrought, what havoc she could wreak! But why stop at thismeasly height? Why not show this world the meaning of huge? She couldfill the sky! Just the thought of it made her knees go weak.

For hundreds of miles, people looked up at the towering menace,paralyzed with fear. There was nowhere to run from her, nowhere tohide.

Every movement of her titanic legs caused the sky to split. Those ontheground beneath the passage of her seven mile long feet weremomentarilybathed in absolute shadow. It seemed strange to them that she shouldpass overhead without sound, not realizing that at her speed ofmovement, sound, and the ensuing shockwaves, traveled far behind. Thelittle people found themselves rooted in place, many falling overbackwards like a penguin watching a plane, as they followed herpassage.

Seconds later, they were wiped away by the powerful, shimmeringshockwaves she caused. In places where her feet landed, exquisitelydetailed prints were left. Footprints were all that was left, however,as nothing on earth could withstand 1.3 thousand gigatons, even spreadout over almost 17 square miles (about 28,000 tons per square foot!).

Terry found walking quite difficult, as her feet sank so far into theearth that it was like walking on quicksand. Each step caused her tokick tons of earth miles into the air, covering whole counties under athick layer of debris. She soon tired of the difficulties associatedwith this height. She decided that five miles tall would be much moremanageable, while still being huge by this planet's standards. Now sheonly pressed down with about 1.2 tons per square foot of pressure,making it much easier to walk on the tortured ground.

Immediately, Terry noticed that the ground beneath her feet wasextremely warm and glowed red. A lesser being with thinner skinprobablywould not have been able to withstand the temperatures she bore,causedby the weight and heat of her larger self. The damage she had causednowspread before her farther than she could see. Jumping up and down(whichcaused her breasts to bounce in the most provocative way), she foundshecouldn't make the slightest dent in the ultra-compressed earth onwhichshe stood. Figuring then, that not much of interest still existedbehindher, Terry decided to press forward.

Climbing up out of her self-made valley, Terry tried to get herbearings. The sun, which had been directly overhead, was now behindher.

This meant that she faced to the east. With her former walking speedandstride length, she knew she couldn't be far from the eastern seaboard.

That meant lots of big cities to explore, and lots of damage to cause.

Clapping her hands with glee, Terry skipped her way to the ocean.

On the way, Terry came across a miniature passenger train crawling itsway across the countryside. This gave her a wonderfully naughty idea.

She stepped on the track well in front of the train to stop it. Theengineer slammed on the brakes, nearly derailing the train. She thenshrank once more to the paltry size of 1000 feet. When it hadcompletelyhalted, she separated each car, and picked them off the track.

Discarding the ones without windows, as they would be uninhabited, sheplaced the ones containing people side down, and stacked them in twopiles, one top of each other to prevent the passengers' escape.

Ripping the wheels off the engine, she lifted it to her eye level.

Through the engine's front windows, Terry peered in at the terrifiedengineer. He pressed himself against the rear of his cabin, grippingthewall with outstretched hands. His terror increased ten fold as sheopened her mouth and placed the 40 foot long engine on her enormoustongue. With the skill of a whore, Terry spun the tiny engine, about2"inches long to her, around and around, over and over in the cavern ofher mouth. Finally, she stopped, the engine facing outward. Shrinkingiton her tongue to the size of a small pill, she tilted her head backandswallowed.

The engineer was on the verge of a heart attack. The spinning aroundandover would have made him ill if he had been able to feel anything butfear. Then he saw her huge teeth and tongue grow even larger.

Everythingtipped upwards, and he watched as the light from outside her mouthdwindled away, he and the engine falling, falling, falling... splash!Thick,foul-smelling corrosive fluid enveloped the tiny engine, and inarush of bubbles, it was gone.

Terry turned to stand over the pile of passenger cars. "Mmmm,thesethings are tasty. But a girl's gotta watch her figure.  I reallyshouldn't eat them all. They must have other uses, and I bet I cancomeup with a few!"Reaching for the top two cars, Terry prepared for more mischief, whileseveral supersonic jets streaked toward her position.

Part 6Still 50 miles away, but realizing the danger in getting too close,thejet squadron's commander ordered all missiles fired at the target.

Thegiantess was much more mobile than their usual target, he knew, butalsomuch larger.  Some missiles might miss, but if any found their way itcould mean victory.  Losing this one battle, unlike others, could meanthe loss of the war.

Terry held the two passenger cars in the palm of her right hand, andraised them to eye level.  Looking closely, she could see the sheerterror on the tiny ones faces, even though they avoided her gaze, asoneshould the gaze of a goddess.

Carefully, she used one violently-purple painted nail to peel away theroof of each car.  Then, squeezing them ever so gently between foldsofher palm, she shook the contents out onto her other hand.  Tinycouples,perhaps on their way to lover's retreats, tumbled out. Tossing thetworailroad cars away (killing the lower floor passengers), Terry greweachcouple (save one) to different sizes, the largest to almost 100 feet.

She then ordered them into an odd sort of orgy while she lay besideplaying with herself.

The normal-sized man and 100 foot woman seemed to be spending the mosttime together. These were people after her own heart. She toldherselfthat if they lived through what she was about to do, that she'd takethem with her. They'd share the world, and beyond.  But first, herkeeneyes had noticed the volley of missiles streaking towards her sexscene.

She recognized her vulnerability at this height, and so, moving herlittleplayers to safety, began to grow.

Part 7Terry didn't have much time.  The missiles were incoming at threetimesthe speed of sound, and would reach her in just seconds.  Quickly sheshot up to two miles, and nearly lost her balance.  Patiently, shewaited for the missiles to come into range.  Then, arm out-stretched,she swept her massive right hand through the cloud of missiles.  Mostofthem exploded against her palm; the ones she missed spun out ofcontrol,crashing harmlessly against a barren hilltop.

Scanning the horizon, Terry spotted the jet squadron about twentypacesaway.  Reaching out with her power, she shrank them to the size ofladybugs.  Their engines unable to burn with the now huge airmolecules,they stalled.  At the mercy of the mighty winds, they were scatteredfarand wide.  Some of the tiny pilots were able to eject, and parachutetothe ground.  Being only half an inch tall now, though, they each hadhorrifying adventures until each met their deaths in equally appallingways.

Turning now to her little harem, Terry found them all staring at herwith admiration and awe.  She loved the feeling that she was an objectof worship to these beings.  This was what it was like to be agoddess.

She decided to share that feeling with them.  Looking west towards thehorizon, Terry spotted a shimmering city on the ocean coast.  Scoopingup her little group in one hand (and several acres of grassland), sheset out for the shore. Terry followed the rail line, which putseveralsmall industrial towns in her path.  She bull-dozed right on throughthem, crushing homes, factories, office buildings, etc. to dustwithouteven feeling them.  Well, that wasn't exactly true.  She was aware ofthem, inwardly she felt a thrill as the shadow of each great foot fellacross the tiny structures milliseconds before they ceased to exist.

Glancing to each side, she noted the shockwaves created by her passingas they crumbled buildings for miles out of her way.

The destruction was not lost on her passengers.  They cheered her onasshe steadily progressed toward her goal.  A mere thirty minutes later(it would have been shorter, but she kept taking detours to smashlandmarks which caught her eye), they had arrived.

It was a beautiful, gleaming city, by a pristine, deep blue bay.

Suspension bridges crossed the rivers, elevated trains ran here andthere, and towers of glass and steel rose toward the sky.  Well, theskyfor the tiny inhabitants, that is.

Terry had been cautious on her approach.  By placing each foot downcarefully, and rolling from heel to toe (actually more fun than juststomping), she had preserved the city intact for her little ones.  Sheplanned to teach them their new roles as giants and giantesses.  Terrygently sank to the ground, her lovely behind descending onto rows ofsuburbian houses and various stores and shops.  Tiny humans ran aboutlooking for a way out that didn't exist until they were caught,smothered and compressed beneath her.  She then spread her legs andgrew, her long limbs surrounding the bay city, her ankles dangling outover the shore into the ocean.  Terry relaxed in the warmth of thesummer sun, reclining and leaning back onto her hands, each of whichcrushed small outlying towns without mercy.

Lowering her hand, she deposited her pupils into the center of town.

She made them each about 800 feet tall, with the women slightly tallerthan the men.  She then quietly instructed them to find inventive waysto play with the city and anything they might find about it.

One of the men walked to a sturdy-looking, cylindrical, nine-storyparking garage.  It seemed the perfect shape and size for him.

Alreadyexcited by the situation, his female partners, and, of course, hisimmense goddess, he plucked the garage out of the ground and slowlypenetrated it with his engorged member.  Floor after floor loaded withautomobiles burst upwards until he reached the end of his shaft.  Onehand supporting the structure, he reached for the loveliest of thethreelittle giantesses, and bent her over a 42 story building.  Slowly theymade love, tiny cars, vans, and trucks tumbling out of her on eachoutward stroke.

Another couple played hide-and-seek among the taller buildings,stompingup and down the streets with little regard to the fact that theydidn'tfit between the structures.  Their play grew more and more rough,untilthe woman tackled the man across several blocks, and they began a furyof sexual positions, grabbing up handfuls of people to crush forlubrication.

The last couple watched the antics of the first two for a while,rubbingeach other amorously.  The woman finally backed the man up betweenTerry's legs until his back was against her gigantic labia.  Theydwarfed both the man and woman, and had Terry been normal-sized andtheyshrunken, they could easily have passed underneath and between herbuttocks standing up.  But Terry's incredible weight had sunken herdeepinto the earth around the city.  Water from broken mains and indeedfromthe ground itself welled up forming a small lake that the lovers wadedthrough.  Terry's vagina was at ground level, and as the woman pressedup against the man lustfully, they both began to slip inside theirgoddess.

Terry was ecstatic.  She resisted playing with herself, insteadconcentrating on the antics of her fast-learning pupils.  The twobetween her legs surprised, but pleased her greatly.  As they slippeddeeper within her, she shrank them slightly so that they would be morecomfortable.  As she did so, they fell completely within her, and shelay back (flattening a nearby mountain range) and began rubbing herhands up and down her massive torso.  Her mind wandered, and as shethought about the two couples she could no longer see, she reached outwith her power to grow them, so that she could see them withoutgettingup.

It was the end for the remaining inhabitants of the city by the bay.

The man of roughhousing couple playfully shoved his female partnerdownjust as she grew to six miles high.  She fell beneath the suddenlyunsupported other woman who had been leaning on an office building,andher lover fell atop her.  The resulting crash leveled the entire cityinone fell swoop, a sight which drove the lovers into an orgy frenzywhichthey brought to Terry. They climbed atop her stomach and chest,playingwith each other and Terry's immense breasts as she petted them, andcooed encouragement.  Terry's rapture began to peak with so muchattention, and as she came, they all came together in one enormous(punintended) group orgasm.  Seismometers around the world registered theshifting and shaking that lasted several minutes, and actually splittheocean state from its parent continent, such was the sexual powerreleased.  Satisfied that school time was complete, Terry began toformulate her plan for the future of the Earth.