Reversal #2by Eddie Delaney Jr.

Melissa enlists another woman to help her get revengeUpdate: 28/10/1997 to giantessMelissa looked at how tiny Ted seemed to her.

"Wow, I'm so big you look like an insect to me!"She began laughing so loud it nearly burst Ted's eardrums.

"I bet you did'nt think that I'd figure out what youhad planned for me, did ya'? Well I decided to beat you atyour own game. But instead of shrinking you, I decided toenlarge myself. Oh, I guess that's pretty obvious or I would'nt be hoding you in the palm of my hand!"Her arms exploded with muscle every time she moved themShe enjoyed how huge she had become, the height, the muscles,the was all incredible!"So what were you going to do to me, once you shrunk medown? Were you going to tease me....or were you going to putme in a cage? I'd love for you to find a cage for me now!The question is, just what am I going to do with you?Maybe I'll step on you....nah, that would be too quick. Iknow, I'll bet that you can't hold your breath for more than30 seconds. Because at this size, you're the perfect dildo,maybe a little small, but you'll do!"Ted's mind was racing for answers, if he did'nt come upwith something quick, there was no telling what Melissa woulddo to him. He had never seen her so aggressive, usually shewas mild-mannered, very laid-back. I guess its hard not to beaggressive when your over 100 feet tall and have musclespopping out all over your body!"Listen sweetheart, you can't stay this size too long,your heart will explode," he hoped she would buy it.

"Don't bullshit me Ted, I feel fine. In fact, I'venever felt better.""I'm serious honey, I did experiments on rats andthat's what happened to them when I doubled their height. Youobviously have gone way past doubling your height! I'll haveto reduce you immediately. Its for your own good!"She thought about it for a second, and then it occur-red to her. If it was safe to increase things, Ted would havedone it to himself. She hoped she would'nt regret this.

"A-alright, go ahead. But you better not be tricking meor else!"She bent over, and placed Ted on the ground near themachine. He walked over to it and pointed it in her directionHe turned the Knob all the way to the left, "Well, I'monly gonna' have one chance at this, I better make it work!"He pressed the activator, the ray bathed Melissa in its'powerful effects. She began shrinking immediately, her heightand musculature rapidly decreasing.

"What a shame that I can't stay this big forever", shethought to herself.

Ted was smiling now, little did she know what he hadin store for her. He had the machine on a non-stop mode inorder to speed up the process. Soon Melissa was down to hernormal size, and still he continued the process!Realizing something was wrong, Melissa cried out,"Stop it Ted, I trusted you....stop!"But Ted could only laugh at her plight, "Did you thinkthat I would'nt get my way? That you could destroy my houseand threaten me and get away with it? Before I was going toshrink you just for some fun, but now, it will be permanentyou fucking bitch!"Melissa began sobbing at her predicament. How could shebe so stupid to let Ted trick her like this. She looked up torealize that she was now tiny. In a few short minutes, shehad gone from the biggest person the world had ever known, tothe smallest. What a cruel twist of fate!"How could you do this to me? I was'nt going to hurt youI just wanted to scare you, that's all! Please, please put meback to my normal size."Ted continued laughing, "Maybe you just don't get it. Iwanted you to be tiny for a very long time.....I get off onit! And you were right about that cage, its' waiting for youin my room!"Sobbing now about her helpless fate, Melissa continuedpleading with Ted, "Ted, people will come looking for me...

what will you tell them?""I'll just tell them that you are able to control you'reown height. Everyone in town saw you grow to gigantic propor-tions, so there's no reason for anyone to suspect that Iwould ever be able to harm you. Face it honey, your up shit'screek!"With that, Ted picked her up, and walked into hisbedroom with her. She squirmed in his hand, trying to breakfree, before finally stopping, realizing her struggle wasfutile.

"Oh, and don't worry about friends...I plan on adding afew girls to my collection!"He placed her in the cage that was in his room and heturned off the lights, laughing hysterically on the way out.

Weeks passed by with no change in her plight. She wasstuck at this size forever. Ted had begun dating a young girlnamed Suzanne from one of the classes that he taught over ina community college. She was cute, a little mousy, but cute.

She had a slight build, and stood about 5'5", a littletall for Ted's taste. But she would'nt be that height muchlonger!All the while, Melissa sat by, helpless about her situa-tion. Occasionally, Ted would take Melissa out of her cageand tease her. Placing her on his dick, or licking her entirebody with his tongue. He got off on the immense size-advant-age that he enjoyed over Melissa. Her brief flirtation withbeing a massively-muscled giantess seemed to be just a fanta-sy as the days went by. She began to wonder if it ever reallyhappened, or, if it was some stange dream.

Melissa knew that it was only a matter of time beforeTed reduced Suzanne the same way that he did to her. Somehow,she would have to be able to alert her to this. However, thiswould be difficult considering that Ted never left Suzanne a-lone at the house. He obviously had learned from his prevoiuserror. Also, Suzanne didn't even know that Melissa existed,having never come into contact with her.

Finally, one day, Melissa's window of oppurtunitycracked open. Suzanne had fallen asleep while Ted wasfittling around his lab. He recieved an urgent phonecallfrom the College, they needed him to fill in for anotherteacher. He had to come down right away. He checked onSuzanne, making sure she was asleep. Seeing that she wassnoring away, he decided that it was okay to leave. His soonto be BIG mistake.

Knowing that it only took 10 minutes to get to theschool, and the class would be an hour and twenty minutes,Melissa figured that she had an hour and a half to get Suz-anne awake, get her to notice her, and convince her that Tedwas up to no good.

She began yelling at the top of her tiny lungs, but tono avail. Suzanne was still snoring away. Looking around hercage, she noticed that Ted had left his ruler on the side ofher cage! She reached for it, and was able to drag it in.

With all of her might, she managed to lift it up. Bracing itagainst the bars, she held it up until the other end wasresting behind one of Paul's statues. She took a deep breath,knowing that if this didn't wake up Suzanne, they were bothdoomed to be shrunken little pets.

Pushing against her end of the ruler, she slowly slidthe statue towards the end of the counter until......

"CRASH!!!"Suzanne was shaken from her sleep by the sudden crash.

"What the hell was that," she wondered? She pulled her-self from the warmth of the bed to go investigate the origenof the sound. She knew it came from the other room, the roomthat Ted had been so secretive about. He said it was for asurprise that he had for her, and she would recieve it onceit was ready. Walking into the once secret room, she couldn'tbelieve her eyes. Before her was the most bizarre machinethat she had ever seen, it looked like some type of huge ray-gun! She walked over to it, wondering what it was for. Beforeshe could get to it, she heard her name being called out in avery faint voice.

"Suzanne, over here....look at me I'm down here!"Looking over in the direction of the mouse-like voice, shewas startled to see tiny, little Melissa.

"Oh my God, what's happened to you?"Melissa motioned to Suzanne to come closer, knowing thatit would be difficult for her to hear her.

"You might not believe this, but Ted did this to me, andhe plans on doing it to you as well. Probably real soon."Suzanne couldn't think straight, this was impossible shethought to herself.

"What do you mean he plans on doing this to me...howdoes he do this. How did you get so small?""That machine behind you shrinks and enlarges things. Iused to be Ted's girlfriend until I read in his lab book thathe planned on shrinking me with his machine that's behind youInstead, I turned the tables on him and reversed theprocess to enlarge myself."Suzanne stood there transfixed, "S-so what happened...

you're tiny!""Well Ted tricked me to get me back under his machine,saying that being big wasn't safe, and he shrunk me down tothis miniature size. That scumbag plans on getting his ownlittle miniature harem."Suzanne's blood began to boil, she couldn't believe shelet this creep decieve her.

"The first thing is to get you out of that cage, andback to normal size."Melissa had a sinking feeling, remembering, "Oneproblem, Ted has the key to the padlock on his keychain."Suzanne thought for a minute, "Don't worry, I'll growmyself, and just tear the lock right off. Just tell me how toactivate this machine, and you'll be out in no time.""Okay Suzanne, look behind the machine and make sureyou turn it to enlarge,""Check""Okay, now just stand in front of the "gun", and pushthat button.""Alright, here goes nothing!"Standing in front of the amazing machine, Suzanne wasbathed in its' wonderous rays. she felt a surge of energyshoot through her body, energy she would later realize wasraw power. It felt exhilerating. Her once tiny body beganexpanding, filling in with unbelievable muscles. Her jeanswere being stretched and pulled as she grew in height as wellHer thighs amazing growth quickly became too much forthe over-stretched material, ripping sounds gave way to afinal tear. The muscles in them rising like bread in the oven"This is intense! I feel so amazing!!!!!!"Flexing her arms, they shredded her shirts' sleeves,exposing huge, massive guns that defied imagination. All thewhile she continued growing in height, reaching 7, then 8feet tall. Her breasts protruded unbelievably, causing hershirt to curl up to the bottem of them until, RRRRIIIIPPPP!!!"Whoops, there goes the rest of my clothes!"She giggled at how big she was growing.

"Melissa, how do I stop this thing? I think I'mbig enough to tear that puny little lock off."Looking up at the female collossus in front of her,an idea came to her.

"Why don't you just put the cage in front of the ray,and I'll get out of here myself!"Suzanne walked over to the cage, towering overMelissa.

"This feels so wonderful, I've been small and weakall my life. Now, I don't think I'll ever be that way again."Melissa looked up at the immense woman in front ofher, wanting to be that size again. Knowing that in a matterof moments, she would be. Growing out of her cage would be aperfect symbol of her rebirth!"Listen sweatheart, you can tell me your life storyin a minute, right now I just want to get out of this goddamncage!"Suzanne smirked, "No problem," and lifted the cage upinto the path of the ray, and placing it on the floor. Theray took immediate effect, as Melissa quickly grew out of thetiny cage. She soon reached her normal height and continuedgrowing more! Her body began filling up with a feeling ofimmense power as her magnificent muscles began growing largerand larger. It wasn't a dream she thought, as she tensed herbody, feeling its' tightness. She soon reached eye-level withSuzanne, two newborn amazons looking absolutely incredible.

"Thank god I was able to get in contact with you be-fore Ted got home. It feels so good to be big again!"Suzanne looked down, admiring her powerful physique,"Well, its' the first time around for me, and it feelsgreat!"An idea came to Melissa, "Do you know anyone elsethat you would want to share this with?"Suzanne didn't even take a second to reply, "Sure,I have two sisters. One is 17, and the other is older, she's29. My younger sister is right around the block, but my othersister lives in another state.""Well, call up your one sister that's nearby andhave her come over right away. The other one will have towait. I want to share this with 3 other people, my Mom, myAunt, and my Sister. I have a great idea for Ted's machine!"Suzanne's interest was peaked, "What is it?"An evil smile crept over Melissa's face, "Let's justsay that Ted will have a BIG surprise waiting for him!"To be concluded in part 3