Role Reversalby BikemanIt had been years since my wife Erica and I had taken a vacation. We are both inour mid thirties and I have a fairly successful brokerage office in our smalltown in rural Wisconsin. Our marriage is solid, but we had gotten into a rutlately and needed something to jump start our love life again. This was just alittle four day weekend escape, to getaway for a while. We were in New Orleansto see the sites, eat some good Cajun cooking and forget about everyday life, ifjust for a few days.

On our second day there, we were walking around the French Quarter and Ericanoticed a small Voodoo shop nestled near an alley way.

"Lets check it out" She said suddenly excited "It might be fun"We stepped inside and started looking around the dimly lit shop. There werepotions and dolls and lots of other weird thing on shelves all over the walls. Iwas getting ready to drag Erica out when a curtain in the back of the room flewopen and a little old black woman emerged. She looked intently at my wife,completely ignoring me and said in a thick Jamaican accent, "My child, I feltyour need from the other room, come to me."To my amazement Erica approached the old woman, almost as if in a trance.

The old woman spoke again, "You feel trapped in a meaningless life, helplessand unable to change. I can help you take control of your life."What the hell was this crazy old crone talking about my wife and I were veryhappy, I gave her everything any woman could want. We had plenty of money, shehad expensive jewelry, beautiful cloths, anything money could buy. What morecould she want?"You are looking for a change, something to put a spark back in yourexistence."Now I was getting pissed, Sure things hadn't been overly exciting between us,but this was starting to get insulting. My wife was happy with our life, wasn'tshe?The old lady continued, "Here my child, take one of these tablets, once aday, as long as you want a change." as she handed Erica a small bottle of pills.

Erica took the bottle and simply stared as the old woman turned and walkedout the way she had come in.

Now that was strange. I grabbed Erica's arm and dragged her from the store.

We walked a few blocks without saying a word. Erica just looked down at thebottle in her hands with a dreamy look in her eyes. Then suddenly she broke outof the trance and stuffed the bottle into her purse. She looked up at me andsmiled meekly and said, "Lets eat, I'm starved."We quickly found a nice restaurant and ate dinner quietly. Finally Ericabroke the silence.

"What do you suppose that woman was talking about?" she said as she took outthe bottle and shook out a pill into her hand.

"I don't know, but she gave me the creeps", I said.

"Yeah, but I'm kinda curious about what she meant, what do you suppose thesepills are?" she said looking at the pill in her hand. Then before I knew whatwas happening my usually cautious and nervous wife plopped the pill in her mouthand washed it down with a gulp of wine.

"What are you doing!" I exclaimed, "You don't know what they are, who knowswhat's in those things!""Oh don't be such a worry wart, let's just enjoy dessert and the rest of thisnight."We talked a little about the old lady and how silly the whole thing was overdessert. Suddenly Erica looked up at me with sultry eyes. "I feel tingly andwarm all over. I want you right now!" she said in a husky voice.

She grabbed my hand and got up sauntering around the table. She bent down andgave me a long passionate kiss while gently squeezing my crotch with her otherhand.

"Let's go back to our room, Now!" she whispered sexily in my ear.

It had been a long time since we had made love. I've been busy at work andfrankly had grown bored with our love live. She is a beautiful woman, but hasnever shown much interest in sex, least of all initiating it. Now I wasextremely turned on. I called the waiter over, paid the bill and we practicallyran out of the restaurant.

We quickly hailed a cab and headed back to our hotel. The entire ten minuteride Erica was all over me. Kissing me, rubbing her hands all over my body, atone point she even tried to unzip my fly. With all my self control I held heroff until we got to our destination. I threw a twenty dollar bill at the driver,grabbed my wife and we ran into the hotel and up to our room.

Once in our room we were all over each other. Erica ripped my clothes andpushed me down onto the bed. Then she began to slow strip. When she removed herblouse my eyes popped out of my head. Her bra could barely contain her bulgingbreasts. It looked like her C cup bra was two sizes too small. Next she removedthe bra and those monsters sprung loose, freed from their tight confines. Theywere huge at least DD's but still firm and pert.

Erica looked down with surprise at her new breasts and began to squeeze themin her hands. Then looking up again at me climbed onto the bed and straddled me,stuffing one of those beautiful boobs in my face. "Well this is a change", shesaid in a lusty whisper.

I wasted no time in grabbing her tits and began squeezing them and suckingher nipples. As I was doing this she mounted me and began thrusting up and downon my rock hard cock. We fucked and I sucked for what seemed like hours. Thenwithout warning milk began flowing from my wife's nipple. It was warm and sweetand only heightened my arousal. I drank in that delicious nectar as we madepassionate love. The more I drank the more excited I became until I camecollapsing with my wife on top of me and my body tingling all over.

"Wow, that was incredible" I said, "I can't ever remember you being that hot.

What came over you?""Hmmmmmmmm," she moaned, "it was incredible. I don't know, maybe thosepills......""They must be some sort of Aphrodisiac. I may have to thank that crazy oldlady", I said as I slowly drifted of to sleep.

 The next morning I awoke refreshed and rejuvenated. I rolled over and lookedat my wife, god she is beautiful I thought. She slowly woke up as well andlooked over at me.

"Morning," she said smiling. "Last night was incredible. What got into us? Wehaven't been like that in years.""I don't know, but I like it, and want more!" replied grabbing her. We kissedand fooled around for a while before getting up. Erica got up first and Iwatched her walk across the room to the bathroom. Some how she looked different,sexier, more voluptuous.

After she finished showering I got up and jumped in. When I came out of theshower Erica was getting dressed. She seemed puzzled. "What's wrong?" I askedapproaching her.

"I'm not sure, but my clothes feel tight, I must be gaining some weigh eatingall this Cajun food.""Well if you are, your putting it on in the right places because you lookfantastic." I said as I hugged her and bent down for a kiss. As we parted Inoticed something peculiar. I'm six feet tall and Erica is only five, usuallywhen we stand facing the top of her head comes about to my shoulders. Thismorning I could have sworn she almost came up to my nose. I quickly dismissed itas we fondled each other. I began to reach inside her shirt and fondle herbreasts. She moaned and rubbed against me but then pushed away.

"Honey, I'd love to fool around but I'm famished. Hurry up and get dressedand let's get some breakfast."I was disappointed but complied. We'd have plenty of time for that later. Iquickly got dressed. I noticed that my clothes seemed a little loose. All theactivity from the past couple days must have been paying off. I dismissed it andwe went out to eat. When we got to the restaurant with a buffet breakfast, shequickly went to the buffet and loaded her plate. I wasn't feeling hungry so Ijust got a couple of things. She wolfed down her plate and went for seconds. Ibarely touched mine. She ate two huge plates of food and I just picked at mymeal. I'd never seen my petite wife eat like this. I figured she must haveburned off a few calories with our activities last night.

We walked around and saw the sites all day. Erica commented on her clothesbeing tight and even mentioned her shoes being uncomfortable. I couldn't keep myeyes off her. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and seemed to get sexier by theminute. I still couldn't shake the feeling that she seemed taller to me. As theday progressed she continued to stop at street vendors and get food, hot-dogs,candy, beingets everything she could get her hands on. At lunch and dinner sheate appetizers, the meal, and desserts. I, on the other hand, ate hardlyanything. Nothing sounded appetizing to me, except my beautiful bride that is.

She kept looking better and better. Her clothes did seem tighter, they clung toher, accentuating her more obvious curves. After dinner she pulled out thebottle of pills and smiling at me took one. Almost instantly that lusty lookappeared in her eyes.

"God I love these things," she whispered, "they make me feel so alive, likemy body is charged with energy.....sexual energy."She leaned over the table, flashing a fair amount of cleavage in the process.

She grabbed my hand and began sucking my fingers like they were little cocks,looking at me with a hunger in her eyes that was unmistakable. I wanted her sobad.

Quickly we got up to leave, almost forgetting to pay the check. Andpractically running to our hotel. When we finally got back to the room we wereall over each other. I ripped off her clothes and she tore off mine. I stoodback and looked at her, as if for the first time. She had definitely changed.

Her legs looked long and lean, her hips flared out emphasizing her trim waist.

Her breasts seemed even bigger, if that was possible. I was mesmerized. Shesauntered up to me and began kissing me with a passion, like we hadn't seen eachother in weeks. I kissed her back, exploring her new body with my hands. Ericahad always been small and thin and I had always wished she could be taller andmore voluptuous. It appeared I might be getting my wish.

Erica directed me to the bed and pushed my onto my back and straddled me. Shelead forward and pushed her milky breasts in my face as she guided my cock intoher hot wet pussy. I began sucking on one and then the other. Again the sweetmilk flowed from her breasts. I drank it down eagerly, now suddenly ravenous,craving this sweet nectar to satisfy my hunger. We made love with me drinking inthat wonderful milk. My body began to tingle, all my senses were heightened.

This was even better than last night. I'd never felt such ecstasy. Again we camein unison and collapsed beside each other. I could definitely get used to this.

We drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

 The next morning when I woke up Erica was already up. I got up and got theshock of my life when Erica came out of the bathroom. Erica was as tall as Iwas! I was looking her straight in the eyes. She noticed it too. We were bothshocked.

"My god what's happened? I'm as tall as you!" Erica exclaimed.

I stared at my wife with mixed emotions. I felt a little intimidated by hersize. I was used to her being much smaller and now she was my size, making mefeel smaller and not as in control as normal. But I was also extremely arousedby her new statuesque body. She looked like a super model, tall, curvaceous andsexy.

"I'm not sure honey, but I think it has something to do with those pills theold woman gave you. Somehow they are changing you. Making you taller, I don'tunderstand how or why this has happened but it's undeniable that you've grown."I said.

Erica smiled, "This is my dream come true! I've always hated being so short.

Now I'm tall and sexy, I love it! Come here lover."She grabbed me and pulled me closer passionately kissing me. She was muchstronger and quickly took the lead in our lovemaking. She pulled me on top ofher as she fell to the bed. We were at each other like animals. Hard fast andsavage we fucked. We went at it for what seemed like hours. During a brief restI looked up at the clock and jumped out of bed.

"Shit! We're going to be late for our flight if we don't get going!" Iexclaimed.

I jumped in the shower and quickly got ready. Erica got dressed, squeezinginto her cloths which were obviously far too small for her. Luckily she had someshorts that had stretch waist band and some open toed sandals she could justcram into. She borrowed one of my shirts to wear. I threw some cloths on as shefinished packing and we rushed out the door. We checked out and caught a cab tothe airport. We rushed to the gate and just made our flight.

As we found our seats I began to notice that my cloths felt a little baggymust be that I haven't eaten in a couple days. But even my shoes felt loose,could they have stretched with all the walking? I was trying to deny what I knewmight be happening to me. The flight seemed to go on forever. Erica and I barelyspoke, each of us lost in our own thoughts about what was happening. I didn'tknow what to do, how tall was I now? How do I reverse the process? A thousandthoughts flew through my head.

After we finally landed and we were standing in the isle I looked around atthe other passengers. A lot of the women were close to my height and most of themen were taller. I felt small and out of place.

When we got off the plane, I went to get our bags, Erica said she'd meet methere. After a few minutes she showed up eating a Big Mac and she had another inthe bag.

"I was just so hungry I couldn't wait, would you like the other burger?" sheasked.

I declined, I wasn't hungry. Before the bags arrived she finished the othersandwich. We got our luggage and found our car. I had to move the drivers seatup a bit to drive comfortably! We had a good hour ride home. One the way Ericainsisted we stop and get something to eat. We hit a drive-thru and she orderedtwo meals. I again, ate nothing. I was starting to feel hungry, but the thoughtof food made me nauseous.

When we got home I threw the bags in the living room and went to find a tapemeasure. After I found one I went to our bed room and found Erica swallowinganother of the pills!"What are you doing!" I exclaimed, "Don't you realize what those things mightbe doing?""They're making me taller bustier and built like an amazon. What's wrong withthat? It's my dream come true." she replied.

"Honey, I don't think that's the only thing they're doing. I think I might beshrinking.""That's impossible!" she said, "People don't shrink. It's just me that'schanging, right?""Let's find out. Here back up to the wall here and I'll mark off your heightand you do mine."We both made marks on the wall they were almost identical heights. I measuredthem and was shocked to find that we were both five foot-six inches tall! Thiswas insane. I'd shrunk six inches in two days! I was in shock.

Erica seemed a little worried but then started smiling, "I don't know aboutyou, but I'm finding this very sexy. I feel so good and in control. I've alwaysfelt self-conscious about being so small and you so much bigger than me. Now Ifeel better about myself, sexy and very horny."She put her hands behind my head and pulled me to her and kissed mepassionately. I tried to pull away but she was as strong as me now. I got away,but stumbled and fell on our bed. She was on me in a flash kissing and caressingme. In the process she tore her shirt off, revealing her naked breasts. The siteof those beautiful soft globes made my mouth water. Suddenly I was famished. Iwas craving her breasts like a drug addict needing a fix. I forget all aboutwhat had been happening the past few days and wrapped my mouth around one of hererect nipples. Immediately I was rewarded with a mouthful of warm sweet milk. Isucked for all I was worth, swallowing every precious drop. Erica moaned andcried out in pleasure as I nursed on her breasts. It was like I was possessed, Icouldn't get enough. I felt that now familiar tingling sensation saturate myentire body.

When I finished at my wife's breasts, we tore our remaining cloths off andmade love. The entire time my body felt electrified, super sensitive, enhancingall my sensations. It was fantastic. Erica was moaning and screaming withpleasure until we came as one and passed out from exhaustion.

 I woke up later that night and looked over for Erica. She was gone. I crawledout of bed dreading what I would find. Had I shrunk more while I slept? HadErica grown? I didn't want to know the answer. Erica was drunk with the newpower those pills were giving her. I had to get rid of them. I found her purseand rummaged through it looking for the bottle. I couldn't find them. Then Iheard something behind me.

"Looking for something dear?" Erica asked.

I turned around dreading what I'd see. My God! She towered over me. Icouldn't believe it. I felt puny compared to her. I backed away, suddenlyfrightened of my wife who only a few days ago was a foot shorter than me.

"My God, your tiny! Look at you." she exclaimed, as she walked toward me.

As she approached, I felt smaller and smaller. She wasn't only taller butbigger all over. Her curves were even more pronounced, so was her muscle tone.

She had muscle definition on her arms and legs. She was truly turning into anamazon. She looked a lot stronger than I was now. How humiliating, not only wasI now smaller than my wife, but most likely weaker too! She kept advancing untilI was backed up to a wall. She put her arms on my shoulders holding me againstthe wall. I tried to move, but she had better leverage.

"What's the matter little man? Your not scared of your 'little' woman areyou?" she said smiling.

I slowly shook my head, looking up to her face. I barely came to her nose.

She leaned forward and gently kissed my forehead. I felt small and helpless andvery intimidated by my towering wife.

"Do you know how tall I am now, my little cutie?" she said kissing myforehead and face as she talked, "I'm five foot nine, almost as tall as you usedto be, and look at my body. I'm getting stronger and more muscular, I bet I'mstronger than you now, little guy. Let's see how short you are now, come on."Erica dragged me over to the wall where we had measured ourselves earlierthat day. She had stuck a measuring tape to the wall beside the marks we'd made.

I saw the new mark she'd made for herself far above my head. She pushed my backto the wall and made a mark at the top of my head. She let me turn around tolook. Five three! I was a shrimp!"There there honey, it's not so bad. Your taller than I used to be and yourso darn cute." she began kissing my face again. "I think I'm going to enjoythis, I like being this tall and having you shorter.""What!?! Are you crazy? I hate this. We've got to figure out how to stopthis. Where are the pills? You've got to stop taking them. This can't continue.

I can't afford to shrink any more.""I've hidden them. I figured you'd want to stop me from using them and Idon't want to stop. I like being bigger and stronger. I like being in control.

I've always been small and weak, pushed around by everyone because they werebigger than me. Well no more. I'm now tall for a woman and as strong as most menI bet, but I want to get bigger. I love you but I won't let you get in my way.

Actually I enjoy looking down at you my love, I think its extremely sexy."I was in a daze. Here was my formerly tiny, mousy wife suddenly becoming adomineering amazon overnight. I didn't know what to do. I had always been incontrol of my life. With my business, my social life and definitely with mywife. Now all that was changing. How would I be able to face the world again,now shorter than almost everyone I knew? Who could I turn to for help? I didn'tknow.

"Erica please stop this now. Hasn't this gone far enough? You're scaring me.

I love you and would do anything for you, but not this, please. Let's stop thisnow and figure out a way to get me back to normal."Erica simply smiled down at me, "Don't worry my love, I'll take care of you.

Everything will be all right." She hugged me tight and held me, rocking megently back and forth comforting me. I began to feel better.

We spent the rest of the night relaxing in front of the fire place. Talkingand fooling around. I had to admit I found her very exciting now. She was like agoddess, beautiful, sex and strong. Somehow we'd get through this and life wouldget back to normal. I was exhausted from the events of late and fell asleep inher arms.

The next morning I woke up famished. I went to the kitchen to get somethingto eat but nothing sounded appealing to me. I finally forced myself to eat somecereal. As soon as I ate it I felt nauseous and ran to the bathroom and puked itall up! I tried eating other things with identical results. By now Erica hadheard me and come to me with a worried look on her face.

"What's wrong love?", she asked concerned.

"I don't know. I'm starving but I can't keep anything down. I don't feel ill,just weak." I said looking up at her. I still couldn't get used to the fact thatshe was so much taller than me.

She held me with my head on her shoulder. I felt her breasts pushing againstme. I looked down at them and instantly my mouth started to water. I hungeredfor the milk that they provided. She seemed to know what I needed and grabbedone of her breasts in her hand and guided it into my mouth. I couldn't resist iteven though I knew the possible outcome of drinking the milk. I clamped down onthe offered nipple and sucked for all I was worth. Sweet tasting warm liquidfilled my mouth. I grabbed the breast with both hands and sucked as my wife heldme. I instantly felt better and stronger. My hunger quickly dissolved. After awhile Erica switched breasts and I suckled the other. God did it taste good!After I finished I looked up at Erica. She was looking down at me with a warmloving smile while she softly stroked my hair. I felt much better now, full andcontented. Again my body began to tingle and I watched in amazement as veryslowly Erica appeared to grow before my eyes! The shrinking was continuing!After a few minutes the sensations stopped and I looked up at my wife who nowlooked even larger! I couldn't see over her shoulders! She was huge! I steppedback, afraid again and feeling even more helpless.

"That was incredible, I saw you shrink before my eyes! That was so cool!You're even smaller now. Come on let's see." She grabbed my arm and pulled mealong behind her as she rushed into our bedroom and pushed me up to themeasuring tape. She marked my height and let me look. Five feet even! I was thesame height my wife used to be! I was a midget!Erica backed up to the wall and handed me the pencil. I had to stretch tomake the mark and I could barely reach the top of her head on tiptoes. While Iwas trying to make the mark she grabbed me under the arms and lifted me up withease, smiling with satisfaction as she did it. She was much stronger than I was.

She must outweigh me by seventy pounds or so. I finally got the line drawn sheput me down. As I descended I felt increasingly smaller. When I was finally onmy own two feet I looked up at her. I was looking up under her chin as she stoodthere looking down her nose at me. Her breasts were at my shoulders and I waslooking straight at her collar.

We looked up at the mark I had made for her and saw it read six feet tall.

She was as tall as I used to be and I was her old height! We had completelyreversed roles!Erica started to laugh, "Well how does it feel to be short my little love? Amere five feet tall? Are you enjoying it? I know I like being your old height.

This is wonderful. I feel so strong, confident powerful. I'm in control ofthings now.""What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Well since I'm the size and strength you always were, and you're my oldsize, I'd say I'm the "man" of the house now. I'm in charge.""I'm still your husband and I'm still the man of this house, no matter howtall you get. You just remember that!" I was starting to get angry. I don't liketo be pushed around and no woman was going to be in charge while I was around.

"Oh really? Little man." Erica said slowly as she looked down at me. "Andjust how are you going to stop me. Your not a real man any more. Your barelylarger than a boy and you will do as I say. There are definitely going to besome drastic changes around this household starting now. You will listen to me,I'm the boss and if you don't like it, well too bad, you're to small to stopme."I looked up at my wife in awe. This was impossible and I wouldn't put up withit!. "Now hold it right there. You are still MY wife and you will listen to me."Erica just laughed, "And how do you think you can stop me, little man? I'mbigger and stronger than you. You're no match for me. Face it, I'm in control ofour marriage now and you will obey me from this point on!" She poked me in thechest with her index finger, setting me back a step. "And if you don't do asyour told I will make you, by force if necessary."I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had to stop this and stop it now! Iwas getting madder by the minute and was about to blow. I pushed Erica back wayfrom me. "I will not take orders from you or any woman. I'm the man of the houseand I do as I please!"I barely budged her. She quickly grabbed me, picked me up and threw me to thefloor. I tried to fight her, but she was too strong. We wrestled for a fewminutes but it was a hopeless fight. She pinned me down and pulled my arm behindmy back, holding it there easily. She slowly increased the pressure until itbegan to hurt. I fought with all my strength but she had leverage and was far tostrong for me.

"Apologize to me and say you'll do as your told" she said calmly but firmly.

"No! Never!" I screamed.

She increased the pressure until I thought she'd tear my arm off and repeatedher order. I tried to fight it but the pain was too much for me to bare. Ifinally relented. "OK, you win! I listen to you! You're the boss! Please let mego!Erica released me and stood up, leaving me lying on the floor rubbing my sorearm. From this angle she looked even larger more towering. "Good, now thatwasn't so hard was it honey?" she said smugly. "Now be a dear and go cook mesome breakfast. I'll have a three egg omelette, some bacon and toast. I'm goingto go find something to wear.""Yes dear" I answered meekly, "But can I get dressed first?" I couldn'tbelieve I was asking my wife for permission to get dressed.

"No, I like you naked, besides none of your clothes will fit you. Now getgoing."I slowly slunk into the kitchen and started cooking. I felt even morevulnerable working nude. By the time I finished with breakfast Erica arrived inthe kitchen. She was dressed in one of my old shirts and my sweatpants. Theshirt and sweats were both tight on her around the hips and bosom. Now I felteven more exposed and helpless, cooking for my fully clothed wife while I wascompletely naked.

"Bring it over to the table and get me some coffee and juice." I complied andthen she told me to sit and wait for her. After she finished eating she got upand casually told me to clean up and join her in the living room when I wasdone. My god I was her personal servant now! I dutifully cleaned up the kitchenand joined Erica in the living room. She was sprawled out on the couch watchingTV. She signalled me to sit on the couch near her feet.

"Ah, now this is the life. I get to relax on the couch while you get my mealsand clean up. I think I'm going to like this. Why don't you rub my feet dear?"Now I had to rub her feet! This was getting even worse. I was used to workingall day and coming home and having my wife wait on me hand and foot, now I wasthe one doing the serving. I took a deep breath and began massaging her feet.

The rest of the day progressed like the morning. Erica had me put away ourluggage, do the laundry and clean the house, all in the nude. She wouldoccasionally check on me. She was a demanding taskmaster. She would make me redochores she felt weren't up to her standards. She would also fondle me, playingwith me and teasing me steadily. She would come up behind me and rub up againstme with her large body. She kept me in a state of constant arousal, furtherenhancing my feelings of exposure by having me naked and aroused in front ofher.

I cooked all of her meals and snacks during the day. I on the other hand, atenothing. Still the thought of food made me sick. I hadn't eaten any food in daysbut I felt fine. After dinner Erica sat on the couch again and had me make her adrink. When I served it to her she showed me one of the special pills andsmiled.

"No honey please don't", I begged, "I'll do whatever you want. I'll wait onyou hand and foot, anything, just don't make me shrink any more, please.""Well my little love, how is that any different from right now? You'll dowhat I say, you have no choice. I want you smaller. Then you'll be even easierto control. Won't that be fun?" She then swallowed the pill and smiled at me.

I tried to stop her from taking the pill, but it was not contest. She pushedme away easily. She quickly became very horny and began rubbing her breasts andpussy through her cloths. I just stood there watching, enjoying the show. Mywife had previously been very reserved and would never had played with herselfin front of me at least. But since these changes had taken place in our livesshe was much more uninhibited.

"Oh I'm so horny my love. Undress me." she stood up and had me take herclothes off.

I took off the sweat pants, she wasn't wearing any underwear. She stoodstraight as I tried to take off her shirt. I could barely get it over her head,standing on my tip toes, and no way could I get it over her arms, which she heldup over her head. Erica stifled a giggle at my efforts. She let me struggle fora minute or so and finally let her arms down so I could get her shirt off.

She sat back down on the couch and spread her legs. She began playing withherself again, moaning softly. She continued pleasuring herself, smiling at methe entire time. I was getting extremely excited watching her show. After a fewminutes she spoke in breathless gasps, "Oh, get down between my legs and lickme, make me cum!"I was a little reluctant to do this. Our sex life had always veryconventional, straight missionary position. Erica had always been veryconservative about sex. We usually just had sex and that was it. Now she waspleasuring herself in front of me and wanted me to perform cunnilingus. I'dnever done this before, up until now, in our relationship we had sex when Iwanted it and how I wanted it and that was it. Doing something like this hadnever entered my mind. Now Erica was demanding that I lick her pussy!Erica noticed my hesitation and snapped, "I said, get down between my legsand lick me, NOW!"I dove between her legs and touched her lips gingerly with my tongue. Ericamoaned and thrust her hips to meet my tongue. I got a little braver and exploredfurther. Erica moaned even louder encouraging me along. I got more enthusiasticand began licking faster and harder, probing deep inside her with my tongue.

Erica bucked and screamed with pleasure. She grabbed my head and pushed my faceagainst her hot wet pussy. I licked and sucked frantically, driving her over theedge. She came and covered my face with her juices and clamped her thighs aroundmy head. She crushed my head between her thighs as she came for what seemed likehours. Just as I was about to pass out she released me and I fell to the floor.

"That was incredible," she whispered breathlessly, "I've never cum like thatin my life, that felt so good. I like having you serve me for a change."I was very excited also. Looking up at my amazon wife knowing I'd made herfeel so good had brought me near the edge. I climbed up Erica's body and slid myerection inside her. She responded and thrust up to met me. She grabbed my assand pulled me up deeper into her. We fucked with total abandon, moaning andcrying out in ecstasy until we came together. I relaxed on top of Erica with myhead nestled on her pillowy breasts while she gently stroked my head.

After a while I realized I was famished. I went to the kitchen to findsomething to eat. I searched high and low, but couldn't find anything thatsounded good to me. Finally I tried to eat some of the leftovers from Erica'sdinner. As soon as I took the first bite, I felt sick and spit it up. What wasgoing on? Why couldn't I eat and why hadn't I starved to death yet?As if she knew what I needed Erica came up behind me and hugged me. "Hungrymy little man? I know what you need."With that she turned me to face her. I looked up at her smiling face and thendown at her beautiful milk filled breasts. She squeezed them in her hands andthen guided my head down toward her right breast. I knew what would happen if Idrank her milk, but I also knew that I needed it to survive. Somehow with allthe changes to my body I was now dependent on her milk for sustenance. Icouldn't control my need for it. My mouth watered and my stomach growled. Igrabbed the offered breast with both hands and wrapped my mouth around her erectnipple. Instantly the milk began to flow, filling my mouth with its warmth. Iswallowed as fast as I could, filling my empty stomach. I felt betterimmediately and sucked with new energy. Erica moaned with pleasure and pushed myface into her soft breasts almost smothering me. I continued to feed off mywife's breasts until I was full and could take no more.

"There, wasn't that good my little one?" Erica said in a condescending voice,"Feel all better now? Mommy's milk fill you up?"She was treating me like a child now! I was beginning to realize that Icouldn't survive without her to feed me and protect me. I was more like a smallchild than a husband to her now. And she seemed to be enjoying the new roles.

My body tingled all over stronger that ever before and I felt a little dizzy.

The feelings increased in intensity then I felt a sinking sensation. I looked upat Erica as she appeared to grow above me. Her shoulders rose higher above meand her breasts rose up to meet my face. By the time the feelings stopped I waslooking straight ahead at her breasts. Erica was giggling in delight. She up herhand on top of my head and then brought it to the middle of her chest. I wasonly chest high to my wife!"Oh you're so tiny and cute my love." She bent way down and kissed the top ofthe head, like one would a child. "And you are mine, now come on"She dragged me to the bed room and marked her own height on the wall, I nowcouldn't reach that far. She looked at the mark puzzled. "Still six feet even, Ihaven't grown at all since last time. Hmmmm, well that's fine, if I got anytaller I'd be too tall anyway. Let's see about you my tiny one"She backed me up to the wall and marked my height off. I was now fourfoot-six inches! I'd shrunk six inches since this morning! But the totaldifference in our heights was the same. It appeared the energy that grew her wasnow transferred to shrinking me alone. I was shrivelling away faster and faster!"Four feet-six inches! My but we are getting small." she said giggling.

"You're just the right height now for feeding aren't you, my little baby, I meanman?"She pulled my head to her bosom and practically suffocated me. "Oh I love youso much my shrimpy little husband."She let me go and then bent down with her hands on her knees until she waseye level with me. This made me feel even tinier. "Now here are the new rules ofthe house. I'm the boss. You will do whatever I say without hesitation or youwill be punished. You will treat me with respect at all times, I will nottolerate any different. Do you understand?""Punished what the hell are you talking about? I'm your husband not a littleboy, and I'll not be treated as such, do 'you' understand." I yelled up at mytowing wife with my hands on my hips.

"Well from my point of view, you're as small as a child and right now you'reacting like one. Maybe I'll treat you like one." she said slowly punctuatingeach word by jabbing her finger in my chest. With that she grabbed me and pickedme up. I tried to get away but she was too strong. She walked over to the bedand sat down still holding me. With almost no effort at all she flipped me overand laid me face down on her lap, with my dick between her legs.

"What are you doing?" I screamed.

"Why I'm going to give my bad little boy a spanking to teach him a lesson."With that she began spanking my bare ass. This was the most degrading andhumiliating thing that had ever happened to me. To be turned over you wife'sknee and spanked like a small child! She didn't hold anything back. It hurt likehell. I begged and pleaded for her to stop. I promised to be good and dowhatever she wanted, anything, just no more. At that statement she finallystopped, but left me draped over her knees.

"Now that's more like it. You have to understand that I'm the boss. You nowdepend on me for everything, without me to feed you, you would starve. You needme to take care of you and protect you. I'm the head of the household now andyou will treat me as such at all times. I will do what I want, when I want andyou'll follow my orders. Any indiscretions will be dealt with, got it?""Yes ma'am. Anything you say." I said meekly, my ego completely defeated.

"Good, now listen to me for a second." Erica lifted me off her lap and stoodme on the floor in front of her. Even with her sitting on the bed I still had tolook up to her. She leaned forward till we were eye to eye. "Now I know thismust be difficult for you baby and I do love you. So I'm going to stop takingthe pills. I don't want you to shrink away to nothing on me. Now you've got topromise to behave. If you give me any problems controlling you at all, then Iwill shrink you even more until your completely helpless. Do you understand?""Yes dear, I'll do anything just don't shrink me any more!" I repliedeagerly.

"Good boy" she said patting me on the head. "Now lets have some fun! Climb onthe bed and lick me to another earthshattering orgasm."The rest of the night I fulfilled Erica's every desire, licking, sucking, andkissing every inch of her body. She must have cum half a dozen times. I enjoyedexploring my amazonian wife's gorgeous body. After hours of love making wecurled up together, with me in my giant wife's arms, and fell asleep.

 The next morning we both woke up together. Erica kissed me and told me to gomake her breakfast and come get her when it was ready. I crawled out of bed andafter going to the bathroom went to the kitchen. I began to make my wifebreakfast, but now noticed how much bigger everything appeared to me. Thekitchen counter that used to come only to my waist was now chest high. I had toreally stretch for things in the refrigerator. I needed some stuff from thecabinets and I couldn't reach. I struggled to climb onto the counter to reachit. As I finally got the spice I was trying to reach I heard a stifled gigglebehind me. Turning around there was Erica watching me laughing.

"A major victory for my diminutive husband." she said clapping. This made mefeel even more humiliated and puny. I couldn't even get a bottle of spices outof a cabinet without a major struggle. I put the spices on the counter and satdown to get off, but Erica held me back. Even sitting on the counter I had tolook up to her.

She kissed me a few times on the face and neck and while setting me down onthe floor said, "I really appreciate all the work you are going through just tofix me breakfast my dear."I finished cooking breakfast and Erica quickly ate it. When she was finishedshe stood over me and asked, "Is my little man ready for his breakfast yet?"I stared at her enormous breasts barely covered by my old bathrobe. "Yes mylove I'm starving""Good, well as soon as you finish cleaning up in here, I'll feed you. So getto work." She said and left the kitchen.

I quickly cleaned up and went looking for Erica. By now my stomach wasgrowling, I was really hungry. I found Erica in her walk-in closet admiringherself in the mirror. She looked like a goddess.

"Come here and stand by me, my love. I want to see something."I joined my wife in front of the mirror and was shocked by what I saw. Iwasn't prepared for the drastic difference between us. Seeing myself standingbeside her really emphasized the differences in our sizes. I looked like a childcompared to her! If it wasn't me in the mirror it would have been laughable. Thetop of my head barely came up to the middle of her chest. My shoulder and herwaist were at about the same level. And she was so big all over. Compared to hermy arms and legs looked like an anorexic child. I felt even more puny andpathetic than before. How could I face the rest of the world. How could I returnto work. I couldn't, there was no way I was going to let anyone I knew see melike this. Looking at the reflections in the mirror I suddenly realized howsmall I had become and how complete my wife's power over me was. I was almost intears.

Erica rested her arm on top of my head and looked down at me and then at ourreflections in the mirror. "Amazing isn't it? You are so tiny aren't you mylittle one? But you are just the right size for this aren't you."Erica turned me around, opened her robe and guided my head to her breast. Ihungrily clamped my mouth around her nipple and began drinking her lifesustaining milk. I nursed on one breast until she pulled it away and replaced itwith the other. The whole time I was feeding she talked softly to me.

"That's my good boy, you drink it all down, make momma proud. Your just theright height for this aren't you my baby?"When I was finished she closed the robe back up and patted me on the head.

"That's a good boy, my love. Now lets go make love. You sucking on my nipplesmakes me so horny."She threw me on the bed and we made love for hours. The rest of the weekprogressed like that. I did all the household chores. I cooked, cleaned,everything. Erica feed me twice a day and we made love whenever she felt likeit. But I didn't shrink any further and she stayed at six feet tall. Early inthe week Erica had called into my office and told my secretary Sasha that I hadcome down with a "little" something and would be out for a while. I still didn'tknow what we were going to do about the business. Someone had to run things.

Erica told me that she'd figure something out. It was her problem now and that Ishouldn't worry my pretty little head about it.

On Friday afternoon there was suddenly a knock at the door.

"Who could that be?" I asked.

"Oh it must be Sasha, I invited her over here to discuss the office." Ericareplied casually.

"WHAT!?!" I yelled, "I can't let her see me like this! Why did you do that?""Well someone has to run the business now. So I called Sasha over to figureout the best way for us to do that. Now here put my old robe on and let's gogreet our guest." End part I