ROMEO AND GIANTESSBy ZZZInto the darkness, so it is changed...

Romeo and Juliet seemed to have no chance of getting together. They had to meetin secrecy, for fear of drawing attention from their rival families. The localpastor had offered them a solution by means of a mysterious potion. A potionthat would make Juliet seem dead, to confuse her family and therefore she wouldbe free. Juliet was doubtful, until an outside party decided to step in and helpthe young couple. A strange man shrouded in a black hood and cloak appeared toJuliet.

"The pastor may care for thee, but he is bound by truth. A stranger is the key,if Romeo you wish to see."With that the stranger pulled a small green vial from his cloak. Juliet couldnot see the face of the stranger, but she could certainly see the red "z"tattooed on his arm as he handed her the potion. She felt more confident aboutthis than what the priest had given her.

"What do I owe thee kind sir?""The smile on your face is all...drink the potion and you will be great and ta..."The stranger rushed away before finishing his sentence as he heard the sound ofvoices approaching. Juliet looked down at the potion, and walked off into ashadowy forest area.

Juliet began to have doubt about the potion, but before she could think any moreof it she finished off the potion in a couple sips. She felt very dizzy, andthen fell to the ground unconscious. As she lay on the ground, her clothes beganto seem smaller and smaller on her. Her legs pushed out longer beneath her longdress. Her white shoes began to wrinkle and bend as her feet overflowed them.

With a large bursting sound her feet escaped her shoes. Her legs had grownlonger and firmer. Her long dress now looked like a small skirt on her. Herbreasts were increasing in girth as well. Though her dress top originally showeda healthy dose of cleavage, know that cleavage had doubled. The dress rippeddown the center, and her two growing bulges escaped her top. She expanded fasternow, and soon enough she was twice her original size. Juliet ballooned furtherstill and the remnants of her clothing were freed from her incredibledimensions. She then laid on the ground, completely naked and asleep with hernew amazon shaped body. But the process was not over. Still she grew larger.

Soon her feet started to press up against a nearby tree. Her foot filled out bythe second, and was soon as wide as the tree it was up against. She was nowpushing against the oak with her entire body swelling more and more. Her entireleg was soon as long as the tree as tall. It was also twice as thick. Still shepressed more on it as she developed further. The tree gave way soon enough, andit toppled under the might of her enormous leg and foot. Juliet now rolled on toher side in her sleep. Her gigantic breasts pressed up to yet another oak tree,and upon inhaling she knocked the oak on its side.

Hours passed and Juliet continued sleeping. Romeo had arranged to meet with herand began to worry when he did not show up. After a great deal of searching, heentered the small forest area where Juliet lay sleeping. Romeo could not believehis eyes. An enormous woman was sleeping in front of him. He could not see thewoman's face, she was laying on her side with her back turned to him. Althoughthe woman was titan sized, she looked vaguely familiar. Taking a couple stepstoward her, Romeo noticed some torn clothing on the floor. He instantlyrecognized them as belonging to his beloved Juliet. It then hit him when helooked back at the gigantic figure.

"Juliet? Can it be thee who lays before me?"Romeo stepped closer to the giantess and was now up against her back. Uponhearing his voice, Juliet awoke. She began to move a little at first, and with aquick roll onto her back, she opened her eyes. She felt something mushy and wetunderneath her back, and heard small cracking sounds as she finished rolling onthe ground. "Romeo, oh Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?"~FIN~