Run AwayBy S@MAshley jogs down the side walk and turns up the drive she jogs up to the frontdoor and takes her pulse when she opens the door the air conditions hits hersending a chill down her sweat covered body.

"Bill is that you Billy?""No mom it's me""It's been 2 days where is he where could he have gone""I don't know mom I'm sure where every he is he is just fine"She walks up the stairs and closes her bedroom door behind her and runs over toher dresser drew and pulls out a pair of her black nylons at the toe section issomething small balled up she lifts it to her face.

"Wakey Wakey little boy"Bill tries to stand in the mesh prison but can and falls over he trys to lookaround but all he can she is the black film of the nylons he rolls over to seehis giant sisters blue eyes staring at him.

"you've been a sleep for 2 days and I couldn't wake you bill most of been a sideeffected of the drug""DRUG! what drug why are you so big ? where I'm I""The bio-mechanical redaction formula I'm not big you are about 2 or 3 inchestall in my nylons as far as everyone knows you ran away and your going to staywith me for every being you sister's foot slave""WHAT! you crazy you can't do this!""to late I have and there is no way to grow back.....and I just took a jog inthe heat boy are my feet sweaty"she sat down on the bed and placed the nylon next to her and pulled her brotherout and place on the bed she kicked off her shoes and swung her legs on the bedher feet right in front of him the weight from them pushed down on the mattressit bed him stumble and slam it to the foot damp sole of her sock. The tasty ofsalty sweat filled his mouth and musty vinegar smell of fresh foot sweat is allhe could smell.

"let me help you get started"She pulled off her socks and placed he feet back on the bed the pink flesh ohher wrinkled sole was towered in front of him the smell was 100 times worse hecould feel the air around him become hot and humid just from the sweat an heatof her foot. She start to bring her foot down he stumbled to run so he didn'tget caught under it he turn to see he just got out of the way her big toe cameup to his waist.

"get to licking and kissing""your toes no that sick""well I could just crush you instead""NO! no I'll do it"He walked closer started kissing the top of her toe she spread her big andsecond toe he crawled down and start to lick the crevice between them her saltysweat taste was every where he was covered he the stink she let he toes squeezedaround his head making him have to struggle to move he knew she was liking thiscause he heard he giggle and moan he pulled him self out from between the toesand looked up her eyes where closed her left hand was on her tit and the rightwas sliding down to her shorts it slid under and the tight spandex was liftingup she started fingering her self he was shocked to see is sister doing this andhe was even more surprised that he was getting turned on by all that washappening.

"I DON'T FEEL YOUR LITTLE TONGUE!"When straight back to what her was doing shoving his faced down between her toesthen he positioned him self so he now hard dick was in a crevice the heat andmoister and the musty smell was driving him nuts he start humping her foot. Thenhe heard his sister give out loud moan as she came he kept pumping in to her andshe noticed flicked her toes and knocked him off"slave you don't get to f--- my feet if anything my feet will f--- you now getback to licking"he crawled back and start licking again when the door opened Ashley quicklybrought her other foot up on top of the other one trapping bill between her toesand her left sole.

"lunch is ready Ash""ok mom I'll be right down"Her mom turned and left"lets go to lunch'She sat up and picked up bill and her socks she drooped him in he fell to thetoe she put her foot in right behind before he knew what was going on he wastrapped under her toes she got up and ran down the steps slamming him betweenher foot and the floor a 100 times. Almost knocked him out he tried to move onceshe stooped but couldn't. when she sat down she started wiggling her toes allover him the smell of her foot was his whole world it was driving him insanemaking him sick and turned on at the same time her middle was right over hiscrotch and she could feel his tiny prick poking in to her she flexed her toeover and over again the friction and rubbing drove him to c-- all over thebottom of her toe.

"I hope where ever your brother is he is safe""I'm sure where ever he is he warm and safe."Bill screamed as loud as he could but his sister stinky sweat foot flesh filledhis mouth so his mom never heard.

After lunch Ashley went back to her room for a shower she pulled off her socksand looked down at her bother in the toe.

"I'll be back for you in a minute don't go no where."She balled up the sock and tosted it on the bed. Bill tumbled around in side thesock till it came to a stop he pushed against the heavy damp fabric trying tofree him self he slowly made his way threw the crumbled over sock it took 5minutes for him to almost get to the opening since the shower was running henever heard the door open, His mom walked in with a cloths basket.

"What a mess you think 18 year old would be able to clean p for them selves."She started picking cloths up off the floor with every piece she drew closer andcloser to bill trapped in the sock. Meanwhile in the sock bill was about to pushhis way threw the opening when the sock lift up ward he fell back to the bottomas it was lifted upward. His mom brought to her noise.

sniff "damn her feet stink"She threw it in the basket bill tumbled head over and fell out of the sock in tothe pile of cloths. His mom made her way down the hall to the laundry room sheplaced the basket on the floor. Once all the motion stop bill start climbing hisway up the mountain of cloths his mom start picking cloths up and throwing themin the washer her hand came done just inches away from bill he started to hurrywhen the piece of clothing he was on started lifting up so he jumped off andland with a thud on a pair of nylons.

"Hey Jennie you ready to go.""hold on honey let me get a pair of panty hose"his mom reached in and pulled out the pair he was on as it lifted he fell backdown the right leg and land in the toe. the mesh piles around as she slipped herfoot in the left side and she started on the right her foot slid down toward himher giant toes pushed him in to the mesh wall of the toe.

"Mommy no! MOM!"She heard nothing as she slid on her pump. Everything went black for Billy thesmell of his mothers musty smell was every where. He was nothing more then amore then a piece of toe jam to her.

"Tonight is going to be great sweetie I need this"Little did bill know that his mother and father were going out for a romanticevening and something else he didn't his dad had a foot fetish what was in storefor bill.