Scarlett and Squeaky's Alaskan AdventureByAsukafan2001© Copyright 2004. Giantess Planet. All Rights Reserved.

             The floor began to tremble as I found myselfencased in darkness. Everywhere I looked I could only see blackness. The kind ofblackness you see when you tightly close your eyes, the kind of blackness youcan only see when you are dead and buried.  Time seemed to almost be at astandstill as I lie here on the cardboard made floor.

            I gave up days ago on trying to get out of here.

I knew that it was hopeless as the walls were as slick as the floor. Theyweren't slippery slick but more slick as in smooth and flawless. I reached outto my right and pulled a chunk of bread from the ball. When I was first put inhere she had taken two pieces of bread and pushed them into a ball. At first Ihad made the mistake of wandering around and I had lost the bread. I have noidea how long it took me to find it as I have no idea on how time passesanymore. No matter what time of day it is out there all I see is black.

            I only really have my thoughts to keep mecompany. I can hear the world going on around me, strange voices pass by me far,far overhead. I have no idea if they are familiar voices or strange voices. Allthe sounds I use to know are now so different. Its disturbing to think that thesounds that I have grown up with now are no where to be found. It's like I am ona strange world. Everything has a new unique sound, from the alarm clock to acar driving by to even simple footsteps.

            I began to think back to last memories I hadbefore all this. It seemed like so long ago, I couldn't remember much at firstas I continued to think about it I began to remember everything with startlingclarity. It all began with me getting ready for the big game against Kansastonight. There were going to be NBA scouts in the crowd so I had to be sure toplay my best. I asked my coach to play me for the full 40 minutes or as much aspossible. This was everything to me. My family needed the money and if I couldjust get into the NBA my sister could go to Stanford like she wants too; my momcould get out of that apartment and get a car. This was everything right here. Iwas trying not to put to much pressure on myself so I went to the gym in hopesof sweating off the nervousness.

            As I was working out at the gym there was thisdark haired girl in the corner, she looked to be a little young to be a collegestudent but she might have been a freshmen I never was a good judge at age. Shewas on the exercise bikes peddling away. She had on a white tank top and someblack workout shorts. She looked great and if it wasn't for the game I wouldhave walked over and said something but I was trying to clear my mind ofeverything.

            I had moved on and was doing squats when Iwatched the dark haired girl change exercise equipment. No matter where shemoved she was carrying this shoe box. I thought it was weird because there wasnothing in it. She had the cover underneath the box so I could clearly look in.

I found myself staring at the box for several minutes drawn to it. I couldn'tfigure out why someone would carry around an empty shoebox.

             I finally decided to head over and ask as I wasgetting ready to change and head to the game and really didn't need the addeddistraction of why. I tried to be slick, play Mr. cool but I was never greatwith women. I wasn't unpopular with them or extremely popular with them. I hadmy girlfriends its just I never new what to say with these intial meetings.

            “I couldn't help but notice the empty box youhave been carrying around. I just have to know what is up with that?”            “Well hello to you too. I'm Mandy”            “Oh sorry, that was rude my name is MichaelJordan” She laughed right away and started to go back to her exercising. “Noreally, there isn't any relation between me and the basketball god. I was justnamed after him. My dads a sports nut what can I say. I am just happy he wasn'ta NASCAR fan and named me Dick Trickle.

            “You are cute. Well if you must know, the box isfor my friend who is flying in for the week. I am going to put her goodbyepresent in there. I am just looking for the right thing ya know.”            “Well I have feeling you came to the wrongplace…the shopping's horrible here” I laughed as I began to ease up a little andunlock my legs.

            “Oh I don't know about that. You just have toknow where to look.” I was glad I was sweating from the workout because itmasked the sweat of nervousness rolling down my face now. I watched her handreach out for me backwards. I started to stumble backwards. Out of the corner ofmy eye I saw a grey remote control looking thing in her opposite hand.

Instinctively I pushed moved my hand down behind me so as to try to break myfall or do something to help but where it should have hit the floor it just hitmore air.

            I seemed to fall in slow motion for seeminglyhours yet everything around me was happening so fast. It was an eerie feeling asI finally hit the floor only it wasn't the hard tile floor of the gym. It was adingy grayish color.  I rolled over seeing walls in the same color rising up allaround me. Past and above the walls was her, her legs. I can still remember themeven now. She swung them off of the bike and stood on either side of me. Irealized then just what I was in. I should have realized it sooner but I was tomuch of a panic to understand. I was in the shoebox, her long toned legs were oneither side of the box with her face looking down at me seemingly infinitenumber of feet up in the sky.

            “I guess I managed to find something after all.

See I just needed to know where to look.” She lifted the box up a bit, her darkbrown locks of hair spilled down towards me, her eyes locked onto me for all buta moment before dropped the cover onto the box sealing me in darkness.

            That was the last time I saw daylight. When shegot home I heard and felt her wrap the box in what sounded like newspaper andthen push the box underneath her bed where it lies now.

 * * * *            “I am gonna miss you. This week went by soquick. It seems like my flight just go in and now I am flying all the way backhome already.”            “You will have to visit me next time inAnchorage”            “Oh I almost forgot, before you go, I havesomething for you, but don't open it up till later.”            “Aww you are such a sweetie Mandy. You didn'thave to get me anything. I feel bad I don't have anything for you.”            “You coming all the way out here to see me isquite enough. It wasn't any trouble anyway.” * * * * *      I felt everything around mestart to jumble about the, the floor became the ceiling and back again. I couldhear two powerfully loud voices on either side of me. I tried to yell outwardsbut it seemed like they couldn't hear me. After a rather short exchange I felteverything start to move, my ears were exposed to a multitude of new soundscoming from every direction. My mind was in a panic as my heart was racing. Iwas being taken to god only knows where. I am not sure how this is actuallyworse then being ignored and left under the giant Mandy's bed but it somehowseemed worse.

               I soon heard a car doorslam and I was set down on something. Another door slammed shut and I heard theengine rumble to life. It sounded more like a jet engine then a car engine. Therumbling vibrated the entire box. My teeth were clattering together and my boneswere rumbling as the car drove on. I was beginning to sick to my stomach fromthe jarring movements of the cars. The box slid across seat into her leg andthen into the door and back again. I prayed that it didn't fall over the edge ofthe seat who knows I if I would survive that. The jarring continued forsometime, it sounded like we were going through a bus station or an airport. Itsnot till I heard the flight 285 to anchorage Alaska over the PA system Irealized just where I was heading and it wasn't home.

Asthe plane took off I could feel the heat from her body all around me. I keptpraying that this was going to be some kind of horrible dream that I would wakeup for and go to the arena and have a stellar game against Kansas.

 The reality of the situation started to dawn on me. I neverreally thought about it until now. I am literally in shoe box, which is wrappedup and was gifted to someone. That weird girl from the gym has given me to somestrange girl. I may never see my family again.

 The wrapping paper was starting rip and which shoved allthe thoughts of my family away I stared up at the opening waiting but then Iheard the ripping stop as I fell to my knees as my body convulsed followed by mepassing out shortly later.

            I awoke later still shrouded in darkness I couldhear two voices speaking and my box being jarred from side to side. The soundsof kissing were above me. I slunk back down on the floor realizing that it wouldbe awhile.

            “What's in the box babe”            “Oh Mandy gave it to me, I was just gettingready to open it when you came over.”            “You know I couldn't go another day withoutseeing you. The week was horrible without you. You can't leave again”            “Oh I can't huh” taunts the girl            “No, I'm not letting you leave” teases the guy            The bed starts to shake as the springs squeak. Ican hear them laugh and kiss some more. They talk for the longest time and Ifind myself getting a little impatient. My nerves are going crazy. I know theyare going to look down and see me and I am gonna look up at them and yet I findmyself scared and excited at the same time. Part of me is curious while theother part of me desperately wants to just never leave.

            “You should open it up, maybe its somethingcool”            “Its gonna be something cute, Mandy always getsme cute little things.”            The paper began to rip as I felt the box turnupside down and light spill into the world around me; I looked up at a darkhaired girl and the blonde haired guy next to her. They were seemingly huge, Ididn't know what to do or say as I looked up at them blankly.

            “It's, I don't know what it is, it looks humanbut”            “Don't be ridiculous Scarlett, humans aren'tsmall, I have to get back to work though. I can't be late again; I just neededto see you.” I stared up at the two of them as they kissed and he vanishedleaving just her looking down at me, her full lips and green eyes were focusedon me. I could watch them inspecting me, looking at every inch of me which shecould see.

            Her hand began to lower towards me, my bodylocked into place frozen in time. I could only stare up at her with a horrifiedlook in my eyes, her face was larger then anything I could fathom it was likethe sun. I tried to say something, anything but I could only lay here like astone statue.

            My body quivered as her finger tips pressedagainst my body. I could feel the heat radiating off of her hand warming my coldbody, her fingers pushed there way under my back with ease as the palm of herhand blanketed my chest as I rose up and out of the shoe box with her eyes neverparting me.

            “You are the most amazing thing I have everseen. You are real, you have to be why else would there be food in here withyou. Are you okay? You poor thing, if I would have known you were a living thingI would have opened up the gift sooner.”            “Puh puh puh, puh lease” I try to sputter outbut she quietly shushes me as she holds me in front of her face. I find myselfstaring at her like she is a television. My eyes mesmerized by her as she liesbackwards reaching out towards her phone.

            She holds me inches from her face, I can smellher perfume wrapping around me, her sweet peppermint breath wafting over me asshe exhales.

            “Hey Mandy, I just opened up your gift, its soamazing how did you, where did you, I don't even begin to know where to startasking questions.”            As she spoke she continued to stare up at me asI looked down at her watching her get all the details. I struggled in her griptrying to push her fingers off of me but they wouldn't budge. It was an oddfeeling as she was putting relatively no pressure on me and yet I was trapped inher grip.

            She continued to talk and I continued to stare Iknew not what to do, or try. I had no thoughts running through my head. I feltso primal as I only had my instincts telling me what to do, my brain was like auseless lump in my head waiting for my time to come. I knew the second she hungup that phone that I was going to be her focused attention.

            The time I was waiting for finally came. Shedropped the phone beside her looking at me unsure of what to do before shestarted to stand up.

            “wha wha wha what” Is all my mouth managed tosputter out before her hand dropped down to her side. I found myself staring atdark black denim with a gold stitching outlining the pocket. I could reach outand feel it, and smell it. It felt so strong, I had not the power to effectivelymove it or do anything to do it at all.  It was like and object from anotherworld.

            I felt myself lurch downward and tumble throughthe air, I landed roughly on a stack of envelopes. I looked up at her but shesaid nothing as she closed the drawer sealing me once again in darkness. Thedarkness now felt somehow safe and secure. The darkness was something that Ihave grown to embrace. It's the place where everything seems normal and not outof place.

            Even in the darkness I could hear her, she wasunchanging. I could hear the loud thuds of her clothes hitting the floor. It'shard to imagine that something so light could make that much noise. It's hard topicture myself at one time being that big if not bigger then them. My clothes atone time able to make such a loud thud and now the once near weightless clothesnow have sounds of there own.

            For the first time in my life I felt helpless. Icouldn't do anything; I couldn't say anything I had no choices, no voice, noopinions. I was no where near any place that I have ever called home.

            The drawer begin to open back up and I saw herstaring down at me, she had on some yellow, red and blue spotted pajama's. Iwanted to run and hide underneath the folders next to me, or in the envelope boxI am sitting on but my body just sat there frozen stiff staring up at her.

            I was dwarfed by her hand as it blanketed muchof my body, her fingers wrapped around me like a boa constrictor only there wasno pressure I was just held in place similar to zero gravity only instead ofmoving around you just floated still unable to move.          I was dwarfed by her hand as she sat back down on her bedlighting up a cigarette. She sat up in bed with her hand draped on her knee andme on the backside of the hand as I looked straight into her face and she intomine.

 â€œI can't believe your real, a person and all. I haven'tseen anything like you before in my life.” I wanted to just scream out help menow, help me please but I could only just stare at her. I watched her move hermove the cigarette into her mouth and inhale. I could actually feel the wind inthe wake of her hand. The end of the cigarette glowed bright orange, the heatfrom the cigarette felt immensely hotter then it use too. Imagine at my currentsize it could do severe damage to me but I didn't want to test my hypothesishowever I did feel a bit better once she moved the cigarette away from hermouth.

            Unconsciously she exhaled the smoke righttowards me causing me to cough and hack. I knew then she didn't view me as anequal, maybe she was as confused as I was.

            “Do you have a name? I think I am gonna call yousqueaky cause that's what your voice sounds like. What do you think?” I wasappalled by the thought of her calling me squeaky but my heart was racing sofast I could feel it smack against my skin. I was scared to do anything butagree.

            “tha, tha, tha, that's fiiiineee” I sputteredout            “You look familiar somehow, but how could yoube. How come you talk so funny? Your voice is so high pitched and squeaky too.”She shot out question after question not even waiting for answer. I don't knowif she even wanted one. I could only look out at her in amazement.

            “Scarlett honey, come here”            “Alright” she yelled back nearly bursting my eardrums. In one motion she swept me off of her hand clutching me in the opposite.

Everything was blurred as she walked. I felt myself pressed against some corkboard. I screamed as shoved a push pin between my legs.

            “I'm not gonna hurt you. Are you scared of me?We can get to know each other more later. I still can't believe this.” Sheshockingly stated as she pressed to more push pins into the corkboard just belowmy wrists. She took a few steps back and smiled at me for but a moment beforeheading out of the room. I looked down at the ground realizing I was trappedhere. There is only one way down and that's a long drop.

            As she flicked off the lights and closed thedoor I shut my eyes thinking of my family hoping that there okay.