SCENESexworks offices and studios. Small porn video maker, makes lesbian andstriptease videos for sale to adults. Employs 4 people, down from 6 a few weeksago.

CASTMe – 18, Office junior at Sexworks offices and studios and Stacey's personalassistant, as she calls me.

Tamie Ionia – 22, The Supervisor at Sexworks. 5'6”, with shoulder-length darkhair. Bisexual, only has sex with girls. Natural 34DD. Regular in the videos.

Stacey Erikkson – 21. Administrator at Sexworks. 5'5'', with long, un-dyedblonde hair. Also bisexual, but her only sexual activity is done at Sexworkswith girls and her assistant. Star of most videos, Tamie's best friend. Natural34F.

Samantha Kennedy– 26. Manager and owner of Sexworks, former porn actress.

Bottle-blonde hair, and usual camera operator. 36DD.

Ebony – 22. Topless model, invited by Stacey for the video. Natural blonde and34DD.

Jennifer Ellison – 18. Actress in TV, invited by Stacey for the video. Anothernatural blonde, and 32C/D.


I walked my usual way home from the office. I was glad to leave. Tamie, my boss,is usually a bit of a control freak, but she has been going a little far sinceshe got promoted. Oh, but her clothes are great. I mean cos she shows off alittle too much. Dark hair, lovely body. Mmm.

It's been funny there since a couple of guys went missing a few days apart.

That's why Tamie got promoted to supervisor. Not much to supervise, though. OnlySamantha, the manager, and Stacey, Tamie's best friend and our very own barbiedoll. Can look at her all day, and she loves it. Blonde, big tits, shortestskirts…you get the idea. Well, I suppose I DO work at a porn video maker andseller's office…Tamie is 22, Stacey is 21. The two guys were the two who started before Tamie.

I'm newest, started a month ago, and youngest, at 18. John is about 55. It's angreat place to work. Samantha is hardly ever there, and when he is, he sits inhis office doing interviews. Tam and Stace always tease and play with me cos I'ma guy. Tamie sits opposite me and takes off her shirt and Stacey gets on herknees under the desk, unzips me and… well, she tells me it tastes nice. Well,she likes practise.

I was almost home when I remembered the work for the weekend. @!#$! I ran back,knowing Tamie was working late so it would still be open. I arrived and went toTam's desk. She smiled and looked up from her Lesbian Porn Mag.

“Hiya… come for your work, love? It's in the photo suite,” she said, smiling.

“Stacey is just setting up the cameras.”I went into the photo room and saw Stacey, finishing positioning a professionalTV camera, with her blouse unbuttoned. She smiled when she saw me, and openedher blouse, showing her 34F (She told me) in her bra, and then pulled it backround herself.

“Hi sweetie. Come for your work?” Stacey smiled and handed it over. “I'm here todo a video, but I need a guy to @!#$. Wanna @!#$ me?” The blonde smiled again,as I just stared, unable to answer. “Tamie! We're doing a video! Come do thecameras!”I was shocked. Tamie sat behind the camera and Stacey took my hand, leading meto the big bed she had laid out. She pushed me down on my back and laid on top,before starting to kiss my lips…We were soon naked, and Stacey slowly sat on my cock. She slowly moved up anddown, moaning in pleasure. It was the best experience of my life, watching mysexy blonde colleague moving slowly up and down, moaning and smiling to me andthe camera.

She laid more flat on me and began to kiss me, before getting off my cock andputting her nipple in my mouth. I sucked and kissed, as Tamie brought the cameraup close, catching all the action. Stacey knew how the movies went, and was incharge. She took her breasts away and sat on my face.

She knew she had to move quickly, so after a few minutes, she slipped down to mylegs, and took my cock between her sexy lips. I was still too shocked to move.

After a few minutes of her sucking, she got up again and once more slowlylowered herself onto me.

She whispered in my ear. “I'm enjoying this… we'll have to do it again…mmm… Ican feel your cock inside me... ooh!” I came inside her and she smiled, stayingthere for a minute, before kissing me deeply and getting off my cock.

Suddenly I felt funny, and Stacey, sat next to me, seemed to be growing bigger.

I passed out and when I came round, I was laid on the desk, being fanned by aconcerned looking Stacey. Tamie looked over her shoulder, and smiled when shesaw me.

“Sorry about this… but me and Tamie wanted to do a video using tiny men as sextoys. Stacey wanted to @!#$ you, and we decided that it would give us a greatchance to shrink you. We've got about 30 of them, but we don't fancy using them.

Cos you're our little mate, and we love you… so we're going to use you.”I was stunned. Stacey smiled and kissed me, soaking me from head to toe. I wasabout 2in tall. Tamie brought in a cage with some men in it, the same height.

The girls were very sweet about it, with no cruelty…They set the camera up to record, and took a man out of the cage…PART 2I watched from my table. Obviously the girls were not doing anything nice to themen, or else they wouldn't need the cage. I looked up at the guy Tamie washolding… and recognised him! It was one of the guys who went missing! He wassquirming as the girls played with him.

“You used to like making Stacey have sex with you, didn't you, Mike? You andSteve thought you could use her. Said you'd get her sacked if she didn't. Poorgirl. She used to hate it. She has been much happier since I shot you both withthe shrink ray. Stacey? Like to get some revenge on him for all that cruelty?”Tamie held him up and Stacey took him from her hand.

I never even knew that this went on. I often wondered why poor Stacey sometimessounded a little down when we sat chatting on our breaks. She had been happierrecently. Now I knew why. But I wasn't sure he was going to enjoy this video,because Stacey had a predatory look on her face…She laid on the bed in only her panties and dropped him onto the middle, infrontof her. He started to run but she laughed and ducked her head, picking him up inher mouth. He screamed but Stacey was smiling, playing to the cameras, takinghim into her mouth, sucking and licking him. She giggled and slipped him ontoher tongue, and closed her lips, his head poking out.

“Stacey! Tamie! What the @!#$ are you doing? You fuckin sluts! Let me go!”Stacey took him out of her mouth and held him up. She blew on him as he wriggledand squirmed, and licked him slowly.

“Little Mike doesn't like our games. We get mad when they complain, don't weTamie? And what do we do when we get mad?”She tilted her head back and opened her mouth. Tamie followed him with thecamera, holding it above Stacey's mouth, until he was directly above theblonde's lips. She smiled. He was screaming wildly, kicking“We eat them.” She dropped him into her mouth, and he slid screaming down hertongue, and fell into her throat. He hung onto her tongue for a few seconds, andTamie caught all the terror on his face with the camera. Stacey then swallowed,without closing her mouth, licked her lips, and smiled at Tamie's camera.

“He was delicious…I felt him sliding all the way down. I enjoyed him. But we'reonly getting warmed-up.”The men in the cage screamed as Tamie reached for one. I was shocked that twolovely girls could do this sort of stuff. I felt sorry for the guys in the cageas Tamie teased them, groping around and knocking them over. Her hand closed onone, and he was pulled out.

Stacey came over while Tamie played infront of the camera. “We invited 2 friendsover to help us. I hope you don't mind, you don't have to let them play with youif you don't want to.”“Who are they?”“One is a girl called Ebony, she looks a bit like me. Experienced in this stuff,and the other is your age, her name is Jennifer. She's blonde too. Don't worry,they know you're our little sex toy. They won't hurt you.”Still in shock, I mumbled an answer. “Yeah, That's fine… Stacey, are you goingto kill me?”She looked horrified. “No! We'll make you back to normal size after the video isdone. We won't hurt you, sweetheart.” She leaned over and kissed me tenderly,reassuring me. “Your first bit is with me and Ebony. Sex scene. Act scared, OK?”“Yeah… and Stace?”“Yeah?”“What happened to Steve? He was shrunk too, wasn't he? Did you…”“I crushed him between my breasts. He was the little tester subject for thevideo. Me and Tam did a 5-minute video with him. Very cruel. We ate little bits…Tam had a leg and I had his arm. Serves him right. Now… got a treat!” She puther breasts on the table infront of me and I licked and kissed her huge nipples.

The doorbell rang from the offices.

“Oh, Ebony and Jennifer are here. I'll let them in.”PART 3While Tamie teased and terrified her victim, Stacey brought over Ebony andJennifer. I was pleasantly surprised by their appearances, and even more so byJennifer's greeting. She kissed me and sat me in her cleavage to watch the show.

Tamie was loving it. The poor guy was screaming and crying and begging her tolet him go. She held him above her mouth and lowered him in, until he was in tohis waist, and she clamped her lips down. I heard him screaming in agony, notfear, and Tamie started to suck slowly. Stacey smiled but I didn't know what washappening.

Not until his body began to get paler. His screams got quieter and morehigh-pitched. Tamie sucked, smiling at the camera. He eventually slumped on herlips, white as a sheet. Topless Tamie picked up an ashtray and dropped him intoit. His legs had been eaten off and his blood drained. She put the ashtray backand walked over to us, smiling.

“I loved it!” said Ebony, hugging Tamie. “Their little screams get me so horny…my turn!” She smiled at me and reached into the cage. An unlucky man was pulledout by his legs, and Ebony lifted him up to her face, dangled upside down.

“You look tasty… I want to eat you. My name is Ebony, what's your name?” Shetasted him with her tongue and lips, licking his naked body. “You taste good.”“T-Tom… please don't eat me!”“Awww… but where's the fun in that? Anyway… I like eating men… and you're tiny,swallowable, and you look delicious. Sorry, but I'm going to eat you.” Theblonde put him into her mouth as he struggled against her. She swirled him rounda few times and swallowed, before pouting at the camera, and slipping a fingerdown her panties and tasting her own juices. She came back, smiling, and offeredme the finger, which I licked clean, earning a kiss from Ebony.

“Sorry love,” said Jennifer, lifting me up infront of her face. I was terrifiedand almost peed myself. I kicked and thrashed and nearly fell to the ground.

I started screaming “NO! Please don't kill me!!!”Jennifer was shocked, and Stacey came close to me. “Don't worry, love. She isn'tgoing to hurt you, it's just her turn now, and we can't have you getting crushedin there can we? She was saying sorry cos you had to be moved. Now sit withTamie, and watch Jennifer's scene.”Jenni kissed me and I felt much safer, and Stacey sat me on Tamie's left breast.

It was nice and soft, and Tamie looked down at me smiling.