THE SEMINARThe place: a college town somewhere in North AmericaThe time: just a few decades after the GREAT CHANGEChapter 1- the lectureDriven by both pain and anxiety, Jeanie and Caitlin ran down the passageway,deftly avoiding other students and occasional male workers, or the even smallermale pets. Their anxiety stemmed from the fact that they were late for theirclass, and on the very first day too. They had some reason to worry, as Dr.

Burgess was known to be a stickler for punctuality.

The pain came from their feet, as they sprinted along on unfamiliar high heels,which the course prospectus had indicated were required equipment for the firstday. Jeanie moaned out loud, wondering why they had not worn their flats, andchanged into these heels when they arrived at the classroom.

As they turned a corner Caitlin suddenly collided with a worker-sized male,stunning him and hurling his meter long form directly to the terrazzo floor.

Being in such a rush, Caitlin clattered on by the sprawled man. However a fewsteps later she noticed that Jeanie was not with her. She stopped and turned tosee her ever-mischievous roommate standing over the little man. Jeanie was avery pretty girl, and not especially tall, yet the shiny new shoe she dangledplayfully over the males upturned face appeared bigger than his entire head.

“Jeanie, stop that. We're already late, and you know how we've been lookingforward to this class. ““But Cait, this one is a very bad boy. He got right in your way. You could havebeen hurt. And see, he doesn't have a collar. He's out in public without hisowner. I think we should walk on him a little, and then turn him into the campuspolice. What do you say? It's our duty, you know.”Jeanie threw back her head, tossing the long blonde curls out of her face, andgave her friend a plaintive look.

“Oh, geez, Jeanie, we just don't have the time. Besides, look at the uniformthat he's got on. He's a custodian. That's why the little dink doesn't have acollar.

Still Jeanie tarried a moment. She rested her foot lightly on the man's chest,all the time grinning at him in much the same way that predator's have grinnedat their prey since time began. At last she reluctantly exhaled, then propelledher supple body into action to catch up with Caitlyn, who was again loudlyjogging down the long hallway. The 2 co-eds eventually arrived at an impressive,outsized oak door. On it was a small cardboard sign that Jeanie read out loud.

“Business Management 610-male control in the workplace, Dr. M. Burgess. Yep,this is the place.” They pushed through the door and made their way to the frontof the lecture hall where a handful of young women were already seated. Jeaniewas relieved to see that the presentation had not yet started.

Doctor Melanie Burgess peered over the top of her stylish glasses at the newstudents. She sat comfortably on the corner of her desk, contentedly resting onone elbow. She was a very striking woman of indeterminate age. A shock gleamingblack hair, and a finely tailored blue blazer, contrasted against the paleunlined skin of her handsome face.

As her students fished out their notebooks and recorders, Melanie languidlyraised her long nylon-covered leg and seemed to stare at the toe of her oldbrown high-heeled shoe. For a moment she allowed some fond reflection aboutthose shoes. How many times had she taught this seminar with these same trusty,comfortable heels on her feet? They were her favorites, with the polishedleather seasoned and lined from their years of service, and the thin solesstained from the soft wet bodies of a hundred little men? Soon she would have toreplace those old shoes. The thought made her sad. It would be like losing twoclose friends.

Dr. Burgess's musing was interrupted by the squeaky sound of turning wheels. Sheturned to see a large cart rolling up to toward the front of the room. On itwere stacked several dozen small cages, each stamped with the certified logo ofthe DMC-Department Of Male Corrections. Each cage efficiently housed onefrightened male prisoner, each having been reduced to the Departments officialincarceration height of 10 cm. Melanie noticed her students looking with greatinterest as the cart passed. One athletic blonde acted particularly eager andexcited. She was certain that it was one of the girls who had scampered in late.

Very pretty young ladies, she had thought. But obviously, not used to running inhigh heels.

Pushing the cart was a rather large, yet attractive woman wearing a DMC uniform.

She pushed and pulled at her portable lock-up, until it sat behind Melanie'sdesk. She then leaned across the desk to speak to the professor.

“Well Doc, there ya go. I swear the little smudges get heavier every year. Thinkthis will be enough for the week?”“Hi Emmy. I'm afraid you're just getting older girl. And this should be plenty.

You know we only meet 3 times a week.”“Yea, well, you forget that I've observed your classes before, and I know howfast you can go through the little buggers.”Melanie laughed out loud. “ Yea, that's true. I always believe that educationshould be fun, too. Any in this group really interesting?”‘Well, they're mostly the usual group of squishers-slackers and escapees mostly.

There is one fella, number 87, that is kind of fun. We picked him up in one ofour sweeps in the sewers. He must have been on his own for quite a while. Hejust can't seem to keep his mouth shut. Oh, and there's a special group on theback of the cart who are all clone-brothers. Believe it or not, they'reregistered as genetically enhanced footboys. Seems they belonged to the Mayor'sdaughter. They all escaped together, and she doesn't even want them back. She'sreplaced the whole lot already, and you know how much those things cost. Justgoes to show how the other half lives. Anyway I thought you might be personallyinterested in that crew.”“Hmmm, that does sound nice. I owe you a big one, Emmy. I certainly can'tafford, on my salary, to keep a boy in every shoe. You wouldn't think it was abribe if I saved a few of those footboys for you?”Emmy beamed with glee. “Just what I was hoping you'd say, Doc. I sure can'tafford those enhanced models either. Well I'd better get back to work. Rememberthe loud one is number 87.

“Seeya Emmy, and thanks.”Doctor Burgess stood and turned at last to face her students. “Hello. I'm DoctorMelanie Burgess, and it has been my pleasure to teach this graduate levelseminar for several years. As you know, the emphasis of this course is ontechniques of trampling. Now I know that you have all enjoyed walking on men,however I need to begin by pointing out how our work here may differ from whatyou are accustomed to.”“Women trample for many reasons; as a ritual of supremacy, or an act ofownership, or even as a sport. But mostly, women are called to trample as a pureact of pleasure. The act of standing on a male is now so commonplace; that mostof us take it for granted as one the most natural and simple joys of life. Assuch, we naturally focus on our own sense of touch. Few things match the warmskin-to-skin experience that happens when we sense a man lying passively beneathus. It is then natural that we often indulge our males, knowing that theysometimes experience as much happiness worshipping us as we feel in beingworshipped.

But for our purposes today the priorities are quite different. We will learn touse trampling as an essential management tool in educating, in motivating, andin punishing the many men whose skills are still needed to make our youngcivilization work. In short, we are more concerned with the effect of ourtrampling on him, than the feeling it gives us. Now I am well aware thatscientists tell us that it is psychologically unhealthy for a woman to step on aman and feel no pleasure at all. No, we shall still be aware of our own needs,but please remember that we will always be concerned first with what it does tohim.

“This brings us to the question of footwear. I see you are all wearing simplehigh-heeled pumps, as specified in the required equipment list. And I also seethat not all of you are comfortable wearing them.” Melanie looked ratherpointedly at Caitlin and Jeanie, who seemed as absorbed in rubbing their ownsore feet, as in following the lecture. “Now, at home I wear Sandals, andsneakers like everyone else. But it is important to remember that heels are anintegral part of management in the modern workplace. It saddens me that so manyyounger women no longer have a full appreciation of this wonderful tool.”Melanie now spoke more quickly, and with more emotion, as this was a subjectvery close to her.

“Look at this tough but flexible thin sole. It can mold the flesh of the mostathletic worker to the shape of my shoe. Yet the veteran tramper gets sufficient“feel” through the sole to help her stay balanced on even the most squirmy anduncooperative man.”“Then there is the classic shape of the sharp tapered heel. Even a very smallworker can easily be persuaded to accept it deep into his throat. I have beentold that choking on a high heel is among the most desperate and intensesensations that a man can experience. It is unfortunate that women managers soinfrequently employ this powerful method in their work. Of course if sternermeasures are called for, no male (genetically altered or not) can avoid beingfatally impaled by one artfully delivered thrust.”“The pointed toe can be equally useful. It can lead the way for a devastatingkick, or delicately seek just the right spot for crushing. Those of you, whohave had the frustrating experience of having tiny testicles slip out from underthe ball of your foot, should appreciate the efficiency with which even a singletesticle can be sought out and crushed. I can tell you from long experience thatthere is no better way of totally immobilizing an obstinate worker, short ofkilling him.”“Now I know that in the past pumps were thought of as old fashioned, hot, anduncomfortable. However with newer designs and materials, and with the shoesproperly sized, wearing high heels simply cannot lead to foot problems. Yes,enclosed shoes can be warm, but as most of us can now afford at least one pairof temperature controlled male insoles, we need not suffer even that smalldiscomfort.”As Melanie continued her lecture, she drew attention to her own feet. She liftedher foot towards her students and illustrated each point by displaying her ownpump at just the right angle. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw, withamusement, that on the cart, many smaller pairs of eyes were also staringintently at her shoes. Slowly she placed her shoe back on the floor and smoothlywithdrew her stocking foot; while wriggling her long, graceful toessuggestively. She worried about the angle; perhaps the little men were missingthis.

“Of course the absence of laces or other fasteners, allows you to easily removeyour foot, even if you are still perched atop the object of your attention. Thisis quite helpful when the warmth and scent of your toes is needed to calm apanic-stricken subject or to control his breathing.”“Let's see. I have only one other point to mention, and then we can get on totoday's demonstration. Because of the potential for fatal consequences to themen, managerial trampling has often been associated with that vocal minority inour society that favors limiting the numbers of males, or even eliminating thementirely. Nothing could be further from the truth. While I can't speak for allthe women in my profession, I can certainly speak for myself. I like men. I likethem a lot! In fact many of the happiest moments in my life have come whileteasing, playing with or otherwise using the lesser half of our species. Men arean important part of our lives. I am also convinced that it is very wrong tokill men simply on a whim. Men do have value. It is true that the government hasbeen generous in supplying me with prisoners. They now have little worth exceptas teaching aids. Frankly, all of you will kill some men during this semester,either accidentally or otherwise. But even the dregs of male hood that you seeon the cart behind me, still have the ability to kindle in us that specialfeeling. If any of you has her doubts about that, then I would ask you to dothis. Go home tonight and stand in your stocking feet on your personal servant,or some other male in your household. Then ask yourself this question. Could youenjoy this same feeling by dominating any other creature on the world? And ifyou stood on your cat, or dog, or hamster, would they look up at you with thesame devotion that your boy offers you. I think not. No woman would wish toreturn to the barbarism of 2-meter tall testosterone spewing volcanoes wreakinghavoc with the earth. And hardly any woman would want to go back to reproducinglike lower animals, skewered on the brutal phallus of a violent self-centeredbeast. Still, if there were no men in the world, it would be a very boring placeto live. Men after all, are humans too.”‘Well, I think I will now come down off my soapbox. In a moment I will select avolunteer from the cart. I will expand him up to a full meter and a quarter inheight, and then we can get on with the more interesting parts of my course. So,any questions?”“Doctor Burgess?”“Yes”“ You said he would be a meter and a quarter? Did I hear you correctly? Ithought by law that no male could be taller than a meter.”“You're certainly correct. However our department has a special license, whichallows for creating such large males. You see; we have discovered that whenteaching women not experienced at trampling with sharp spikes, the chances ofthe man's survival are much greater if he is very large. We really want some ofthem to survive. After all, it would hardly be fair to every other department inthe university if our little seminar used up all the available male prisonerseach and every semester.”By this time, Melanie was quite ready for that portion of her seminar thatfocused on action, and not just talking. She approached the cart and quicklyfound cubicle 87. She pulled the little man out and smiling, dangled thesquirming “volunteer” from her fingers. She then gently deposited him on thefloor. Melanie aimed the sizing gun at the frightened little man. He was bathedin luminescence and suddenly there was a man before them, one and one-quartermeters in height. There were several sincere gasps from the class as none ofthese young women had ever seen a man so huge. It was almost frightening tothem. If the gaunt bearded man kneeling on the floor knew that he was scary, hecertainly didn't show it. While her subject adjusted to the sudden size change,Melanie moved quickly to bind his arms. A slender belt extended around hiswaist, with his forearms firmly attached to the belt by means of small leathercuffs. He could perhaps walk, but could move his arms only a few inches awayfrom his body. As her students marveled at her confident moves, Melanie finishedher task and returned to her desk. Sitting once more comfortably, she extendedher foot toward him. He looked back at her with a gaze full of both sadness andhope.

“Boy,” she called out sternly, “Come here now!”END CHAPTER 1 Chapter 2 more action, less talkSitting on her desk, Melanie looked deeply into the sad eyes of the man whoknelt before her. Emmy said he was loud. She had taken that to mean that hewould scream and cry and beg for mercy. That's what she was looking for. Melaniealways tried to start a demonstration with a good noisy pleader. That usuallygot everyone's attention and got her students in the right frame of mind tolearn. Instead he mutely returned her gaze.

“Boy, do you have a name?”“Yes, Doctor Burroughs. My name is Ronnie.”Melanie was shocked. Most men could not look her in the eye, let alone dare callher by name; particularly not men from the Detention Center. They were usuallytoo petrified to think at all.

“Why, you really are a smart boy. So Ronnie,” Melanie purred raising her wornshoe sole to a spot scant inches from his upturned face, “Can you tell me whatthis is?”“Yes, Ma'am. That is your favorite research tool. One of the comfortable pumpsyou like to wear when walking on or crushing men like me.”She was taken aback once more. “My favorite what? How did you know that?”“Ma'am, I've read all of your research papers. I've carefully followed your workfor years.”By this point Melanie was thoroughly intrigued with this little man. She wantedto stop the lecture and take him aside. But even as one half of her mind buzzedwith notions of how to have pleasure with this interesting male, the other halfnoted that her class was becoming restless, waiting for some action. Withreluctance, she leaned forward and whispered to him in almost an intimate way.

“Boy, I'd like to hear more about your reading habits. But I have a class toteach. We'll take this up later, if you're able to talk then, of course.”With that she rammed her shoe into his shoulder, and pushed him down, With noway to use his hands to break his fall, he fell heavily onto his back.

Melanie rose and stood theatrically, with her foot resting on his bony chest.

The room was silent save for the heavy breathing coming from Ronnie. Then, shesimply stepped onto his trembling body. Her movements were deliberate andprecise. The right heel was anchored in the thigh, and the sole firmly placedacross his pelvic region. Her other sole invaded his abdomen, pressing bothdown, and toward his ribcage. Melanie pressed down till she could start to feetthe hard bony ridge of his backbone pushing up against her foot. Then she rockedback lightly on her heel embedding it carefully in his forearm, near his waist.

She then stopped and gazed gently at her class. Yes, they were still payingattention. Then she glanced down at the face of Ronnie. She had his attention,too.

Next, Melanie prepared to rotate her body. She moved her left foot and placedthe sole firmly on his chest. The toe sank in just below his neck, very near thespot where his thin collarbones met his sturdier breastbone. Her sharp heel,already reddened at the tip where it had rested in his arm, now hoveredmenacingly, above the solar plexus. Then she gradually shifted her full weightonto that foot. Slowly Ronnie's chest began to sink, as the air was expelledfrom his collapsing lungs. A couple of times as her foot made it's inexorabledescent, Melanie detected the telltale crackling noise of Ronnie's ribs startingto break, indicating to her expert senses that she was going too fast. A shortpause allowed his strained ribcage to adjust to her weight, and then she resumedher measured downward thrust. The entire movement took at least a minute, but atlast his flattened chest bore her full weight. Then the right foot rotated. Withthe heel still lodged in his thigh, She lifted her sole and rotated on the axisof her heel. More quickly now, the ball of her foot sank into his abdomen. Onlywhen this movement was done, did she allow her other heel to fall, penetratingthe yielding flesh of the upper stomach. As she transferred weight to the rightfoot, and left heel, the battered ribcage rose slightly. Once again Melanie'sposture grew more relaxed. She could not help but gaze once more at Ronnie'ssweating face. His features were contorted by muscle spasms, like one sufferingthe final stages of tetanus; and his shiny skin flushed purple from thepressure, and from the lack of Oxygen. Still he managed a wan smile for her, asif to say, “I hope you are enjoying this.” With difficulty she drew her eyesaway from his and managed a relaxed grin for her students. After a moment, whilestill slowly crushing the helpless Ronnie beneath her, She resumed her lecture.

“Now, class after you have practiced this a few times, I'm sure you willappreciate better the importance knowing the male anatomy. Any angry woman cankill a man with her feet, but it takes patience and knowledge to control justhow much you damage him. My cute little boy here, (did she actually refer to amale as cute?) is in unspeakable agony, and of course is unable to breathe. Butnothing critical is broken yet. At this point he could probably return to hisduties the same day. Now watch closely as I do some basic movements. In a fewminutes you will all be up here practicing these actions on some of our supplyof men. I believe the best way to learn is to dive right in and get your feetwet, so to speak. But don't get them too wet. Remember, we want some of thesemen to survive!”As Melanie resumed her demonstration on Ronnie, her students concentrated on herform. Jeanie and Caitlin tried to focus, but it was hard not to be distracted bystaring at those heels sinking so deeply into the malleable flesh beneath them.

“Ewww, look at that,” whispered Caitlin, “I can't believe she could stand on hishead that way. You'd think his head would pop like a ripe melon.”“I know, “responded her roommate, “ and look how far that heel goes in hismouth, when she gags him. Did the Professor just say he'd be able to talk afterthat? I don't know. And what's she doing now on the chest?”“Wow! Jeanie, see how she pumps his chest up and down. It's kind of like CPR youknow, like she's making him breathe just when she wants him to. I don't think Ican do anything like that. I just hope I don't fall off of him.”“Oh, don't worry girl. You'll get into it. And look at that. I think he'senjoying it more than we are.”Caitlyn stared, then suddenly flushed with embarrassment, and with excitementtoo. “Oh my Gaaawwwd! Look at that big thing sticking up. It must be 4, or 5inches long, or however many centimeters that is. I can't remember. Gee, how bigwould it be, if that boy were as tall as a woman? Just the idea is creepy. Nowonder some girls like to have them cut off.”“Cait, you're just being silly. I figure the bigger it is, the more fun it is tosquish it. And I think the Professor is going to do just that. Yep, she sees it,and she's stepping right on top of it. Look at him shake. Kind of looks likesome sort of epileptic seizure. I think he passed out!”Melanie had certainly not meant to knock him out. She was both irritated andmortified. She saw in the flaccid form beneath her feet an amateurish lack oftechnique. She stepped of Ronnie's unconscious body in disgust, and turned oncemore to her class.

“I'm very sorry. As you can see, I made a silly mistake. I was moving too fastand accidentally put too much pressure on the testicles. He won't be much usefor a while. Well, I was almost done anyway. So let's get on to the nextsection. But please be patient. I'd like to call a couple of my Grad students atthe lab across the hall, to give me a hand.”Melanie walked behind her desk and activated the vidphone. A few moments later apair of tall, statuesque young ladies burst into the room. They wore white labcoats, and no stockings. Each had a different hairstyle, and different colorpumps. One wore glasses, and the other did not. Still it was readily apparentthat the two lively women were identical twins. They marched up to their bosswith identical looks of concern on their pretty faces.

“What do you need, Doctor Burgess?” wheezed Mona, who generally did the talkingfor the twins, “Mary and I got here as soon as we could.”“No emergency, Girls. I'd just like you to take over the class for a while. Ihope I wasn't interrupting anything important at the lab.”“Sure thing! We were just confirming the crush times on those 15 cm. Males. Justroutine stuff. But we thought you always liked to do the first class byyourself.”“That's true. But, well, I'd sort of like to take some private time to deal withthis male.”“You mean this fainter.” That was the usually reticent Mary, who was standingover Ronnie. She punctuated her terse speech with a none-too-gentle kick to hishead. “We could take care of him.”“That's right, Doctor. You know good we are at dealing with fainters.”Melanie could see the enthusiasm in both girls' faces. They were goodassistants, and she almost hated to disappoint them.

“No, girls. I'd really like to do this myself. It would help me a lot if youwould expand about 4 of those males from the cart, and put the students throughtheir paces on some of the basic steps. Get them to try some heel in throatstuff, too. This fellow didn't make any noise at all. So they didn't get to seehow to use the heel to quiet down a screamer. Then maybe you could finish upwith some testicular crushes. The students always like that. Just use yourimagination, and have some fun. I'll be right over here behind my desk, if youneed me.”“Well gee, no problem Doc. That sounds even better than playing with a fainter.

Mary and I are only too happy to help out any way we can. Besides, you know howmuch Mary loves to show off her heel in throat work.”“Yea, and Mona just hates stepping on balls, ” Mary quipped as they turnedaround together. It was surprising how often Mary got in the last word on hermore talkative sister.

Mona took the sizing gun over to the cart and proceeded to pick some subjects,while her sister herded the nervous, but eager students toward the front of theroom. Melanie looked at Ronnie, who was just now showing signs of waking up. Sheleaned over and grasping Ronnie's bruised arm with her long fingers dragged himquickly around to the back of her desk. The man was heavy, but Melanie wassurprisingly strong for such a tall slender woman. She reached under her desk,and pulled out one her most prized possessions. It was a small, odd-lookingstool, with a rectangular leather top, and a ramp extending from one side at a45-degree angle towards the floor. It was, in fact, an antique bench from anold-time shoe store. At one time a clerk had sat on this bench while helpingcustomers try on new shoes. Now, little men took care of all that, and, ofcourse, were not allowed to sit on furniture in the presence of a woman. Melaniekept it under her desk at all times. It was a wonderful tool for interrogatingmen. She often attached men to it as part of her research, or just for somethingto play with during those long boring hours of paperwork. She now positionedRonnie on the bench, his back on the ramp and his head lying on the leatherseat. His legs were spread apart, and rested on the floor. She could see thathis damaged testicles were already swollen, but still round and well formed. Shehad not crushed them completely. Melanie took some solace from this. At leastshe had not completely lost her touch. There was no need to tie the man to theramp. He was not going anywhere.

Professor Burgess now slid into her comfortable desk chair. She rested one footon Ronnie's lacerated stomach, and easily pushed her chair to a recliningposition. For the moment she turned her attention back to her class and to Monaand Mary.

She noted with some relief that this group of men were much better pleaders.

They screamed and begged as they were expanded. The 2 young assistants wereclearly not as proficient as their boss at quickly binding the men. They weredoing well enough though, but the students milling about, and all the screamingmade for some confusion. Just as the last man was about to be enlarged, Melaniesaw one girl lose her footing and start to fall. It was one of the students whohad arrived late; this time it was the large buxom auburn haired one and not thelean blonde. She caught herself, but not before she stumbled into the path ofthe sizing ray. Suddenly she was more than 2 meters tall, banging her head onthe high ceiling, and quite disoriented. For a moment, confusion turned intochaos. Screams and yells, both male and female, filled the air. Melanie watchedas the girl, stumbling in her bewilderment, stepped back to steady herself. Thenshe saw that newly blown up foot and shiny new pump come down squarely on thetiny man who was waiting to be enlarged. Despite his small size the sudden sharpcrack as his body disintegrated could be heard above the din, or so it seemed toMelanie It was over in a fraction of a second as little puffs of pinkish fluidshot out from under the giant high heel.

Just a moment later and the girl was back to her normal size and the clamorbecame suddenly silence. She stood with a horrified look on her face, gawking atthe stain on the floor. She shook her head and refocused. Were those tears onher face? Finally she looked over at Mona who still held the sizing gun. “Did Ihurt him?” she whispered.

The room now echoed with feminine laughter. Mona made a show of examining theremains and pronounced, “Yep honey. I think you disposed of him pretty well.”Mona was smart girl, but it took a minute before she realized the student wasreally upset. Then she moved in to give tearful girl a sisterly hug. “Don't crygirl. Accidents happen. It won't affect your grade. Really.”“But you don't understand. I see, well… I never disposed of a man before.”Then her friend, the lean blonde, arrived. “See Caits has lived a prettysheltered life. Don't be upset, Baby. You knew you'd have to do it real soon. Iknow it's no fun this way.”The two students walked away, as several of their classmates gathered aroundthem, eager to hear all about this surprising “virgin” among them. Mona watchedthe group for a second, and then glanced in exasperation at Melanie. The youngwoman rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders. Then she padded off to thecart, to find a replacement for the fatality.

As the excitement appeared over for the time being, Melanie allowed herself afew silent chuckles. This was beginning to look like the start of a veryinteresting semester. Then she recalled that she had her own male to deal with.

She peered down at the man under her foot. His eyes were open and he was gazingcontentedly up at her, ignoring the pain in his badly damaged body.

“What are you staring at, boy?”“Without hesitation he replied in an smooth sincere voice. “ A very verybeautiful woman, Ma'am.”Melanie was shocked at how much those words affected her. She was never much forflattery. Yet it was certainly true that if all men adopted this tone, a lotfewer of them would get squished. Melanie pushed her foot firmly into hismidsection, as if to prove that the compliment meant nothing. She then leanedforward, and in a voice more soft than she meant to use, spoke to him.

“Alright Ronnie. Now tell me about yourself.”End Chapter 2Next time Ronnie tells his story, and the students get to practice.

Chapter 3Ronnie hesitated for a moment. The pain in his midsection was intense. He couldfeel his internal organs being compressed by the insistent pressure of Melanie'ssole. Ronnie took a great chance, and allowed his eyes to stray away from hiscaptor's commanding gaze. He looked down at Melanie's pump, which was slowlysinking into the soft flesh of his abdomen, like a proud and beautiful warshipgoing down by the bow in a sea of flesh.

In some ways he was just as shocked by his own size as the students had been. Hehad never been this large before; had never even thought of being this large.

The notion occurred to him, that if he could stand he would almost come up toDr. Burgess's chest. But somehow, that didn't make Melanie's probing foot anyless menacing or any less beautiful.

Abruptly his attention came back to Melanie's face. She spoke to him again, in avoice whose sultry tone denied the severity of her words.

“Perhaps your brain is more damaged than I thought. Boy, I told you to tell meabout yourself. Where are you from, and how did you come to be living in thesewers? Hurry now. Tell me quickly. If you can't talk, then I'll have to findsomething else to do with you.”Ronnie closed his eyes, as he found her penetrating gaze far more disconcertingthan either his abnormal size or the agony in his mid-section. Then he finallybegan to tell his story.

“Ma'am I was decanted on a male farm not very many miles from here. They raisedworker males mostly. I wasn't much different than any of the others in my batch,except that the schoolwork seemed to come more easily to me. I was waiting withall the other young men to be auctioned off, when a lady shows up from the TexasMen's Ranch. She bought me and 50 or so guys who were the best students, and thenext thing I knew, I was out in the desert studying to be a personal servant.”“You must have felt pretty proud. TMR is about the best advanced training schoolin the country.”“Well, Ma'am, I didn't have the time to think about it much. I'm sure you know,Ma'am that personal servant training is tough, and there is a higher flunkoutrate than even the science and engineering ranches. And Miss Laura, she was theone who purchased us, supervised all our classes personally. Out of all thefellows that started with me, only 8 of us made it all the way through. Everytime we took an exam, the fellow with the lowest score was sent to Miss Laurafor disposition.”“This Miss Laura, she got to squish them then.”“Well some of them I suppose. She never did anything like that in front of us.

Once in a while she'd give a boy to one of her assistants. They were young, ofcourse, and I think it made them feel more secure somehow, that they couldshrink a man right down and crush him in front of the rest of us. But Miss Lauranever did anything like that. Nope, they just went to see Miss Laura in herprivate chambers, and most were never seen again. I know she kept some of them.

She liked to use men as jewelry, and every once in a while we'd see one of us onan earring or a bracelet. I had the same roommate for almost 3 years. We werereally close, but he got the low score on the computer science final, and he wasgone. Months later on graduation day, I looked down and there he was, MissLaura's toe ring. He kind of nodded to me. He looked awfully happy. I figured atthe time that, other than having his hands sewn to his feet, he was about theluckiest guy in the world.”“Miss Laura sounds like quite a teacher.”“Yes, Ma'am, she was, and a good saleslady too. That's one time I really wasproud. We didn't go to an auction house. Instead, women would fly in just toinspect the new graduates and make a selection. When it was my turn, I would runout and prostrate myself. And then Miss Laura would rest her foot on my head,while she launched into this long speech about all the good things that I coulddo, and how talented I was. Just thinking how much Miss thought of me, well Ijust wanted to bust with happiness. Of course I knew a lot of it was a salespitch, and it worked too. Because only a few days later I was laying quietly inmy sleeping box, but I could hear that Miss Laura was talking to some ladiesabout me. Suddenly I was rolling on the floor. I was flipped over on my back. Ilooked up to see a beautiful Latin girl smiling down at me. She was holding thesize-changing gun. She expanded up to a meter, and stepped right up on me. Herwonderful petite brown feet pressed into my chest, and I could hear her motherto this day. “Now Rosita, don't hurt it till we're certain we can afford it.”Melanie suddenly cut off his narrative. “That's enough for now. Be quiet boy. Ihave to check on my students. When I'm done I might want to hear some more.”Suddenly Melanie stood. Ronnie opened his eyes, but at his place under the desk,he could no longer see her face. His midsection was now freed from the crushingpressure of her pump, but the sharp burning as blood rushed into the bruised,compressed and oxygen deprived tissue of his gut, was for the moment, even moremiserable. As the agony subsided, he became aware of all the noise, as menscreamed and women giggled or tried to talk over the din. Then her foot surgedforward, and came to rest on Ronnie's upper chest. The weight on him slowlybegan to intensify. Melanie had not planned on stopping so soon. She feltinexplicably angry. She pictured her old size 12 pump, the one that pressed intoRonnie's chest. It was not petite. Elegant perhaps, but definitely not petite.

Up above Melanie patiently surveyed the scene before her. Mona and Mary hadarranged the 4 men in a single line, making a long walkway of exposed stomachs,chests and heads. Their arms were bound as Ronnie's, but she noticed that herenterprising assistants had found some additional restraints, and had tied theshoulders of the one fellow to the spread ankles of the next. This left justenough room between the head of number 1 and the groin of number 2 to allow thestudents to step down on the solid floor before encountering the next bit ofsquirming male anatomy. The students formed their own column by the feet of thefirst man, and a succession of them were deliberately making their way down themale roadway. Most of the young women were unsteady, looking like apprenticetight-rope-walkers on their first trip without a net. Occasionally one of thegirls would lose her balance and come sliding off her man, then with a bit ofnervous laughter she would awkwardly jog to the end of the line. Mona wasgetting into the spirit of the thing by shouting out a cadence for the girls tokeep in the same marching rhythm.

“ Tummy, chest, head, floor. Tummy, chest, head, floor. Tummy, chest, headfloor. C'mon girls, Keep up the pace.”Melanie wasn't certain how much technique was being learned, all in all;everyone seemed to be having a fun time. Melanie had meant to tell them to quietit down, but the situation was so entertaining, that she decided to watch for afew minutes. She had not forgotten the man under her desk, and as she leanedforward on her desk, her foot pressed harder into Ronnie's much-abused torso.

For the time being, she was content to watch the show and to experience Ronnie'schest slowly rise and fall under her foot.

The situation above was deteriorating. It was beginning to look more like asorority party than a serious learning experience. The women waiting in linewere clapping their hands in accompaniment of Mona's cadence. Some had taken tosaluting the “Drill Sergeant” and calling out “Yes, Sir!” as they marched pastMona on their way down the squealing male pathway. The men were not quite soloud and were writhing far less as they come nearer to exhaustion. Still despitethe cacophony, Melanie noted that the trampling was going more smoothly; atleast none of the women were slipping off.

On the other side of the room she noticed three who were not participating. Itwas the girl who had accidentally squished the male. Melanie recalled that hername was Katy, or perhaps Caitlin. She sat, still apparently crying and upsetover what she had done. Her roommate, the tall willowy blonde, was holding herhand and whispering encouragement. Mary sat close by, looking kind ofuncomfortable with this sympathy business. Melanie could tell that they weretrying to get Caitlin to join again in the class activity.

Melanie observed that all the rhythm and clapping had gotten to her as well. Shebecame aware that her foot had somehow slid down Ronnie's trunk, and that shewas vigorously tapping her heel in time to the tempo of the clapping and of themarching beat. She glanced under the desk and saw that her heel was fallingdirectly onto the man's macerated scrotum. She had to suppress her own laughteras she saw his eyes nearly popping out of his head. She had been ignoring herboy too long. Yes, she thought, he was “her boy.” Melanie was already beginningto think of him as more of a personal possession than a mere teaching aid. Shehad not had such tender feelings in a long while. It felt kind of odd.

It grew suddenly very quiet in the room. Even the men stopped yelling. Melanielooked up to see that the tramp over the gentlemen had stopped. Instead,everyone had gathered around Caitlin who was making her way hesitantly to thefront of the line. She stepped forward, still daubing the moisture from hertear-stained face, and smiled wanly at “Sergeant” Mona. She spoke in a soft,almost childish voice.

‘Uh, I'm feeling better I think. Can I walk on them now, or is it too late?”Mona gestured at the men. “Help yourself girl. They're not busy, as you cansee.” Caitlin smiled more broadly, and approached man number 1. She paused tolook out over the now vacant passageway of men. They were certainly well used,and the procession of red, black, and blue indentions in their battered fleshleft no doubt where she should place her shiny new pumps. She bent down andactually seemed to be talking to the man beneath her.

“OK, here I come. Wish me luck?” And with that she crossed her fingers, thententatively stepped into his midsection. Every person in the room, including themen, stared intensely at her. Only Ronnie, still suffering in silence under thedesk, was not aware as Caitlin began her slow trek.

Melanie was stuck by people's reaction to this girl. There was indeed somethingthat seemed to radiate from her pretty round face. Was it shyness? Naiveté?Kindness? Perhaps even innocence?Whatever it was, it seemed to command sympathy from those around her. Even herliving carpet seemed eager to help her, as they confined their protests to theoccasional whimper or muffled sob as she trod upon them. Mary followed herclosely whispering instructions, with each step.

“Remember, sole first then anchor the heel. Let your weight settle into himbefore the next step. Don't rush!”The nervous young woman almost slipped off of man number 2, but Mary reached outher arm in the nick of time, and steadied her. Number 3 was fascinated with her,and was so occupied in gawking, that he forgot to turn his face away. Caitlinstepped right on his snout, and there was a very loud snap as she mashed theruined nose into his very surprised face The entire assemblage held theirbreath, but Caitlin kept her balance, and continued on her way.

It looked like she was going to make it. Caitlin steadied herself on number 4'schest, and carefully moved for the final step onto his head. But, just at thatinstant, number 4 heaved up, and the startled girl fell backwards, thrusting herneedle-sharp heel into his abdomen. He was impaled! Caitlin turned to see hershoe buried in the man's entrails, and reacted like any farm-girl who hadsuddenly stepped into fresh manure. She jerked that foot up in disgust, andpushed down with the other. The ribcage gave with another loud crack, and herentire body seemed to drop several inches as her other heel penetrated his lung.

“Oh Damn!” Mary yelled out without thinking, “She's killed another one!”Suddenly panicking, Caitlyn attempted to leap off the man, and as her shoes weretrapped in the male-flesh beneath, fell with a resounding thud. She jerked herfeet out of her shoes and already sobbing, fled in complete humiliation to thefar corner of the room. The now predictable entourage of supportive young womanfollowed.

Mona, who was standing close by, went to stand over Caitlin's unintended victim.

She bent down to pull out the shoes, and extracted them with little effort. Hewas still alive, but his breathing was already ragged from the punctured lung.

Blood oozed out of both holes, and also from his mouth, but did not run fast.

Mona decided he would last for a while. She rose and peered down at the patheticman who returned her stare with a look of total terror and desperation. After afew moments she slowly took her own foot and rubbed the sole of the shoe backand forth across the gaping wound on his chest. Mona started to lick her lips ina leisurely way and then began to grin.

“Honey, I bet it's real hard to breathe with that hole in your lung. But youhold on now, because I think that you and I have a date at the end of theclass.” Then she noticed Professor Burgess gesturing to her, and with along-drawn-out sigh, and considerable reluctance, left her place above the manand went to speak to her boss.

‘ You know, Professor, I was really kind of rooting for her to make it. Kind ofhard not to, I guess.”“I know what you mean,” Melanie replied somewhat sadly, I sort of stamped myfoot when she fell, and I think the fellow under here passed out again. Is theother one going to live?'“Well, not for long, but he'll make it to the end of the session.”“The time is running late, so you'd better get the students back to business.

You've got time to demonstrate some heel-in-mouth technique, but if you don'tspeed it up, we'll have to skip the testicle popping.”‘Don't worry, Doc,” Mona replied looking just a bit alarmed, “we can pick up thepace. Besides, you could come out here and take over, and let me take care ofthe fainter.”“No Mona, he's mine. I'm thinking I might even take him home with me.”Mona tried to suppress a chuckle without much success. “Oh, I see. Well, I'msure you'll have fun with him, if he can stay awake, that is. Uh, I waswondering, since you will be busy here, and that guy out there… well, he'll haveto be disposed of. So I was thinking maybe…”“You want to do him. Won't that make your sister jealous?”“Maybe. She could live with it.”“ Well,” Melanie said as she smiled innocently, “if I get done here, I'll comeover and do the honors myself. I hate to see you girls do all the work.”“Gee, boss. This kind of sounds like a gyp to me. You get to do all the funstuff. Mary and I should get something for our trouble.”“I see. Now you're worried about your sister. But you won't be left out. Youboth come over after class, and I'll have something good for you.”“Well, Ok, if that's the way you want it. But I think that if you get to step onhim, then you clean up your own mess.” Without waiting for an answer, Monaturned and headed back to the others.

Caitlin had finally stopped crying, and Mona noticed that both Mary andCaitlin's roommate were helping the poor girl put on her shoes. Mary wascertainly acting more sympathetic and caring than was normal for her. What wasthat all about?Melanie dropped into her desk chair, took a deep breath, and leaned forward tocheck on Ronnie. He certainly was unconscious, She spent a couple of minutespoking and prodding his flaccid form, before she was convinced that she had notdamaged him too badly. She was very frustrated with herself. She didn't losecontrol often, and never twice in one day.

She noticed that Ronnie's hair was graying. That was rare. Women who had accessto modern medicine, never showed real signs of age, and men seldom lived longenough to actually look old.

Ronnie showed no sign yet of awakening. Impulsively, Melanie slipped off hershoes and began to rub her warm stocking soles around his chest and face,roughly at first, but gradually more gently; until what she was doing appearedmore as if she were caressing him than spurning him. She ran her toes across thedeep lines in his face, and rubbed the tears from his puffy eyes. At last sheenveloped his nose in her toes and the sheer fabric of her stocking, filteringall the air he breathed in and enriching it with the scent of her feet. After afew moments, his eyes began to flutter, and open. At the same time, she wasamused to see his mangled penis also spring into new life. Melanie did notbegrudge men their erections. They had a tough life. A guy worked hard all hislife to please his owners, and about the best he could hope for was a quick exitunder some woman's foot. There were worse ways to go. And Melanie could give afellow quite a send-off, even if her feet were not exactly petite. She moved herfeet back, and rested both of them in his stomach.

“My feet were cold,” she said, as Ronnie stared in awe at her soft unshod feetand long wriggling toes. “Now you were telling me about Rosita…”End chapter 3Next--- Melanie disposes, Caitlin gets homework, Mona and Mary get new insoles