Shared Fantasy  by  L. Huckins When Laura entered the room Iheld her tightly against me feeling her back arch and her nipples on her largefirm breasts harden.  God, I loved her and yet I couldn't get my ex-girlfriendDeanna out of my mind.  Laura was 5'9", same as I, and had a beautiful body. She was warm and wonderful, only wanting to make me happy.  Maybe that was myproblem.

 Deanna was the completeopposite.  She was only 5'2" but completely dominated me from the begining.  Atone point she handcuffed me to the leg of her bed face up, tied my ankles to theheavy dresser legs with pantyhose, and kept me there for three days while shewalked on me with every pair of shoes she owned.  I still have scars from someof those stiletto heels.  At one point while I lie there I had this strangedream.  In it I'm still on the floor but held down by a rectangular metal baracross my stomach and driven into the floor.  Everything in the room is now hugeand too far away.  It is then I suddenly realize that the "bar" holding me downis nothing but a paper staple!  Then I hear and feel a large thudding sound. "Now where did I put you?" Deanna booms in an impossibly loud, deafening voice. She starts striding towards me wearing only black pumps with 6" silver spikedheels.  "Ahhhh, there's my little man" she laughs.  She walks over loominglarger and larger until those huge pumps tower on either side of me.  "Please don't kill me, I'll doanything" I say pathetically.  "And what can you do for me?"she asks as she raises her foot.  I keep begging but her foot starts to slowlylower until I can see nothing but the bottom of her high heel's sole.  Thestaple begins to sink into me as I feel the crushing pressure and begin toscream.  Suddenly I wake to see the same shoes standing one on either side of myhead, at their normal size.  Deanna looks down and softlylaughs "Poor baby, can't even get away from me in your dreams." Unfortunately it was true.

 "Let me show you what I gottoday" Laura said reaching for the night stand.  We had just finished makinglove.  She still sat on my soft cock though her movement made it slightly hardagain.  She took something out of a small box and held it up so I could see it. It was a small 3" bronze statuette of a woman with four arms resting in herlap.  It sat on a rectangular block that had two symbols carved in the front ofit.  "What do you think?" Laura asked.  "Nice tits" I said with asmile.

 "Careful, the woman who soldit to me said it was the image of a goddess and it is making its way back toher" Laura said.  "How is it doing that?" Iasked.  "It grants each person itcomes in contact with one wish" Laura explained.  "Not three like a genie?" Ichuckled.  "Just one, then it somehowmoves on to the next person.  Cool, huh?" she said with a smile.  "Which one of us gets thewish?" I said with a laugh.

 Just then she got a wickedsmile on her face and took the statuette.  Holding it between us with both ourhands on it.  "Tell you what, Mike, you wish for your deepest, darkest fantasyand make it a good one."  It wasn't hard to think of since that day on Deanna'sfloor I had dreamed of being that tiny plaything wondering what she would do tome.  Laura felt my cock harden and that wicked smile widened.  "Good boy, nowwish it as I wish to share it with you" she said, not really knowing what wasgoing on in my mind.  Just then the statuette began to vibrate and the vibrationran through our bodies growing stronger.  Laura's brown eyes widened in horror We became still in each othersarms but not in our bed.  "What happened?" Laura said in a small quietvoice.  "I don't . . . " I started tosay, but then I noticed a large structure next to us.  "It can't be" Laura eeked out,"but it is."  The 3" tall statuette was now three times our height.  Laura madeher way toward it through a carpet that was now a forest of foot high ropes.  Ithought at first it was a dream but as I looked around everything was toodetailed, too real.  "What did you do to us?" Laura cried out as she touched thecool brass of the statuette's base.  "Make us big again, take your wish backpleaseeee" she cried as she clung to the statuette's base, but nothinghappened.  "I'm sorry" I said feelingevery bit my size.  "Why did you wish us small!"she tried to scream but only squeaked.  "I only wished I couldbe small; I don't know why it shrunk you."  She walked in a daze towards a hugepile of clothes.  "Look at my bra" she yelled. "It used to be a little snug, but now my breasts must be microscopic, and mypanties . . . ".  She clutched her breasts as she walked to the huge red silkocean of cloth.  Her hands slipped down her hips to her pussy.  "They'reenormous."  She walked on them and fell to her knees.  I thought she was goingto cry but then she began to rub her hands and  breasts over the silk.  Sheseemed to be becoming aroused by her predicament.  "Feel this, it's still sosmooth even though we're so small."  Just then she stopped and looked at me witha new horror.  "Mike, these are not my panties!" At that moment we heard thefirst thuds.  They grew louder and closer to the great door facing us.  "Who'scoming?" Laura asked.  I knew who it was, even from this height I could tell herroom hadn't changed at all since that day.  It was then that I realized I didn'tjust want to be small but to be her plaything.  "Maybe they'll help us?" Laurasaid hopefully.  "It's Deanna" I replied, notlooking at her but at the door.  Laura began to respond in anger but it wasdwarfed by the sound of the doorknob turning.  The door swung open and the lightwas turned on.

 I had to crane my neck up tosee her completely as did Laura.  Deanna had not changed.  Her hair was still inthat short French cut and still raven black, her eyes were still cold and deepblue, with her mouth still having that sexy smug half-smile.  She wore a shortblack dress that clung tightly to her body, dark pantyhose, and red high heelpumps.  She threw her leather coat over the back of a nearby chair.  To us itseemed to fly for miles.  She was beautiful but to us she was a menacing giantGoddess.  She moved towards us until one huge pump landed right next to us.  Weboth stared up that leg that seemed to extend forever.  Laura had once said howshe'd like to beat the living hell out of Deanna after I told her how Deanna hadended our relationship.  "I bored her" Deanna had said.  Now at their firstmeeting all Laura could do was stare up in awe.  As for me, I was becomingexcited.

 "What is that?" Deannasaid suddenly.  Terrified Laura scurried under the red panties.  I saw Deanna'sknees begin to bend and instinctively followed Laura.   I looked out fromunder the panties to see a huge hand with long red nails close around thestatuette.  "Where did that come from?" she said to herself as she turned to siton the bed.  It seemed amazing to see such a simple act from my height.  Shekicked her shoes of and they slammed into the floor fifty feet away with areverberating thud that I could feel where I stood hiding.  "Laura, it's okay, she wasafter the . . ." I broke off as the scent from Deanna's shoes overpowered me. She could have worn them all day and it was strangely intoxicating.  I made myway to Laura who was just as overcome.  "She'll kill us when she findsus" Laura whispered.  Laura began to fondle my cock "make love to me before shefinds us" she begged softly.  She became wild with desire and lust.  When shecame she began to scream loudly as she climaxed multiple times.  "Laura, Laura, she'll hearyou."  I spoke too late.

 The panties began to rise upinto the air with us inside.  We rose too fast and almost fell out of one of theleg holes.  I managed to grab hold of the lace border design to keep fromfalling and dangled in space.  Laura screamed, this time in terror at the twoblue eyes staring at us.  Her eyes grew wide with shock.  It was funny, in theentire year and  a half of our relationship I could never surprise her.  But nowher surprised face was all I could see.  She set us on the bed and laid in frontof us on her stomach like some kid reading a comic book.  It was hard standingon the slope her weight made and her silky blue sheets were woven even finerthan her panties.  A large part of me wanted to slide down into that cavernbetween her breasts.  For awhile neither of us said anything.  Laura absentlycovered her breasts and pussy as if this would stave off Deanna's gaze.  Hereyes were bright with wonder as she looked at me and Laura.  All at once shescooped me up in her hand and brought me closer to her face until all I couldsee was one huge eye.  "No, don't" Laura screamed.  "Mike, is that you?"Deanna asked in puzzlement.

 It took Laura and I twice toscream out our story to Deanna for her to understand exactly what had happened,but when she did her laughter shook us off our feet and almost deafened us. When she was finished she leaned closer, her mouth near enough for us to touch,and she spoke.  "Let me get this straight.  This thing could have granted youany wish, anything you wanted, and you Mikey wished to be tiny enough to fuckyour slut inside my panties?  What can I say, Mikey, I'm touched."  Her tongueslipped over those sexy lips and licked me from my toes to my face in one slow,seductive movement.  I came on her massive tongue and I don't even think shenoticed.  "Leave him alone, you sickbitch!" Laura screeched.  Deanna's lips went into a cruel smirk I knew all towell.  In an instant  one of Laura's long nails cupped under Laura's breast likesome huge sword.  Laura squeaked a scream and tried to back away, but Deannafooled her and knocked her down, pinning her in place with the tip of herfingernail.  "Be very careful, little girl,you're along for the ride and in no position to anger me."  "No, don't, please .  . ." Isaid,  running to the massive finger and trying in vain to lift it.   "I begyou, don't hurt her" I yelled.  Deanna moved her fingertip away, leaving a longred scarlet line where it had pressed just beneath Laura's breasts.  Laura, whohad once been seven inches taller than Deanna, sobbed and went into a fetalposition.

 Out of the corner of my eye Isaw the statuette laying on it's side near us.  Laura's and my wishes were gonebut Deanna had yet to make one.  "Hey Deanna, listen, over here" I yelled forher attention.  She was stroking her finger along Laura's back as if she were apet.  Laura was afraid to move.  "I'll be with you in amoment," Deanna quickly answered as her finger began to fondle Laura's ass andthere was nothing she could do to stop her.  "Look, Laura doesn't need to behere.  You could use your wish and put her back the way she was and you can haveme" I begged.  Laura just stared at me and I couldn't tell what she wasthinking.  Finally Deanna turned that cold stare to me feeling it could shrinkme even smaller.  "What makes you think I wantyou or your little slut for that matter?"  It was that matter of fact wayshe said that enraged me so I lashed out.  "you fucking BITCH!"  You degraded methrough our entire relationship and when I became what you made me you threw meaway you . . . " Just then her thumb and forefinger clamped down on my stillstiff cock.  I was amazed she could see it and squealed in agony.  She tried topick me up like that so I threw my arms over the sides of her fingers to keepher from ripping my cock off.  She lifted me towards her mouth and I thought shewas going to swallow me whole.  "Listen, pin-dick, I may havepunished you to your limits, but you could have let anytime you wanted.  Truthwas you liked being my victim so whatever little kink you developed you wasyours alone and you're stuck with it."  With that she let me drop on the bed andLaura rushed over as I lay there holding my cock which was a dark purple.  "Please, we'll do anything"Laura pleaded.  That cruel smirk came to Deanna once again.

 Deanna stood up and began tounzip her dress.  It fell with a hiss of cloth against skin to the floor likesome huge black sail.  Her body was thin and muscular.  The black lace bra wasnext exposing her large firm breasts.  She peeled the panties and pantyhose offall at once.  She turned slightly showing that perfect ass.  "She's  . . . beautiful" I heard Laura say to herself.  Deanna reached over us and pickedup the statuette while her other hand swooped down, sweeping us into her palm. She sat down on the bed and held us and the statuette in front of her.  "Tell you what, little ones. I'll make you a deal; if you two can give me any kind of pleasure I'll use thewish on you.  If not I'll crush you like maggots."  Laura and I began toshake with fear.  Deanna set the statuette on the night stand and Laura and I onher pillow.  "Don't go away now" she said as she walked out of the room.  "How can we ever hope to makeher cum?" Laura asked.  "Don't worry Laura, it will beokay" I answered, not sounding too convincing.

 "Okay, Okay, you stupid jerk!Let me recap the situation for you because of your pussywhipped psychoticfantasy we are shrunken to one fucking inch tall and in the bedroom of yourformer Sadistic Bitch Girlfriend.  Who, by the way, is the only one whocan make us big again.  So don't tell me it's going to be ok!"  Laura screamed. I looked into her enraged face not knowing what to say.  Deanna returned holdinga make-up mirror and a bottle of wine twelve stories high.  "Shall we begin?!" Deannaboomed.  Picking us up in one hand she smiled and said, "tits first." Setting us down between herbreasts she laid flat on the pillow so she could watch us.  One hand rested onthe wine bottle.  We began to climb her firm hills and amazingly my bruised dickonce more began to harden.  We caressed the waist-high nipples with our entirebodies, running our arms and legs back and forth over the doughy flesh.  I heardthis great sloshing sound and looked up to see Deanna taking a swig of wine.  Ithought that it was going to be hard enough without her dulling her senses withalcohol.  I saw her giant eye shift in my direction and her mighty index fingerpushed me flat against her pink nipple.  "Get to work, little man!  Look howgood your little playmate is doing."  I looked over to Laura and the breast shewas working on and saw to see her ravenously making love to it.  She kissed,licked and sucked all over the enormous pink nipple.  She was slick with sweatand I thought she might slide off.  She took her own breasts and began tomassage the tip with them.  "Hmmm, very clever little one.  Too bad Mikeycouldn't wish for tits like yours" Deanna purred.  Laura looked up from her worklong enough to say "fuck you."  Deanna just smiled.  "You've been working toohard dear, you look like you could use a drink."  With that Deanna poured someof the wine over Laura.  Laura tried to say something but was washed down insideof Deanna'a cleavage and slid toward her stomach.  A quake of flesh almost shookme off my nipple.  I felt the flesh of the nipple wrinkle and rise in the centerand I saw huge welts suddenly grow out of her skin.  I realized it was gooseflesh as seen by a 1" tall man.  "Damn that wine is cold" Deanna said with aloud laugh.  Her eyes narrowed  on me.  "You're done with that" she roared. Pushing me off with a flick of her index finger I rolled down the bottom side ofher breast onto her firm stomach next to Laura.  "Pussy next" she ordered.

 Deanna's great fingers pushedus towards the black pubic forest between her legs.  Laura stumbled intoDeanna's belly button and was waist deep in the wine that had gathered there. "Please let me help you dear" Deanna said as her thumb and forefinger nailsgrabbed Laura's entire head of hair and lifted her into the air.  "Deanna, no!" I squeakedpathetically.  "MOVE" she said, droppingLaura beside me.  We made our way through the hair until we found the huge,cavernous gash of her pussy.  There was already some wetness there.  "We apparently gave her somekind of pleasure" I said to Laura.  We tried to pull open the lips but Deannaplayfully held them closed.  After we struggled for a while she giggled andrelaxed her muscles.  All at once the reddish pink interior was revealed to us.

 We began to massage the soft,wet flesh with its sweet smell almost intoxicating.  "My God, look!" Laurayelled.  She was looking towards the make-up mirror Deanna had set between herlegs to watch us work.  I saw us as we must appear to her.  Two tiny creaturesof no real significance to anyone.  "We're so tiny" Laura gasped.  I saw herhand finding its way to her own pussy.  "Being so small is reallyturning you on after all" I kidded her.  I thought she was going to scream at mefor this but her face was red with embarrassment.  She went back to work andseemed even more turned-on.  We were sharing this fantasy after all.

 It seemed to take forever withboth of us concentrating on the clitoris.  Which was almost as big as one ofus.  We were getting a reaction and could hear Deanna's hands sliding back andforth over her abdomen and could feel her moans.  Suddenly the musclesconstricted, the lips closed around us threatening to crush us, and her cumwashed over us.  I tried to get to Laura but I was held fast in place.  Finallythe muscles relaxed and we slowly oozed out of her pussy onto the sheets.

 After resting a few minutesand getting her composure back she put us back on her stomach.  We clung to eachother waiting her judgment.  Finally it came.  "Not bad; if you wishedyourselves a little bigger it would have been even more fun."  All at once awicked smirk appeared again.  Laura looked at me with terror in her eyes.  Shehad seen it too.  Deanna grabbed the statuette.  "As I said I would use my wishon you."  She held it over us.  "But I didn't say how."  She lifted it highabove us in a grand gesture.  "I WISH . . . " but it wasn't necessary to say thewish.  The vibration filled us again and as I looked at Deanna I saw her face gofrom that smirk to a scared, shocked look.  Somehow I knew she felt thevibration too.  At the very first I thought she might have made a mistake andthat somehow she turned the tables on herself.  That when it was over we wouldbe sitting on the bed and Deanna the all-powerful would be the tiny creaturescurrying around the sheets.  But as the vibration faded nothing had changedexcept the that her smirk was back wider than before.  "What did you do?" Laura askedafter looking herself up an down.  Deanna scooped us both up and turned on herstomach and set us down on her pillow.

 "Fun as you are at this size,there are limits to what I can do with you and what you can do for me.  Then Ithought why just settle for making you a little bigger?  Why settle for just onetype of change?"  She paused for effect or to wait for us to plead for an answerbut all we could do was stare in shock at her.  "You look at me like a goddessand to you I am."  As I continued to stare silently at her a similar vibrationpassed through me and finally settled in my chest.  "What are you . . . " but Iquickly found my answer.  I saw my chest swell into breasts equal in size toLaura's.  Laura could only stare in shock as Deanna's fingertip fondled them. They were amazingly sensitive but all I could do was stare at them in awe.  "Those are for next time youmassage my tits."  Laura reached out with her own hands and began to fondle themherself.  "Oh Laura" I sighed, "I didn'tknow you liked woman by choice."  "Sometime I will make him allwoman for you and maybe even give you a dick." Deanna's voice sounded strong andconfident.  What terrified me most was the look in Laura's eyes.  "That's right,I wished for total control over your forms and I can do anything I want withyou.  I could even make you normal again, but that wouldn't please me so don'tcount on it.  What do you think of that?" Deanna asked confidently.

 Laura now seemed strangelycalm.  "It doesn't matter what we think, does it?"  Deanna looked at Laura andgave her a nod of approval.  "I have been hard on youtonight dear, haven't I?  Well, let me give you a small reward for yourefforts."  Laura's hands left my breasts and went to either side of my stomach. I put my hands on her shoulders and found myself reaching up for them.  Soon hershoulders had grown out of my reach.  She grew until she was three times myheight!  I remained the same size and condition.  "Whew, that was harder than itlooks but somehow I know it will get much easier"  Deanna said, slightly out ofbreath.  "He is your's for the night, but remember, your size depends on mymood.  If you displease me or I think it might be fun you will yourself wrappedaround his cock."  Laura looked up.  "Yes Mistress, Thank YouMistress."  Then she looked down at me and smiled wickedly.

 Deanna couldn't find thestatuette after that and she didn't really bother to look.  She must havesomehow known it moved on to its next host.  Someone who would no doubt wish forsomething mundane like money or power.  Deanna put us in a fishnet stocking shehad just worn and hung us on the bed board.  Laura pulled me between her legsand ordered "Get to work!"  As I began I thought that someday Laura would be thesmall one but I didn't think it would be too soon.

 The End