Sheer Slavery                              By Magnus                     From a story idea by Fem-bot69                           [email protected] Journey with me if you will into a realm of the impossible, a realm whereanything is possible, a realm not unlike the Twighlight zone, but more like thePetrification zone...

 Monica moved up and down the isles of the grocery store, she had just movedinto town to start a new job at a radio station.

She was looking for the feminine products section to pick up a new pair ofpantyhose.

"Where in the world are the pantyhose"?She found the isle and what she was looking for, and something else...

I full size Mannequin wearing a pair of pantyhose.

"Hmm, never seen a mannequin in a grocery store before"...

Looking at the display next to it, she read "Contura Pantyhose" brand name, andthat the pantyhose were no rip, sheer, reinforced toe.

"Looks good" she thought to herself as she picked out a cream colored pair inher size.

checking out she walked away happy with her purchase.

The next morning while getting ready for work, Monica pulled out the pantyhosefrom the package. She had been mistaken, it was a body suit and not pantyhosethat she had bought the day before..

"That same good look for your legs, but now for your whole body", the print onthe package read.

"Pretty corny, o well", Monica thought, "I'll just wear it under a turtle neck".

She slid the suit on and did the fastener on the seam behind her neck.

Putting on a green mini skirt and a white turtle neck, she admired the smoothlines in the mirror while running her hands up her leg and butt.

Monica was good looking, her long blonde hair went well with her green eye's.

She grabbed her purse, slipped into a pair of four inch green heels and headedfor the door, all ready for work.

Being in a new town Monica came home to a empty apartment, the movers wouldnot be here with her furniture till the weekend.

All she had was a bed a chair and the clothes she had brought with her in theuhaul.

She flopped down in the chair and slipped out of her pumps.

As she put her feet to the floor they slid out from under her.

"That's funny, these pantyhose weren't like this, this morning"...

She tried to stand, but the attempt failed. "I've got to get these off", shethought taking off her skirt.

The suit had smoothed itself out so much that no seams could be seen along theoutfit.

Monica took off her turtle neck and threw it to the floor to gain access to theseam in the back. She found there was no seam to reach for.

"I'm not gonna be stuck in these forever" she thought reaching for a pair ofscissors, but the material was too close to her skin to cut, and the fabricdidn't fray when she tried to scrape a hole in it either.

"They weren't kidding when they said sheer did they"?Monica put her pumps back on and stood up and walked to the bathroom, in thefull length mirror there she could see that the suit had molded itself to herskin making it a cream color and very shinny, only her hands and head werenormal skin tone.

She slid her hands along the now seamless body suit, she even noticed that thesuit made her look completely sexless with not even a pubic hair showing.

Feeling very aroused by her own perfection, she rubbed her hand on her crotchand felt the blood rush to her head with the sensation.

Her hands picked up the pace as she rubbed and stroked her lips through thesuit.

An orgasm came and her own juices tried to escape, but they stopped cause of theair tight barrier of the suit and her own pussy.

She buckled to her knees, and having no traction quickly fell to the floor.

Monica pushed herself pack up to her feet still dazed by the orgasm andwondering why her crotch wasn't wet.

Picking the package from the trash, she read the whole package finding only"Will make you look perfect guaranteed!" on it and a one eight hundred numberfor costumer service.

Monica made her way to the phone and called, her own fluids splashing in hervagina kept her aroused.

"Hello, yes I purchased your product and now I can't seem to take it off".

"Uh huh, you'll send a rep over, tomorrow"?"That's fine whatever it takes".


Monica hung up the phone, she had been told that a representative would be overtomorrow morning.

She then decided to goto bed.

She pulled back the covers and dropped into bed, slipping and sliding on themattress.

Taking off her shoes she laid down and pulled up the covers.

The sheets were tickling her crotch and soon she climaxed again, with the addedliquid and the sheets chaffing whenever she moved, she orgasmed once more beforedozing off from exhaustion.

Monica opened her eye's to find a man standing above her, she jumped andtried to stand up, only to fall to the floor.

She flipped over unable to stand and saw him take a devise from his pocket.

Monica screamed as he put the devise to the suit and pressed a button.

An electric pulse ripped through the suit and made her orgasm again as well asfreeze the suit solid.

She was now unable to move and screamed again for help, the intruder quicklyshoved a gag in her mouth to quiet her.

Monica was now in shock, she had lost her mobility and now her ability to screamfor help.

Looking around the room for something to help her, she noticed a stand with along pole on it. Afraid she was about to find out just what the stand was for,the intruder picked up the helpless Monica and planted her on the pole sendingthe rod up her ass.

Monica screamed profusely through her gag as her stiffened body was suspended onthe stand.

The intruder picked out a pair or cream colored five inch pumps from the closetand put them on her.

Fear raged inside Monica, she didn't know what was going to happen to her, "isthis man going to rape me"?Then she remembered the Mannequin in the grocery store, "Oh my god"..."Wasshe"...."Real"?Realizing her fate the man continued his work posing her in the same pose as theMannequin at the store.

The man pulled out a razor and quickly shaved all the hair off her head, he thenpulled a mask out of his bag and pulled it over Monica's head.

She could see through the eye's as he matched the neck of the mask to the neckline of the pantysuit.

He then pulled out a pair of gloves made of the same fabric as the suit andplaced them on her hands.

When he was done the man paced the device to the suit again and pressed abutton.

Another pulse shocked Monica and she orgasmed again, adding more fluid to hervaginal cavity.

Once that was done the man pulled out a small mirror and held it up so Monicacould see what she had become.

The mask was a female face heavily made up and had melted to the suit. Thegloves had done the same and made her fingers and hands match the rest of thesuit, she was beautiful with her new lily white skin.

The intruder being done with his subject, picked her up off the stand as if shewere a feather.

Tossing her ridged body over his shoulder he headed for the door.

The liquid center in Monica's vagina sloshed and caused her to climax once moreas the man said,"You'll sell a lot of pantyhose, that's for sure".

Jennifer moved up and down the isles of the grocery store looking for thehosiery section.

Coming upon the isle she saw a display with a new brand and a Mannequin standingbeside it wearing a pair of pantyhose.

Picking out a tan pair she bumped the Mannequin, and walked away.

As Monica orgasmed inside she could only hope that this woman would not shareher fate...

                            THE END?