A Short Crush StoryByAsukafan2001             Harvard, one of the countries most prestigiousschools, a school that many have dreamed of going to at one point in therelives. An institution full of the best of the best, the elite's elite, but somewhere along the line of its hallowed halls it has begun to turn to a place whererich kids can go if their wallet is big enough or there parents are powerfulenough. Yes Harvard another one of the many examples of what today's America isall about. This is where our story begins.

           Alexia Waters, daughter Sam and Stu Waters grewup in a small town in Connecticut. A town that was absolutely ordinary in everyway that mattered. There was nothing that was unique or different about it. Thistown could have been anywhere, but it was in Connecticut. This is where Alexiaspent her childhood and teenage years of her life. She graduated in a class of25 with honors in the year 2000.

           It was that fall that Alexia packed up herthings into her Porsche and drove to Harvard University. It would be the firsttime that she had ever been on her own. It would turn out to be quite andexperience for Alexia.

           The first quarter went by and Alexia was lookingat her mid semester grades online when she noticed that her psychology teacherwas only giving her a C. Alexia who had never gotten a c in her life wasdevastated not to mention that this was going to be her major and a C wasn'twhat she wanted showing up at her home either. So she decided to talk with herprofessor tomorrow.

           After Psychology class Alexia began to walk downthe long stairway from her seat in the back of the lecture hall. The closer shegot she found herself getting nervous. She hadn't even talked to her professorbefore so she wasn't quite sure what to expect.

           “Dr. Nelson do you have a moment?” shoutedAlexia as she scuffled towards the professor. Her dark brown hair was nipping ather shoulders as she as her matching brown eyes locked onto him. As she nearedher black mini skirt that was all too short was gracefully pulled up a bit so itwas even shorter along with her form fitting black top almost seemed as if ithugged her frame even better.

           Dr. Nelson turned his head around upon hearinghis name. He eyed his young student as she neared having no clue who she wasbeyond the fact that she was in his class. Dr. Nelson turned towards his studentAid and asked if he knew but he merely shrugged his shoulders and stared asAlexia approached.

           “Dr. Nelson I noticed that I was getting a C inthis class? That wasn't exactly what was worked. My family puts a lot of moneyinto this school and I expect a little courtesy.” Alexia then flipped her hairwith hand as she transferred her weight to her right foot and crossed her armsas she looked at the Professor and his student aid.

           “Well Alexia you are getting a free ride I don'texactly see what you are complaining about? There are plenty of students whowould kill for the opportunity that you have and you are upset over a c?”           Alexia then looked at both of them with angerburning in her eyes as she took a few steps closer. Alexia was now standing faceto face with both her teacher and his aid. She could tell that they wereuncomfortable with her being so close to them but that would soon change. Shedug her hands into her purse, fumbling through everything, while Dr. Nelson tooka few steps back with his aid. Alexia then pulled out two syringes that wereabout half the size of her thumb. She had one in each hand as she approachedthem, she moved towards them once again stuck a syringe in each of their necks.

They both looked at her confused and then fell over.

           Alexia smiled as she looked at them both lyingon the floor. She then ran back up to her seat and grabbed her bag. She lookedaround at either door and didn't see anyone coming in yet so she ran back downthe stairs and set her bag down on a table which was in the front of the lecturehall. She pulled her laptop out of her bag and booted it up. She once againlooked at the both the doors before she started up a program called minimize XP.

           Alexia smiled now as she looked down at the two,she knew they would be waking soon and the next class would be here soon shedidn't even bother to look at what the controls were set at all she did was hitthe shrink button. She then eyed her the two men as they grew smaller andsmaller.

           Neither man stopped shrinking till they were notaller then an inch. Alexia smiled as she grabbed both men with only one handand slipped them both into her bag along with her laptop. It was then she sawMiranda Stevens walk in.

           “What are you still doing here Alexia?” statedMiranda in a superior tone. Miranda was one of those girls who automaticallythought they were better then everyone else, she's the kind of person who wouldgo to the white house and expect the president to wait on her hand and foot.

           “Nothing Miranda, I was just hoping to catchprofessor nelson but he left to fast after class and I have to get going.”Grabbing her bag and slinging it over her shoulder Alexia strolls out of theroom casually as to not draw any suspicion to herself.

           Alexia had made it home without a hitch. Sheanxiously unzipped her bag and pulled out the two tiny men. She smiled down atthem as she could see them begin to stir. It was professor nelson who stood upfirst. Alexia nudged Professor Nelson with her baby toe causing him to roll endover end. Alexia smiles down at him and then grabs onto him with her left handwhile pulling her pants and panties away from her ass with her right. Alexiatwirls her head around and looks down at the flailing little professor in herhand. She grins from to ear as she lets go watching him slide down the small ofher back grabbing for anything but not finding a single thing to stop his fall.

           Professor Nelson watches as his vision isblurred by his speed of decent, the blurring colors soon change to just darknessas he watches the elastic waist band of a flowered pair of panties whirl by, ashe reaches about halfway down Alexia's ass the snapping of the waist band echoesall around him.

           Everything around him is constricted and tight.

The smell coming off of Alexia's ass makes him want to hurl as his face isshoved into her asshole by the tight denim pants hugging Alexia's ass.

           Professor Nelson begins to panic as he feelseverything grow tighter and tighter as she moves to sit down. The two massiveass cheeks begin to push against the body of Professor Nelson. His screams aremuffled as Alexia's ass cheeks have entombed him in her flesh, squeezing himtighter and tighter until finally Alexia feels a liquid running down her ass.

She smiled down at the studentaid knowing that he was clueless as to his beloved teacher's fate. Alexiagrabbed him swiftly and without mercy as she picked him up off the ground withher pointer and index finger positioned under his armpit. She tilted her headback and watched his eyes light up like Christmas lights as he looked down ather cavernous maw. Alexia licked her lips as she let go of the student aid, hermouth closed tightly as she swallowed him whole. Alexia's eye closed as she feltan ecstasy like feeling as he kicked and squirmed all the way down to her belly.