A Slow Shrink TaleBy Slipstream"Why me? O' god why me?" Chris thought to himself as he sat ontheoversized yellow plastic chair drinking stale water from aplastic cup thatdwarfed him as he struggled with it in his hands.

"Finished already…here let me fill it for you."Suddenly the cup became too heavy to hold as fresh watercascaded into itcausing Chris to slump forward placing the oversized cup on thewobblyplastic table…but not before he had soaked himself.

"Jesus Christ Becky now looks what you've done!"Chris jumped down from the chair and rung out his ill-fittingshirt, a darkshadow fell over him…again he'd made the mistake of raising hisvoice afterall it was an easy mistake to make…only twenty two months agohis voicecommanded respect and authority…but now…* * * *22 months earlier"Come on babe the waters lovely and warm!" Chris called out tohis wife Kim.

"No I'm fine right here with Becky, enjoying the sun.""Your loss."Chris swam in the clear water of the blue lagoon; it was alovely sunny Julyday and what better way to spend it than with his wife anddaughter.

Life was good for Chris he'd been married going on 9 years andat the age of29 still had plenty to look forward too. His wife Kimberly was 2years hisjunior and quite the stunner, Chris was proud to have such apretty andintelligent wife.

Becky had come along 7 years earlier; she was planned and bothChris andKim hoped to give her little brother or sister shortly.

Chris snorkelled along his favourite reef looking at all thepretty colouredfish…he could name most of the species as this was his favouritepast time.

As he swam he noticed something strange, there seemed to be anorangelight emanating from the side of the reef about 12ft down.

Taking a deepbreath Chris swam down to investigate…true enough Chris wasright therewas a bright orange light but it wasn't coming from within thereef, it wasactually on it!Unable to hold his breath any longer Chris returned to thesurface, he wasgiddy like a school kid…had he just discovered a new type ofwater plankton?Taking in another deep breath he swam down to the light andafter takinganother good look decided he needed to take a sample back withhim,reaching for his knife he slowly tried scrapping off a smallsample. It wasuseless the stuff just wasn't playing ball, Chris was close torunning out of airand in a last ditch attempt to break off a piece he stabbed atthe rock but tohis surprise the blade sank in easily…far too easily causing hishand to rubroughly against the rock. Returning to the surface he felt painshootingthrough his hand, which surprised him as it, was only a graze.

"Chris honey…thank god."Chris opened his eyes to see his wife clenching his fist andcrying with joy.

"Kim honey…where am I?""You're in hospital, don't you remember?""Remember what? How long?""3 day's, the Doctors almost gave up on you!""No wait, but…it can't be…I remember grazing my hand…but nothingelse."Little did Chris know what effect those little graze would haveupon his life!* * * * *Chris didn't try to fight off Becky's hand as her trunk likefingers wrappedaround him covering him from head to toe…after all what could a3" tall mando!Becky held her Dad before her face and lifting an eyebrow shesaid…"Sorry Daddy, what did you say?"Chris held his head low and said…"Nothing Becky…I…I just got a little wet!""Hmm, well that's good cause you know that Barbie doesn't likeblasphemy."Becky was playing with her dolls and Chris was dating her Barbiedoll! Eventhough he didn't stand much higher than her knee!Becky lowered Chris back to the floor and watched as hestruggled to climbback up onto the plastic chair.

* * * *19 months earlierChris was getting ready to go out, he and Kim were off to thesummer ballthat his firm held every year.

"Kim have you seen my jacket?""What darling." Kim replied as she walked into bedroom holdingher head toone side drying her hair.

"Have you seen my jacket? You know the one I bought for Donna'swedding.""Hmm, yea I think its hanging at the top of the wardrobe."Chris opened Kim's wardrobe and looked amongst her stuff on thetop rungand sure enough there was his jacket…as he reached for itsomething reallystrange happened…"Chris what is it? Chris…you ok?""What? Well I'm not sure…could you come over here."Kim got up and walked over to Chris.

"Well what is it?"Chris looked Kim up and down and then asked.

"Do I look different?""Err…different how?""Well erm…shorter.""Shorter!"Kim stood closer and looked slightly alarmed.

"What? I do don't I…I knew it, look I can't reach my jacket!"Kim stood with her mouth open for a minute…had she noticed itearlier? Noshe'd always been slightly taller than Chris when she wore herheels…Thenlooking down she realised that she wasn't wearing anything onher feet, infact it was Chris that wore his slippers and yet he was still agood half inchshorter than her.

Chris's head followed hers and he could tell by the look on herface that hewas right.

"Christ Kim you're taller than me without any heels on! You'rewhat…Five feeteight inches. I've been 5' 9" since I was eighteen…Jesus that's1 and a halfinches shorter.""Calm down, would you listen to yourself…what you think you'retheincredible shrinking man now! There has to be anexplanation…maybe I'vegrown…yea that must be it…I've grown.""Well settle this for sure just wait here." Chris said as he ranout the bedroomdoor.

Chris fumbled about in one of the kitchen draws looking for atape measure.

"O come on, I know you're in here!"The doorbell rang startling Chris.

"HONEY CAN YOU GET THAT?" Chris yelled.

"WHAT?" Kim replied.

"Never mind." Chris mumbled to himself as he closed the draw andheaded tothe front door.

"Hi Mr Jackson." Greeted Cally as the door opened.

"O' hi Cally…please come in."Cally was the baby sitter a nice 17-year-old girl that livednext door.

"Jeez, even Cally looks taller." Chris thought to himself asCally walked passedhim.

Chris left Cally to make herself comfortable a he went backupstairs.

"Right here we go let's settle this here and now.""Chris we're running late…come on hurry up and finish dressing,look I'vegotten your jacket down for you.""Please Kim just humour me for a minute…then I'll get ready atthe double."(Big sigh) "Ok…what do you want me to do?""Just stand up straight against the door and let me measureyou're height."Kim stood straight and Chris marked off a small mark at herheight.

"There you go 5' 8" same as always…you haven't grown. Now willyou dome?"Chris backed up against the door and stood straight, Kim reachedup andlooked surprised as she marked it off.

"What is it?" Chris asked as she stood back.

Chris turned around and straight away could see that the markKim had madefor his height was slightly lower than hers!!!!!!* * * *"Becky can you bring your dad in here." Called Cally.

"No were playing!" Replied Becky.

"NOW BECKY…I WON'T ASK AGAIN!"Becky reached over for Chris and roughly grabbed him whileknocking overhis chair and table.

Chris winced as she marched down the stairs mumbling to herselfandswinging her arm up and down.

"Here you go." Becky said as she roughly threw Chris on theground next toCally's feet.

"Jeez Becky, be careful would you!"Cally leaned forward and could see the little man lying betweenher feet.

"You ok Mr Jackson?"Chris looked up at the pretty face looking down at him andnodded.

He was hurt! But his male pride still covered up the pain hefelt…he knewBecky didn't mean it…she just treated him like one of herdolls…differencewas they were hard plastic, he was flesh and bone!"Becky you come back here!"Stomping back into the room Becky replied.

"WHAT NOW!""Apologise to your Dad.""What for?""For being rough with him!"Stamping her foot down and looking sternly at Cally she said"But I wasn't…not my fault if he's a cry baby.""Becky now please.""O' sorry Dad." She said and then walked off.

Chris wished Cally wouldn't do that as Becky then blamed him forher beingtold off and that meant trouble for him!Cally reached down and picked Chris up, she lay him carefully inthe palm ofher hand and rubbed his chest with her right pointing finger.

Chris knew what she wanted…she was going to get him to paint herfingernails, he didn't mind too much when he was 5" and taller but athis currentheight he found it difficult to lift the brush…but he reallydidn't have a choice.

* * * *17 Month's earlier"Please smile Chris…for Christ sake cheer up!""Cheer up! O' yea it's alright for you…you're not shrinking!""What! It's all right for me…of course it doesn't matter that myhusbandmight fit in the palm of my hand one day! Don't you dare laythat on me…thisis just as hard for me as it is for you.""Mummy who's shrinking?""O' err no one honey!""But you said…""I know what I said but!""Wait! Becky come over here and sit on Daddy's knee." Chris saidas helooked over at Kim.

Kim frowned and shook her head.

"No it's time, she'll notice soon anyway."Becky sat on Chris's lap and he tried explaining what washappening to him.

"Will I be getting bigger than you?""Yes Becky…one day!""How small will you get?""Becky that's enough let you're Daddy have a rest now." Kim saidas she felttears well up in her eyes.

Becky kissed Chris on the cheek and skipped out the room.

"Phew that was easier than I expected.""Did you have to tell her now? Couldn't you have left it for aweek or two!""Kim I'm 5' 4" tall…that's a loss of 5" in 12 week's, and as youquite rightlypointed out yesterday I seem to be shrinking faster with eachpassing week."Kim sat next to Chris on the sofa and taking hold of his handsaid"Whatever happens Chris we'll face this together ok…"Chris looked into her eyes and smiled knowing there were sometough timesahead.

* * * *Chris was indeed finding it difficult to paint Cally'sfingernails, not only wasthe brush heavy to hold but he becoming intoxicated by thefumes!"Come on Mr Jackson only one finger and thumb to go!"Chris looked up at her with a pained expression hoping she'dtake pity on himand complete the task herself…no such luck she just smiled andcarried onwatching the TV.

Lifting the brush up into the bottle to fill it with paint wasnow proving almostimpossible, as Chris was exhausted; the brush was becomingincreasinglyheavier and the top of the bottle was chest height…"Just two more to go, just two more." Chris kept on repeating tohimself.

Carefully he painted the last but one nail making sure not to goover the edgeor she'd make him clean it off and do it again! Standing back helooked andthought that was a good job now for the last one.

Struggling with the brush he heaved it up onto his shoulder andplanting hishands firmly on the narrow stem lowered it into the bottle onelast time…hesure was a mess, polish all over him and his hands were nowfeeling thestrain of having many layers of polish on them!Chris began to lift the brush out one last time but as it nearedthe top hepulled it too soon sending the bottle toppling toward him.

Quickly he droppedthe brush and attempted to stop the bottle from falling over…butit was tooheavy. The bottle hit the tabletop and rolled towards Cally'shand leaving atrail of purple glitter nail polish in its wake.

"Cally help please." Chris shouted as he got back to his feet.

"O' you stupid idiot."Quickly Cally's hand shot out and picked up the bottle, in doingso she hadinadvertently knocked Chris off of the table.

Cally got to her feet and quickly ran to get some paper towelsto clean thetable before it stained too bad.

* * * *15 Month's earlier"Now remember Chris, Donna's coming today.""Yea, how could I forget…what was it she said on the phone, O' Ican't waitto see the little fella!""Come on Chris you know she's only teasing…after all the yearsof you callingher shortie…besides she is my only sister, so remember benice…if only forme!""I suppose so…but only for you.""Good, now we won't be long…an hour maybe two. Come on Beckyhurryup."Kim ruffled Chris's hair as she walked past him. Chris clenchedhis teeth as hehated when she did that…it had become a regular thing since he'dshrunkbelow the 5' mark and being 4' 5" now meant he was 15" shorterthan herand only 5" taller than his quickly growing 8 year old daughter!He reallywasn't looking forward to the day that his daughter's heightwould pass himby…but he knew that day was coming fast!Chris watched as Kim hurried Becky out of the front door, hernice trim arsenever looked better!Settling down he switched on his X-Box and loaded up Halo, he'dcompleted ittwice but that didn't matter the game was just so darned good.

He'd boughtone of the smaller controller's as he was finding the defaultone a little bulkyin his ever-dwindling hands!Chris was happily blasting away when the doorbell rang.

"O' bloody hell! Who can that be?"Pausing his game he got up and before opening the door he lookedoutthrough the glass window to the side.

"DONNA! Shit no…that's all I need."The last thing he wanted right now was to be left alone withDonna for heknew she would tease him. They hadn't seen Donna since herwedding over 2years ago but last month when Kim was chatting on the phone withher (asthey do every now and then), she let the cat out the bag abouthisshrinking…that was it, before they knew it she'd invited herself to stay for aweek or two…and so here she was on the door step all 5' 5" ofher.

Donna was a pretty woman medium build with dark hair andstriking blueeyes…some might say she resembles Morgan Brittany, truth be toldshe couldprobably pass as her double!Again the doorbell rang!Chris put his back to the door and thought for a moment…shouldhe wait untilKim got home and just pretend that he fell asleep or somethinglike that.

"HELLO! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE I CAN SEE YOUR BACK.""You stupid prick!" Chris thought to himself as he realised thatshe'd lifted upthe mail lid and like the daft berk he was he was standing withhis back to it.

"O' yea sorry Donna…err just having a little trouble with thelatch!""Hmm, I bet you are!"Chris opened the door and looked up and up into the eyes of histoweringsmiling sister in-law. She looked an awfully lot taller than 5'5"…looking downto her feet he might have guessed! She was wearing knee highboots with atleast a 3" sole and maybe 5" heel, making her 5' 10"…that's awhole 17" tallerthan himself!Donna smiled down at Chris as she stepped in close to try andintimidate himwith her height…it worked!Chris felt himself redden as her large cleavage almost swallowedhis nose.

"My bags are in the car short stuff." She sniggered as she heldher car keysout.

"And?" Chris replied as he took a couple of steps back.

"Well being that you're the man of the house I thought you'dbring my bagsin for me.""Well of course Donna…where's my manners, please come in andmakeyourself comfortable while I fetch your bags.""That's more like it pip squeak, now come along hurry it up."Chris looked angrily at her but bit his tongue and went to takethe keys fromher hand. But as he did this she raised them higher and higheruntil theywere well out of his reach.

Chris jumped to try and reach them and Donna sniggered, sheloved this andChris knew it!"What's the matter tiny can't you reach up and take the keysfrom the littlewoman?"Chris was boiling now, but there was no way he was going toloose it…wellnot yet anyway.

Again he reached for them and again she lifted them up and outof his reach.

Suddenly a moment of inspiration came to Chris…he reached forthe keys andas before she bought her arm up and out of his reach, but thistime heredirected his reach and tickled her under the arm.

"Arghhhh, that's cheating!" Donna yelled as she let go of thekeys.

Chris bent down to pick them up only for Donna to move her footand stampdown on them.

"Donna would you move you're foot please.""Hmm, look up here first!""And why would I want to do that?""Just do it and I'll take my foot of the key's little man!"Chris turned his head and slowly guided his eyes up along theshinny blackboots to the tight stretch denim of her jeans to the tightfitting white T shirtand past the hills that jutted way out to her smiling facepeering down at him.

Donna stood with her hands on her hips and loved every minute ofit!"Ok now will you take you're foot off of the keys?""Just a minute Chris; just enjoy the view…because if youcontinue to shrink asyou are then you'd better get used to it!"Chris looked away quickly as she slid her foot back allowing himto pick upthe keys, once again he felt himself flush red…but she wasright!Donna turned and walked into the house laughing to herself.

Chris opened the car boot and lifted out the heavy case…boy wasit heavy,"What's in here, the kitchen sink." Chris thought to himself asthe bag landedon the floor with a heavy thud.

Chris closed the boot and began struggling with the case…hecould barley liftit.

"Hi Chris."Chris stopped in his tracks and looked around to see Junewalking up thedrive. June was Cally's mum and boy was she big…when Chris was5' 9" shewas big but know she looked enormous! Standing 6' 2" in herstocking feetand weighing in at 192lbs that was more than double his ownweight, whichjust for the record was a mighty 77lbs.

June cast a big shadow over Chris as she stood next to him; hecraned hisneck back and looked up into her pretty face.

"Is Kim in?""No I'm afraid not, she won't be long though, would you like tocome in andwait? Her sister Donna's just arrived and I'm sure she'd like tomeet you.""Well only if you're sure!""Of course follow me."Chris smiled to himself knowing that Donna would have to stopher teasingwhile June was there. Chris lifted the heavy bag and beganstruggling to thedoor with it.

Suddenly Chris felt a large hand on his shoulder.

"Here let me."June reached down and with little effort picked up the bag andmarched intothe house. Chris just stood there his mouth ajar…he couldn'tbelieve she'dlifted that so easily!* * * *Chris awoke a little groggily…where was he? Why was it so dark?Then heremembered Cally knocking him off of the table…but where had helanded?He tried to sit up but found that the nail polish had driedsolid, sticking hisupper body and his arms tightly to the floor. Chris kicked hislegs about in thehope that it may free him, but this proved useless.

Craning his neck back he could just make out some smallindentations in frontof him…five to be exact each smaller than the last.

"O' shit no…Please don't let it be…HELP, HELP ME PLEASE…HELP."Chrisscreamed as he began to panic!Chris had realised where he was not only was the odour startingto workthrough the smell of the nail polish but he knew what theindentationswere…they were from Cally's toes…he'd fallen into one of herankle boots!Franticly he pulled at his hands and attempted to roll over, allto no avail hewas stuck solid. The only part of him that he could move werehis legs andhis head other than that he wasn't going anywhere!It was getting increasingly hot in there and the smell wasgetting stronger itreally was unpleasant, a kind of strong acrid smell. Chris'sstruggles weresubsiding now as he was close to exhaustion.

"HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!" Chris continued to scream.

But the outside world could not hear him. As Chris quieten downhe couldhear the TV, so he knew that Cally had returned and was sittingright next tohim!"She must hear me she must." He thought to himself.

10 minutes later and Chris was both horse and exhausted, hecould no longerscream as that hurt too much and he could barley move as he'dstruggled so!He just lay there awaiting the inevitable, he just hoped andpreyed that she'dnotice him…but then he was rather a long way down the insole,his head laynot too far from the big toe indentation…but that's all hehad…hope!Chris listen hard he could hear the TV as clear as a whistle butstill he hadn'theard any voices…and then as if on cue.

"Cally can Dad come play with me now!" Becky said as she enteredthelounge.

"What! Yea sure if he wants too."Chris felt the ground shake as Becky approached; she stoppedstandingdirectly over Cally's boots.

"Where is he?""Sulking somewhere I suppose."Suddenly Chris's hope's raised, as the darkness in the bootbecame a wholelot darker.

"Help…please help me…down here in the boot." Chris softlybarked.

Becky was standing talking with Cally while ideally playing withher boot…theboot that Chris was in!Becky slid her foot slowly into the boot…Chris screamed as hesaw five plumptoes heading his way…He closed his eyes and waited…and waited.

Looking upagain he saw that the toes were gripping the edge of the bootand notactually entering it.

"Cally?""Yea.""I like your boots.""Good.""Cally?""What!""Can I try your boot's on?""Yea course you can…just be careful with them they cost a lot ofmoney."Chris screamed…he didn't want his daughter to have to live withthe fact thatshe'd killed her Daddy; he began struggling harder than he everhad as thelight slowly evaporated until he was in total darkness. Chriswas pulling up sohard now that the skin on his chest was close to ripping off, itwas too littletoo late as Chris felt Becky's toes pass over him…his strugglingceased and hebegan to sob.

Becky completed inserting her feet into the boots and afterzipping them upbegan to walk around, she could feel a slight bump in the rightone under herarch but as the boots were too big she didn't worry about it!To his amazement Chris was still alive after Becky had completedputting onthe boots. He began to wriggle against her arch hopping thatbecause herskin was soft there that she would feel it…his wriggling soonstopped asBecky took her first step.

"Well what do you think…look good or what?" Becky said as shewalked infront of Cally.

Cally burst out laughing as Becky looked really funny wearingsuch big boots.

Chris felt like he was going to pop as her soft arch compressedagainst hisbody…he felt the soft insole give in under his body as his faceand chest weremashed in until they met the hard sole. Lucky for Chris just ashe thought histime was up did the pressure relent and he gasped for air.

However he foundhe didn't have time to breath as Becky's foot once againassaulted him.

After 5 or so minutes Becky sat down on the sofa laughing withCally, sheunzipped the boots and let them drop to the floor.

Chris thought he'd died and gone to hell, he was fighting forevery little bit ofair he could, just as he would draw some in then the impact ofBecky's nextstep would force it from him…he wouldn't last much longer and heknew it.

Five minutes was an awfully long time for Chris but suddenly hefelt hope asBecky's weight became much less, he could actually turn his headand drawin a huge breath. Then his prays were answered after a minute orso of theconstant swinging he heard the welcome sound of the zipper onthe bootbeing undone.

The downward motion began and Chris felt a rush of fresh air asthe boottoppled over. The top of the boot smashed onto the ground, Chrisscreamedas he hang their for a second or two suspended by the nailpolish still gluinghis chest and arms securely onto the boot insole! The bootfinally came to ahalt on it's side and this was really uncomfortable for Chrishis whole weightpulling down against the skin on his chest and arms.

"Cally where's Dad?""I don't know, let's go find…after all your Mum will be homesoon."Chris could hear them and tired to shout but his poor batteredbody found itfar to painful.

"Becky, why don't you go look in the kitchen under the table, heoften keepsout the way there.""Ok."While Becky was off looking in the kitchen Cally was searchingthe loungelooking in all his favourite hiding places.

"Hmm, well he's not in here, must be in the kitchen." Callythought to herself.

Just then Becky came bounding back into the lounge.

"Did you find him?" Cally enquired.

"No, he's not in there."Cally was beginning to worry a little now, after all she wasemployed to lookafter them both while Kim was at work…"maybe he shrank again andwe can'tsee him any more…O' god what if one of us has stepped on him."Callythought this as she glanced at the bottom of her feet.

"Where can he be?""Wait a minute Becky…just think where did you see him last!""Err, when I bought him down for you…you know when he paintedyournails.""Course yea…wait let me think, I was sitting here."As Cally walked back to where she was sitting she accidentallystood on oneof her boots.

"Stupid thing." She yelled as she kicked her boot out of theway.

Chris lay there and could hear them searching for him, but therewas nothinghe could do, he just had to wait and hope.

Suddenly the boot began to shake as one of them walked close toit.

"Arghhhhhhhhh!" Chris screamed faintly as the boot collapsed andcompressed almost to the point of squishing him.

The boot reshaped it self and then was aggressively launchedinto the air,everything happened so fast that Chris didn't have time to thinkabout theland as he was brutally assaulted again by the hard landing.

Cally retraced her steps, but still couldn't work out what hadhappened tohim.

"He knocked over the polish, I ran out to get some papertowels…that was ithaven't seen him since then.""Maybe he's in one of these…remembered how I was nearly lost inthem."Cally turned to see Becky holding up her boots.

Chris was close to given up…he was in so much pain and could seeno wayout when all of a sudden he felt the boot lift quickly and thewords he'd solong wanted to hear left Becky's mouth.

"Cheeky madam, my feet aren't that big…now come on stop messingaroundand help me look for him."Becky smiled and lifted the boot to her mouth and shouted.

"HELLO IS THERE ANYONE THERE…DAD ARE YOU IN THERE…Poo! Smellyfeet."Chris's eardrums almost gave out as Becky yelled into theboot…his luck stankalong with the rest of him, why couldn't she have screamed intothe otherone.

"Becky I mean it put them down and help me fined him."Cally snatched the boots from Becky and dropped them to thefloor. She wasreally worried now…what would she say to Kim…"Err sorry but Ilost him!"Cally sat and pulled on her boot thinking only of where to looknext. Shezipped it up and pulled on the other one.

Chris didn't know whether he was coming or going as the bootswere thrownabout, then suddenly it got really dark and quiet, he could hearher skin scrapalong the boot as her foot entered. Chris managed one lastscream as herfoot compressed him. This was it his life was over just as soonas her foot hitthe floor and applied some weight as the ball of her footcovered his headand he knew for sure he wouldn't survive!Cally zipped up her second boot and was just about to stand whenshe felt aslight tickle against her arch, worried it was a bug orsomething she quicklyunzipped it and pulled out her foot.

Chris gasped for air as her toe's passed him and exited theboot. He felt theboot rotate and was violently shaken.

Cally couldn't believe it…there was defiantly something in herboot butnothing had fallen when she shook it. Gingerly she turned theboot over andcarefully looked in.

"O' my god…Mr Jackson."Becky ran over and looked into the boot in which her Dad hadbeenimprisoned for the last few hours.

"Hee, he looks really funny in their…naughty Daddy you've had usworried.""Becky don't laugh…" Cally said trying not to herself.

Cally reached in and pinched Chris between her finger and thumb,but as shetried to pull him out she heard a faint scream come from thedepths of herboot. She withdrew her hand and whispered into the boot.

"What is it Mr Jackson, don't you want to come out of there!"She then turned her head and placed her ear to the opening tohear a triad ofobscenities being directed at her, but she did manage tounderstand thatChris was in-fact stuck fast with nail polish. This amused hersomewhat tothink that something as simple as nail polish had held himtrapped in her bootall afternoon…then she though of Becky prancing about in theboot and thisbought another smile to her face.

Cally passed the boot to Becky.

"Here hold this for a moment…but don't touch, you're Dad isstuck and I needto get something to release him."Becky held the boot and looked in, she could only see Chris'slegs kickingabout and thought he looked really funny.

Chris couldn't wait to get out of there, he wasn't sure if hewould have anylasting injuries, his whole body was just one giant pain at themoment.

The boot moved suddenly and then Cally warned Chris to close hiseyes; shethen began to carefully poor some nail polish remover over hisback.

Chris could feel the cold liquid run down his back and sides,although he waskeeping his eyes tightly shut he could still feel the burningsensation as thefumes took hold of his surroundings. Holding his breath he hopedhe'd be freebefore he needed to breathe again.

After only 3 minutes or so the remover had soaked under Chrisand he wasable to break free, unfortunately he had taken many breaths andwas feelinghi as a kite!!!!!!!* * * *13 Months earlierChris was alone in the house just generally tidying up and doinga littlehousework for Kim. He didn't go to work anymore it had justbecome tooembarrassing with everyone always starring at him and asking ifhe wasok…for Christ sake did he look ok! The bloke is getting smallerand smaller.

He'd given up going to the Doctor's as that too was a joke…or atleast hewas!His Doctor to be fair had done all he could and still came byonce a week forthe height and weight checks, he'd been by yesterday and Chris'sgreatestfear was close to happening…"Hmm.""Well Doc, what am I? How much smaller?""48 ¼ inches and weight is 50lb, that's about the average for a7 year oldboy.""Cheer's Doc, I really needed to know the last part…boy that'sreally cheeredme up! Shit, that's the worst yet! 2 ½ inches in a week!""I know Mr Jackson I am sorry…I wish…we all wish we could findsomethingto help you but everything we try…well you know!""I know Doc…it's not you're fault, but do you think theshrinking will eversettle down…I mean last week I only shrunk by ½ inch, yet thisweek wellyou know!""Sorry Mr Jackson I don't have any answers…I wish I did."Well that was yesterday and since then Chris has really madehimselfbusy…so busy that he'd forgotten the time…Becky would be homeanyminute.

Suddenly he heard the Back door open.

"O' Christ is that the time." He said to himself.

"Hi Dad, it's only me." Becky shouted.

Chris walked out to the kitchen to see Becky just stepping inthe door.

"Hello Becky, did you have a nice day?""Yea great…hope you don't mind Dad but I invited Steph round fortea as herMum won't be home till later…she said she'd pick her up aroundsix…is thatok?""O' I do wish you'd checked with me first…still shouldn't be aproblem…whattime is Steph getting here?""She's here already Dad…right behind you!""Hi Mr Jackson."Chris heard the voice but it sounded above him. Slowly he turnedhis headand his jaw dropped at the size of this kid…she must have been5' 3" at least.

Chris found he was no higher than her chest! Looking up to thesmiling facelooking down at him he gulped and replied awkwardly whilestepping back.

"Err, what…yea Hi, erm Steph."Holding her hand over her mouth she sniggered and said.

"Sorry Mr Jackson…it's just that well, you're so tiny!"Chris felt himself get hot as his face flushed red.

"Hmm, yea well, but I prefer small, thank you very much." As hetried tomake light of her comment;"Even Becky look's taller than you!""She is not! Now if you don't mind I have dinner to get."Chris turned and began to start dinner…ready-made lasagne justremove thelid and stick it in the oven…nice and easy, even enough left forKim when shegets home.

Becky and Steph watch as Chris wondered around the kitchen.

Becky turned to Steph and said.

"You know what I think I am…I think I'm taller than my Dad."Chris could hear them but tried to ignore it for he feared theworst…that infact his own 8-year-old daughter was now taller than him…was hethesmallest member of the house?Chris placed the Lasagne in the oven and readied himself toleave the kitchen.

Suddenly Becky blocked his path.

"Dad can we see who's tallest.""No Becky, now please step aside.""O' go on please, and then we'll leave you alone…I promise."Chris felt a little uneasy…he really didn't want this to happen,but then heknew it would one day.

"Ok, let me get the tape measure.""No it's ok Mr Jackson, you won't need it…if you both take offyour shoe's andstand back to back I'll see who's tallest.""O' err ok."Both Chris and Becky removed their shoes, Becky smiled at Chrisas theyturned around and stood straight up with their backs touching.

Chris could already feel that Becky's shoulders were higher thanhis own sowith a little hop up he raised onto his toe's…not much but justenough tomake him slightly taller.

Steph placed her hands on their heads and measured them off.

"Ooo' that's strange, Mr Jackson you are taller.""There you go Becky you're still smaller.""No wait a minute!"Suddenly Steph pushed hard on Chris's head and forced him tostandflat…Becky was a good inch taller than him…2 ½ inches lost in aweek wasbad but now he'd lost over an inch in little more than 24 hours!He'd been thesame height as Becky only yesterday!He turned and saw the look of excitement on Becky's face.

"I'm taller than you tiny! Taller, taller, taller." Beckytunefully sang to him.

He smiled knowing this to be the worst he could ever haveimagined…to beshorter than his own 8 year old daughter, he knew she found itgreat fun.

She was only a child after all and didn't understand just howmuch it hurthim.

"Ok Becky that's enough, why don't you take Steph up to yourroom and I'llcall you when dinners ready."Becky skipped off with Steph and Chris sighed with relief thathe'd be alonefor a while…* * * *Chris lay on his bed thinking of the events of the last week andwonderingjust how lucky he was to still be alive. For all the punishmenthe'd taken whilestuck in Cally's boot all he ended up with were a few bruise'sand being thatit's close on a week ago most of those have healed up nicely.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"Shhhhhhhhh."Chris heard Kim fumble about above him as she switched the alarmoff for asecond time.

"Why doe's she do that? She set's the alarm half an hour earlierthan sheneeds too and then spends the next 30 minutes moaning as thesleeper alarmbuzz's every 10 minute's." Chris thought to himself.

His bed was under hers now, it used to be on the bed sidecabinet next to herbut if Chris wanted to go to the bathroom he had to wake her totake him soshe decided that it was best that he slept at ground level.

Under the bed justso that if she gets up in the night then she wouldn't have toworry aboutwhere she stepped…great idea in theory, in practice…well that'sanotherstory!Chris woke, and it was still very dark…he was busting for aleak!He moaned to himself as the walk to the bathroom was a long oneforhim…Kim had offered that he could use a thimble and that shewould emptyand clean it every morning, but no he didn't like thatidea…everything had tobe as normal as possible!What if he just walked over and peed in the corner…she'd neverknow! Maybenot…but he would and that just wasn't in him even though he didgive it asecond thought!Pushing the covers back he rolled of off his nice softsponge…he'd tried manydifferent things to sleep on and this was by far the best anormal bathsponge!As he approached the edge of the bed he looked around as best hecould inthe dim light…"Stupid woman's forgot to leave the night light onagain!"He could hear Kim breathing above him so he knew it was ok toventure out,as she was still fast asleep. As he ventured out the firstthings to greet himwere Kim's slippers! They were amazingly huge…well what isn'tcompared tohim! Chris couldn't help but run his hand along the softmaterial as he walkedby, and he noticed the distinct odour of her feet…"Hmm nevergave thatsmell a second thought when I was 5' 9", but now…!By the time Chris reached the bathroom he was almost bursting…hedidn'tuse the toilet now…think about it for a moment…how could he getup sohigh! No he used the shower! Kim had bought a little ladder,like the one'syou get in bird cage's and placed it at the base of the showercubicle, it wasjust long enough to enable Chris to climb up and in. Hepractically ran up theladder and slid down the side of the cubicle base, on the lastleg of hisjourney now so he pulls out Percy pecker in anticipation, nosooner than he'dreached the drain was he peeing…he could have peed for Englandit was thatlong.

Having finished he threw a few cup's of water down the drainhole to wash itaway and then cleaned his hands in the small bowl that Kimleave's in therejust for that purpose.

Walking over to the cubicle wall that stood chest height to himhe realisedthat pretty soon he'd need a ladder to get out as well as in!After a couple offailed attempts he was climbing back down the ladder feeling alot better thanhe had before, after all the exercise he was looking forward togetting back tosleep.

Suddenly as he reached the bedroom door and was about to walkthrough theslight opening, the door was pulled open and the resultingairflow this causedpulled Chris into the air. Everything happened so fast…as Kimpulled the dooropen and stepped out into the hall Chris found himself flyingthrough the aironly coming to a halt as he made contact with her shin!Kim didn't feel a thing and just continued her walk to thebathroom; Chris onthe other hand was out like a light…lying right in the middle ofthe hallwayfloor…a very dangerous position!Kim did what she needed too and began to return to the bedroom.

Chris wasonly just regaining conscious as she stepped out into the hall.

She hadn't bothered switching on the hallway light…she never didwhen shegot up to go to the toilet. Chris rose up onto his elbows andgasped at thegiant dark figure rapidly approaching him, he scuttled back onhis elbows inpanic, as she got nearer! The thud of her foot as it hit theground scared himshit less for he knew within the next couple of steps she wouldbe upon him!He screamed out! But she didn't hear him…she had taken towearing earplugsin bed since they first got married as Chris snored ratherloudly!Rolling over on to his front Chris got to his feet and beganrunning for his lifeas her left foot crashed to the floor just behind him…would hebe ok wouldher right foot just pass him by! Or would he end up a stain onher soft-soledslipper?"Mummy." Becky called from her bedroom door.

Kim stopped dead in her tracks…she might not have been able tohear Chris'slittle voice but she could certainly hear Becky's.

Chris's heart was in his mouth as Kim suddenly stopped and herright footcrashed to the ground about an inch from him…if he hadn't justrelievedhimself he surely would have then!Kim span on her toes to speak with Becky.

"Shhhhhhhhh…go back to bed Becky."Chris was in imminent danger as she span and her right heelhovereddangerously above him, with no time to think he just dived toright and not amoment too soon as Kim's heel hit the floor right where he'dbeen!"I had a nightmare…can I come sleep with you?" Becky asked.

"Ok, but be quiet…we don't want to wake Dad."Chris felt the ground shake as Becky ran toward Kim…he wasalready on hisway making haste for the relative safety of the skirting board.

With not a moment to spare he was safe as he watched two giantset's offeet pound the floor next to him and then in a moment they weregone!Chris slide down the skirting and calmed himself down beforemaking the longtrek back to his bed!"BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ""That's it she'll get up this time…always' on the third buzz!"Chris hasn't told Kim of the other night for he knew if he didshe would makehim use a thimble and he didn't want that just yet.

He heard the springs creak above him, the tell tale sign thatshe was on themove. Raising up on his elbow he watched as her giant feet andcalves glideddown from the bed…she was still half asleep as she was havingtroubleslipping her feet into her slippers…Chris smiled to himself asshe stepped andnearly stumbled as her slipper wasn't on right.

"Bloody hell." He heard her mumble from above. And then all wasright; shedisappeared through the bedroom door!* * * *Just over 11 months earlier"Ok let's go." Chris called to Kim.

"Hang on a minute let me get me shoes on." She replied.

"Now Cally you've got my number in case you need anythingright?""Yes Kim…just go and have a good time."Kim stood up and with her 3" inch heels on towered over Chris bya lot morethan two foot now…they did look an odd couple. Kim tall slim andpretty,Chris…well very short and getting shorter.

Tonight was to be a welcome release for them; a night to spendwith oldfriends and just generally let their hair down.

Melanie and Steve had been friends with both of them foryear's…goodfriends too, but since the accident and the shrinking began theyjust seemedto drift apart. But Kim had received a welcomed call from Mel inthe weekinviting them to Steve's thirtieth birthday party. At first shewas a littlereluctant to accept, as she was unsure just how Chris would feelafter allmost of their friends hadn't seen him since the shrinking began.

To hersurprise Chris was really keen on the idea and looked forward toit, in factthat's all he's talked about for the last week!The taxi pulled up outside the small village hall that Melaniehad hired, Chrislooked out of the cab window and watched a couple of his friendswalk inthrough the front door.

"We don't have to do this Chris!"Chris looked at Kim and loved her for the way she always put himfirst evenbefore his shrinking began.

"What no way…we're going to have a few drinks and a good chat,come onwoman lets go."Chris opened the car door and waited for Kim to follow him asshe paid thedriver.

Kim took his hand and walked in with him, the first to spot themwas Melaniea short bubbly blonde with a baby face.

"Hi Kim so glad you could make it…Chris hi, I didn't, I mean…o'you know errhow are you?" She sounded a little awkward as she looked down atthe littleman standing next to Kim.

"It's ok Mel…it's still the same me even if a littleshorter…well maybe quite abit shorter. You're looking well." Chris replied.

Mel bent down and kissed him quickly on the cheek.

"Chris honey would you get me a drink and I'll go find us atable.""Ok babes."Chris left Kim talking with Mel and he headed for the bar. Itwas rather busyand awkward for him to reach.

"Chris…Chris Jackson is that you or your half brother?"Chris turned around and looked up.

"Steve, hello mate…happy birthday.""Bloody hell just look at you…half pint!""Yea, yea trust you everyone tip toes around the subject of mysize butyou…straight in with both feet…what a relieve, I just wisheveryone else werethe same."Chris had a right good chat with Steve and shortly afterwards afew more ofhis old mates showed up and it was just like old times…standingat the bargetting smashed.

"So Chris just how short are you now?" Enquired Mark.

"I prefer tall Mark…how tall am I? Well I'm 3ft 6inches.""What's it like?" Asked Trevor.

"Gees! What is this forty questions?""Sorry mate, I can understand if you…""No, no it's ok…let me think! Exciting…frightening…shocking, andfear, yealots of fear…fear of the unknown! That's how it makes me feeland more, thefeelings I have change from day to day! I wake in the morningand wonderhow much I've shrunk, and on the days I don't…I get hopeful thatmaybe theDoctors have found a cure that works. Then other days I wake andfind I'veshrunk by half inch or more…and those days are depressing. Butit isn't allbad…"Trevor places a hand on Chris's shoulder.

"Christ I can't even begin to imagine what you and Kim are goingthrough…Iassumes its tough on all of you!""You'd better believe it, I may be the one shrinking but I cansee the worryetched on Kim's face as each day goes by."There was an eerie silence around him as all listened intently.

Suddenly the silence was broken as Kim burst the circle aroundChris.

"Mind if I kidnap my husband boys! Come on dance with me honey."Kim grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the dance floor.

"Sorry guys gotta go."They all laughed as Chris was nearly lifted off of his feet.

Kim kicked off her shoes and held him close as they smooched toGeorgeMichael's Careless Whisper.

"Christ Kim mined the feet would you?""Oops sorry babe, I guess I've had a little too much to drink."Chris was getting hot as she kept smothering his face in herchest.

"Kim please!""What?""You're smothering me!""Yea and…""O' don't start.""Who's starting?"Chris looked up into her face and guessed he'd better end thisnow.

"Sorry…no one.""Good." She said as she smothered him again.

Chris was glad when the slow music stopped…he needed a breather.

But asthe dance floor emptied Kim kept hold of his arm.

"Let go please.""O' come on let your hair down a little.""You know I don't like dancing.""Go on just for me…please."Chris never could say no to her even when he was 5ft 9 tall. Sohe began todance with her and pretty soon he was in the middle of all herfriends as theyjoined in the fun.

He began to feel a little self-conscious as everyone in the hallseemed to bewatching him and whispering to one another…well not everyone butmost.

That was enough now he'd danced for the last couple of tracksand needed toreplenish some of the water that had sweated out of his body.

"Excuse me…Kim please I've had enough."Kim bent down and grabbed his cheek between her thumb andfinger.

"Arrr is my poor little man tired.""Kim please!"Chris noticed that her circle of friends was laughing at hermessing with himand he felt a little embarrassed by it.

"O' come on Babe just one more song."He didn't have a choice as she bent down slightly and lifted himof off his feetbringing rapturous laughter from all around.

Chris felt himself flush, at this point he felt a lot smallerthan he really was.

He dare not struggle for he'd look even more ridiculous tryingto break fromher grip.

"Girls there are a few good reasons why every woman should havea smallman…number one dancing like this means your feet are safe.

Number twoyou don't a headache anymore, as you have control! Numberthree…""Kim please put me down…you're drunk."Kim let him slide down her body but still kept him held close.

"Number three…you can use him to prop up your boobs!"As she said this she leaned forward and held him close to hershe then bentdown slightly causing his head to push up her boobs.

By now the whole place was watching and at that point everyoneexplodedwith laughter. Chris ducked quickly breaking from Kim's graspand pushedpassed many bodies until her reached the sanctuary of thetoilets. He entereda cubicle and locked himself in away from all prying eyes.

He sat there and cooled down a little, he knew Kim didn't meanto hurt himshe was always a joker when she'd had a few too many…but hismale pridehad just taken one hell of a bashing and he needed time alone togather hiscomposure before facing the crowds again.

Kim hadn't seemed to realise the embarrassment she'd causedChris as shecontinued to enjoy herself on the dance floor.

"Chris you in here mate?" Called Steve.

"Ugh! Yea in here…didn't feel too good.""O' yea right…I understand, look is everything ok?""Yea sure, go on I'll be out shortly.""Well if you're sure!"Chris listened as Steve left leaving the toilets quiet again. Heleft the stooland splashed some water onto his face.

"Arrr that feels better."The door opened and Chris looked over to see who it was.

"Sorry, but this is the gents." Chris directed to the 6ft redhead standing atthe door.

"Hmm, you sure sweetie…looks more like the boys to me!"Chris felt a little uneasy as she checked behind her and thenclosed the door.

Slowly she walked toward him…he was feeling a little like therabbit caught inlights, he didn't know what to do.

"Err sorry lady but if you look on the door this is the gents.""Never mind that…you're a cute little thing, what do they callyou?"She was almost on top of him now…she was big 6ft plus and builtlike thepreferable out house! Chris felt more than a little intimidated.

"Chris…my name's Chris, and you are?""Amber."Gulp "Nice to meet you." Chris said nervously and held out hishand.

Her hand was massive and completely enveloped his; she thenbegan tosqueeze. Chris looked up and up into her hard but pretty face asshe smileddown at him. She could tell it wouldn't be long!"Argh, please you're hurting me."Chris now had his other hand on hers and was attempting to priseher fingersapart, his face was contorted with pain and in a final act ofdesperation hekicked her hard in the shins.

She didn't flinch, just continued to smile and squeeze everharder on his tinyhand.

Chris dropped to his knees and it was then that she let go. Sheturned andwalked toward the door, Chris breathed a sigh of relief…but thatsoonchanged as she put a wedge under the door to stop people fromentering.

She turned back to Chris and said.

"Now where were we?""Please just leave me alone…""Soon honey soon."Chris didn't wait for her to come to him, quickly he got to hisfeet and dodgedpast her, but he couldn't remove the wedge in time and wasquickly pulledfrom the door as her powerful hands clamped down hard on hisshoulders.

"HELP, H…oomph!"Her hand clamped hard across his face as she turned him roundand held himhigh against the wall with one hand.

"Now be quiet sweetie and it won't hurt too much."Chris kicked and pulled at her arm as she unclasped his belt andunbuttonedhis trousers with her free hand causing them to fall to hisankles.

"Now lets see what you've got under there little man?"Amber licked her lips as she slowly pulled his boxer shortsdown.

Chris was struggling to breathe as she kept him held highagainst the wallwith the one hand while she played with his dick with the other.

Chris hatedhimself as his member began to respond to her touch.

"Well, well would you look at that…hmm, not bad for a smallboy…but for aman, well let's just say I couldn't be bothered."She released her grip and Chris fell to a crumpled heap on thefloor sobbing.

Amber totally ignored Chris as she straightened her dress andchecked hermake up in the mirror before taking the wedge from the door.

Chris watched as she exited the door and as she did she lookedback at himone last time and blew him a kiss.

Quickly he gathered a little composure and pulled up his boxersand trousers,which was just as well as Steve walked in through the door.

"You've been gone ages…we're all worried out their mate, youok.""Fine, j, just fine.""Well you don't look to good.""F@#king hell, would you stop already…I'm fine…thanks."Steve felt a little awkward and let.

Chris soon followed, he wanted to go home…he wanted to feel safeand rightnow that's the only place he would.

He ran out onto the dance floor and found Kim.

"Kim honey…can we go home?""What?""I said, could we go home?""Now?""Yes now.""But…""Please babe…I'm not feeling too well."Kim nodded and as she bent down to put her shoes on and pick upher bagand who should be dancing in front of him none other than Amber.

"O' sorry how rude…Chris this is Amber, Amber Chris.""Hi nice to meet you Chris." Amber said as she winked at him andheld outher hand.

"Err hi." Chris replied nervously.

"Come on Kim please I don't feel well."Kim took his hand and after finding Mel and Steve to say theirgoodbyes theyleft.

Chris was glad to be home safe and sound it wasn't until acouple of dayslater when Kim got of off the phone did the horror come back to