THE SMALL MANCHRONICLES        (Part I)         How to begin? Wellduring my childhood no one had known        about me and my sizeexcept for a few people. I'm Mike        Tompkins. Thesmallest man in the world. I was born May 1,        1966. I was bornunder strange circumstances. My mom,        Karen, was veryrich. She never worked a day in her life.

        She was married tomy father who mysteriously died just        before I was born.

She hardly knew she was pregnant. When        she had me I wasonly 3 inches tall. She almost didn't        realize she had meand didn't tell anyone for fear they        might take me away.

         I grew up like anynormal child except I was very small. I        was brought up asbest as could be under the        circumstances. Mymom had a room built with miniature        furniture, TV,stereo, and even books were miniaturized so        that I could learn.

I was never lacking for anything. I        knew very littleabout the outside world except what I saw        on TV, read inbooks, or was taught by my mom. Mom told me        the outside worldwas big and scary and no place for a        very little boy likeme. She told me stories of what would        happen. I believedher because I had no contact with        anyone else. I wasalso a child. What child doesn't        believe theirmother?         Life was grand; momtook great care of me. Once in a while        I would see a maid,butler, or her bodyguard, but I was        very frightened ofthem. Then, when I was 6, my mom        adopted twin girls.

They were about 1 year old at the        time. They werenormal sized, suddenly she had little time        for me. Their nameswere Heather and Lisa. I still wonder        to this day why sheadopted them. She never told me why.

        They were kept awayfrom me until they were 7, then mom        introduced them tome. They were about 4 feet tall and I        had only grown to 5inches. I was only 12 at the time we        were introduced.

Their size had scared me because I really        only saw my mom whowas about 5' 11” in person, besides        she had filled myhead about how dangerous the outside        world was.

         I remember the firsttime I had met them like it was        yesterday. They wereidentical twins about 4 feet tall        with long red hairin pony tails and blue eyes. I was        frightened out of mywits. I was in mom's hand and they        were staring at meintently. Then the twins had smiles        show on their faces.

Mom reassured me they would not hurt        me. Then one of themspoke, I think it was Heather, and        asked mom if theycould play with me. Mom said not today,        she had only wantedus to meet. She said she was going to        slowly introduce meinto their lives. I asked her why and        she replied thatsomeone had to take care of me after she        was gone. After shewas gone, now that's a thought that        had never entered mymind. What would happen to me if she        were gone? Shereassured me that she would be living for a        long time. Then sheput me back in my room.

         My room, the onlyworld I knew. I felt safe and secure        there. My room wasabout 8” high, which is roughly equal        to 8' for youregular sized people. It was about 40” long        and 24” wide and wasdivided into a living room, a        kitchen, a bedroom,and a bathroom. Mom had it enlarged        after I was 10 nowthat I could handle appliances. I don't        know how she had allthe appliances, TV, stereo, lighting,        and electrical stuffminiaturized without anyone knowing.

        As I said earliermom was very rich, also, the whole town        catered to her everywhim. I watched on the news and saw        how she practicallyran the town. What Karen Thompkins        wanted KarenThompkins got, no questions asked. She owned        a manufacturingcompany and did lots of charity work in        the town. As amatter of fact that day I saw her start a        new line of what wasa new product at the time personal        computers.

(Remember, this is a story so bear with me.)         Finally after abouta year of getting aquainted with my        sisters she decidedto let us spend more time together,        mom called itplaytime. My sisters and me would spend        about an hour a daytogether. The first thing my sisters        wanted to do wasplay dolly with me. I thought it was fun        until I saw theymade a dress for me. Even though I had no        contact with theoutside world I somehow knew a 13 year        old boy wearing adress wasn't right. Mom said I looked        cute in the outfitand laughed, that was the first of many        times in my life Iwould feel inadequate. Then Lisa picked        me up and put me ina dollhouse. She asked if I like the        dollies in thehouse. The dollies were bigger than I was,        I felt so inadequatebut I didn't want to disappoint them,        so I said they werefine. This was the first real contact        with other peopleother than my mother and I didn't want        it to end. We playeddolly for about an hour, and then mom        said it was time forme to go back to my “house”. The        girls didn't want mymom to take them away. She told them        I was so small thatI needed to rest, so my mom took me        back to my room. Iwent back to my room and fell        immediately asleep,man was I exhausted.

         Well things wentalong fine for years, then my sisters        started high school.

I was about 19 at the time. Mom        wanted me to have abetter education so she asked my        sisters to take myto school with them. In order to do        this correctly shefirst decided to let the world know        about me. Momrealized that at 19, I could be considered        an adult. To do thatwe went to her personal lawyer her        name was LauraPeterson. Laura was unbelievably        attractive; ofcourse it could be me because I was not        used to seeingnormal sized people. I would say she was        about 5' 9” tall,130 lbs., and wore a woman's business        suit. Her nails weremoderate lengths, impeccably        manicured, andunpainted. When we first met she couldn't        believe her eyes.

Her first word were my god he's so        small, can I pickhim up. Mom consented, I don't know why        she had to after allI was 19 and if I wanted a woman to        pick me up I thinkit should be my business. Funny thing        for some reason thefirst thing anyone wanted to do when        they met me was topick me up.

         We got down tobusiness quickly, actually mom and Laura        got down tobusiness, when your 5” tall, I was to find        out, your input didnot matter. It was like I wasn't even        there, here are twopowerful women discussing what would        be best for me andmy opinion didn't matter. They thought        it would be best forme to be brought in front of a judge        to be declaredcompetent, then I would be enrolled in high        school. That was ashock after all I'm 19 for Christ's        sake why go to highschool now. Mom explained that it        would be a good wayto get introduced to the real world. I        would need to dothat if I were going to inherit the        business and thefortune. We went home that night and I        felt scared. I hadnever felt so scared in my life I        slowly drifted offto sleep.

         Suddenly I wasawaked by a loud thud. There were giant        sneakers in front ofme. I looked up and saw a giant        teenage boy. Oh mygot I thought what happened. He looked        down at me and said,“ look at the shrimp. I'm gonna crush        you.” I started torun but I couldn't get away, my god        what do I do? I randown the corridor and tripped over a        candy wrapper. Shithere he comes I thought. I tried to        get up and hegrabbed me. I squirmed to get away but it        was no use. Hebrought me close to his face and said “ I        think it's the endfor you!” With that he started        squeezing me, oh mygod why did I have to go to school. I        pleaded with mom andshe swore I would be safe. Now I'm        going to be crushedto death by a 13-year-old boy.

        Suddenly the alarmwent off and I awoke in my room. I        grabbed myself andsaw it was just a dream. Then I began        to cry. I weptuncontrollably, like a baby crying for his        bottle. Well what doI tell mom? There is no way I want to        let the world knowwho I am, then I why did I want this to        happen in the firstplace. How can I be normal my god I        cant even lift afoot long ruler or a pencil, there so big        and heavy. How willthe world take me seriously, I        thought. Well Iwould find out soon enough, today was the        day I would go tocourt.