Storm, and her great job,bynightmare ( warning I'm into Anne Rice, and Rob Zombie just to give you in Idea by theway I did Amy the women eater too) Storm  (a 6 ft 8 inch's red Head  gray eyed petty young women) was just 19when she got the  temp job  to work at her lawyer friend's fr em. She gottheir in a black  short skirt, high heels, and red shirt. She walked toLinda's office(the 21 yes 21 years old 7ft 11 inch brown hair Green eyedlawyer friend)When her secretary stop saying that she was taking her lunch inher office. Then Linda's voice was heard coming from the other side of thedoor. "Miss  Nora please come" Nora went in then  after a few seconds Lindaput her head out to find Storm. "Storm  come I want to show you something" When Storm walked in she was shock, The secretary was only 1 inch tall, andanother 22 same size female striper's. Linda had Nora in her hand, put her inmy hand and said with her kind smile,"you have I got the others to fill upon"  With that Linda went to her  desk.  Then sat looking at Storm, Storm whohad  always been into bore( swallowing Shrunken people) and  S.W (shrunkenwomen) wanted this day to come but did not want to be seen as a  JefferyDormer wannabe. So she asked Linda what did she mean fill up on? Linda smiledas she grab one of the strippers and put her in her mouth, played with her inher mouth  then swallowed. Storm got a rush when she saw the S.W go downLinda's throat and into her stomach. Linda then pointed to Nora "she has nofamily, no friends , it be like she was never Bron, and you will have her job.

With that Storm put her in her mouth. She tasted great, as Storm play with herwith her tongue for a long time then  she swallowed Nora, which was a rush forboth of them. (Storm  swallowing Nora , then feeling Nora go down herthroat,and Linda watch Nora go down Storm throat as well)  Then Linda smileand told Storm she had the job, and she was going to tell Storm everyth ing.

It seems that Linda and her sister Amy have  an long bloodline of women howcloud do this, and She was ready to make Storm a part of this with that Lindacut herself and the blood pured into a cup. Then Linda gave it to Storm andtold her to drink it. Storm did, and it tasted like the warmest cup of brimstone. Then the room spin ed around and around Storm felt like she was aboutto black  and she did. When she woke up she was in Linda's chair, and Lindasmiling right at her "welcome to my kind" Storm  saw that their were nostriper's on the desk. Storm asked Linda about then,  Linda smiled as shepated her belly "sorry I din't leave you any but I bet you can feel Norainside you." Storm could feel Nora in her, and she got the best rush form it.

But then Storm could see someone outside the window , someone she grew upfearing. A kid named Hunter was  outside, but he was pale, with black eyes,and  with a mid-evil sword. Then he was gone, Storm look at Linda, but Lindabeat to it, "yes I saw that and thats why you and me are meeting Amy and herfriends at her collage"Their were getting ready to when Linda said somethingthat make her glade that she pick to work their."Are you hungry we can stop ata strip bar.

 The end  for now