A story by WilfredNaomiSuzanne looked all around her. Her initial panic was somewhatalleviated when she saw her fiancee, Tom, and their good friends,Colin and Briony. They were in some enormous glass room with noceiling. The world outside this glass room appeared distant andblurred; it was distorted by the convex walls of their prison. Colinwas the first to recover from the shock and confusion and ask thequestion they were all thinking; “Where the bloody hell are we?”Nobody seemed to want to venture a guess and instead Briony attempteda different question, “Where's Naomi?” This question was equallyunanswerable by the friends but it did trigger-off some rather nastyflashes of recollection within all of their minds…*****The two couples had been into the ‘swinging' scene relatively shortlyand Tom had often pointed out that they could hardly be said to be ina ‘scene', since they only swapped partners amongst themselves. Thefriends had become quite used to their orgies and until they metNaomi, some of them could have been said to be tiring of thesituation. Nobody could quite work out how Naomi had succeeded inintegrating herself into their lives so quickly and smoothly, in factnobody really even tried to work it out. After meeting her at a barand then inviting her back (or did she invite herself back?) toColin's house she soon became the dominant individual in their sexualgames which quickly became more exciting and daring in their nature.

Although it wasn't really in the spirit of swinging to adopt a singlefemale into the equation, Naomi was too stunning and persuasive toresist. Her tall athletic physique and tanned olive skin wascomplemented by long dark hair that framed a face t hat was like a Hellenic paradigm of beauty and would almostcertainly be able to ‘launch a thousand ships'. Her large green eyeswere captivating and had the power to overcome even timid Suzanne's(the most reluctant bi-sexual) doubts and reduce her to a salivatingwreck of lesbian lustfulness.

They were intrigued and in awe of the fact that this youthful beautywas already something of an eminent scientist in the field ofparticle physics. They also knew that she had been working for sometime on a device to reduce the size of objects (using somecomplicated method of re-packaging sub-atomic particles to createmore space and allow objects to undergo considerable shrinkage). Someof their last and least pleasant memories before their presentpredicament involved Naomi inviting them back to herapartment/private laboratory to give them a sneak preview of hermachines' capabilities. Suzanne broke their mutual silence byshrieking, “That bitch has shrunk us!” Her accusation was notapproved or otherwise by her lovers as events themselves served toconfirm her statement. The colossal form of Naomi emerged from thedistant blur and loomed over her captives who stood frozen in terrorunder her gaze surrounded and enclosed within an empty goldfish bowl.

The gorgeous giant ess smiled at this sight and said “Well Suzanne! I would never haveexpected you to be the sharpest of the bunch! This bitch has indeedshrunk you!”Nobody seemed to have enough control of themselves to reply to Naomi,their faces held similar expressions of static fear and shock withBriony only slightly breaking the mould by having silent tearsworking their way down the pale skin of her horror-struck face.

Naomi licked her full and exquisite lips in a manner of subtle yetunmistaken glee before taking on a more matter-of-fact expression andsaying, “I had to evict Derek the Goldfish from his home to find yourcurrent environment! I used him as practise and swallowed him whole.

In fact, the poor little mite has only just stopped wriggling aroundinside my tummy!” On saying this, she lifted up the bottom of herpale silk top revealing her toned and perfect stomach which shepatted gently before cooing “poor old Derek!” and then lifting herhead back up to her human captives and smiling again. The sheermagnitude of their dire situation was beginning to replace theconfused shock that occupied the minds of the tiny friends. Tomthought he ought to try and gauge the severity of the situation,leading him to state in a voice of as much cool authority as he couldmuster, “Now look-here Naomi! We know you are into some kinky stuffbut this is beyond a joke. The girls are seriously fri ghtened so change us back immediately!” His squeaky demands were metby the sharp and cruel mocking laughter of Naomi who shook her headand said “dear little Tommy, I'm afraid you are in no position tomake demands and I have no intention of listening to them!”*****It soon became apparent to the foursome that their lives were notgoing to last much longer and their fate was to be unpleasant at thehands of a wicked but beautiful giantess. Naomi bent over the groupand asked “Do you know what's going to happen to you?” Briony was nowovercome with the whole situation and was weeping profusely, shewailed, “You're going to eat us!” Her screams echoed around thegoldfish bowl until they were drowned out by the booming laughter ofNaomi. Naomi was enjoying their unhappiness immensely and wasstarting to get wet inside her knickers at the thought of the littlepeoples plight. She responded to Brionys' outburst by saying “Well….

I'm certainly going to eat some of you but probably not all of you, Ihave other things I want to do with one or two of you!”Naomi lifted herself up to the surface where the goldfish bowl wassitting and sat down next to the pathetic specimens she was about toplay with. She undid her jeans and slowly pulled them down over hersupple thighs until they hung round her ankles. Just the sight ofthis action was enough to give the two guys instant erections andeven Suzanne was awestruck by the gigantic legs which had oftenwrapped around her body but would now kill her if anything similarwas tried. Briony did not fully appreciate the spectacle as she wastoo busy sobbing.

Swinging her legs provocatively like a school girl, Naomi addressedSuzanne “Suzie babes! Would you mind if I borrowed your fiancée for abit? I'm so damn horny and I need some relief!” Suzanne did notanswer but merely stared with a mixture of terror, bewilderment andnot a little admiration at this gigantic femme fatale. Naomi reachedinto the bowl and clasped Tom who was weakly trying to evade hergrasp by running behind Briony (true gentleman!). She lifted thestruggling midget out of the bowl despite the cries of terror andprotest from all four captives. Naomi held Tom up close to her faceand asked him softly if he would mind doing her a service. Toms'response was merely to continue to struggle in her vice-like grip andshout “put me down this instant!” to which Naomi giggled and said “OhTom-boy! You're going down alright!” She lowered him down to crotchlevel and with her free left hand pulled aside the skimpy underwearthat was covering the warm moist pussy that he  had previously loved so much.

*****The shrieks of terror from the bowl simply added to the pleasureNaomi was gaining from thrusting the helpless Tom in and out of herwet pussy and rubbing his choking form over her clitoris. Tom wasdizzy, bruised and covered in the pungent slime from Naomis'now-throbbing gash. He had barely been able to breathe as he wasthrusted deep inside her womanhood and rubbed painfully (he thoughthe might have broken a rib) around the fleshy clit that was thickerthan his leg. Finally, Naomi reached orgasm and the quivering,tightening pussy walls slightly concussed the exhausted little man.

Swung back up to face level with this monstrous girl, Tom managed tofocus in once again (through the juice) on Naomi's giant features.

After congratulating for his performance, Naomi observed “You are abit messy now aren't you Tommy? How about I lick some of that juiceof you now?” It wasn't a refusable offer and Tom's body was envelopedinside her luscious lips and sucked on. Naomi's tongue n early crushed him to death and he couldn't breathe inside her warmmouth. As Naomi pulled out the winded body of her plaything shesmacked her lips and said “Mmmmmmm! Tommy you are absolutelydelicious, especially coated in Naomi sauce! I just don't think I canresist eating you up right now!” Suzanne screamed but was fully awareof her impotence in this situation where the love of her life was inimminent peril. “I'm sorry Suzie, but Tom has been a good dildo andnow he is being promoted to food!”- Naomi turned back to thespeechless figure in her hand and immediately pushed him back insideher mouth. From inside, Tom called out in a beseeching supplication“Naomi! I beg you! Don't eat me!” His calls stimulated furtherscreams from his friends but Naomi was not into sympathy and simplyanswered “Prepare to be swallowed Tom”- her response was muffled dueto Toms' presence and she blushed at having been so impolite as tospeak with her mouth full. She took a deep breath in th rough her nose and then a huge swallow which launched Tom headfirst*****Toms' new world was completely dark, wet, slippery and constantlymoving. The walls of Naomi's stomach were closing around him and thepool of partially digested matter, including the remains of Derek,were all around him. Screaming was obviously useless now, Toms onlyhope of survival was if Naomi was to vomit but he doubted she would.

He wept pitifully at the situation he was in, astounded at how he hadended up in the belly of the girl he had fancied more than any otherin his life. The juices that were being secreted on him wereobviously digestive acids and he knew he was at the beginning of theprocess which would eventually turn him into poo.

*****Naomi looked down at her belly and smiled as she patted it. She hadenjoyed eating Tom and was enjoying the thoughts of what was going tohappen to him inside of her even more. She turned her attention backto the remaining trio and perhaps for the first time in this littleadventure felt a pang of pity. Her modicum of sympathy was reservedfor Suzanne who had been deprived of her love.

*****Suzanne did not get much time to ponder on the fate of her Tom as shewas unceremoniously grabbed by the monster woman and held upinspection in front of those stunning green eyes. Naomi smiled gentlysaying, “I know that you can't bear to be away from your Tom andthat's why I want you to be with him”. Suzanne was not given a chanceto respond, she was stuffed sharply into the mouth where she had lastseen Tom and almost immediately swallowed- screaming as she slippeddown Naomi's throat. She landed on top of Tom who greeted hisgirlfriend (he knew it was her from her screams) with a hug. Thecouple eventually accepted their fate and were pushed further downthe intenstinal tracts of Naomi's guts firmly wrapped in each othersloving embrace. They were digested together.

*****Naomi now felt pleasantly full after her three live meals (don'tforget Derek readers!) and rubbed her belly with satisfied glee. Shelooked back towards Colin and Briony and said told them she woulddeal with them early the next day after she had slept whilstdigesting her dinner of her ex-lovers.

*****Colin awoke to the incredible sight of a naked Naomi carrying thebowl that he was lying in and placing it gently down on a chair.

“Morning guys!” Naomi chirped cheerfully “I slept like a dream! Ihope you did to! I think your friends have been fully digested insidemy tummy now because I really need a poo! Guess where I'm going to doit?” Naomi's laughter mixed with Briony's hoarse screams and Colincould only stare in disbelief at Naomi's huge but incredibly sexybottom which was being positioned over the goldfish bowl which sheobviously planned to use as a toilet. The smooth, shapely and firmbuttocks that the couple knew and loved so well was now pressed onthe rim of the bowl. Her bum crack had opened wide revealing the holethat had often been licked by Briony and fingered by Colin. Naomifarted loudly, nearly deafening the tiny couple and the stench thathit them was so overpowering that they didn't even hear Naomi's orderto sniff their friends (not that they needed to be ordered, they had no choice but to breathe in the gases thathad been produced whilst digesting their best friends!) The apertureof Naomi's anus was relaxing and opening and way above the couple'sheads, Naomi was squeezing out the fully digested remains of twominiaturised people and a goldfish. The giant steaming turds fellwith splatting noises around the petrified couple. The stench wasincredible and the fact that this was all that remained of dear Tomand Suzanne was almost unbearable to the quivering Briony.

When she was finished Naomi turned around and looked at what she hadmade, she felt relieved and contented. The beautiful, naked giantessstretched into the bowl (carefully avoiding her warm and smelly poo)and lifted Colin out. She smiled sweetly at him and asked “Colinbaby. Would you mind if I used you to wipe my bum with?” Colin yelpedand cried “How can you be so evil Naomi? We never did you any wrong.

Please don't do this to me! Spare me!” Naomi looked as if she mightbe considering his requests but then replied “You are all here for mypleasure alone, if I want to wipe the shitty remains of your friendsfrom my arse-hole using your body, then that is what I will do!” Andthat is exactly what she did. Colin was pushed inside her buttocksand tugged back and forth over her hole, scraping the shit from itssurrounds. He choked and gagged at the horrific stench and was inimmense pain due to the rough manner in which Naomi was handling him.

She pulled him out, looked at hi s shit-covered body and pulled a face of disgust “Errrgh! Horridpooey Colin! You look gross! I think you belong somewhere where yourstench doesn't matter…. How about up my arse?” On saying this shebent over exposing her arse-hole once again to Briony who waswatching all of this through her continued torrent of tears. Shepushed Colin back up her cleft and squeezed him up her rectum. He wasleft when the tight sphincter was crushing him under his arms. Colinlooked miserably over to his darling Briony and called out “I loveyou Bri!” before Naomi's finger pushed down on his head and he wasswallowed by her arse. The beastly brunette stood up straight andfelt Colin get sucked further up into the depths of her bum, “Ooooh!Your Colin sure does feel good Briony!” she cruelly informed theremaining victim.

*****Briony was almost relieved when Naomi told her that she was to beeaten for breakfast. As she lay inside Naomi's belly she was nolonger really crying but awaiting her fate of digestion with acalmness that was highly uncharacteristic of her. Naomi was lying onthe sofa, still naked and stroking her tummy and talking to Brionywho couldn't hear her but was in the process of being broken down bypowerful acids. “Just think!” Naomi purred “The suffocated corpse ofColin will soon be coated and smothered by the digested remains ofhis girlfriend! How sweet is that?” Her giggling grew quieter as thisbeautiful girl slipped into a deep sleep helped by the feelingsinside her that she knew were the appreciative murmurings of a bellydigesting its food.

This is the end of Tom and Suzanne, Colin and Briony but it is onlythe beginning for the sexy cannibal, Naomi, who has a vast appetitefor sex and human flesh and has access to a powerful shrink gun!Watch out!