Summer in the southbyRikerI remember the dream with clarity. Her moist lipscaressed and fondled my manhood...relentlessly...and I was nearing climax....

BOOM!The house shook, waking me to reality. Turning my head slightly, I saw her,rubbing her eyes.

She had just awakened, her giant bare feet had impacted the floor of the customgiantess home.

I looked at her in sheer awe...amazed, even now, that this wonderful colossalwoman had chosen me.

Jeanetta brushed her long, curly, brown hair. She peered at my normal sized bed,suspecting she had awakened me. But I quickly closed my eyes, pretending toremain asleep. It was a game I played with her at times.

I felt my bed being carefully lifted, the warmth of her hand radiating onto thematress.

I percieved she had lowered me to the floor, and after what seemed like a longpause, I felt her touch me.

Her colossal big toe was gently massaging me...back and forth.

I immediately grew aroused, still in fresh memory of the erotic dream. The warmskin of her toe gently rubbed me....and then she focused on my privates. Iwrithed in ecstacy...trying to remember I was playing at sleep. She wasrelentless, the warm toe gently pressing me....massaging me...back andforth...the gentle pressure building.

Finally, I could no longer resist her....and I opened my eyes to see her smilingdown at me....her toe wet with my passion.

'Good morning sweetheart''Good morning indeed, my love'Her fingers gingerly enveloped my body and I was soon looking deep into hereyes. That special smile...all mine....gleamed from her pretty face.

'Is my little man awake'?'I think so''How about breakfast'?'Sure''How would you like to go for a stroll today, little man'?I knew this was coming. It had been a while, and she wanted to get out and dosomething....and show everyone her giantess stature.

'I'd like that very much hon'The truth is, I do enjoy it. Jeanetta taking a stroll is breathtaking. She is abeautiful woman, and greatly to be desired, if she was a 'normal' female.

I wondered what she had in mind, but decided breakfast first.

Jeanetta carried me into the kitchen, where I patiently waited for my food asshe began sharing ideas for a fun day.

'Sweetie? You ok?' she inquired.

Immediately snapping back to reality, I looked at her with a warm, convincingsmile.

'Sure hon....just eager to get going.'My mind had carlessly wandered back to the erotic dream. Jeanettas' sister wasattractive, but was really no contest compared to Jen. I had no idea why I haddreamed about her, and certainly in an erotic fashion. It would only breakJeanettas' heart if she ever found out, and I had no such desire to share itwith her.

Charleston. A town rich in history. A Navy town too, as I recall. It would beinteresting to see how Southern hospitality endured our visit.

Tremors pulsed through the floor as Jeanetta walked into the living room. 'Howdo I look'?A white cotton shirt, khaki shorts, no bra, long wavy hair, and bare feet.

'Perfect', I responded with a smile.

Her enormous fingers gently wrapped around me andwe were out the door.

Jeanettas' home is a few miles outside of town, but it certainly doesn't takeher long to arrive, especially if Walmart has a sale.

Cars honking, swerving, electical towers swaying,buildings tremble, and the footprints in the highways are all very 'normal' whenJeanetta comes to town.

We try to be friendly, some folks just stare, some run.....but Jen remains aneasygoing person.

She decided to walk through the pines and avoid traffic. Jen hates destruction,but she can't help but crush a lot of trees. At times, she would step on a road,or her foot would snap a utility pole, but she took great care not to injureanyone.

We came to a river, which she crossed easily...with more pine forests tonavigatethrough on the opposite bank.

Finally, I saw the outline of the Atlantic.

At this height, it was even more impressive.

The sea breeze picked up, and blew her hairin a wavy form.

Standing on the beach, the thunder of her footfalls gave way to the crashingwaves of water.

We shared a smile, and she held me to her breasts as we simply listened to thepower of the ocean.

'Hey Will...wanna check out that lighthouse'?Looking to the north, I saw it. After a moment,I decided to risk it. 'Sure thing'.

The lighthouse appeared to be empty. 'Maybe it'sautomated' I said.

'Must be' she agreed.

The structure trembled as Jeanetta approached.

She gently set me inside the railing and carefully sat down. The ground shookslightlyas she made herself comfortable.

Her index finger gingerly rose to caress my face.

Her radiant smile complimented the love in her eyes and the warmth of her touch.

She lay on her side, basking in the sun, and playfully churned the water withher right foot.

We talked for what seemed like an hour, enjoyingour day...laughing, remembering, watching pelicans dive for fish, hearing thecrashing waves......then...a new sound mingled with theocean.

Jeanetta instictively sat up and held out her hand for me to step on to.

They approached from the south....the whirling rotor sending pelicans and gullsin hasty flight.

It was the Coast Guard.

The helicopter slowed the approach until it hovered about 50 feet above thewater, directly in front of us. I could see the flight crew simply looking atus. Tilting forward slightly,the Seahawk slowly circled to our left, flyingaround the lighthouse and behind Jeanetta.

It slowly advanced to a full circle, stopping near the original hover position.

The door gunner crouched next to an M-60, but itwas not raised in a defensive position.

Then it hit me...they were checking out JEANETTA!Jen was a bit nervous, unsure why a military (Homeland Security) aircraft wasinterested in us.

'Hey Jen!''Yeah Will'?'Lift your them what you have'.

'WHAT??' she said.

'Have a go at it'She looked at me curiously....I simply winked.

She carefully set me on the beach, then slowly,seductively raised her shirt, revealing her massive 'D' sized femenine gifts.

'Take it OFF!' I yelled.

She did so...slowly....and invitingly. She flashed her award winning smile atthem.

I could see the Seahawk crew reacting as normal men. Heads peering, the doorgunner applauding...

each giving a thumbs up. She put her shirt back on and blew them a hell of akiss. The Seahawk departed and continued north, leaving us in peace.

She looked down at me in pleasant surprise.

'My little warrior saved me' she giggled.

'I thought they would fall for it!' I responded in satisfaction. She carefullypicked me up, and softly kissed me, then gazed into my eyes and smiled.

Jeanetta continued along the beach, northward, until coming to the beachcommunities, whereshe waded ankle deep. Finally, we came to Charleston Harbor, where she chose towade rather than maneuver the residential areas and docks.

Passing historic Fort Sumpter, a tourist boateagerly made way for the giantess. Just ahead, our destination. The YorktownMemorial.

'I always wanted to fly one of those jets' I said with enthusiasm.

Jeanetta approached the carrier with great caution, as her movements caused asignificant wake and the ship was full of tourists, most of whom were departingas Jeanetta came closer.

To my surprise, she picked up an F-14 'Tomcat' right off the deck and poppedopen the cockpit with her fingernail. 'Uh Jen, they might not like you doingthat' I warned.

'They'll get over it' was her response.

She carefully placed me in the cockpit.

'Buckle up Hon'I had just found an old strap to find what it connected to, when I found myselfbeing lifted.

The nose of the plane rose sharply, then levelled off. Then, a turn to theright, then the left.

The nose went down, and I saw the bay...and felt a forward momentum increasingin speed.

Then, her index finger slowly covered the seat.

I found myself in the cockpit of an F-14, directly facing Jeanetta....shegiggled seductively.


Then, she laughed and looked at me....

'Will, I think you look cute as a pilot'I laughed in response....'Yeah, you say that now, but wait until I'm grounded'.

The noise of sirens wailed....police cars hauling ass over the bay bridge.

The familiar sound of a rotor became audible.

'Oh Shit!' I said.

It wasn't the Seahawk we had encountered earlier.

It was the harbor patrol.

The helicopter began loitering Jeanetta.

'RETURN THE AIRCRAFT TO THE SHIP AND EXIT THEHARBOR IMMEDIATELY!'Jeanetta sighed with a noisy blast of hot air, impacting the nose of the F-14.

She stood there, in the water, holding the 'toy', me inside it, and becamefrustrated. The anger showed in her face...the pretty smile now a memory.

She carefully removed me from the craft, and let go of it. The 'Tomcat' landedwith such an impact that the landing gear collapsed.

Jeanetta looked at me.....

'I guess we have to go now sweetie'She waded to the shore, firmly planting her bare feet onto the ground.

The ground gave way easily beneath her and vehicles in the parking lot bouncedwith herheavy footsteps.

'Jen...what are you doing?' I inquired.

'Leaving the harbor.'Below, police cars lined the road that made its way to the historic district.

People ran, some screaming, some tried driving away.

Jeanetta was irritated and barely missed vehicleswith her colossal bare feet. Stepping onto the highway, the pavement submittedto her giant soles.

Police cars were driving anywhere to avoid her.

A single police motorcycle drove out just inches within reach of her toes.

BOOM.....BOOM......BOOMI watched in a mix of awe and eager anticipation as her footsteps shook theearth.

The motor officer bounced slightly with each impact, his bike nearly crashing.

She was angry and wanted them to know they had ruined our perfect day.


'Will?''Yes Hon?' shouting above the noise.

'Take your clothes off''WHAT?'....what was she doing now?I could not imagine the Charleston police seeing me naked would impress them.

'WILL!'I immediately obeyed. She stuffed my clothes in a pocket of her shorts andcontinued to thunder through town.

Her enormous fingers carefully wrapped around me, and she brought me to herface.

A look of anger slowly softened, and I found myself being gently placed betweenher gigantic breasts.

I lay on her right nipple, the entire mountain of female flesh jarred with hermotion, and mingled with the thunder below.

I heard her moan I softly caressed the warmth. My tongue playfreely and my exhale followed an increased respiration.

I felt the warmth of her finger gently pressing against my back, holding meagainst her.

My passion continued to build, my crotch massaging her flesh, gentle strokes ofher finger, the thunder of her footfalls drowning out the real world.

I shuddered with climax....and her soft fingers caressed my tiny body. As I layon her, resting...feeling the pure joy of loving this beautiful giantess....

and it came to me....

the thunder had ceased.

Water. Splashing water.

I lifted my head to look...but she gently pushed me back against her warmskin...and held me there.

I didn't ask.

I only accepted the moment.

I awoke on the sofa, still naked, but covered with a blanket. Where was Jeanetta?Silence.

I carefully made my way to the floor and searched.

'Jen'?No answer.


I walked slowly down the hall. The bedroom door was closed.

I placed my ear to the surface and heard a muffled sobbing.

Then it occured to me....maybe she really did something terrible!I had assumed that she pressed me against her for comfort. The tremendous noiseof her strolling would prevent me from hearing screams....but Imight see something....something she didn't want me to view.


Not Jen!NO WAYBut then, why is she crying?I knocked on the door and asked her to open it.

No response.

I continued, vowing to remain until she shared with me her sorrow.

The floor shook.....and the door slowly opened.

I looked up to see my big girl with a red face, soaked in tears.

I softly caressed her foot, simply sharing touch.

Jen gently raised me to her face and sat on the bed, placing me there as well.

'I'm sorry Will'She started sobbing.

Her hand covered her pretty face, all I knew to do was caress her soft skin andwait until she was ready.

'Baby' she said...

'I WANTED to crush them all!''I was furious at them! WHY can't they just letus have fun?'I was speechless. Her feet bore no stains of blood, but the water would havewashed them.

She looked at me with sadness....

'I almost did it too. I REALLY almost did it!'I breathed with a great sigh of relief.

'If you hadn't been there sweetie, I don't knowif I could have kept my temper.'I reached for her hand, she responded, and I kissed her giant fingers and heldthem.

'You must be really disappointed with me.''No hon.....I'm rather proud of you. I'm sorryall this happened.'I almost blurted an apology for thinking the worst, but didn't.

I thought if she knew I lacked confidence in her for a justmight not be good at all.

She lay on the bed, firmly kissing me, then placing me betweeb herbreasts....where we mutually caressed more.

I awoke was dark. She remained asleep, and I decided to explore.

I carefully walked my tiny naked self along the length of her body.

I finally reached her feet...and squeezed myself between her big and middletoes.

I felt arousal....stroking against her big toe....

it was warm...I licked the front, beneath the nail. She shivered slightly, andjust as I shifted, I was suddenly caught as she flexed her toes. She giggled. Ifound myself being massaged,rocked, and stroked in a gentle sea of toe flexingI was helpless....but I wasn't in need of rescue.

She skillfully manipulated my tiny form into position so that I was now facingher. Jeanettagently grasped my ass with her toes, pulling me toward the soft flesh betweenthe toes, then releasing, in a gentle motion that was relentless.

She smiled as she rocked me, a slight moan to compliment my stroking her warmth.

And finally, I climaxed....her eyes closing toaccept my grattitude, and her toes relaxing their grip.

She held me for what seemed like a half hour, then carefully wrapped her fingersaround me, plucking me from my bonds.

She petted and stroked my head, giving me a look of adoration.

'I think it's bath time sweetie.'I stood on the edge of the tub as her colossal form entered, the warm soapywater swirling as it filled. Holding a brush, I stepped onto her warm hand, andwas lowered to her breasts.

I carefully brushed her soft skin, soap and watercausing me to slip at times, always to be caughtin her hand.

I washed her nipples with my hands....a rich lather covering every inch. Iplayfully attempteda climb to the top, only to be shaken with her giggle.

She reached over and secured my trusty walmart rubber raft, and held it close asI climbed in.

I carefully paddled around the colossal legs and ankles as she washed her hair.

When finished, she began gently swirling the water with her feet, giving me abit of a rapidsadventure. Her right foot suddenly lifted my raftand brought me to face her left foot.

'She missed you sweetie'I found myself between the toes of her left foot,again being gently manipulated until my passionexploded. Fun as it was, I wasn't sure how many more performances I was going tobe able to endure.

She slowly swished me in the water to cleanse me,then the the giant toesreturned me to my raft.

She continued to push me around with her feet, sometimes caressing my bare backwith her big toe.

She wanted more play.

I was getting tired...even as it was tremendous fun.

I paddled to the forest which lined the bank.

It was like an immense gorge....light and shadowsand the sound of dripping water.

Her legs closed behind escape.

Carefully climbing out of the raft, I venturedinto her forest, finding her labia and softlycaressing this wonderful lady.

Her breathing increased, and her giant right fingers gently rubbed my back asthe held me insupport. I licked her warmth, and her shiver would have sent me tumbling intothe water had her fingers not held me.

I gently opened the lips, and entered...and wasenveloped in the warm wet environment.

You guys enjoy your summer.....I will!THE END