Tiny World by Skywalker42 This story is taking place through my eyes when Iwas a kid and my fantasy world I created and how everyone would react kind of myversion of Land of the giants. They lived in harmony but not without trials toovercome they were a race exactly like humans but they were all the size of antswhich meant they had alot of predetors but they being the same as humans theyhad the same intelligence whice helped protect them when they had to fightagainst other insects that invaded their communities. Being that they could makeprimitive but effective weapons. Every so often a beetle or some other insectwould wander into there camp and start destroing things and they would have totake them on ussually with minor casualties because they could out smart it.

Ants on the other hand they found they could domesticate and they were strong sothey could help them move things but they only took over the ones that wereclose to there camp because none of them would ever get close to an ant hill. Inthere big numbers they could easily out number the insect humans. Like allinsects there biggest trial to overcome the one thing they never could overcomeor out smart were GIANTS. My mom inparticular no person I ever knew was so meanto them. She would hunt them out somtimes in the garage just looking for peopleto kill, my little sister would always be sad because she would always be niceto them and mom would shatter all hope for the people she would find them in herroom and kill them. One particular event I remember my sister found a familystranded in the kitchen and she helped the frightened little people she keptthem in a clear plastic box and gave them food and sort of kept them like pets.

The family didnt mind it warm place to stay no predetors, food to eat, and agiant protecting you I mean the odds were slim that you would find a giant thatwould be nice and you wouldnt end up smeared on the bottom of a hard soled shoelike my moms boots she always wore those late 80's womens cowboy boots notreally cowwboy boots but the shaft went up that high and they had steel toes anda buckle on the ankles. She like those boots because she knew they lookedterifying to them. She also liked that they had grooved soles which were good atgrinding little bodies sometimes out of curiosity I would look at the solesafter she would take them off and see all kinds little body parts and shreads ofthere little bloody clothes stuck in the grooves but I also know mom would amuseherself by looking at that to I would ask her if she ever felt guilty she saidno Im a giant to them and thats all there is to it they dont like it tough but Ijust told my mom that I think they had enough to deal with she just laughed andsaid well when there facing all there hard times they can deal with the sole ofmy boots. Think about it I give them new shelter in the grooves of my big giantboots mmm mmm mmm. What she meant by big is that she wore a size 10 which onlymeant she could just smash more with each step and she liked that. Now there wasa little family in my sisters room that she kept hid away but one day rightbefore we all got home from school mom was cleaning up in her room and thelittle people could hear her in their plastic case hidden away in her drawer momwent to put something in her drawer that she had found on the floor and pickedthe case up and her eyes lit up with evil satisfaction as the teriffied peoplestared up at the angry face of my giant mother. When we got home mom was in thekitchen and my sister started crying when she saw mom holding the box I didntsay anything i just watched but i knew was going to happpen. 'Why do you havethese dirty little insect people in your room your going to catch a disease orsomthing you dont know anything about these dirty little bugs' Mom said.'I wasonly helping them for a little while I was going to set them free pretty soonplease mom dont kill them there real nice they dont have no diseases' Natashasaid. 'How do you know there bugs there dirty and I dont want them in my house'mom said. 'But there a real nice family just please let me have them and ill setthem free so they can go back to there kind please.'Natasha said. 'Oh ya realnice I bet there real nice' with that mom opened the box and looked down at themthere was a mother,a father, a boy and a girl they looked up in utter terror atmy giant mother and mom just smiled down at them and said ya they will be realnice stains on the bottom of my boots.She then turned the box over and dumpedthem onto the floor the mother gathered the kids and began running from my momsboots. My sister was crying but there was nothing she could do but watch. Theylooked up in terror at the angry giantess that was my mother and ran for therelives they lost ther footing as my mom stomped her boot just inches away fromthem she grinning evily down at them obviously enjoing herself. The family gotback on its feet and began to flee from the giant woman again but this time thefather told them to run and he would stay to stall for time for them to escapewhich was a joke at ther size but they had to think positive I suppose. Mom justgiggled as the father was no stall for her but she still, to give a so calledfighting chance she let them flee for a few moments then the father tried to runbetween my moms boots but before he even got anywhere mom rose her boot over himshe set her 2' heel down and hovered the sole over him he looked up inunspeakable fear as he was now face to face with Barb's giant boot sole but momjust tapped her sole on him and moved her foot away to see the damage with asmile on her pleased face. He lay there twitching in great agony screaming whilehis body bled and his legs were broken he looked up at her cruel face as shegiggled with her foot cocked back on her huge bootheel seeing what she had donewith cold amusement.'See there just like twitching little ants I don't know howyou could want to help them when there so fun to step on.'My mom laughed. Mysister still cring just said that she was mean and it was wrong. 'I dont care Idont feel anything but I guess thats the advantages of being a giant mm mmmmmm!'mom said. Mom left him to suffer in agony while she went to kill the restof the family, at ther size they didnt get to far with one step mom was behindthem as they look up at her terrifing boots like skyscrapers reaching into thesky and even further terrifing looking further up the saw the giant bitchwearing them. Mom didnt wast anytime with them she raised her boot in the airand went to take the step that would squish them her bootheel landed with a boommom and daughter huddled in fear sobbing ready to take the inevitable. while thelittle boy ran as fast as he could twoards her heel. Mom slowley lowered hersole letting them get a good look at the tread of her boots anticipating theCRUNCH she would feel from stepping on 3 people at once. Her sole came down andCEERUNCH her tread filled with the remains of ther bodies as she grinned withpure delight on her face as she twisted her monsterous boot back and forth asshe did that she noticed the little boy running away the other direction twoardhis suffering father but his run freedom didnt last long as my mom turned aroundwith a curious look on her face, he didnt even see it coming as my mom lookedangrily down at him and gritted her teeth and then lifted her leg high stompeddown on him 'SQUASH' she then ground him in as well. Her boots thundered as shetook a few steps back and look ed down at her other twitching little victim. Sheput her sole over him so he could see the remains of his family in her boottread, 'Well here is you rfamily you stayed behind to protect but it didnt helpto much now did it because your bugs and little bugs dont escape Barb's giantboots' then CEERUNCH he was squished in with his families gore in her tread asmom stepped down. It was the craziest thing I had ever witnessed I felt thosepeoples fear and it just the weirdest feeling I had never realized how much mymom enjoyed being a giant.All I can say is the little people around here are infor it. Today I got home from school and my mom had just woke up she workedgrave yard so that was normal but what was going to happen today was not. Shewas in her PJ's and slippers, pink slippers that her toes came out the front of.

I sat down to eat a snack but little did I know that there were little peopleplanning somthing on the ground. They were hid underneth the bottom edge of thecounter waiting to strike at a little piece of meat that lay on the floor. Theyhad to subside upon tiny scraps of our food and predetors they killed and huntedfor them sometimes too alot of times they were just killed getting into thehouse by either predetors or my mom if they happen to come out in her sight.

There were about 10 men looking at that scrap but they waited there moment notwanting to be noticed by the giant woman roaming around the kitchen. Mom got asnack and went to set on the couch to watch tv, the little men made their move,'Come on hurry we have to grab it quick in case giant barb comes back she'llkill us for sure!' as luck would have it or bad on their part mom needed salt soshe came back in the kitchen to get it. Now this meant they must think fast andnot be seen they were out a couple of feet in veiw and for them that meant closeto a mile. BOOOMMM!!........ BOOOMMM!!!.............. BOOMMM!!....... my momthundered through the kitchen not quite as loud with slippers on vs her bootsbut to them still a series of great tremmors as it made it hard for theem torun. 'Shit run BARB IS COMING!!' mom was so used to scaning the floor of courseshe saw them. Mom aproached with that evil smirk on her face BOOOMMM!!!.........

BOOOMMM!!..................... BOOOMMM!......... BOOOMMMM!!! 'WELL WHAT DO iHAVE HERE TINY PEOPLE LOOKING FOR SCRAPS FROM US GIANTS!!' 'I THINK ILL SHOWTHEM DEFINITION OF TERROR!!' Mom pinched up each of them not caring if sheharmed them when she did so and puut them in a ziploc bag one of them she heldbefore her face so she could laugh wHile she watched his guuts pop out while shesquished him bettween her finger tips. She brought the bag up before her giantsmiling face and watched them squirm in the bag trying franticly to find a wayout. Mom let the bag drop to her feet, now they ran around the thick plasticlooking out scared to death at her giant size 10 foot. 'HMM MMM MMHHMMAAANOWHERE TO GO I BET THEIR REALLY TERRIFIED NOW.' She looked over at me and said'SHIT I REALLY CAN BE A FUCKING MEAN BITCH SOMETIMES CANT I.' I said 'to them ..yathats for sure.' Mom stomped her feet around it to scare them even more. BOOOMMM!!.......BOMMMM!!!!.......BOOOOOMMMM!!!' God no please....she's going to kill us all noooooooo!!!!!!. Moms big slippercame down in the middle of the plastic killing 7 of them, moms smile got biggeras she twisted her foot in the gore and looked down at the other 2, helpless andstrugling against the plastic also wet with the blood of their friends on them.

Mom raised her big toes over one and felt him crunch and the other she tappedher foot on him over and over until he was dead and bloody putting him throughan agonizing death. She then picked the now bloody bag off the ground and smiledat all the gore she caused with her slipper and threw it away, just then my auntwalked through the door 'BARB COME HERE QUICK!' Mom and I went out side to seewhat was going on, Aunt Carol had found a real small comunnity of little people(small as in only about 50 of them). Their little houses were made out of pineneedles and they looked like little huts, they were now scambling in a blindpanic at being discovered. My moms eyes widdened 'LET ME GO GET DRESSED JUST ASECOND.' 2 minuets later my mom came down stairs with a black T-shirt jeans andboots on. My aunt was wearing a sweater black strech pants and her boots on sortof like my moms but a lower (about 1') and wider boot heel. The little peoplewere stirring like crazy now looking up at the 2 giant women about to stomptheir community with thier boots. My mom looked over at Carol and said 'WELL SISSHALL WE SHOW THEM OUR BOOTS' ,'BUT OF COURSE BARB' My aunt looked down with asmile and said 'GEE BARB I HOPE THEY ALL HAVE GIANT WOMENS BOOT INSURANSE HA HAHA HA!!' then she lowered her sole down crushing about 5 of the huts and killingabout 15 them. the scene in the community was terrifing as Carols big leatherboot came down making the big CEERUNCH they all stared up at the huge metaltiped toe and the metal embroidery on the buckeled ankle strap. 'Run its thegiants run get out of here !!!!' All kind of screams could be heard I could heartheiir little sqeeks as my mom and aunt terrorized them, 10 of them tried to runpast my moms giant boot 'LOOK AT THE LITTLE SHITS TRING TO ESCAPE.' Mom thencast a huge shadow over the doomed escapees with her monsterous size 10 boot,she listened with delight at the little crunches while she slowly lowered herboot on them. 'NOT ANYMORE HA HA HA HA!' Carol laughed as well and took outanother peice of the community with her boot accopanied with a sicking CRUNCH ofpeople and huts. Carol laughed draging her boot back leaving a trail of gorybodies and pine needles. She looked at my mom and said 'FUCK I BET THE LITTLEFUCKERS HATE WOMENS BOOTS!' They both laughed and mom said 'WELL THEIR NOT GOINGTO LIKE THIS EITHER , I GOT A NEW NAME FOR THIS PUNY TOWN.....WELCOME MAT! Momlauughed as she stomped both of her boots over the remainder of the town aftertwisting both of her feet into it she continued to stomp and grind back withboth her boots like she was wiping her feet. Mom and my Aunt rejoiced inlaughter once again. They looked down to see 2 or 3 straglers running for theirlives when mom looked down at them coldly and said 'FEEEEEEEEE!!!!! FIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!FOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! FUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! I THINK WE HAVE A COUPLE LITTLE FUCKERSTHAT DIDNT DIE!!!!' 2 of them came at mom, she just looked down and tapped herboot on them letting them suffer a few moments while she shiffted to her otherboot and stomped her boot heel down on them CRUNCH! CRUNCH! they were gone.

Carol just stomped at the other one with her boot heel, he felt unspeakable fearas he fled for his life from the giant womans boot heel. After 4 stomps carolgot him with her 5th 'QUICK LITTLE SHIT BUT NOT THAT QUICK' both women laughedagain as they walked into the house. I looked at the flattened community, it wasun real the fear they must of experienced as my mom and aunt casually flattenedtheir town their was nothing left but little gory bodies,pine needlees and teenytiny weapon that were ussless in a giant attack I couldnt believe it. I wentback into the house and sure enough they were on the couch watching tv andamusing their selves at the gore on their boot soles , mom had her grooves witchnow had bloody bodies and pine needles stuck in them. Carols boots didnt havegroove but had some little people debris on them as well. Mom then said 'LOOKTHEIRS ONE NOT KILLED HES TWICHING IN ONE OF MY GROOVE HA HAHA!!' Carol thensaid 'SHIT NEXT TIME I COME OVER IM GOING TO WEAR SOMTHING WITH GROOVES.' Thenmy mom tossed her boots over under the desk 'YOUR NOT GOING TO KILL THE LITTLESHIT BARB.' 'NO I DONT FEEL LIKE IT LET HIM SUFFER TO DEATH FUCK EM' Theylaughed and laughed I didnt know what was up with my mom but I know she wouldsurly show natasha the little town for fun. I pity the little things afterseeing that. It was another day in the world of small for this little community,there were about a hundred of them all tring to keep warm on this fall day beingunlike insects in the fact that they were warm blooded and still needed to keepwarm. They did so with pieces of cloth they happened to come by being they didnthave heaters or anything like that and theywernt about to try to live in oraround our house, because of the fear of being killed by giants or my mommainly. She still was having a good time playing giant and killing them whenever she ran across them. Today a group of 7 of them were off to try to scavengesome food from the giant's house, thier loved ones wished them off, 'You guys becareful stay out of site and be careful that giant Barb doesnt see you pleasereturn home to us.' In the cold weather food was harder to come buy so a few ofthe brave ones would seek out food from a giant's house. They were all veryupset when word got to them that their fellow community up north was stomped tothe ground by Barb and Carol's boots. 'Those mean women just because theirgiants they have no respect for fellow humans, I mean besides our size were justlike them but Barb treats us just like any other bugs.' Which was right momdidnt give a fuck I think she got off on being a big mean bitch to them. Afterall the goodbys the men set out on thier mission they took 4 ants with them aswell since they used them like horses and they needed thier help to drag backany food they found. They made their way through the yard and up the porchsteps, as they got closer to thhe door they heard the thundering footfalls of apair of very well known womens boots. 'Now lets be careful Barbs in the kitchenwhich mean we might find somthing but everyone stay out of site we dont want toend up on her boot sole. mom hummed happily as she walked around the kitchenmaking dinner upstairs I could hear the clanking or her boots on the floor, tothe little people it was tremendous they were huge loud tremmors caused by mygiant mom, she knew that as well but thats why she loved her boots and wore themall the time 'Perfect for killing itsy bitsy peopple' she would laugh. Thelittle people scurried along thhe edge of thhe kitchen counter, when through allthe giant leather boot tremors the leader saw a small scrap of something it wasa little piece of meat but to them it had potential to feed all of them. Now theproblum was to get it and escape without being seen by giant Barb, which wasgoing to be hard since my mom had tha 6th scence that made her the giant shewas, she could almost tell when little people are around mom had to go upstairsfor somthing, the little people watched as her mighty boots thundered off. Theymade their move 'Come on hurry lets move, Barb comes back RUN!!' Little men andants scuried out onto the floor, the little ants were draging a piece of clothto load the food on and the men with all thier combined effort were able to movethe small crumb of food onto the cloth. 'We got it lets go!' 2 of them got ontheir ants and got thhem to start moving when they hearrd that stomach droppingsound MOMS BOOTS! 'Run BARB is coming run lets go lets go.'BBOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!......BBOOOOMMMMMMM!!!.......BBOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!my gigantic mother made her way into thhe kitchen when her scence startedworking and she looked to the floor to find little people and ant tryingfranticly to escape with thier food. Mom stomped her boots over to themBBOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!..............BBBOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!.........BBBOOOOOMMMMMM!!!then mom looked down cruely to them and said FEEE!!..FIII!!!....FOOOO!!...FUUUMM!!I SMELL THE BREAD OF AN ENGLISH MAN!' The little men looked up in terror at mymom the huge cruel giantess and continued franticly to try and get away but momgiggled evily and steped in front of them blocking thier progress. They staredup in utter fear at the skyscaper of leather boot in front of them, Barb'sleather boot! 4 of them broke off in panic and started running the other littleones continued to flee with there food but there was no escape now my mom wasabout ready to stomp their little lives out. 'IN HERE TRYING TO STEAL MY CRUMBSAGAIN HUH YOU LITTLE SHITS WILL NEVER LEARN UNTIL I STOMP YOU ALL FLAT WITH MYBIG BOOTS!!' The little men were strucken with the worst fear ever MOMS BOOTS!'Oh my god I dont wasnt to die please Barb dont step on us, were not bugs!! Momcouldnt hear them, beside she didnt want to she was to busy listening for thelittle crunch from these tiny men. They started running giving up on thier antsand food, they looked up in terrror to see some of their fellow little peoplecruelly mangled in the tread of her boots mom tried to make her little victimsunreconizable when she would twist her cruel foot on them back and forth likeputting out a ciggerette, which she would do when she deliberatly threw hersmoke down by a little man trying to run, but his was cut short by momsmonsterous boot putting it out and he had no chance against a huge giantess witha size 10 boot. They looked back to see the ants getting killed as moms solestarted to slowley touch the ground. The ants had hard shells which had a wickedcrunch as their little insect bodies and the piece of food they were carringwere smushed into moms boot tread. She knew that she got the ants because littlemens bones had a different kind of crunch which she deffinatly was familiarwith. The little men ran but at thier size it was hopeless against a size 10 sonthey fell to the ground as the Barb's boot sole crash down. She didnt fully stepdown she could feel them squirming in her boot tread but then slowley andcruelly she pressed a down a little bit she of course wanted them to sufferunder mighty boots. The little men screamed in agony as they felt their frailtiny bodies giving way to the cruel giantess boot. One of the men felt his ribscrack ,his legs start to give way benneth a huge piece of tread and his armsbreak and crunch as they were ussless in warding off my giant mom, he lookedover screaming in pain at his other friends screaming and suffering as well. Momwas grinning cruelly as felt their tiny bodies giving way to her cruel boot sheloved the feel of tiny little bodies crunching under her huge toes and her feethad come quite sensitive to the crunchig of ity bity people. Her foot came torest on the ground with final little crunches from the little men she twistedher boot a couple of times and smiled down at the other ones, the other littlemen ran for their lives from giant Barb they heard the sickining crunches oftheir friends as she cruelly stepped on them. 'POOR LITTLE PEOPLE CANT ESCAPEBARBS GIANT BOOTS.' mom said with a pouty face then her face turned into an evilsmirk as she stomped her boots next to the teriffied little men watching withevil gleem as they stumbled and lost there footing. Mom crouched down andpinched one upp between her finger tips she rolled him up like a bugger androlled hes body around pressing quite hard and broke alot of his bones with hercruel play. 'YOU TEENY TINY LITTLE BUGS YOUR BODIES ARE SO FRAIL TO ME I DONTEVEN HAVE TO TRY TO HURT YOU AND I DO JUST BECAUSE YOUR SO PUNY TO ME, PEOPLETHIS PUNY DESERVED TO BE SQUSHED I MEAN WHAT POSSIBLE PURPOSE COULD YOU HAVEBESIDES ANNOYING GIANTS LIKE ME!' All the while she said this the poor littlemen reathed in agony on her finger tip, he screamed out in pain 'Please kill meplease!!!' obviously in great pain. Mom just held him over the garbage can andlet him fall in giggiling as she left him to suffer to death in the trash. Theother 3 were still fleeing but not making much progress at their size momcrouched down again as she pinched up another one. Mom looked coldley at him asshe played with him in her finger tips till finally she had him bent overbackwards and folded him in half he twiched in agony and died from his spinebeing broke painfully in half. Mom just smiled and dropped him in the trash aswell. the other 2 men still fleeing were interupted as they fell to the groundby a giant tremmor by moms huge leather boot that she stomped in thier way. Thetiny men gave up as they looked up with terified eyes at giant Barb, her hugesky scraper sized boots and her sadistic smiling face far above. Her face slowlyturned to anger as she brought her boot a foot off the ground and stomped downwith a vengence STOMP!! they got a slight glimpse of their 3 friends 2 ants anda crumb of food and who knows who else ground into her boot tread. Mom smilledwith evil satisfaction as she twised her monsterous boot on them as twisted herfoot in the gore she saw 2 other little figueres running out at her they were 2women fed up with her and came out ready to chuck spears at her boots 'Youbitch! weve had it with you and your going down.' Who knows what she wasthinking but we know what her and her friend felt as mom tapped her boot on theand watched them twich like the insects they were. 'ATTACKING ME ...A GIANT WHATTHE HELL GOES THROUGH YOU LITTLE SHITS HEADS ANY WAY NO LITTLE BUGE DEFEAT BARBSGIANT BOOTS!' Then mom stepped down and laughed as thier guts filled her treadmixing with the other mangeled little human bodies in her cruel tread. Mom justlaughed to her self and casually went back to making dinner for the familyturned on as she thought about her boot sole and the gore that must be in thtread now. Last night I had a nightmare a wicked dream that I think came fromwatching my mom kill tiny people, even thet night I watched her go out into thegarage and kill a bunch just for fun, she would just hunt them out and step onthem like ants. I couldnt believe that this dream was inspired by my mom and itwas the scariest dream I had ever had but this dream was different it allstarted as I was sitting in my room playing nintendo i was just sitting thereplaying some game when I felt an earth quake like tremmor it was brutal thoughknocking things off my shelf. My sister ran in and said 'did you hear that' Isaid 'ya I felt it' just then it happended again BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! ourhouse shook on its foundation, it was incredible. I could tell my sister wasscared but I told her it would be alright that it was just an after shock thatit was all over now but then BOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!! again and with even more forcethis time, I heard things falling off the shelves this time downstairs. Justthen the phone started ringing I started to run for it but fell as another moreincredible tremmor shook our house. I got to the phone before anoter hit, Ipicked it up and it was my friend Mike that lived on the street behind me 'Jeff!h..h..ha.hve you seen the veiw out side yet!' 'No Ive been feeling these dawmearthquake tremmors.' Y...yo..you need to look out side its your mom and shedoesnt look very happy.' I went down the stairs through 2 more tremmors and wnetout side and I saw her. She must of been 2 to 3 thousand feet tall it was my momand her dream had come through she was a huge gigantic woman. Suddenly i feltthe same fear that the little people felt when she attacked them, we were alltiny tiny bugs to her now she was miles away but to her that wasnt that far atall she had on a white blouse, her light blue jeans, and of course her giganticblack leather boots. I heard people screaming in the distance I looked aroud andsaw everybody either packing in there cars or just running for their lives nowthat my mom was a giant, 'Run for your lives Barb's going to kill us all!'BOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!! another neighborhood and about 100 or 150 people were killedunder moms boot as she had delight written all over her face as she felt the 30or 40 homes crunch beaneth her leather boot. 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! GUESS WHOS AREAL GIANT NOW ,NOW THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE ARE A BUNCH OF BUGS TO ME IL CRUSHYOUR PUNY LITTLE TOWNS WITH EASE NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW IM THE BIGGEST CRUELESTBITCH ALIVE NOW HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!' Her voice thundered down like audio rain as weall watched her crush another tiny neighbor hood benneath her boot, she grinnedevily as the ground rummbled in result of her twisting her giant boot around.

the poor people arouund her sole were in nightmare of screaming as all therhomes in the surrounding areas either crumbled from the mosterous impact or weredestroyed as her giant sole crashed into them from the casual (to her) twist ofher cruel leather boot. I knew that we humans were all in big trouble now. Momkilled about another 500 people as she took another couple steps to our neighborhood. We all held on for our lives as braced for the impact of my giant motherstepping next to our neighbor hood. Houses crumbled and trees were ripped fromtheir roots from the air pressure and the impact a 2000 ft womans foot couldcreate. We all stared up in terror at a womens leather boot that was easilybigger than any building in Seattle which Im sure she would be delighted todestroy later. She giggled evily down at us definatly enjoyong herself to themax. 'HAHAHAHAHAHA!! WHAT DO I HAVE HERE FOR BIG GIANT BARB TO PLAY WITHORSHOULD I SAY....DESTROY!!' We all screamed in terror at that. 'HAHAHA! RIGHT NOWI WANT MY HOUSE ON MY FINGERTIP!' Everybody screamed in sheer terror as her hugehand came down , her finger tip dug under the ground that our house sat on andripped it right out of the ground with terrifing ease destroying a couple otherhouses while she did so. now our entire busted up house sat on her fingertip. 'FEEE!!!....FIIII!!!....FOOOOO!!!!.....FUMMMM!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA!!'she roared. 'CAN YOU BELIVE THIS KIDS YOUR MOMS A 2000FT GIANTESSI CAN DO WHAT EVER I WANT NOW, ILL WHIP OUT ENTIRE TOWNS BECAUSE I FUCKING FEELLIKE IT,ILL KILL THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ALONE WITH MY GIANT BOOTS AND I DONT KNOWHOW MANY ID BE ABLE TO DEVOUR I COULD PROBALY EAT UP TO 10,000 PEOPLE IN ASINGLE SITTING HAHAHAHA!! I MEAN WHATS WRONG WITH THAT IM A GIANT NOW I HAVE TOEAT SOMETHING MIGHT AS WELL BE YOU LITTLE THINGS!' We were terified now as herface took up the entire sky, I suddenly felt very insignificant to her, then Icould barley make out the screams I could hear coming from the ground from allof our friends on the ground scurring around like scared insects away from mymoms giant leather boots. I knew she heard it to because it reminded her to killthem as she put her attention twoard the ground for a moment. 'I THINK ITS TIMETO SQUISH SOME LITTLE BUGS TRING TO ESCAPE BARBS GIANT BOOTS!! She looked at usand said 'SAY GOOD BYE TO THIS PUNY LITTLE NEIGHBORHOOD OF INSECTS HAHAHAHAHHA!!'She then rose her boot over it all, they all screamed as all their houses fellunder the dark shadow of moms boots her tread was already filled with hundredsof bloody bodies, cars ,mobilhomes, debris from houses, trees, farm animals andany thing else you could think of that mom stepped on earlier in her giantrampage. Then all of their screams were silenced as mom killed them all in onestep about 200 of them wer now mangled in her boot tread as well, as mom twistedher boot around laughing. 'HAHAHAHAHAHA!! NOTHING CAN STOP ME IM SO POWERFUL YOUPEOPLE ARE MERE INSECTS TO ME NOW!!!' 'HMMMMM I WONDER WHAT TOWNS ILL DESTROYNEXT IWANT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE STUCK TO THE BOTTOM OF MY GIANT CRUEL LEATHERBOOTS, i LOVE THESE BOOTS! PERFECT FOOTWARE FOR A GIANT BITCH LIKE ME!!!' Shelooked back down at us and said 'I THINK THE NEXT TOWN ILL DEVOUR EVERY BODYTHERE, I THINK IM HUNGRY FOR ABOUT A GOOD 10-15 THOUSAND PEOPLE SUFFERING MYSTOMACH, WHAT ELSE ARE YOU GOOD FOR BESIDE AMUSING ME WITH TOWNS TO CRUNCH ANDTHOUSNADS OF YOU I DONT STEP ON TO EAT, BUT YES I WANT TO SIT DOWN AT THE NEXTTOWN AND TERRORIZE EVERYONE AND THEN EAT THEM ALLHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' She destroyed ourhouse and put us in her pocket 'I WANT YOU TO WATCH YOUR GIANT MOTHER KILLEVERYBODY AND DESTROY THE WORLD SO NOTHING REMAINS BUT ME AND MY BLACK LEATHERBOOTS. I knew everyone was in for one thing TERROR The earth shook screamingcould be heard fading out in the distance under the crunching of her boots. Momcasually walked around killing hundreds of people under her steps but itdeffinatly wasnt on accident she looked for populated places and things to stepon she just loved killing people and destroying things. 'RUN FOR YOUR LIVESLITTLE PEOPLE GIANT BARBS ON THE RAMPAGE NOW HAHAHAHAHA!!' People were runningout of there houses tring to flee but there was no escape now my mom wantedeveryone dead. 'Quick get in the car we got to get out of here Barbs going tokill us all!!' They heard other people screaming and yelling while they fled aswell 'Shit its BARB!!!!!RUN!!!' 'AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!' butthen.......BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!.................BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!...............BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!In the distance they heard the crunching of hundreds of houses being destroyedwith a sickining crunch under the huge tremmors and booms of her giganticleather boots having ther way with the tinyworld they also heard the hundreds ofscreams being silenced as she stepped down. They looked up in fear at my mom thethe cruel giantess destroyer of all in her path, the huge mountains of leatherthat were her cruel boots that went up mid calf thento her huge light blue fadedjeans and her black T-shirt then to her cruel face grinning evily down at themlike a little girl wanting play. To mom it was an array of little houses thesize of small beetles and the tiny dots that scurried inbetwwen them which toher pleasure were tiny people trying to flee her rampage.'WHERE DO YOU THINK YOULITTLE SHITS ARE GOING TRING TO FLEE FROM GIANT BARBS RAMPAGE? THATS TO BAD YOUWOULD ALL LOOK SO MUCH BETTER SMEARED ON THE SOLE OF MY BOOT!' All the peoplescreamed and tried franticly flee the inevitable but my giagantic mother wasntinto being nice as she set her heel down and hovered her giant boot sole overthe neighborhood a huge dark shadow was casted upon the fleeing people, theydodged debris that came unloged from her boot tread like cars and bloody bodieswithout a second thought she stepped cruelly down delighted as she felt suburbiacrunch benneth her booted foot. 'OOPS SORRY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU PUNY LITTLETHINGS DONT DESERVE TO LIVE ILL STOMP YOU ALL LIKE BUGS!!!' The earth thunderedas she made her way to the town of Orting. Thousands of people and houses andcars crunched benneth her boots as she casually made her way to the town shetook long slow giagantic strides like a giantess should taking pleasure at thebug sized human race at her feet they all tried there hardest to get away but inthe end they were either stuck in the tread of moms boots or smashed to theground with crushed debris in the huge crater like foot prints she left in theearth. Ther was orting everyone scared for ther lives hoping giant Barb wouldhave mercy on them but mercy was not in her vocabulary. The town got dark withthe shadow of a giant woman decending on it, the ground rumbled as my giant momcame to a halt at the edge of town she looked down with an evil smile across herface and then she spoke 2 words that washed terror over the town 'IM HUNGRY!!!'The earth shook as mom sat down to devour the terrified little town, the tinypeople panic and screamed not wanting to be dinner for giant Barb. She reachedher giant hand out her fingers curved like a evil giantess as she scooped peopleup with her finger nails and deposited them in her other hand. She got lowenough to see them which terrified them even more as she flushed them out ofthere houses which she giggled evily as she smushed them with her finger tips.

The little people ran for there lives but coulndt escape her mosterous nails asshe collected them in her hand. She killed a few with her finger tip for fun, Imean she was 2000 ft giantess these were toys and she loved to play rough. Sheterorized over half of the town leaving it in smoldering wreckage as shecollected over 2000 people in her giant hand. 'WELL I KNOW THIS IS A SMALL TOWNSO I GUESS ILL HAVE TO SETTLE WITH ABOUT 5000 OF YOU INSTEAD OF 10 OR 15THOUSAND BUT YOU LITTLE THINGS WILL MAKEA NICE SNACK FOR GIANT BARB HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!YOUR LUCKY THE NEXT COUPLE OF TOWNS I THINK ILL JUST LEVEL WITH MY BIG LEATHERGIANTESS BOOTS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!' The people were struck with unspakableterrror as she licked her giant lips in front of all of them but then she openedher giant mouth and began to tilt her hend twoard her mouth and hundreds ofscreaming people were poured in. They tried their best to hold on but gravityovercame them as they fell to their waiting deaths in my ginat moms mouth. Soonshe had them all in I could tell she was turned on extremly by haveing over 2000little people in her mouth her lips formed a cruel smile as she began chewing.

Hundreds of people at a time were crushed to a pulp bettween her giant molars,some of them drowned in her saliva as her mouth wettened to them being therethey fought against her huge tounge that threw them by the bunches over to hergiant grinding teeeth. My mom was still smilling as she moaned 'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!'after chewing about 1500 of them she swallowed them all. For the people stillalive it was teriffing they swam about in a sea of mangled bloody bodies ofthousands of people and hundreds of gallons of my moms saliva as they all wentscreaming into the darkness of my giant moms throat. In her stomach they swam indarkness,pain, and dead bodies now praying for death themselves as they arepainfully dissolved in my moms stomach acid. The rest of the town fared the sameas she ate them all, another 3000 people went down her terrifing throat as shecasaully destroyed the rest of the town. 'I LOVE EATING LITTLE PEOPLE I COULDEAT THOUSANDS MORE THEY TASTE SOOOO GOOD i CANT WAIT TO GET TO SEATTLE ILL FEASTUPON THOUSANDS MORE HAHAHAHHA!! NOTHING CAN STOP GIANT BARB ILL DESTROYEVERYTHING HAHAHAHAHAAA!!' Mom looked down to see a few houses on the outskirtthat didnt get destroyed she brought her face down over the terrified littlesurviors and shattered there windows with her huge voice 'WELL WELL WELL WHAT DOI HAVE HERE TINY INSECTS THAT ESCAPED GIANT BARBS HUNGER...WELL I VE GOT ANOTHERTREAT FOR YOU THEN!' Mom then removed her giant boot, the area immidiatly wasover come with her foot oder from her huge foot covered in nylons that had beensweating in her giant black leather boots all day and every day. She set hermonsterous toes in front of the remaining houses as the tiny people ran and heldthere noses from this unbelivable odor coming from Barbs giant toes that stoodlike buildings of mosterous woman flesh over them. 'HAHAHAHAHA!! WHATS THEMATTER YOU DONT LIKE MY GIANT FOOT STINK HEHEHE I GUESS YOU WONT LIKE THISEITHER THEN!!' Mom then held her nylon covered toes over the houses and clinchedher foot like a fist and her foot dug into the ground and crushed the housesbettween her huge toes only 5 people remained as they ran looking back at theremains of ther houses and cars falling back down to the ground as Barb relaxedher foot. 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!' Mom scooped the surviors up with her nail andbrought them to her huge green eye. They looked up at the huge car sized globsof mascara stuck to her eyelashes as she scrutinized them like insects on herfinger tip 'I NEED A COUPLE OF BOOT SLAVES TO WORSHIP MY TOES AS I WALKHAHAHAHAHAHA!!' Mom smiled at them and said 'HAVE FUN HEHEHE!' She then placedthem in her boot where one of them passed ouy from the monsterous heat and stinkof moms sweaty foot, they stared up at my giant cruel mom smiling down at themthrough the leather shaft of her boot and then laughed as she put it back on.

now the people ran from Barbs gigantic nyloned toes as she slid her foot backinto her leather boot. She felt them squirming around, trapped in nylonsurounding her toes she smilled and stood up dusting the debris of the town offher giant legs. 'WELL NOW THAT WAS YUMMY AND FUN AT THE SAME TIME NOW I WANT TOSTOMP A TOWN WITH MY BOOTS AND MY BAREFEET I THINK ILL JUST HAVE TO TRY THAT IWANT TO FEEL HUNDRESDS OF PEOPLE SQUISHING BETTWEEN MY GIANT TOES....NO ONE WILLESCAPE GIANT BARBS TOES HAHAHAHAHAHA!!' her laughter roared for miles as shethundered of in search of new towns to terrorize. Some people that wernt busyfleeing the surrounding towns were watching the news it was like they werewatching a horror movie. Helicopter crews zoomed down in the wreckage of giantBarbs destruction. The huge foot prints inbeded with huge groves and debrissmashed in the soil, peices of homes smashed bodies and crushed cars alllittered her foot prints. The crews also kept there distance as they watched herdestroy Orting and the surounding areas but now they had a new terror awaitingthe people of Puyallup as mom made her way to the little town smashingeverything in her way her eyes lit up to see my Aunt Carol sudenenly grow out ofthe little town. She had on a white shirt jean shorts and her white leatherthongs with gold buckle over the top of her foot on.Carol saw Barb and made herway too greet her the earth thundered benneth her leather sandles they had hugeflat hard soles so her entire sole caused great damage to every thing bennethher. She crunched countless houses and people benneth her as she casualy walkedout to see my mom 'WELL HEY BARB LOOKS LIKE OUR FANTASIES HAVE FINNALLY COMETRUE, HOW BIG DO YOU THINK WE ARE?' 'I THINK ABOUT 2 TO 3 THOUSAND FEET, GOD ICAN FEEL ALL THIS POWER SURGING THROUGH ME LIKE IM A GOD AND NOW YOUR HERE TO SOTHEY HAVE 2 GIANT WOMEN TO FEAR HAHAHAHA!!!' 'YOU WANT TO HAVE SOME FUN WITHPUYALLUP CAROL IM IN THE MOOD TO LEVEL A TOWN UNDER MY BOOTS.' 'OH YA I THINKITS TIME TO BREAK IN GIANT CAROLS NEW LEATHER THONGS HAHAHAHA!!!' The town ofpuyallup screamed and ran as there town was now engulfed in the shadow of giantBarb and Carol. Mom went twoard the south end slowly crunching entire neighborhoods benneth her boots she would let them stare up at her terrifing tread likea dear in headlights with no escape from the enivitable destruction of Barbsboots. Mom smiled as she listened and felt the tiny homes crunching, giving wayto the cruel strenghth of her god like foot. CEERUUNCH another neighborhoodflattened as mom laughed, then banks, supermarkets, apartment buildings,resteraunts all suffered the same under her cruel leather boots she would alsogiggle as she smashed her huge bootheel into buildings that werent even half thesize of her mosterous 100ft heel. Hundredes of people ran down the streetscreaming tring to get away but it was to late Barb looked down passed the smokeclouds of her destruction at the fleeing specks of people. 'HAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOOKAT THEM RUN CAROL TRYING TO ESCAPE US....YOU PUUUUNY INSECTS.......DIE!!!!!'They looked up hearing her laughter roar as they were now being rained upon withbuilding debris from the buildings they were running through crumbling under herhuge boot. Her laughing face far above was soon blocked out by her dark goryboot sole you coulnt even count the graveyard of bodies stuck in her tread now.

The throng of fleeing people were now being crushed by the crumbling buildingsand then were all silenced as her sole met the ground some tiny people hadsurvied as they were in between some of the rubble that wasnt crush completlybut mom took away any hope of that as she grinned cruelly as she ground her bootinto the ground pulverizing anything that wasnt cruched from her initial stepdown, her tread tore everything apart including any survivors that thought theywere lucky for a moment.' HAHAHAHAHA!!! WHAT DID I TELL YOU CAROL WE CAN DESTROYTHESE PATHETIC LITTLE TOWNS AT OUR FEET WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST EFFORT ON OUR PARTTHERE MERLY LITTLE FLEA SIZED HUMANS TRING TO ESCAPE OUR DESTRUCTION AND WAITTILL YOU EAT THEM THERES NO FEELING LIKE CRUNCHING HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE BETTWEENYOUR TEETH...THEY MAKE GREAT SNACKS FOR GIANT WOMEN!' Carol laughed as she toowatched them run for their lives in front her giant red painted toes in her hugesandals but some people running from Barb might get REAL lucky and not be killedin the area bettween her heel and sole but not with giant Carols white leatherthongs she pulverized everything under her foot because her sole was completelyflat destroing all it touched. The people ran in fear as they looked up at thesemountains of flesh that were giant Carols toes as ther neighboring houses wereflatened under her sandles. CEERUNCH!! CEERUNCH!! CEERUNCH!! Carol flattenedhundereds of homes and thousands of people as she walked around enjoying thesite at her feet 'JESUS BARB THERES NO RESISTANCE AT ALL WHEN YOU STEP DOWN IMDESTROING WHOLE NEIGHBORHOODS WITH ONE STEP AND IT JUST FLATTTENS I DONT EVENHAVE TO PUSH DOWN OH GOD I FEEL SO POWERFUL I CANT WAIT TO DESTROY MORE HAHAHAHA!!'The little people now realized that Aunt Carol was just as much as a cruelgiantess as my mother and that they all were dead. Carol trampled down most ofthe north side killing thousands casually under her pretty toes and sandals thenshe saw the mall and started laughing 'HAHAHAHAHA!!! THATS THE MALL ITS ONLY ONESTEP UNDER MY GIANT SANDAL!' Mom stomped her way over there to watch grinningwith evil satisfaction as most the rest of the townn was silenced benneth hercruel boots thousands screamed in terror and then crushed as mom casually walkedover there. Hundreds of people poured out of the mall screaming and running asthey looked up to my grinning giant Aunt holding her gigantic sandal over thewhole mall. 'WATCH THIS BARB TIME TO HAVE A GIANT WOMENS SHOE SALE BUT IM ANGRYBECAUSE THEY THEY DONT HAVE SANDALS IN SIZE 10,000 FOR GIANT CAROL....SO THEYGET TO DIE HAHAHAHA!!! Her huge sole set down on the mall and began to give wayto her cruel power everybody inside began to be crush under the falling debrisfrom the roof and the stores, windows shattered and concrete exploded as giantCarol's foot crush down on it until finally the whole thing compressed bennethher giant sandal. Little people that wer around the mall that survived , didnthave long to run for their live as they looked up in utter terror at giant Caroland Barb as the 2 women looked coldley down at them. 'YOU LITTLE FUCKERS CANTESCAPE GIANT BARB AND CAROL, NOW YOU CAN DIE LIKE THE INSECTS YOU ARE AND SAYHELLO TO YOUR FRIENDS ON THE SOLE OF MY SANDAL!' Barb and Carol laughed andstomped the shit out of everything nothing survived as everything was brutallydestroyed under the giant womens boots and sandals. Then my mom spoke pointingdown at the hospital, it was the only thing left standing they had destoyed theentire town. 'WELL WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE CAROL SOMTHING FOR US GIANTS TO PLAYWITH!' With that mom reached down and plucked the little building out of theground like snaping a twig, the building roared as it couldnt fight against theinfinate strenghth of my giant mother. Barb held it bettween her fingers infront of her giant face as she amused herself watching the little people screamout thee little windows and beg her for there lives. 'GO ON BEG ME FOR YOURLIVES IM AM GOD NOW ILL DECIDE ALL OF YOU FATES BETTWEEN MY FINGERTIPS HAHAHA!!!'The people inside then began to notice the wallls start caving inward and roomafter room colapsed on top of each other as every body screamed in the crushingchaos nightmare, and some of there last sights and sounds were the thunderinglaughter of my mom and aunt and the sight of giant Barbs grinning face as shecruelly destroyed the building amusing herslf listining to the tiny people'sscreams and cries of unspeakable fear as there building colapsed and crumbledbetween this giantess's fingertips. Mom rubbed her fingers together smiling atwhat she had done grinning with satisfaction that she could kill so manyinnosent people with a pinch of her god like fingers.'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!'The earth shook as they wandered off twoard another town happily chatting asthey crushed things.